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Quote 9701
<Kage`> "You were obviously cream of the crop, so thats why he chose you, becuase he knew you would survive, and be able to handle it, and actually be able to carry out your duties as a lord of death."
<alcar> Sophie: "I was too. I only picked gorgeous people. Except the class." His brow furrows. "I .. don't know why I felt the need to turn catholic high school girls."
* Kage` taps his temple, "Its whats up here that makes a life of death possible, not apprearance."
<Kage`> "I don't even think six of them would have lasted."
<alcar> Sophie: "Maybe for were. Most vampires are NOT ugly. breeding counts."
Quote 9702
<Kage`> "Power is at a person's core, its not something people give to you, not real power, not true power."
<alcar> Sophie: "There's more than one kind of power," scornfully. "I user what I have. Beauty is part of it. You, of course, can't understand that."
Quote 9703
<alcar> Sophie: "I meant from last night, when you had your little fit."
<Kage`> 'Explain."
<alcar> Sophie :"The one with the tentacles?"
* Kage` crosses his arms, he kinda does that when he focused on listening :P
<Kage`> "Oh, Chris?"
<alcar> A nod.
<Kage`> "What about him?'
<alcar> Sophie: "You still have.,.. objections?"
<Kage`> "Of course."
<alcar> Sophie: "Why?" honestly surprised.
<Kage`> "Because he's been fucked more than most this last week, and I don't need to add you onto the pile."
<alcar> Sophie: "Sex never fucks anyone up."
<Kage`> "He'll grow attatched, and I don't think you want to break him more, or at least I hope not."
<alcar> Sophie: "... more than literally."
Quote 9704
<Chaos`GM^> So, Jesse is quietly talking to Sara, natsuki booked it out of the alley and hasn't been seen since. Jaoni currently looks like a large demon, and Jerome is a smudge on a wall being eaten by what looks like a gynormous tape worm
* Smear_on_wall wants an oscar for this role.
Quote 9705
* Sulk_on_wall tries to move some more. "Why aren't I dead?"
<Chaos`GM^> Still nothing answers you. You can barely move your one arm as it is, you cannot move anything else.
* Sulk_on_wall just.. waits, then.
<Sulk_on_wall> (( better be an oscar :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> Sorry but... there's only so much you can do when you're dead =p
<Sulk_on_wall> no peanuts?!
Quote 9706
<Chaos`GM^> You have a bag of peanuts and are now eating them... You are also on an airplane, but you're not sure where to...
<Sulk_on_wall> ...
<Sulk_on_wall> really? :p
* Sulk_on_wall looks around!
<Chaos`GM^> It's a plane... Stewardiss's are handing out peanuts, a child is sitting in the seat next to you, it's a two seater and she has the window seat, you're not sure why you're sitting here with her. She looks up at you and gives you a very cute smile.
<Sulk_on_wall> .....
* Sulk_on_wall eats them, looking a little lost.
<Chaos`GM^> what?
<Chaos`GM^> Oh! the peanuts
<Chaos`GM^> thought you were eating people
<Sulk_on_wall> err, yes :P
Quote 9707
<Sulk_on_wall> I bet the mysterious man is Santa
<Chaos`GM^> He has brown hair
<Sulk_on_wall> Dye.
<Sulk_on_wall> if I was santa, I'd want to disguise myself too
<Chaos`GM^> LoL
<Sulk_on_wall> The toy companies must hate him.
<Sulk_on_wall> hasbro hitmen
Quote 9708
<kentari> we need to resolve some things before you two PCs are fit to travel.
<kentari> #game2, shall we, alcar and caltak? :P
* Drew` steps away from Steve's body, putting the knife away, eyes glowing red and giggles a little, licking blood from the blade, and probably getting some horrible disease. "next?"
<kentari> <Sam> "Lick this." She pulls back the trigger on her Rocket Launcher, since your home is *technically* under the occult horror genre. :P
Quote 9709
<kentari> Faust chuckles, "I'm part of a ... Fraternity, as it were."
* Forest`^ takes the clip board back after everyone has signed
<Aaron_V> "That still doesn't explain it. Especially since Sara was also green."
<kentari> <Faust> "We were made to watch and to guide, to protect, but never interfere. We work in teams. I am reponsible, with Sara, for the Rio Grande Valley area."
<Aaron_V> ((The Watchers!))
<Forest`^> (( Yeah... Now we are gunna have to fight, because there can be only one... ))
<kentari> Faust nods, "Sara's our, erm, heavy hitter, so to say. When it hits the fan, I unlock her potential for a time. We're a two-person team, you see."
Quote 9710
<kentari> <Faust> "Something wrong, Forest? More ... voices?"
<Forest`^> "No, just one..."
<kentari> <Faust> "What's it telling you to do?" He asks, gently.
<Forest`^> "Go up to the catwalk."
<kentari> <Faust> "And jump...?"
* Aaron_V mutters under his breath, "probably hug trees."
<Forest`^> "No, and get my petition signed."
<Forest`^> "Yes you did, you told me go to up there."
<Forest`^> "Listen, I'm not trying to argue with me, that's just how I understood it."
* Anton sighs :P
Quote 9711
<Aaron_V> "Well, Drew, why didn't you ever ask Power what the Blues ate?"
<Drew`> "..... Oh. Right."
<Steve`Z> "Souls." *smirks*
* Drew` sticks his tongue out at steve
<kentari> oh, steve
<kentari> how right you are :P
* Drew` offers up Sam's :)
Quote 9712
<Drew`> "what do you eat?"
<kentari> <Power> "I don't! Not like you do, anyway. You give me what I need!"
<Drew`> ".. how? I mean, the red eat hate.. do you eat.. nice? Like ..... uhm... when people are happy, you eat and get full?"
<kentari> <Power> "When you're happy, I'm happy!"
<Drew`> "But is it food?"
<kentari> <Power> "I guess?"
<Drew`> "... so you don;t if I'm sad?"
<kentari> <Power> "When you're sad... it rains in here. A terrible, lonely rain..."
<Drew`> (( "It's okay. Steve is my Rukia, Zangetsu." ))
<kentari> (( >:E *hiss* ))
<Drew`> (( I loved that bit, too :) ))
Quote 9713
<kentari> <Faust> "I've decided part of our examination of the science of archeology should be, well, an socio-cultural look at just what popular myth and culture thinks archeology is all about. The legends, the stereotypes. The good, bad, and downright ridiculous."
<Anton> 'So we're going to be watching indiana jones?"
<Aaron_V> "So, like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft?"
<kentari> <Faust> "You'll all select a novel and, over the course of the week, read in the library. You'll keep a journal, and we'll meet up on Friday to go over what you learned about common conceptions about this most intriguing science."
<kentari> <Faust> "Indiana Jones..." You hear his teeth grinding, "Is not an archeologist." He sighs, "Such is the point of this study, though. If you can find a book about him, feel free."
<Anton> "I have a copy of the Dig, maybe that counts."
<Steve`Z> "He's got a whip and a hat. Doesn't that make him an archeologist?" *smirking again*
<Aaron_V> "That's actually what I was implying. Indiana Jones affected popular culture's view of archaeology."
<Anton> "And yeah, totally, he was so much more...."
* Anton fades off, in an admirable sort of way :P
<Anton> "Nazi's man! Nazis!"
Quote 9714
* Rachael is attached to Anton with her best death-grip.
<Rachael> It's not really a very good death-grip. =/
<Rachael> but it will have to do.
<Steve`Z> (( what is with these girls and death grips? ))
<Drew`> "Power's still in my body, but I can get, well, thnigs if I need them, I think. Effects and whatever."
<kentari> You walk and walk. The gears spin, shift, and turn as you do, forming a path beneath you.
<kentari> A gear slows, and stops, a large door visible.
* Rachael is shivering, maybe. :P
<kentari> Plain, wooden.. a painted green border, with a knob of brass stylized to look like a flower.
<Drew`> (( it's Anton's 6 million dollar thing. Complete with pheromone job. ))
Quote 9715
<Forest`^> damnit
<Forest`^> why is it that whenever I try to do something normal, I get in trouble?
<Drew`> Cuz you're a PC.
<Rachael> do something unusual :P
<Drew`> next silly question? :)
Quote 9716
* Anton steers the boat where petunia told him to go
* Rachael frowns. "I don't think this is a healthy solution."
<kentari> The water churns and creates a large wake as the boat speeds forward. Petunia grips the boat, "Ahhhhhhh! This is faaast!"
<Rachael> "You can't just strap mystically a propellor on the rowboat of Life and expect to end up some place!"
* Anton makes it slower, then!
<Anton> "I'm the trip, not the destination."
<Anton> "Or maybe its the other way around?"
* Rachael looks "You?"
<Anton> "Its a very metaphysical place, if I explain, it means less."
<Anton> "We're taking petunia 'home' as it were."
<Rachael> "YOU are the trip? the destination?"
<Anton> "Oh, no, no."
<Drew`> "Everyone needs people to carry them sometimes,"absently. "If only as pallbearers."
Quote 9717
<kentari> Well, walking, waiting, or running, everyone collects their things and heads to Maslow's group therapy!
* Drew` walks back in to get the book he was taking out and his bag and to go to class, distracted
* Rachael is in this class promptly.
<kentari> Amos and Maslow are already waiting, in the big comfy room.
<Drew`> (( of course. She needs it the most :P ))
<kentari> (( ouch :P ))
<Drew`> (( *grins* ))
Quote 9718
<Drew`> Trying to understand him, the way Drew's managed a few times. Not know what he wants, just ore.. who/what he is.
<kentari> You jump over to Phil. He's resting. He turns a bit in his sleep, and you get a flashback..
<kentari> He's standing in front of a window in the middle of the night. Its raining, slightly, and a great shadow is floating through the air. Phil reaches out to it, curiously.. it pauses, notices him, and jets towards him with eery speed.
<kentari> It makes contact and knocks him back, and the vision ends.
<kentari> The thing looked almost .. fuzzy, up close there for a moment
<Drew`> what IS the shadow?
<kentari> the shadow knows
<kentari> BUAHAHA
<kentari> :P
Quote 9719
<Anton> the trick is to pretend you know whats going on
<Anton> its seemed to work for anton so far! :P
<Rachael> exactly!
<Forest`^> I can do that!
<Aaron_V> And me!
<Forest`^> How do you think I get along in LoLad?
<Rachael> all my characters do that :P
<Anton> its a trend for game1 characters :P
<Anton> only I know I'm right
<Anton> always
<Anton> and never wrong
<Anton> ever :P
* Forest`^ finds it's easier to pretend you know what's going on, than to say... figure out what's going on
<kentari> lol
<kentari> lies
<kentari> Cameron was always thourough in his investigations before doing anything
<kentari> it made peaceful solutions easier to fnid ;p
* Drew` nods.
<Drew`> of course it did :p
<kentari> :P Don't you take that tone with me.
Quote 9720
<Rachael> Lynn's recently developed a bit of an "I'm a terrible monster" complex - just a little. She ALMOST got a LOT of it. But Faline is back. So it's not the pressing issue anymore.
<alcar> heh
<Rachael> it's merely Lingering
<Tass> well damn
<Tass> I was hoping she would suddenly become responsible
<Tass> Faline is like, some kind of anti accountability magnet
<Rachael> she's doing her best :P
* Tass will capitalize on this with a phrase
<Rachael> well
<Tass> "Faline made me do it."
<alcar> "I was Falined. I'm not sorry. I can't be sorry. You understand how it is."
Quote 9721
<kentari> firefly universe never really thrilled me
<kentari> but sin thrills me :D
* kentari watches that quote get taken so out of context
Quote 9722
* Sintaqx has joined #game1
<Kage`> Hey sin
* sparkie murders Sintaqx
<Cecil`^> Sin!
<Kage`> its Tass
<Cecil`^> what's up!
<Kage`> we're about to lolad :P
* Sintaqx enlightens Sparkie about the philosophy surrounding the consumption of feces and subesquent and spontanious experation.
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> telling someone to eat shit and die isn't exactly explaining a philosophy
Quote 9723
<Cecil`^> "I really can't see how forgetting that I did bad things makes it all better. For a time I thought I was saint george... But then I realized that I was believing the word of some idiot tied to a tree..."
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "If it turns out I am a bad person, then the only thing I can do is make it right."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "How? We already *had* sex, silly."
Quote 9724
<Cecil`^> "It is still a good idea to find out what I am... That way I'll atleast know what people are talking about when they start throwing insults around at me... Just like when I thought I was a dragon..."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "It's just a label anyway," dismissively.
<Cecil`^> "I'll also know my weaknesses... And how to avoid getting killed."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "That's easy. Don't die."
Quote 9725
<Kage`> 'I need to find that genie."
<Kage`> "But I think Alcar is already heading that possibility off at the pass."
<Kage`> (you know you are :P)
<Kage`> "But she only grants wishes that you can't choose, but its worth a shot."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "He already did, but not because of that but to clear up a different subplot. Sorry."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I'd wish for Faline ot get better, but there might be nothing wrong."
<AlcarGm> he laughs.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I guess my life is good, if I can't think of anything to wish for for me."
<Kage`> "Guess so."
<Kage`> "Maybe thats the point?"
<Kage`> "I'd totally ask for X-ray vision."
* Kage` smirks :P
<AlcarGm> Simon stops. "..... that would be cool."
* Kage` just nods!
<Kage`> "Everyone wants it!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Except around old folk's homes."
<Kage`> "Its like, the most universally wanted comic book power, I think."
<Faline> (( so you will see bones and sometimes cause infertility? ))
<Kage`> "Granted."
* Kage` (stares at Lynn and faline :P)
Quote 9726
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I just..... if I had a wish, about other stuff, it would be to .... have Faline explain things. Somehow."
<Kage`> "Maybe you'll get a cricket solo, if you do get it."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Huh?"
* Kage` empties his gun, and incinerates the shells
<Kage`> "Disney joke."
* Kage` loads some more into his .38 special
<AlcarGm> Simon: "oh."
* Kage` spins it, and loads it with a flick of his wrist
* Faline does the bright glowy APPEAR thing!
* Kage` reholsters and stands, taking aim
* Kage` reaims after he sees someone there, "Whoa!"
<AlcarGm> Simon yelps, jumps up, coming down with extra fur, claws, then relaxes.. a little. Shifts to human, keeps claws.
* Faline looks at Kage and Simon. "Oh! Hi guys. Did one of you need me?"
<Kage`> "Damnit Jimminey."
* Kage` smacks his forehead :P
<AlcarGm> Simon: ".... that's part of the joke?"
<Kage`> (Or however its spelled :P)
<Faline> (( when you wish upon a cat, makes no difference where you're at... ))
Quote 9727
<Cecil`^> I suppose what I did to blossom is like burning down rome... I wonder if the vampire of Rome is still mad at the person who did that...
<AlcarGm> Nero was that vampire. Cleaning out some rogue nests, y' know
<Cecil`^> Who's Nero?
<Faline> lol
<AlcarGm> ... eh?
Quote 9728
<Faline> "It's okay. I'm sorrrry. I'll be nicerr to everrybody, okay? I want to be nice."
<AlcarGm> He pulls back, wiping off tears. "why . why did you change so... so much?"
* Faline shrugs. "I didn't want to. It just hapened."
<AlcarGm> Simon gives Faline a blank look
* Kage` coughs into his hand
<Kage`> "When?"
<AlcarGm> Simon; "But things don't just.. we do things, and we .... live up to them?" he trails off, confused, unable to find words t fit whatever is in his head
* Faline sighs again, and sits on the ground, then lays on her back.
<Faline> "Rreally, I'm sorrrry, I mean it. I alrready agrreed to stop..."
<Kage`> "I didn't think this was negotiations."
<AlcarGm> Simon; "but.. don't you see it was.. was wrong?" confused. He shakes his head, giving up and looks relieved to let Kage talk
<Faline> "It's not negotiations, I'm just trrying to be nice to everryone frrom now on! Some people that won't worrk with, but niceness firrst frrom now on."
* Kage` looks at Simon, "I think this is a case of taking what you can get."
* Kage` shakes his head, "But I think I'm being rude. Simon wanted an explaination."
<AlcarGm> (( The Purple Book Of Prose, Vol 1, Verse III: "And Lo! On the day of th Appointged battled foretold by the First before the Summerland was e'er born, the Faline did stride out and offer t paryet with the AScversary, and was slain for Her efforts at being nice..." ))
<Faline> (( oh, the Adversary is the exception, he gets the ol' boot to the head from moment one. ))
Quote 9729
<AlcarGm> Salem is wearing black, of course. Thgough it's more shadows than clothign, and definitely alive and IS her shadow, you think, her aira is the cold of the grave and her eyes are wide and bright, but empty of human longings. "Oh, yes." She smiles.
* Cecil`^ looks her over "You've changed."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "You haven't."
* Cecil`^ smiles "That's where you're wrong." Looking back at the sphere "I need to talk to your husband."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "Why?"
<Cecil`^> "It's about his body."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "You can['t have him! He's MINE!"
<AlcarGm> 2d6 - death bolt
<sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6: 11 - death bolt
<AlcarGm> j/k
<Cecil`^> ... DO it!
<Cecil`^> She totally rolled an 11!
<Cecil`^> =p
Quote 9730
<AlcarGm> Simon just looks more lost. "You... have a religion?"
* Faline looks at Simon. "Uhm, you rrememberr the Goddess thing, rright?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Yeah, but I thought it was... uhm .... just.. from coming back."
<Faline> "No, see, I got into the Diety club because people worrship me."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "... why?"
<AlcarGm> Simon turns bright red. "I didn't mean it like that!"
Quote 9731
<Kage`> "If you found the right person to die for you, it could be undone."
<Faline> "How's that?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "huh?"
<Kage`> "There is a... rule."
<Kage`> "Something about divine executioners. They have power to create or destroy dieties."
<Kage`> "Maybe the same could be said for diety-hood."
<Faline> "...Destrroy doesn't sound the same as rreverrse."
<Kage`> "Above and below. The martyr has always played the trump."
<Faline> "When I said 'how they werre' I was referring to back when I was alive."
Quote 9732
<Chaos`^> You're always so mean to me alcar, teasing me with a quick... 4 hour game....
<Chaos`^> =p
<AlcarGm> :p
Quote 9733
<Kage`> damnit!
<Kage`> confliction!
<AlcarGm> eh?
<Kage`> destroy winterland, free death
<Kage`> freeing death means setting maybe thousands of loony dieties loose on earth :P
<AlcarGm> lol
Quote 9734
<Caltak> Are you jealous of Faline?
<Tass> jealous.... is the wrong word :P
<Chaos`^> Tass thinks Kage is the most powerful member of the game
<Chaos`^> =p
<Tass> Tass doesn't think like you do, obviously, then :P
<alcar> Nah, Sophie is. Because he's beautiful.
<alcar> :p
<Caltak> Sophie is ugly on the inside.
<Caltak> Where it counts.
<Caltak> :D
<alcar> Eh, not always :)
<Caltak> SHHH
<Tass> I think it rattled sophie when kage decided to keep his scars :P
<Caltak> Don't spoil it.
<alcar> he was nice to Chris :p
<alcar> Tass - insanity often does :)
<Tass> lol
<Tass> thats awesome
<Tass> maybe thats why he kinda listens to kage :P
Quote 9735
<alcar> y' know, it occurs to me that being a babysitter in Arkham would be difficult.
<Gemm> as in Gotham's Arkham Asylum?
<alcar> Not that wussy thing.,
<alcar> Lovecraft.
<alcar> "Johnny was into his little black book again. And he WASN'T calling his girlfriend this time, Mr. Morrissey. I demand a raise for having to use the Elder Sign. Again."
Quote 9736
<Drew`> "And you need..." *frowns* "Clothing."
<kentari> Drew is holding a simple looking little blue dress.
<Steve`Z> (( with a stain on it? ))
<kentari> In the same stylings as the typical little black dress. :P
<Drew`> me hands it to Rachael without really looking at it.
<kentari> Folded, and such, ready to go!
<Drew`> "If we avoid him and skip, we can say it never happened tomorrow. Faust confused the hall monitors."
* Steve`Z shrugs. "Sounds good to me."
* Rachael looks for a spot with a little privacy to put it on.
<kentari> There's under the desk? :
<Rachael> -- not that it really matters, but still!
<Steve`Z> (( privacy? You're already nude ))
Quote 9737
<kentari> <Red> "What is it about me that makes you act this way?" She asks Steve, "Is it my hair, my eyes? I've taken a lot of time to find out what is pleasing to you people." She winks, running a hand along her side.
<Steve`Z> "It's your nature, dear. We don't take kindly to those who enjoy it when we feel bad things."
<kentari> <Red> "But its .. Schaaadenfreude! People taking pleasure in your pain!" She sings, music beginning.
<kentari> j/k :P
Quote 9738
* Drew` pssts to the knight: "You ever in a threesome?"
<Drew`> would be so, so horrible :)
<Drew`> kent's nice chart would implode?
<Steve`Z> funny thing here
<Steve`Z> is I was thinking about saying that oocly
<Drew`> hehe
<kentari> :P
Quote 9739
* Drew` rubs his hands together, blue light flickering asround them. "Power can't look far here, so need to try something newe.... unless you can feel her, or anything?" to Steve and the Knight.
* Steve`Z shakes his head.
* Drew` tries a mental shout of "RACHAEL!" for good measure.
<Drew`> (( "Rachael doo, where are you?" ))
<Steve`Z> (( OMG, we need to get a box of granola and write "Rachael Snax" on it. ))
Quote 9740
<alcar> All superheroes and villains fighting do is promote the status quo
<alcar> None of it makes a better world at all.
<alcar> It doesn't change anything that matters.
* Caltak shakes his head.
<alcar> You get people putting all their genius into devising suits of armour and Cool Weapons when they coudl be, say, working on cures for things, or a better space program and the like.
<alcar> So the net result is that the world is the samer as it always was. They don't make it any better ; at best they prevent it from getting worse.
<Caltak> Not all villains are made by heroes, so if they run unchecked then that hurts everyone. :P ALSO I seem to recall references to Reed Ricahrds and other super geniuses researching thgings like CURES for things in between the crime-fighting.
<alcar> Yes, but you never see any results OF such things, or at least almost never. But, really, without superheroes there would be no supervillains: they need each other to survive. How else do the villains somehow always manage to escape from superheroic contaiment facilities? I think there's like an underground smuggling ring arranged by the heroes :p
Quote 9741
* alcar nods. Am all for Risus :)
<Tass> amber could work as well, since there is more narrative cover
<Tass> is there even a third?
<alcar> Hrm, Not that I can think of, off hand. At least not one that's simple neough
<kentari> Hey let's go GURPS :D
* alcar spent last night reading mutants & masterminds and cringing :)
* kentari takes the safety off the handgun ;p
<Tass> hold on
<Tass> I need to calculate my max G and turning radius :P
Quote 9742
<AlcarGM> The creation does nothing, but the Toaster in the kitchen is practically begging for someone to make toast, and demanding peole eat toast, and explaining the virtue of toadt over all other forms of nourishment. Repeatedly.
* Luna_ sits on the table, back to her miniscule self, munching on a tuna roll. Toast doesn't have tuna, and is thus inferior
* Buford will make some toast if it will shut the thing up.
* Travis is currently inspecting a can opener carefully, brainstorming on possible improvements that could be made to the rather inferior looking contraption.
<AlcarGM> It offers to make even more toast. "Surely that wasn't enough? I love toast! I live to make it! Say you want more!!"
* Buford expands the size of his hand and smashes the toaster.
<Anelelinde> (( turn it into an anything-opener and let's throw about some portals ))
<Luna_> ( LOL )
<AlcarGM> Toaster: ".. maybe later?"
<AlcarGM> toaster: (smaller voice) "Or a bagel? Bagels are good."
Quote 9743
<Travis> alcar
<Travis> STOP IT :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> it's YOUR fault. You improved the toaster :P
<Travis> hey
<Travis> society makes the crime, okay? :P
Quote 9744
<AlcarGM> she's asking if you want sex now, or later :p
<Travis> The reply: What is Sex?
<Travis> :P
<Travis> Travis is the youngest of his people, remember!
<Travis> Blessed innocence, protect me :P
<AlcarGM> hahaha
Quote 9745
<Travis> you would think a semblance of chaos would be right up the butterfly of chaos' alley :P
<Travis> yet, somehow, we aren't getting along with Chaos' pc
<Travis> I find the levels of irony impressive :P
Quote 9746
<Luna_> "You can tell us, right...?"
* Luna_ looks cute.. terribly cute...
* Luna_ idly paws just below a catear. Cutely.
* Luna_ pouts, looking almost about to cry..
<Luna_> "You... won't tell us...?"
<Luna_> ( GIVE IN TO THE CUTE! )
Quote 9747
* Travis slooowly removes his hand from Sara, and rubs his head where she had patted.
<AlcarGM> Sara just smiles wickedly at Travis, then vanishes, leaving behind a rose in a glass case.
* Luna_ just blinks. Cutely
<Anelelinde> who is still here? besides me and Travis and Luna?
<Anelelinde> anyone?
<AlcarGM> The tree of you, Randy, no one else.
* Travis inspects this glass case and rose a moment, then stands, "This is Sex?" to Luna and Anne, curiously, pointing at the rose.
<Anelelinde> (to Travis) "can you take him?"
<AlcarGM> (( Sara: "No, it's taming! Silly." ))
<Luna_> "... no, it's not."
<Travis> "I will need to research it.."
* Luna_ blushes a bit, nervously, not wanting to be the one to explain
<AlcarGM> (( I don't want to be around if Luna explains sex. "Well you have to power up, scream several japanese words..." ))
<Travis> (( There's this transformation sequence. You start glowing. :P ))
<Luna_> ( I'm not sure she COULD, but I don't want to find out )
Quote 9748
<Anelelinde> you know what?
<Anelelinde> the only thing less effective than using NPCs as messangers?
<Anelelinde> using PCs.
Quote 9749
<Anelelinde> "Am I broken?"
* Travis looks at Lynn long and hard.
<Anelelinde> "Then fix me, Travis. If you can."
<Anelelinde> "I am small next to a Planet."
<Travis> "You are not broken."
<AlcarGM> (( "Your player, on the other land..." ))
<Travis> (( ouch :P ))
<Anelelinde> What? :P
* Anelelinde bonks AlcarGM
Quote 9750
<AlcarGM> Okay. YOu are not outside.. and, in the distance, above as certain mountain, something flies into the sky...
* Luna_ waits behind, looking confused
* Cecil`^ is currently flying slowly through the dark and snowy sky of the city, his polished silver scales reflect light into various directions comming up from the city. His face looks more like a described chinese dragon than any other culture. He is also carrying a Sara on his back, whos somber face seems to make her look more like a stoned cowgirl than her real self.
* Travis stands on a platform, hand on some new device forming from the floor as some kind of rod or tubes become visible on the outside of the ship. Concentrating, he follows.
<Travis> thoooooooooose would be weapons :P
<AlcarGM> hehehehehe
<AlcarGM> you firing at Cecil? :p
<Travis> not yet ;p
Quote 9751
* Travis gestures with another hand, a strange sort of display of concentric circles hovering above the image of Cecil. For now, that is all that happens.
* Travis then holds up another hand, and the lights dim.
<Anelelinde> (( gonna blow him up? ))
<Travis> (( C-2. ))
<Travis> (( :D ))
<Anelelinde> (( You come here all the way from WHAT planet now and the best you can manage is C2? ))
Quote 9752
<Cecil`^> "But I--I have all of the perks of some supernatural being, yet I also have all of the things that make people see me as mundane... I'm imune to the entropy effect, and the fates can't control me..."
<Cecil`^> "I have an aura... Can something engineered even have a soul? We can reproduce too, but only with our own kind... It all makes sense..."
* Cecil`^ looks at Sara smiling "I was MADE this way!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well, I'm glad something does."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Couldn' they have given you a bigger penis too?"
* Cecil`^ gapes at her and nudges her
<AlcarGM> The grey .. blinks.
Quote 9753
<Kage`> "I can help randy. But this man must remain alive, and he is on the verge of dying."
<Buford> "Then heal him up right quick so I can get some more answers out of him."
<Kage`> "I understand he and his crew tried to kill randy, and would like us all to die, but believe me when I say he shouldn't suffer like this."
<AlcarGM> Simon looks at Buford, confused. "You'd .. torture him?"
<Kage`> "He and his kind think we are a threat, and fear, which is why they come. TO do this... is just wrong."
<Kage`> "He's already been tortured, he's going for round two."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "....."
<Kage`> "If we are to change anything, we mustn't become they things they fear, but the things they can understand."
Quote 9754
<Cecil`^> "If we destroy the god, the masters will come, and I am to free you? Am I the only one that can do it? Did you make any other tools to help you?"
<AlcarGM> Grey: 'The genies, but they are .... flawed.The one we made.. Thaddeus . .went his own way, far away from what we wanted. He remains hidden from us."
<Cecil`^> "He is comming here... And Denise was here as well, another Genie..."
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "But she can't touch water... That's her problem... It's snowing... Which is why I've been avoiding her, since she would only be able to stay inside..."
<Cecil`^> "Thaddeus is comming here as well... Denise was supposed to meet him... Is he the only other one that could help? Is there like a manual for me? Somethign that tells me all of these wierd things I can do that humans can't? I've always noticed them on my own and it's been hard to figure these things out you know..."
* Cecil`^ sounds entirely too excited
Quote 9755
<Buford> "But do you suppose these people are going to reason with your flowery propositions?"
<Kage`> "As a whole? No."
<Kage`> "But I have more than enough strength to back myself up. Do not confuse compassion with weakness."
Quote 9756
* Jaoni sighs
* Jaoni holds up a hand and speaks to her right, "You can't hear me when I think at you, can you?"
<Chaos`GM^> A waitress sets the glasses of water on the table "Are you ready to order?" Sara's voice can be heard from above you... you didn't see her comming
* Jerome closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, opens them..... looks at Jaoni.... "Ah.... in a little bit."
<Jaoni> "The how the hell are you talking to me?"
<Chaos`GM^> She turns, pauses for a second, then turns around "You! Are you stalking me!? First you ruin my life, now you're stalking me!? Listen, I like sex, but not with bastards like you!"
* Jaoni frowns, then looks at her menu, 'I might need a little bit."
<Chaos`GM^> Sara is saying this awfully loudly, for everyone to hear
<Chaos`GM^> luckilly it's not very full yet
<Jaoni> "Ignore him, he's fairly harmless."
* Jaoni looks at her menu! :P
<Jerome> lol
* Jerome jsut..... stares.
Quote 9757
<Chaos`GM^> The waitress comes back with three plates, one of the wings, the other two of a steak meal, the steak is a tall and very juicy piece of meat, there is a baked potatoe and some veggies as well... "Compliments of the owner..." She sets them all down on the table
<Chaos`GM^> THere is a small envelope leaning on Jerome's baked potatoe
<Chaos`GM^> potato
* Jerome ... stares./
* Chaos`GM^ can never spell that right...
* Jerome opens it.
<Jerome> (( you and dan quayle, eh? :p ))
Quote 9758
<Jerome> An entire clique of transvestite heroes WOULD be fun
<kentari> DO NOT WANT :P
Quote 9759
<Chaos`GM^> The 2nd waitress comes over "Would you like any dessert?"
* Jerome shakes his head. "No, thank you."
* Jaoni hrms
<Jaoni> "Maybe a return on the note?"
* Jaoni writes something down, and shows it to Jerome, then initials it :P
* Jerome looks at it...
* Chaos`GM^ looks at it too
<Jerome> (( who says YOU can, buster? ))
Quote 9760
* Jerome blinks, looks at Jaoni. "Can you put her up some place? I ... couldn't."
<Jaoni> "My parents.... I dunno, they're kinda living amongst their means as is."
* Jerome nods. "Then...."
* Jerome spins, slamming a fist into the nearest wall. Pulls it back. Blinks. "What can do we do?" calm, again.
<Jaoni> "There is Roy's place, but I can't make that decision."
<Jaoni> ("I don't want to turn this into Cameron's house.")
<Jerome> (( yeah :p ))
<Jerome> "How many others are here?" to Sara
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome's parents ARE foster parents... He could ASK them ;p
<Chaos`GM^> Sara snifs and looks at the floor "Three others like me... the others are... Hire help."
<Jerome> (( yes, but ..... well.... he's kinda on thin ice at the moment :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Yep! he sure is! ))
<Jaoni> ("Hey mom! I brought home whores!")
Quote 9761
<Jerome> "Do you want out?"
<Chaos`GM^> She looks at you, worried, excited, and torn
<Chaos`GM^> "I--You could do that? For us? All of us?"
<Chaos`GM^> She looks down at the floor again "No, we couldn't, he'd find us, and then he'd kill us for running..."
<Jaoni> "Who is he?"
<Jerome> "I ... don't know. I don't have any power, any means." Looks at Jaoni. "Can your friend do anything at all about this? help.. somehow?"
<Chaos`GM^> Sara: "The owner, he... He owns us... This building..."
<Chaos`GM^> she shakews her head
<Chaos`GM^> "He owns everything..."
<Chaos`GM^> She sounds like she's in awe, as if talking about her personal god...
* Jaoni hrms, "Sara, would you let our LORD SATAN into your life? To help you with your problems? You won't miss your soul, I promise!"
<Jaoni> and seriously, zomg, j/k :P
<Jerome> hahahaha
<Chaos`GM^> =p
Quote 9762
<kentari> a 4color PC without the temptation of silver letter openers isn't really 4color, just naive ;p
Quote 9763
<kentari> The TV flashes with a newsreel, a reporter in front of a dairy farm. "This just in.. EL CHUPACABRA has drained the cows! They've been sucked dry, TO THEIR DEATHS! We'll have more on this latest update very soon!"
<kentari> ((j/k :P))
<Drew`> (( "Silly talking head; it's really a vampiric kitten." ))
Quote 9764
<kentari> you know fen
<kentari> I have to give you a gold star
<Rachael> so much for the melodramatic scene
<Rachael> kentari: ?
<kentari> for playing a 13ish year old in a developmentally appropriate manner.
<kentari> :P
Quote 9765
<Forest`^> hey alcar
<Drew`> yes?
<Forest`^> Sara is showing everyone how to make a proper taco
<Drew`> ...
* Drew` would rather not imagine that.
<Forest`^> my thoughts exactly
Quote 9766
* Forest`^ has joined #game2
<Forest`^> the (phalic) woods?
<Forest`^> wtf?
<kentari> oops
* kentari changes topic to 'SOME PLACE SAFE'
Quote 9767
<kentari> Rachael's hair grows in length
<kentari> By roughly one and a half, perhaps two, feet.
* Drew` blinks, then nods. "I guess so. I don't think I want to ....." *blinks* "Err...."
<Drew`> (( What's Sam doing? ))
* Rachael gathers herself up neatly.
<Rachael> (( hmm. much of this and it shall be longer than I am! ))
<Drew`> (( create an imp to go behind and carry it above the ground.... ))
<kentari> Sam is staring, in disbelief and confusion :P
<kentari> (( lol ;p ))
Quote 9768
<Anton> "I had a bad accident, a while ago, some.... nerve dammage, I guess you could say. Physical contact is just...."
<kentari> <Sara> "Its okay! I know some tricks. See, there's this thing you do.." She curves her hand, pantomining.
* Anton just shakes his head
<kentari> <Sara> "What happened...?"
* Anton leans back suddenly, and stands, "I just can't say."
<Anton> "Sorry."
<kentari> <Sara> "You know my secrets!"
<kentari> <Sara> "What's the harm?"
* Anton holds up the motor, "You tell me."
* Anton sets it down and hurries out, hand on temple
<Anton> (you know play doh? :P)
<Anton> (you know when you squeeeeeze it?)
<kentari> <Sara> "AM I THAT HIDEOUS?"
<kentari> She looks at what's left of the motor.
<Anton> (it makes that hand imprint shape, its a twisted hunk of metal)
<kentari> And swats it aside, angrily. It makes a small crater in a wooden cabinet nearby and she storms off in the direction of the hot tub.
<Forest`^> (( Oh thank god... I was affraid she'd follow me... ))
<kentari> <Sara> "Enough playing nice. I'm going rape every last one of them..." She frowns, pouring herself a martini.
<kentari> j/k
<kentari> :P sooo j/k
Quote 9769
<Rachael> "But... the hair...
<Rachael> "Can you do it again? Make it longer? All the way down to my toes and beyond?"
* Drew` blinks.
<Drew`> "I can try?"
<Drew`> 2d6 - Hair. Gods, this feels like FSZ's game....
<sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 6 - Hair. Gods, this feels like FSZ's game....
<Drew`> pass :p
* Rachael nods. "As long as you dare and more?"
<Drew`> "Hm?"
<kentari> Your hands asplode.
<kentari> :P j/k
<Drew`> (( *grins* ))
Quote 9770
<kentari> Oh say can you see Rachael's eyes, if you can (then her hair's too short!) :P
<kentari> Every hair Rachael possesses is doubled in length.
<Drew`> (( ..... eewww! ))
<Drew`> "......."
<kentari> Juuuust as Drew's pants belt out a musical ringtone of 'I feel Pretty'
<kentari> His cell phone. :P
<Drew`> (( he don't gots one :p ))
* Rachael closes her eyes and smiles for a moment? "Thank you..." and scurries off Homeward, carrying the stuff if necessary. :)
<Anton> (then your shoe is ringing :P)
<kentari> Indeed. Drew's shoe is ringing.
<kentari> It would seem someone made it a phone while he wasn't looking.
* Drew` stares
* Drew` takes his shoe off
* Drew` holds it up to his ear. "hello?"
* Drew` wants to see the phone company charge for this :p
Quote 9771
<kentari> He sorta nods, a little confused, but doesn't want to ask.
<Anton> ("I filled it with putty." * Anton puts away the can of C4)
Quote 9772
<Chaos`^> wow
<Chaos`^> so
<Chaos`^> uhm
<Chaos`^> there's no cats in that pc
<Chaos`^> wow
* Chaos`^ is just... at a loss for words
<Chaos`^> "So what's your superpower?" "I have a penis."
<alcar> hahaha
Quote 9773
<Chaos`GM^> Sara comes first
* Jaoni helps from up top, and jerome from the bottom
* sparkie wants to quote that
<Chaos`GM^> yes, yes...
<Chaos`GM^> that would make a very nice out of context quote
Quote 9774
<Chaos`GM^> The door to the lab is locked, so you can't really get out without breakign it... or picking the lock
<Jaoni> "Why the hell does a school have motion detectors?"
<Jaoni> (Or defense nannites :P)
<Jerome`> (( *grins* ))
Quote 9775
<Rachael> Tass told me that one time I ought to get some sort of emotional barrier between myself and my characters. I was reconsidering his advice.
<Rachael> ... It might make my characters happier. :)
<Rachael> less angsty and such :P
<alcar> Heh.
Quote 9776
<Tass> pyrocaninesis
<alcar> eh?
<Tass> the ability to set dogs on fire
Quote 9777
<Rachael> it's quiet
<Rachael> toooooo quiet
<Rachael> waaaaay tooooooo quiet
* Rachael feels so alone! :P
<sparkie> Never fear, Sparkie's here!
<Rachael> yay sparkie
<Rachael> 2d6 Gimme a 12!
<sparkie> Rachael 2d6: 12 Gimme a 12!
<Rachael> mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!
<alcar> ...
* alcar shakes his head
Quote 9778
<Alicia> ... you realise that I'm an eternal outsider, right?
<alcar[writing]> .. why? That's just boring :p
<Alicia> Politics is NOT fun for me
<Alicia> Because that's who I am
<alcar[writing]> RPG character != player.
<alcar[writing]> otherwise, well, it's just playing the same character over and over, really.
<alcar[writing]> with a new face on them.
<Alicia> Yeah, but I'm too much of an outsider to understand what not being one entails
<alcar[writing]> ....
<Alicia> At best, I'm the mascot
<Alicia> Seriously
<alcar[writing]> Well. There's this thing called acting. And these things called people. Sometimes they're in movies. Or books. or even real life. And you can pretend to be one! Especially if you're not. it's called role playing :p
Quote 9779
<alcar[writing]> the whole "there has to be something more!" ... well, no, there doesn't. The belief that their does is just a humanocentric thing. Or self-centric. Our deep seated desire for answers, no matter how silly we make them.
<Alicia> Why bother doing anything, then?
<alcar[writing]> because we get to experience being alive.
<alcar[writing]> and that's always fun.
<Alicia> No it's not
* alcar[writing] shrugs. All depends on pov. It's interesting, at the least. It's a gift, and to squander it is poor use of such things.
<Alicia> It was never interesting to me
<alcar[writing]> Ah.
<Alicia> And I don't like my answer to "Why" being "Because God/Goddess/Eris/Fate/The cosmic RNG rolled a 12"
<Alicia> I do not wish to think that I am the result of the cosmic version of Sparkie!
Quote 9780
<Alicia> "Shit happens for no reason whatsoever" seems inelegant, so I avoid such explanations
* sparkie is the reason.
<Alicia> That would explain a lot
* sparkie is liking this whole Creator gig. Even if it IS a step down.
Quote 9781
<Tass> lesigh
<Tass> I fear
<Tass> that in all my days, in all my searching
<Tass> in all the internets anyone can muster
<Tass> that game1 will be the pinacle of internet based RP groups :/
<Tass> for me at least
<Tass> you know how depressing that is?! :P
Quote 9782
<Tass> people confuse my name with tasslehoff all the damn time
<Tass> which is why I HATE kender
<alcar> lol
Quote 9783
<Chaos`GM^> the one with the blue sword makes an assault on one of the red men, he thrusts in, and slices through the man, cutting him in half, but rather than the man falling over dead, he simple disapears, leaving a pile of clothes where he was
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire walks towards them, muttering about the lack of jedi funerals that, while saving on funerary expenses, does make charting the history of the order much more difficult
<Chaos`GM^> The other read team member, a man in a black robe with very pale features yells out "Commas! No! You will die for this Zane!" He begins an all out assault yelling in rage. The blue team's member (Zane) can barely defend from the assault
<Chaos`GM^> Zane: "You will not have him!"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "And he died while being spliced. How very ironic. Are you both finished? I'd rather you didn't wake up the dean. He tends to be grouchy if he doesn't get a good 12 hours of sleep, in."
Quote 9784
<Chaos`GM^> He sighs, looking frustrated, but uses a Jedi calming technique and smiles "He is in grave danger, it seems his most recent expedition dug up some valueble information for us jedi, as well as the sith lords. They would rather kill him and take the information."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "I rather doubt it was valuable, since I didn't dig up anything of ntoe at that time. The records were, as far as I could discern, a cookbook written in a variant of huttese."
<Chaos`GM^> He breathes deeply, remaining very calm "So you *are* Franklin?"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "As long as you are not actually wondering about the spending accounts from the side trip to the seven moons, yes. It was perfectly legal to change currencies in order to facilitate a dialogue with the natives."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "The fact that their currencies were nubile young women is continually mentioned by the dean. Perhaps because he wishes I'd brought them back."
<Chaos`GM^> He clenches his jaw "Would you please grab your belongings and everything that you dug up from the expedition and come along with me."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire goes back to roooms, fathering up three books, several notes..... "Hmm."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire leaves a note for his assistant telling the one of this week, if the boy didn't quit like that last three did, though the one before them jumped out a window for some reason, to put his belingings into a storafge room for safe keeping owing to political circumstances.
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire gets some reading material as well, puts it and computer into case. "I believe that will be all. Unless you feel we need anything else?"
<Chaos`GM^> "We must leave..."
<Chaos`GM^> he turns quickly and heads down the hallway "Please hurry."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire locks door, windows etc. and follows.
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire adda an 'out to lunch' thing onthe door, so the sith wouldn't break it down and ruin a good year of research
Quote 9785
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "May I inquire as to how you became aware of this predicament?"
<Chaos`GM^> YOu're lead down the path to the parking lot where repulser bikes and cars are usually parked... It now houses a very large freighter starship
<Chaos`GM^> Zane: "The sith have notoriously loud mouths, bragging about this and that. It seems they dug into the mind of one of your assistants and found some sort of Jedi artifact from the old republic."
<Chaos`GM^> Zane pushes a few buttons on a data pad and a ramp lowers
<Chaos`GM^> "Get in, hurry."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "I am amazed they found a mind in the boy in the first place. It undoubtedly lowered their IQ just to look. And, frankly, said assitant woudln't even know what an artifact was if it bit him on the ass. Which, come to think of it," as he gets in, "it did once."
<Chaos`GM^> The pilot inside tries not to laugh at the comment. He turns around, a young man in his early twenties wearing relaxed clothes and with a wide grin on his face "You found him?" He looks you over "The famous Professor Franklin Rothschild eh?" He laughs again "Where's Barad?"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( his last name, sir GM, IS Esquire :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> Zane gives the pilot a grim look and sits in the co-pilot seat closing the ramp doors. The pilot frowns "I see."
<Chaos`GM^> Oh
<Chaos`GM^> Then perhaps you should correct the pilot
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "My last name, friend pilot, is Esquire. For someone who claims that I am famous, you don't need to have managed to familiarize yourself with something that basic."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( I shall :p ))
Quote 9786
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( You know, every time I make a character like this I wonder how long it is before someone spaces them. ))
Quote 9787
* Fennael hmms.
* Fennael is writing some documentation... and is including a little stub section to be filled out later.
<Fennael> == Troubleshooting ==
<Fennael> The computer is your Friend. If you see trouble, shoot it, Citizen. Have a nice daycycle.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Perfect :)
Quote 9788
<Caltak> Let's play Low-Life so I can feel myself up.
<alcar> eh?
<alcar> that'd be a bit odd :p
<Gemm> I don't know if he's making joke or not.
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> it's hard to tell sometimes
* alcar sees a song in that
<alcar> "They call me an intrersexual / but I'm really an extrasexual ..." etc
* Gemm is happy he can't find what alcar is talking about. =P
<Caltak> Why would I be joking?
<Caltak> I mean sure, it's nicer to feel someone *else* up, but when you got all you need, it's convenient for a quick grope.
* alcar nods.
<alcar> wouold make sense as a body modifcation of the future. "No need to worry about STDs with strangers! With one simple appiintment you will no longer be a strange to the oppsite sex ever again!"
* Chaos`^ can't believe he's even reading this conversation
<Tass> oh I can :P
Quote 9789
<kentari> <Power> "I thought you were talking about her dress."
<Drew`> "..... why would I?"
<kentari> <Power> "Dunno! Its less strange than talking about, say, her breasts!"
<Drew`> *blinks* ".... why would I do THAT?"
<kentari> <Power> "Haha! Just testing you to see if you're awake."
<Drew`> "..... "
<Drew`> "Remind me to never give you coffee, okay?"
<kentari> <Power> "Coffee....? What's that?"
<Drew`> ".... you don't need it. Trust me."
Quote 9790
<Aaron> I've come close to stealing my brother's car to go beat someone for playing WoW instead of gaming.
Quote 9791
* Anton bursts in! out of drew's chest!
* Drew` looks back at Rachaellyn oddly, wondering why she hadn't ranted yet, then hopes that maybe she *has* changed.. or remembered to take her meds.
<kentari> He smirks, "You look young. Are you sure you're in the right place?" To Rachael ;p
<Anton> (or just in through the door :P)
<Rachaellyn> "thank-you." (beaming)
* Rachaellyn frowns.
<Drew`> (( Use the shoe, silly! :P ))
Quote 9792
<Drew`> "Remind me to never give you coffee, okay?"
<kentari> <Power> "Coffee....? What's that?"
<Drew`> ".... you don't need it. Trust me."
<kentari> <Power> "I'll go get Aaron's coffee!" And you feel power leave you.
<Drew`> "Everything okay?" to Power
<kentari> No response!
<Drew`> (( I'm having visions of Vora here :p ))
<Drew`> (( damn. ))
Quote 9793
<kentari> !generate female
<sparkie> kentari, your new name is PHILOMENA AKIM
<kentari> :P
<kentari> oh god
<Rachaellyn> nice name!
<kentari> where do these names come from? :P
<Rachaellyn> philomena was a saint
<Drew`> PHILOMENA is a name?!
<Anton> not phil
<Rachaellyn> chastity
<Anton> not phil
<Anton> not phil
<Drew`> kentari - 2000 US Census :p
<Anton> please
<Anton> dear lord
* Anton hates you, sparkie!
<Rachaellyn> Saint Philomena is an alleged 4th century saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church.
* sparkie is happy to be hated. Hate is the sparkie love.
Quote 9794
<Aaron> 2d6 perhaps some inspiration for me as well?
<sparkie> Aaron 2d6: 12 perhaps some inspiration for me as well?
* Anton gets up and heads back into the shelves
<Rachaellyn> (( crunch. ))
<Aaron> ((F***))
<kentari> Aaron...
<kentari> Aaron finds, somehow, a Naughty Magazine. :P
Quote 9795
* Anton opens zee book
* Anton pulls out an envelope!
* Anton hands it to the new girl, "If you would, Phyllis?"
<kentari> <Phyllis> "Okay.." She tears the envelope, in confusion, and reads...
<kentari> <Phyllis> "Hello, class. Its okay that you failed to find the right clue, because I prepared explosive runes to-" BOOM!
<kentari> j/k :P
<Aaron> ((.........))
<Rachaellyn> (( nice! ))
Quote 9796
<kentari> <Power> "So back inside, right? Right!"
<kentari> <Power> "You mean INSIDE inside, right?"
* Drew` nods
<Rachaellyn> 2d6 Drew explodes?
<sparkie> Rachaellyn 2d6: 5 Drew explodes?
<Rachaellyn> (( hahahaha. j/k again of course. :P ))
<Steve`Z> 2d5 Rachaellyn shuts up?
<sparkie> Steve`Z 2d5: 9 Rachaellyn shuts up?
<Aaron> ((You'd have to roll a 2 for that, Steve))
<Aaron> (( :P ))
Quote 9797
<Aaron> "Well, I kinda told Drew we'd wait for him before leaving the library. He was busy talking with Power."
<Rachaellyn> "Ah~ yes, you haven't met Power, have you, Philomena?"
* Anton just looks at everyone like they've lost their mind :P
<Rachaellyn> "Put that on your To Do list."
<Anton> "Hopefully not."
<kentari> Phyllis is inching towards Anton, staring at Rachael just like he is
<Anton> "Petunia was enough for my screw up list.
<Aaron> ((Remember, whoever breaks the NPC has to buy the next meal.))
<Anton> (luckily mine was on the house :P)
Quote 9798
<Steve`Z> well you DID say you wanted me to have PROBLEMS. :P
<Steve`Z> [00:12:20] <kentari> When you turn back to human
<Steve`Z> [00:12:22] <kentari> You're missing, erm
<Steve`Z> [00:12:25] <kentari> Certain attributes.
<Steve`Z> [00:12:28] <kentari> Like that one dude in lolad.
<Steve`Z> [00:12:37] <Steve`Z> X_X
<Steve`Z> [00:12:48] <Steve`Z> you're talking about Chris aren't you? FUCK.
<Drew`> Spark doesn't like me trying to help people :p
Quote 9799
<Rachaellyn> "I /suggested/ we head to the library but... I think she deliberately abandoned me."
* Steve`Z mutters, "probably got fed up."
Quote 9800
<Anton> oh diety
<Anton> someone kill fennec's emo with fire
<Drew`> hehe
* sparkie could!
<Aaron> Fennec isn't the emo. It's Rachael.
<Rachaellyn> no! don't kill Rachael! :P :P :P
<Aaron> We must perform a Rachael-ectomy!
<Steve`Z> I concur!
<Steve`Z> Burn the fairy! Burn the fairy!