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Quote 8601
<Roy> "Or we could walk away, since it doesnt' seem to be hurting anything.."
<Natsuki`> "Well, yet."
<Jaoni> "They're calling something in there."
<Natsuki`> (( "Pizza Hut?" ))
<Roy> "Then let's go inside."
* Roy tilts his blade up a little, it catches the light from the fire for a moment.
* Roy then barrels on through :P
<Jerome> (( That would make a fun Call of Cthulhu adventure :P "The day I delivered pizza to Carsoca." ))
<Chaos`GM^> Roy, FIRE HOT
Quote 8602
<Chaos`GM^> you all leave, cthulhu gets summoned, and we end the session
<sparkie> Just cthulhu?!
* sparkie wanted to be summoned!
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> It's a future plot, though!
<sparkie> Oh. Okay, then.
Quote 8603
<Chaos`GM^> A group of robed people is inside the room, they are all facing forward and listening to a man in a pew ramble random words.
<Natsuki`> just... completely random nonsense?
<Chaos`GM^> sounds like it
<Chaos`GM^> it looks like a nice church, except there are no crosses or any other religious symbols. Perhaps something in the front but it's hard to make out
<Natsuki`> It must be the Quantum Physics study group. :P
Quote 8604
<kentari> You all enter a home economics class that has already begun.
<SteveZ> Oh boy, cooking and sewing and shit. :P
<Aaron`> great
<Aaron`> my one arm defect is *really* going to screw with this
<Aaron`> :D
Quote 8605
<SteveZ> well, ken said he would play to our weaknesses.
<kentari> eh
<kentari> weaknesses and strengths, remember
<Aaron`> I know
<SteveZ> kent: aw man, here I thought you'd just torment us endlessly. :(
* sparkie gets to do THAT, silly human
Quote 8606
<kentari> Sara takes a sample of the mix with her finger, tasting it. "Mm! Its good. Try it!"
<kentari> She takes another sample and holds it up to Forest.
* Forest`^ raises an eyebrow, and licks it
<Forest`^> "Needs some salt, the apples are bitter."
<kentari> Sara blinks, "Well, everyone has a right to an opinion, I guess! Now its time for us to knead the dough."
<Forest`^> "Although i must say, your finger tastes--" Putting up an ok sign "Excelent." With only a dash of sarcasm
<Drew> Sara: 'Honey, that's sweet, but the places this finger's been..."
<kentari> :P
<SteveZ> *shudders*
Quote 8607
<kentari> Dr. Kohlberg is pacing his office. He walks those of you who came by down to the detention hall.. which isn't really quite complete yet. Its more like the detention arboream or however you spell it. :P
<kentari> Who all will be attending, then? :P
<kentari> Or rather.
<kentari> Who is NOT attending? :P
<Aaron`> ((I am))
<SteveZ> (( meh, I'll go just to make this easier. I suppose. *grumble* ))
<kentari> ((Steve you get a gold star :P))
* Rachael attends, will put off establishment-offending 'til later :D
Quote 8608
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Starting tomorrow, you all are going to see Maslow, the counselor. We'll nip this in the bud; I won't have this kind of behavior go past September."
<Drew> (( sings "We are all in detention, detetion for life...." ))
* Rachael perks up at the word 'bud' for half an instant.
<Forest`^> "There is no law against omission of disaproval, anyway..."
<Rachael> (( to do: gain extra points of telepathy and brainwash counselor ))
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "And that, kids, is final. You can spend the rest of detention in silence!" He glares, and takes a seat at the tecaher's pedestal. In detention hall, the teacher sits above the students. And wow, I just got lagged ;p
Quote 8609
<kentari> He's wearing a hard hat, but that's about the only difference. He sits down at the edge again, "What do you get when you combine history and science?"
<Forest`^> "An internship?"
<SteveZ> "Scitory."
<Drew> "Lies?
<Aaron`> "Technological advancements?"
<Forest`^> "The future."
<SteveZ> (( "Captain Planet?" ))
<Forest`^> (( LOL! ))
<Rachael> "Reckless, wanton destruction."
Quote 8610
<kentari> A meteor shower of some sort flows from below you, up, and towards earth. It is bathed in the meteors. You can see them burning up in the atmosphere.
<kentari> There's no moon to this Earth, either, you notice.
* SteveZ tries sticking his hand through the meteors as they pass to see if they're solid
<Rachael> (( that's a big potential ouch ))
<Forest`^> (( It blows your hand off =p ))
<kentari> The meteor shower clears. They pass through your hand Steve, but leave it feeling tingly
Quote 8611
<SteveZ> "This is probably a recording of some kind."
<SteveZ> "I bet it already happened."
<kentari> Its definitely heading for Earth. Its very slow... and passes in front of the sun, blocking the light from Earth.
<Forest`^> "Recording? of what?"
<Aaron`> "That's the only thing that comes close to making sense."
<kentari> As it passes you all, you see that its not a normal asteroid. Its teeming with rivers, or ants, or something, along its surface.
<Rachael> "Recording of wanton environmental contamination and destruction!"
<Forest`^> "Maybe I'm dead..."
<Forest`^> "That's a good explenation."
* Drew just stares at the asteroid, frowning.
<Forest`^> "Why aren't you people calling an ambulance? I'm laying somewhere bleeding."
<Aaron`> "Well, I don't feel very dead."
Quote 8612
<AlcarGM> The creator moves... .elsewhere. Threre are no words for it, but Above fits. Far, far Above you.
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and looks upward
<Mary_jane`^> "I can help you, you know!"
<AlcarGM> Above meaning: several layers of reality beyond your perceptios of it :)
<AlcarGM> Evidentally she doesn't want help. Or is too proud to ask for it
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, pride comes before the fall!"
<AlcarGM> If she felt like speaking, getting disintigrated by Bad Merlin was likely a Fall :p
<Mary_jane`^> "The... Larger... fall!"
Quote 8613
<arete> what order are we bidding?
<alcar> The most important stat first!
<alcar> Duh.
<arete> lol
Quote 8614
<alcar> bad stuff is good!
<arete> bad stuff is the most important attribute!
<Taralynn> bad stuff is bad stuff!
<arete> is there stuff in this game?
<arete> hahah
<arete> only in amber is that a serious question
<Taralynn> aww, stuff your mouth
Quote 8615
<DarrylDormiendo> we also may need a rogue
<DarrylDormiendo> come to think of it
<Elana-Silvereye> I wouldn't mind being the cleric, I'd be a different one though
<DarrylDormiendo> za?
<Elana-Silvereye> or a rouge
<DarrylDormiendo> well, we're allowing all completes
<alcar> cleric rogue
<alcar> You collect the tithe from the pockets of strangers
<DarrylDormiendo> run it by the DM first, though
<Elana-Silvereye> but if I was a cleric I'd need an extensive monolauge with the DM as the deities would be integral to my character's concept
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> I like Alcar's idea
Quote 8616
<DarrylDormiendo> he also allows custom or borrowed deities if you can give them a portfolio, domains, favored weapon, the whole nine yards
* DarrylDormiendo 's warlock worships Trithereon, deity of liberty
<Elana-Silvereye> cause if I'd play a cleric, I'd prolly play a fairly atypical one with a level or two in something else
<DarrylDormiendo> it's starting at level 2, but he wants to run it for a while
* sparkie has a portfolio. It burned in the fire. I DO have a domain. And a favoured weapon (Marshmellows)
<Elana-Silvereye> "Warlock" doesn't seem sononimous with Liberty too me '-_^
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
* sparkie insists on being Elana'a god
Quote 8617
<DarrylDormiendo> hmm.... should I go with a masterwork shortspear or no?
<DarrylDormiendo> consider that it's a level 2 game, and I already have masterwork chain shirt
<DarrylDormiendo> and I won't be using the weapon a whole lot
<DarrylDormiendo> mainly if I get backed into a corner, and carrying it as a tribute to my deity
<DarrylDormiendo> of course, I have no strength bonus, so the +1 on attack rolls couldn't hurt
* alcar twitches
Quote 8618
<alcar> I think the BESM game I'm going to run will be Modern and Anything Goes
<alcar> Just to see what players make :)
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<alcar> sort of like Over The Edge, really.
<alcar> just about any pc concept'd be viable.
<alcar> Then I'd lob them into Kult or something :p
Quote 8619
<Elana-Silvereye> ALL the wemics were genocided
<Elana-Silvereye> as in, whole race, entirely eliminated
<alcar> Eh, is what DM Latitude is for :p
<alcar> some wizard can always make more
<Elana-Silvereye> its explained quite explicitly in the setting material
<Caltak> nuh-uh, Sintaqx gave me backstory stuff to read and it specifically said some of em fled to another plane.
<Elana-Silvereye> they cant, sintaqx was wrong
<alcar> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> Athas is cut off from normal planes
<alcar> Reason to never, ever run a Setting #432.....
Quote 8620
<Caltak> is was some crazy quasi-semi-whatever type plane.
<Elana-Silvereye> there arent any survivalble planes in darksun
* alcar thinks it's the World of Darkness trap - too easy to, say, not use it as a springboard but fall into quicksand
<alcar> There can be if you want :p
<Elana-Silvereye> theres like the elemental ones, and the ones you go when you die, the astral and shadow thats about it
<Elana-Silvereye> well yeah, but I don't like the idea of wemics in darksun =P
Quote 8621
<Caltak> I see no reason why wemics should be excluded from darksun other than some dickhead decided to write a story about a race getting massacred. There's always room to Make Shit Up.
<alcar> what Caltak said :)
<alcar> Ecxlusion only makes sense IF it fits the setting. Or, say, the GM doesn't like the species.
<alcar> But we shall not get into that
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
* alcar recalls my attempt to exlude elves from Wasted World that ended up with 1/2 a party as elves
* alcar never did figure out how it happened.
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> thats hilarious
<alcar> Elana - yeah :p The best part was the NPC who showed up who was Humanity incarnate .. .and all the PCs who were human hated him, and everyone else liked him :)
Quote 8622
<Caltak> yes, Alcar is a great GM other than his dark views of the world and the nature of humanity all the time. :P
<Caltak> oh sorry, I mean 'realistic' views. :P
Quote 8623
<alcar> damn. I wish I'd kept notes :P
<Chaos`^> of what?
<alcar> lolad 1 and what everything was :)
<Chaos`^> everythign? Alcar you had no idea what everything was
<Chaos`^> you sent me 3 possible origins of creation
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<alcar> there were 6 :)
<Chaos`^> and said none of those happened
<alcar> by lolad 3
<Chaos`^> see!
Quote 8624
<kentari> that does not answer the question!
* kentari points at Tass
<kentari> Tass wants to play
* kentari points at Alcar
<kentari> Alcar wants to play
* kentari points at himself
<kentari> I'm good looking!
<kentari> So, let's play!
<kentari> :D
Quote 8625
<Jaoni> "Whatever, I just wanna leave."
* Roy flashes his smile again. It catches a glint of the fire and .. is that a twinkle of majesticness?
* Jaoni looks miffed, no, pissed
* Roy blinks, "Is something -- other than the weird fire and tanks and all that -- wrong..?"
* Roy looks confused and runs a hand through his medium length hair, "Let's just get somewhere, you know, with people around. Safety in crowds, after all."
<Roy> ".. unless its a train."
Quote 8626
<Chaos`GM^> there is a courtesy phone in the lobby for students.
* Roy totally punches the teen romance equivalent of 911.
<Chaos`GM^> "Rodney's escort service."
<Chaos`GM^> or not
<Roy> (( :P "I'm a pretty lady~" ))
Quote 8627
<Roy> "I'm at the high school, and have been told there may be a fire in the basement. I don't want to check it out, since it might not be safe!"
<Chaos`GM^> "Which high school sir?"
<Jerome> (( "Ours Err. Wait. I mean...." ))
<Roy> (( yeeeah .. I'm gonna need a bone thrown to me on this one. :P ))
<Roy> (( Unless this means that I get to name the high school :D ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( PHS123456983048281329405892875409498? ))
<Roy> "PHS123456983048281329405892875409498."
<Jerome> (( What, not pi?! ))
* Roy takes a deep breath after :P
Quote 8628
<Chaos`GM^> where ar eyou going now?
<Roy> Let's see.. somewhere to get food. The malt shop!
* Jaoni has no clue :P
* Roy is so retro
<Jaoni> (Damn the malt shop)
<Jerome> (( Pop's :p ))
<Roy> (( :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> You go to Pop's Liq--diner... yes.. It is moderately full and you find a nice romantic seat in a dark corner.
Quote 8629
<Chaos`GM^> Your food arives, a very large hamburger with french fries, and a plate of steamed salmon, with a hint of lemon and boiled asperagus.
* Roy laughs nervously, helping himself to the salmon he ordered. Har har har. :P
<Roy> "Want some?"
<Jaoni> "I prefer things with legs, actually."
<Jaoni> "Thanks though."
* Roy looks down at his legs for a moment, "Its healthy to diversify. Unless you have a condition..?"
* Jaoni stares down intently at the sandwich, assessing her tactical options, and with a quick call to air support, ketchup is called in
Quote 8630
<Jerome> "You .. hear voices?"
<Chaos`GM^> "NO.." She's crying.
<Jerome> "Are they good voices?"
<Chaos`GM^> That's the problem, you see =p
<Chaos`GM^> "They tell me what to do. They help me. THey keep me company."
<Jerome> "Errr...."
<Jerome> "Maybe they, uhm, wanted you to .. try new things?"
<Chaos`GM^> "They come over a radio burst frequency of 129.56790MHz, they have always been able to penetrate clouds. I am alone."
* Jerome looks .... a bit taken aback. "Sorry?"
<Jerome> still a sense of danger, besides from the crazy person? :p
<Chaos`GM^> Oh yes, she isn't the source
* Jerome would get a second opinion on that, but can't :)
<Jerome> "Let's try walking away from here. It could be just local?"
Quote 8631
<Chaos`GM^> Aiko sits next to Rachel, looking sad for some reason. The couch droops to her weight
* Roy is so tired of being around heavy chicks, but he doesn't dare let that be known ;p
Quote 8632
* Jerome has dibs on Rachel, man! You can have Aiko.
<Roy> dude
<Roy> I always get the heavy chicks :(
<Jerome> Jerome ... talked with her. He does not want her. Ever :p
<Chaos`GM^> She points out eery things
<Jerome> yes :p
<Jerome> Sex with her would likely be .. depressing.
Quote 8633
<Chaos`GM^> you are handed menus... The gm leaves for you all to decide what you want, he will be back to take your order in a few minutes
* Jerome refuses to tip such crummy service
Quote 8634
<Chaos`GM^> Rachel: "Ofcourse I get paid for it. I'm not a slave."
<Jerome> "Is she?"
<Roy> "Then, simply put: WHO pays you?"
<Chaos`GM^> Rachel looks at Aiko "Probably. She isn't exactly the type to need money for anything."
* Jaoni sits back, this could get interesting :P
<Chaos`GM^> Rachel looks up at Roy "I have no idea. Money shows up in my account and I'm happy."
* Roy throws his hands up in the air, "You are the most moral, good-hearted person I have ever met!"
* Roy looks at the others, "Forget this cat-and-mouse with the truth! Let's just go straight to the government."
* Jaoni smirks :P
<Roy> That hurt me to say
<Roy> :P
<Jerome> which? :p
<Roy> the government thing
<Roy> it goes against every game1 cliche I know of
* Jerome grins.
Quote 8635
<Roy> "Then all we can hope for is that the next tank that comes along, we might get to talk to the pilots."
<Chaos`GM^> (( It helps if you odn't hop into the tank and start slapping people around... ))
<Roy> ((Dude. It helps if they don't shoot a bullet at me first ;P))
<Jaoni> (yeah, mr 50 cal decided to open up the doors of meaningful discourse :P)
Quote 8636
<Chaos`GM^> (( YOu guys are REALLY paranoid... you know that right? I think alcar did this all to you ))
<Roy> (( :P Yeah. Its a fool me once scenario ))
Quote 8637
<Roy> rofl
<Roy> Roy is totally ichigo :P
<Roy> so clueless :x
<Chaos`GM^> lol
<Jerome> lol
<Chaos`GM^> it's times like these where they cut to him and he's busy ignoring everyone and picking his nose
Quote 8638
<tatterdemalion> [N.B. Some vampires use the term Colony, other Brood. While Colony sounds better, Old World vampires prefer brood because they are NOT colonials. Figuring out which term to use to a group of vampires is very important, politically. Younger vampires have taken to using a pride of vampires, but not where anyone else can hear them.]
<Taralynn> I still like "murder". :) Maybe not for formal usage, but...
<tatterdemalion> true :)
<tatterdemalion> but it is not good for the image
<Taralynn> yeah; it could be used by /non/-vampires...
<tatterdemalion> Prolly not wise :)
<tatterdemalion> "Oh, it's a murder of vampires! Darling, get out of the guidebook. Let's see what kind they are." Vampire: "Why, yes it is." *rips head off* "I hate that term."
Quote 8639
<SteveZ> "It's some kind of projector thing. It showed us some weird movie-hologram-thing."
<Aaron`> It looked like the creation of the moon.
<Drew> "What kind of site is this?"
<Aaron`> ((Right, right. I'll remember the quotes eventually. Just bear with me.))
<kentari> ((np np))
<SteveZ> (( Yeah, we'll give you some leeway. For now. >:) ))
<SteveZ> (( Then we'll just start ignoring what you say. :P ))
<kentari> "Thanks to your efforts, its an archaelogical dig. For about a weeek or two, anyway. Then it turns back into a construction site."
<Aaron`> ((That's real generous *rolls eyes*))
Quote 8640
<kentari> You can catch a slight glimmer within the core, as if the light were being tossed around inside.
<SteveZ> "It was probably aliens. Or like, some advanced civilization that got wiped out by the meteor."
* Forest`^ appears! and looks down at the thing that is a thing...
* Drew backs a bit more from it, just to be safe :)
<Aaron`> "Perhaps. But wouldn't that make it a bad idea to whack it with a shovel?"
<Forest`^> "I don't get it... How can this ancient projector be an artifact if it's a projector. They weren't really invented until the 50's..."
<SteveZ> "I didn't whack it, I tapped it."
<SteveZ> "I would have poked it with my hand but I was worried about getting zapped or something."
<Aaron`> "So you used a metal shovel?"
<SteveZ> "...Well... the handle's wooden."
Quote 8641
<kentari> <Faust> "Let's get this thing on the bus and take it back, for further study. We've already recorded where we found it, yes?"
<Forest`^> "Uhm... we found it... Here." Pointing to the ground
<Forest`^> "Any questions?"
Quote 8642
* Rachael heads over to inspect the box.
<kentari> The top can slide off, Rachael!
* Rachael peeps inside.
* Rachael shouts loudly "My god- it's full of stars!"
<Forest`^> "Let me see..."
* Forest`^ peeks
<Rachael> "Just kidding!"
* Forest`^ taps her on the back "Don't do that."
<Forest`^> "What's inside."
<Forest`^> ? i mean
* Rachael looks inside with Forest`^!
<kentari> (( loooooool :D ))
<kentari> (( Curse you, Rachael :P))
Quote 8643
<Forest`^> "Is EVERYBODY on this bus insane?"
<kentari> <Faust> "Nope."
<SteveZ> "I'm only a little crazy."
* Rachael sits quietly, pondering.
<Drew> "I don't want to be."
<Aaron`> "No."
<Aaron`> "Though the administration would have us believe otherwise."
Quote 8644
* Drew watches chaos channel baliadoc :p
<SteveZ> Oh no, he won't show up for any more games, then! O_O
<Drew> lol
<Forest`^> sry
<Forest`^> I'll act more crazy in a bit
<SteveZ> Good.
Quote 8645
<kentari> <Officer> "What are you doing?"
* Forest`^ looks around "Standing--here?"
<SteveZ> (( "Powering up my death ray eye beams, of course." ))
<Forest`^> "Could you be more specific?"
Quote 8646
<kentari> He sighs, "The first rule of Faust's History of Science Survey Course."
<kentari> <Faust> "Solidarity! Good Gods, kids, are you going to just sit there?!"
<SteveZ> "You don't talk about Faust's History of Science Survey Course?"
<Forest`^> (( ROFL! ))
<kentari> He slaps his forehead with a sigh.
<Aaron`> "That movie wasn't that good, you two."
<kentari> <Faust> "Thank you, Aaron. The voice of reason."
Quote 8647
<kentari> <Officer> "You're on a need to know basis."
* Forest`^ fiddles his thumbs since she didn't... cuff him
<Forest`^> "Yes, Ma'am..."
<kentari> More driving. She puts on the radio.
<kentari> Aerosmith.
* Forest`^ sighs and leans back, trying to get comfortable
<kentari> She hums along. "Da-na, da-na, dude looks like a lady~" and picks up some speed.
<Forest`^> hey... I picked girl magnet.. not gay magnet =p
<Forest`^> "Uhm.. Officer Sara?"
<kentari> <Officer> "What?"
<Forest`^> "Are you a dude, or a lady?"
Quote 8648
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Give me NAMES, dear, and DETAILS."
<kentari> He sounds serious and, oddly, not mean.
<Rachael> "Forest." (not directly into phone) "What's Forest's last name?"
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Oh. Well. It can't be helped. I'll have someone clean out his locker." He chuckles. Its a dry, almost maniacal laughter.
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "I'm kidding, by the way. Do you know where they're headed?"
* SteveZ blinks.
* Drew stares at the phone
<Aaron`> "Last we saw, they were headed in the general direction of school."
<Drew> (( "Aliens have possesses the school administrators. Oh, no, we're not complaining. We're actually kind of relieved." ))
Quote 8649
<Forest`^> "Atleast you're not running in circles anymore. You should thank me. I brought you back down to earth."
* Forest`^ walks out the door and looks for Miss Sara
<kentari> <Emo boy> "I'll bring YOU back to earth!"
<kentari> As Forest turns to depart, Emo boy CHARGES.
<kentari> And takes a Captain Kirk flying leap at him
<Steve``> (( He should have used a Captain Kirk Judo Chop instead. Those work better. ))
Quote 8650
<Steve``> lesse, combat... combat..
* kentari opens up his rulebook
<kentari> Unless ...
<kentari> you guys are cool with freeforming it? :P
<Steve``> p 139
<Steve``> Oh wow, they have a flowchart.
<Aaron`> I think Aaron and Drew have the right idea
<kentari> ok damnit dice
Quote 8651
<Steve``> I dont go outside during fire alarms. Sometimes there are tanks.
Quote 8652
<Drew> eh, can eat most things raw :p
<Steve``> like babies.
<Drew> Hrm, they're better if you steam 'em.
<Drew> and add buter
<Steve``> hmm, I shoul try that next time.
<Drew> Probably not the butter brands that say "I can't believe it's not margarine!"
<Drew> those ones aren't that good.
<Aaron`> yeah
<Steve``> better yet, we should write a recipe for steamed babies on a transparency and slip it into Ms. Sara's files.
<Aaron`> no
<Steve``> no?
<kentari> :x
<kentari> loool
<kentari> :P
<Drew> It's Sara. She'd probably bring in cabbage patch dolls for people to cook
<Steve``> heh
<Drew> Sara: "Now imagine this is a real baby! Or a not quite a baby! Most of you girls will know what i mean, or already do!" *giggle* "The fetus is, of ocurs,e more tender, especially before the bones really develop, so you could lower the cooking temperature!"
<Forest`^> ...
<kentari> "Low and slow is the way to go. You want the meet to fall off, its so tender."
<kentari> :P
Quote 8653
<Aaron`> every campaign turned into a complete sex joke
<Drew> .. how?
<Aaron`> My DM
<Steve``> There are ways.
<Aaron`> she is one sick mofo
<Steve``> She? lol.
<Steve``> Fun.
<Aaron`> of course, the main enemies in one were incubi and succubi
<Aaron`> I got a critical hit against the nards of an incubus
<Drew> I mean, some rpgs it makes sense with. Like call of cthulhu. But serious ones, like Toon, nah....
<Forest`^> serious ones?
<Forest`^> toon?
<Aaron`> I think he got them reversed on purpose
<Forest`^> did you SERIOUSLY put those in the same sentance?
<Drew> Yes :p
<Drew> But sex and CoC makes sense! I mean, cthulhu . .sex .... it only makes sesne. But toons are not equipped.
<Drew> unlress they stumble from cartoonland into magnaverse
Quote 8654
<Forest`^> ...
<Forest`^> <Drew> But sex and CoC makes sense!
<Forest`^> that is...
<Forest`^> so--so wrong
<Steve``> Quotable.
<Steve``> And true.
<Steve``> Deliciously true.
<Steve``> Wait, what?
Quote 8655
<Rachael> what sort of an anime is this? Drugs?
<Steve``> shh
<Steve``> it's mature.
<kentari> yeah
<Steve``> Don't tell your mommy.
<Forest`^> there are anime's about sex, why can't they have drugs?
<kentari> :P
Quote 8656
<Darryl> not to mention I may be in an offline BESM on Sunday afternoons, soon
<Darryl> though that's the one with the extrememly perverted female DM
<Darryl> the one who had an incubus strip my dragon-girl character, only to be kicked in the nads, double-footed, with a chain attached that whipped into his anus, taking half his HP to the groin, and then fell into the pit with a tentacle demon, that raped it for the same amount of damage it regenerated each level
<Darryl> and that would have killed the chat if there was one
<Caltak> hehehehe
<Caltak> not true
<Darryl> I then used the chained feet to kick back at the succubus who was trying to drag me into it still, and whipped it up her vulva
<Darryl> My DM is one sick, perverted woman
<Darryl> she gave me an auto-crit on the first one for "entertainment value"
<Rachael> ... yeah, why do you play this again?
<Darryl> it was the only offline group I could find
Quote 8657
<Aeris`> O.o Monk/Sorceror or Monk/Cleric= ebil combo
<tatterdemalion> Paladin of the god of luck and games.
<tatterdemalion> Faerun :p
* tatterdemalion almost played one once, just because it was possibly in that silly system.
* tatterdemalion was all "Yes! I can flip coins to see if I help people." The GM insisted I pick a different LG god
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
Quote 8658
<kentari> I think I'll get a really crappy mech
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> Servant?
<kentari> nah
<tatterdemalion> ...
<kentari> an actual mecha
<kentari> with lots of defects
<kentari> :P
* tatterdemalion shoots kentari ;P
<kentari> It'll have
<kentari> "Is on Bricks in front of my Garage"
<kentari> as one defect :P
<Rachael> Restricted Ground Movement?
<Rachael> or Restricted Path? Or both?
<tatterdemalion> lol
<kentari> it'd be a custome one
<kentari> ;p
Quote 8659
* alcar nods. Poor sophie is, of course, going to run into weres :)
<kentari> :P Hopefully, he'll think to give me a ring!
<alcar> a ring?
<kentari> On my vampiric cell phone -- it automatically calls collect on all outgoing calls
* kentari just made that up.
<alcar> lol. And here I was thinking "Magical ring?"
<kentari> rofl
<kentari> get with the times, Merlin
<kentari> :P
Quote 8660
<kentari> even with more power, I'm thinking of how to use it to, you know, run the heck away from weres
<kentari> I'm worried that I may not be overreacting. :P
<alcar> lol. Well, they aren't insane anymore :p
<alcar> 'cept for old rabbit, and pretty much eveyone is after him .... if only they could kill him....
* kentari recreates his character as an Elmer Fudd Werehunting human ;P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> lifespan .. measures in days :p
<kentari> :P
Quote 8661
<Alicia> There was this time when the Buddha was running a game and he was all, “The 10×10 room is entirely empty.” And Jane was all, “I cast Magic Missile.”
<Alicia> “On what?” asks the Buddha.
<Alicia> “The emptiness!”
<Alicia> It happened just that way. If you’d read the forbidden sutras of the panva se khelane ka gendayana, you’d know!
Quote 8662
<Anelelinde> what is the bane of a butterfly? :P
<alcar> Sex causes hurricans on the coast.
<alcar> "I'm sorry. I can't have sex with you. The last time I had sex, El Nino happened."
Quote 8663
<kentari> Here I thought I had found vampire paradise ;p
<Anelelinde> you should do a rap
<alcar> prolly not :p It's not hospitable to anyone, at present.
<kentari> oh well
<kentari> I'll settle for the scary house on the hill, for the time being :P
<Caltak> Not gonna be a vampire paradise, if anything it's gonna be a were retreat. But best case scenario, everyone'll be welcome.
<kentari> Hah!
<kentari> We shall see.
<Caltak> And ken: You have no idea how long I've had these plans. Since the end of the previous game. :P
<kentari> I apologize in advance!
<kentari> :P
Quote 8664
* kentari might take flunkies though. And rename it "Grad Students" :P
<alcar> hehe
<alcar> well, proly won't be *that* many running arouund, depending on how bad the situation in Trail gets the college may be forced to close for a time
<kentari> and thus ..
<kentari> My castle is created.
<kentari> >:D I will need to take some manner of Animate Dead.
<kentari> And populate the campus with zombies.
* kentari cackles
<alcar> I think that's been done for you already :p
Quote 8665
<kentari> These blasted weres.
<Fennec> meh
<kentari> I swere.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> :p
* kentari is going to create some manner of terribly deadly silver rainclouds.
<Fennec> ooh
<kentari> Its like
<kentari> clouds have silver linings, yes?
<kentari> >:D let's use that to our advantage.
Quote 8666
<AlcarGM> You've half-finshed your drink when Edward walks in, all calm and composed as ever, but there's an urgency to his step that was missing most of this month and his hair is slightly dihelved. There are dark circles under his eyes and he looks, if not exhausted, definitely drained. He is, also, trailing red clay from his loafers, and you have no idea where he'd have got that around here.
<Cecil`^> "Everything okay?" looking up from his half-finished drink
<AlcarGM> He nags a chair and sits down in it across from you. "Do you think people really want anything besides sex?"
* Cecil`^ perks up "What?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I mean, it's pleasure that lets them know they're alive, that lets people know they aren't dead. At long as you have that, you're not dead. Life is a spark in eternity, and as long as it's an orgasm, people can believe it won't go out."
<Cecil`^> "When did you become sacrates?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Someone told me that theory earlier. It's annoying me because I suspect they are onto something."
<Cecil`^> "Hmm... Well, the way I heard it, it didn't involve sex or orgasms. If it still hurts then you're still alive. It's an anti-torcher technique..."
Quote 8667
<AlcarGM> He sighs, running a hand through his hair absently. "The Wanderer visited me last night, in a dream that wasn't a dream. They're coming back. Tonight."
<Cecil`^> "They?"
<AlcarGM> Edward stares at you. "Three guesses. First two don't count," dryly.
<Cecil`^> "The wanderer isn't a they... He's a... He."
<AlcarGM> He goes and buys a small latte while you're processing, and brings itg back to the table.
<AlcarGM> Edward: "The Wanderer is only a he when he wants to be. Same for human. You know who I mean."
* Cecil`^ scratches his head
* Cecil`^ sips some more evil
<Cecil`^> "Does it involve me getting into more trouble?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I have no idea. Making sure Jane leaves would be - wise."
<Cecil`^> "It's not that damned cat woman again is it?"
<AlcarGM> He sips his latte. "What the fuck else would it be?"
Quote 8668
<Cecil`^> "You know i'm not leaving, right?"
<AlcarGM> Edward smiles slightly. "I had noped as much. having someone who can sit on Faline would be an asset."
<AlcarGM> (( The GM double dog dares you to try :p ))
Quote 8669
* Cecil`^ waves goodbye and leaves the shop
<AlcarGM> "Gun is 200. And that's cutting me own throat."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> He just says 200, thanks you for the business, puts them in a paper bag that's environmentally friendly, and you leave.
* AlcarGM asumes Cecil has a license to carry concealed?
* AlcarGM whistles innocently
<Cecil`^> Ofcourse he does...
<AlcarGM> good :p
<Cecil`^> in 31 countries!
Quote 8670
<AlcarGM> You exit as the sky shades to afternoon. People are heading back to work, or to work, and the town is - alive, at least, though there is a subtle tenseness in the air that hasn't gone away, glancres from the corners of eyes that haven't quite convinces themselves that the magical didn't step into their lives, however briefly, and that the age of miracles never quite ended. It's the quiet of a people waiting for the other shoe to drop...
Quote 8671
<AlcarGM> Okay. You find her having finished shopping and you go to dinner. She asks why you're tense....
<Cecil`^> "Tense? I'm not tense. Do I look tense to you? I'm not tense. Let's go eat."
<AlcarGM> She stares at you. "Just because I'm going away is no reason to try and get all fatherly. I'll be fine in New York."
* Cecil`^ smiles a white toothy grin "Right... Fatherly. That's what it is."
<AlcarGM> (( Now, if this game was set eariler, I'd have her go on about being safe in the WTC ..... ))
Quote 8672
* Jaoni brings out a small box like thingie and pokes at it for a while
* Roy looks over to Jaoni, "Checking if its alive still?"
* Roy half-nervously laughs
* Jerome will eat anything; he is hungry :p
<Natsuki`> (( Suddenly a tentcle lashes out of the box... ))
<Jaoni> "My... foster family made this."
<Jaoni> 'I'm not sure exactly how you eat it..."
* Jaoni opens it and oohs
<Chaos`GM^> Jaoni: It's a pb&j sandwich, and a bag of chips. A juice box is sitting in it as well.
<Jerome> "Chopsticks?" absently
<Natsuki`> (( eat a sandwich iwht chopticks? o_O ))
<Roy> "How do you eat it? Just put it in your mouth, and chew."
* Roy shrugs :P
<Natsuki`> (( I'd like to see that. ))
* Jerome didn't see it, just heard her comment :)
* Jaoni tries to take a bite of the juice box
Quote 8673
* Roy walks over to help the arm and leg reach freedom -- he's still in le mech form
<Chaos`GM^> Roy: you see Jerome. Or what's left of him. He's a bloody mess, and missing most of his right side.
* Roy blinks, but its not visible under the helmet with the stylized metal face.. what IS visible, however, is that he draws his sword and holds it, high up towards the sky, preparing to do an Old Yeller.
<Roy> "Jerome?"
<Chaos`GM^> Black tattoos seem to be dancing across his bare skin, as if filling in pieces of his body with a paintbrush, bloody wounds disapear to be replaced with perfectly normal skin.
* Jaoni walks out from around the corner, then looks quite taken aback
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome doesn't seem to be breathing.
<Jaoni> "Is... he okay?"
Quote 8674
* Jerome shall point out that kicking grenades is bad for your health. This has been a warning from the surgeon general.
<Natsuki`> Can it lead to cancer?
<Natsuki`> And birth defects?
<Roy> quitting grenades now greatly improves your health
Quote 8675
* Roy looks around for witnesses. "By the way, it seems that they have something in there vests to allow them to move like that. When next we encounter them, remove their clothing."
<Chaos`GM^> Aiko is sitting on a roof above you all, looking down at the scene.
<Natsuki`> (( oo, kinky. ))
<Natsuki`> (( is this about to become a hentai? :P ))
Quote 8676
* Jaoni reaches down to get jerom un-submerged
<Jaoni> (Ie, to his feet :P)
<Jerome> "Thank you." Gets up, looks down at self. "Uhm. I lost my clothes?" puzzled
<Chaos`GM^> As he stands, what's left of his pants fall off, although he does have half of a shirt!
* Jerome turns bright red
<Jaoni> "You got grenaded."
* Roy gives Jerome a pat on the back. :P Not knowing what to say.
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome stands three quarters naked infront of the school. The rest of the group stands around and talks about todays events.
Quote 8677
* Roy looks at Jerome, "She's .. a robot?" He says it like Robit.
<Jerome> "She saw those ..tattoos I sometimes have. Moving. Like Jaoni did, but Aiko said they were moving in microns."
<Chaos`GM^> (( Which is very hard to detect if you must know ))
<Natsuki`> (( durrrrrrr ))
<Jerome> "That's not normal. I mean, not the moving .... that is. I don't get that. But seeing something moving that... small."
<Roy> "She could be just trying to sound smart. She seems like the type."
<Chaos`GM^> (( =p figured i'd add something in ))
<Jaoni> "Microns?"
<Jaoni> "Doesn't everything move in microns?"
* Jaoni shrugs :P
<Jerome> "I guess she could have made it up; noticed eariler and said that or something. Maybe it just fits her character?"
<Roy> "If by character, you mean a heartless bookworm, then yeah. I guess that sounds right."
<Chaos`GM^> (( And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!))
<Chaos`GM^> ((... You guys need a dog. If you had a dog you could be Mystery inc. ))
Quote 8678
<Roy> aight
<Roy> check it.
<Roy> My vampire in lolad
<Roy> I've finally decided his persona.
<Roy> Two words.
<Roy> Dr. Orpheus.
<Jerome> ROFL
* Roy adds "Oooopen!" to his spell list.
<Roy> and hey, cool
<Roy> Sophie is easily Dr. Girlfriend :P
<Chaos`GM^> ...
<Natsuki`> rofl
<Jerome> ...
<Jerome> LOL!
<Jerome> Oh yeah.....
<Jerome> damn.
Quote 8679
* Roy looks at Jaoni's figure. We're talking brick, right? :P
* Jaoni waves to the others
<Jaoni> (an hourglass shaped brick? :P)
<Natsuki`> (( I've sen weirder things. ))
Quote 8680
<Fennec> alcar: you know what that guy is talking about? :)
<Fennec> 01:41 <Roy> Fennec's character is the monarch
<Fennec> 01:41 * Roy just had that dawn on him.
<alcar> The Venture Bros. TV show reference
<Fennec> I'm missing something and have no clue what anyone's talking about. Besides LOLAD.
<alcar> tv show that basically parodied a LOT of things
<alcar> he stings enemies like a monarch butterfly :p
<alcar> The Monarch: You see, just like the flawless monarch butterfly from which I take my name, the Monarch has many ways to sting.
<alcar> Dying Cabbie: Monarchs . . . . don't sting
<Fennec> kinda... haha, except... not? :)
<Fennec> I was worried that maybe you'd somehow plopped Anelelinde in a position of royalty somehow... except that didn't seem your style either...
<Fennec> so I was mostly confused :P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> "You see, just like the dead royal butterfly, I have many ways tobe stung!" *Camera goes off* *pc crashed into a bridge and dies*
Quote 8681
* Rachael hands the file over. "The revolution will not have gas chambers, don't be ridiculous."
* Aaron` hands the test in, first, though
<kentari> Maslow blinks. "... Gas chambers, you say?"
<Rachael> "Those take time to build."
<Rachael> "We're talking about the Revolution, not an oppressive regime."
<kentari> He accepts the folders, holding onto them. He pauses a moment, "Rachael, are you feeling allright today?"
* Drew blinks, then grins crookedly. "Cute."
* Rachael points to Drew. "He brought it up."
Quote 8682
<kentari> <Maslow> *looks up* "Any way."
<kentari> <Maslow> "Let's move on to this .. revolution, you have planned?"
<kentari> He coyly equips his clipboard.
* Rachael recites.
<Rachael> "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as 'a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes,' with a footnote to the effect that the editors would welcome applications from anyone interested in taking over the post of robotics correspondent."
<Rachael> "Curiously enough, an edition of the Encyclopaedia Galactica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a thousand years in the future defined the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as 'a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came.'"
<Rachael> "Read much Douglas Adams?"
Quote 8683
* Drew is tempted to BESM up Sara the Vampire
<Drew> and have her fall in love with Cecil.
<Rachael> mwuahahahahahaha
<Rachael> you cruel, cruel man. :P
<Drew> it would be nice turnabout :)
* kentari would suppor that as vampire boss of Trail.
<Drew> she'd come to kent's pc and ask him to brew a love potion, if she got desperate
<kentari> >:D We wouldn't need that.
<Drew> not as effective on a dragon, though :(
<Drew> And .. she'd never stoop to mind control. She had boobs!
<Drew> maybe I could give THEM mind control
* Drew ponders
Quote 8684
<Aaron`> "Lots of people get sick this time of year. I believe it's called 'scholaritis'."
<Aaron`> "Or was it scholera?"
Quote 8685
<Rachael> "So, Dr. Faust. When the revolution comes, who do YOU think will be first up against the wall?"
<Drew> "People who want everyone else against a wall?"
<Drew> ".. I should just shut up, shouldn't I?"
<kentari> Faust looks up at Rachel, "The ones who will be first up against the wall?"
<Rachael> "We were having a discussion earlier."
<kentari> <Faust> "When the revolution comes, the people in trouble are the ones who think they're winning."
<Rachael> "Ah, excellent, excellent."
Quote 8686
<Rachael> "He's a psychotic druggie. HI PSYCHOTIC DRUGGIE!!!"
* Steve`` finds a rock (I guess) and chucks it at Amos.
<kentari> He points dramatically at Rachael. Revealing that, somehow, he managed to find a cape to wear over his uniform.
* Rachael waves and smiles.
<Aaron`> "By the way, you got a big whiff of that stuff, it seems like, so let us know if you feel anything out of the ordinary."
* Rachael turns a cartwheel on the grass!
<Aaron`> "And I mean anything."
<Aaron`> "Because you have the high ground?"
<kentari> The rock, uh
* Drew coughs some more, trrying to stop from feeling numb all over
* Aaron` shakes his feet and legs, trying to shake off the numbness
<kentari> <Amos> "YOU HAVE INHALED THE KEY TO YOUR DEMISE! YOU ARE NOW AT THE MERCY OF MY --" Well, as luck would have it, he is now at the mercy of Steve's airborn rock. The rock is not a kind mistress, though.
Quote 8687
<kentari> The roof is actually pretty neat looking.
* Aaron` follows Anton, mainly outof concern for his health after getting such a whiff of the stuff.
<kentari> You discover that there is a pool up here.
<Forest`^> lol
<Steve``> (( a swimming pool?? ))
<kentari> (( yea ))
<Drew> (( Ah, teenage romance.... ))
Quote 8688
<kentari> <Maslow> "I didn't sign up for these kind of ordeals.."
* Rachael runs over to Maslow. "HEY! Mr. Maslow! Guess what?"
<kentari> <Faust> "He might not be the only thing going on.. You've heard what Erickson's got in the works, with VeriCorp, right?"
<kentari> They both pause and cease their dialog. Maslow turns to Rachel, "Yes?"
<Rachael> "The revolution came, and *I* was the first one against the wall!"
<Drew> (( lol ))
<Aaron`> "It was Sparks who set that off, is what she's trying to say."
<Rachael> "Well, one of the first. Anyway. Bye!"
<Steve``> (( omg ))
* Drew stares at Rachael, jaw dropping.
* Rachael skips off.
<Drew> "Is she for real?"
Quote 8689
<kentari> <Aaron`> "Anton, your piece please?"
<kentari> I want that in the topic
<kentari> :P
* Drew changes topic to '<Aaron`> "Anton, your piece please?"'
<Aaron`> NO!
Quote 8690
<Caltak> hey, can someone describe LoLaD to my friend here? He was askin' me but I'm really tired. :P
<Edmund> >.>
<Chaos`^> less players?
<Chaos`^> isn't kentari going to be in it?
<Edmund> I can harass Caltak about it some time when he's less tired :P
<Caltak> >_<
<Chaos`^> LoLad is like Underworld on Acid, except LoLaD came first
<alcar> lol
<Caltak> lol, that's actually a good comparison
Quote 8691
<alcar> AND thhere are going to be some fun pro-were/supernatural people arond in Trail.
<alcar> a few of them tabloid reporters, some just wanting equal rights for all, others wanting to Believe. etc.
<Caltak> Sweet.
<Caltak> Shall have to cater to those types.
<Caltak> Fanbase = good.
* alcar nods. Makes the most sense :)
<Tass> indeed
* alcar is going to make a firm effort to not be quite as cynical regarding human nature :p
<Tass> more casualties
<Tass> I mean....
<alcar> lol
<Tass> bigger crowds!
* Caltak bops Tass.
<alcar> It's Faline, you mean: more food!
<Caltak> Eating fans = probably bad for PR.
Quote 8692
<alcar> the big advantage faline has starting out is almost no one will expect her to be sane
<alcar> will throw a few of the factions involved for abit of a loop :)
<Caltak> Lesse, how pregnant is she again... so yeah. sanity might wane for a time at some point. :P
<Caltak> later on
* alcar nods. If someone attacks, and it could kill....
<alcar> Mr. T will be on the sidelines saying: "I .. pity..." *staggers offstage to retch*
Quote 8693
<alcar> fyi, I made the Big Bad Dudes henchmen on 100, to give pcs a challenge :)
<Caltak> Well yes.
<Caltak> 100 o_o
<Caltak> Are you seriously trying to kill us?!
<alcar> lol. Nope.
* sparkie is
<sparkie> Duh.
Quote 8694
<Caltak> hmm
<Caltak> Yeah see, I need to be able to kill people faster. :P
<alcar> lol. Well,killing people isn't what a lord of life is for :p
<Caltak> Yeah, I know. It's just a hobby.
<Caltak> :P
<alcar> Not according to the judge :)
Quote 8695
<alcar> Oh! Yes. From last night...
<alcar> Chaos and I were discussing Cecil.
<alcar> <Chaos`^> Hmmm... a girlfriend? He definately needs a woman =p
<alcar> <alcar> gotthat taken care of, plot wise :P
<alcar> <Chaos`^> seriously?
<alcar> <alcar> yup
<alcar> <Chaos`^> That's odd
<Anelelinde> it had better not be Sara :P
* alcar smiles
<Anelelinde> -- me, on his behalf.
<alcar> He'll find it funny eventually!
<Anelelinde> no he won't
<alcar> Well. *I* will.
<kentari> :D
Quote 8696
<alcar> ...
<alcar> you put points into soft fur? :p
<Caltak> It said you needed it!
* Caltak was following the rules!
<alcar> uhm, you can have that one for free ;p
<Caltak> >_<
<alcar> cuz .. that's kind of silly to need....
<Elana-Silvereye> not to Caltak '-_^
<Caltak> Great, now I gotta reorganize everything.
<alcar> well, you can keep it if you want "royale kitten softness" or something :)
<Caltak> Well no a free point is fine I just need to redistribute everything.
<alcar> "But .. but.. I can't shoot her! She looks so soft and cuddly, sir!"
<Caltak> hmmmm
* Caltak ponders
* Caltak may just leave it. :P
Quote 8697
<Caltak> Would be nice to start an organized movement of some kind, rally some weres.
* alcar nods. Fennec's pc cna prolly help with that. And there's going be be a Ppeople for Equal Treament for Supernaturals groiup :)
<Caltak> Would be nice to start an organized movement of some kind, rally some weres.
* alcar nods. Fennec's pc cna prolly help with that. And there's going be be a Ppeople for Equal Treament for Supernaturals groiup :)
<Caltak> Sort of a... million lycanthrope march! :P and demand equal rights and whatnot. Fun times.
<Caltak> President: "Dear gods, they're marching on Washington! Quick, get me the launch codes!!" Secret Service: "Um, sir, you do realize that it would kill us as well, right?"
<Caltak> But we're in Canada anyway so it wouldn't go like that.
<Caltak> That's just the American version
<alcar> Bush: "The Elect would be saved."
<alcar> Calvinism is underused in horror :)
Quote 8698
<AlcarGM> The tent is set up just as you like it, and there are two marks already there. Single mother types, wanting a regular fortune told about the man from the harlequin novel they'll meet
<AlcarGM> The first four readings are easy. You tell them what they want, they go away .. happy, or at least thnking they are.
<Anelelinde> ah, I'm thinking, actually...
<Anelelinde> after I tell them about this novel they'll meet ;) give them some sort of nudge about "not before is fixed"
<Anelelinde> being all philanthropic and everything-fu
<AlcarGM> lol1 Noce :)
Quote 8699
<Anelelinde> (( who's her daddy? is he rich like me? ))
<AlcarGM> Her father is Eric Castleman, no name construction worker from up north. Husband is Gary, a manger in the city zoning department. Her son - was a kid named Trevor
<Anelelinde> "And I think you do not come for the usual reasons."
<AlcarGM> you can't get anything about her son from surface thoughts beyond grief.
<Anelelinde> that was a joke. :P
<Anelelinde> (( ./~ What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me? / Has he taken? any time? to tell you what you need to know? Oh tell it to me slowly... somethingorother... it's the tiiime, of the seeason, for love-ing... ./~ ))
<AlcarGM> (( so I went to all the trouble of making him up for nothing?! :p ))
Quote 8700
<Anelelinde> remind me why I'm not a psychoanalyst :P
<Tahlin> because you're a freaking butterfly :P