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Quote 7701
<Mary_jane`^> "I think I know too much."
Quote 7702
<Mary_jane`^> "What the hell was that?" Walking slower
<AlcarGM> No reply. The wood is silenced by some power greater than it. The creatures are around, hiding in the trees.
<AlcarGM> "Dark things, I believe," Jacob says from behind you.
* Mary_jane`^ continues for its heart
<Mary_jane`^> "Who are you and how did you get here?"
* Mary_jane`^ turns quickly
<AlcarGM> Jacob blinks. "I think you know who I am, and I had help. Blaise, to be precise. I'm a little surprised I could come at all."
* Mary_jane`^ opens her mouth to say something, but instead tells him "You have to understand that right now I trust you about as far as I can throw you. You ARE inside me and I AM being attacked by something."
<Mary_jane`^> "Stay close and by my side. We're going that way." Pointing
<AlcarGM> Jacob looks at you. "You think I am attacking you?"
<Mary_jane`^> YES YES I DO! MJ's character is saying to himself
<Mary_jane`^> err
<Mary_jane`^> her player...
Quote 7703
<Mary_jane`^> alcar
<AlcarGM> yep?
<Mary_jane`^> you there? I mean seriously...
<AlcarGM> And yes, am here. Probably need coke, though
* AlcarGM gets some.
<Mary_jane`^> lol coke
<AlcarGM> the drink, that is :p
Quote 7704
<AlcarGM> You can feel power coming down the web, to repair it....
* Mary_jane`^ follows the power with her own magic
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Something Bad is coming......" from around the shadow...
<Mary_jane`^> "I know."
<AlcarGM> It's ... big. Like looking into a sun, but brighter than any son .....fire, and hate, and terrible will ..... power enough to destoy even Luna as if she wasn't there at all.
<Mary_jane`^> "That's odd.."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Fuck," in a very small voice. "It's too big. Too strong. Merlin ... can't stop it.. run....."
<Mary_jane`^> "Nonono... This is interesting..."
* Mary_jane`^ considers this and calls for any light around her
<AlcarGM> "It's a piece of Merlin's power," Tad shrieks. "That's NOT interesting! That's death!"
Quote 7705
<Mary_jane`^> Dear Mr. Sun, Mary Jane Consequence cordially and humbly requests an audience with you to discuss the issues of the moon, mars, your name for further invitations and anything else that may come up. If at all possible please come in human or otherwise non-mind exploding form or skin melting. Please meet her for tea and biscuts at the starbucks in <city> on <street> at 11:00 am.
Quote 7706
<GeminiRai> hah, he does not want to help his sister.
<GeminiRai> I guess he is mean.
<tatterdemalion> little sisters are annoying :p
<tatterdemalion> even if you are celestial bodies.
<GeminiRai> Yes, but that doesn't justify wanting them to be insane so they don't bother you:P
<tatterdemalion> It does to the sun :)
Quote 7707
* Mary_jane`^ eats slowly and considers what she needs to do before arthur and merlin come... and comes up with nothing that doesn't involve everyone dieing
Quote 7708
* Mary_jane`^ walks for a while, wondering who would want to find her that doesn't already know where she is
<AlcarGM> Merlin .. oh, wait, he probably does.
<AlcarGM> The Sweepstakes people. You could be a winnner!
Quote 7709
<AlcarGM> Okay. You're a good 10 blocks from the zoon when you feel the power of the wards around it. Serious power, with no energyt wasted at all. Brain-dead or no, Sara can do something right. Or, more likely, got the forumla out of a book with lots of pictures and did it right :)
<Mary_jane`^> if it involves sex I'm sure she can do it right... the sad part is that this probably doesn't
* Mary_jane`^ continues on toward the zoo
<AlcarGM> (( tantric angelic sex. On the head of a pin. ))
Quote 7710
<GeminiRai> <AlcarGM> (( tantric angelic sex. On the head of a pin. ))
<tatterdemalion> or with a pin :p
<tatterdemalion> Sara: "It's like acupunture! Except with a penis!"
Quote 7711
<Mary_jane`^> "I suppose. I would have healed the moon but with the sun's threat and the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing, I think it would hurt more than help."
<AlcarGM> She nods. "The moon is what it is, the sun is what it is. I am what I am. Changing things only makes them worse, most of the time. Change is inevitable, but we much prefer it's the change we choose."
* Mary_jane`^ scratches at her wound idly "Does healing something mean that we are rejecting change though?"
<AlcarGM> The earth chuckles. "No one can save anyone else, not really. They have to save themselves, find their own path, and their own way. You can't make a better world for people. People must do it themselves, otherwise it's just a cage."
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "I am not sure. But there are some wounds not meant to be healed, some harm that had good behind it. Imagine your world if Christ had not died in the cross. Some wounds, some sacrifices, are not meant to be healed unless they are to be robbed of all thier menaing."
Quote 7712
<Mary_jane`^> "If I were protected, and I stood a chance to begin with, the other sparks of creation would seek me out. That would be why I have so much power. Everything is attracted to me... Asking for help, I hope. If they're here to hurt me it would be... odd."
<AlcarGM> "I wouldn't be surprised if some did try and destroy you. Saviours are always killed, sometimes out of fear, sometimes because they know people must save themselves. It is a far better thing to give others the tools to become heroes than to be the hero for them."
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> Saviours are always killed, sometimes out of fear, sometimes because they know people must save themselves. It is a far better thing to give others the tools to become heroes than to be the hero for them." was fun :p
<AlcarGM> Tho I suspect it runs counter to most anime :)
<Mary_jane`^> yeh no shit?
<AlcarGM> Heh. So not just me? :)
<Mary_jane`^> You veered from 'most anime' at about session 2 or 3
Quote 7713
* Mary_jane`^ goes home, because she is being strongly pointed in that direction and also because running away would mean having to deal with mimir, who she really does not want to have anything to do with right now
<Mary_jane`^> but know this! I will not admit anything until Anne grows wings!
<AlcarGM> hehehe....
<Mary_jane`^> Well, she doesn't have to grow them, they can just appear but... She needs them!
Quote 7714
<Mary_jane`^> that was... easier than I expected
<AlcarGM> which? :)
<Mary_jane`^> explaining why the fbi was after her =p
* AlcarGM nods. She'll want details when she's calmed down :p
<AlcarGM> But someoine who storms over to your friends out to accuse her of kidnapped you into a lesbian cult is NOT calm.
<AlcarGM> or even rational :p
<AlcarGM> Though Nora may never let you forget it :)
Quote 7715
<GeminiRai> By the way, for reference to that, fairy wings are hypersensitive. Eltanan said so.
Quote 7716
* Mary_jane`^ frowns
<Mary_jane`^> "Why do parents go to PTA meetings instead of staying home and spending that time with their kids."
Quote 7717
* Mary_jane`^ finishes the dishes and dries her hands and calls Jaymie
<AlcarGM> you get her machine at home.
<Mary_jane`^> "She must be on duty..." Leaving a message for her
<AlcarGM> what message? :p
<Mary_jane`^> (( Yoyoyo call me foo I da pimp dadday! ))
<AlcarGM> (( ..... no :p ))
Quote 7718
<Mary_jane`^> "He's not... what did he say... 600? yet... I'm not sure... evidently he thought he was young."
<AlcarGM> Gabe shrugs. "The vampires could have been lying, of course. They do have stories of Dracula, and vampires from Rome who bite off noses, but Victor was the oldest one people actually could verify still existed."
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh, he said that when he was burning and about to die."
<Mary_jane`^> "I mean, why would he lie to me when he's well... on fire?"
Quote 7719
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh... I'm pretty sure the ninjas are killing people though... and I'm fairly sure it's random."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Why?" curiously, looking relieved at the change of topic.
<Mary_jane`^> "I dunno, probably something to do with their ninjaness..."
<AlcarGM> Gabe grins. "I hope that's not a real word."
<Mary_jane`^> "What? Ninjaness? I imagine it is... In their heads atleast. They're pretty ninja... It's like smurf I guess... But they're not smurfs."
* Mary_jane`^ checks the back yard for mushrooms and sits back down "Atleast I'm pretty sure..."
Quote 7720
<AlcarGM> Carl says three words - in the High Tongue, as an aid for the spell, not to actually do anything since he knows the High Tongue has no power (:p).
<AlcarGM> Something comes at you, invisible .. and shatters before reaching you.
* Mary_jane`^ ignores it
<AlcarGM> Oh, fyi the 3 words in the High tongue translte as "By the Power of Grayskull"
<Mary_jane`^> ROFLMAO
Quote 7721
<Mary_jane`^> "What kind of ward is this?" More to her shadow than to carl
<AlcarGM> Carl: "A level 18 binding ward."
<AlcarGM> (( I would have hadded some silly japanese sounding stuff to it, but couldn't think of any offhand :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Is that better than level 13?"
<AlcarGM> Carl: "Yes," coldly.
Quote 7722
<AlcarGM> Rick: "You ..." He raiseshis cross. "YOU WILL CEASE YOUR EVIL! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU!"
<AlcarGM> To your surprise, his finger starts moving again, his faith actually breaking the spell.
<Mary_jane`^> Well... not really
<Mary_jane`^> my surprise that is
<Mary_jane`^> "Crap... Carl used too much power... He's broken."
<AlcarGM> Jaymie looks over at him. then "Shit.. what did you do?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I didn't do anything. I told him to stop, but... Like i was trying to tell him he could have died..."
<Mary_jane`^> "You guys didn't help... I mean he didn't trust me but... You really need to get him some help though."
<Mary_jane`^> "It's something in his head... His sanity, some memories, his motor skills... anything could be broken."
<AlcarGM> Rick : "IN NOMINE .... etc."
<AlcarGM> err, the etc. after :p
<AlcarGM> though the image of him bellowing "IN NOMINE ETC!" is amusing :)
Quote 7723
<AlcarGM> Jaymie: "Mary Jane Consequence, for breaking and entering -"
<AlcarGM> Rick: "And unholy black magick for which she will burn for eternity in the fires of Hell."
<AlcarGM> Jaymie steps on his foot. Hard.
<Mary_jane`^> "There isn't a law against magic, people do it all the time in like.. wicca and stuff."
<AlcarGM> Rick:: "There should be. This is one nation under God!"
Quote 7724
<AlcarGM> The elevator dings, you get out. Chief Lance Christensen's office is a large corner suite in the south west corner, filled with books, pictures of various predecessors, and almost no personal touches at all besides a photo of him at Disneyworld. Lance is a tall, broad shouldered man in his late 50s with cheerful blue eyes, grey hair, and looks at you a moment too long before nodding when you enter the office. "Good evening. You're Mary Jane, then?"
<Mary_jane`^> (( "Oh lord... gotta go..." MJ disapears ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Mary_jane`^> . "Good evening. You're Mary Jane
<AlcarGM> (( huh? :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> cut off
<AlcarGM> "Good evening. You're Mary Jane, then?"
<AlcarGM> (( ah good. Though you were doing some weird reply to him :) ))
<Mary_jane`^> ROFL
Quote 7725
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, I don't plan much. Plans are usually scratched at the last minute anyway, so I stopped doing that a long time ago."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Then what are you aiming for, precisely? We have a psychic who does contract work for us, and she keeps seeing your face, and a sword. Among other things. Something is happening, and I suspect it would be wise if the police were not your enemies in it. I trust we understand each other?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Well how would I know you wouldn't be anyway?"
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Well, there is that. But, you see, the police aren't entirely oblivious to the subtle worlds. I know enough to know something big is going down, and it may well be the end of the world. Again. And that you are involved. Besides, our psychic is listening in, and can tell if people are lying. It's rather useful when people ask for time off for the funeral of their grandmother."
<Mary_jane`^> "You hire your psychic as your HR?"
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Of course. We do have a budget."
Quote 7726
<AlcarGM> Lance nods. "Hmm. Leslie thinks you're telling the truth, at least....." He frowns. "She does want to know who warded you, though, as a professional favour."
<Mary_jane`^> "Everyone and his dog, likely. I have more wards on me than the vatican."
<Mary_jane`^> "She needs to be more specific."
<AlcarGM> Lance; 'NO, she says your own, a blessing, and some complicated ritual warding by someone else."
<Mary_jane`^> "Sounds like the fisher king she's describing. The ritual that is."
<Mary_jane`^> "And I was exadurating, being sarcastic."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Hmm. There is one? That might explain ...." He trails off. "Never mind. She's offering something in return, if there is anything you want to know."
<Mary_jane`^> "Only if my mom's awake right now."
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGM> Lance blinks, looking surprised for the first time. "Ah. She says your mom is not awake."
Quote 7727
<AlcarGM> Nora opens the door. "Geeze, about time. And Jeeves said he didn't change the -" she stares over your shoulder. "What the hell is that?"
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't look "What does it look like?"
<AlcarGM> A small throwing star made of two razor blades flies past your shoulder at Nora.
<Mary_jane`^> "Does it look like a ninja?"
* Mary_jane`^ pushes Kiesha and Gabe into the kitchen and shuts the door
* Mary_jane`^ turns to her assaulter
<AlcarGM> Nora yelps and ducks just in time, the blade cuttin through hair instead of her face.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "What in the name of...."
<AlcarGM> You see barbie dolls. Many, many barbie dolls. With knives.
<Mary_jane`^> "You're joking."
Quote 7728
<Mary_jane`^> There has to be a simple way to get rid of them
<Mary_jane`^> Without using force
<Mary_jane`^> because, well, MJ does that too much
<AlcarGM> lol. That is true :)
<Mary_jane`^> so let's think through this
<Mary_jane`^> They're made by an angel that likes sex
<AlcarGM> and are killer barbie dolls :p
Quote 7729
<AlcarGM> Jacob appears beside you. "They're from the other angel," tersely.
<Mary_jane`^> "I know."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "You .... know?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes. Her name's Sara."
<AlcarGM> Jacob blinks. The red glow that was blazing up in his eyes dies and he looks at you in horror. "Oh, my God...."
<Mary_jane`^> "Shh, we have enough problems as it is."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "But she.... she .... she can't be ... you said Darelle said the last angel was .. powerful .... she's just .... she's just an angel who's had sexwith almost every angel in heaven."
<AlcarGM> The barbie dolls aren't making any effort to attack either of you, but aren't leaving either.
<Mary_jane`^> "But she also has free will."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "...... God really hates me.. he sent ... her..." in the same horrified tone. Your angel is in shock :)
<Mary_jane`^> "you mean, you and her..." Motioning with her finger and her hand
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "No! She hadn't gotten down to the bottom rungs of the choir yet."
<Mary_jane`^> "Sounds like her idea of a good time."
<Mary_jane`^> "She used to be human.. where'd she come from?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Babylon. The famous whore, before hte city fell. She ... uhm .. with God...and was made an angel...." He's bright red.
Quote 7730
<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, don't start shooting just yet.. I'm thinking."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "I'd rather shoot whatever made them. Who makes barbie dolls come alive to attack people?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Sara."
<Mary_jane`^> "And they only attacked Nora."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "They're hunting demons, then. Probably their only hobby aside from sex."
<Mary_jane`^> "They're dolls, how do they have sex?"
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "What she said."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I think we're better off not knowing."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "What he said. Now, how do we get rid of them?>"
<Mary_jane`^> "Jacob makes a bunch of ken dolls to lead them away from us."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I am NOT stooping to her level!"
Quote 7731
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Okay. SO I might have melted one when I was six. But that's no reason for an army of them to attack the house!"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I mean, it was just one barbie doll. I can't be the worst offender for that. You broke some too, right?" to you.
<Mary_jane`^> "What barbies? Hardly, they were my idols when I was a kid."
* Mary_jane`^ goes to the living room
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Then your brother must have, or other people. I mean, sure I melted one ... maybe two .... but that's no reason for an army of them to attack me!"
Quote 7732
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".... what kind of person hunts down demons with barbie dolls?"
<Mary_jane`^> "An angel named Sara."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "A Catholic?" with a grin.
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".. and I thought Jake was weird."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Excuse me?"
<Mary_jane`^> "He is."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "*I* am an angel of the Lord."
<Mary_jane`^> "And what is she?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob crosses his arms and says nothing :p
Quote 7733
<AlcarGM> The news, not surprisingly, does not cover an army of barbie dolls massacring an army of ken dolls on their way to the zoo. Probably because the couldn't think of a negative angle for the story.
<Mary_jane`^> "Damn.. I kind of wanted to see an aerial view of it."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Oh, shit. Is this going to happen often? I mean, I have classes tomrorow."
<Mary_jane`^> "Heh... I hope not. I have to get back, though."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Mind you, Mrs. Thompson might like barbie dolls invading bio.:"
Quote 7734
<Mary_jane`^> "Gabe, you and Kiesha could probably come by and say you're here to see Sal, but I know my mom won't let Nora in."
<AlcarGM> Nora grins. "I could come by in a dominatrix outfit," with a smirk.
<Mary_jane`^> "I imagine you could..."
<Mary_jane`^> "But take her to the bedroom before you do anything. Later." And disapears =p
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Mind you, I don't think I ever saw Jeeves laugh so hard as when your mom told me I'd kidnapped you for sex...."
Quote 7735
* Mary_jane`^ closes the door and goes to her room
* Mary_jane`^ sits on her bed and goes to talk to her shadow, she has an unfinished conversation with him
<AlcarGM> Your room is nicely normal and empty of aliens. So far.
<Mary_jane`^> (( Although I don't remember what the conversation was about... I remember it was unfinished ))
<AlcarGM> (( Then we're in the same boat :p ))
Quote 7736
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Oh. Hi. I was watching the sky and wondering what happens when stars fall. Nothing else up, except the alien was ... strange, in here. Watching everthing, in everything, like a kid shoving his fingers into the first cat he dissects and playing with the intestines."
<Mary_jane`^> "Sounds like Luna."
<Mary_jane`^> (( You disected a cat when you were a kid? ))
<AlcarGM> Tad: "I thought it was the dream of every little boy," almost seriously. A quick grin. "Do you need anything?"
<AlcarGM> (( no comment. ))
<AlcarGM> (( j/k ;p ))
Quote 7737
<Mary_jane`^> "The moon was scared by something inside of me, when she was looking in. I wonder if I could look in too..."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "You are in. But we can't see ourselves, in any event. Not really. All we see are objects."
<Mary_jane`^> "So what object scared her so much?"
* Mary_jane`^ hmms and looks up at the sky, for say a moon
<AlcarGM> The moon is here, barely visible behind the sunset, but it's big and silver and pretty, like a giant coin.
<Mary_jane`^> "Hmmm..."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "The truth scares most honest people."
<Mary_jane`^> "I have an idea."
<Mary_jane`^> LoL the dreaded 4 words to come from MJs mouth
<AlcarGM> yes :p
Quote 7738
* Mary_jane`^ goes to the penis of the moon...
Quote 7739
<Mary_jane`^> this is disturbing on so many levels
* AlcarGM grins.
<Mary_jane`^> First of all
<Mary_jane`^> what is a giant stone penis doing in MJ's mind
<AlcarGM> There are important plot reasons for it believe it or not ;p
<Mary_jane`^> 2nd
<Mary_jane`^> why is luna in it
<Mary_jane`^> the penis
<Mary_jane`^> and 3rd
<Mary_jane`^> IT'S MOVING
Quote 7740
<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, I have to get back, my mom should be home soon."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I could come visit!"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I could come out of your head, like a goddess!"
<AlcarGM> (( Go ahead and explain THAT to your mom :p ))
Quote 7741
<Mary_jane`^> "Sane isn't boring."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "it is, too. You have to pretend you exist."
<Mary_jane`^> "Is not! We had lots of fun when you were sane. Anyway, I have to go."
Quote 7742
<Mary_jane`^> "Damn... Something is in this bathroom and it's wierd."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha sniffs, then frowns. "There is .... something .. like a tang. Or Tang."
<AlcarGM> You hear your mother walking up the stairs.
<AlcarGM> Kiesha frowns, her face elongating ,and growls softly, sniffing. "Magic."
<Mary_jane`^> "Aha I knew it!"
* Mary_jane`^ looks at the shower intently
<Mary_jane`^> "But where?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "I'm not sure....."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "In the shower itself? It's ... .weak. She takes her shirt off. "Here. I don't want to rip my clothes."
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "I smell better as a wolf."
* Mary_jane`^ takes the shirt
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh..."
<AlcarGM> She starts taking her pants off. "And clothing is just toasted."
<Mary_jane`^> brb gotta reboot
<AlcarGM> Your mother opens the bathroom door. "MJ, are you .... in ..... here ....."
<AlcarGM> Anne looks at her daugher. Then at the almost naked 8 year old. Then her daugher. Then back at Kiesha. Then at you.
Quote 7743
<Mary_jane`^> "Something's wrong. What is it?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "It's not you. It's me."
<Mary_jane`^> "What is it?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "It's nothing," firmly, lying to herself and you.
<Mary_jane`^> "You're lying to me. I can tell."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Then that is my privledge as your mother," firmly.
<Mary_jane`^> "I thought you wanted to talk about important things?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "It's not -" she trails off. "Look. I know you and Nora might ... be more than friends. You've always been close. No. Don't answer. I don't need to know. I just had a horrible thought, when I opened the bathroom door. That's all."
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow
* Mary_jane`^ has raised both eyebrows now
<Mary_jane`^> "Uh-huh... So why did you go to your room?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "To think."
<Mary_jane`^> "About?"
<Mary_jane`^> (( "Does it smell like wet dog?" ))
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Why I don't like certain things. Why I thought you would ever - do things. How I could think that at all."
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
Quote 7744
<AlcarGM> Fenrir: "She is not a wolf. The insticts .... are not there. at least, she and the pack with be dogs, the mating of wolf and human. She knows it, and fears it. Fear is never useful."
<Mary_jane`^> what?
<AlcarGM> (( yhmm? ))
<Mary_jane`^> "The only time she'll force her instincts is when she can't think."
<Mary_jane`^> (( She and the pack with be dogs? ))
<AlcarGM> (( Yup. ))
<Mary_jane`^> she and the pack with be dogs
<Mary_jane`^> ... is that just bad english or did you type something wrong?
<AlcarGM> Fenrir: "It is .... personality. They will never be wolves. They can't be wolves. They make packs, and give each other names. Human affections, human desires."
<AlcarGM> (( err, meant to be wil be :p ))
<AlcarGM> .. wll.
<AlcarGM> will.
<Mary_jane`^> will
<AlcarGM> Augh!
* AlcarGM kills the typo demon.
Quote 7745
<Mary_jane`^> "How could I help her?"
<AlcarGM> Fenrir: "Make her admit the truth to herself. I could tell, but I am not her pack and she would see my words as orders."
<Mary_jane`^> "Which truth is that? That she'll go mad if she doesn't?"
<AlcarGM> Fenrir: "That she needs a master, even if the master never knows he is a master."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<Mary_jane`^> "This will be an interesting conversation, then."
Quote 7746
<Mary_jane`^> "You need a superior, someone to tell you what to do."
<AlcarGM> Keisha: "WHAT?!"
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "A master and his dog... It's the only way for you to not go insane."
<AlcarGM> She stares at you as if you have lost your mind. "I"m not a dog!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh?"
<AlcarGM> Keisha: "I am not!"
<AlcarGM> She glares at you.
<Mary_jane`^> "How do you intend to prove it?"
<AlcarGM> Keisha: "Because I'm not! I become a wolf."
<Mary_jane`^> "A wolf in body, but what are you in mind?"
<AlcarGM> Keisha: "Me, duh."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "And it doesn't help when the GM won't type my name right!"
Quote 7747
<AlcarGM> You appear back in your bedroom.
* Mary_jane`^ removes the giggle spell and unlocks the door
* Mary_jane`^ opens it
<AlcarGM> Kiesha practially barges into Sal's room. He's not typing at the moment, just frowning at the screen. "Okay.... so .... uhm ....." He looks at both of you. "Are you okay?"
<Mary_jane`^> "We're fine."
<AlcarGM> Gabe half turns his chair, sensing something, and Kiesha grabs him by the throat with one hand and snarls: "I could tear your head off."
<AlcarGM> Sal: ".... ths is fine...?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, we're fine."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "are you sure?"
Quote 7748
<AlcarGM> Gabe takes a deep breath. "What was that about?" very carefullly.
<Mary_jane`^> "She can't see our power. Everyone in our.. Pack... Just knew who was more powerful than the next. She needed to see for herself."
<Mary_jane`^> "She needs to know her place, but she won't admit it."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Her place. Great. So you wanted her to try and turn me into ....." he trails off. "Her... place. You mean ..... hierarchy, and ... oh."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Oh? Oh? She tried to kill you!"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Don't you know ANYONE normal MJ?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Wolves tend to do that."
* Mary_jane`^ falls onto the bed
<Mary_jane`^> "No... actually I don't."
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait! wait, no, she's kind of wierd too."
<Mary_jane`^> (( jayme =p ))
<AlcarGM> (( Mrs. Thompson? :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, okay ;) ))
Quote 7749
<Mary_jane`^> "Sorry about that Gabe, but I was affraid if I warned you, we would be back where we started."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "You mean she thinks I'm ..... what .... dominant?" incredulously
<Mary_jane`^> "Technically, she needed to know the hierarchy of the group, mostly."
<Mary_jane`^> "She measures that by power."
<AlcarGM> Gabe sighs. "Power isn't everything."
<Mary_jane`^> "It is to a wolf."
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't think she will start taking orders around, but she just needed to know who was running things."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "I mean, there's more than just . .fancy power. There's authority, and experience, and all of that Not someone stuck on a floor with a bleeding leg."
* Mary_jane`^ nods at him
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah you do look kind of pathetic."
* Mary_jane`^ grins and helps him up
<AlcarGM> He returns the grin. "If someone told me it would lead to a werewolf wanting to tear my head off I'd have gotten a tattoo or something."
Quote 7750
<AlcarGM> She contiues to glare. "That's not fair. He didn't even smell powerful," angrily.
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, he hides it better than me. Plus I have so much power that I leak."
* Mary_jane`^ realizes she dropped her shield when she was accross the street, and turns it back on
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "It wasn't even real power, anyway. Just will..." she sniffs.
<Mary_jane`^> "He didn't want to hurt you.'
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "I could have won," but she doesn't even convince herself. "I don't want to ... be a .... a .. dog. What if he knows? He knows stuff. Like . .stuff. He's always looking at things."
<AlcarGM> paranoia lite.
<AlcarGM> omg. La Fin De Siecle Paranoia :)
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> The Computer: "Who wants sex with Your Friend!"
Quote 7751
<AlcarGM> Kiesha sits up abruptly, looking horrified. "But .. but I'll see him again. What do I do?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "See who again?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "Him! I tried to rip his head off," as it slowly (and belatedly) sinks in. "What's he going to say?!:
<Mary_jane`^> "I doubt he'll mention it. I told him it was just you testing him as a wolf would another. He understood."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: ".... oh." she looks rather relieved.
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "Your brother must have, uhm, thought that was strange."
<Mary_jane`^> "He doesn't know if he won or not."
* Mary_jane`^ nods
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "I could threaten to take his head off, too, so he doesn't feel left out?"
<Mary_jane`^> "He thought you were wierd to begin with, though."
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhm... NO."
Quote 7752
<Mary_jane`^> the problem with her choosing gabe
<Mary_jane`^> is that gabe may die after the final battle
<AlcarGM> yes :p Then she could pick Sal, and slowly eviscerate all the male NPCs!
<Mary_jane`^> or not
<Mary_jane`^> Sal wouldn't be powerful though
* AlcarGM nods. Yeah. Unless he challenged her to a duel hacking into something :p
<Mary_jane`^> Unless gabe made him his successor which I would hate to see, because if gabe was gone for 5 years, sal would be stuck in his bedroom for like 20
<AlcarGM> "Let's see who can type Paradise Lost first." "Paradise what?"
Quote 7753
<Mary_jane`^> anyway, MJ is going to try her best to keep everyone alive so it will likely end up MJ being the dead one
<AlcarGM> lol! That would make the sequel rather hard :P
<Mary_jane`^> well
<Mary_jane`^> yes and no
<AlcarGM> unless you possesed the angel Sara, as revenge for a previous campaign :p
<Mary_jane`^> no
Quote 7754
<AlcarGM> Sal blinks, surprised, and looks up. "What .... what was that about?"
<Mary_jane`^> "She's a werewolf... She was doing the wolf thing. Haven't you ever seen on like the discovery chanell where wolves fight to see who is the alpha?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Uhm, yeah, but wolves fight each other, they don't threaten to kill people in wheelchairs!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, she was trying to get him to fight."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "That's .... that's just stupid. I'm just glad she didn't pick me."
<Mary_jane`^> "He's in her pack, and she needed to know his power."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Can I NOT be in her pack? Please?"
Quote 7755
<AlcarGM> Sal: "I'm not going to be friends with someone who might decide to try and take my head off!"
<Mary_jane`^> "She only does that if she thinks you may be above her. Just show her that you're subbordinate and you'll be fine." with a grin
<AlcarGM> Sal:" How?" eagerly
<Mary_jane`^> "Don't make eye contact, and keep your head tilted downward, and call her ma'am."
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<AlcarGM> (( TRhis will be fun. Anne: "Sal, why are you calling an eight year old girl ma'am?" ))
Quote 7756
<AlcarGM> The class is half over when there is an denoucement (err, annoucement. Realy...) over the PA dsystem: "Would the foillowing students please report to the office. Mary Jane Consequence., Luna Parsons, and Nora Robins. Thank you."
<Mary_jane`^> "Huh... That's us."
* Mary_jane`^ stands and puts her things away, and goes to the office
<Mary_jane`^> "Your last name is Parsons, Luna?"
<AlcarGM> Luna nods. "Because it was my fathers."
<Mary_jane`^> "Huh." Notting the fact she didn't call him daddy
<AlcarGM> Nora: "That's the way it normally is, Luna."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "Oh. I always thought people just picked named, because who has consequence as a last name? It's a result, a word, not a name. You should change it."
<Mary_jane`^> "I'll consider it."
Quote 7757
<AlcarGM> Luna: "My father is dead, too, but I don't hold it against the people who killed him. Everyone dies. It's, like, a giant metaphor for life. No, wait, maybe it's not."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs the back of luna's chair again, stoping her from swinging
<AlcarGM> Rowling continues to ignore Luna. "We're not the FBI you know. We're the Special Branch. We deal with demons, and magic, and mweird shit. Officically, you are weird shit, and we're hear to deal with you by any means necessary to protect this country. I trust you understand?"
* Mary_jane`^ smiles, almost as if she could hear Rowlings misspelling of here.
<AlcarGM> Rowling shoots the GM for being tired.
Quote 7758
<Mary_jane`^> "Listen..." Leaning forward "Have you ever heard of Merlin?"
<AlcarGM> Rowling: "A dead sorcerer. Yes. Everyone knows about him."
<Mary_jane`^> "He died and went to hell, so he took over hell, did you hear that story?"
<AlcarGM> Rowling: "Something of it, from an operative in Fernando Poo."
<Mary_jane`^> "Something of it? Perhaps you need to start with someone with a lower profile than us, then. This is the major league, here. We're not some random witches."
<AlcarGM> The room gets cold. Not magic. Just personality. "Major league, you little vomitous mass?" Rowling hisses softly, her eyes slits. "You're murders, and if I think you plan anything - anything - to harm this country, I will personally tear our your heart and feed it to my dog."
Quote 7759
<AlcarGM> Luna: "She's a good person. She mademe sane once, and no one would ever do that." She stands, looking angry. "And you are just stupid!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't have to listen to you tell me I'm lying when your resources are obviously," motioning to straub "mistaken."
<Mary_jane`^> "luna, don't."
<AlcarGM> Luna's power fills the room . .then ebbs. "Why not?" she demands.
<Mary_jane`^> "Because we don't need more trouble."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "As much as I'd like to see it, I'm with MJ. We have enough troubles, even if yo would probably get a medal."
<Mary_jane`^> "Listen." Writing something down "Go to your fisher king in DC and tell him if he doesn't give you the information, you'll say this in the middle of the city."
* Mary_jane`^ throws a note pad at her
<Mary_jane`^> "He'll talk."
<AlcarGM> (( Moon kills FBI agent. Rest of Special Branch sends Thank You card to the moon .. :p ))
Quote 7760
<AlcarGM> Jacob nods. "Anything else?"
<Mary_jane`^> "That's all for now, we'll talk later. Go before you kill that agent, and thanks."
<AlcarGM> He vanishes.
* Mary_jane`^ goes to the lunch room
<AlcarGM> Agent Rowling exists the meeting room, gun in hand, but sees notnhing besides the three of you .... and students staring at her gun .... She puts it away and glares at a few. "Can only students here shoot people? Surely your teachers would like to bring shotguns to class and mow down you useless degenerates." In the meeting room, Principal Rickards says "Oh, shit..." as visions of Publicity Relations Nightmares dance before his eyes :)
Quote 7761
<Mary_jane`^> "Ok Luna, no killing people while we eat, ok?"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "Why would I kill anyone while we're eating?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "The same reason you did it last time."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "They were bothering me."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, don't kill anyone."
<AlcarGM> The cafeteria becomes almost ominously quiet when the three of you enter. No one at the Popluar Table says hi, or anything ,and students are staring at Luna with open "Oh, crap?" looks on their faces. She is, of course, entirely oblivious
<AlcarGM> Nora mutters "Save the world and see your social life go into the toilet."
<Mary_jane`^> "It happens to the best of us... It's only what 8 more months?"
* Mary_jane`^ gets her lunch and sits down at a newly emptied table
<AlcarGM> The table empties fast when the three of you approach it. News like Luna gets around :p
Quote 7762
<AlcarGM> Kiesha answers on the first ring. "K.
<Mary_jane`^> K. ...?
<AlcarGM> Just "K".
<AlcarGM> Pause then. "K here. You know. Answering the phone? Is this anyone of Michael's retarded friends?"
<Mary_jane`^> "K?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Your name is K?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "It's shorter, okay? Geeze."
<Mary_jane`^> "Heh, what's up?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "Uhm, not much. Gabe wanted me to go with him to visit the earth, or something, but that was before I, well, tried to uhm rip his head off."
Quote 7763
<Mary_jane`^> "Just because I'm saving the world doesn't mean we can't do stuff together."
Quote 7764
<AlcarGM> Your cell phone rings.
* Mary_jane`^ answers
<Mary_jane`^> "M."
<AlcarGM> Q: "Very funny."
<AlcarGM> :p
<Mary_jane`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> Sal: "MJ?" nervously.
Quote 7765
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Uhm. Where are you?"
<Mary_jane`^> "On my way home. Why?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Uhm. Tell me sometjhing about me only you would know."
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhh.. Hmmm... That's a tough one. Let's see, oh, there's that one time I cought you going through my underware drawer, and you made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone because you said it was just a school project and no one could know."
<Mary_jane`^> (( I couldn't think of anything in game that jake or someone else hasn't been there for =p ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))
<AlcarGM> Nora: "He what?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not supposed to tell you." Covering the mouthpiece
<AlcarGM> Sal: ".... maybe . .something less ... uhm ... embarassing?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh... Did you want me to try again?"
<AlcarGM> Nora grins wickedly. "Tell him I have some pairs, if he wants to try them on something. Not that they'd fit, but it's the thought that counts."
Quote 7766
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Someomne was in the shower, when I came home. And since mom and dad's cars were gone, I thought you'd be at school. I checked, cuz there's weird burglars, and it looks like you."
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".... Wow. More panties for your brother?"
<Mary_jane`^> "So you looked in the bathroom and you saw me... Wait, you saw me naked!?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "The curtain was up! But it's either you or some other girl, okay?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You could have knocked... Did you knock?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "No, I didn't. You always lock it." Silence. "That sounded bad. I meant, we always lock it, and stuff, and if it was some burglar.. you know what I mean!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm starting to wonder if I do."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "That's not funny."
Quote 7767
* Mary_jane`^ stares at herself
<Mary_jane`^> (( Damn i'm hot... ))
<AlcarGM> Mary_jane`^: "Do you mind? I'm having a shower."
<Mary_jane`^> "Who the hell are you?"
<AlcarGM> (( no lesbian clone sex! ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( You sure? ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( It'd be like lesbian twins ))
<AlcarGM> (( .... well. Maybe not ;po But sparkie demands pictures. ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( He would... ))
Quote 7768
<Mary_jane`^> "Great, but who are you when I am me?"
* Mary_jane`^ pokes herself and looks about her "i've never seen myself at these angles before..."
<AlcarGM> Mary_jane`^: "A spell. Duh."
<Mary_jane`^> "Please don't insult my intellegence, you ARE me."
<AlcarGM> Mary_jane`^ turns around in a circle, smirking.
* Mary_jane`^ points at a mark on her back "Didn't know I had that."
<AlcarGM> Mary_jane`^: "Som I'm best suited to insult it."
Quote 7769
<AlcarGM> (( You know, if MJs life wasn't screwed up enough already the watrer spirit could do some nastily evil things with her family. ))
<Mary_jane`^> "And lock the door next time!" to the shower
<AlcarGM> (( but the GM reeally doesn't think the game needs that :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( It doesn't ))
<AlcarGM> (( even if incest is one of those anime staples. ))
Quote 7770
* Mary_jane`^ goes to her room to sulk... much like her clone would do =p
Quote 7771
<WarezBert> i know ashlk is running it
<WarezBert> but u have any advice for amber games in general?
<WarezBert> or about my char in specific
<alcar[sleep]> aslhk isn't running it. Fennec is, he's just using aslhk's site for the powers etc. stuff on it.
<alcar> Only advice is TRUST NO ONE! Except my PC, if I play., She is completely trustworthy in all respects.
Quote 7772
* AlcarGM doesn't want to go there :P
<Mary_jane`^> (( I do... but MJ doesn't ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Well .. then ... Sal and your ... clone .. in the shower. Crap. The poor kid is going to have Problems. Shall be fun :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( Sal: "I have a relationship with my sister's clone." Other Self Help Group people: :"You sick pervert!" ))
Quote 7773
<Mary_jane`^> "We'll just have to confront him." To blaise "He's visiting the earth right now so he shouldn't be too hard to find."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "Visiting .. .the earth? You mean that literally?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well... Yes I suppose... The earth as in the spirit?"
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "I'm surprised. She's a recluse, last I heard. Brain damage from oil spills and the like."
Quote 7774
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "You want to be destroyed?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "No, I want to ask why he wants me destroyed."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "Because you are a threat, of course. jesus was destroyed for the same reason, with more justification I think."
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm going."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "You are being stupid and foolish."
<Mary_jane`^> "I am not, if I find out why he wants me dead then I can fix it."
<Mary_jane`^> "Then, MAYBE he'll be on my side."
<AlcarGM> Blaise grabs your arm. "Listen to me. Here, in the universe, you have some protection. This is God, not some power or magician. If he wants you dead and you are in his terrirtory you will be dead. Have you ever even read the old testatment? THAT is the god you would be face, and He would destroy you bfore you can even begin to ask a single thing!"
<Baliadoc> y'know, now i picture Jesus showing up in the end armed with an AK to back MJ up.
<Mary_jane`^> LOL!
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Baliadoc> "You forgot to finish the job, Papa. Now I'm going to finish you."
<Baliadoc> I so wanna play Jesus now.
Quote 7775
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "God destroyed cities. Races. People. He is NOT a kind and loving deity. He's a dictator, and you don't make deals with someone like that!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Do you want me to ask him here? Do you honestly think he'll answer?"
<Mary_jane`^> "OH GREAT MERCIFUL GOD!" To the sky "WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD!?" ... ... ... "See, I told you it wouldn't work."
<AlcarGM> 1d100 - hit by lightning?
<sparkie> AlcarGM 1d100: 42 - hit by lightning?
<AlcarGM> Well, you get the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But are not, alas, struck by lightning.
<Mary_jane`^> "Do you want me to ask him in high tongue? Maybe that'll get his attention..."
* Mary_jane`^ asks him in high tongue why he wants her dead =p
<Mary_jane`^> (( You're an idiot ))
<AlcarGM> the GM smacks his forehead and agrees with Chaos`^
Quote 7776
<Mary_jane`^> Alcar
<Mary_jane`^> I never met that giant dog from the soul trap
* AlcarGM grins. I wondered if you'd recall that :P
<AlcarGM> He'll show up.
<AlcarGM> and you've met him a few times. Though you don't know that.
<Mary_jane`^> I have?
<Mary_jane`^> now I wonder who it is =(
<Baliadoc> well, you're about to die, so no reason to worry!
Quote 7777
<Mary_jane`^> "I am not an idiot! I'm proving my point. He's not listening."
<AlcarGM> A voice behind you says, "No! But I am!" And Sara grins happily. There are no killer barbie dolls with her, this time.
<Mary_jane`^> (( Maybe she's insane ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Hi sara. Will you take me to heaven?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "And since I am the voice of God.. well, no, not really .... though he did make interesting voices when we shagged ..... " she smiles fondly in recollection. "Do you know He liked it doggie style?! And ... no! Because you are not dead!"
Quote 7778
<AlcarGM> MJ learns more strange and unusual facts about Jehovah.... :p
<Mary_jane`^> Alcar, you're going to hell
<Baliadoc> lol
* AlcarGM laughs. Oh, quite likely, but I plan to take the scenic route :p
Quote 7779
<Mary_jane`^> "Then tell me why god wants me dead."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You offend his delicate sensibilities." Pause. "I made a joke!"
<AlcarGM> (( Sara: "You offended Sparke too often...!" ))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You have too much power and you scare Him, of course! After Jesus, he destroys people with lots of power to be safe!"
<Mary_jane`^> "That's just stupid. Why does he really want me dead? Is it because he wants the universe to end when merlin comes?"
Quote 7780
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "..... if I had knows angels were like that when I was younger I would have embraced the missionaries."
<Mary_jane`^> "She's an idiot."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "And yet she spoke from the Revelation of John the Baptists's head, after it was severed. I'd only heardof it as myth, myself, but that is close to what I had heard. Minus the slippery when wet."
<Mary_jane`^> "I heard the whole thing."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "That is ... rare. I didn't believe there was an extant copy, save at the vatican."
<Mary_jane`^> "It was a dream."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "And you trust it? Trust is not a thing of dreams .. though revelations are. Curious."
<Mary_jane`^> "Excalibur has never lied to me."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "And you know that how?"
Quote 7781
<Mary_jane`^> "Did you have anything in mind?"
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "Perhaps aiding the angel instead of spuring her?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Are you serious?"
* Mary_jane`^ walks toward the zoo slowly "Really serious?"
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "She IS what is shielding the zoo, so yes."
<Mary_jane`^> (( nu-uh she's an idiot, trust me, I know these things. I've known her for a few years now. Idiot 100% ))
* Mary_jane`^ walks slowly toward teh zoo
<GeminiRai> (( I always thought she was rather neat. ))
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( She's stupid. I can't stand her ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( I suppose it doesn't help that the first time I met her she raped my character's foster son ))
Quote 7782
<AlcarGM> Jacob appears behind you a few moments later. "Yes?" a bit sharply.
<Mary_jane`^> "Ask Nora if she wants to have a three-way with sara."
<AlcarGM> Jacob pauses, then says :"Excuse me?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Did I sound like I was joking." She doesn't sound like she's joking... or happy with even asking
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Why are you even asking this?"
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "Do shut up and look at the zoo. And think about the angel. Do the math."
<AlcarGM> Jacob frowns, then vanishes.
* Mary_jane`^ looks at the zoo
* Mary_jane`^ walks away from the zoo feeling dirty
<Mary_jane`^> "I can't believe I did that..."
<AlcarGM> Blaise: "Everyone makes sacrifices in wars."
Quote 7783
<AlcarGM> You vanish, and appear in woods. Tall, broad trees wider than houses and a moon overhead far closer to the earth than any moon in your world.
* Mary_jane`^ frowns and shakes her head and looks around for any civilization
<AlcarGM> Yousee no civilization at all. The trees are odd, withered from cold and winter though it feels like summer and there AlcarGMre no fallen leaves, as if the branches rotted away. The air smells .. .strange, because it doesn't smell of anything at all. THere are no night sounds, save for the scutting of insects in the distance.
<Mary_jane`^> AlcarGM is there?
<AlcarGM> yes?
* AlcarGM looks confused.
<AlcarGM> err. Ooops
<AlcarGM> are no fallen leaves :p
Quote 7784
* alcar wonders if the shamans have advice about raping one's totem animal.
Quote 7785
<Mary_jane`^> but they're the embodiment of age... age has negetive effects, why haven't they experianced any?
<AlcarGM> Because they're walking cosmic prinicples. They look like old ladies because they want to. It's not like gods experience arthtitis :)
<Mary_jane`^> but they are the embodiment of all of this
<Mary_jane`^> they're just denying it
* Mary_jane`^ forces upon them this fact
<AlcarGM> .. How, exactly? They can't die. (Or at least not until Fenrir :p)
<AlcarGM> it' be like trying to convince deathn to suicide, which isn't possible :)
<AlcarGM> Fenrir growls "Go away. This isn't your fight."
* Mary_jane`^ informs them, in as truthful a way as possible, that though they have been killing, aging and ending things, they have neglected themselves, and that it would be a bad idea to let it continue.
<Mary_jane`^> It's not impossible
<Mary_jane`^> You just have to be a smooth talker
* Mary_jane`^ informs them of this, without uttering a word ofcourse =p
<AlcarGM> They ignore you :)
<Mary_jane`^> you suck
Quote 7786
<Mary_jane`^> the staff is about balance, and the odds are in their favor right now =p
<AlcarGM> And they shouldn't be able to DIE, so balance might restore them all :)
<Mary_jane`^> no
<Mary_jane`^> them not being able to die is unbalanced
<Mary_jane`^> it throws the universe off
<Mary_jane`^> infact
<Mary_jane`^> the fact that they're here is throwing the universe off
<Mary_jane`^> itSHOULD destroy them
<AlcarGM> Uh, no. Whatever made them is far, far more powerful than the creator of a univcersre. You're free to trry tho :)
* Mary_jane`^ glares at the gm and wishes to argue the point more, but the fact is that she is being attacked by a very deadly old woman
Quote 7787
<AlcarGM> The old woman, after bllocking you, is ignoring you entirely. Fenrir is the threat. To them, you're a minor distraction and nothing more.
<Mary_jane`^> (( I know where you live ))
Quote 7788
* Mary_jane`^ assumes the staff has no effect and calls it away with a mental thanks and is back at square 1
<AlcarGM> You call the staff. The world ... moves... You hear something, like a a distant note of song.....
<Mary_jane`^> (( oh.. nevermind... You must be lagged )
<AlcarGM> It's white, and very bright in your hands, and the world is moving around it, the stars changing and turning green.
<AlcarGM> THe "dead' Ride stand, whole and unharmed, listening to the sound.
<AlcarGM> Fenrir: "Oh, fuck."
* Mary_jane`^ thinks to herself that that didn't work
<AlcarGM> Loki has stopped burning and has the same look on his face.
* Mary_jane`^ tries plan ZZ
Quote 7789
<Mary_jane`^> (( I hate you alcar. ))
<AlcarGM> (( well, you se t them free of the universe :) ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( You could have said that ))
<AlcarGM> (( they'll .. uhm .. like that. inasmuch as they can be said to like anything. ))
<AlcarGM> (( MJ doesn't know that happened :P ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Then why did you tell me? ))
<AlcarGM> (( just cuz :) ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( I told you it's hard to keep ooc with ic, there has just been so much going on in the game never never tell me something ooc, it'll leak =p ))
Quote 7790
<Mary_jane`^> "It's a lie stacked on a lie, which is a lie that's lieing to the lie about lieing."
<Mary_jane`^> "Have you EVER told the truth?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Of course I have. Properly applied, the truth is more devastating than any lie could ever be."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, ofcourse. I think, though, that everything you say is a lie on one level or another."
<GeminiRai> (( actually, everything he says is the truth. You saw it. ))
<AlcarGM> Loki laughs, sharply. 'And the same isn't true of everyone else? No one knows themself, no one can. We all tell lies to make life worth living and we all deceive. I am merely honest about it."
* Mary_jane`^ gives him a look but shakes her head
<Mary_jane`^> (( No he's not, he just lied to me about that... ))
Quote 7791
<AlcarGM> You vanish, and appear in Babylon. Or rather, it was Babylon, but the streets are filled with bodies and moon seems to haven fallen from the sky and, quite literally, crushed the centre of the city.
* Mary_jane`^ opens her mouth to say something, but isn't exactly sure what to say and shuts her mouth quickly
* Mary_jane`^ looks aorund
Quote 7792
<Mary_jane`^> "You could have atleast warned people you were goign to die..."
<AlcarGM> He blinks, confused. "No one ever wants to know things. Until it's too late. I have seen the serpent turning, I have watched the city burning, and wondered why the omens were ignored. Deal the cards and trade the glances, rolling the dice and taking the changing, making bargains that our souls can illl afford..." He hiccups.
<AlcarGM> Fisher King: "Oh, they knew. We were all dead anyway. Just a .. y' know .. waking dream." He waves a hand vaguely. "And I saw a dagger before me, and I finally got courage, to end it. Obscene mockery. Things should be allowe dto die, to rest."
<Mary_jane`^> "What the hell? Just... What the hell?"
<AlcarGM> The fisher king of doomed bablyon blinks blearily at you. "Made.. .perfect sense. He who has ears, let him see! He who has eyes, let him hear. Or .... something. I'm dying, you know. For the last time. Until the stars die out .... " He trails off .. then quickly down more drink.
Quote 7793
<AlcarGM> Snake: "But words all lie because they they are but tools excecept perhaps the Old Tongue that was, but lost in the hands of fools."
<AlcarGM> (( nah, it wouldn't ;p ))
<Mary_jane`^> "I know the high tongue... Don't I?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait... Old tongue? That's different."
* Mary_jane`^ frowns at that
<Mary_jane`^> "Where can I find it?"
<AlcarGM> Snake: "But there is knowing and knowing. You must understand that there is nothing to know or be understood. That is what lies behind balance, the God that has no name, the prisoner resigned to nothing being ever the same."
* Mary_jane`^ stares at it
<Mary_jane`^> "As much as I like you, you are making no sense."
<AlcarGM> The snake hisses softly, amused. "We are trapped by what we are, the same as you and even stars. This is always true: we are what we are, unless we wish to change, but we never lose are scars and nothing can ever change."
<AlcarGM> (( Damn, this is hard :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( What is? ))
<AlcarGM> (( rhyming snakes :) ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( I didn't notice they were rhyming ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Then it worked. ))
Quote 7794
<Mary_jane`^> "Where can I find this god with no name?"
<AlcarGM> Snake: "The creator above all creators cannot be sought nor found. The destroyer about all destroyters cannot be sought or found. The name that can nenamed is not the eternnal name."
<Mary_jane`^> "Then what's the point?"
<AlcarGM> THe snake hisses, amused. "To life? Perhasps only to ask why. The Creator? Because it wanted a creation? We cannot find ourselves, nor see ourselves, nor truly ever die. We are the thing we seek, if we but look in-out-side creation."
<AlcarGM> The other snake stirs. "Brother, that made no sense at all. You have to ecuxse him, I fear he's ill and desperately needs his dried frog pills."
<Mary_jane`^> "Dried frog pills?"
<AlcarGM> Snake 2: "Sanity, or a semblance of it. He saw outside one and had a fit. Went on about shadows watching us from mirrors and many other silly fears. But that there is a God that mad all we know, but we do not know why this should be show. We are just snakes, fixing things with balance and luck and little things."
Quote 7795
* Mary_jane`^ scratches the second snake
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, if nothing you're both interesting to talk to."
<AlcarGM> (( and hard for the GM to make up stuff for :P ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Just make them like any other npc... ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( They're just snakes that talk =p ))
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "The real truths can never be spoken and only experienced once we have woken from the dream of senses."
<AlcarGM> (( in rhyme :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( That's not my problem =p Like I said I never noticed they were rhyming, infact i figured you dropped it ))
<AlcarGM> The real truths can never be spoken / and only experienced / once we have woken/ from the dream of senses .. nope :P
* AlcarGM just has to avoid any semblance of meter otherwise it'd take too long to make up their dialogue :p
<Mary_jane`^> that's why it doesn't work
Quote 7796
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh... Oh well, if I didn't hurt you, that's good. What law?"
* Mary_jane`^ scretches under one's chin
<AlcarGM> Snake1 hisses happly. "The law of the god whose name dods not exist not even for this who serve it ..." pause. I hissed."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, you did."
* Mary_jane`^ grins "You guys need more practice."
<AlcarGM> Snake2: "You really need to work on your rhyme, though that will seem funnny at a later time. We are bound by ancient decree from before time ran, you see. We cannot tell the truth simply, because then it would be worth nothing. You see?"
Quote 7797
<Mary_jane`^> "It doesn't matter though, as long as you're talking, I'm ok."
* Mary_jane`^ would be very very bored if they weren't talking
<AlcarGM> snake2: "How does that make you okay? Time passes when while we these words say."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, it would be time waisted sleeping, I think. Everyone i know is either having sex, or talkign to someone else, or investigating something, or just mad at me."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "That was even worse than mine. At least I can speak words that don't seem to rhyme or come in herds. Anger is never good to anyone. It takes root deep and never leaves, no matter what anyone wants to believe."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, I don't think he's angry, he's just... I dunno, I hurt his pride... or his honour. I can't follow him though, because I promised I wouldn't."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "Promises are made to broken. If we only followed roads that others had taken we could get nowhere fast."
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow at him
<Mary_jane`^> "It was less a promise more a bargain. If I go there it will just make him more angry. I want him to be unmad right?"
<AlcarGM> Snake2: "But honour is trust and important to all of us. To hold to ones word is more than to one sword. If you lose honour you can lose nothing more, it's sad but true."
<AlcarGM> (( The GM, meanwhile, goes slowly insane from having to make these rhymes work all the time. ))
Quote 7798
* Eltanan frets. and worries. and rages. and dispairs. and lusts. WAY too much of that last one.
* alcar is a practising asexual at the moment. Great for ignoring lust :)
<alcar> Probably too good for it, I imagine.
<alcar> but when everyone you meet whose cute is straight it's either be asexual or get irate.
<alcar> OMG. The game is blurring into other channels. Kill me now.
Quote 7799
<Mary_jane`^> You know
<Mary_jane`^> I expected to find myself in my brothers bedroom trying to seduce him
Quote 7800
<Mary_jane`^> is it really his sister if it's a spell?
<Mary_jane`^> does that count as incest?
<AlcarGM> hrm. I have no idea. I doubt the issue comes up often :p I'd say yes, though.
<Mary_jane`^> why?
<Mary_jane`^> The taboo behind incest is because of the resulting pregnancies
<Mary_jane`^> what if it's not a problem? Plus there isn't any blood that is the same.. the only thing that links him to the spell is that it looks like his sister
<AlcarGM> You think MJ'll think of it like that? :)
<Mary_jane`^> nope