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Quote 8701
<AlcarGM> You now have money, some hopefully better humans, and a minor headache from the strain of this, but it goes away quickly, no doubt accentuated by 500 dollars.
<Anelelinde> whee. Not bad.
<AlcarGM> The rest of the evening is passing ,well, "normally" though an awful lot of people here seem to be a little less stable than they should, as if someone dropped a telepathic nuke in the area recently.*
<AlcarGM> * possibly named Faline.
Quote 8702
* AlcarGM wonders if anyone markets t-shirts like that...
<Tahlin> I survived trail and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
<AlcarGM> nah, the "I beat anorexia" for obese people :)
<AlcarGM> Danric would get a trail one :) Should have one, too.
Quote 8703
<Anelelinde> anyone have Contamination of any sort? :P
<alcar> it's free for weres and vamps, though hit and miss for effect unles specifically bought ;P
<alcar> and only works if certain requirements are met that, well, no one knows yet. Because no one knows anymore what it really means to be a lord of life or death :)
<Anelelinde> ah. well, I'm sure that there are those who would love to be experimented on :P
<Anelelinde> if it comes to that
<alcar> ... I wil forbid that for vampires
<Anelelinde> but not for weres? :P
<alcar> It's a vampire commandment. Thou Shalt Not Make Anne Rice Fans Vampires
Quote 8704
<AlcarGm> Randy: "..... is it my fault?" quietly. "I mean, it ... hit me .and I said n - no ... and..... and..."
<AlcarGm> (( Salem: "No. It's Faline's fault. Everything is." ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Faline> "Shh, it's okay Rrandy. It's not yourr fault. Don't worrrry."
* Yuki-Takuri thinks its her fault
Quote 8705
<AlcarGm> The yakuza demon in the park wasn't expecting you, but demons never espect the Yuki Inquisition. And they believed you to be a demon tool .. he's selling drugs, a simple human trick, though the drugs ... make people See things, and drive them mad.
Quote 8706
* Yuki-Takuri twists the katana deeper into it to cut painfully into organs and nerve centers inside
* Yuki-Takuri to emphasize her point
<AlcarGm> The demon laughs. "Tools?" and spits out five words that sound like like the last gasping breath of deaad men as your sword carves into it (or perhaps it's speaking German, it's hard to tell the differerence) and a spell crashes into you, a banishment... to a demon hell....
Quote 8707
<Anelelinde> (( hmm, if the PCs kill each other the first sessions, does that not make things so much easier? ))
<Anelelinde> (( =D ))
<AlcarGm> (( .... you guessed the plot?! :p ))
<Faline> (( If I build a giant fly swatter, would that not then make things even easier? *eyes Anelelinde* ))
<Anelelinde> (( giant flyswatter? naah. Giant butterfly net? Yes. ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Faline> (( Ah yes, I should catch you so I can nail you to a board. Excellent idea! ))
<Faline> (( "This here's my butterfly collection." "But there's only one..." "Yeah, but it's a really BIG butterfly!" ))
Quote 8708
<AlcarGm> Y' know .. Faline and Rei might have trouble doing it in private now, if Yuki thinks Rei is a demon. It's like abstinence!
<Faline> Hmmm, d'you thingk Demon Seed could be harmful to unborn babies? :P
<AlcarGm> ... probably :p
<Faline> Well then, blessed condoms it is! :P
<AlcarGm> :p
<AlcarGm> blessed condoms likely catch fire :) "Aaagh! Help! OMG! It thinks I'm a burning bush!"
Quote 8709
<Yuki-Takuri> "Stop it Faline! How can that be Rei! everything about it reeks of a demon!"
<Faline> "Even if he isn't rreally Rrei, he's done nothing harrmful to anyone yet, and this rreally isn't the time forr this! We can deal with this laterr, once we'rre all safe."
<Yuki-Takuri> "It's burning it's pressence into me"
* Faline begins flaring some of her aura unconsciously.
* Rei`-` looks hard at Faline "Let her go."
* Yuki-Takuri growls, looks at rei menacingly, but sheathes her katana, moving to Faline's flank protectively
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Some are coming closer," quietly.
* Faline looks at Rei finally when she backs down. "Not now Rrei. I meant that to both of you, we can deal with it laterr. Forr now, therre's someone likely not verry frriendly outside."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "At least thirty of them," helpfully.
<Rei`-`> "I know, let her go. This gets sorted out here and now or its never going to end."
<Faline> "Forr Heaven's sake, why do you both have to be so damned stubborrn? This. Is. Not. The. Time. *sighs* Since when am I suddenly the voice of rreason?" ((I feel like Baliadoc :P))
<AlcarGm> (( quoted! :p ))
Quote 8710
* Rei`-` slips to one side or the other of them and lets out a rather feace growl to bait them away from the cave (prefurably up wind where as I've got more warning in that direction
<AlcarGm> A soldier jumps firing at you blindly
<AlcarGm> Foxes begin bursting out of the bushes.. 30 . .40.. .more? smal ones, coming from everywhere....
* Rei`-` climbs a tree and eyes the fox rush
<AlcarGm> The soldiers are firing blindly now, three groups, others calling for backup.
<AlcarGm> The foxes converge, swarming over one soldier
<AlcarGm> tjhe man screams ,bolting from his group and the foxes - well, don't skeletonise him in 2 minuts, but they do get alot of meat from bones!
* Rei`-` shakes his head and yells "This is not the return I had hoped for."
<AlcarGm> A soldier shoots up at your voice, reflexively
<AlcarGm> foxes are dying, but it doesn't seem to bother them gorup of them., They just keep attacking, like an overeaters convention descending on a candy store
Quote 8711
* Rei`-` attempts to pluck the soldier's into the trees and thus out of the sea of foxes reach
<AlcarGm> Okay, you grab a few easily, hauling thhree up into trees...
<AlcarGm> Foxes are dying. .and respawning . .and dying ..and respawning (literally, too....)
<AlcarGm> The soldiers stare at Rei, but given the carnage below they wisely ..don't fight him :p
<AlcarGm> Soldier #1: "What are you?" in small voice, reeking of fear
<AlcarGm> YThe foxes begin to change tactics, chasing them men to the east, and away from the pack.
<AlcarGm> The soldiers, wisely, run away like Brave Sir Robin.
* Rei`-` looks at the Soldier and just shrugs then clears out once he knows the tribe is away safely
<AlcarGm> the soldiers stare at each other in silence, huddling in the trree from the killer fox hunt that the one who's father is British is finding, in a part of his brain, funny (but not funny ha ha) and says: "Was that an angel?" A second soldier, his pants stained with urine, says: "I dunno, but I saw his face once on a 7-11 wanted poster."
Quote 8712
<Faline> For some reason I just pictured OR down in a burrow in the woods somewhere being all crazy in the dark by himself, and then some soldier happens along and a scary, demented version of the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd thing plays out. :P
<AlcarGm> lol
* AlcarGm nods. For some reason. I picture him prtending he's the easter bunny, too
* Anelelinde considers Old Rabbit vs Bun-Bun.
<AlcarGm> hrm.... .draw, I suspect :p
Quote 8713
* Faline makes no mention of the bone, also not being in a position to cast stones. :P
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
* Yuki-Takuri blames the incident on having bad role models =P
<AlcarGm> :p
Quote 8714
<Faline> "Oh well, maybe we can find a decent spot somewherre rrelatively nearr the Rreserrvation." *heads back in that generral dirrection*
* Yuki-Takuri follows
<AlcarGm> You make it back, easily avoiding soldiers. They're only human, after all, and between the three of you avoiding them is like playing tag with blind people.
<AlcarGm> Except with the bonus that one of you can turn into foxes and feast on their useless eyes
Quote 8715
<Faline> "Look, I know that's Rrei. I *might* accept he could have become something similarr to a demon, but I don't believe a demon could have rreplaced him and I didn't rrealize it."
<Yuki-Takuri> "They excell in deception"
<Faline> "Yes, well, if I had a demon in the Pack I think I'd have some indication."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Maybee he's possesed, that would explain it..."
* Yuki-Takuri looks thoughtful
<Yuki-Takuri> "That means I can't kill him... "
<Faline> "Ok good, we'll go with that, then."
Quote 8716
<Yuki-Takuri> as far as when it's effects inpenge upon my will and cause me to have to take the apropriate actions against it so I can stay out of the sway again
<AlcarGm> k
<Yuki-Takuri> '-_^
* AlcarGm , in turn, will leave it up to Sparkie :p
<Yuki-Takuri> lol
<Yuki-Takuri> '-_^
<Yuki-Takuri> well it has sort of a situational effect
<Yuki-Takuri> "greatly impedes the character before and after any major action"
<Yuki-Takuri> so it might be in relation to a large use of my abilities, or up to your discresion as to when it crops up
<AlcarGm> going to the bathroom will prove interesting.
Quote 8717
<AlcarGm> Simon: "But ... but....." He frowns, rather comical for a were. 'If we don't .. if we don't forrgive, we neverr get to be forrgiven."
<Yuki-Takuri> "There are things that can't be forgiven"
* Yuki-Takuri gets a steely icy glare
<Faline> "Vengenance is a neverr-ending cirrcle of pain. They may feel the same way you did when you lost yourr family now that you've killed some of theirrs. Someone has to stop the cycle."
<AlcarGm> Simon returns it., without steel, looking sad. "That's not fairr to you."
<AlcarGm> (( "or at least get a decent treadmill!" ))
Quote 8718
<Elana-Silvereye> Yuki didn't get to be all cozy and happy in a perfect world with the rest of the pack =P
<Elana-Silvereye> Yuki had familiy matters to take care of '-_^
<Caltak> Perfect?!
<Caltak> PERFECT?!?
<Caltak> It was cold as a witch's tit! :P
Quote 8719
<Anelelinde> hey! for four points, you can get yourself a 4/4/4 irreplacable servant with neatness like flying and teleport-other
<Anelelinde> not bad
<alcar[away]> Servant - swarm. for kings in need of more staff :p
<Anelelinde> haha
<Anelelinde> hmm. Style yourself some typical anime damsel in distress and put all your points into your Servant :P
Quote 8720
* alcar hopes you have melee combat ;p Because, at some point, you really DO have to throw silver letter openers into some poor weres eyes again
<kentari> hahahaha
<kentari> >:E
Quote 8721
<Anelelinde> is Cameron Owned by a Megacorp, or does he have Red Tape, or Organizational Ties, or...?
<AlcarGM> unless you take the bus
<Cameron> lol
<Cameron> Bus will work :P
* Cameron is all about saving the environment by riding public transportation! :P
<Cameron> hmm?
<Cameron> Its kind of like Red Tape, if anything, Annie :P
<Cameron> I can call you Annie, right?
<Anelelinde> sure.
<AlcarGM> (( "As in Little Orphan." "But ..my parents aren't dead.." "Surprise!" ))
Quote 8722
* Cameron makes a detour at a store, to buy some candy just in case there are some brave people out there tonight. For the same reason, he almost purchases some ammunition.
<AlcarGM> (( just some?! ))
<AlcarGM> Your home is quiet, uninvaded by any other creature. There are still no ghosts around, which coud be good.
* Cameron gets like a whole crate of candy, fine! :P
<AlcarGM> (( meant the bullets, but okay :) ))
Quote 8723
<Anelelinde> Sparkie favors 3s, 8s, and 12s.
<Anelelinde> perhaps statistical anomoly. perhaps not. :)
<AlcarGM> 12 is bad in this game :p
<Anelelinde> I know.
<Anelelinde> The 3s, I figure, yay, 3 3 3. :P
* sparkie is pleased
<Anelelinde> 12, he's sadistic. 8, sounds like a good spot for a near-miss just to torture us. :P
Quote 8724
* Anelelinde gets spam from "Dogfighting H. Witnessed"
<Anelelinde> AlcarGM: get me some random in this campaign sometime named that.
<AlcarGM> done ;p
Quote 8725
* Cameron holds up his hand, in a wave, and walks past them to check on the status of the bowl of candy in front of the door..
<AlcarGM> The smoking man nods to Cameron, unsurprised, and smiles.
<Cameron> ((Any left? :P))
<AlcarGM> Most of it :)
* Cameron turns and returns a simillair smile, "Ah, good. One per person, remember." He nods to the smoker. Then looks at the other fellow as he holds the bowl of candy, "And .. how many would you get, then?" He raises his eyebrow slightly.
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "This's your weapon," laconically, looking bored, but he's edged a little away from Kage in the past few moments
* Kage` holds up his hand, "No... thanks?"
* Kage` looks around, "Where is this?"
<AlcarGM> (( Special Defect - Sugar - 1 BP - Causes cavities ))
<Anelelinde> (( I'd do it as a Weapon Attack ))
Quote 8726
<Kage`> "The other one called me a weapon, he said it, and thing, and other such words."
<AlcarGM> Sophie sighs, getting a sub out of the bag, wisely not asking if Cameron will pay him back.
<Kage`> "You have no information other than that..."
<Kage`> "Who do you work for?"
<Cameron> "That's about the size of it."
* Cameron pauses, and continues before answering,
<AlcarGM> (( "Haliburton. Like all Evil." ))
Quote 8727
<Anelelinde> (( why is a guy named Sophie? ))
<AlcarGM> (( cuz Kentari named him that ))
<Cameron> (( Because this is an Alcar game :P ))
<Cameron> (( *points the blame finger :P* ))
Quote 8728
<AlcarGM> You know, this game has to last long enough in game for Faline to be Santa Claws at Christmas
Quote 8729
<AlcarGM> The man looks . .relieved..... almost pathetically so. "F - foxes. Dozens. H - hundreds. They are Huey., and Duey, an we ran and they .. they kept coming ....... they kept coming . .oh merciful jesus....>"
<AlcarGM> he starts crying, for real, nose running and everything.
<Elana-Silvereye> (( XD ))
* Cameron looks at Sophie, "I guess a familliar face makes all the difference."
* Elana-Silvereye ((laughs hystericly))
<AlcarGM> Sophie just nods, studying the solider thoughtfully. "That would be usefull to scare people like that."
* Kage` looks over to where the guy was firing and heads off thataways
* Kage` notices his clothes on the way, oh, thats why :P
<AlcarGM> The soldier grabs Kage's arm, to stop him. "SIr! You can't! They'll eat you all up!" He laughs, hysterically. "Gobble you up!"
<Cameron> "Useful for what ends?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Fear is stronger than love, sometimes. Isn't it?"
Quote 8730
* Cameron looks at Kage's gauntlets. "Do those have any silver in them?"
* Kage` traces the edges, "Seems shiny."
* Kage` examines!
<AlcarGM> (( "That's good enough for me." ))
<Cameron> "I guess that'd better than a definite no."
Quote 8731
<Fennec> poor Zimbabwe
<analog> zimbabwe???
<Fennec> the place is gonna implode
<analog> built on a giant vacuum tube?
<Fennec> the government decided it'd seize all the farms from the White People and give them to blacks!
<analog> that was a long time ago
<Fennec> which has led, of course, to near-total economic and agricultural collapse
<analog> and expulsion from the farmer's union here
<Fennec> inflation last year was 782%.
<analog> seven *hundred* and eighty two?
<Fennec> yes
<analog> when your country is run by a madman what can you expect
<Fennec> seven hundred and eighty two percent
<Fennec> note to would-be socialists and communists. This is how the world does not work. :P
<HmwkPepper> yeesh, 782%...
<HmwkPepper> That's insane
<HmwkPepper> paper is gonna be more expensive than money
Quote 8732
<Caltak> Tass: Normally, I can respect responsibilities and commitments. I even have some. But not when it concerns LoLaD.
<Tass> ic
<Tass> well, then fall in a well and die :P
<Caltak> I thought I was over that, actually, but after the presession I was hooked again. It's just something about it... I don't know.
<Caltak> It's like crack.
<Caltak> Not that I've tried crack, mind.
Quote 8733
<alcar> Hrm,so besm 3e comes out in march/april
* alcar grins.
<alcar> LOLAD 1 wewnt from 2e to 3e D&D. This continuation should go from 2e to 3e besm
<alcar> Just for amusement value :p
Quote 8734
<AlcarGM> Okay! It is 9 pm, October 31st, and the monsters are out in strength! Most of them, are three feet tall, and asking for candy, but that doesn't make them any less monstrous :p
Quote 8735
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Wow. Weres *are* ugly," to himself.
* Yuki-Takuri seems to gradualy stop straining against the force, and is calming down, still hissing and eyeing Edward with death in her eyes
* Faline perks an ear visibly at Sophie's comment and looks over at him. "Pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Well, you are."
* Kage` gives Sophie a look :P, the 'don't provoke them' look
* Faline frowns. "At least we'rre not rrude."
* Cameron looks briefly at Sophie .. and decides not to get his hands dirty. :P "I don't think that's very important right now, all things considered."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Well, I guess not....."
<Kage`> "We must have different definitions of rude."
<AlcarGM> to Cameron, ignoring Faline :p
<Kage`> "I consider being eaten alive horrible rude."
<Kage`> (er, eating others alive :P)
<Faline> (( damn :P ))
<Faline> (( you screwed up my retort ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Its the most polite gesture in were custom =P))
Quote 8736
<AlcarGM> you . .didn't sense Rei at all.
<AlcarGM> His aura is ... .were. But blue, and cold like winter
* Cameron pins that as either a wet noodle, or something Undead. :P
Quote 8737
<Cameron> the entire vamp team is silvered
<Cameron> A little paranoid, aren't we? :P
<AlcarGM> It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you :P
<Cameron> :P
Quote 8738
<Yuki-Takuri> there was a great disturbance in the force
<Yuki-Takuri> as if millions of voices cryed out and then suddenly ceased =P
<Cameron> yeah
<Cameron> as in someone was messing with my can of souls again
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> What is this, the 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo?"
<Cameron> :D let me find my picture of BESM scooby doo..
<Faline> your what? O_O
Quote 8739
* Yuki-Takuri keeps a warry eye out for any furry fans =P
<Faline> (( *stealth glomp* ))
<AlcarGM> (( Furry fans trigger demon sense...... nah. That's a bit too nasty ))
<Cameron> ((Maybe the really evil furries. :P))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((tentacle hentai combined with furry triggers it =P))
Quote 8740
<AlcarGM> Charles: "It's like a giant puzzle," softly, reverently. "Pieces coming together..."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "It's like God. Fate. Patterns. A ... purpose....." He turns slowly, staring at you. "They need you. They need..... the circus?" puzzled
<Anelelinde> "Circus. Hiding?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I don't know. I just ... thought of you, and them, and it was.. obvious. But it's gone now."
<Anelelinde> "Then I suppose I should meet them."
<Anelelinde> "They have travelled as we spoke?"
<AlcarGM> He frowns, then nods. "A .. bowling alley?" almost disappointed
<Anelelinde> 2d6 prevent soda from shooting out nose
<sparkie> Anelelinde 2d6: 7 prevent soda from shooting out nose
<Anelelinde> -- is that a success or a failure? :P
Quote 8741
<Anelelinde> (( Faline needs a new name to prevent riots. I reccomend something else with an F. ))
<Anelelinde> (( Fuzzbutt? ))
<Anelelinde> (( /me ducks+runs ))
<AlcarGM> (( Furby ))
<Faline> (( Screw that, I'll wear a Faline t-shirt before I go changin my name! ))
<Anelelinde> (( Fluffy. ))
<Kage`> ( Frenzy :P)
Quote 8742
<AlcarGM> Rei vs Faline, then! Round one! :p
<Rei`-`> 2d6 (not that i know what i'm doing, mabie i should have read the book)
<sparkie> Rei`-` 2d6: 9 (not that i know what i'm doing, mabie i should have read the book)
Quote 8743
* Cameron takes the sword from Kage, and chucks it out of the car.. it multiplies into several swords.. as he peels off into the moonrise! "Somewhere else."
* Kage`` doesn't let go so easily, actually!
<Kage``> "What, you're giving her back her murder tool?!"
<Cameron> "Relax."
* Cameron continues driving, pressing a button or two on the dashboard.
* Cameron makes a couple turns, and is heading towards what looks like a church in the distance.
<Cameron> "I just left a point. We're putting the real thing in a church, and letting the extraplanar beings work this one out amongst themselves."
<Cameron> "What do you think about the idea?"
<Kage``> "Why a church?"
<Cameron> "God seems like a nice, impartial third party in this situation."
* sparkie isn't, though.
Quote 8744
<Faline> "It's you who might need help. You need to calm down."
<Anelelinde> "Would you like help calming down?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Faline, the sirens!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Let go!"
* Yuki-Takuri looks like she's calming down
<Faline> "Fine. But stop trrying to kill people so much." ((Especially important characters. Unimportant NPCs are okay to kill.))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
Quote 8745
<Anelelinde> (( please, call me Anelelinde ))
<Cameron> ((ah, sorry ;p its just that, my fingers get wrapped up around all the letters :x ))
<Anelelinde> (( Anne? Lynn? Annie? Anny? Lindy? Linda? Flora? Tab-complete? ))
<Cameron> ((heheh, I'll stick to annie ;D))
Quote 8746
<Cameron> "I'm suprised. Less than a day on the job, and you're having to reconcile things with a third party. How are you still feeling, about all this?"
* Cameron starts the car and heads off once Kage enters, heading towards, oh.. we could use a malt right now. How about a malt shop? Woohoo.
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Give me a reference. I'm out of here!" ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
Quote 8747
<AlcarGM> You follow the scent easily. You arrive at a church presently, and find out sword in it, wrapped in cloth. A priest is staring at it puzzled.
<AlcarGM> He's older, about 62 or so "A relic....?" to himself.
* Yuki-Takuri aproaches him, stealthily
<Yuki-Takuri> "it was, my grandfather's"
* Yuki-Takuri says after she's close enough for him to hear her talking quietly, likely right behind him
<AlcarGM> The priest jumps, surprising, turning. "Oh! I didn't hear you come in, demon from hell!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> The priest jumps, surprising, turning. "Oh! I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry.!"
<Yuki-Takuri> (('-_^))
* Yuki-Takuri looks at him, thinking his response rather tame, giving him a moment to notice her apperance, if he'd made made a mistake initialy or something
<AlcarGM> it's halloween :p
<AlcarGM> He just had frankenstein's mosnter tell him he had a relic in the church. You're small fries :)
Quote 8748
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".. faline?" looking a bit poleaxed
* Anelelinde winces after hearing what the F-word did earlier to-day.
<Faline> (( hey, Faline is not a four-letter-word. It has 6 letters. :P ))
Quote 8749
<Cameron> ugh, kage
<Cameron> we're meddling kids
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> This game summons Scooby Doo refrences all the time. Like back when we had a van...
Quote 8750
<AlcarGM> Y' know, there;'s enoug mistaken identities right now to power a soap opera ;P
Quote 8751
* Faline looks at Cameron. "Why arre all vamps so prretentious all the time? It gets old rreally fast."
* Cameron looks at Faline, "I could give you several egocentric explanations, but let's just settle with a question: why are weres so brutish and violent? Its terribly messy."
Quote 8752
<Cecil`^> I miss anythign important?
<AlcarGM> Yes.
<Cecil`^> lol
<AlcarGM> :p
Quote 8753
<Cameron> glad I sent sophie home
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> Sophie needs to get raped.
<AlcarGM> lol
<Anelelinde> you volunteering? :P
<Kage``> he's too pretty :P
Quote 8754
* Kit (makes sure when Elana's feeding Faline foxes that she starts with herself.)
<Faline> (( Hmm. That's really gross but she totally could do that./ ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( >_> ))
<Faline> (( with the Swarm thing I mean ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((No snacking on Yuki's alter egos!))
<Anelelinde> (( hey, swarm + regen => all you can eat!
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Even if there are more than enough of them to go around >_>))
<Anelelinde> (( the Winterland's food supply problem is solved! ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((NO! <_<))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((T_T))
* Yuki-Takuri doesn't wanna be a buffet
Quote 8755
<Faline> "Oh yeah Ken, sorry but Cecil killed Cameron."
<Cecil`^> He would be pissed
<Faline> No doubt. Which is why you msut do it.
<AlcarGM> hehe
<Cecil`^> yeah...
<Cecil`^> That'd be cool, but then he'll like have Forest fall into a vat of acid
<Cecil`^> which would suck, unless it was LSD acid
<Anelelinde> haha
<Anelelinde> don't break Rachael's heart!
<Cecil`^> LoL
<Cecil`^> She's like... 12 she'll live =p
<Kit> Until next year, she turns 13 and is valid for angsty teenage drama queen license.
<Cecil`^> LoL
<Cecil`^> She's a hippy
<Kit> Oh man.
<Kit> A drama queen hippy.
* Kit cringes.
Quote 8756
<Anelelinde> "I am here..... with the Circus! of course! And, umm, maybe Fate."
<Kage``> "Who?"
<Anelelinde> "It's an abstract concept, not a Who."
<Kage``> "oh."
Quote 8757
<Cecil`^> "Oh... You have any names?"
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "I .... used to . Many of them, like all of us. I collected them, like clothing, discarded to find myself naked. Or something like that, at least. Perhaps I just forgot."
Quote 8758
<Yuki-Takuri> "You, could come with us, with your magic, we can help eachother right?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "It would be so much easier if I didn't have to do it alone"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta looks .,.. surprised,then shakes his head. "My magics are .. just human, in the end. You are...deeper than they can ever be. I'm... sorry?"
* Yuki-Takuri looks confused
<Yuki-Takuri> "You saying that, its different for me, for a were?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Weres.. are deeper, than magic."
* Yuki-Takuri looks spacy a bit
<Yuki-Takuri> "Then, then I can beat them, were you failed..."
<AlcarGM> He looks a bit offended by that notion :p
<Yuki-Takuri> hehe XD
Quote 8759
<Yuki-Takuri> "Mufasta, if I could find a way to help you, would you come with us?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".... like you helped yourself?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "no.... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "Thats, different, I, I have to get revenge.. for my family"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I mean, I... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'm going to beat them... "
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".... they would approve of this method?" No anger, just ..puzzled
* Yuki-Takuri looks offended this time =P
<AlcarGM> :p
Quote 8760
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Rei? How would we recruit for an army?"
<Kage``> "That and how do you fight a storm with an army?"
<Anelelinde> "Oh! I know! Use psychic powers on the general!"
<Anelelinde> "Or do you want a NEW army?"
Quote 8761
<Faline> (( need top take Anelelinde to the Winterland and sex her up like crazy. :P ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
<Anelelinde> (( who with? ))
<AlcarGM> (( Sophie? :p ))
<Rei`-`> (butterfly ware+ wind ware = butterfly effect ware??)
<AlcarGM> (( .. LOL! That would rock :) ))
<Kage``> (due to the censors, frankensex is strictly off the menu :P)
Quote 8762
<Faline> "She's been thrrough a lot and she's trroubled, but I feel cerrtain that she can get betterr. I got overr my... condition."
<Anelelinde> "Your condition?"
* Kage`` blinks!
<Anelelinde> "The sound of your name seems to invoke bedlam."
<Faline> "Rright, the one that starrted that."
<Anelelinde> "How, umm, conditional? was it?"
<Faline> (( "I had a sort of... compulsive eating disorder." :P ))
<Rei`-`> "Nothing a few months in the winterland didn't cure, it passed fairly quickly realy."
<Faline> "I just had... you know... emotional prroblems, I guess." *doesn't seem verry comforrtable talking about it*
<Kage``> "I see."
<Kage``> "You weren't convinced everyone was a demon, though, right?"
Quote 8763
<AlcarGM> Rei goes to sleep in a tree, and is packed off and sent to America to live with a man in a yellow hat
Quote 8764
<Yuki-Takuri> meh
* Yuki-Takuri will force you to develop the NPC =P
<AlcarGM> :P
<AlcarGM> NO!
* AlcarGM has too many already!
* AlcarGM runs into the corner and cries
Quote 8765
<Kage``> "You sword sings, by the way, dunno if you knew that."
<Kage``> "Well, actually, it doesn't sing sing, it just... 'rings."
<Faline> (( It also glows when orcs are around, but that doesn't happen much. ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
Quote 8766
<Kage``> "Well, ah, then what is a demon?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Wel... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "Thats complicated"
* Kage`` :
<Yuki-Takuri> "They er, disguise themselves, and I thought I could tell the differance, I mean all the one I've killed were quite obviously demons"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You three, are the only one's that have thrown me for a loop... but thats all been since.... "
* Yuki-Takuri spaces off
<Kage``> "So.... what you're telling me, is that you kill people who are complicated."
* Yuki-Takuri still has Mufasta in the crook of her arm
<Yuki-Takuri> "no!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I Kill demons"
Quote 8767
<Kage``> "How do you know her?"
<Cecil`^> "We're... old friends?"
<Kage``> "She doesn't seem the type to have.... your kind as a friend, but maybe I misjudged her."
<Cecil`^> "My kind?"
<AlcarGM> (( "We're lovers." ))
<Cecil`^> (( Shhh! ))
<AlcarGM> (( "She's my buffalo gal." ))
<Kage``> "A lot has happened today."
<Cecil`^> "i'm sorry I don't follow?"
<Kage``> "Well, you seem.... rather normal?"
<Cecil`^> OMG
<Cecil`^> I sound like a redcap
<AlcarGM> lol
<Cecil`^> MJ banished them... to the lolad world... and they are cecil
Quote 8768
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks a few times, surprised. "Cecil?" again.
<Cecil`^> "Yes? What?"
* Kage`` just looks more confuseder :P
<AlcarGM> He leaps through the air and plows into Cecil, giving him a giant hug. "You're familiar!"
<Faline> (( DAMN! he beat me to it ))
<AlcarGM> (( join in! ))
* Cecil`^ steps backward, looks somewhat confused, and returns it
<AlcarGM> (( That way, we vcan get past defence and killlhim! ))
<Cecil`^> "Ah.. thanks?"
<Faline> (( well no, see I was going to tackle him to see if he could evade it :P ))
Quote 8769
<Cecil`^> "I was supposed to meet you a while ago, but I got... caught up in things."
<Faline> "Supposed to meet us? Exactly how many people knew we werre coming??"
<AlcarGM> (( the parade was cancelled. ))
<AlcarGM> (( they coudn't find enough guns to go around ))
Quote 8770
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... Faline you feeling ok? WHy are you all at the Circus?"
<Kage``> "The perfect combination to not remember what he said precisely."
<Faline> "Yeah, I'm fine." *does a standing backflip*
<Kage``> "Well, Rei and Yuki can't... turn back?"
<Kage``> "So I think they're going to try and hide here."
<Cecil`^> "Oh... Baal's old manor is the military headquarters right now so we'll have to rule that out.... plus it doesn't have any walls."
<AlcarGM> (( and the maze was burned down and the gardener murderer too ))
<Cecil`^> (( That too ))
Quote 8771
<Kage``> we can open a pub
* AlcarGM nods. Would be ... interesting :p
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> probably could...
<AlcarGM> AND! AND! Have blood wine!
<Kit> If I read that right, you don't exactly have ... "hands."
<Cecil`^> ...
<AlcarGM> imported by one Artimus :p
<Kage``> faline's bar and grill, with takeout and assassination services :P
<Kit> So if you're running the place, how would you pour drinks?
<Cecil`^> Only if you can hide an assault rifle inside your pants
<AlcarGM> hehe
Quote 8772
* Kage` reaches over and snags Simon by the throat, and puts his other hand up to his face where he -TEARS- something off from him and throws it away
<Cecil`^> "Indeed she is..."
* Cecil`^ blinks looks at simon to make sure he's not dead =p
<AlcarGM> Simon leaps back with a strangled scream, flowing into were with a snarl, his aura flaring, pushing both of you backwards.
* Kage` lets go!
<AlcarGM> He snarls angrily, leaping at Kage without thinking :p
* Cecil`^ watches
<AlcarGM> 2d6 - yay!
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 12 - yay!
<AlcarGM> Oh. NOT yay :p
Quote 8773
<AlcarGM> The grund.. explodes, power ripping through nit in a giant explosion of debris and wreckage that hurls you all about like RVs meeting a hurricane
<AlcarGM> Everyone is now half huried under debris, the ferris wheel is .... a loss, lights are going on, people screaming....
* Faline scrambles to dig herself out right away.
* Cecil`^ climbs out of the debris and grabs his leash =p
<AlcarGM> You manage iut, though you hurt all over. If the attack had been directed at you alone, you'd probably .. not be here....
<AlcarGM> The leash is fine, of course. But miffed.
* Cecil`^ consoles it and puts it away, and helps Simon
* Faline looks for Simon.
<AlcarGM> Simon pushes debris aside, standing, blinking. He looks at the ground, then the remains of the ferris wheel.
<Faline> (( maybe we can say it was a meteor. ))
* Cecil`^ looks for Kage
<Faline> (( ...which vanished. ))
<Cecil`^> (( Build one! ))
<AlcarGM> (( becayse there was this boy in it.... and these hicks from kansas... ))
Quote 8774
* Cecil`^ walks over to Kage
* Kage` is like, somewhere! :P
* Cecil`^ wonders where, exactly
* Faline checks to make sure Simon is okay.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "That....... I helped .... " He stares, stunned at the wreckage
<AlcarGM> He looks fine, wounds healing. Definitely in shock. :)
* Faline looks for Kage as well, wanting an answer.
* Cecil`^ LOOKS for Kage
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Some party, huh, guys?" ))
<Cecil`^> (( LoL ))
Quote 8775
<AlcarGM> This caused more damage than Yuki did...
<AlcarGM> there is a moral in this, somewhere :p
<Cecil`^> Don't grab a Were-wolf's face and rip it off?
<Cecil`^> "There's a camp a few miles away in the middle of nowhere that you can stay tonight. I have to go back to my motel and pretend everything is normal. Also, Faline, don't kill him."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "It's MY face he tried to rip off, bozo!" ))
Quote 8776
<AlcarGM> And in the wreckageof a bowling alley, the damage to a circus, AND the deaths of swvera military men, Trail welcomes Faline back. It hasn't evne been 12 hours yet.
<AlcarGM> The audience is terrified of the encore
<AlcarGM> end of session! :p
<Faline> (( since when was the bowlng alley wrecked? ))
<Faline> (( it was one table ))
<AlcarGM> poetic licence!
Quote 8777
<Caltak> If Kage doesnt have a good explanation (and I know he wont) and it happens again, gonna kill him.
<Caltak> Just putting that out there/.
<Chaos`^> aww, you're just mad, you'll get over it =p
<Chaos`^> isnt' faline a priest? Why would a priest be going around killing people?
<Chaos`^> unless it's in the name of god, ofcourse
<Caltak> Crusades, dude.
<Tass> indeed
<Chaos`^> you can't kill an inocent man in the name of god because he gives a bad explanation for why he beat someone up. YOu have to ask him questions about his FAITH, THEN kill him
<Caltak> I can prove he's a witch.
<alcar[sleep]> chaos - crusades ween't about faith. They were about politcs :p
<Caltak> If that makes you feel better.
Quote 8778
<Rachael> yeah, I never actually dreamed of being one of my characters like that before :P
<Rachael> I was /really tired/ and kinda sick, though, and coming off LoLaD...
* alcar chuckles
<Rachael> I think this supports the "drugs" analogies, in any event
Quote 8779
* Kage` is off to the side a bit, dirty as all hell and sleeping, half curled up, shirt is totally gone, and about a quarter of his pants
<Kage`> (is gone :P)
<Kage`> (its now even more designer jeans!)
<AlcarGm> (( the pcs could market jeans! "Real were tears!" ))
<Kage`> (buy my cologne! 'Devestation, by Nomesi)
Quote 8780
<AlcarGm> Anelelinde descends on the scene like the wrath of an entymological god.....
Quote 8781
<Anelelinde> "there is a pile of scrap metal where my ferris wheel used to be!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I said sorry! I can't fix it!"
<Kage`> "The mountain..."
<Anelelinde> "What?"
<Kage`> "Oh, yeah, not a mountain."
<Kage`> "I remember, spinning away, falling, sliding, waiting, hearing the rain, then the ground gave way."
<AlcarGm> Simon blinks, looking over at Kage finallly. "I ... sorry. I just .... are you okay?"
<Anelelinde> "There's a mountain of rubble where the ferris wheel used to be, if that's what you mean!"
* Anelelinde throws up all four arms exasparatedly.
<Kage`> "Its gone?"
Quote 8782
<Anelelinde> "at least some of you look... normal."
* Kage` blinks :P
<AlcarGm> Simon blinks.
* Kage` is super frankenstein, yo :P
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I guess. .. .as a dog....."
<Kage`> "Rei and yuki can't change back, you know."
<Kage`> "Maybe we can pull what we have together..."
* Anelelinde sniffs a bit more. Doesn't help her feel better.
<Kage`> "Do you know the owner of the circus very well?"
<Anelelinde> "Some. More."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Ciruses used to have - side shows. We could .... be one?" hesitantly. "Ten in one things? You could be the owner and star attraction," to Anelelinde, trying to .. uhm .. cheer her up :p
Quote 8783
* Kage` then closes it, then opens it again, then looks to the side, "Can you look inside my head?"
<AlcarGm> (( Simon: "Okay, as long as you promise notto change...." reaches over.... ))
<Anelelinde> Kage`: "Can I or will I?"
<Kage`> "Both?"
<Anelelinde> >> to kage >> why?
* Kage` 's connection is a little fuzzy, he has some mind shielding, but I assume that can be let down after a little bit
<AlcarGm> (( sure, but you could invalidate the warranty ))
Quote 8784
* Cecil`^ lays down on the bed and sleeps
<AlcarGM> You sleep without trouble, dreaming of a snake devouring its tail, and a cube made out of water and a room where there was some sort of emergency exit, though, and nearby some sort of automated tourist center about the place, which apparently was notable for using volcanic ash to dampen the effects of "hate", because apparently that sort of emotion made the wine taste bad. The wine, of course, you found while sailing on an ocean in your dream.
<Cecil`^> what is it with you and snakes eating themselves?
<Cecil`^> The wine, of course, you found while sailing on an ocean in your dr
<AlcarGM> The oroborus is important, man!
<AlcarGM> dream.
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> that's as bad as .
Quote 8785
<AlcarGM> Edward is in their, when you arrive, drinking tea and doing a crossword puzzle.
* Cecil`^ orders an evil, grande, and sits across from him
<AlcarGM> he frowns, scribbles an answer in after you arrive with your over-priced beverage, and looks up. "It would seem the four horsemen are still in the stable."
<Cecil`^> "Appocalypse." Taking a sip "Oh, that wasn't a hint?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I think so. This is a poor divination tool, though. Cages and wings ..." He crumples the page. "What were your impressions?"
<Cecil`^> "On?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Don't be stupider than you have to be before two cups of coffee. Faline. Them."
<AlcarGM> he drinks his tea, eyeing you curiously
* Cecil`^ sighs
<Cecil`^> "She's trouble, but you knew that. I went to see them, and then some demon like guy they're hanging around started to rip peoples faces off. Then he summoned some type of creature and it leveled the circus. They hadn't even been here for four hours."
<AlcarGM> Edward blinks. "Demon guy?"
<Cecil`^> "Stupider's not a word. No wonder you can never do those."
Quote 8786
<Kage`> "We're north of new york, which is a state in another country, called America."
<Kage`> "I think Canada has provinces?"
<Anelelinde> "They're all just different places in places, though?"
<AlcarGM> Simon shrugs. "I guess."
<Kage`> "yeah. Borders, divisions."
<Anelelinde> "Okay."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Like territories. Except they piss with weapons."
Quote 8787
<Cecil`^> "I'll be damned if I let the reaper know there's still a dragon running around, though."
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Actually, you'd be dead. But it is a valid point."
<Cecil`^> "Yes well I'm sure dragons can go to hell like everyone else too."
Quote 8788
<Kage`> "I'll try anything once."
<AlcarGM> (( Faline: 'INcluding having your head ripped off?" *attacks* ))
Quote 8789
* alcar laughs. PC walks int singles bar, looking for girlfriend....
<alcar> * Cecil`^ looks around for anyone that isn't human, and looks at his watch to make sure he really is off work ;)
<alcar> <AlcarGM> There is one rather pretty girl sitting at the bar, smoking a cigarette.
<alcar> <AlcarGM> all human, and you are :p
<alcar> <Cecil`^> damn
<alcar> * Cecil`^ sits next to the pretty one, then, and orders a drink
<alcar> <AlcarGM> She smiles at you. She really is a knockout. "Hi!"
<alcar> <Cecil`^> oh god
<alcar> It's quite nice when you can intro a character with one word :p
Quote 8790
* Cecil`^ sits next to the pretty one, then, and orders a drink
<AlcarGM> She smiles at you. She really is a knockout. "Hi!"
<Cecil`^> oh god
* Cecil`^ glances over at her, sensing TROUBLE
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... Hi."
<Cecil`^> what have I walked into
<Cecil`^> I mean it was a total set up
<AlcarGM> She doesn't seem to be trouble, she's pretty. She smiles at you. "I haven't seen you here before!"
<Cecil`^> "I haven't been here before. My name's Cecil." Offering a hand
<Cecil`^> (( If she says her name's Sara... so help me... ))
Quote 8791
<Cecil`^> "Are you always this... Perky?"
<AlcarGM> She sips some of her martini. "I try and look on the bright side of life! Everyone is always so sad! Like kids with cancer; they could judst find really neat wigs!"
<Cecil`^> "Sometimes being more humble is better, though..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "BUt you can't be humble and know you're humble. Then you are just conceited." She grins.
<Cecil`^> OMG
<Cecil`^> did sara just end a sentance in a period?
<Cecil`^> two? in a row?
* Cecil`^ sips at his drink "I suppose so. I came here looking for a girlfriend, to answer your question."
<AlcarGM> yes ;p
Quote 8792
<Anelelinde> Anyway. I'll leave him thinking he's really a pretty butterfly boddhisatva or something...
<AlcarGM> hehe. TWhat's easy enough, though he'll likely snap out of it once the question of whether he's a butterfly or aman becomes moot when he's writing it down with his fingers
<Anelelinde> no, no, in his /soul/! anyway....
* Anelelinde strolls along!
<AlcarGM> Oh, okay :p
<Anelelinde> (( his friends will TOTALLY freak out, I'm sure. :P ))
<AlcarGM> you leave behind a very confused yong man who eventually becomes a rock star and sings songs about butterflies in his soul and how they made him whole.
Quote 8793
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could be your girlfriend!"
* Cecil`^ eyes her
<AlcarGM> Sara: 'I've had lots of experience at it!"
<Cecil`^> "Doesn't that seem to be a little fast?"
<Anelelinde> (( hahahahahahhaha Hi Sara! ))
Quote 8794
<AlcarGM> She is .. desirable. You can feel it. Raw, pure passion. Nothing complicated, nothing Modern .... something from long and long ago. She would have made helen of Troy seem a spinster aunt, had they met.. But part of you is older than troy, and you have centuries in you .... you resist. though you could probably knock a door down
* Cecil`^ clenches his jaw
<Cecil`^> "Look, you seem like a nice person and I wouldn't mind being your friend, but you're just not the kind of person I want to settle down with and marry. Besides, could you stick with a man for longer than a few days?"
<AlcarGM> Sara blinks, a little.. taken aback. "Marriage?! I'm talking about sex. Married couples don't have sex, they have babies!"
Quote 8795
<Anelelinde> FYI, I've seen her charsheet: would you ever guess she's Easily Distracted (-2) by Sex?
<Cecil`^> yes?
Quote 8796
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I can be faithful to LOTS of people!" looking hurt
<AlcarGM> (( "I have seven husbands!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( " .. that I remember!" ))
<Cecil`^> "Exactly, lots of people. I want someone who will share life with me, and no one else. Monogamy?"
<Anelelinde> (( Monogawhat? ))
<Cecil`^> (( My ))
<AlcarGM> Sara gives you a shocked look, as if you'd just said you were hippikaloric
<AlcarGM> Sara: "That's evil! Sex should be free!"
Quote 8797
* Cecil`^ just stares at her "I think perhaps you should try to seduce someone else."
<AlcarGM> Sara: ".... are you ..... sure?!" She ...licks her lips. Your libido screams bloody murder
<Cecil`^> "Yes..." Glaring at her "I am. I don't want to make you angry, but we seem to disagree on the terms of a relationship."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could give you date rape drugs!"
<Anelelinde> (( omg. ))
<Anelelinde> (( and they asked if Rachael was for real. :P ))
Quote 8798
<AlcarGM> Okay. You are in a singles bar. Alone. All, all alone, on the wide, wide sea. And never a girl to take pity on your flesh in agony
<AlcarGM> (( I think the fact that said line occured to me means I need sleep soon. ))
<Cecil`^> please, don't remind me
Quote 8799
<AlcarGM> It's 4 pm by the time you reach the Pearly Gates Retirement Community and Family Tribute Centre
<AlcarGM> (( there is actually a funeralhome here that bills itself as a family tribute centre.... ))
<AlcarGM> The actual graveyard is far to the back, so no one actually has to see it. It's quite well maintained; stone walls and lots of trees
<AlcarGM> A lone ghost is walking around, striding through gravestones and ranting to himself.
* Cecil`^ isn't surprised it's empty, but is unsure as to where he could go to look for women
<Anelelinde> oh, yes, graveyards are such excellent spots
<AlcarGM> The ghost is ranting about not believing in ghosts, and how experiental evidence isn't proof :p
Quote 8800
<alcar> Oh, and here :p
<alcar> http://poeticalnessaday.blogspot.com/2006/03/butterflies-in-my-soul.html
<Anelelinde> haha
* Anelelinde ponders other unethical things to do.
* alcar grins. I began it last night, just finished it :p
<Anelelinde> I guess the good news is if you're messed up enough like that, then you're interesting enough to go on to things like rock careers... which means you survive Trail
<alcar> True :)