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Quote 7201
<AlcarGM> Darren sighs: "So. What do you want to .. do in this world?"
<Eliza> <absently> "Eat cupcakes!"
<AlcarGM> Darren grins. "I mean, in this time."
* Eliza breaks out into song. ./~ All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air... with one enormous chair, oh wouldn't it be loverly? ./~
<Eliza> (( j/k ))
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> 4 ways, the musical! .. nah :p
Quote 7202
<AlcarGM> You head below decks. .. and find a man standing beside you, in a neat grey suit, tie. 6', blond hair, blue eyes. He smiles charmingly. "Good day."
* Eliza (still cruising along while doing this) turns towards him, makes a polite bow of the head, and continues on towards anything which might afford more cover...
<AlcarGM> The man looks a little surprised at that, then says "I am sorry to be a bother, but we do need to converse. Your ... friend ... was in the way, so we removed him. He should be fine, though."
* Eliza pauses... hmm, well, so much for Ettiquite. "How may I... be of service?"
<Eliza> <looking about for some way to beat a hasty retreat>
<AlcarGM> Well, you could leap out and hope to survive jumping down to earth.....
<AlcarGM> The man seems to appear wherever you move otherwise, never losing his smile. "We have need of the services of someone like you." He reches into his pocket and shbows you a badge. "Agent Muldoon, fbi."
<Eliza> "The Federation of British Industry?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks. "Ah. No. The US government. I'm assigned to investigating temporal anomolies, which my partner, Scullery, doesn't believe exist."
<Eliza> "Well... uhh... most of the time, they don't!"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "Oh, I've heard THAT theory before. I don't believe it." He scowls. "I think this entire world is one, created every week at certain hours and doesn't exist at any other . .ah.... never mind. Just .. a thesis." He coughs. "The government has need of your ... unique talents."
Quote 7203
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "We need to find out what the Artificer is planning, and stop it. For that, we need someone not infected by this ... virus."
<Eliza> (( Find out the who, infected by the what? ))
<Eliza> (( geez, at least when Dexter explained stuff he could make it make better sense ))
<AlcarGM> (( Muldoon is insane :p ))
<Eliza> "What do the virus anomolies have to do with the temporal?"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "It's not my fault. I'm just badly written, you know. Sure, I could explain how the Artificer is planning to take over the city, but I don't actually know that yet, and ... I keep seeing the headings. Close up of face. Evening. Thought bubbles. Do you see thought bubbles?"
<AlcarGM> Muldon: "Oh! Well. That's not important. It's classified information. Need to know basis only."
Quote 7204
<Eliza> "Bubbles? Soap bubbles... sometimes... but thought bubbles?" (not mentioning the silly habit of blowing tons of bubbles in her tea, like a naughty little girl)
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "Besides, it's not like it matters. We'll just be cancelled anyway, with declining ratings.. Oh. See. Word bubbles! I can see them, when you talk, but no one else can. That's my super power, you know. I see the world for what is really is." He ;lowers his voice, dramatically: "We're just characters in a comic book!"
<Eliza> . o O ( comic... book. Foreign concept here. )
<Eliza> . o O ( can you see that, Mr. Buffoon? Err... Mulberry? Muldoon, that's it. )
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "Well, it's not like you'll believe me. No one else does, and this will likely be edited out of the issue anyway....." He trails off. "Where was I? And why are you thinking at me? Or are you. Maybe I'm just imaging you thinking ..... No. That ways likes madness." He smiles brightly. "And I am sane."
Quote 7205
<Eliza> "and who is this Artificer?"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "A supervillain who supplies extremely advanced technology to anyone with money and tends to delight in acts of evil for no known reasons, such as turning people into cyborgs and machines and the like."
<Eliza> "... I'm afraid I cannot agree to any sort of long-term commitment at this time, Mr. Spitoon, however..."
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "Ah, it's Muldoon. And it would probably only be a few hours."
<Eliza> "what exactly did you have in mind?"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "You see, we have reason to believe that the Artificer has a baqse within this city, somewherwe in the sewer sysyem. We merely need you to examine said system, as best as you can, for anything unusual, not counting ninjas tourtures or alibino alligators."
<AlcarGM> err.. ninjas.. turtles.
* AlcarGM smacks typo. Tho it is interesting.
Quote 7206
<Mitch`> "You're a girl, right? Have you even gone.. shopping?"
* Mitch` smiles the smiles of the blissfully ignorant! :P
<AlcarGM> (( You can take her shopping for flowers! ))
* AudreyIII looks up from the cup. "Shopping?" *curiously* "...Oh! I've heard of that. That's where you go to the place with all the items they want to get rid of, and they take all of that 'money' stuff and give them to you, right?"
<Mitch`> "... You poor, poor girl."
* Mitch` dabs the sides of his eyes with his paper towel
<AlcarGM> Kate: "You've never shopped?!" in a tone of horror.
<Mitch`> "You've missed out on so much."
* AudreyIII shakes her head to Kate.
<AudreyIII> (( "Not even on the Internet." ))
* Mitch` nods to Kate, "This is serious. I think we need to take her to... Sears."
<Eliza> (( the Artificer is up to no good, one of your compatriots is on Mars, and you're going SHOPPING?!? ))
Quote 7207
<AudreyIII> "Well yeah, I know what clothes are."
<Mitch`> "Well, Sears is a place with all kinds of varieties of clothing! At great prices."
<AudreyIII> "Humans use them to cover themselves up because they think their bodies are ugly. My dad said I needed to wear some when I look like a human, so I do."
<Mitch`> "Even Linda and Dexter shop there."
<Mitch`> "Ugly?"
<AlcarGM> Kate: "I'm not ugly!"
* Mitch` blinks
<Mitch`> "I'd say its more for protection.."
<Eliza> (( MODESTY. ))
* Mitch` prays Kate keeps her clothes on. For the love of god.
Quote 7208
<Eliza> "Umm... How exactly would I go about 'going down there'?"
<Eliza> "It's an awfully... small... hole."
<AlcarGM> Muldoon blinks .... "Oh...... I hadn't considered that." He mutters something about poor writing and panel problems. "Have you considered wearing something more comfortable?"
<Eliza> ... "in public?!?!?!?!"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "..... I meant ... in a clothing store." He points accross the road. "Good will. They sell .. modern .. clothing. Not that your clothing is period, anyway, I bet the artist was just lazy."
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "You can't actually want to WEAR that, can you?"
<Eliza> ... "of course I do..."
<Eliza> ... "why shouldn't I?"
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: ".... oh." He looks rather stunned. "Well, it's up to you if you hate yourself," absently." He rubs his temples. "Why am I rubbing my temples..... never mind. I can hear the typing. Always .. .the typing. Incessant. Ah. Look .... can you ... get down the hole .... ?"
<Eliza> ... "What is so wrong with the dress that everyone assumes I hate myself?!?! IT'S WELL MADE, LOVERLY NICE AND IT FOLDS OUT LIKE A FLOWER AND IS EVER SO PROPER AND PRIM! I used to know people who would KILL for clothes so fine!"
Quote 7209
<AlcarGM> Muldoon: "..... folding out like a flower is good for hippies, who prefer to wear flowers and not look like they're trying to hide saggy butts under a large dress and, in this age, you'd be lucky to find anyone willing to kill for that, unless it was halloween."
* Eliza plops down and begins to sob. Where's that handkercheif?
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))
<Eliza> (( well, scratch 'inherent' ))
<AlcarGM> Muldoon blinks, staring at you. "Don't .. cry. I hate it when women cry. My lasyt girlfriend kept crying when I told her she really had to get to kinderarden. Please don't cry. I just .. well .. we need you down there." He points to the sewers.
<Eliza> (( it's not entirely inherent. Though there doesn't seem to be much use for Fine Ladies these days anymore either... ))
* Eliza only sobs harder. (The sewers, a step even below 'the gutter'...)
Quote 7210
<Mitch`> "Now then.. hrm."
* Mitch` looks to Kate, "What's the first thing Audrey should get?"
<AudreyIII> (( Dead babies. ))
<AlcarGM> AudreyIII - the mall is crowded with lots of humans, and cars, and shops and sights and weird smells. The others barely notice since they're used to it.
<AlcarGM> (( on a stick. ))
<AudreyIII> "Wow, it sure is... lively here." *boggles*
<AudreyIII> (( Babies on spikes. Want a rack of babies? They've got babies on racks. ))
<AlcarGM> Kate frowns at AudreyIII: "A dress with flowers, of course!"
Quote 7211
<AlcarGM> Kate: "She means ... wow. You've never been in the sewers?! Come on! We might even meet Leo and Raph, and Donnie and Mike!"
<AudreyIII> "Um, ok. ...Who are they?"
<AlcarGM> Kate: ".... Ninjas Turtles, of course. They're fun. But I've only met them once."
<AudreyIII> (( O_O ))
<AudreyIII> "Oh..."
<AlcarGM> (( why not? :) ))
Quote 7212
<Eliza> (( was someone sending help for poor little Eliza? ))
<AudreyIII> (( No, now be quiet and die. ))
Quote 7213
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Great. Ah .. can you do something about a government agent?> hopefully.
<AudreyIII> "I... don't know. What do you want us to do about him?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Woah... now would be good...> He starts runnning. <Super hero thing . you know, hit him a lot?>
<AudreyIII> "Oh. Um... Ok then..."
Quote 7214
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Okay... If you notice anything odd, say something.>
<Eliza> (( I'm odd! ))
<Eliza> (( well, it's dark, so I won't be tripping up AudreyIII.
<AudreyIII> (( "In that case, there's a weirdo in a dress back here..." ))
Quote 7215
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Okay. So much for subtle. There. Ahead of us ... north? Something like that..... there -> Followed by nothing as he collapses unconscious :p
<AlcarGM> Kate: "There's what?"
<AudreyIII> "Um, are you okay?" *trys to see anything to the north/ahead.* "Can you see anything, Kate?"
<AlcarGM> Kate:: "Walls.. and red. Is red good or bad?"
<AlcarGM> He's definitely not awake.
<AudreyIII> "I'm not sure..."
<AudreyIII> (( "It it dripping red?" ))
<AudreyIII> (( cause that would usually = bad ))
Quote 7216
<Melissa> "Maybe i can just give up on this point.."
<Adam`^> "Well?"
<Adam`^> "No! giving up is why you still have wings."
<FennecGM> Okay. After a brief bout of sounding like some sort of a banshee, you finally get to mostly normal... there's still a hint of music, though subtler than before.
Quote 7217
<FennecGM> Melissa- I am proud to report that you are 100% wing-free.
* Melissa blinks, rather surprised.
<Melissa> "Are they gone?"
<FennecGM> d2
<sparkie> FennecGM d2: 1
<Adam`^> "YES! YOU DID IT!"
<Melissa> (( *points at sparkie and laughs* I WIN! ))
* Adam`^ grabs her and swings her around
<FennecGM> There is a knock on the door. (( Where'd the door come from? ))
<Melissa> (( after spending several minutes in various places, with duplicates, wings, missing fingers... Mel doesn't find the door surprising :p ))
<FennecGM> Rather angry sort of knock. And Miss Consequence bursts in, looking displeased. She's got these wings...
<Melissa> (( ...... oops/. ))
<Adam`^> hahaha!
<FennecGM> (( oh, could have been worse. Could have been Adam. ;))
Quote 7218
<Adam`^> "Urr... When did you decide to get wings?"
* Adam`^ is doing very well at not laughing
<FennecGM> "When did she <point> decide to ... gift them, to me?"
<Adam`^> "You don't like them?"
<Melissa> (( And now, in direct campaign corollary, MJs mother gains fairy wings. ))
<Melissa> "I did not! I was trying trying to make them go away for a last attempt. Sorry?"
<FennecGM> (( oh, sweet =b ))
<Melissa> (( I have no idea how, or when, but it shall happen :p ))
Quote 7219
<Melissa> "At least it's not a dead poets society."
<FennecGM> ... Whoever he was, he's dead now.
* Adam`^ pats him down for anything useful
<FennecGM> take a swirly blue stone? take a flask full of a clear liquid?
<Melissa> lol. Seen a lot of dead bodies, Adam? :p
<Melissa> oh! And you got treasure!
<Melissa> wait Wrong game.
<Adam`^> Err... Adam's a chemist isn't he?
<Adam`^> crap...
<Adam`^> Oh well, roll with it =p
<Adam`^> I can't rewind and undue it...
* Adam`^ shrugs
<Adam`^> We'll just say video games made him hardened against it
Quote 7220
<FennecGM> There is another body- a man whom you've seen before, at the hotel, and slumped over a display which appears to be a display of London, your friend Miss Consequence.
* Adam`^ is looking around the corner for anybody...
* Adam`^ walks quickly to the display and looks around the hall/room whatever it is
* Adam`^ is looking for the killer =p
<Melissa> (( OJ! Make it OJ! ... *coughs* ))
<Adam`^> (( SHHHH you're not helping ))
Quote 7221
<Adam`^> "I'm trying to help... Just let me help you."
<FennecGM> She moves her head from side to side, weakly, and motions you down...
* Adam`^ looks at her "You don't have a heartbeat, I can help you."
Quote 7222
* Adam`^ pushes her chest to get her heart started "You're going to live through this..."
<FennecGM> She coughs violently, and tries weakly to get you off of her...
* Adam`^ looks at her
* Adam`^ checks for a pulse again
<Adam`^> "You do normally have a heartbeat right?"
<FennecGM> <coughs and sputters> "Stop!"
<FennecGM> "No!"
* Adam`^ blinks
<Adam`^> "Seriously?"
<Adam`^> "I was joking... WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT!"
* Adam`^ thumps her on her now broken rib
Quote 7223
<Melissa> "I wished the pig was safe, and that .. .well .. gestures to the wings. "I had these back, because apparently they're my fault, and the only way I got rid of them was putting them o someone else, then on the pig. So I tried to get them off the pig, and get the pig safe, and ended up in your flower room. Somehow."
<FennecGM> He is now staring at your.... wings.
<FennecGM> Tillie is also gazing at the spectacle.
<Melissa> "And no, I don't know how THAT happened, either. It began with trying to change a dress, and ended up as a plant, in a dream, as a fairy, and, eventually as me again, then here.
* Melissa thinks about that chain of events. "It's been a very strange day."
Quote 7224
* Adam`^ sighs and turns to the display
* Adam`^ looks at it, for one, to see what it is, exactly
<FennecGM> It's a hologram. Or holograph. Or that's about the closest equivalent you could probably find.
* Adam`^ looks at it for anything relating to anything other than the city
<Adam`^> like flashing purple lights
<FennecGM> d100 flashing purple lights
<sparkie> FennecGM d100: 10 flashing purple lights
<FennecGM> You see no flashing purple lights. But, gazing at it, you just almost maybe begin to see some sort of color- a tower of green, rising from one spot in the city.
* Adam`^ looks around for a zoom button
<FennecGM> No buttons. =b And the color doesn't stay long.
<Adam`^> "Damn... ah... ZOOM!" slapping it
<FennecGM> d100 zoom!
<sparkie> FennecGM d100: 62 zoom!
<Adam`^> (( ... Seriously? ))
<FennecGM> (( none of my rolls are serious. ))
Quote 7225
* Melissa tries to will the wings to be invisible...
<Melissa> 3#d100
<sparkie> Melissa 3#d100: 45 23 51
<Melissa> "Did anything happen" a bit nervously.
<FennecGM> Tillie: "I beg pardon?"
<Melissa> "Ahe the wings still visible?"
<FennecGM> ... "yes?"
<Melissa> "So much for that...."
* Melissa sighs. "It the weather nice out at least?"
<FennecGM> (( coming tomorrow: the mystery of the Invisible Pig! ))
<Melissa> (( lol. With Mel's luck :P ))
Quote 7226
* Melissa concentrates, and wills herself fairy size to fly back to the hotel :P
<Melissa> 3#d100 ..... good bot...?
<sparkie> Melissa 3#d100: 95 70 100 ..... good bot...?
* Melissa is doing it nice and slow and ... dear god.
<FennecGM> (( BOOM! POW! ))
Quote 7227
<Mary_jane`^> next time we run, remind me consequence has a broken rib
<Mary_jane`^> I'll cut her dress open and dress it for her
<Mary_jane`^> Adam has a knife for the sole purpose of cutting women's clothes off of them
<Fennec> (( so does this mean Mary_jane`^'s mom gets her rib broken too? ))
<AlcarGM> (( but of course! ))
Quote 7228
<SilverHorse> What y'all playing?
<AlcarGM> Fin De Siecle!
<SilverHorse> Er...
<Mary_jane`^> we're rping a lesbian scene
<SilverHorse> whoa.
<Mary_jane`^> you into cyber?
<SilverHorse> </text log on>
<SilverHorse> er.. uh..
<SilverHorse> Well, that was kinda direct :P
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> I'm joking
<Mary_jane`^> hopefully alcar won't make it go that far... but I've seen him cut it pretty close =p
Quote 7229
<Mary_jane`^> it's ok, as long as nora doesn't jump her and start raping her, I'm pretty sure it won't turn out that way =p
<SilverHorse> It IS Alcar GMing, you know. I might happen.
<Mary_jane`^> yeah, you might... that wound't be good either
<Mary_jane`^> ;D
<AlcarGM> she's a succubus right now :p
<SilverHorse> Only you.
<Mary_jane`^> it was my idea =p
<SilverHorse> Oh god. lol
<SilverHorse> See what you are doing to people, Alcar?!
Quote 7230
<AlcarGM> Nora wails: "I need sex and you're here! Come to momma!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh my god Nora... What is it?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Is it that power that was hidden? Is THIS it?"
<AlcarGM> Nora lunges at you .. you're damn sure it is.... :p
* Mary_jane`^ catches her and tumbles to the floor getting on top of her and holding her down
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I like being a bottom too ....." and you ... a small part of you . .wants to do this. Her power is PUSHING at you, looking for ways in, demanding . .needing.....
<SilverHorse> Whoa, this is gonna be a rape scene.
* SilverHorse gets some popcorn
<AlcarGM> .. yes ..the rape of a succubus.... there is so much wrong with that idea :p
<SilverHorse> Yet so many things right..
<Mary_jane`^> LoL
Quote 7231
<AlcarGM> The feeling of dark power is gone, as if someone threw a rubber ducky into the room.
Quote 7232
<AlcarGM> You are definitely awake. Wide awake. Super duper awake.
<AlcarGM> And definitely want sex. With a live person. Unfortnuately, you have to settle for the ringing of the room phone instead.
<SilverHorse> Well, the phone has to vibrate to ring the bell..
<Mary_jane`^> is it bad if 2 people thought of that?
Quote 7233
<SilverHorse> what the hell
<AlcarGM> tormenting npc instead of answering questions. Good tactic.
<SilverHorse> I looked at the last two lines, and thought I missed something
* AlcarGM nominates MJ for saviour of known world.
<Mary_jane`^> it's called being mysterious
<SilverHorse> Or crazy.
<SilverHorse> Never mistake mysterious for crazy.
Quote 7234
<SilverHorse> Well
<SilverHorse> This could get sexual too...
<SilverHorse> I need to get my mind out of the gutter.
<AlcarGM> ... I sure hope not ;p He's 9 years old :p
<SilverHorse> Oh.
<SilverHorse> Well. Shit.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
Quote 7235
<AlcarGM> "Fisher king wisdom #42,331: Angry woman, do not anger. This means, do not speak."
Quote 7236
<AlcarGM> Nora: "What kind of best friend am I if I tried to rape you eat your soul?!"
Quote 7237
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Nora: "What kind of best friend am I if I tried to rape you eat your soul?!" ... Dear Abby.....
<AlcarGM> "I looked through all those self help books and my problem seems to be unique...."
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> "I am fast runnig out of best friends and...." :p
Quote 7238
<AlcarGM> NOra: "I.. I can stop that part. But not .. the other .... it needs .. people. To feed on them..."
<Mary_jane`^> "How?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Sex, lust .. i don't know if it sees a difference. ....." she trails off, then looks at you with complete and utter seriousness. "I guess my secrets out after all these years, huh?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You've known about it for a while?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I didn't want you to know, of course. I mean, it's not really normal, and people aren't that accepting really."
<Mary_jane`^> "So if you have sex then you can better learn to control it?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I mean, I know you always liked guys and all that...."
<AlcarGM> Nora is watching you VERY carefully :P
* Mary_jane`^ sits, staring at Nora seriously for a moment
<Mary_jane`^> "Ok... I'll do it."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "And I meant I know you'd never want to sleep with ... with...." she gives up and starts laughing, falling out the chair
Quote 7239
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I mean, I spend my whole life thinking I'm some normal rich girl and now I might have to have sex with peope and drain them of energy like some kind of vampire from time to time ..... is it just me, or does that actually not sound that bad of a deal?"
Quote 7240
<Mary_jane`^> jolg
<Mary_jane`^> is my new word
<AlcarGM> and what does it mean? :p
<Mary_jane`^> typo for jolt =p
<AlcarGM> yes, but it has to MEAN something :p
<Mary_jane`^> it means
<Mary_jane`^> jolt
<AlcarGM> but it could be a jolg! The suddent stumble or moment while jogging.
<AlcarGM> or something.
<Mary_jane`^> it's magic
<Mary_jane`^> it's my magic word
* Mary_jane`^ screams out "JOLG!"
<Mary_jane`^> and the world ends
<AlcarGM> lol
* AlcarGM adds that to plot.... or not ;p
Quote 7241
<AlcarGM> She frowns at Nora, then tsks. "Interesting company, weilder of Excalbur. Angel and a half demon ..... rare company, in any time."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, well... The angel isn't supposed to know about the half demon..."
* Mary_jane`^ scratches her nose
Quote 7242
<Mary_jane`^> "Fine, if she wants to break the rules, so will we."
* Mary_jane`^ gets in the car
<Mary_jane`^> "Drive."
<AlcarGM> Nora drives.
<AlcarGM> (( want to end here? ))
<Mary_jane`^> This isn't a scene ending
<Mary_jane`^> the scene ending is me killing the bitch
<AlcarGM> lol!
Quote 7243
<Mary_jane`^> it is?
<Mary_jane`^> oh no, I haven't killed her yet
<AlcarGM> yes!
<AlcarGM> You may get to next session :p
<Mary_jane`^> And when I kill her
<Mary_jane`^> I'll tell the world her name
<Mary_jane`^> and her children's names
<Mary_jane`^> and then I will probably cast a few evil spells using said name
<AlcarGM> the mother of monsters :)
<Mary_jane`^> one being making her my eternal slave
Quote 7244
<FennecGM> Okay. You ask Watson to let you out, as he's meandering off to bed... he complies.
<FennecGM> Tillie follows. It's snowing outside, and more than a little windy.
<Melissa> (( The power of several hudrogen bombs and she has to ask Watson to open the door. What is wrong with this picture? Well, besides Sparkie. ))
* Melissa attempts to (hopefully) reach the hotel, and keep by Tillie. "I should tell you I've never tried this before,...."
<FennecGM> Do you know which way the hotel is?
<Melissa> .... good point.
* Melissa asks if Tillie does :P
Quote 7245
* Melissa is trying not to think about wha would happen if Tillie died.
<Melissa> "Well, on my last job I turned my employer into a fairy and killed her before she actually hired me but after she paid me."
Quote 7246
* Mel` mopes, really hoping Tillie is all right.
<Adam`^> "Stop moping, she'll be fine... I'm sure they won't kill her right away..."
Quote 7247
<SilverHorse> Was going through the old quotes etc trying to get the feel for Silvran again, and then geocities yelled at me
<SilverHorse> The sad part is, I don't remember typing any of that, short of wanting to rip the ladies head off, and the teddy bear
<alcar> Yeah. I find a fair bit that makes me go "uh ..... I wrote this?"
<SilverHorse> I think I can get back into him, if we ever play again.
* alcar hopes we do :p
<alcar> that's a fun game.
<SilverHorse> so do I
<SilverHorse> I've spent 8 months figuring out how to defeat the doom robot brain.
<alcar> rofl!
<alcar> I hope not :)
<SilverHorse> So far, I've come up with. A. Throw Andrew at it, Hide.
<SilverHorse> And B. Throw Clay at it, Hide.
Quote 7248
<Fennec> http://www.jobpredictor.com/index.asp
<Fennec> "alcar, Your ideal job is a that you are a complete and utter nutter."
<Fennec> too true.
Quote 7249
<AlcarGM> Nora brings the water and bags in and sighs, looking around. The room is two cheap beds, a tv from the 1970sw, a dresser, and a dinky little bathroom that is definitely not sanitary.
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".... they should have paid US to rent this crap."
* Mary_jane`^ nods
<Mary_jane`^> "Can you use your new power to clean it up?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Demonic power to clean up hotel rooms .... " She thinks about that. "Short of having sex with the bathtub, I can't see how."
<Mary_jane`^> "C'mon, all love shacks need to be spiffy."
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> Nora looks at you. "Very funny. Ha. Ha. Ha."
Quote 7250
* Mary_jane`^ frowns at her "I thought we could have a little fun... It's just you and me... and no one will ever know."
<AlcarGM> Nora grins. "Nice try, but I'm not going to go all weird on you."
* Mary_jane`^ looks hurt and walks into the bathroom "Fine, I'm going to take a shower..."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Try and sanitize it first then."
* Mary_jane`^ cleans the bathroom, and takes a hot shower
<AlcarGM> IS MJ joking? :p
<Mary_jane`^> I was TRYING to get her back for the morning
<Mary_jane`^> but she's too good
<AlcarGM> lo... K. Good :p
<AlcarGM> cuz there is a good chance her succubus sense (that needs to be a real sense) would sense it ifshe was serious :p
Quote 7251
<AlcarGM> The ninja reaches into his black tookkit and puts something into the back of the TV and begins to screw it shut again. "Working," shortly, in a rather peeved tone. "You shouldn't even be able to SEE me!"
* Mary_jane`^ blinks and walks over and looks to see what he's doing
<Mary_jane`^> "You're not doing a very good job of hiding... I mean, you're standing in the middle of the room taking appart the tv I was hoping to watch..."
<AlcarGM> He's putting the TV back together, rather expertly. "There is nothing wrong with it," rather crossly. He scowls at you and seems to fade away into the background.
* Mary_jane`^ checks the tv over
<AlcarGM> It seems perfectly fine. Whatever box he put in it fit easily.
* Mary_jane`^ wonders what the box was
<AlcarGM> The TV turns on. The ninjas voice is close to the door. "Please don't mention this. I just got this job."
* Mary_jane`^ waves him off "Yeah, ok."
Quote 7252
<AlcarGM> Someone knocks on the door.
* Mary_jane`^ goes to the door and opens it
<AlcarGM> The ninja is stading there, looking rather embarassed, body language wise. "Excuse me?".
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes? Can I help you?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Err.... do you know who is renting the suite next door? Only, Cliff was suppossed to be working there and I can't reach him."
<Mary_jane`^> "Uuuh... Oh, that's not good..."
* Mary_jane`^ clears her throat, "I hope jake didn't HURT him..."
* Mary_jane`^ walks out and knocks on Jake's door
<AlcarGM> The ninja stares at you. "I am a master of seventeen different martial arts. I doubt someone could HURT us."
<AlcarGM> Jacob opens it, surprised. "Is something wrong?"
<Mary_jane`^> "E..heh... yeah..."
Quote 7253
<Mary_jane`^> "Jake, you seen a ninja around here? His name's Cliff and he was going to plant a bomb or something in your tv."
<AlcarGM> The ninja rather distinctly mutters "Especially not some pretty boy."
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "It's NOT a-" he cuts himself off.
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Oh. That's what it was?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I have no idea... Did you see Cliff?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "No. I felt something, and Gabe said someone was in the room so I sent them where they actually wanted to be. I believe he's in Disneyland right now."
* Mary_jane`^ looks at the other ninja "Cliff is in Disneyland."
<AlcarGM> The ninja blinks a few times. ".... right."
Quote 7254
<Mary_jane`^> "We should call the front desk and ask for a new tv."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... it's not like we're going to watch this one, is it?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't trust a tv with a mysterious box in it!"
<AlcarGM> Front desk does answer your ring, but with "Did you spot it yet? I know it's around here somewhere! It's whiteand it drinks blood!" instead of asking, oh, if you want something.
Quote 7255
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah... It's in our tv... YOu should come trade us a new one for this one."
<AlcarGM> Desk Clerk: "Is it working?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Not anymore, someone opened the back of it."
<AlcarGM> Desk Clerk: "Well, it's not MY fault if you damage the TV," in injured bureaucrateze
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm pretty sure there's something white in there..." pointing to a white cable "And some red spots..." Pointing to a red cable
<AlcarGM> Desk Clerk: "White? Is it a kitten? IS IT A VAMPIRIC KITTEN!?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't know, but I'm sure if you bring us a new tv we can give you this one and you can investigate it!"
<AlcarGM> You have a new TV in less than 5 minutes and the desk clerk is carrying your old one away, having dressed it up in garlic and saying "I have you now!"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "No one is ever going to believe this happened."
* Mary_jane`^ sets the new tv up... and doesn't bother watching it...
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't think I'd worry about it too much. I'm sure we'll see something stranger tomorow night."
Quote 7256
<AlcarGM> Sergeant Pebbles nods. "Where you you going, if you don't mind me asking."
<Mary_jane`^> "Some lake up the road, I forget it's name."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Doing anything interesting there?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Let's see....." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Nothing I'd call interesting."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Well, thanks anyway."
Quote 7257
<AlcarGM> You go to the bathroom. Roll d20 for successful attempt ... wait ..wrong game. You go to the bathroom without difficulty, and are leaving it when the back corner of the bathroom ..... changes ... you see something there that shouldn't exist, wrethed in what seemes like electric fire. It's close to 6' tall and the air reeks of ozone and oddly distorted sounds, like someone screaming in the distance.
<iota> (screw you alcar :P)
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
Quote 7258
<AlcarGM> The creature moves, something like parchment that seems to arms, or perhaps tentacles, lashes out at you.
<Mary_jane`^> "Gack!"
<AlcarGM> A voice like the sound of damned souls being run over by soccer moms in SUVS (complete with kids screaming to go potty in the background and daddy tells Junior steroids will help him get more goals) hisses "The Lord of Hell sends his regards"
* Mary_jane`^ gacks and jumps back
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh... Would you tell him I said thanks for the help, but I don't need it."
Quote 7259
<AlcarGM> The archon moves out of the portal that used to be the rest of the backroom, the air now reeking of brimstone, cheap cigars, and., oddly, baby oil.
<Mary_jane`^> BABY OIL IS EVIL!
<AlcarGM> lol
Quote 7260
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "It's a dream world," in a calm, detatched tone. "A spirit world. Wishes change things in them. They're .... what the world is, not what it looks like."
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh. Hey, while we're here, I want to try something!"
<AlcarGM> A large donut, about 6' tall, rolls down the road past you.
<AlcarGM> it's blue and white :p
<Mary_jane`^> the donut?
* AlcarGM nods.
<Mary_jane`^> blue and white?
<AlcarGM> Nora pockets the car. "To ... heck with that. How do we get HOME?"
* Mary_jane`^ watches the donut
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait wait... What the hell was that?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Police car," absently. "Still smells like cops."
* Mary_jane`^ opens her mouth but doesn't say anything
Quote 7261
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I am not the Nora you know, nor the one shes know. People hide from themselves." The detached air changes, abruptly, and it's Nora's voice, younger, afraid. "No! Not daddy, mommy...." and the image shatters, the dream falling apart around you like glass. For a oment yoiu see . .. somethng. Light, and fire .... with no shape your mind can understand, as if math was given form, as if someone took mathematic concepts and gave them flesh
<AlcarGM> .... you see words, and sqaures, and circles.... all gold, and red, and not at all human
<Mary_jane`^> "Whoa... Someone likes their numbers..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhm... Jake?"
<AlcarGM> The .. entity .... notices you .... .. it swirls, becoming .... stars .... a song .... a word ..... fire... and Jacob's voice says "You should not be here...." and the vision is gone, as if someone slammed a door in your mind, or behind your eyes.
<Mary_jane`^> "Hmph... I don't want to see you either!"
<Mary_jane`^> "So much for welcoming spirits."
<Mary_jane`^> "And I don't mean that literally." To whoever is listening... Hopefully the sword
Quote 7262
<AlcarGM> The girl clings to the teddy bear, not crying. "Go away!" she says, but nothing happens.
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait... Who are you?"
<AlcarGM> The girl blinks a few times.... "You don't know?" very softly.
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah... If I knew... I wouldn't be asking."
<AlcarGM> She seems ot change somehow ... becoming translucent, as if made from glass .. the glass is filled with cracks, but they don't let the light it and it seems that she might shatter at the wrong word, or the wrong thought in this place.
<AlcarGM> Girl: "She did bad things, bad things that don't happen to boys even if they can't feel any of them. So they never happened to a boy," as if reciting the alphabet.
<AlcarGM> The teddy bear chuckles, black button eyes gleaming with amusement.
Quote 7263
<Mary_jane`^> "WHo are you?" To the bear
<AlcarGM> the bear chuckles again. "Just fear, my dear. And other things. Empty dreams, broken wings. Lost souls in the night afraid of darkness and of light. Just a stuffed bear I am. The only one that cares, I am."
<Mary_jane`^> "A bit of a poet, too."
<AlcarGM> (( ... this is worrying ME :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Hey, fear... Who is that, that's holding you?"
<AlcarGM> The bear laughs. "Of course, of course. For those that won't cry: Don't you know that poets lie?" The bear giggles. "If you don't know, then you should go."
<Mary_jane`^> "You're pretty good... actually..."
<Mary_jane`^> "How do I leave?"
<AlcarGM> The bear grins, the teeth sharp and dripping blood. "as simply as to cease to be. Only just stop trying to see. The truth you wil not find if you never give it any mind."
Quote 7264
* Mary_jane`^ looks out the window
<AlcarGM> You see .... trees, and a farmhouse.
* Mary_jane`^ blinks the power on... to make sure it's not a soul trap
<AlcarGM> It's a normal farmhouse, warm and cozy and loved in a way that homes in a city aren't loved anymore. A place that has been built by and raised generations. Just seeing it gets rid of some of the nastier images you saw in the dream world.
<AlcarGM> (( a wee bit paranoid? :p ))
* Mary_jane`^ shuts the power off
<Mary_jane`^> (( Me? NEVER! ))
Quote 7265
* Mary_jane`^ ignores everyone
* Mary_jane`^ wishes to see the real world now
<AlcarGM> Nothing happens .. because all worlds are equally real. .... then the everyday world snaps back into place around you. The restaurant is aa dimmbunring smear behind you on the horizon and you're inside the car.
<Mary_jane`^> "Just shut up."
* Mary_jane`^ looks out the window
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Me? You're the one walking into peoples souls without even asking!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I wasn't talking to you!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I was talking to whoever was telling me about the equalities of all world's reality."
<Mary_jane`^> (( I think she's insulting you dood ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( You shouldn't take that shit... ))
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".. what?"
<Mary_jane`^> "The... Reason we didn't come back here."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... we are back here." SHe gives you a worried look :)
<Mary_jane`^> "He's smiling now... OH GOD! I can see the world as it really is!" oooor.. not...
<Mary_jane`^> "Nevermind."
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
Quote 7266
<Mary_jane`^> "You just have to be true to yourself. The truth shall set you free."
<AlcarGM> The girl laughs. "All the truth does is MAKE YOU HURT!" and her voice *throws* you out of the image .. into a racinng car, driving over every finish line that every was....
<AlcarGM> I liked the cars soul scape. Winning races. . forever. Nice and simple.
<Mary_jane`^> lol oh yeah
<Mary_jane`^> Who needs complex thoughts
Quote 7267
<SilverHorse> God.
<AlcarGM> hmm?
<SilverHorse> I know I'm reading an Alcar game.
<SilverHorse> [05:50] <AlcarGM> There's a roadblock ahead of you, filling the road. Behind it are police officers.. only for a moment some of them are ... somehing else. Like metal spiders,with faceted eyes gleaming malice...
<Mary_jane`^> you should have been here earlier
<Mary_jane`^> with the teddybear
Quote 7268
<AlcarGM> One of the real police officers comes over to the door as Nora brings the car to a stop. "Good morning," in the cheerful voice of someone who knows he is going to make your life miserable and enjoys it because he's never going to advance in his job and is making less than colege kids and takes it out on everyone else.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Hello. You mind if we go through? We sort of need to get to the city."
<AlcarGM> The officer shakes his head. "Routine search. Seems some drug smugglers are smuggling placebo down this road, so we're checking ever car. You'll have to get out."
<Mary_jane`^> "Placebo?"
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<Mary_jane`^> OMG!
Quote 7269
<AlcarGM> an MIB gets out of the limo. A lot thinner than anyone you've see before, and he's basically the blind hair/blue eyes aryan god image Hitler would have had wet dreams over. He's wearing a black suit, and his smile is like a cat that just found the cream.
<AlcarGM> MIB: "Wel, well, well. This was easier than expected. Federal Officer Heller. I can take the matter from here. These four people are under arrest. A matter of national security."
<AlcarGM> He's telling the truth, of course. He's just not saying what nation :p
* Mary_jane`^ looks officer Heller over
<Mary_jane`^> "You look familiar..."
<AlcarGM> He seems human. Even when you Look at him he still seems human . .ecxcept that there is nothing in his eyes. Just empty void.
Quote 7270
<alcar> oh! How much of the whole weirdness do you want MJs family to find out about, and when?
<alcar> It's not it can he hidden forever .. sooner or later M&A wil target family.
<Chaos`^> NONE NEVER
* alcar points back to "target family"
* Chaos`^ points back to "NONE NEVER"
<alcar> Your mom will definitely have questions if demons from Hell invade the house and demand she surrender her daughter.
Quote 7271
<AlcarGM> jacob looks around for a hill, sees none. "The .. bullets were forged inside a human soul. The tires won't heal." He looks annoyed. "It seems they wish to strand us, perhaps to gather their own forces."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well... Atleast he's human."
* Mary_jane`^ stabs the tree
<AlcarGM> You cut the tree . .fire flares, and the tree is now burning merily.
<AlcarGM> And Mother Nature marks you down for rebirth as a worm
<Mary_jane`^> "Hmmm..."
Quote 7272
* Mary_jane`^ taps the tree with her sword
<AlcarGM> It's a tree. You tap it. It does not bleed sap.
<AlcarGM> Or talk. Which is probably good.
* Mary_jane`^ cuts it
<AlcarGM> The tree bleeds its life bood, sobbing at the cruel injustices of the human race and vows that if its ever made into an axe it will endevour to cut your head off, or at least give you a really nasty splinter.
Quote 7273
<AlcarGM> You have time to notice the spider creature is advancing and feel oddly disjointed, as if somehow an infinitude of time has passd since your last though, as if the world slowed down. Your perceptions speed up to normal as Clay, Andrew and... the GM forgets Elana's pc .... all vanish abruptly, leaving strange golden coins glowing in the air where they were
<AlcarGM> (( Yes, I'm stealing from Mario Bros. too :p ))
<Silvran> (( Coins? Oh god. ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
Quote 7274
<AlcarGM> The spider thing advances. Greg develops metal plates, spikes and spines without thinking about it.
<AlcarGM> Oddly, you sense no hostility from it ... but it could just be too alien for you to grok it :P
* Silvran steps behind Greg, waiting to see what the spider thing does.
<AlcarGM> Greg :"... Thanks a lot."
<Silvran> "You got metal spikes. I don't."
<AlcarGM> Greg: "You heal. I don't."
<AlcarGM> The spider-beast lumbers to a halt and before either of you can react an arm come sout of the side of it, holding a strange tray. And the spider-beast says: "Could I interest you in some tea, good sirs?"
<AlcarGM> Greg: "... tea?"
<AlcarGM> Spider-beast: "Why of course. It's a drink, of leaves fermented in water and steeped according to ancient chinese methods."
<Silvran> "Does that gun dispense it?"
<AlcarGM> Spider-Beast: "Oh, no sir. It's for protector. Against the Tea Party in Boston. Evil brutes, I tell you."
Quote 7275
<AlcarGM> A few moments later you open them to find him glowing a pale yellow, filling the room with some light that only serves to make it seem darker. The floor is jet-black, and a voice from your left whispers hoarsely "please... no pain...."
* Silvran blinks..
<Silvran> "Who are you.. voice?"
<AlcarGM> The glow from within greg brightens .. you get to see ... organs? .... changing and remaking themselves moment to moment .... and an old man, chained to a a wall by nothing visible, his face ancient and filled with despair.
<Silvran> "Greg? Are you alright?"
<AlcarGM> "A hospital ... is no place .. to be sick," the old man croaks. "I .. siad that once."
<AlcarGM> Greg: :"Huh? Yeah. Just making light, I think. You look rather odd by it though....."
<Silvran> "Odd is not a word that would fit what you look lik."
Quote 7276
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Ah .. right. But we'd like to leave. And find our friends.. and where we are...."
<AlcarGM> The old man chuckles, his eyes sparkling. "Everywhere. Nowhere. What difference can it make? What difference can anything make? There is only is." He slumps, as if the effort exhausted him. "Only is."
<Silvran> "Only is what??"
<Silvran> "We're stuck here, without our friends.
<Silvran> "And you are babbling on about doors closing because of a sin you don't remember."
<AlcarGM> The old man shakes his head. 'There is only now. Only the moment. All the rest - lies. Free will - lies. We do what . .we must." He is silent. :"But after, we still weep. You wil leave if you do."
* Silvran looks at Greg, hoping for an anwser."
<Silvran> FUCK
<Silvran> wrong button
<Silvran> er
<AlcarGM> ... uh... what?
<Silvran> (( wrong channel too))
<AlcarGM> Greg just shakes his head, looking confused.
<Silvran> ((Don't ask :P))
Quote 7277
<AlcarGM> The old man blinks a few times, confused. "I made this place," he says slowly. "Long ago Dream made real. DreamLand. Was a themepark, too. Somewhen. Maybe wasn't. Made it all. But the price - you know? Everything has a price. Everything costs. And it's all too much."
* Silvran mumbles to Greg "I think it cost him his sanity."
Quote 7278
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Can you .. heal him or something?"
<Silvran> "I can try."
<AlcarGM> (( with twinkies! ))
<Silvran> ((Is he close enough to touch?))
<AlcarGM> You vcan walk over and touch him easily
<Silvran> "Here goes nothing.."
* Silvran walks up to the man, and reaches out a gentle hand, touching his head.
<AlcarGM> Rol the dice. Wait. There are no dice. Hah!
<Silvran> ((I know, its all up to your mind. Which scares me even more than dice.))
Quote 7279
<AlcarGM> Old Man: "You are .... outside the script, yes? From Outside?" Whatever chains were holding him are gone and he loosk younger, haler, and hearty.
<Silvran> "Why yes. Are we playing our parts well?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "Outside the parts.... the system broke down. Huh. And fixed..... no, you fixed it." he gives you a hard, piercing stare. "What ARE you people?"
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Currently, I'm some light."
<Silvran> "I'm who I am."
<AlcarGM> The old (now young) ma shakes his head. "Nothing human, I imagine. The program is too complex for anyone human except me to fix. I MADE it that way, and you fixed it just by being her, without even knowing .... Are you ... gods?"
<Silvran> "Yes."
<Silvran> ((You have seen ghostbusters, right? "If someone asks if you are a god, you say yes!"))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) ))
Quote 7280
<WarezBert> ooo
<WarezBert> coool funny char for a gm to run sometime
<WarezBert> someone who has 'prophecy tourettes'
<WarezBert> cant help himself from blurting out random true prophecies in the middle of conversation
<WarezBert> at full volume
<WarezBert> and couched in as vulgar terms as possible
<alcar> lol
* alcar marks that down for Fin De Siecle.
Quote 7281
<AlcarGM> Nora: "So .. who wants to te toto?"
<Mary`Jane^> "You. I get to be dorothy."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "No way. I'd be .... the tin woodsman. Hammer . .axe.. same thing."
<Mary`Jane^> "You mean the robot guy?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "God .... please don't do -" A VOICE, from somewhere far above booms out "YES?" ....pretend. Things are more real here than in our world. Stories. Symbols, all of that. This is part of where they live. You could literally become that."
Quote 7282
<AlcarGM> The thatch huts change to a modern modern, urban ghetto look. There are people now. Well, mostly people. You spot a few monkeys beggig for spare change. Some of them still have wings, too.
Quote 7283
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... whoever that is, I so want her to meet some pro life group."
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".. or maybe eat one?"
<Mary`Jane^> "Whoa.."
<Mary`Jane^> "What's wrong with her?"
* Mary`Jane^ walks over to the bulge and checks it
<AlcarGM> The scenery *tears* with a sound like ripping paper and someone popping bubble wrap at the same time. Some .... crone .... is standing where the tear is, with children and sheep eating her alive. She blinks a few times. "Mary! I have your sheep mary!"
Quote 7284
<AlcarGM> The old woman screeches: "Your sheep! Your sheep! Sheeples for the temples! Count them! The count is counting: One, Two, Three!"
<AlcarGM> As the three, she turns into three old women, complete withn sheep and children gnawing away at them.
<AlcarGM> They see each other, and simply vanish.
<Mary`Jane^> "I mean... This doesn't look like a dream anyway... My dreams are more direct... Plus I can't control myself in my dreams."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: ".... I wish that had been demonic..."
<Mary`Jane^> "Wait! I know them!"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... you do?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "It sort of reminded me of Mrs. Thompspon..."
<Mary`Jane^> "Yeah, I think so... They're the ones that are always weaving... Shoot... What's their name..."
<Mary`Jane^> "What?"
<Mary`Jane^> "no, that'd be too wierd."
Quote 7285
<AlcarGM> Gabe gives you a pained look. "I really doubt the three fates would be being devoured by children and sheep."
<Mary`Jane^> "Don't ask, don't tell."
<Mary`Jane^> "It's symbolism..."
<Mary`Jane^> "They are my lambs... and I am the shepherd."
Quote 7286
<AlcarGM> Ths scenery changes, a blue shift into red. Everything is tinged with red now, and the yhellow brick road is a bridge over a lake of blood.
* Mary`Jane^ scratches her head
<Mary`Jane^> "We ARE in the right world, right?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: ".... I hope so."
* Mary`Jane^ draws her sword and looks at it... and wills everyone back to the world she precieves as normal
<Mary`Jane^> (( Which, infact, is not this one ))
<AlcarGM> The sword burns ... red....
<AlcarGM> You hear chariots .... the sound of horses....
<Mary`Jane^> "I haven't died have I?"
* Mary`Jane^ looks up
<AlcarGM> and horsemen . .flies buzzing ... men dying .... Atkins diet wrappers held by people thin as skeletons .....
<AlcarGM> (( the atkins diet is Famine. Really. ))
<Mary`Jane^> "Uh-oh... Is that what I think it is?"
Quote 7287
<Mary`Jane^> MJ is having an acid flashback
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> did she ever DO acid?
<Mary`Jane^> Don't know
<Mary`Jane^> that was before I took her body over
Quote 7288
<AlcarGM> the cars tires are still toast.
* Mary`Jane^ looks for the car
<AlcarGM> And it's car sized, which is good.
* Mary`Jane^ tries to heal them now
<AlcarGM> A shimmer... and they heal, easily.
<AlcarGM> tho you filled them with water :p
<Mary`Jane^> "Oops."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... is that a good or bad oops?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob does NOT laugh. With an effort.
* Mary`Jane^ practices looking inocent
<Mary`Jane^> "It's nothing..."
Quote 7289
* GeminiRai always knew he would accidentally cause the end of the world.
<alcar> yes :P
Quote 7290
* Mary`Jane^ Quit (Ping timeout)
* Mary`Jane^ has joined #game1
<Mary`Jane^> ...
<AlcarGM> wb?
<Mary`Jane^> it's gods way of telling me to go to bed
Quote 7291
<Chaos`^> no, you never make anything easy
<alcar> that is true :P
<alcar> but the last part of the trip to the city was easy :)
<alcar> You can thank/blame GeminiRai for that.
* GeminiRai cackles insidiously
<Chaos`^> why's that?
<alcar> He found a plot hole. It got filled.
<Chaos`^> what plot hole is that?
* alcar cannot tell. Otherwise it won't be a surprise :)
Quote 7292
* alcar had Evil Stuff planned. His pointing out the prohblem made your journey back far easier, since Merlin became busy with other things.
<Chaos`^> I kind of LIKE evil stuff
<GeminiRai> aww, I stopped evil stuff?:(
<alcar> well, short term evil stuff. Long term evil stuff got worse :p
* Chaos`^ shrugs
<Chaos`^> I could care less
<Chaos`^> Because it's all the same to me
<alcar> Heh.
<Chaos`^> Because I don't know anyway
<Chaos`^> Why are you ven telling me this? You won't give me details anyway
<GeminiRai> so you'll fret about it, probably.
Quote 7293
<GeminiRai> I wonder what the short term evil stuff was.
<GeminiRai> winged monkeys attack!
<alcar> more demons, plus cops.
<alcar> and a troop of girl scouts.
<GeminiRai> ...girl scouts?
<alcar> The carnivorous kind, out to turn people into cookies.
<GeminiRai> neat!
* alcar nods. I was going to give them nazi uniforms and shout "heil bush" and stuff.
* GeminiRai wonders why carnivorous girl scouts would care about bush.
* GeminiRai sighs
<alcar> loyalty to the govinment :p
Quote 7294
<Adam`^> "We could take her out to the middle of nowhere and ask her questions... So we're not bothering people."
<Mel`> " ... what, like torture? No. I wouldn't do it to animals of any kind, even humans. And we're not sure she knows anything. Unless you can concoct some kind of truth serum, I'd have to see if this magic stuff can make her remember or speak, and it's definitely not reliable."
<Fennec> (( "this magic stuff" ... :))
Quote 7295
<Fennec> d100
<FirestormZero> Fennec d100: 54
<sparkie> Fennec d100: 82
<Fennec> FirestormZero?
<FirestormZero> (( let me turn that off))
<Mel`> (( liked fzs's roll better ;P ))
<Fennec> (( your disloyalty to sparkie shall only amplify his resolve to punish you! :))
Quote 7296
<Fennec> "My... God... Melissa! What the f-" She stops, blinks, looks around...
<Fennec> "Where are we?"
<Adam`^> "What is your name?"
<Fennec> "Melissa, where's Paul? Where are we?"
* Adam`^ hmmms
* Mel` shakes her head.. "I don't know what happened."
<Adam`^> "Who are you?"
<Fennec> "It's me, Angeline! What's going on?!?"
<Adam`^> "Who's Angeline?"
* Mel` stares.....
* Adam`^ looks at melissa
<Mel`> "That's .. .not possible..... is it?"
<Fennec> ... end of session, I need sleep.
<Mel`> lol. Nice :P
<Adam`^> hah! now it's alcar's turn to feel the cliffhanger!
Quote 7297
<AlcarGM> lol Fennec. That was nice :P
<Fennec> :)
<AlcarGM> poor Mel.
<Fennec> well, someone needs to sit her down and make her go omgwtf :)
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<AlcarGM> tho she has no idea WHY she is still sane as is :p
<Fennec> she isn't! all that aura stuff, it's all in her head! :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> that would be her luck :)
<Mary`Jane^> I've tried to get her to do that
<Mary`Jane^> but she won't listen
<Mary`Jane^> every time I do she blows up
<Mary`Jane^> It's kind of like throwing a cherry bomb in a forest fire
<Fennec> the entire world is all in Mel's head!!! Mel as GODDESS. (you'd think a goddess would manage the place better, but no, her sanity has been affected :)
Quote 7298
<Mary`Jane^> stop inflating alcar's ego, please
<Fennec> it's not alcar's ego, it's alcar's alter ego. (say that ten times fast)
<Mary`Jane^> I screwed up trying to say it once
Quote 7299
<Aerdan> . o O (Don't you people *ever* sleep?)
<AlcarGM> (( yes :P ))
<Mary`Jane^> (( Too much, actually ))
Quote 7300
<AlcarGM> Nora comes back in a few minutes later. "No sign of Jake. Why does your brother do that?"
<Mary`Jane^> "Do what?" While practicing
<AlcarGM> You haven't managed to break a sweat, since the excalibur energy just feeds you more energy whne you start getting tired
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Take these lessons. Or torture, I guess."
<Mary`Jane^> "Because he wants to become a good swordsman and will do it nomater the cost."
* Mary`Jane^ doesn't break to speak
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I wonder if we could offer magical liposuction?"
<AlcarGM> (( which could be possible, come to think of it. ))
<Mary`Jane^> "He needs to work it off... That's his first challenge and a good one... If he's serious about this then he will."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, with luck the world won't end first."