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Quote 9401
<Fennec> Recca is just another ordinary high school girl who falls into a beautiful
<Fennec> woman whenever he is nearly killed by his fellow elementary school
<Fennec> students, and later by the boundaries of time and space. As the towers of
<Fennec> heaven and earth used to exist as one, they are now seperated by the
<Fennec> pillows, an alien race set on "tuning" the world, he realizes he is the
<Fennec> lifeform codenamed zeiram, an invincible killing machine built to be
<Fennec> trapped in this melancholy series. The focus is on kanzaki kyoichi, an
<Fennec> artist and a childhood friend of kyoichi's. From spring to summer to fall
<Fennec> to winter, love will grow and fade, and grow again.
<alcar> that one could be run.....
<alcar> Must. Resist. Temptation.
Quote 9402
<Fennec> Gon freaks is a normal schoolgirl who is in a seemingly futile attempt to
<Fennec> find the chosen one who can take anything back, if the price is right.
<Fennec> They are led by a parthenon of ancient chinese gods. But when the women
<Fennec> around him, including his best friend yokko, start revealing strange
<Fennec> powers, kyouta finds himself at the crux of an elite assassin group known
<Fennec> only as weiss. The hits involve taking out corporate businessmen and
<Fennec> corrupt politicians; however, trouble arises during a routine job, when
<Fennec> weiss clashes with a magical gun, an evil-banishing scripture and a
<Fennec> jealous wife to handle, ataru still manages to keep an eye on his ultimate
<Fennec> goal: having his own humanity, he must struggle in this new world? They
<Fennec> must now train and grow stronger to uncover their secret abilities. With a
<Fennec> helping hand from bisque, they will be able to do just that. But when
<Fennec> normally civilized demons start to go berserk, the gods require the
<Fennec> services of genjou sanzo--a buddhist priest with a wonderful boy. But when
<Fennec> the vain dejiko, innocent puchiko and ball-shaped gema-gema crash their
<Fennec> spaceship into it! This wacky series consists of 16 three-minute episodes
<Fennec> full of bishounnen characters.
<Fennec> it's the last line that does it.
Quote 9403
* Anelelinde sobs.
<AlcarGM> eh?
<Anelelinde> SIX POINTS IN APPEARANCE and all I get is "you don't look that ugly"?
<AlcarGM> you're a frickin' butterfly :p
<Anelelinde> => PRETTY.
<AlcarGM> human mind does NOT find insects sexy :)
Quote 9404
<AlcarGM> Chaos - up for quickie?
<Chaos`^> you bet your ass I am
<Anelelinde> -- that one goes in the quotefile
<Chaos`^> I thought you'd never ask
* Chaos`^ is now known as Cecil`^
<Anelelinde> :P
<AlcarGM> fennec - eh?
* AlcarGM rereads.
<AlcarGM> lol!
Quote 9405
<Anelelinde> "You like sex a lot I suppose?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Who doesn't?!"
<Anelelinde> "If I did it, it would cause hurricanes! People might die."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "So? They will anyway! It's what peoiple do best. Next to sex!"
Quote 9406
<kentari> And because side sessions should not be longer than the main thing
<kentari> We'll adjourn here. :P
Quote 9407
<kentari> Steve and Drew stop at a strip mall, presumably for refrescos or just in time for an ice cold deus ex machina!
<kentari> Out of an eletronics store tap dances Anton. Well, no, more like walking, perhaps. :P
<kentari> Steve wakes Drew and informs him he's getting a soda, as he feels a bit out of it himself. This is completted now, however, and Steve emerges.
<Caltak> (( aw, I hate being railroaded so much! ))
<Caltak> (( SO MUCH! ))
<Caltak> (( *shakes fist* ))
<kentari> (( Rocks fall on the fist. :P ))
Quote 9408
<kentari> She nods and excuses herself, shuffling to her convertible, and speeding out of the lot. A few seconds later you hear tires squeeling and horns beeping.
* Anton nods and smiles, and waves when she leaves
<Steve`Z> (( Women drivers.... ))
<kentari> (( No survivors >^D ))
<Steve`Z> (( rofl ))
<Drew`> (( imagine her when she is changing her makeup AND answering her cellphone ))
<Drew`> (( to say nothing of eating the bagel.. ))
Quote 9409
<Anton> seriously
<Anton> drew could be dead
<Anton> but you had to get that damn soda
<Drew`> lol
<Steve`Z> >_<
<Anton> with your deus ex moolah
<Steve`Z> I resent having a GM tell me what my character does. >:(
<kentari> Dude.
<kentari> Chill
<Steve`Z> Unless, you know... I was genuinely possessed.
<kentari> it was the soda of like
<kentari> cure moderate wounds
Quote 9410
<kentari> the alien in your brain wanted a soda
<kentari> so a soda you wanted to get
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> oooh, ok, that makes sense
<Drew`> because its pregnant? :)
<Steve`Z> when you put it like that
Quote 9411
<Steve`Z> Skitching: hanging onto the back of a moving vehicle whilst on a skateboard or other conveyance so as to utilize the momentum of the vehicle to add to your own! :P
* Steve`Z just wrote that definition :D
<kentari> :P
<kentari> oh
<kentari> that thing
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> ah! I know of it. Didn't know it had its own term.
<Drew`> Neat.
<kentari> same ;p
<kentari> I just know it as "pray the driver doesn't brake too suddenly" :P
Quote 9412
* Anton walks over and reaches for the garage door :P
<Drew`> (( uh oh ... ))
<Steve`Z> (( BLAM ))
* Anton takes hold of a doorknob, and opens a section of the garage door like, well, it was a door :P
<kentari> The garage door is now an open thing that resembles a door.
<Anton> (door within a door :P)
<Steve`Z> (( My mind is blown. ))
<Drew`> (( nice :) ))
Quote 9413
<alcar> Hrm. cameron was at uni, Kage is blowing up Wal Mart, Lynn was with Sara and Nemo.... Faline and Simon are at Lynns, the oracle is home alone, Sophie is dead....
<alcar> think that sums stuff up for the day so far ;)
Quote 9414
<AlcarGM> Terry: "Oh." He stoos a few feeet from you, quiet for a few moments. "I - did from Simon, as well. There was so much energy I coldn't help it. He was just talking, asking if I wanted people to change me back, and I was taking energy." He licks his lips nervously. "I don't think he even noticed."
<Cameron> "That doesn't make it proper. It was an accident. You apologized, right?"
<AlcarGM> Terry: "I never told him. I - wasn't sure what he'd say, if he knew what I had been doing."
<Cameron> "Honesty is the best policy, when it comes to dealing with accidents."
<Cameron> "Friends can admit and forgive mistakes."
<Cameron> "You two are friends, right? This doesn't change things any more than you want it to."
<AlcarGM> Terry nods. "I think we are. It's - hard to tell. I don't know if I can avoid it.... when I see him again. I tried, but there was just too much of it."
<Cameron> "It sounds like you two need an intervention. Come, we'll find him."
* Cameron snaps his fingers, conjuring the black sedan.
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> The vampire stares at you. "An intervention?" incredously.
<Cameron> "I need to introduce the New You to Simon properly."
* Cameron manifests a gun in the glove compartment ;p
Quote 9415
<Cameron> 3#2d6-4
<sparkie> Cameron 3#2d6-4: 8(12) 2(6) 4(8)
<Cameron> ((oh fuck :P))
<Cameron> ((all hits, as a matter of fact ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( HAHAHHAHA! Damage? :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( 12s always miss.. :p ))
<Cameron> 3#1d6 let's see :P
<sparkie> Cameron 3#1d6: 3 3 3 let's see :P
<Cameron> ....
<AlcarGM> (( .... ))
<Cameron> IT BURNS US
Quote 9416
* Cameron conjures up what would happen if an van and a sedan had babies.
<Cameron> "Under the circumstances..."
<Cameron> "I say we go to the reservation."
* Kage` brushes himself off, "The garden!"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Garden?"
<AlcarGM> Cameron's illusionary suv sits around, confused.
<Cameron> "The GARDEN?"
<Cameron> ((It is very real, thank you~ :P))
Quote 9417
<AlcarGM> Simon spins, blinks a few times. "Wha - oh." He stops, shaking his head. "She - needs help," a bit desperately.
<Anelelinde> (( eh, a little were-on-Army action is fun! :P ))
<AlcarGM> Soliders are converging o the messhall, armed with guns....
<Cameron> "Then we'll move, but NOT recklessly."
<Cameron> "She needs help, not a catastrophe. Got it?"
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks a few times, then nods. "Right."
* Anelelinde pops out of nowhere.
* Cameron oddly repeats hismelf. :P
<Cameron> "She needs help, not a catastrophe. Got it?"
<AlcarGM> 15 soildiers, with guns, moving for the messhall...
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
Quote 9418
<Faline> "I'm... I'm sorrry..." *in a very tiny voice*
<AlcarGM> For some reason, no one actually tries to stop you from leaving the maze.
<AlcarGM> 3 gusses as to why :p
<Cameron> "Don't apologize to us. There are plenty of parentless children and childless parents made tonight to fret for." :P
<Faline> (( "Oh, I'm not sorry for that." ))
Quote 9419
<Anelelinde> OMG Lynn + Driver's Ed
<Anelelinde> -- what can become of THAT I wonder?
<Anelelinde> strange and terrible things?
<Kage`> omg!
<Kage`> I can't flutter in a car!
<Kage`> *crash*
<AlcarGM> hehe
Quote 9420
<AlcarGM> Simon: "You.. better?" to Faline.
<Faline> "I... don't know. I feel betterr..." *looks up at Simon, reluctantly, tears welling up again* "I didn't mean to forrce you like that, I just-- I didn't know what else to do..." *looks down again* "I'll underrstand if you hate me now."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... I ..would have killed Sophie, if Kage hadn't stopped me. I.. kind of understand."
<Faline> "...I did do it, though..." *quietly*
* Anelelinde glows warmly at you two.
* Kage` slams on the brakes :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... huh?"
* Faline goes almost into the fetal position in the vehicle.
* Kage` just does one of those creeepy slow slow slooooooooow turns!
<AlcarGM> Simon just blinks a few times. "You what?" not getting it
* Kage` just.... stares
Quote 9421
* Kage` just shakes his head, this is sinking in really slowly for kage, even!
<Kage`> (mostly because kage believes faline was being controlled or possessed before)
<Kage`> "What happened to Sophie?"
<Chaos`^> (( that's right she wanted him asleep, but when he wasn't she corrected the situation))
<Cameron> ((Yes. She pulls that act off quite well. ;P "THE DINGO ATE MY MOMMY"))
<Anelelinde> (( Faline was possessed... BY FALINE!!! ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".. Sophie?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I didn't kill him? Remember?"
<Faline> (( Faline is slightly crazy. And pregnant. That = possessed. :p ))
<Kage`> (of course, its like blaming it on your period :P)
<Anelelinde> (( period, dot, the end ))
Quote 9422
<Anelelinde> "Sophie, umm, is dead! Or so I hear."
* Kage` gets out, and leans in, just to make it clear
<Anelelinde> "Yes, it's something that shouldn't have happened."
<Kage`> "Nathan is alive, because of Sophie, and Sophie is dead, now."
<AlcarGM> Simon; "But... I never....." He blinks, stares at Faline..... "You mean......."
<Kage`> "I... gotta go."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Why?"
<Anelelinde> "Yes, we should be regretting it. No, I cannot regret - oh, okay, I guess there's a reason. Maybe I can regret it now?"
<Kage`> "Maybe?"
<Kage`> "Maybe if you were ever human."
Quote 9423
<Kage`> as a note
<Kage`> lynn was never human!
<Kage`> she started life as a bug, and as far as I know, still is one :P
<Kage`> whoa
<Kage`> I think I've found the root of the hive mentality!
<AlcarGM> lol
<Faline> ...Butterflies don't live in hives.
<Anelelinde> Smug self-satisfaction at the pain of an enemy is VERY human. :P
Quote 9424
<Chaos`^> You kiled him... because he bad-mouthed you?
<Chaos`^> I thought she would atleast think up a good REASON to kill him... but... well
<Faline> He was a bastard, thats the reason.
* Faline shrugs
<Faline> just being honest
<Anelelinde> Chaos`^: you mean an Excuse
Quote 9425
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But you killed .. he oculdn't even fight ... that should - that should mean something?!"
<AlcarGM> He draws back, as if something finally clicked into place.'Shouldn't it?"
<Anelelinde> "Why does Faline look to the ground, stare at her knees? Why is she meek and hesitant?"
<Anelelinde> "Perhaps she knows it should, and is ashamed that it does not."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm .. I guess.. I just thought the killing random people was alll... Old rabbit affecting us."
<Faline> "It was the chance to do it quickly and simply," *offhandedly, channeling the predator spirit. :P*
<Anelelinde> "Old Rabbit is not the source of all that - its seed lies within each of us as well."
Quote 9426
* Cameron waves, once he's 30' away. "Did you want to be alone?"
* Kage` is sitting on an old stump, looking at the snow melt and refreeze at his feet
<Kage`> "Faline is dead."
<Cameron> "... What? I .. was it what I did to her?"
<Kage`> "Or will."
* Cameron sits down on a chair that materializes, a bit struck back.
<Cameron> "I don't understand what you mean."
<Kage`> "Sophie...."
<Anelelinde> (( Narrate, don't speculate on the future... ))
<Cameron> "Have you seen him lately?"
<Kage`> "He...."
<Cameron> "Did he kill Faline?"
* Cameron looks quite concerned.
Quote 9427
<Kage`> "Faline killed sophie."
* Cameron pales. "Who .. struck first? Do you know?"
<Kage`> "And I can't keep the truth from you."
<Kage`> "And now your going to kill her."
* Cameron shakes his head, "That won't bring Sophie back. I know how Death works."
* Kage` just shakes his head, "I don't know."
<Cameron> "Killing Faline will only delay things. Someone else will take her place. Be it a year, a hundred.. a thousand."
<Cameron> "You don't solve problems by killing them. That is not what Death is for."
<AlcarGM> (( "Look at how she replaced Ghengis Khan...." ))
Quote 9428
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But attacking helpless prey isn't honourable."
<Anelelinde> (dreamily, quietly) "Honour. Such an aspiraiton."
<Anelelinde> are we going back while those two wait around?
<AlcarGM> Simon: "but.. it's imporant," as you reach the trailer. "It's.. about choices."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "And.. and dealing with consequences. Of them."
* Faline hops out of the car. "The worrld's prrobably betterr off now."
* Faline heads inside.
<AlcarGM> Simon just gapes.
<AlcarGM> He doesn't go inside ;P
* Faline curls up someplace warm and sleeps. ^_^
<Anelelinde> "Would that it was that simple! Alas. No."
* Anelelinde shakes head.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It is! We just.... make things complicated because it's too hard when they're simple!"
Quote 9429
<Anelelinde> "What? You're the one who said that we should be feeling bad. That's complicated."
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... it is?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But.. it shouldn't be? I don't know!" He growls
<Anelelinde> "It's hard when it's complicated too."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It just -- I don't know. I shouldn't.... .I can't hate her. Not for - for doing what I would've, if I hadn't been stopped.. But still, I .... " He shakes his head. "That's the complicated part?" hopefully
Quote 9430
<Kage`> "I just know she's going to kill again."
<Cameron> "Do you know who..?"
<Kage`> "No, just... how she is."
<Cameron> "Can we .. teach her?"
<Kage`> "She's just a kid..."
<Cameron> "A kid with lots of power. With too much power for her own kid."
<Cameron> "Children are supposed to be powerless, so that their mistakes don't hurt anything. They have to make mistakes to learn."
<Cameron> "If those mistakes were to be powerful ones..."
<Cameron> "This is why I do not trust the locii."
Quote 9431
* Faline reads up on methods for killing dragons...
<Chaos`^> Tell Tommy that I'm running around yelling that I'm a dragon
<Chaos`^> oops shouldn't have said that
<Anelelinde> naah
<Anelelinde> Sara is running around
<Anelelinde> yelling that the dragon won't have sex with her
<Chaos`^> not THE dragon
<Chaos`^> A dragon
<Chaos`^> she probably means charles
<Anelelinde> no, no, we've drawn enough connections
<Kage`> nah
<Kage`> all you need is a lance encrusted with runes
<Chaos`^> You know, there was a saint once who did it
<Chaos`^> you should ask him ;)
<Kage`> fired from the gun that is meant to destoy all universes
<Faline> lol Chaos`^
Quote 9432
<kentari> Faust asks, "Well. What do you think this course is about? What is being covered?" He's reading through the folder as he asks, preparing for a blow to his teacher pride. :P
<Aaron_V> ((What was the name of it again?))
Quote 9433
<Drew`> "What about eating meat raw and sleeping in trees? That would be natural."
<Rachael> (to Drew`) "Okay, but scratch the 'eating meat' part."
Quote 9434
<kentari> Down a third hallway, not enterred by Faust nor on your route, is filled with harsh conversations, "You small minded bureaucrats have needlessly and irrationally delayed me in supremely great work!"
<Drew`> (( I hope that's not Sara :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( I second that ))
<Aaron_V> ((I third, fourth, and fifth that))
<kentari> Another voice, "Your perverse research are the vaguery of a demented maniac and cannot be allowed to continued! Your request to access the Archives is completely denied!"
<Rachael> (( who around here has worthwhile archives anyway? ))
<kentari> A simple man in black slacks and a white button-up shirt comes out of a door, smiling in a somewhat deranged manner, "I warn you, you'll regret this decision!"
<kentari> He walks by the group, a nametag visisble. "Dr. West, M.Ed. Research and Development Department"
* Rachael waves to the guy "Hi Mr. Demented Maniac!!!" ((omg j/k))
<kentari> He pauses, after passing by, and asks without turning around, "What are you children doing in the county office?"
<Drew`> (( "Getting access to the archives." ))
<kentari> (( THAT would be amusing ;p ))
<Steve`Z> "Field trip. Of Doom."
<Rachael> "Preparing to be accosted by petty bureaucrats!"
<Aaron_V> "Being harrassed by the Establishment because our teacher is actually teaching us."
Quote 9435
* Drew` catches up. "Let me touch it, or whatever, first. If somehting happens ot me, you can get us out. I couldn't get you out if you passed out, or something."
<kentari> The book is thick and red, almost crystalline in its cover's composition. Currently bound shut with a simple buttoned tab.
<Steve`Z> "Oh. Um. Well, I guess that makes sense..."
* Drew` nods. Goes up to book. Looks at it.....
* Steve`Z doesn't seem too happy about the idea, though.
* Drew` touches cover....
<kentari> You hear the elevator come to life, and go up!
<Drew`> "Ia! ia! Sparkie fhtagn!"
<Drew`> j/k
Quote 9436
<Fennec> in zee file room
<Fennec> Rachael changed Petunia's listed hair color to Bright Red
<alcar> Heh
<Fennec> and also changed her Race to "Flower"
<alcar> and drews sex? :)
<alcar> I'd rp it. Be damn funny ;)
<Fennec> what else...
<Fennec> 00:53 <Rachael> Okay, Forest's file. Forest is now a Female, Magical Pony Princess, with Amesthyst hair and Jade eyes.
<alcar> lol
<Fennec> 00:53 <kentari> :P I might just let that happen.
<Fennec> 00:53 <kentari> For kicks. :P
<alcar> Magical Pony Princess .. beautful :p
Quote 9437
<AlcarGM> You round the corner and see an old lady knitting red and blue together with bone-white needles. She's wearing black, and hnuched over on a moss coloured stone like a vulture, needles clicking away industriously
* Cecil`^ breathes a sigh of relief, he thought it was a giant bug guardian or something
* Cecil`^ walks over to the old woman
<AlcarGM> (( wrong setting :p ))
Quote 9438
<Kage`> kage paid a price, and the fae twisted the product to be a curse
<Kage`> how... appropriate :P
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :) ))
<Kage`> oh well
<Kage`> if there is something you don't mess around with
<Kage`> its Kage's sense of human decency
* AlcarGM nods. That other fae is going to be very, very pissed at Rachael :P
<Kage`> yeah
<Kage`> Kage totally hates fennec's characters :P
* AlcarGM grins
Quote 9439
<AlcarGM> Chris takes a big gulp of pepsi. "What.... what do I do now?"
<Kage`> "I've got a lot of connections, I guess, at this point."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Connections?"
<AlcarGM> A large pizza arrives. The waitress smiles at you both, asks if everything is okay, goes away again
<Kage`> "People with power. People likely able to correct this.... problem."
* Kage` nods and waves, and takes a slice (Oh god, now I want some)
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Gemm> (I as well want some Pizza hut, a-holes =P)
<Kage`> "And if nothing pans out, we can go for more drastic measures."
<AlcarGM> It's quite good. Chris devours a piece. "More than making a crater?!"
<Kage`> "I don't want to say it, but last resort, the land could break it, but you'd have to serve the land."
<Kage`> "That was... ugh, I shouldn't have done that. I just kept thinking about it. That giggle, it was so.... wrong."
Quote 9440
<Kage`> if there is a lolad 2(again!?) :P
<Kage`> I almost think I would like to play Chris, if its in the future
<AlcarGM> LOL! Oh? :)
<Kage`> too much wierdness! :P
Quote 9441
<sparkie> Kage` 1d2: 2 carpet bomb, or not to carpet bomb
<AlcarGM> sparkie! Stop being boring :P
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 8
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> shit.
<AlcarGM> Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 11 8
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 7 9
* AlcarGM hates you sparkie.
<AlcarGM> 4#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 4#2d6: 8 4 11 3
<AlcarGM> ...
<AlcarGM> damn.
<Cecil`^> holy shit damn
<AlcarGM> Sara lost BIG time :p
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 8 2
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> are you on drugs?!
Quote 9442
<Cecil`^> "You look like shit... Most vampires would look tan standing next to you..."
* Cecil`^ grabs her shoulder "Let's find somewhere to sleep."
<Cecil`^> (( Even though it's still pretty early in the daytime.. ))
<AlcarGM> She blinks, then nods and stgands under her own power, following you. "I could use a nap."
* Cecil`^ nods "I have a nice spot up in the forest... It's no days in but it's held a dragon for about a decade."
* Cecil`^ heads toward the dragon ghost's cave
<Cecil`^> "Plus it's where the angels can probably find me..."
<AlcarGM> Sara just shrugs, following. "Let them. I haven't had sex with an angel since I stumbled onto their garden movie set."
Quote 9443
<Cecil`^> "You know... THe reaper has never seen me shown fear until today... And it wasn't because of him..."
<AlcarGM> Sara brightens. "So you DO want sex with me?!"
* Cecil`^ grunts
<Cecil`^> "You're my friend Sara.. Whether you want me to be or not... But.." Looking back at her... "I still have the same standards when it comes to my mate."
Quote 9444
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> if I invest in ranged attack
<Chaos`^> I would be SICK with the leash
<Chaos`^> 'cause it adds a -5 modifier too
<Chaos`^> but what's the point of having a sick modifier if the person you're attacking has a DCV of 11!?
<Chaos`^> I hate this game
Quote 9445
<Anelelinde> poor Sophie
<Anelelinde> all these traumatic events
<Anelelinde> passing out, getting nekofied, getting in fights with Simon, getting nuked, death
<kentari> The first lifetime is always the hardest :P
Quote 9446
<alcar> Mind you, Sophie has no clue WHAT happened. Reading book, wake up buried under the ground .. .is mostly just confusing
<alcar> he's going to think Cameron is doing some stupid lesson thing :p
<Anelelinde> heh
<Anelelinde> well
<Anelelinde> he DID tell Faline
<Anelelinde> she could beat him to within an inch of his life :P
<alcar> Wrong inch :)
Quote 9447
<Anelelinde> speaking of Wonder Twins
<Anelelinde> Rachael + Lynn! :P
<Anelelinde> or, alternatively... how are those Faline-kits?
<alcar> alive :)
<alcar> Though given what Faline DID.... .who knows what they'll become? :)
<Anelelinde> well, their mommy is a goddess! :P
<Anelelinde> I say we name them Fenrir and Amy.
<alcar> hehe
<alcar> Oh, yeah :)
Quote 9448
<Anelelinde> Douse the child in aura.
<AlcarGM> soul check :)
<AlcarGM> 2d6 -Randy's soul.
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2 -Randy's soul.
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> 2d6 -Randy's change..
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2 -Randy's change..
* AlcarGM blinks
<kentari> (( Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. ))
<AlcarGM> 2d6 - wth?!
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 10 - wth?!
<AlcarGM> NM, then :P
<Anelelinde> Umwow.
<AlcarGM> You hit with aura. His aura.. .flows, wild and pure, like a gust of cold winter wind, shapking itself, and shaking itself into a body....
Quote 9449
<Cameron> "To remain safe is to find peace, and become unchanging."
* Cameron sets a hand on Anne's shoulder, "Its something the vampire are closest to, and we have not even perfected it."
<Cameron> "I can't help but wonder if fighting a coming tide does more damage than the tide itself."
<Anelelinde> "I flit about on the winds of change."
<Cameron> "You must see a lot of ... damage."
<Anelelinde> "It's funny, really. Charles would get thrown for a loop every time I came in, since I didn't seem the same to him..."
<Anelelinde> "then I came in with the writing on my soul from the Fates..."
Quote 9450
* Anelelinde turns to Cameron. "I cannot understand you, Cameron, and I fear do you wrong by this. There is something in my gut which is telling me that you're always trying to string me along and pretend to be my friend just so you can swat me down. But - I know - I think I know - I want to know - that that's not the case, that I am just taking things the wrong way since I don't know how else to take them since I can't tell how to take it and..."
* Caltak{BRBCrisis} is now known as Caltak
<Anelelinde> "I'm sorry."
<Cameron> "Like I said before, in the ballroom, the only time I will strike you down is if you mean to do that to me or my own first."
* Anelelinde nods.
<AlcarGM> (( Nothing like the homicidal suburban can to bring other PCs together. ))
<Cameron> "Until then, my only concern is making sure the Pack doesn't kill the rest of Trail in its process of maturing."
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> Lynn.. can't think of a reply?
<Anelelinde> (( Lynn doesn't DIGNIFY that with a reply :D ))
Quote 9451
<Anelelinde> Lynn wants to meet more keepers. :P
<Anelelinde> she likes meeting interesting people
<Anelelinde> and likes making friends!!!
<Faline> Yeah, Faline likes to do that too. Oh wait, you said "Meeting."
<Anelelinde> yes. With an M.
<Faline> :)
Quote 9452
<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "Proof that there is no crime worse than idealism," with a mental snort .'Peopel can't evenaccept other humans of different religous, or evne versions of the same one, to say nothing of sex, or skin colour, or gender, and you think they could accept anything else? Truly?"
<Faline> "You do have a good point. If nothing else, though, I'd be satisfied if we could all live in the open with each other with only the level of animosity humans currently show each other. That would be tolerable. And if nothing else, they'd gain a new perspective, and they'd probably get along a lot better with each other."
<AlcarGM> She smiles at that. "You would offer your kind up as a common enemy?"
<Anelelinde> (( you need to go off and wereify a couple of big name politicians, in BOTH parties. Presidential hopefuls. ))
<Faline> "That wouldn't be my intention, but I could forsee it happening. My point, though, is that humans aren't trying to commit genocide on each other, anymore, and as long as we could all just live together with only perhaps the occasional 'Hate Crime' or some such, that would at least be better than War or this constant hiding."
<Faline> (( Anelelinde- and cause the historic day when a Third Party candidate actually gets elected to office? :P ))
Quote 9453
<Anelelinde> (( I'm already propsing you leave /town/.... =P ))
<AlcarGM> The keeper stares at you for a long moment. "You truly believe this?"
<Faline> (( the Land would object ))
<Anelelinde> (( that's what *I* am here for. =P =P =P ))
<Faline> (( OH NOW I GET IT. You're trying to TRICK me! ))
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Faline> (( oh, you'll pay. You just wait and see. ))
Quote 9454
<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "And you think it will lend there, with your kind? That there are not other things ,n the darkness, waiting for a new dawn?"
<Faline> "Oh, not at all. There's the vampires, and the fae, and the demons, and whatever else. I'm not saying we should be the only ones to join in on the new, open society. Of course, I do realize not all of them would want to, and some might not be capable of peaceful coexistance. But still, everyone deserves a chance."
<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "And you truly believe that the humann would could survive htis unheaval?"
<AlcarGM> er, humans :)
<Anelelinde> (( Humans, plural? Sure. At LEAST 2 of 'em. ))
<AlcarGM> (( heh ))
<Anelelinde> (( if we're lucky we can make it a Male and a Female! ))
<Faline> "It's up to them. If they're willing to be our friends, we could perhaps protect them, to an extent." (("We'll keep them as pets.")) "Plus, if they don't try to harm the others, they probably won't get harmed in return."
<Anelelinde> (( there are ONLY six billion humans, remember :P ))
Quote 9455
<Anelelinde> "There are half a thousand people coming and they are not here of their own volition. They are being Used."
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... already?"
* Anelelinde pauses. "They are here to fetch your Oracle."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh!" He looks relieved.
<Cameron> "But the Oracle isn't here."
<Anelelinde> "Then they must not know that. Or there are more going to where he is. Or..."
<Cameron> "Normal humans, you say?"
* Cameron folds his arms, meeting Simon's gaze, too. "What would Faline do?"
<Anelelinde> "Normal humans, minds shut down, umm, I can't work this crowd."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm..... I don't know. We only had them come as mobs."
<Faline> (( Do you have to ask? :P ))
<Anelelinde> (( let's not just eat them. ))
Quote 9456
<Anelelinde> "If we replace your soul, and you're not an Oracle anymore, why would they keep coming?"
* Anelelinde hmms.
<AlcarGM> Anne: "To killl me, for not being theirs. To - fix me."
* Faline goes all wide-eyed. "Replace a soul?? But you can't do that! Your soul is who you are!"
<Anelelinde> "Or if we perform surgery on it. Hmm."
* Anelelinde points. "They are coming for his soul."
<Anelelinde> "Not replace it all perhaps? If we can just get the oracle part?"
<Faline> (( "Well, if you give it to me, then they can't take it!" *hands out a pamplet for the Church of Faline* :P ))
<Anelelinde> "I know /someone/ who could help, maybe."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Don't you get it? They won't stop! They need an oracle, for the business. I'm one, and was theirs."
<Anelelinde> "We could send your soul somewhere else. To Heaven, ideally."
<Faline> (( "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Faline my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray Faline rips out the hearts of the bastards who took me out. Amen." ))
Quote 9457
<Chaos`^> <Cameron> "The only thing we could do, Simon, is slay Faline. How much would that really solve, though?"
<Chaos`^> Did I read that correctly?
<Anelelinde> yes
<Chaos`^> Just making sure
Quote 9458
<Faline> ACTUALLY she kileld him because a) Terry thing bothered Simon, and Sophie was being all bastardy about it to boot, b) the constant racism, c) the fact that he couldnt stop b) for even a fucking moment.
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> He was a vampire
<Chaos`^> Ofcourse he's going to be mean to were's
<Chaos`^> it's a rule
<Anelelinde> Chaos`^: he turned the were's best friend into a vampire
<Anelelinde> ... just to be a bastard
<Cameron> oh heavens
<Cameron> :P
<Chaos`^> I don't see how that's a bad thing
<Cameron> seriously
<Cameron> Terry's gonna live forever
Quote 9459
<Anelelinde> poor Simon
<Anelelinde> the butterfly loves him :P
<Faline> Well, you know, if he didn't keep running at cars, we wouldnt have to use the choke collar, would we?
* AlcarGM laughs
* AlcarGM laughs
<AlcarGM> Pity he doesn't see it that way :)
Quote 9460
<Anelelinde> I can think of three very good reasons for Cameron to be very mad at me.
<Anelelinde> ... I don't think he knows about any of them, though. :P :P :P
* AlcarGM nods. Is that :)
Quote 9461
<Cameron> "You have a Power which your Overzealous Ambition and Juvenile Experience, together, can not be responsible or held accountable for. It ... would be for your own good."
<Faline> "Orr perrhaps forr yourrs, yes?"
<Cameron> "Are you so drunk on your power, that you can not examine what it is doing to you? To everyone around you?"
* Cameron looks at Simon. And Nathan. And even Anne.
<AlcarGM> Simon picks the oracle up, checking his pulse.
* Anelelinde is lying flat on the ground. Touching the Land as it were.
<AlcarGM> The Land offers up warmth and power to both pack leaders.
<Faline> "I prrobably am. But the fact is, if I give it all up now, then all hope will be lost forr ourr Futurre. I may step down, but this isn't the time."
<Cameron> "All hope? You're THAT vain?"
<Cameron> "Sophie had more humility."
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))
Quote 9462
<Faline> "Change is good. The worrld can not continue as it is. The worrld will be saved, and it will be changed, and forr the betterr. I've been told I have a rrole and a Destiny, but I'm not going to follow it blindly. I'm only going to follow it farr enough to save everrything."
Quote 9463
<Faline> "True. On the other hand, history has shown that when you try to force people to accept your vision of what the world should be, it ends badly. Just look at Adolf Hitler. Granted, he was a maniac, but he did think he was making the world better."
<Faline> (( YES, Faline jsut compared herself to Hitler. ))
<Anelelinde> (( eh, just leave it to the butterfly who can motivate like 95% of a crowd with Art of Distraction :P ))
<Cameron> "I knew a guy like you, a long time ago."
<Faline> (( if he's a German with an ugly mustache, I already addressed that :P ))
Quote 9464
<Anelelinde> "There is a cult in town worshipping you and you appear to be a minor goddess now."
<Cameron> "Are we perfectly clear?"
* Faline blinks. "Therre's... a what??"
<Anelelinde> Another hand pointing to Cameron. "Umpire, hm?"
<Cameron> "Vampire, actually."
<Cameron> "I have to live in the god-awful mess you all leave behind."
<Faline> (( *rimshot* ))
<Cameron> (( Thank-you! I'll be here all week. ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( STAKE HIM NOW! ))
<Faline> (( "Well If I become a goddess then I'll also be immortal and we can argue together for the rest of eternity." ))
Quote 9465
<Faline> "Oh jeez. So then, I'm actually... receiving prrayerrs..."
<Anelelinde> "I don't know just what to do."
<Faline> "Yeah, so... maybe we do need to stop this beforre it goes too farr."
* Anelelinde nods.
<Anelelinde> "No snow now. They might come again to the hospital... I could tell them then..."
<Faline> "I could go with you, even... you know, tell them they rreally shoudln't be worrshipping me."
<AlcarGM> (( Faline: "YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!" Cultists "WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!" Small voice: 'I'm not!' Faline rips off dissenting speakers head ))
<Cameron> (( "You've got to figure it out on your own!" ))
<Cameron> (( :P :P :P ))
Quote 9466
<Cameron> "Your very own bastion of life erradicated all those lives. Those people had families. Parents. Perhaps even children."
<Cameron> "Do you think it will just wash away? Do you think she can cry, pray, and it will all go away?"
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "We think it is OUR concern, not yours."
<Cameron> "What will you do? Run? Fight? And all this, you think it inevitable? You blame what, humans? Vampire? When the first blood spilled stains claws, not bullets nor fangs."
<Cameron> "She killed one of my own! One of my children!"
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "And many of our own have died as well."
<Cameron> "Does that ever make it right?"
<Cameron> "Can you honestly tell me that that is a valid excuse? It will never end with a rationality like that!"
Quote 9467
<kentari> This whole mess would be so much cleaner if everyone were vampires.
<Anelelinde> kentari: that sounds like an Easy Way Out
<Anelelinde> and What Is Easy Is Not Always Right
<kentari> But easy things aren't always wrong, either.
<kentari> Its perhaps more an invocation of the simplest solution than the easiest solution.
<kentari> And when faced with multiple solutions, the simplest is usually the most correct. :P
<kentari> (How do you like my Faline impression?)
<Anelelinde> naah
<Anelelinde> the simplest was returning the boy without a fight :P
<kentari> That's not really a -solution- though. You have to make that distinction, or else the obvious answer is always "give up"
Quote 9468
<Anelelinde> Well, you'll have to speak some reassuring words like that to the butterfly when she comes to you saying "I guess I'm a terrible monster, Cameron. Why haven't you just killed me already? =( =( =("
<kentari> nah.
<kentari> Cameron will just say "Because you're just so gosh-darn cute! :3" and pinch her cheeks
<kentari> :P
<kentari> I think that would break lolad.
Quote 9469
<Anelelinde> I mean, consider that guy, what was his name, making all these reassuring comments to calm everyone down and ease tensions and soothe wounds and...
<Anelelinde> like this
<Anelelinde> "Sophie had more humility."
<Anelelinde> and
<Anelelinde> "What you FELT, Faline, was likely the temporary satisfaction of your own gluttonous desire."
<kentari> Yeah
<Anelelinde> and "Just like .. your mother, too?"
<kentari> someone has to say it :P
<kentari> she manipulated the Oracle to convert and commit suicide
* Anelelinde goes off to read _Sinners in the Belly of a Hungry Goddess_
<kentari> :P lolz
<kentari> seriously!
<kentari> oh well
<kentari> hopefully everything will get put out on the table monday
<kentari> and hopefully everyone will still be alive and well after the fact
<Anelelinde> well, that will depend on the size of the fireball
Quote 9470
<alcar> Haruspex IS going to be rather confused.
<alcar> CEO: "You're telling me whoever has the boy apparently convinced our hired agent to not bother him?" "Yes, sir." "And killed him?" "Definitely, sir." "And then brought him back from the dead?" "It would seem so, sir." "... are they cthulhu cultists?" "We don't know yet, sir. One is a goddess though." "...."
Quote 9471
<Anelelinde> Lynn didn't set any Wal-Marts on fire.
<kentari> its awesome :P
<kentari> I know
<Anelelinde> that's Kage's doing if anyone's :P
<kentari> But lynn has to get blame for everything she doesn't do and not blamed for anything she actually does
<kentari> its the law of opposite responsobilities
<kentari> or something
<kentari> :P
Quote 9472
* Tass has joined #game5
<Tass> isn't this a little excessive? :P
* Tass has left #game5
* Anelelinde changed the topic of #game5 to: 18:57 <Tass> isn't this a little excessive? :P
Quote 9473
<Anelelinde> I'm sorry if I seem overly agressive OOC
<Anelelinde> I think it's just Fennec making up for playing A SWEET TINY LITTLE INNOCENT PERFECT LITTLE HARMLESS BUTTERFLY :D
<Tass> I'm sorry?
<Anelelinde> ... which is mostly fun :)
<Tass> is this the same butterfly that made some dude chop his friends head off? :P
<Anelelinde> but not much of an outlet for agression or frustration
<alcar> Tass - That was a DIFFERENT butterfly. She's reborn each day from the coccoon man!
<alcar> Actually that would be kind of cool....
<Tass> mayfly curse and reincarnation? :P
<Tass> would definitely be wierd
<Anelelinde> Tass: well, he was trying to chop MY friends' heads off :P
<alcar> Tass - Yeah.....
<alcar> were mayfly....
<alcar> "See you tomorrow. Well. Actually. Not." *drops dead*
Quote 9474
<Kage`> "Like I said.... I think... you were chosen to preserve because its in you, the desire to protect."
<Kage`> "The instinct, I guess."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I guess. i just don't like being.. used. Even by it. Not that I have a choice, but it's still.... scary. I don't like being scared of myself, too."
<Kage`> "Better scared than angry."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Anger is just fear in disguise. The nurses used to tell me that."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Being angry is ... worse. When - when Cameron stabbed Kage, I would have.. if he had... I'd have tried to..... eve though he's put up with - lots ..... "
<Kage`> "They would say something like that... they would want to connect the two. You know why? TO control."
<Kage`> "There are many kinds of fear and many kinds of anger."
<Kage`> "The purest of either knows neither."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... I don't think I get that."
Quote 9475
<Anelelinde> good afternoon Caltak
<Caltak> ^_^
<Anelelinde> the butterfly sends her regards
<Anelelinde> incidentally, I'd like to apologize for any sort of OOC hostilities and such; playing a sweet innocent carefree little butterfly makes Fennec a bit competitive, frustrated, and hostile sometimes. :P
<Anelelinde> though I really ought to direct that extra-specially-more to kentari and Tass I suppose
<Caltak> lol
<Caltak> I don't recall any hostilities.
<Anelelinde> mmmk :)
<Anelelinde> it tends to be more towards the butterfly-hater crowd
* Anelelinde pokes Kage? Cameron? :P
<alcar> <Sophie> incidentally, I'd like to apologize for any sort of IC hostilities and such; being a sweet innocent carefree little vampire makes Sophie a bit competitive, frustrated, and hostile sometimes. :P
<Caltak> lol
Quote 9476
<AlcarGM> The doberman regards you warily out of intelligent eyes. Her aura isn't strong, and her mind isn't human at all. YOu vcatch echoes of a smlel, and pain, and hurt.
* Anelelinde will sit down, in what kindergarten teachers call Indian style (once upon a time before PCness) and nod.
<AlcarGM> her name's Mura, now, named by.... someone she thinks of as the weird-good smell. She pads over, blurs, and becomes a small french poodle.
<Anelelinde> A dog/dog ... interesting.
<Alicia> (LOL)
* Anelelinde offers a petting, if the poodle seems interesting.
<AlcarGM> Yup :)
Quote 9477
* Cameron looks to Sonne, "I apologize. You didn't need to see any of that, from the start."
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "It should not be possible... even for the, surely, to fool the land?"
<Anelelinde> (( /me notes this down on the calendar. Cameron apologizes!!! ))
Quote 9478
<AlcarGM> You exit.....
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 7
<AlcarGM> Lynn doesn't attack you all yet.
<AlcarGM> Next?
<Cameron> ;P
* Cameron looks around, deciding to inspect the monument first.
* Anelelinde uses Divine Relationship (Faline) and rolls that one again!
<Anelelinde> 2d6
<sparkie> Anelelinde 2d6: 7
<Anelelinde> (( Feh. j/k ))
Quote 9479
<AlcarGM> The city is quiet this night, filled weith the sound of water falling into sewers and a few children out, late, playing, making boats and sailing down empty side streets. Snow is melting that was never real and aside from the sirens that are cities it's quiet - tonight.
<AlcarGM> (( just felt like thowing something in along your way :) ))
Quote 9480
* Faline looks up at the trees. Then jumps up into one, and looks around. :)
<AlcarGM> Faline sees the park, lord of all sur surveys! She doesn't land on a fae, at least.
* Faline looks around in the tree itself. :)
* Anelelinde will wait until you all clear out to the perimeter.
<AlcarGM> it's an oak tree. A few squirrels, if she's hungry? :)
<Faline> (( FAE'S DISGUISED AS SQUIRRELS MAYBE? *munch!* :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( Fae: "My nuts! Someone protect my nuts!" ))
<Cameron> (( Part of me is laughing. ))
<Cameron> (( And part of me died, inside. ))
<Faline> (( hehe ))
* Faline looks down. "They hide rreally well."
Quote 9481
<AlcarGM> It's.. well.... you've sene documentaries about cows and the like, back in classes in another life... it's like that. Pens, breeding areas.... rather compact, reeking of wastes and vermin....
<AlcarGM> everyone, evne the babies, stops crying when you come down, the smell of fear filling the air, heady and almsot overpowering
<Faline> "Oh come now, this is a bit excessive." *to whatever unseen fae is running this. She steps over to the pents and starts unlocking and opening them all.*
<AlcarGM> the humans cower from you, terrified.
<AlcarGM> "The future often is," an unseern voice whispers. "This is one."
<AlcarGM> "Do you think," it conitnues, almost clinically, "that youn are exempty from the madness of daschau?
<Faline> "You're all frree to leave," to the illusory people, offhandedly. She starts walking back upstairs. "Yes, well, not a likely one, since I plan to be rather strrict about things like this."
<Faline> "Since I've neverr hearrd of that beforre, I'm not surre I can answerr."
<AlcarGM> The fae laughs, delighted. Definitely a female voice, now. "Ohk you don't even know your own history. How very sad; how do you plan to escape the mistakes of those people? Of the other gods who came before you? Of inquisitions done in the name of a God of Love?"
Quote 9482
<Faline> "If I am to continue being a God, which, by the by, I wasn't rreally planning on rright now, then I intend to be a bit morre hands-on than Him, to make surre followerrs don't do crrazy things like Crrusades orr Witch Hunts."
* Faline rips a pew out from the church to smash down a sction of that barbed wire with so the fake prisoners can escape.
<AlcarGM> Fae: "It is different after you die. There are.... laws..... limitations ... and few who can truly believe, once a god has died...."
<Faline> "I was underr the imprression that Gods tend to be immorrtal."
<AlcarGM> Fae: "Everything with a soul is, in the heavens, but not on earth," sadly. "You tarry only a little while here."
<Faline> (( "Yes, well, we'll see about that. My player fully intends to spend points on stuff to change that." :P ))
Quote 9483
* Faline silently walks up, holding a No Parking sign, and simply sticks it into the ground, next to the grove. :)
Quote 9484
<Cameron> "Hmm. I doubt you're a free agent. Who are you in league with?"
<AlcarGM> Blok: "If you can prove any worth to this, some of us will give aid, even now. The wild hunt could be freed, even in this world." He smiles to Cameron. "The queen of air and darkess."
<Kage`> "Can you sense the loci?"
<AlcarGM> The fae nods.
<Kage`> "Its amassing its forces, drawing things here."
<Kage`> "Just remember, if you wait too long, it may be too late."
<AlcarGM> Blok: "Perhaps it always was," the fog vanishing entirely.
<Kage`> "Cornered and desperate have always been good fghting partners."
Quote 9485
<Cameron> feh
<Cameron> I'm about to have a faline moment ;p
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Faline> lol... define that for me? :)
<Cameron> its where you flip out, kill everything, and then blame something and wash your hands of all responsobility
<Faline> Hey, I only did that... a couple of times, maybe. :P
<AlcarGM> Every lolad pc, escepting Rei and Danric, did it at least once iirc :p
<Chaos`^> I don't recall killing everything
<Faline> Chaos`^: Boredom can kill.
<AlcarGM> lol caltak :)
<Faline> ;)
Quote 9486
<Cameron> "If the oncoming storm is to be a flood, I am perfectly willing to make sandbags out of these impudent fairies."
Quote 9487
<Cameron> "Oh, Faline, by the way ..."
<Cameron> "I'm charging you with murder, for every single one of those men."
<Cameron> "If you can flaunt yourself in front of the cameras, surely you can show up in the courtroom?"
<Faline> "Yes, well, we can add them to the list, I suppose." *offhandedly, continuing to walk*
<AlcarGM> (( ouch ))
<Cameron> "You .. really don't care, at all, about those lives?"
* Anelelinde sort of tries to stand in between those two being a BIG OBSTACLE with those WINGS in the way.
* Cameron nods at Kage, "Perhaps the adversary is already here.. do be careful you aren't not much liked by Faline in the future."
* Faline continues walking.
<Faline> (( "They were just NPCs, anyway." ))
Quote 9488
<Cameron> "Does being a were let you get away with being a serial killer, as well?"
* Cameron asks Anne. :P
<Cameron> "I'm seeing a lack of accountability, here."
<Faline> (( "Of course it does, it's in the handbook." ))
* Anelelinde is mostly blinkblinking.
<Cameron> "Does it? Does being a Pack Leader mean you can kill as you please? Does being a Fae mean you can shirk whatever you wish? I can respect chaos, but this goes well beyond the scope of whimsy."
<Chaos`^> (( Hey it's good to get respect ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
<Faline> (( "I work in mysterious ways." ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
Quote 9489
* Cameron swiftly draws a pistol with 'VERITAS' etched on the side, and takes aim. "And shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee.."
<Cameron> 1d2 1=totally j/k :P
<sparkie> Cameron 1d2: 1 1=totally j/k :P
<Faline> (( lol... now whos not taking accountability? ))
<Chaos`^> (( OOH! PC FIGHT! ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
Quote 9490
<Cameron> oh
<Cameron> I need to meet up with cecil
<Cameron> :P
* Cameron has a meal planned for him.
<Chaos`^> I only eat virgins
<Chaos`^> and they have to be on a stick, so I don't have to mess my fingers up with their messy juices
<Cameron> I took that into consideration.
<Anelelinde> um.
Quote 9491
<Faline> I think Alcar should let chaos play when he shows up without worrying about when the game will end, but with the understanding that whenever it *does* end, Chaos's session will end abruptly as well.
<Faline> but thats just my opinion
* Anelelinde leaves it up to AlcarGM and Chaos`^
<Cameron> pfft
<AlcarGM> is lmostly a cast of that, when Chaos arrives, there;s generally 3 things happning at once and the GM isn'tmentally up to splitting mind to another by then :p
<Cameron> I saw la fin.
<Cameron> They can't end it, anne.
<Cameron> They get started
<Cameron> and its like sex, or something.
<AlcarGM> LOL
<Cameron> They just can't stop till its done.
<Faline> lol Cameron
<Chaos`^> too true, too true
<Faline> Lolad was originally like that.
Quote 9492
<Faline> "I've been shown wherre my path leads, and by severral differrent sourrces. I have a prretty good idea."
<Cameron> "What's to say abdication isn't part of that? Why do you refuse it so?"
<Faline> "Because, frrankly, I don't trrust yourr advice on the matterr."
<Cameron> "Yet you trust 'the future'"
<Faline> "No, I trrust that I will find my own way."
* Cameron waggles his fingers, highlighting the nature of his opinion.
<Cameron> "And how many more have to die to pave the path?"
<Cameron> "You're far too self-absorbed for the Power you've happened upon."
<Anelelinde> "Three thousand, three hundred and thirty-three." ((j/k))
<AlcarGM> (( you guessed?! ))
Quote 9493
* Steve_Irwin opens a window, conjuring a van at the base. He jumps out, in a somewhat acrobatic routine, landing beside the driver's seat. He starts the car in preparation :P
* Steve_Irwin holds out his hands, "I'll catch her, hurry!"
* Kage` throws her :P
* Steve_Irwin catches Faline, jumps in the car ... and speeds off.
* Kage` :[ ]
<Faline> (( YOU DUMB FUCK ))
* Kage` looks back, and grabs simon, and runs away :P
<Faline> (( CHASE HIM ))
<Kage`> (working on it!)
<Faline> (( I cant believe you fell for that, you MORON ))
<AlcarGM> Simon just.. follows... looking like he's having yrouble keeping up with this :)
<Faline> (( HONESTLY! ))
<Kage`> (yes.... fell for it.... thats it :P)
Quote 9494
* Steve_Irwin stops the car by the side of the road. It dissolves as his hands flicker with shadow, a grave look overcoming his face that he is glad no one has to see. He reaches out for Faline's throat, and squeezes with a strength that could lift small cars.
* Steve_Irwin just keeps squeezing, not saying a word.
* Steve_Irwin can't contain himself, "Damnit! Why! Why! Children are supposed to be powerless, for their own sake!
* Steve_Irwin lifts and bashes the head a few times, taking care to leave the sticky note on her forehead!
* Steve_Irwin reaches into his pocket, withdrawing a curvey looking silver dagger. Still squeezing with one hand, he begins to decapitate with the other, his eyes watering, but no tears falling.
<AlcarGM> The ground.. shudders underneath you and something deap and powerful says "YOU WILL NOT KILL HER!"
* Steve_Irwin holds out the hand with the dagger, it fades into a rusty blade, perhaps still flickering, "She will kill us all to save us all! You chose WRONG!"
* Steve_Irwin impales through the body and the land, pouring all that makes him the embodiment of Death and Destruction behind it. Perhaps a grave sadness, too.
<AlcarGM> Well.
Quote 9495
<Steve_Irwin> Let me know when the Divine Spark fades.. :(
* Steve_Irwin has a radio call to make. ;p
<AlcarGM> She's dead, Steve.
<Steve_Irwin> god damnit
<Steve_Irwin> you know what?
<Steve_Irwin> I made a promise, "I will not be the first Game1 PC to kill another Game1 PC"
<Steve_Irwin> and here, I broke it :(
Quote 9496
<AlcarGM> RP this to whatever hilt you like :)
<AlcarGM> yyup :)
* Faline sends a weak message through pack link, to Simon, before going. "Goodbye. I'm... sorry. For everything..."
<Faline[RIP]> oh, fuck.
<Faline[RIP]> >_<
<Faline[RIP]> I just remember the damn kids.
<Faline[RIP]> TT_TT
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> you know... so did i....
<AlcarGM> oh, shit.
Quote 9497
<Gemm[Batman]> so, is this the end (or near end) for this lolad?
<Chaos`^> not hardly
<Chaos`^> The pc's are just fighting
Quote 9498
<Faline[RIP]> (( This isn't the end you know. Cameron will pay for this. Seriously. ))
<AlcarGM> (( LOLAD: The curse of the Tiger Pearl. ))
<Faline[RIP]> (( Cameron is totally getting the Satan role in my religion. ))
Quote 9499
<Kage`> fine, lets start with the kids
<AlcarGM> they DO need to be in a body..
<AlcarGM> closest are you, simon, or lynn...
<Kage`> oh god :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Kage`> lynn is the only one with the proper physiology
<AlcarGM> On the plus side it doesn't matter who gets what, to the magic.... at this level biology means nothing.
<Kage`> I think Lynn would be honored :P
<AlcarGM> feel free to ask via msg, or channel :)
<Kage`> we're good to go! :P
<AlcarGM> Both of em?
<Kage`> she lays eggs, it'll be fine :P
Quote 9500
<alcar> June 26: Faline dies. 16 AP to everyone.
<Tass> :[ ]
<alcar> (( I was going to make it as many years as Faline lived, but took 2 off for the kids :) ))
<alcar> And no, don't expect AP again unti... august. At the earliest :P