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Quote 8801
<kentari> I have a better idea.
<kentari> I'll stand in front of the busted up circus, in my older-looking glory
<kentari> And say "If you can pay in an entrance fee, and survive the night here... you will win a million dollars."
<kentari> The catch?
<kentari> You guys kill them all :P
<tatterdemalion> lol
<Anelelinde> kentari: REALITY TV!
* kentari nods.
Quote 8802
<Kage`> "And I just realised how silly being a prince of the thirteenth hour is when you think in military time..."
* Kage` laughs, something, at least :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "... huh?"
<Kage`> "He said he was a prince of the thirteenth hour, one beyond twelve, nonexistent, mysterious."
<Kage`> "In military time its lunchtime, one o clock standard."
<Kage`> "That would -kill- his title, prince of lunchtime!_
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... oh!"
<AlcarGM> He laughs, too. "Maybe we can call him that next time."
<Kage`> "No, I'm pretty sure he would reeeally try to kill us that time."
* Kage` nods, suddenly serious :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Then we run him over with a car."
Quote 8803
<alcar> The Chosen One could work, in the messiah sense, but you'd likely run up against someone Really Nasty - whoever the godwalker is....
<alcar> possibly the pope , in some games.
<alcar> or L Ron Hubbard.
<alcar> Or Morrison or Elvis.
<alcar> Would depend on the game :P
<alcar> Hrm. A case could even be made for Michael Jackson. Whose troubles, of course, are all the result of a rival for godwalker status
<alcar> Paris Hilton. Godwalker of the Chosen One.
<alcar> Proving that the line between that and The Fool is really, reallly slim :p
Quote 8804
<Anelelinde> we should have an April Fools' session of LoLaD! and have nothing in it actually be permanent. :P Then I could start that cult! =D
<Anelelinde> it'd freak everyone out. it'd be great.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Yes :)
Quote 8805
<alcar[afk]> Mime superheroes.
* alcar[afk] is now known as alcar
<alcar> Hold up a sign saying "hands up."
<alcar> etc.
<alcar> Probably most effective with a rather singular sidekick: Sniper Boy
<alcar> He takes them out while they're busy laughing at you
Quote 8806
<Cameron> You are approached by an Offier of the Law!
<Cameron> I ask myself, "What would Faline do?"
<Cameron> And then I realize, I can't eat him fast enough for his partners not to notice.
<Cameron> :P
Quote 8807
<Cameron> the trouble with this game is I don't know whether or not I'm dealing with Good Guys
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> Short answer? Never :P
<Anelelinde> not even you :P
<AlcarGM> Oh, definitely not :p
Quote 8808
* Cameron kicks a chunk of concrete, seeing if it goes inside without problems.
<AlcarGM> It goes in the door, and you hear it clatter out the back door
<AlcarGM> "Lance," a man snaps, coming out from around the side. He's about 60, balding, and a bit overweight. "We havbe to let the scientists do their job. Quit putting things in the door."
<Cameron> "Though, more importantly.. you look like you're with the Police. If I might give you a suggestion: make sure your people know not to engage anything .. feral .. within city limits. Otherwise, it will just cause collateral damage to people who aren't involved."
<AlcarGM> lance Christensen just shurgs. "Sorry, Chief Quimby."
<AlcarGM> Qumby: "Staff sergeant."
<AlcarGM> Lance smiles. "Disneyland."
<AlcarGM> Quimby blinks, then just walks away back to the others, urging people to back away.
<AlcarGM> Lance looks at you. "Feral?"
<Cameron> "These aren't very consciencous or even .. smart things that are arriving."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Try that again, in English."
* Cameron nods. "In short; werewolves. Lycanthropy."
Quote 8809
* Cameron shall examine the circus, wherein he left people originally!
<AlcarGM> Okay. You arrive at the circus.. to see it is in an Uproar. Tents scatteed,a few RVs destroyed, and the ferris wheel is, well, scrap metal. if you didn;'t know better, you'd say a very localized earthquake hit here
<AlcarGM> Or Yuki REALLY went to town
* Cameron clenches teeth and shakes a fist towards the sky
<Cameron> "I leave for five minutes..."
Quote 8810
* Conflict is waiting...waiting in the barn for the players of this theater to arrive.
<AlcarGM> And the chickens are cooking the babies up, to serve them on patties made from human buttocks. Because no one has noticed yet. No one ever does.
<Cameron> stop it
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> you're going to give me nightmares ;p
* Cameron is going to dream he went to Hell's McDonalds, where he has to make those :P
<AlcarGM> !addsurge Only you know that hamburgers are made from human babies, the patties from human buttocks.Because you sold your brother to the chickens, for five bucks. And every time you see a child's face on a 'Missing' sign, something in you cringes.
<AlcarGM> we haven't added to the list in awhile :p
<Cameron> you know.
<Cameron> I feel sick.
<Cameron> Because I now have a craving for burgers.
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> What have you done to me? :P
Quote 8811
* Anelelinde turns around ostentatiously, strolls a few feet away... then turns back around.
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Maybe she wants sex," muttered.
* Cameron slaps his forehead.
<Anelelinde> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "With you?" Incredously. He makes a face. "I'd rather fuck one of the ugly ones."
* Cameron grimaces. "At least you're not saying she's ugly." With a sigh, "I think you've helped enough for now, Sophie. Get home and take care of your hand, before it scars.."
<Anelelinde> "Ah, don't care to be upstaged? Ah well."
<AlcarGM> Sophie sticks his tongue out at Anelelinde, then vanishes.
<Cameron> "Well .. I guess you've met Sophie, now."
<Anelelinde> "Men."
Quote 8812
<Cameron> "My mistake. Psychic, then?"
* Cameron corrects himself.
<Anelelinde> "Is it my fault people take it as fortune-teller-fu?"
<Cameron> "No, not really. You just don't have history very much on your side, I suppose."
<Cameron> "Though, I wonder.. is it that you find what people want to hear, or that you convince them they want to hear what you're saying..?"
<Anelelinde> "The former is easier."
<Cameron> "You, ma'am, sound evasive."
* Cameron smiles :)
<Anelelinde> "I have not yet begun to evade."
Quote 8813
<AlcarGM> !addsurge Following your near death autoerotic asphyxiation experience, you believe that every time you masturbate, God kills a baby. But you're raw from trying to keep up with the breeders. There are so many of them, and only one of you. But you know yor duty.
<Anelelinde> okay
* AlcarGM looks innocent
<Anelelinde> I don't think I like the !uasurge stuff anymore :P
<AlcarGM> that one would be. ... impractical :p
Quote 8814
<Cameron> "I don't Think someone was fighting, I Know someone was fighting."
<Anelelinde> "How."
<Cameron> "I asked first. Its only proper that you answer first.."
<Anelelinde> "The golden retriever, and the empty one."
<Anelelinde> "Why is he empty?"
<Cameron> "He was designed that way."
<Anelelinde> "By whom?"
<Cameron> "People who do that sort of thing."
<Anelelinde> "You? Your associates?"
<AlcarGM> (( "The easter bunny." ))
* Cameron shrugs, "What would it mean, if so?"
<Cameron> "More importantly, I would say that he is far, far from empty."
<Anelelinde> "Excuse me. Vacuously full."
<AlcarGM> (( "No, that's me!" - Sara ))
Quote 8815
<Anelelinde> "Playing coy? Ah well."
<Cameron> "Just being honest. I'm lost in the references."
<Cameron> ((As is Ken :P))
<Anelelinde> "Lost? Pfft. What's your Mind stat, boy? 2?"
<Anelelinde> ((j/k))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
* Anelelinde pffts.
Quote 8816
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> you suspect Cameron has the soul of a banker :)
<Cameron> lol
<Cameron> banker? :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Cameron> You, sir, have a good imagination :P
<AlcarGM> Cold, sterile, empty :p
Quote 8817
<AlcarGM> (( uhm .... Anelelinde is away: Faline will eat you .. you can probably kill the away message now ;P ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
Quote 8818
<Alicia> .addsurge You wonder why they never made a second series of Star Trek
<Lynx> they made 5 of them.
<Alicia> Umm... that's the point
<Lynx> i don't get it.
<Alicia> The surge means they never made ANY
<Alicia> It's not that good a surge though, which is why I never added it
Quote 8819
<Cameron> wow
<Cameron> LoLaD is teaching me about Canadian healthcare.. this game is fun AND educational!
<AlcarGM> :p
Quote 8820
* Cameron heads inside, "Stay close." And looks for some manner of chart/schedule/whatever to figure out where the coma kids are held.
<AlcarGM> You enter. The room is half full, with people i various states of pain. A woman is holding a crying boy in one hand and screaming at the receptionist, to no effect. Some people, one guy with his arm in a homemade cast for example, brought a sleeping bag and reading materials
<AlcarGM> They're o the fifth floor, east wing.
<AlcarGM> Which is really the fourth floor, though it is marked as the fifth on the map
<Cameron> "Do you ever feel the need to help people? Not so much as a benevolent, nice thing as much as its a responsobility. Things should either be healthy, or dead. This in-between state seems to drain at all that makes the world sensible.."
* Cameron leads the way! :P
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "help people?" as if it's a foreign concept. Which, to his generation, it probably is
<Cameron> "More like tending to them. Like you would a garden."
Quote 8821
* Cameron dashes a new illusion over himself and Sophie. NOW, we're nurses. He looks like the head nurse, Sophie looks like one we saw back on the main floor, if we did get to see a second one.
<AlcarGM> that works, easily.
<AlcarGM> chris looks ..confused... you get the impression the nurses don't come in here often, but he doesn't say anything.
* Cameron then releases the mind field so that we walk i nthe room, yeah.
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> Kolchak, the nurse stalker.. coming soon, to CBC....
Quote 8822
<alcar> Were. Hippo.
<alcar> "HUNRY HIPPO!"
<analog> werehippo .... are you looking at me??????
<Fennec> hahaha.
<alcar> What? No. No. Of.. course not.
* alcar hides the camera
Quote 8823
<AlcarGM> He is still sleeping when you arrive back at the traile, but he is tosing and turning. Some kind of nightmare
* Yuki-Takuri trys ta wake him
<AlcarGM> he wakes, startled, "Not the barn...... Oh!"
<AlcarGM> He blinks, confused. "Ah ... sorry?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Barn?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "N-nothhing. Just .. .a demon."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Oh"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Just" a demon?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Want me to kill it for you?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: "No one can kill it. You can't kill demons in syndication."
* Yuki-Takuri tilts her head, confused
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: "barney...."
* Yuki-Takuri laughs
<AlcarGM> He looks arond warily, nbut the name hasn't conjured him. He doesn't seem to be joking, either :)
Quote 8824
<Yuki-Takuri> "I Thought that barney was just some freak in a suit, or maybee like a cop from an old TV show, like barney 5 or whatever"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You serious?"
* Yuki-Takuri looks confused, and still a little amusedly in disbeleif
<AlcarGM> He nods once, looking down at his hands. "It idid ... horrible things. Sorry. I .. don't like to remember it."
<Yuki-Takuri> "What the hell?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You saying YOUR Demon is the big purple dinasaur?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta just nods, not meeting your gaze
Quote 8825
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'm pretty sure I could kill a big purple dinasaur"
Quote 8826
* Rei`-` shrugs "Might work, could stick the butterfly over the grill for the winter too."
<Anelelinde> "stick me over the...?!"
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
* Anelelinde stands looking fearful.
<Rei`-`> "You know, the cook."
<Anelelinde> "Oh!"
* Anelelinde relaxes?
<Cameron> " .. Do you know how to cook?"
* Cameron says, realistically ;P
Quote 8827
<Yuki-Takuri> "Rei, doesn't the pack need a shaman?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta squeaks: "A what?"
* Cameron looks at Mustafa, scribbles something on a note, and places it in Mustafa's hand which he then curls into a fist around it. "If you feel like you're in over your head.. use that."
* Rei`-` eyes Yuki and bites back a snide comment
<Anelelinde> "A shaman? Maybe Cameron could do it! I bet he'd do a good job at things like that!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Hunh? what was that?"
* Cameron looks at Kage, "Shall we?" :P
<Anelelinde> (( <-- trolling ))
<Yuki-Takuri> "No, it has to be Mufasta, he knows magic anyhow"
* Cameron gestures outside! And looks at Anne, "I'm afraid I'm far too busy."
* Yuki-Takuri kicks Rei in the shin
Quote 8828
<Cameron> "It wouldn't be good if we started fighting amongst ourselves.."
<Anelelinde> (( he's a We now? ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh! No. He just wanted to help."
<Cameron> (( My dear, this is the secret vampire minigroup right here. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( all vampires are a royal we :) ))
Quote 8829
<Cameron> "So. Where were you?"
<Nomesi> "Where am I?"
<Cameron> "You're here. Where WERE you?"
<AlcarGM> (( Cameron, meet Anelelinde's older brother..... ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<Nomesi> "I exist in all things that wish."
Quote 8830
<Yuki-Takuri> "How bout my mind?"
* Anelelinde hmms, considering.
* Anelelinde cringes.
<Yuki-Takuri> "well?"
<Anelelinde> "Tumultous."
<Anelelinde> "Much blood. Pain."
<AlcarGM> (( "And why did you have a crush on Jordan of the back street boys?" ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
* Yuki-Takuri smiles
<Yuki-Takuri> "All in a day's work"
Quote 8831
<Anelelinde> "Did you lose your shaman somehow?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Um, well I guess so"
<Anelelinde> "How?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Its, complicated"
<Yuki-Takuri> "And again, I wouldn't be the right one to tell it"
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, one night Faline was saying: 'I'm so hungry I could eat a shaman." And I said: "So I am! And.." ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
Quote 8832
* Nomesi is like, well, a nightmarish version of Kage, the scars are all there, plus about a dozen more, all viscious and ragged, his hair and eyes reverse, though, mostly white hai with a small black patch over his scarred miscolored eye
* Yuki-Takuri growls and springs at it
* Nomesi 's guantlets sport fingerpieces this time, and rusted chains are affixed to the 4 loops that adorn them, the split off into locks, and mote chains, and have hundreds of odd shaped keys handing from them, they all look oddly sharp or dull, depending on the shape
* Nomesi seems to be carrying 4 cases of beer and a pizza :P
Quote 8833
* Nomesi pulls his precious beer out of the way! taking the gashes across his back as he huddles over them protectively
<Nomesi> "FUCK!"
<AlcarGM> lol1 Nomesi becomes a true Canadian!
<Cameron> (( :P ))
Quote 8834
<AlcarGM> Nomesi gets slicked and diced..... Nomesi's action, as Cameron pulls up beside them in the car....
* Cameron arrives! Speeding up in a convertible, with Simon sitting in the back seat. He nearly RAMS the assembled parties, before screeching to a halt and throwing the wheel, hard, to spin into a gap and interpose himself between Nomesi and Yuki..
<AlcarGM> Hard to. They're... close together. Like rabid dogs in heat
* Cameron stops in front of them! :P
<AlcarGM> Simon growls: "STOP IT" to Yuki as he gets out.
<AlcarGM> Nomesi - action?
* Nomesi straightens up, holding his back, "Oh, goodness, its the crazy bitch, I shoudl have thought about you!"
<Nomesi> "Hey, by the way, are you busy friday night? Your kinda cute."
* Nomesi has no action :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<Anelelinde> (( total defense? ))
<AlcarGM> Anelelinde - action :p
<Nomesi> (delay will be fine :P)
<AlcarGM> Due to Nomesi's herioc efforts, the beer is safe!
Quote 8835
<AlcarGM> yuki - attacky! If you want to. Or race off to take anger management classes! Or steal his beer!
<Cameron> (( Not the beer! That's my beer! That's the only reason I've chased him all the way back here. >:D ))
<Cameron> (( Leprachauns (sp?) have pots of gold.. vampires.. have beer..))
* Yuki-Takuri snarls and growls like a vicious were
Quote 8836
* Nomesi smiles, showing rooooows of jagged sharklike teeth, "I would love to purchase your service, if anything."
<AlcarGM> Rei comes running up.....
* Cameron scribbles something on a post-it, and slaps it on Yuki's forehead. :P
* Nomesi rubs his thumb and forefingers together, "You know? bouncy bouncy?"
* Anelelinde - force field on
<AlcarGM> wise :)
<Cameron> "Calm yourself!"
<Anelelinde> (( next round mind combat :P ))
<Nomesi> 'Oh, and your dirty."
* Nomesi counts off on his fingers, "Your a whore, a moron, you have questionable morals, yourunreliable, and you smell."
<AlcarGM> Simon growls, "that's not helpin," at Nomesi
* Yuki-Takuri snarls and forcibly, slowly tears her Katana away from Nomesi, sheathing it with extreme effort
Quote 8837
<Elana-Silvereye> find out next time! as the world turns
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> As The Faline Claws :P
Quote 8838
<Kage`> damnit
<Kage`> this close!
<Kage`> thiiiiis close to beer and pizza!
<AlcarGM> yeah :(
<Cameron> :P That's all he wants, isn't it?
<AlcarGM> The beer is stil intact!
<AlcarGM> Somehow.
Quote 8839
* Cameron hops in the driver seat, leaving shotgun for Cecil. Woohoo. :P
<AlcarGM> Cecil calls shotgun, aims it, and fires at Cameron? :)
Quote 8840
<Cecil`^> "So you're just ok with channeling a were's aura? It doesn't hurt at all?"
<AlcarGM> You spot back choppers in the distance, from the north.. going to the circus....
<Cameron> "You could say its like kissing your great-great-great-great granddaughter. It just doesn't feel right."
<Cameron> ".. But its not going to kill you."
<Cecil`^> "Last time I checked it could..."
<Cameron> "You, sir, have some strange successors."
<Cecil`^> "I was talking about were auras."
Quote 8841
<Cecil`^> LoL Do I know anything about the main vampire in seatle?
<Cecil`^> And is there any ventura branches in seatle
<AlcarGM> Of course :p
<AlcarGM> to the latter
<Cecil`^> Why did I even ask?
<Cecil`^> =p
<AlcarGM> The former.. they apparently got bought out by starbcks. Bad for business :)
<Cecil`^> The vampires/
<AlcarGM> yup :p
Quote 8842
* Cecil`^ sniffs around, wondering what kind of meat Cameron is slicing up
<AlcarGM> (( zombie stew. The bodies had to go somwwhere! ))
* Cameron adds a couple little green cubes to the thing, and then puts a lid on it and sets a small timer. He enters the living room again.
<Cameron> ((Shh. :P))
Quote 8843
* Kage` twitches
* Cameron looks at Kage. "Kage?"
* Kage` cracks open an eyelid
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Am I a real boy now?" ))
* Kage` closes it again, lifting his hand to cover his eyes, "What happened?"
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<Cameron> "I apologize. I did some research."
Quote 8844
<AlcarGM> Simon glowers at Cecil. "She's better now.:
* Cecil`^ smiles at Simon "Ofcourse she is. I just have to give her a chance."
<Cameron> "No, not really. You were mentioning what it is you do, again?"
<Kage`> 'Well, she did almost de-tooth a drunk for making a... lewd comment."
<Cecil`^> "Doesn't surprise me."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "That IS better," sincerely
<Cecil`^> "It is."
<Cecil`^> "She would have ate him, before."
<AlcarGM> Simon nods.
<Kage`> ".....really?"
<Cecil`^> "Don't underestimate the power of Faline."
<AlcarGM> (( "For she is hungry, and quick to digest." ))
* Kage` sits in his silence for a few moments
<Cameron> "You say that like she's more than a living creature."
<Cecil`^> "She's an idol for were."
Quote 8845
* Kage` comes back in a moment later, "Why do I have cigarettes?"
* Cameron looks at Kage, "Your .. counterpart .. purchased a few, I believe."
<Cameron> "You can set them over there, on the table. We'll make that his table."
<Kage`> "Hey... these are my lungs, damnit!"
<AlcarGM> (( "Or.... someone's lungs...." ))
<Cameron> "He may have his own. We don't know, for sure, but I think we've tampered with both of you enough."
<Kage`> "You totally stabbed me, too."
<Cameron> "I already apologized for that."
Quote 8846
<AlcarGM> It is.. lunchtime. Or at least, just pass lunch. Nomesi never got beer, but probably scored a date with Yuki! In his dreams, at least.
<AlcarGM> Simon has finished eating and looks fine, as if nothing happened. Were stamina is a wonderful thing.... as is Cameron's cooking, it seeems
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "Wait... my throat tasts... funny...." *coughs up silver flakes* ))
Quote 8847
<Cameron> "How are you learning school things, then? Is someone working with you?"
<Cameron> "I mean. An education is the greatest asset."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "No one is." He shrugs. "I ... never did well, anyway. I can't read."
* Cameron blinks. "Do you know other weres who can't read?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "We haven't met any. Besides us, really. And people who wanted to kill us. I was always like that, though."
<Cameron> "Well, maybe we can work something out. Not being able to read... I once had a good friend, who thought it was very important to read and have good things to read, in order to be free."
<AlcarGM> He just shrugs.
<AlcarGM> (( "Of course, that's probably why they burned him with that stack of porn..." ))
Quote 8848
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Oh. How do we get to see the others,then?:"
<Anelelinde> "They are at the circus."
<Anelelinde> "One of them ruined the ferris wheel!" (upset like)
* Anelelinde sulks, had to be reminded of that.
<Anelelinde> "It's all on the ground in a pile. And the parking lot, too."
<Anelelinde> (( not every parking lot is on the ground in a pile... :b ))
<AlcarGM> He blinks. "And... I should want to meet them?" dubiously :p
Quote 8849
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Oh. Ah ... do you want supper?"
<Anelelinde> "Do you have juice or soda?"
<AlcarGM> Charles nods. "We have some coke."
<Anelelinde> "Coke. Hmm. Okay."
* Anelelinde prefers light sodas somewhat.
<AlcarGM> He gets you one, getting himself a pizza pocket. "You want anything .oh. Never mind. A straw?"
<Anelelinde> "I have one, thank you."
* Anelelinde sticks out her tongue.
<AlcarGM> he nods. "Sorry. I forgot."
Quote 8850
<AlcarGM> "You have yet to try and run away."
<Cecil`^> "That's never helped before, has it?"
<AlcarGM> The reaper shrugs. "Oh many were too afraid. Or tried to fight Or died. Or pleaded with me."
<Cecil`^> "I couldn't run, I'm far too involved in this riding of the storm to go anywhere significant. Where would I go? Besides, all roads lead to Rome."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "True strength is measured by retraint."
<Cecil`^> "I'm not angry at you for what you did. I was told once that I used to do it for a living."
<AlcarGM> The crowd has left the building, since survival instincts and being in the same room as the reaper don't compute. A car has been set on fire outside.
<AlcarGM> The Reaper raises an eyebrow. "Ah. That explains much." He finishes his beer. "Do not be too obvious in what you do. I have a reputation to maintain."
<Cecil`^> "I hadn't intended it in the first place."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Wise." He forwns at the empty bar, then shrugs. "I had best find Salem. If you see her - try not to kill her."
<AlcarGM> And he's no longer there.
* Cecil`^ sighs and looks at the empty bar himself... then promptly walks into the mens room and throws up violently
<AlcarGM> lol!
Quote 8851
<Cecil`^> "Perhaps if we both go down to the office they will give you a free night's stay to appologize for the inconvenience?"
<AlcarGM> Her: "It's not that simple. I need to use this space."
<Cecil`^> "This space?"
<AlcarGM> She nods.
* Cecil`^ sighs "It's getting awfully late... Listen, it's a big bed... Why don't we share it tonight, and we can straighten this out in the morning?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks, stares at you, searching, then growls something in that language you've never heard and nods.
<Cecil`^> "What was that?"
* Cecil`^ shuts the door behind him and sits down in a chair
<AlcarGM> Woman: "Was what?" warily. .She moves her hand, when she thinks you asren;t looking. A symbol of some kind, drawn in pale yellow flame.
* Cecil`^ rubs his forehead
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... It's been a long day and I need to take a shower. Will you be needing the bathroom for a while?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "No."
* Cecil`^ nods and goes to his dresser, pulling out some whildly bright matching lizzard pajamas, filled with bright fire looking lizards and other random jungle reptilians.
<AlcarGM> She staes. "I've died .I've died and gone to hell...."
Quote 8852
<Cecil`^> "Hmmm... I seem to recall something about it from the 1700s in New England... But what would he be doing in Trail? Alive for that matter?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "And how do you recall that?" sharply, the red glow flickering in the back of her eyes again
<Cecil`^> "I know my history."
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Ask me anything."
<AlcarGM> She hesitates, then straightens and stares you in the eyes. "May the auditors discover you deduct the whipping cream you use on your sheep as a business expense!"
<AlcarGM> Again, nothing happens.
<Cecil`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> She stares, pale, then backs away from you. "What ARE you?"
<Cecil`^> "What?"
<Cecil`^> "Why would I use whipping cream on my sheep?"
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "Unless they ate it, for the sugar, so that I could sell extra mutton... Then it really WOULD be a business expense!"
Quote 8853
<AlcarGM> She blinks, taken aback, then sketches something in theair in front of her with both hands, a warding symbol of some kind that trails red and blue flame.
<AlcarGM> The ward, at least, DOES work. You can feel power in the air around her now, a spirit ward of a kind.
<Cecil`^> "Listen ah... It's getting late. Do you ahve to do that tonight?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "Do I . .what?"
<Cecil`^> "Have to do that tonight?"
<AlcarGM> "Tell me what you are," she demands, and there is power in it, demanding answers, trying to force them..... but it's not enough, for all her effort.
<AlcarGM> (( "Tired." ))
<Cecil`^> "Tired." =p
Quote 8854
<Cecil`^> "He doesn't have magic, he's just really stupid..."
<Cecil`^> that's the effect I'm going for ;)
<AlcarGM> And you do it so well!
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Cecil`^> ^^
<AlcarGM> she's never encountered someone who can just.. ignore a curse :p
Quote 8855
<Tass> damnit caltak! :P
<alcar> what?
<alcar> or is this just now in general? :)
<alcar> Since you've said it 8 times, so far
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> WE WANT FALINE!!!!!
Quote 8856
* OnyxFlame attempts to multitask. Writing about how our gods will work.
<alcar> God: "And to my high priest, I leave...."
Quote 8857
* kentari will assume a GM nick :D
<kentari> let's see..
* kentari is now known as Kentari
<Kentari> Ok.
<Kentari> :P
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> that's silly
* sparkie is now known as Sparkie
<Kentari> Excellent. My dear associate, Sparkie, is following my lead. >:D
Quote 8858
<Kentari> Faust calls the roll; you notice Faust isn't on the roll anymore, either.
<Kentari> Forest*
<Drew`> (( liked it better with Faust :p ))
Quote 8859
* Aaron_V finishes his cappucino off and tosses it out in the garbage can, then sits down, unpacking, and probably the most alert guy there
<Aaron_V> ((because Rachael is weird, and is alert all the time))
<Aaron_V> ((or insane, one of the two))
<Drew`> (( she's probably on drugs ))
<Rachael> (( the word is 'Hyper'! ))
<Aaron_V> ((/me can't wait for the admin to put Rach on Ritalin))
<Rachael> (( haha. :P ))
Quote 8860
* Forest`^ changes topic to '* Drew` finally wakes up enough to notice the tree and just gapes a tit'
Quote 8861
* Anton looks around, does anyone else seem to be staring at the tree instead of flinching at every passing word? :P
* Rachael raises her hand!
<Kentari> He pauses. The room seems to hum with the absence of his voice :P
<Kentari> A few other hands go up. Petunia's is not one of them.
* Anton raises his as well :P
<Rachael> "Yes sir!"
* Forest`^ places his head in his hands as Rachael speaks
* Drew` is just watching the tree....
<Kentari> Faust looks back from the throng of teachers at Rachel. Maslow, too, only with horror in his eyes. :P
Quote 8862
<Aaron_V> ((Aaron would sigh in relief, but he refuses to believe that there was a tree about to eat Kohlberg.))
Quote 8863
<Forest`^> "Then I suggest we find someone you can trust that hasn't already seen the vision, and see if we can get them to see the vision. Once we figure that out, we move along. If they see it from the stone, then they won't be affected by the tree. Like us."
<Kentari> <Faust> "Hrm. I don't know that I want to involve more innocent students in this, though ..."
<Drew`> (( "Involve Sara then!" ))
<Forest`^> "I'm more concerned about the ones in control. The Faculty?"
<Forest`^> err no caps, sounds too much like the movie ;)
<Kentari> <Faust> "What do you mean, ones in control? Are you saying you think this is a conspiracy on our end?"
* Forest`^ ruffles his eyebrows "Not yet."
Quote 8864
<Rachael> "What would happen in a TV show in a situation like this?"
<Kentari> <Petunia> "We'd transform!"
<Kentari> She speaks up. :P
<Rachael> (( who's around? ))
<Drew`> ".... The show would be taken off air because of Sara."
<Drew`> "I mean.... besides that.... I don't know! This is't a tv show!"
<Aaron_V> "We'd probably gain mysterious powers that would suddenly help us with the problem at hand."
<Rachael> "Transform? Okay! We should try that."
* Drew` sighs.
* Rachael looks around to see if anyone else is really in eyeshot.
<Rachael> (( there's a term you don't see much. Eyeshot. :P ))
Quote 8865
* Drew` looks at Faust.. "Please don't encourage her?"
* Aaron_V notes it's a decent-sized necklace, and as he holds it, it peeks out from his fist
<Kentari> "You learn in two situations: when its fun, or when you have to do it to survive..."
<Kentari> Faust takes one, two steps up onto the gazebo, within five feet of Rachael.
<Drew`> "She doesn't HAVE a talent. Besides being annoying."
<Rachael> (( my eyes are closed ))
* Aaron_V watches Faust, looking up from his necklace.
<Kentari> <Faust> "Maybe if she's scared into it..." He picks up his leg, bending it at the knee, and flexing a bit, warming up for what looks liek a foot-to-face style attack.
* Drew` stares at the teacher incredously
<Rachael> (( my eyes are clooosed.... ))
<Kentari> (( >:D ))
<Drew`> "Have Sara kiss her. THAT should do it."
* Aaron_V snickers
Quote 8866
<Forest`^> "Did you guys know what Kohlberg speaks german?"
<Rachael> "Ich bein ein berliner!"
<Aaron_V> "And no, I was not."
<Aaron_V> "You didn't happen to have found anything out, did you, Faust?"
* Rachael opens her eyes. "Hello!"
<Kentari> Forest, you see a small plaque, too, near Aaron. Reads "Pilder Memorial Gazebo"
<Forest`^> "No... He called me Heydrich though..."
<Anton> "Oh man, now I'm glad I didn't hail mein furher Kolberg."
Quote 8867
* Forest`^ picks up the crystal "Would you hold that for me?"
<Kentari> Sara holds onto it, "Okay. What now?"
* Forest`^ bites his lip
<Forest`^> "Hmm... Good question..."
<Kentari> She looks at the trunk and a thin grin spreads on her face.
* Forest`^ looks at the trunk too
<Forest`^> "What?"
<Kentari> <Sara> "You aren't trying to abduct me, are you?"
<Forest`^> "I don't have the keys..."
* Forest`^ looks at the crystal... thinking to himself
<Kentari> <Sara> "Suuure you don't."
Quote 8868
* Forest`^ sighs and takes the crystal back "Alright, we'll have to do it later, when the sun comes out."
<Kentari> <Sara> "WAnt doesn't? Your mind control?"
<Kentari> She snickers.
<Kentari> <Sara> "You do it in broad daylight?! I didn't think you were the type.."
<Forest`^> "What? Does that look like a mind control to you?"
* Forest`^ rubs his forehead
<Kentari> <Sara> "You do! You look soo guilty. With who?"
Quote 8869
<Kentari> <Sara> "Oh, forget about THIS thing." She tosses the crystal aside....... carelessly...
<Forest`^> "Ack!" diving for it
<Kentari> It arcs up in the air in a perfect parabola.
<Rachael> (( most things with a trajectory do that ))
Quote 8870
<Rachael> "I'd give you a hug too Mr. Maslow but I think there might be some sort of ethical issues involved."
<Kentari> MAslow just nods.
* Forest`^ rubs his temples counting down the minutes
Quote 8871
<Kentari> Explain, anton :P
<Forest`^> he's trying to push it farther in
<Kentari> Sara supports that strategy.
<Rachael> that's just WRONG
<Drew`> heh
<Aaron_V> very, very wrong
<Forest`^> lol
Quote 8872
<kentari> Nekomancers.
* kentari wants to kill at least one every four sessions ;p
<alcar> Erm..... so what do they do? :p
<Tass> die, apparently :P
* alcar grins. I could make some up as servants for the Queen of Cats. but cat-mancy doesn't seem all that useful :)
<Fennec> alcar: ah, not so useful, but sometimes annoying? :P
<kentari> They tend to be relegated to, you know, fan service type things :P
* alcar doesn't get what makes 'em annoying :p
<kentari> they're so tenacious :P
<kentari> Its like Sara, without any sex.
<Fennec> haha
<alcar> ... I think that is an impossible concept :p
<kentari> Imagine Sara obsessed with kewt kitty cats instead of sex.
Quote 8873
<AlcarGM> Okay. Kage is .. having a conversation with himself. Involving a shark knife, a webcam, and some paper and beer. Does kage learn anything interesting? :p
* Kage` learns that maybe he shouldn't get injured all that often around people who are sensitive :P
* Kage` also learns that yuki might be in trouble, she did cost Nomesi beer and a pizza
* Kage` also learns that a six pack just isn't enough, and he's a tease, and a total dick for having only that much around
Quote 8874
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "I see you got drunk. It makes you even ugiler than the pizza faced kid, and that takes work." He forwns, as if listening to something, and the sword vanishes. "Could you put a bag on your head?"
<Nomesi> "Could you shut your face before you make those comments?"
<Nomesi> "My looks engender fear, and fear is a beautiful thing."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "At least I *have* one. I mean, chains? You're wearing chains. What are you, some black pimp now?"
<Nomesi> "And leave fuckface out of this, I chose to look this way."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "You choose to shave with a weed wacker?"
Quote 8875
* Nomesi bunches a half dozen keys into his clenched fist and scrapes it across his cheek, "Worse."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "This is the after picture and you're michael jackson's last nose job?"
* Nomesi sighs as the few droplets that do form coagulate and are reabsorbed, "Your wearin thin, its already evident I don't care."
<Nomesi> "And I'm not sensitive like the kid."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: ".. how can you NOT care? You look like Frankensteins brother, on thalidomide!"
Quote 8876
<Nomesi> "Why do you care so much about your looks, anyway?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie stares. "..... you are fucked in the head. God knows y have to be, no one would fuck any other part of you."
<Nomesi> "Are first impressions really that important to you?"
<Nomesi> "Because diety knows no one would have the same impression after talking to you for five minutes."
Quote 8877
<Cecil`^> "Now, why are you looking for... whatever his name is..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "He's a relative. Estranged. Gone rogue. it's a punishment for Atlantis."
<Cecil`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "I don't want to talk about it."
Quote 8878
<Cecil`^> "Aren't Genies supposed to... Stay in bottles and only come out to grant 3 wishes?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "THAT is just a myth. We only get put in bottles if we - do bad things. Like I knew about - anyway, we grant wishes. To humans. I'm just not that good at it, yet."
<Cecil`^> "So you got put into a bottle?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "..... once twice."
* Cecil`^ shakes his head in disapointment "Well, how did you get out?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Did my time."
<Cecil`^> "What did you do? I mean I don't want to be sleeping next to a mass murderer..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "*I* didn't do anything! I just answered a damn wish, okay? It's not like anyone told me what a rock in the sky meant!"
Quote 8879
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "I think I'll check the kid in the hospital. Wake him up, or something. It's only a coma."
<AlcarGM> He frowns. "Paper or plastic?"
* Nomesi balances a bottle on his index finger and looks up, watching one of his chains slowly creep up around it like a coiling snake
<Nomesi> "FOr what?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "The bag for you to wear o your head when we're seen together in public."
* Nomesi narrows his eyes and the chains cave in with a series of small crunches, then rattle rapidly in place
Quote 8880
<Tiger-Chan> Simon has the hots for Yuki? '-_^
<Cecil`^> Not unless Yuki's a dude
<Tiger-Chan> Simons gay!? >_>
* Tiger-Chan had no idea, shoulda figured
<Cecil`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> lol
<Tiger-Chan> bein a retreiver n all
Quote 8881
<Cecil`^> That is, ofcourse, if either faline or rei show up for a session
<AlcarGM> Rei has :p But Rei tends to, well, be Alone at present, for plot reasons of trying to figure out wth he's become :)
<Cecil`^> he's a zombie were!
<Cecil`^> "Brraaaaaaains"
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> tghat's not quite fair to Faline :p
<AlcarGM> "I'll remove thodse ticks if you remove my maggots," wouldn't be a good come on
Quote 8882
<AlcarGM> Denice: "You met helen of troy?"
<Cecil`^> "No.. I met Sara."
<Cecil`^> "She's some woman in town looking for sex."
<AlcarGM> She blanches. ".... THE Sara?"
<Cecil`^> "When I didn't go for her she started yelling and asking if I was into dead women."
<Cecil`^> "THE sara?"
<Cecil`^> "Her name was Sara and she tried to seduce me."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "You said no? To her?!" She looks at you with respect in her eyes. "I heard even the Reaper didn't say no to her."
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Is that some weird - dragon thing?"
<Cecil`^> "If I was looking for sex then she would be my first stop. But I wasn't."
<Cecil`^> "I think it's an old thing. Sex is only fun the first few hundred years..."
<Cecil`^> "Why do you think those old vampires are so grumpy?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Because Sara won't have sex with them again."
Quote 8883
<Tiger-Chan> I'm reeeally bored
<Tiger-Chan> and don wanna go ti bed
<Tiger-Chan> what should I do to entertain myself?
<AlcarGM> have sex with Sara!
<Tiger-Chan> o_o
<Tiger-Chan> Sara?
<AlcarGM> she;'s bored too!
<Tiger-Chan> o_o
* Tiger-Chan pokes Alcar's eye out
<Tiger-Chan> ok, so second option? ~_~
<AlcarGM> Sara brightens. "You mean I can clone myself?!"
Quote 8884
<kentari> If cameron dies..
<kentari> I'm totally making Dudley Do-Right.
<tatterdemalion> ...
<tatterdemalion> no :p
<tatterdemalion> Though, IMO, he'd rock in a UA game
<tatterdemalion> Avatar :)
<tatterdemalion> of "The Horseman"
<kentari> Your next UA game.
<kentari> :P I'm doing that.
Quote 8885
<tatterdemalion> Sara doesn't DO denial :)
<tatterdemalion> she's probably the only npc who can be trusted 99% :p
<kentari> :P And Cameron has yet to meet her!
<kentari> lol :x actually..
<kentari> it would be funny if they had met like, during the renaissance or the US prohibition era or something :P
<tatterdemalion> Yes. Soon :) Though he's likely heard of her, since she is a vampire.
<tatterdemalion> lol. Is qite possible. Has he had sex with her, then? :)
<kentari> or victorian england :D
<kentari> lol
<kentari> no
<kentari> :P
<tatterdemalion> Whyever not?! :p
<kentari> In the immortal words of admiral ackbar
<kentari> ITS A TRAP
<tatterdemalion> In the immortal words of Sara:
<tatterdemalion> NO, THAT'S MARRIAGE SILLY!
Quote 8886
<tatterdemalion> Well, Yuki will still want to kill Sophie :) He's got demon blood, after all. But Faline is a calming influence.
<tatterdemalion> A sentence that would horrify Julie :)
Quote 8887
<AlcarGM> Blossom hasn't emailed you again after her last one, but seldom bothers to send a message until you reply with an old one/.send something new. It's the philosophy that keeps her christmas card list small. :p
Quote 8888
* Kage` nods, and starts off, then! :P
<AlcarGM> It's an easy enough walk. You attract quite a few stares, and some childtren doing a skipping rope game stop to point and laugh at you, though they make sure you're not too close when they do that :)
<Kage`> (Oh man, just had a vision of jump rope with nomesi. You better jump that damn rope, because it'll take your leg right off :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Kage`> (then we add the chains motiff :P)
Quote 8889
<Cameron> "But of course."
<Cameron> "I'm guessing we can come to some sort of agreement..?"
* Cameron withdraws a thing of post-its and a fountain pen from his desk, prepared to take this down. :>
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, then smiles slightly. "Ah. Blossom does train hers well. I am merely here to warn you, in exchange for a favour to be returned at a latter date."
<Cameron> "That sounds like it could be a fair exchange."
* Cameron doesn't bite. :P
<AlcarGM> (( wise :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( he has diseases :p ))
Quote 8890
<AlcarGM> Kage is...thinking about his answer, it seems :p
<AlcarGM> He thinks so hard you reach your place, passing one regular RCMP police cruiser and 2 Delaware ones along the way.
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "They smell different...."
<Cameron> "The Dela...were?"
* Cameron dramatically makes a suggestion :P
<AlcarGM> Simon nods. "They don't smell of donuts," not getting it at all
Quote 8891
<Anelelinde> "Are you in charge?"
<Faline> "Eh? Oh... yeah, more or less."
<AlcarGM> (( modern management? :p ))
* Anelelinde looks bemused.
Quote 8892
<Faline> "It's up to you. It does offer some security, as we all look out for each other. It's like a large family, but in some ways the ties are even stronger."
<Anelelinde> "Is it a formal affair?"
<Anelelinde> "I think I will hang around in any event!"
<Cameron> (("We're like .. a Family"))
<Cameron> (("Let me make you an offer you can't refuse."))
<Faline> "Not really. I've been really flexible with the whole thing, avoiding forcing my will on anyone and such." ((Except Yuki cause she's fucking nuts.))
<Anelelinde> (( speaking of which, Faline is pregnant, no? how much? ))
Quote 8893
<alcar> So, you want two sons? Son and daughter?
<alcar> Hermaphrodites? Neuters? Aliens?
<alcar> LOLAD: Where the pregnancies are negotiated...
<alcar> :p
Quote 8894
<alcar> A rather distraught woma is on the news, saying: "I heard them. They were hitmen! The one was saying he was going to kill the other, and had a reputation... it wass horrible! Thenb they 0 played, kept playing, and - and ..... they sank all theballs! With one hit! Each!"
* Kage` just... stares
<Kage`> "So nothing super wierd happened?"
<Kage`> "They might have been trick shooting hitmen!"
<Cameron> "Its a television, Kage. It can't hear you."
* Kage` just looks at Cameron and grits his teeth
* Cameron said that with a slight smile :P
<alcar> Simon: "If one of them was chinese, it probably wasn't," between bites.
<alcar> TV: .oO(That's what YOU think buster.)
Quote 8895
<Faline> "Hmm. I sense dangerr."
* Faline springs to a high hiding place somewheres. :P
<alcar> (( And, in a studio far to the south, terrified, shaking hands renew Barney for another season. But this is probably just a coincidence. ))
Quote 8896
<alcar> There are a dozen figurres streaking out of the woods. Female. ( see: http://tinypic.com/fxum47.jpg for more details ) ... not human .. and clawed.
<Faline> (( omg, we're being attacked by neko-chans?? And here I am not playing a male character! >_< :P ))
<alcar> (( yes :) ))
Quote 8897
<alcar> The nekomancer hears the battle cry and goes to go past you.,...
* Anelelinde interposes! "Wait!"
<alcar> She slashes at you, angrily :p
<alcar> The necomancer misses, spiting and slashing again. "I'm not going to wait! You lied to me!" and she starts crying, trying to cut you open at the same time. "Everyone lies to me and says I'm ugly! I'M A FUCKING KITTY CAT!"
Quote 8898
<alcar> Anelelinde comes across Faline... well.... carving herself up like a turkey for Christmas....
* Anelelinde gasps.
* Faline is gouging her arm and bleeding and trying to apply water.
<Faline> (( "LEECHES! Does anyone have some leeches?!" ))
<alcar> (( were.. leech..... ))
<Anelelinde> (( wereleech++! ))
<Faline> (( EWW ))
<Faline> (( woops, capslock ))
<Anelelinde> (( wait, those are called vampires ))
<Anelelinde> (( carry on ))
<Anelelinde> "What... are you doing?!"
Quote 8899
<alcar> Mufasta opens it, wearing a bathrobe and holding a cup of hot chocolate and looking worried.
<Faline> "Crazy cat girrls infected me with some sorrt of crrazy evil cat magic!"
<alcar> Mufasta: "..... you're not joking? REAL cat girls?"
<Faline> "Well, they werre made of magic orr something."
<alcar> Mufasta: "Oh......." He blinks. "Oh! Right. Ah..... come in?"
<Anelelinde> "They were kind of silly I think."
* Faline rushes inside.
<alcar> he steps inside. The interior is ..crowded. And there's enough anti-demon wards scraped into walls, cupboards, tables, ceiling, floor and chairs to probably give Satan pause. if not those, the laundry and pizza conhealing in one corner and the stack of dishes that probably have a sink somewhere under them would do it.
<Faline> (( this place needs a werevixen's touch. :P ))
Quote 8900
* Cameron cruises towards the forest. This is an offroading sedan, now. :P
<alcar> The paint job. It is ruined.
<Anelelinde> _She_ is ruined.
<Anelelinde> Use the gender-specific pronoun for extra silliness.