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Quote 9601
* alcar just had a terrible thought.
<alcar> Unknown Armies.
<alcar> Sara as an avatar of the Mother
<Caltak> O_O
<Caltak> ummm
* alcar nods.
<alcar> it would be so horrible.....
<alcar> Dress her children all skanky, run a brothel from home....
Quote 9602
<alcar> Yay! Speedball didn't die.
<alcar> and that's all I need to know about marvel's civil war thing.
<Gemm> LOL!
<Gemm> alcar, you're priorities are at times funny.
<alcar> yes :)
Quote 9603
<Anelelinde> (( do we have cable? ))
<AlcarGM> (( It's Cameron's place. Of course he had cable :P ))
<Anelelinde> "Cable television."
<Travis> (( Actually, Cameron had Vampellite. Piratted Sattellitte. I heard it happens in Canada a lot. ))
Quote 9604
<Buford> "Do you mean, why am I burrowing through the ground, or why have I come down to this town?"
<AlcarGM> Land: ".. both!"
<Buford> "Well, I don't like to be followed or seen, and like I said. The wind told me to come."
<AlcarGM> Land: *randy?!*
<Buford> "Randy? No, my name is Buford."
<AlcarGM> Land: *.... why would you be randy? You aren't him!*
Quote 9605
<Travis> "I tried to put Chris' .. parts back?"
<Anelelinde> "Yes, as for THAT bit... well.. umm... I don't know how to put it."
* Travis offers, "They were the wrong parts?"
* Anelelinde nods, wincing for a moment
* Kage` bites his lip
<AlcarGM> Cliff: "...."
<Anelelinde> >> to Kage >> (image of alf a dozen two-meter tentacles)
* Kage` slaps a hand over his eyes
<Anelelinde> >> to Kage >> and Chris is reluctant to have them removed because they are Alive and Sentient
<Travis> "Kage is hurt?"
* Kage` resists punching the wall, "Diety! If this is ever over, that kid's going to need some therapy."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "He can get in line." ))
<Travis> (( "I can therapy!" :P))
<AlcarGM> (( "We've given Faline first place." ))
Quote 9606
<Faline> (( Everyone should start saying "faline" instead of Jesus! or etc. :P ))
Quote 9607
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I'm afraid I can't allow this," calmly. He looks - tired, more than anything, now. "You weren't in his plans."
* Faline narrows her eyes. "Well, that's a shame. But I neverr did like you, and I don't carre who you worrk forr. You'd do well to just leave me alone."
<AlcarGM> Edward smiles wanly. "No one can afford to," simply, and his aura fills the room, mist more than anything els.e You can feel you - your power - diminishing.
* Faline tries momentarily to answer back with power, but realizing that is not going to work, she relies instead on physical power and goes for a nice acrobatic leap over him and running away type manuever. :P
<AlcarGM> You leap, and the exit .. is now a wall, and a rather hard one at that.
<AlcarGM> Edward: "This odesn't have to g this way, you know. You can't just - go out, withoiut thinking you fool!"
* Faline stares at him, all fury and defiance and wild desparation. "You'rre the rreason forr EVERRYTHING that's happened. YOU chased us from ourr home, YOU arre the rreason my motherr died, and now you hold me back when all I want to SAVE everrything.I'll NEVERR forrgive you, and I'll NEVERR do what you want." She lashes out both with whateverr powerr she can, and also with her body, trying to tear into him.
Quote 9608
<Travis> "That was ... wind?"
* Anelelinde nods to Travis. "Randy."
<Buford> "And you would be, little miss?"
<Travis> "Travis."
* Travis nods.
<Kage`> "Thats Lynn."
<Kage`> "Who are you?"
Quote 9609
<AlcarGM> Edward's voice is in your head, now. "And what arer you going to do, you, stupid git? YOU DIED."
* Faline ignores him. Since that is one of the three interactions she will perform concerning him.
<AlcarGM> lol
<Faline> (( the other two being Avoiding and Harming ))
Quote 9610
<Travis> why did I read retriever as reindeer? :P
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> that's only for were alcoholics ;P
<AlcarGM> nice red nose
Quote 9611
<Anelelinde> okay, Miss Level6 telepath is over crying with the pack, and she never has been a big one for shielding her transmissions, so to speak, soooo....
<Anelelinde> passerbies beware? :P
<Anelelinde> hope I don't cause too many suicides or anything
<Kage`> kage's heart is forged from the dead remains of a collapses star
<Kage`> so good luck there :P
<AlcarGM> lol
* Kage` just had to say that, I'm sorry :P
<Anelelinde> it's an iron FIST in a velvet glove, not an iron heart, and...
<Anelelinde> ... since dead stars collapse into iron, of course.
Quote 9612
<AlcarGM> you also get the grief of pack thing :)
<Travis> ((Dear Diary. They have Emo here. We're going to have to burn the place.))
Quote 9613
<Kage`> this is... like, worse than zenmetsu
<AlcarGM> damage? :)
<Kage`> I hope simon is shielding the land, too :P
<AlcarGM> yup :p
<Kage`> it was theoretical, let me calculate :P
Quote 9614
* Kage` looks over at Simon, then the energy mass
<Kage`> "Another.... visitor?"
* Travis pauses a moment. The mass surges, slightly, and then twirls and speeds up.. becoming invisible once more.
<AlcarGM> He's still got it in shield, for now. "I don't know!"
* Kage` looks at Buford as he asks that one
* Travis points to the stuff in the shield, "That is Faline, in there. She is .. back?"
<Kage`> 'Claimed..."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... she's dead you.... alien!"
* Something sighs, and touches the shield again.
* Travis glares at Simon, "THAT IS NOT DEAD WHICH CAN ETERNAL LIE!"
<Travis> ((omg, so j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> (( .. thank you :p ))
Quote 9615
<Travis> Faline: Goddess of Consumption
<Travis> :
<Travis> :<
<AlcarGM> better than constipation!
<Travis> .... :P
<Travis> you're terrible ;p
Quote 9616
<Something> ok just let me know when I can stop looking like whatever :P
<AlcarGM> amd we're bbbaccck!
<AlcarGM> youn can /nick Ed McMahon anytime!
<AlcarGM> Someone here MUST be a sweepstakes winner!
Quote 9617
* Faline looks at Simon. "Yes, I did. But, I guess when you're a locus and therre arre people worrshipping you as a diety, you get a anotherr go." *smiles* "I'm not rreally the same anymorre, though."
<AlcarGM> he blinks, shakes, just.. stares.
* Travis tilts his head sideways and makes a chewing motion with his jaw, trying to get the feel for something. He purrs out, "Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrshipping?" questioningly.
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".. you...you're....." he blinjks. "I don't want to be a - a god!"
<AlcarGM> (( Lynn, otoh... :p ))
<Anelelinde> (( Sainthood is fine, thank you! ))
<Faline> "Well, don't do anything that would make people forrm a cult arround you, then."
<Buford> "How was it that you came to be dead in the first place... Faline?"
<Travis> "Firrrrrrrrrrrst.."
* Travis looks like he's practicing.
Quote 9618
<Travis> "Camerrrrrrrron...? Who is Camerrrrrrrrrrrrrron?"
<Kage`> "So..... what now?"
<AlcarGM> Simon :'what now'?!"
* Faline looks at Travis. "You rreally don't need to rroll yourr rr's like that."
<Kage`> "He's learning how we talk."
<Travis> "But you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll them?"
* Travis blinks.
<Kage`> "He's from space."
* Kage` nods, oh man, I relish every time I have to say that :P
<Faline> "Yeah, that's just... something I do. Not surre why I still do, but... *blinks, looking at Kage`* Say what now?"
* Kage` points up!
Quote 9619
<Anelelinde> (( we will remake him, better! In the image of perfection, too! ))
<Travis> :3
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> bionic version :p
<Travis> the six million dollar rabbit
<Travis> :P
<Kage`> the energizer rabbit! REDUX!
<Anelelinde> but does it have an off switch?
<AlcarGM> "Six billion dollar rabbit." "I thbought it was million!" "The rest was therapy bills."
Quote 9620
<Kage`> oh man
<Kage`> I can't stop seeing Faline's kids as those really fuzzy caterpillars, but with tiger stripes :D
<Anelelinde> haha
Quote 9621
<Anelelinde> we need to, like, split up or something, too many people :P
<Travis> Anne and I will check the basement
<Travis> Kage, you and scooby look in the graveyard.
<Travis> :P
<Anelelinde> we're outdoors
<Anelelinde> the basement is... solid dirt
<Kage`> nuh uh
<Anelelinde> now, I have a little Meld power
<Anelelinde> dunno about Travis
<Kage`> I'm gonna go check out the van with sara :P
<Travis> You go do that.
<Travis> :P
<Anelelinde> and where does Simon - er- Scooby?
<Anelelinde> where does he do? :P
Quote 9622
<Cecil`^> "You were... Dead?"
* Faline nods.
<Anelelinde> "Cameron killed her. Badly."
<Travis> "*Werrrrrre* dead."
<Cecil`^> "Who... Brought you back?"
* Travis corrects Cecil.
<Travis> "Brrought."
* Travis continues! Smiling :D
* Kage` looks at Faline! interested!
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks, that question having not occured, and looks at Faline....
<Cecil`^> "Wait... You're telling me no one bothered to ask this?"
<Cecil`^> "How long have you been back?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I, uhm .... no?"
<Faline> "Eh? I just... came back."
* Cecil`^ looks worried "What's with the... Gold aura?"
<Faline> "Oh, that. I'm a goddess now."
Quote 9623
* Travis moves his arms and bends and twists, sort of like a little dance. A shimmering batch of air begins to fill with a grey mist which kinda implodes into existence with a rush of displaced air roughly the size of a geo metro.
* Travis puts his hand on the side and a portal of sorts kinda just .. opens up in the side. "Inside! We can talk inside."
* Travis gestures with his hands, "Yes?"
* Cecil`^ blinks at the... whatever...
<AlcarGM> So, who goes in alien craft? :)
<Cecil`^> "Wait, wait..." To the four armed thing "i'm not going in THAT..."
<Travis> "You asked, I made it! Yes?"
<Anelelinde> "Why not?"
<Cecil`^> "Because I don't trust aliens."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We did say up," with a snicker.
* Travis nods at Sara, "Up!"
* Cecil`^ glares at Sara
<AlcarGM> She's trying really hard not to laugh more :)
* Kage` hrms, stepping up to the entrance, and looking back at Cecil
<Cecil`^> "Listen, anything that does a rain dance to summon his car is totally not to be trusted.."
Quote 9624
<AlcarGM> Nicole lands, a few moments later. "You're..okay?"
* Anelelinde nods.
<Anelelinde> "He was unmade. By... Travis. And Travis just got here. An... unexpected intercession."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: ".. a what?"
<Anelelinde> "An alien arrived from space this afternoon and managed to save us from a decades-old menace. This is surprising even for me."
<Travis> ((*takes a bite of the golden apple*))
<AlcarGM> That startles a laugh from her. "I'd be worried if it wasn't!"
Quote 9625
<Travis> Where and what is he doin'? :P
<AlcarGM> Camerons. Chris :p
<Travis> oh god. :P
<Travis> You're not speaking metaphorically, are you? :P
<AlcarGM> Nope :P
<Travis> What shape is sophie in? x.x
<AlcarGM> quite good! :)
<Travis> I mean gender :P
<AlcarGM> Varying :)
Quote 9626
* Travis hops in from outside, dismissing the snow with a wave of his hands.
<Travis> "Chris is ..."
* Travis searches for words.
<Cecil`^> "The adversary? Not likely."
* Travis sighs, "No! Not adversary ... I do not know how to say it. I will show you?"
<AlcarGM> (( ..... ))
<Travis> "I do not know who is winning."
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))
<Travis> "I think Sophie is?"
Quote 9627
* Faline is vrey quiet and not talking and stuff! oooo!
<Buford> (obviously Faline doesn't want to upset anyone into killing her again. =P)
Quote 9628
<Anelelinde> (( and somewhere in another Shadow, Lynn + Charles have butterfly-dragon-babies. ))
<Faline> (( eeek, wait until you arent pregnant anymore first >_< ))
<Kage`> (and thus, faerie dragons are born :P)
<Anelelinde> (( Faline - in another Shadow. :P ))
Quote 9629
<Kage`> "And Faline... before you think about escaping like the Fae did....."
<Kage`> "Well, see where it got them?"
<Faline> "That's not what I'm saying at all. I neverr said that."
<Cecil`^> "What DID you plan on doing with it then?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "They didn't escape. ,They stopped evolving. It's not an escape. Well. Not a good one."
<Kage`> 'The fae, they are a type of being, ones that shuld have guarded earth, I think."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sex, now, is a good one!"
<Kage`> "Instead, they chose to be selfish, and it define's their entire being."
<Cecil`^> "Sara, not helping."
* Travis nods at Sara, slowly, recognizing an old story or two. Before the sex comment, of course.
Quote 9630
<Cecil`^> "I could probably ask the reaper what he knows about this adversary, since he is likely very privy on information in the winterland, since it's his only true enemy right now, he may have more info than us... The problem is staying alive while doing it."
<Travis> "You fear dying?"
* Travis asks Cecil!
<Cecil`^> "I won't be much help if I'm dead."
<Travis> "You do not seem like much help now..?"
<Anelelinde> (( hahaha ))
* Faline smirks.
* Travis shrugs a little. He's been practicing!
<Cecil`^> "Tell you what." Turning to Travis "I'll kill you, and you tell me what it's like. How's that sound?"
* Cecil`^ doesn't sound like he's joking
Quote 9631
<Kage`> "I have a friend who was really screwed over by a fae, and I need to find a way to break a glamour on him."
<Travis> "You mean about Chris?"
<Cecil`^> "Glamour is just an illusion..."
* Cecil`^ shrugs to kage
<Cecil`^> "A damn good one though."
<Travis> "They are tricky to unmake. It is risky to unmake them.."
<Cecil`^> "have you tried killing the fae who did it?"
<Kage`> "its real enough here on earth."
<Kage`> "I don't want to kill someone over it."
<AlcarGM> The craft! It lands!
<Kage`> ("What kind of -sissy- weapon are you!?")
<Faline> (( "See? SEE? I'm not the only one who resorrts to killing to solve prroblems!!" ))
Quote 9632
<Kage`> look around for chris and nathan
<AlcarGM> You hear sounds from Chris's room.
* Kage` opens zee door :P
* Kage` just does it, he has an idea, stupid stupid sophie
<AlcarGM> Well, There are tentacles. There are making sounds. And there is Chris. And there is Sophie. And all are naked.
Quote 9633
* Kage` knocks on the doorframe
<AlcarGM> Cjhris answers, a few moents later, looking norm,al. Well. naked, but minus tentacles,and not actually looking at you :)
<Kage`> "I found what I was looking for, we're going dimension hopping tomorrow."
<Kage`> "........"
* Kage` just nods and heads back downstairs :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
* Kage` is sufficiently disturbed :P
Quote 9634
<alcar> If Drew dies, I so have to make a pc with a single ability.
<alcar> Ressurection :P
<alcar> it would be fun for a pc.
<alcar> utterly useless
<alcar> add personal items, so clothing etc. returns as well. And just... not actually die. No other ability at all.
<Alicia> Hehe
* Alicia makes a low health version with one huge powered attack that takes a lot of energy. RAN!
* alcar nods. That's what AP'd buy. One attack, one shot use.
<alcar> spend rest of AP on skills.
<alcar> It would be great fun.
<Fennael> waltz out in front of a bus
<alcar> Hrm. Probably add a level 1 teleport, to get out of coffins.
<alcar> make the pc goth :)
Quote 9635
<Fennec> hahaha.
<Fennec> <Fennael> do you really hate my characters?
<Fennec> <Jaoni> dear lord fennec!
<Fennec> <Jaoni> friggin calcify some kinda barrier between these games and your core!
<alcar> LOL!
* Fennec was JUST asking
Quote 9636
<Rachaellyn> tell me about Jaoni
<Chaos`GM^> She's an evil tenticle demon!
<Rachaellyn> with a guardian angel who is going to teach her magic?
<Jerome> angel is on the farm team.
<Jerome> anything to get their average up
<Chaos`GM^> YES!
Quote 9637
<Chaos`GM^> "I fear for her... She may just be feeling these emotions because she was programmed to, but to her they are very real."
<Jaoni> "I mean... is there an ache in your heart? I'm not even sure if you have one, when you see what has happened to her?"
<Chaos`GM^> "I can't help her. She was never born, she was programmed this way. I can't fix that. I can't turn her human, and I can't interfere any more than as a voice."
<Jaoni> "Your avoiding the question."
<Jaoni> "I don't care if you can't interfere."
<Chaos`GM^> He sighs and nods "I shouldn't, since she's not human, but I do."
* Jaoni nods, then looking away
<Jaoni> "Angels were creations, too, and they got the shaft, since they were just tools, in the end."
<Jaoni> "If you can feel for a tool, maybe I can listen to you... But I make no promises."
* Jaoni takes a few steps back, "I think we're done, on that front, at least."\
<Chaos`GM^> He smiels at you "you're more human than you know.."
* Jaoni turns to open the door
<Chaos`GM^> The door opens, and it's still silent outside
<Jaoni> "Probably less than you would wish, though."
* Jaoni exits
Quote 9638
* Jerome staggers into the After The Game Bar, muttering about 500 dollar fines
<Jerome> "And.. you know. I didn't even do it. GM made it. I never went there until after i went there and.. Faline never did that for eating people...." *gets another beer*
<Jerome> etc.
<Jerome> y' know, such a bar would be fun to rp :P
<Chaos`GM^> lol
Quote 9639
<Jaoni> "For now, classes."
* Jerome nods.
<Jaoni> "We'll plan more afterwards."
* Jerome heads to classes....
* Jerome keeps an eye out for The Jerk of course.
* Jaoni walks over to help aiko up, "Even if it is a pain, and not seeming very important right now."
* Natsuki heads back to class.
<Sparkie> Everything is important. That's why I roll dice for it.
<Natsuki> (( then we should roll more checks in these games! :P ))
* Sparkie concurs.
Quote 9640
<Jaoni> "Before the fire drill, I came in to school, and it was totally empty."
<Jerome> ".... even of cultists?"
<Jaoni> "Then I think I found god, or a god, at least."
<Jaoni> "And then we talked, and then I left."
<Jerome> (( "This is a conversion attempt? I was already born again." ))
Quote 9641
<Chaos`GM^> The fish is good, the fries are old and have likely been sitting all day, and taste of blood sweat and tears... Someone was probably having sex on them.
<Jaoni> (gee, thanks :P)
<Natsuki> (( mmm, sexfries. heheh ))
<Jaoni> (Just like mom used to make!)
<Chaos`GM^> A woman, old enough to just be out of high school, walks over in a tight fitting uniform. Her body is built to enjoy and she shows it proudly, she has a nametag on, 'Sara' it tells you... loudly
<Natsuki> (( HAHAHA ))
<Natsuki> (( sorry, its just that... I was already thinking that, and then you actually did it... ))
Quote 9642
<Chaos`GM^> Natsuki can attack now, if she so chooses
<Natsuki> (( im gonna actually attack this time ))
<Natsuki> (( ah, ok, good. ))
<Jerome> (( err, doing so? ))
<Chaos`GM^> we're waiting...
* Natsuki runs at the beastie, committing totally to the attack (TA, -1) but strangely she runs past him, jumping at a wall, then back off it (trick shot +2), and trying to pounce on him, now from behind (grab, -2)! :P
<Natsuki> 2d6-3 im fancy!
<Sparkie> Natsuki 2d6-3: 2(5) im fancy!
<Jerome> (( ... we're fighting for our lives and you're doing trick shots? Awesome :) ))
Quote 9643
<Chaos`GM^> He flings a hand at Jerome
<Chaos`GM^> 2d6-3
<Sparkie> Chaos`GM^ 2d6-3: -1(2)
<Chaos`GM^> ...
<Jerome> ....
<Jerome> crap
<Chaos`GM^> d6
<Sparkie> Chaos`GM^ d6: 6
<Jerome> ....!
<Jaoni> :[ ]
<Natsuki> (( yeah, so, PC death is cool... I GUESS. ))
<Chaos`GM^> ...
* Jerome is a smear on ze wall now
<Natsuki> (( best GM ever *sarcasm* :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> He hits jerome, and jerome hits the wall, and becomes a smear on the wall now
<Chaos`GM^> (( I didn't force you to stick around while he was turning into super demon! ))
Quote 9644
<Chaos`GM^> A man in a business suit comes by walking casually, but stops when he sees the scene "Oh my... What is this!?"
* Jerome is now known as Smear_On_The_Wall
<Smear_On_The_Wall> "Mr. James! I'm here for the appointment!"
Quote 9645
<Chaos`^> How many GMs keep thier pc's up past their bedtime THIS LONG?
* Sparkie helped!
<Chaos`^> Not many!
<Tass> tomorrow
<Tass> is going
<Caltak> I don't see anything wrong with stopping a fight partway if needed
<Tass> to suck
<alcar> yes :p
<Caltak> ARGHHH!
<Chaos`^> Hey
<Chaos`^> Nobody said they needed to leave
* Caltak is now known as Caltak{notsleep}
<Chaos`^> and you all know i don't go to bed until forever
Quote 9646
<Celosia> anyway, if Celosia disconnects, Rachael will still have the back-log-stuff, so unless you're /msg-ing, you won't need to repeat stuff...
<Aaron_V> is rachael going MPD?
<Forest`^> we will anyway though!
<Celosia> going? :P
Quote 9647
<Forest`^> man
<Forest`^> forest missed the lesbian scene
<Rachael> no
<Rachael> no Men about it :P
Quote 9648
<Tass> * Chaos`^ has put all of his charm into Forest
<Tass> am I the only one that finds this humorous? :P
<Celosia> I already remarked upon that
<Celosia> no
Quote 9649
<Steve`Z> (( Let's just make Soylent Green. *eyes other students* ))
Quote 9650
<Rachael> secret family recipe?
<Rachael> so the blue-girl is like family
* Drew` nods ;P
<Aaron_V> well, she is part of him
<Drew`> And, what better use for DS, really? :)
<Forest`^> Yeah, DS was totally made to make cabbage rolls look good
<kentari> hey man
<kentari> this is besm's version of the fight with OR
<kentari> :P
Quote 9651
<kentari> Anton reveals a frikkin' huge bowl full of little two inch tall catgirls, all screaming for mercy.
<kentari> j/k :P
<kentari> Its a potato salad!
<Steve`Z> (( ROFL! ))
Quote 9652
<kentari> <Girl> "I thought you said you were with her in the hospital! So .. you're here .. but she isn't! Not at all. No sir!"
<kentari> She scribbles down on the paper, "What's a phone number to contact you at?"
<Forest`^> "No, I never went to the hospital... We could both go now, though!"
<kentari> <Girl> "That would be skipping!"
<Forest`^> "Sara had to give her some CPR and I had to get some paramedics... Sara's not very good at CPR though..."
<Rachael> (( too much tongue ))
Quote 9653
<kentari> Anton takes a slice..
<kentari> And a blue woman, covered in cake, leaps out at him. "Boo!"
<Aaron_V> ((As in a blue crystal woman?))
* Anton ftfo :P
<kentari> ((correct :P))
<kentari> ((ftfo? :P))
* Anton leaps back, 'GAh!
<Drew`> "in the cake?!"
* Aaron_V looks over. "Buh...."
<kentari> <Woman> "Oh! Drat .. you're not Drew!" She frowns at Anton.
<kentari> Steve .. gets a few slices ;p
<Aaron_V> "He's in here."
* Rachael looks at the blue girl.
* Steve`Z hands her a peice of baked Alaska also.
<Anton> (Best. Normal. Class. Ever. :P)
Quote 9654
<Forest`^> "Tell the person in the closet I said Hi."
<kentari> <Girl> "There'snooneinthecloset!!"
* Forest`^ laughs
<kentari> She practically leaps for the door, throwing herself against it to interpose.
<kentari> Its a double-door, open outward type thing
<kentari> She's got one, I'm assuming you're still hanging around the other
<Forest`^> heh, i am now
<Forest`^> "Oh? Then what's so... important in there?"
<kentari> <Girl> "Uhm ... .... underwear? You're a guy, so you can't look! That's exactly what's in there! Underwear!"
<Forest`^> "Your underwear... moves?"
<kentari> <Girl> "Girl's underwear is complicated."
* Forest`^ blinks... and blinks again
<Rachael> (( she's just attracting him more :P ))
<Forest`^> "I've seen my fair share of girl's underwear. And I'm certain it doesn't move on its own."
<kentari> <Girl> "You're a pervert, aren't you?!"
<kentari> <Girl> "Or ..... are you a crossdresser??" Her jaw somewhere on the floor.
Quote 9655
<Forest`^> "I'm neither a pervert nor a crossdresser. Women are just attracted to me. I can't help that they like to throw underwear at me."
<kentari> <Girl> "*I* don't want to throw my underwear at you ... ... ..."
<kentari> <Girl> "Honest!"
* Forest`^ raises his eyebrows
<Forest`^> "You're not..." Looking around and getting closer... Whispering "you're not into women are you?"
* Forest`^ gives her a knowing look
Quote 9656
<Celosia> "Can he save the rainforests?"
<Steve`Z> "Can anyone? Captain Planet aside."
<kentari> <Power> "Uhm .. yes! If he puts his mind to it, he can do anything!"
<Drew`> ".... I what?"
<Drew`> "That's just silly. No one can do just anything."
<Aaron_V> ((Actually, if the dice love you....))
<Drew`> (( this IS sparkie :p ))
<Drew`> (( last night my one PC became a smear on a wall. It's tough love I think :P ))
Quote 9657
<Drew`> what WOUD "saving the rainforest" even mean, really? :p
<Drew`> all the trees gain regenerate? :)
<Forest`^> Well
<Forest`^> If forest ever falls, it's raining forest
<Forest`^> so if you save the rainforest, you catch him
Quote 9658
<Rachaellyn> kentari <Petunia> "Oh. I don't like to think about that part."
<Rachaellyn> kentari <Petunia> "Oh. I don't like to think <-- end it here? :)
<kentari> ;p ;p ;p
Quote 9659
<Rachaellyn> why aren't people panicking?
<Drew`> Vora and coffee
<Drew`> you ain't got nothin' to panic us with :)
<Anton> DEAR LORD WHY!?!?
<Drew`> hehehehe
* Anton sobs
<Anton> Carl was THERE!
<Anton> at GROUND ZERO!
Quote 9660
<Aaron_V> [01:59:40] <Aaron_V> "You broke Petunia, you get to cover the tab, Anton."
<Aaron_V> THat's going to be a new rule, isn't it?
Quote 9661
<Rachael> >> Faust takes good care of students when he is not wiping their minds
<alcar> (( Wiping them is probably better than what the educational system wants to stuff into them :p ))
Quote 9662
<Rachael> you hear that, Faline? Lynn has your kids. You should try to get to know each other. :P
<Drew`> Faline rips open Lynn to get them back...
<Rachael> hmmph
<Rachael> if it was THAT EASY
<Drew`> "A Butterfly Ate My Babies."
<Rachael> the why didn't Kage do it that way? :P
<kentari> Kage.. didn't know which hole was which.
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> Faline's kids get to have two mommies! :P
<Drew`> lol!
<Drew`> one has to be named heather then :)
<Drew`> For the heather has two mommies book :)
<Rachael> Fenrir and Heather? Heather and Amy? :P
Quote 9663
<Drew`> "Kissing is .... fun."
<Drew`> ".. that sounded stupid."
* Steve`Z chuckles.
<Drew`> "It
<Drew`> "It's just so .. new."
<Drew`> (( "But I guess it's not for YOU, you slut!" ))
<kentari> (( <D lol.. ))
<Steve`Z> (( actually it is, but hes just a good improviser ))
<Drew`> (( :p ))
Quote 9664
<AlcarGM> It's Saturday morning at Chez Kage (nee Cameron). You are currently host to a goddess, 2 vampires (one in process of moving), an oracle, a were-retreiver, a pack leader for said were's pack, an alien, and a finder, assuming Tin is in the recycling again.
Quote 9665
<Kage`> "The only real opposition to the pack leadership is gone, and I think the land is finally starting to recover."
<AlcarGM> (( Lynn hears the land singing: *I'm singing in the rain....* ))
<Kage`> "If anyone's going to survive trail, we'll need the packs help, hands down."
* Anelelinde nod, nod, nod, nods.
<Kage`> "Plus it felt good to stomp out a useless twit."
Quote 9666
<Kage`> "I have a small to do list, how about you?"
<Anelelinde> "Four kilobytes."
<Anelelinde> ((j/k))
Quote 9667
* Kage` hrms, "What are you looking for, then? Now that the day that was yesterday is over."
Quote 9668
* Kage` blinks, looking off to the left, "What was rachael doing?"
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "They don't.... see right. Seem right. It's all blurred, and fractured..... wrong. She was... making a cage, or opening one, or .... a puzzle? I don't know."
<Kage`> 'Building one, or making one?"
<Kage`> "I don't know if you can clarify at all, but try?"
* Kage` :/ 's
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "Both? Neither? I can't..... couldn't tell." He closes his eyes, frowning. "Shadows. Starlight," his voice droping to a weak whisper. "storm. Using what made - remade - a goddess? a Way. making a way, a place, a space. Paying favours ... hiding. Hiding. A hiding place? A last.. throw of dice? Hiding from ..... a place to hide from the seasons?"
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "Old," faintly. "Old magic. So - so old it's not magic, anymore. Like the.. a binding. Preparing. Doing magic. Bleeding. Bleeding power for it. She was.. was.... bleeding power into it, singing .... "
* Kage` hrms, and hopes rachael isn't working on some spell to sacrafice all of humanity to save the whales
Quote 9669
<kentari> <Dad> "Steven! A good name. What do you think about the owning of firearms, Steven?"
<kentari> He leans back in his chair. Sam is .. silent. :P
* Drew` just shakes his head, resigned, and makes a mental note to invite Forest over sometime...
* Steve`Z tactfully replies "...I think it's the right of anyone who chooses to take advantage of it."
<kentari> The two of you, on your side of the table, see the kitchen from here. The window reveals a dark, rainy landscape.
<kentari> <Dad> "Ho ho ho! Spoken like a very careful man. You aren't an aspiring politician, are you?"
<Steve`Z> "No sir."
<kentari> And his belly does indeed move when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.
<Steve`Z> (( NRA Santa... ¬_¬ ))
Quote 9670
* Drew` whispers "Good storm," to Power, returns the thumbs up, and goes back to the table.
<Steve`Z> (( Im just waiting for it to become a tornado and rip the house off its foundation and carry us all off. ))
<Drew`> (( Please don't tempt Sparkie :p ))
<Steve`Z> (( I just need 1 more ap... :P ))
<Drew`> (( eh? :) ))
<Steve`Z> (( so I can die ))
<kentari> (( :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( See I figure I'll be needing Reinc for when your dad blasts my cerebrum full of buckshot. :P ))
<Drew`> (( LOL. Yes :) ))
Quote 9671
<kentari> The rain falling against the window is a noticeable blue tint. Like water ran through corroded copper pipes.
<kentari> Or water that's been injected with Cal-Mag fertilizer. ;p
* kentari hates the water system at work, some days. Can you tell? :P
* Drew` finishes drying the dishes, puts them away, then blinks. "The rain is... blue."
<Drew`> "We really need to do other colours."
<Rachael> (( we have RGB. We can make anything. :P ))
<Drew`> (( hehe ))
Quote 9672
<kentari> You make it to Drew's room just fine.
<kentari> There's a large circular bed with leapord print sheets. It rotates slowly, on some kind of motor platform. Some Barry Manilow is playing.
<kentari> j/k
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> lol
<Steve`Z> (( rofl ))
Quote 9673
* Drew` tries to figure something to say to fill the silence with, and comes up blank.
* Drew` tries again: "What's being a dragon like?"
* Steve`Z pauses momentarily to consider that. "I dunno, it's still pretty new for me. It's... different, but not in a bad way. Being able to fly feels pretty cool, though. I've been meaning to really try it out some time soon."
* Drew` nods. "It's so ... cool. Doing stuff, I mean."
<Steve`Z> (( "I've been having strange cravings, though..." :P ))
<Drew`> "Scary, but that sort of makes it worth it?"
<Drew`> (( "We're having sex NOW then!" ))
<kentari> (( :P ))
Quote 9674
* Steve`Z takes his stuff out of his pockets and puts it in his bag, then reaches into his coat and pulls out a sheathed katana... followed by a bokken... followed by a weird tech-falchion (ask ken) and props them by his stuff, and takes his jacket off also.
* Drew` stares. "Where do you KEEP all that?"
<Steve`Z> (( "Up my... er, nevermind." ))
* Steve`Z blinks. Looks at the swords as though just realizing he has them. "I'm not sure."
<Drew`> "... oh."
<Drew`> (( "You have a bag of holding, don't you?" ))
Quote 9675
<Tass> and get aberrant d10, not the d20
<Tass> the d20 stuff is not that great
<alcar> there's a d20 version?
<alcar> how ... sad
<Tass> they put a square peg ina round hole, really :/
<alcar> Tass -yeah, that d20 craze was silly. They even made D&D d20. Ruined the whole thing for me.
Quote 9676
<Caltak> If I run a lolad game it will have explicit descriptions of sexual acts. So there.
* Sparkie perks up
* Sparkie wonders if dicebots are allowed to play in games?
<Caltak> And every PC will get raped on a regular basis.
<Caltak> Just warning you.
<Caltak> :P
<alcar> that's evil.
<alcar> Wait. I thought you meant rapped
<alcar> Raped isn't so bad.
<Fennec> Caltak: I'll play Chris! post-Rachael, pre-tentacles.
<alcar> lol
<alcar> But, man, rap music!
<alcar> that would destroy even Chris.
Quote 9677
* Leah ponders names and such
<kentari> omg omg omg
<kentari> Lee and Leigh
<kentari> :3
<kentari> let's bring them back!
<Leah> if I used the name Sara, could you handle it? :P
Quote 9678
<kentari> Fen.
<kentari> Let's take each other as SOs :D
<kentari> You aren't involved in the eyes of BESM unless your betrothed is a Flaw :>
<kentari> kinda says something for how the developpers think of love :x
Quote 9679
<Denna> tass- do you hate Denna too? :/
<Tass> depends
<Tass> we'll see when we meet :P
<alcar> hehehe
<alcar> "Your eyes lock across the crowded room, and <tass pc> realizes that there is love at first sight, but that it has a companion hitherto unnoticed: hate at first sight. He stares at Denna ..."
Quote 9680
* alcar is doing it with one npc - weapon attack style stuff :)
<alcar> make some absurd weapon, and have him be the "fuck THIS world!" type.
<Tass> oh man
<Tass> with low stats
<Tass> give him extra energy once, and like 6 different weapon attacks :P
* alcar nods.
<alcar> going to make it the only real "super" kind of bit; mostly the limit of what the PCs COULD do.
<alcar> all other threats are the regular human things. Police. Druggies. General urban decay. Tabacco companies etc :p
<alcar> people wanting to use the pcs and such'd be fun, too.
<alcar> corporations.
<alcar> mafia.
<alcar> police.
<alcar> HS alumni association
Quote 9681
* Travis hmmmmms a moment, then with a flick of a wrist a small hole opens in the side of the ellipse. "We all go?" As he hops in.
<Luna_> "You'll need everyone you can take... I should come too."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "It's.. not your fight, though. You could get hurt."
<Luna_> "But, she's been killing people!"
<Luna_> "I can't let vampires run around killing whoever they feel like!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Sophie's a he. Uhm. Most of the time."
<Luna_> ("That's Faline's job.")
<AlcarGm> (( "Oh, no. Faline doesn't discriminate like that. She kills *everyone*." ))
Quote 9682
* Luna_ lets her aura go, shaping it into too-big-seeming claws, slashing at one of the vampires
<Luna_> 1d6+8 I hope it's the same roll to hit ^^;;
<sparkie> Luna_ 1d6+8: 11(3) I hope it's the same roll to hit ^^;;
<Luna_> (Mmm... and autofire, too ^^;;)
<Travis> ((Its 2d6-skill ranks))
<Travis> ((Your target is your ACV))
<Luna_> (Oh okay)
<Luna_> 2d6 No skill ranks. Oops?
<sparkie> Luna_ 2d6: 7 No skill ranks. Oops?
<Luna_> (Hit though ^^;)
<Travis> ((Autofire gives a bonus hit for each point your roll goes under your ACV to a max of.. 5 or so))
<Travis> ((God, WHY do I remember this? :P))
Quote 9683
<Travis> "We unmade Old Rabbit.. we hurt Sophie .. is all we do just to .. hurt the hurters?"
<Luna_> "... we STOP the hurters from hurting any more people..."
* Travis stands there, beside himself, though not literally. A grey twinkle in his eyes, perhaps the equivalent of tears for his people, is visible yet fading.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "The -the other vampires aren't hurt."
<Travis> ".. By hurting? We become hurters to stop hurters?"
* Travis slumps down to a seated position.
<Luna_> "... now I feel bad about it.."
* Faline shrugs. "Human law executes murderrerrs."
* Travis looks at Faline for a long moment, before saying.
<Travis> "You are not human nor are you law.. yes?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "We've murdered too, damn it! Sometimes.. sometimes by accident.. or... I didn't want to kill him! I just... we needed to know what he was...." he turns, going upstairs.
<Faline> "I can be law."
<Luna_> ( <Faline> Actually, I am, since I'm a goddess. )
Quote 9684
<AlcarGm> Sophie flows into existence, again, forming from atoms and back into the body minus heart Faline had either. It falls to the ground with strings cut, gasping ofr breath. Even with the heart removed, he's not quite dead...
<Anelelinde> (( sophie can have a change of Heart! :P ))
* Luna_ looks almost solemn
<AlcarGm> What's Faline doing now?
<AlcarGm> Sophien is curled up, making a low whining noise
* Faline lifts him up by the neck. "Don't come back this time, orr I prromise to make you rregrret it." She closes her eyes.
<Faline> 2d6 banish him to eternal torment!! :D
<sparkie> Faline 2d6: 9 banish him to eternal torment!! :D
<AlcarGm> (( ROFL! ))
<Travis> (( There are some things I never want to attempt in besm, because of the 1 in 36 chance that it somehow goes wrong. This is one of those things. :P ))
<AlcarGm> The air flares bright, rippling . .a note sings out, like a song you've never heard before, and for a moent the walls of the room dissolve, as if you were standing on an empty plain filled with stars..... and then the note ends, the rom, returns, and Sophie is no longer there at all.
Quote 9685
<Yuki-Takuri> well violence begets violence
<Yuki-Takuri> in hell at least
<Travis> :P
<Yuki-Takuri> i mean you have to kill twelve people just to get a latte in the coffee shop in hell
<Anelelinde> JUST 12?
<AlcarGm> it's not starbucks :(
<AlcarGm> They banished it for being too evil
<Yuki-Takuri> and its not like I ordered a grande
Quote 9686
* Travis repeats his question to Simon, in a stupor, "Why...?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I .... sometimes..... I DON'T KNOW! Okay? I don't know!"
<Travis> "I can not fix it ... can I?"
* Luna_ sighs, slumping. "No... I don't think you can..."
<AlcarGm> Simon punches a hole in the floor in frustration, then begins mending it with his aura. "People don't get fixed. Not by - by other people. Just by themself."
<Faline> (( I wonder, would it have been less traumatizing if I had just stood there and kept brutally murdering sophie clones until Travis got bored? ))
<AlcarGm> (( LOL! ))
<Travis> "Can Faline fix Faline?"
<Luna_> "... in time... I think so..."
<Luna_> "But... it won't be easy. It never is."
<Faline> (( Faline doesn't believe Faline is broken. :P ))
<Travis> (( :P The motion passes with opposition. ))
Quote 9687
<Faline> going Away.. no destination. which could easily mean, oh.... the middle of a cult gathering, perhaps??? :D
<AlcarGm> You vanish, and appear. The air smells of catnip ....
* Faline stands there -- wherver there is -- for a moment, just reflecting on what happened... bu after many long moments, she finally looks around.
<AlcarGm> Two girls, 12 and 13, are wearing fake cat whiskers, ears, and tails, and sitting before a picture of you from the paper, having burned catnip, and incense, and chanted your name. .somehow calling you, though pure luck, to a bedroom decorated in hello kitty and pink.
* Faline blinks. Looks around again. Blinks again.
Quote 9688
<AlcarGm> Girl1: "OMG! Faline?!!" She squeals excitedly.
<Faline> (( hehe... not exactly what I imagined, but... :P ))
<AlcarGm> Girl #2 crosses herself "Yea, though I walk through the valley of Death, I will fear no death .." ETC :0
<Faline> "Um. Yes. Hi."
<AlcarGm> Girl #1: "You're REALLY Faline? OMG! OMG! Can I get your autograph?"
<AlcarGm> Girl #2: "E nomine patri et filii espiritus sancti!"
<Faline> "Eh.. surre, I guess..."
<AlcarGm> Girl #1: "Oh, shup up Mel! This is so cool! We, like, have .... this...." she hands you paper, stares. "You're.... real?"
<Faline> (( they try so hard, they deserve something. :P ))
<AlcarGm> Something comes out of her into you. Energy, and strength...
<AlcarGm> belief.
* Faline creates a pen without thinking about it, and signs her name. She dots the i with a tiny heart, and as an afterthought, she adds a tiny little paw print at the end.
Quote 9689
<Anelelinde> "Can I get your autograph?" "Sure!" <slices out heart> "The Faline signature touch!"
Quote 9690
<AlcarGm> The witch blinks. "Faline? I thought you'd be taller."
<AlcarGm> j/k
<AlcarGm> The witch looks at you, looks again.... then bows.
<Faline> (( "What? I'm tall." ))
<Faline> (( "Oh, you mean the Godzilla thing. Yeah, I was all rready to do that, too, but the GM changed his mind even though it was clearrly meant to be." ))
<AlcarGm> (( hehehe ))
Quote 9691
* Anelelinde finds someone, and blip-blip-blips 'em home to their bedsies!
* Anelelinde returns after the blippification. "There. One. But I am a butterfly. Not a bus."
<AlcarGm> Little Danielle is blip-blip-blip'd and appears in her parents bedroom. Though she spends her life denying what she ses in their, on her 1q8th birthday she geos to Disneyland and enpties a 12 gagues into Goofy because of "what he did to my mom!"
* Travis appears to have been staring at the spot where Lynn was very carefully.
<Anelelinde> ... that's someone else's issue :P
<Faline> (( Psychiatry is a very lucrative career in the world of LoLaD ))
<AlcarGm> (( yes :) ))
Quote 9692
<AlcarGm> Okay. You appear to a boy who loves cats and wants t draw a cartoon about a killer cat with a chainsaw who hunts down PETA members, some were scattered over the globe, a university womyn's group....
* Faline tries to gently correct that boy's plan to be a bit more... friendly like, helps out the random weres as well as possible... not so sure what the womyn's group needs, though. o_o
<AlcarGm> you're a Symbolm of Womyn's Liberation from ther Patriaral chains that have tied down the feminine since the goddess weas banished from the trinity and relegated to the role of whore for God.
* AlcarGm thought that would be obvious! :p
* Faline realizes that there was the time when she did rise up against the patriarcal authority figures... not that it was the intent at the time, but it did happen.
* Faline spends the visit learning about their interesting take on everything, since she never really got to find out about this sort of stuff before!
<AlcarGm> Theyn attempt to convince you to dump Rei because all men are pigs :p
Quote 9693
* Faline gently rebukes those arguments and tries to gloss over all the time he's been gone... though he did become increasingly distant ever since he got her pregnant... hmm. damn. maybe they have a point.
<Faline> (( "How could you abandon me like that??" "...I was trapped in Hell." "That's no excuse!" ))
<AlcarGm> (( nods :p "Think of the children!" "Are they all right?" "They're incubating inside a butterfly." ))
<AlcarGm> (( lol., Confusion is good :) Yuki should be back next session P She can catch upm with Faline :) ))
<Faline> (( "Yeah, so I'm a goddess now. How about you? Still batshit insane?" ))
Quote 9694
* Travis walks to the toaster, and stops if/when the pack link tie thingie goes taught
<Travis> "Toaster. They say you are too loud."
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "DO you want some toast?!"
* Travis frowns. "Ask visually, not verbally. Yes?"
* Travis holds out his hand, the grey surrounding it as he TAPS INTO THINGS
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "What?!"
* Anelelinde is trying to adsorb your little cube over here, Travis :P or something
<Travis> "Without being *loud.* The others say you are Loud."
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "But .. I like giving toast! I *live*n for toast? You would unmake me?!"
<Travis> ((Lol! I dunno what it does ;p))
<Travis> "No!"
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "You're njust like Faline!"
<AlcarGm> j/k
* Travis cries :P
<Faline> (( roflmao ))
Quote 9695
<Chaos`^> http://www.sing365.com/music/Lyric.nsf/Miss-Murder-lyrics-A-F-I-AFI/07FA0C4CDAD58FD14825715100068E8E
<Chaos`^> that is deffinately one of the characters theme songs
<Chaos`^> can you guess who? =p
<alcar> .... Lynn!
<alcar> :p
<Chaos`^> .. are you serious?
<alcar> lol!
<Chaos`^> did you even read it? =p
<alcar> yes :)
<Chaos`^> and you still thing lynn?
<alcar> hence the joke :P
<Chaos`^> So it was a joke? oh thank god
<Chaos`^> you were freaking me out
Quote 9696
<Chaos`^> Cecil has to finish up..
<Chaos`^> Let's see
<Chaos`^> George, dragons, aliens, zorro, jane, blossom, salem, tommy, angels...
<Caltak> Plus I simply cant allow Faline to be an NPC because alcar can't play her correctly.
<Chaos`^> 9 subplots!
<alcar> chaos - Don't do that again.
<Chaos`^> 9!!
<alcar> it's scary when I see them in a row :p
<Chaos`^> =p
Quote 9697
<Caltak> Hmm. What it boils down to is LoLaD = Faline, for me. Not sure if I can play LoLaD without Faline. So it's either stick it out or not play.
<Tass> hrm!
<alcar> The problem, game was, was RL got you for about 6-7 sessions.
<Chaos`^> Caltak: Lolad has always been about change, first we were traveling, then we stuck to trail and wierd things started happening
<alcar> So the focus shifted, to an extent, to other pcs.
<Chaos`^> Remember when Cecil invited edward in the house?
<Tass> lolad = Kage an friends :D
<Tass> for me, at least :P
* Tass looks for a theme song for the opening
* alcar nods. Ideall, every pc thinks they are the centre :)
<Chaos`^> Or that time Salem had her first orgasm simply by looking at a god?
<Tass> ideally!
<Tass> I like that word :P
<Tass> because its so true
Quote 9698
<Chaos`^> IMHO, the character concept only really develops itself within the first few sessions, once you get to know the world you're playing in, until then you can't pre-set what your character is going to act like
<Chaos`^> I mean
<Chaos`^> Forest was supposed to be a soft spoken kid that attracted women
<Chaos`^> now he's loud mouthed sociopath
* alcar nods. Yes. I remember my alternity game with Charin, Who was meant to be compassionate and becamea chavinist pig :p
* Chaos`^ nods
<Chaos`^> character concepts get you only so far, from there you kind of have to find your place in the game
Quote 9699
<Chaos`^> hey, when you get on, i have a character sheet to send you
<alcar> oh?
<alcar> send away
<Chaos`^> ok
<Chaos`^> before you open it i want to give you some background info
<alcar> it's a virus? :p
Quote 9700
<Kage`> "And you know what I mean, right?"
<alcar> Sophie blinks, his aura flickering for a moment, then nearly out as more grey and red flares out,leaivng him drenched in sweat and gasping for air, doubled over inn the bed. "Fuck... you....." between gasps, crying from the pain. Evidently your assumption that he couldn't teleport was vert much right.
<Kage`> "You came real close to just plain not existing, from what I can see."
<alcar> Sophie: "Well. I killed her," simply.
<Kage`> "Who?"
<alcar> when he can actually talk normally.
<alcar> "Faline."
<Kage`> "Earlier?"
<Kage`> "She's fine, from what I know."
<alcar> Sophie: "Tried. She healed."
<Kage`> "Something is definitely not right with that girl."
<Kage`> "Cameron may have been right."
<alcar> Sophie stares at you, stunned, then manages a weak laugh, stopping when it starts to hurt, subsiding into weak giggles.
* Kage` shakes his head, "That doesn't cut you free either."