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Quote 7001
<kentari> It would have been so freaking awesome
<kentari> to have Vora and Cindy team up
<kentari> and fight crime
<kentari> :P
<Tass> LOL
<Tass> omg
<alcar> lol! Yes :)
<Tass> omg
<Tass> its in my head
<Tass> and its never going to leave
Quote 7002
<kentari> The veratis of a character is in the player
<Tass> hold on while I look that up :P
Quote 7003
<Chaos`^> eliza?
<Fennec> Topic for #game1-ooc is: * Eliza backs up against the tree and raises a parasol, pointing it about defensively. <Johnny> (oh, shit, its merry fuggin popins, and she's here to fight crime :P)
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> does she fly?
<Fennec> No.
<Chaos`^> does she sound like super nanny?
<Chaos`^> Yew've beeeen varie varie nawtee!
<alcar> That is super dominatrix
<Chaos`^> omg
<Fennec> Chrissake, yewve got to be keddin me. She ain't doin nuffin of the sort, neither.
<Chaos`^> I totally want to have one of those adult nanies, that are really the sadists and they walk around showing themselves in revealing leather and cracking the whip
Quote 7004
<alcar> Dominatrix Lass: "Now I will whip you.... damn, honey, this just ain't working." Johnny: "Sorry."
<Chaos`^> i want her to be my sidekick =(
* alcar laughs. This this game wasn't 4 colour there'd be one is soooo fast :p
<Chaos`^> How come Johnny gets her, I mean, she can't even hurt him
<Chaos`^> LoL
<alcar> "Yes! Defeat me, you manly heroes! Hit me with your sweaty hands!"
<Chaos`^> this game isn't 4 color, not anymore atleast
<Chaos`^> it stopped being 4 color when you decided to dm it
<Fennec> we're up to at least eight colors!
<alcar> No! It still is. Really....
Quote 7005
<AlcarGM> The seven hear old girl who can turn into a monster looks .... a bit dubious. "But you hurt an angel."
<AlcarGM> The other woman just nods. "No problem," after giving all of you a long searching look.
<Mitch`> "He was gonna put a bullet through me!"
<Johnny> "Well, no, I held him down, to keep him from shooting anymore."
<Johnny> "Bullets are dangerous!"
<AlcarGM> The girl considers that. "Angels don't kill. Everyone knows angels are good."
* Johnny nods :P
<Mitch`> "I am allergic to them! Highly allergic!"
<Mitch`> "Bullets, that is."
<Eliza> (( maybe he's only an Angle of the Lord ))
* Mitch` kinda just smiles + nods to the girl.
<Johnny> "Well, maybe he just looked like an angel, and if he looked like an angel all the time, maybe he started thinking he was one, but he thought it was alright to kill. You see how these things can get mixed up?"
<Johnny> "angels don't make good heroes anyways."
* Mitch` looks at Johnny "Let's not worry about the details, huh?"
<Mitch`> "Someone might quote you."
Quote 7006
<AlcarGM> She shakes your hand firmly and looks at Johnny and Darren. "Sorry I was late. I was held up by some weird nut trying to kill people."
<Mitch`> "Same here."
* Mitch` snickers ;p
<AlcarGM> She looks at Mitch and almost smiles. "I got into his head, and found your names, so I came here."
<Mitch`> "You go into heads?"
* Mitch` is no longer smirking :s
<AlcarGM> She nods. "I'm not good at it, but it's useful."
* Mitch` thinks, as hard as he can, of that annoying music he hears at work. :P
Quote 7007
<AlcarGM> She nods and takes it. "Can I ask you a question?"
<Mitch`> "You just did."
* Mitch` smiles :D
* Johnny nods, giving mitch one of those looks :P
Quote 7008
<Mitch`> btw alcar
<Mitch`> I still am recovering from that Amazon hero
<Mitch`> :x
<Gemm> Amazon has heros?
<Gemm> I thought they just had a big warehouse full of stuff.
<AlcarGM> hehe ken :p
<Mitch`> huhuhu
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGM> gemm - amazonian. Wonder woan, if wonder woman was a male cross dresser :p
<AlcarGM> gains powers from transvestism.
<Gemm> Oh... dear lord
Quote 7009
<AlcarGM> Darren: "If it was Wayne wouldn't he be coming after us directly?"
<Mitch`> "No idea."
<Mitch`> "He's caaaraaazeee. He works under a different set of rules than we do."
<Mitch`> "I don't buy into any of that sane crazy stuff. He's just plain bonkers."
Quote 7010
<Eliza> "If I may inquire, then, what is your last name?" (wouldn't do to go around calling him by his first name in public...)
<AlcarGM> Dexter looks at you oddly, then shrugs. "Tenebrus. I don't use it, since my family sort of doesn't want me around. Why?"
<Eliza> "I simply feel that it would be improper for me to refer to you by your Christian name on the street."
<AlcarGM> Dexter blinks a few times, then stares at you like you grew a second head. "Say what?"
<AlcarGM> Joy blinks, staring at you in surprise.
* Eliza consumes the milk and cookies.
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "You know .... things are a lot different here," carefully. "People don't care about the whole ... name ... silliness. And I'm not even Christian."
* Eliza assumes the "that's not going to stop me from trying" attitude of one who has been suddenly dumped in some distant colonial outpost on safari and finds the state of the native population leaves much to be desired, but is going to act properly ANYWAY!
Quote 7011
<AlcarGM> Okay. You arrive in the base, and it's rather dark. No lights on at all.
<Linda`^> "Ah, Magi?"
<AlcarGM> The lights come on, as if reluctant to, followed by Magi's voice: "Yes?"
<Linda`^> "Has reed touched you yet?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: ".... he touched me in my private parts and I want to sue!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
Quote 7012
* Johnny 's phone rings!
<Mitch`> "..?"
* Johnny answers :P
<Mitch`> "You gonna take that?"
* Mitch` taps his foot, making faces at Johnny every-so-often
* Johnny makes faces back :P
* Johnny then uh huhs, makes a quick look at the desk guy, straightening his looks and then hangs up
<Johnny> "Fire hall."
<Johnny> "Hamsterine apparently had too much sugar."
<Johnny> "I'll meet up with you guys later, alright?
Quote 7013
<AlcarGM> (( how do you want to ger around, by bus? :) ))
<Mitch`> ((Yeah. ;p ))
<AlcarGM> Quite a few people stare when you get on the bus and the driver looks like she wants to start laughing
<AlcarGM> Darren: ".... we need jet packs, for people who can't fly...."
* Mitch` looks at the bus driver with a GLARE, "You got a problem, miss?"
* Mitch` deposits his bus fair with ATTITUDE!
<Eliza> (( bus fare, unfair! ))
<AlcarGM> The driver tells you heroes don't have to pay fare.
<AlcarGM> Darren just blushes a deep violet and tries to ignore people trying not to laugh. "I bet this never happened to the Protectorate."
* Mitch` 's attitude dissolves instantly, and thanks her with a smile. :D
<Mitch`> "Well, we could always just MAKE AN EXAMPLE of someone, but that wouldn't be nice."
* Mitch` lets his baton VZZT up a little bit ;p
<Mitch`> "Keep an eye out for that angel dude, though. Dealing with him AND Wayne .. wouldn't be cool."
Quote 7014
* Victor dials Magi on the phone
<AlcarGM> Magi answers: "This is Magi. I am not going to die you dumbfuck!"
<AlcarGM> You detect a cetain amount of unwarranted hostility :p
<Victor> "huh?"
<Victor> "whats wrong Magi?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "He wants to kill me!"
<Victor> "Who?"
* Victor is now running back to base
<AlcarGM> Magi: "no! NOOOOO!:" *line goes dead*
Quote 7015
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "Yeah. Crap. I do not believe this." He hangs up the phone.
* Eliza is developing a strong suspicion that 'crap' is an impolite word.
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "You might want to go home Joy. Tell everyone to keep away from here in case the drug people try something else." He sighs. "I feel like I'm walking into a horrible sci fi novel, but apparently our AI went insane."
* Eliza sits there listening and sipping tea, whatever an AI is.
<Eliza> "So can you bring him to a sanitarium?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "It's ... uhm. Like a printing press. Except it's intelligent, and has weapons."
<Eliza> (( printing press? dudewtf! ))
<Eliza> (( you have GOT to be kidding me :))
<AlcarGM> (( quickest explanation he could think up :p ))
<Eliza> "Weapons? Its razor-sharp wit and subversive pamphlets?"
<Eliza> "And how is this different from your ordinary publishing house?"
<Eliza> "More or less dangerous than Johnathan Swift and Thomas Paine?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "uhm....." <damn, too slow. There. The tower of london... nice place. Well, imagine it was alive and could thing and use the weapons in it on its own. Something like that.>
Quote 7016
<AlcarGM> Your phone rings shrilly, breaking off the tableau.
* Victor has plan, backs off from the wall and makes it visible again. then he walks away from the base and around a corner
* Victor pulls out his phone, lol
<Victor> [was just about to make a call :)
<Victor> "hello?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "I want a large pizza! For me!"
* Victor hangs up
Quote 7017
* Eliza wonders if she can render objectionable material in print less so, or in electronic media...
<AlcarGM> lol! Yes!
* AlcarGM wants to see Eliza vs the internet :p
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <This is a porn site with .... people ... in ... clothing ......?>
Quote 7018
<Eliza> (( so, who wants to save money for prom? :))
<Eliza> (( now, when you shred this dress, what about the understructure that makes up the bulk of its mass? splintered? ))
<Eliza> (( there's steel and whalebone and the like in there... ))
<Linda`^> (( Can't very well get through the dress without destroying it's skeleton if you're cutting from the inside! ))
Quote 7019
<Linda`^> "That and it's already been proven that Magi can be hacked... It's dificult, you know? Having an AI sitting around, listening to everything we say and watching what we do, and any smart villian can come in here and find out everythign about us..."
<Linda`^> "It could prove to be... a problem."
* Linda`^ nods "A friend that never leaves, you can always find him, and he can order parts in an instant, that's always nice."
* sparkie Quit (Ping timeout)
<Linda`^> (( Oops, I think I offended him ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
Quote 7020
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Yes ...." he looks wistful. "All right. I can't promise anything, though." His one hand absently brushes the desk, which moves ot rub against him and purrs
<Linda`^> "Magi, you ok with this?"
* Linda`^ knows to get Magi's opinion first... Last time Magi was worried, it turned out that he had good reason ;D
<AlcarGM> Magi: "I would be honoured," simply, trying not to sound as eager as a little boy being given his first chainsaw and sent into a pet shop
<AlcarGM> (( That wasn't the best metaphor for magi. Something about bill gates and a nanovirus would have been better. Ah well. ))
<Aerdan> . o O (How about Hussein and the capability for world conquest?)
Quote 7021
<Linda`^> (( Yes friend computer, I just had to use the restroom, I can't fight commie mutant trators that try to enter this room by releasing myself on them. ))
Quote 7022
<AlcarGM> You reach the mall, which is naturally packed since it's a Sunday and everyone is out shoping on the Sabbath day so all will burn in hell. Oh, Sorry. That was Raphael. Bad archangel, using powers on the GM.
Quote 7023
* Victor makes something invisible even less visible! hahahah! look! invisible... AIR!!!
<AlcarGM> (( that would be interesting. "Invisible invisibility. Double the price of the regular kind before it has half the calories." ))
<Linda`^> (( Actually, that'd be good for someone who has to see far distances, like a sniper that's trying to shoot someone from 30 miles away, just make the haze invisible... ))
Quote 7024
<Linda`^> "Let's head over to the UBER KOOLER KLOTHES FOR MEN and see if we find anything."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <You're trying to get back at me for Eliza, aren't you?>
* Linda`^ smiles and hums
<AlcarGM> Okay. You're not un Uber Kooler Klothes for Men, a clothing store whose Kids version was scrapped because Uber KKK was a really bad advertising slogan.
Quote 7025
* Melissa blinks her green eyes a few times and frowns slightly. "This is .... strange, you know. I never thought I'd ever be in the past, or have to wear something like that," waves a hand to the dress. "It's ... " *shakes her head*
<FennecGM> (( you're still wearing the dress unless you intend to remove it now... ))
* Melissa removes it :p
<Sandra`> "Sorry I didn't take your dress off earlier."
Quote 7026
<FennecGM> He closes his eyes, lost in thought. "Can't think of any offhand. Never intended to attend one, if you catch my meanin'."
<Kendrick> "You know anyone aroun here who would?"
* Kendrick tries to sound smooooth ;p
* Adam`^ thinks he sounds about a smooth as exlax
<Kendrick> ((purdy smoov))
Quote 7027
<FennecGM> Slight delay ensues due to dressing. Leave a note at the front desk as you leave?
<Melissa> 'I could smuggle dwarves under this...."
<Sandra`> "They're actually rather... err. Yeah. Heheh, smuggle."
<FennecGM> (( as opposed to snuggle? ))
<Melissa> (( grumpy doesn't do snuggling ))
<Sandra`> (Sandra thought she meant little people, from back in the 21st century. :P)
Quote 7028
<Adam`^> "Try to do some magic, that'll be cool."
* Melissa kicks Adam. "I am NOT trying magic. Can you get that through your thick skull? I wouldn't even know HOW to try it!"
<Sandra`> "Cool? Wouldn't it be more of a deterrent for us getting around anywhere?"
<Adam`^> "Just concentrate on blowing up a flower pot!"
<FennecGM> A young girl is presiding over several displays of flowers - A slight, slender young lady. Her light golden hair is tightly done in a rather large, curled hairstyle, and held in place with a hair-piece attached to what appears to be a white tripetal flower, freshly cut.
<Melissa> "I'd rather blow up your head," sweetly
<Adam`^> "You wouldn't want to mess your dress."
Quote 7029
<FennecGM> "I have a dreadfully kind investor, a Colonel Pickering, who made this all possible."
<Adam`^> "Business is usually slow durring the colder months, I'm sure you'll have plenty of flowers in the summer."
<Adam`^> "Really? Where is the good Colonel from?"
<FennecGM> She pauses to recollect. "Cheltenham, Harrow, Cambridge, and India."
<Adam`^> "Wow, quite the list. And where do you hail from, if you don't mind my asking?"
<FennecGM> She blushes. "Drury Lane."
<Melissa> (( lol ))
<Adam`^> "Really? Ah, do you know the muffin man?"
<FennecGM> "Which?"
* Adam`^ shrugs "He lives on Drury Lane. It's an excelent place, if I do say so myself."
Quote 7030
* Chaos`^ almost had 1 over kendrick
<Chaos`^> err i mean
<Chaos`^> nevermind
<alcar> what? :p
<Chaos`^> nothing...
<alcar> please tell me you aren't doing Ios again? :p
<Chaos`^> why would I tell you that?
<Fennec> uhoh, what's this?
<alcar> ...
<Chaos`^> 'snot important
* alcar curses player/pc knowledge :p
<Fennec> snot, eww :)
Quote 7031
<Chaos`^> or we could roll up a theme lol
<Chaos`^> 1d3 past modern future
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d3: 3 past modern future
<Chaos`^> 1d3 cyberpunk; space ship; magicpunkwouldbefun
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d3: 1 cyberpunk; space ship; magicpunkwouldbefun
<Chaos`^> 1d3 postapocaliptic; justfuture; anotherworld
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d3: 2 postapocaliptic; justfuture; anotherworld
<Chaos`^> 1d1000 years in the future
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d1000: 4 years in the future
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> 1d1000 does this thing work?
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d1000: 933 does this thing work?
Quote 7032
<alcar> So, what kind of pc do you want? :p
<Chaos`^> i'm deciding on a theme for the year 2009
<Chaos`^> which is just stupid
* Chaos`^ sticks his tounge out at the bot
Quote 7033
<Chaos`GM^> There is a hallway to your right that has the image of a man, standing next to a woman, perhaps it is where people get married in hell. it seems to be more quiet down that way.
* Jose` shakes his head and goes that way, unable to pray to drown the noises out because he's no longer one of the faithful.
<Tass> (lol, the commune is so isolated, they don't even know earth has already contacted aliens :D )
<Jose`> (( but of course :) Their aliens were a satellite showing old 1950 B movies :P ))
Quote 7034
<Chaos`GM^> The dome seems to change it's voice into a more pleasant and exciting one "The walmart stores are built to distort sound, conversations are restricted to no more than two hexidecibles per person per minute, we pride ourself on making you comfortable."
<Jose`> "You're LYING! You're all lying!"
* Jose` backs through the big doors and looks around nevously, then practically leaps into the one marked men
<Chaos`GM^> The mechanical dome changes back into it's mechanical voice "This unit is incapable---"it fades out as you leave.
Quote 7035
<Chaos`GM^> the green paper in his chest pocket, could infact be money
<Chaos`GM^> You feel a pressure on your head, and can hear some faint whispers from his head
* Jose` blinks and jumps back, surprised, and looking hurt. "I wanted the quiet!"
<Chaos`GM^> The whispers stop, but the pressure remains
<Chaos`GM^> YOu now have a fistfull of cash
<Chaos`GM^> and a bit of a headache
<Chaos`GM^> a man staring at you
<Jose`> where? :p
<Chaos`GM^> with very dull looking eyes
* Jose` blinks and turns, confused.
<Chaos`GM^> In his head
Quote 7036
* Jose` looks at the money, but that would mean going outside, and it could be loud and hurt.
* Jose` makes a lettuce and ceasar salad sandwich instead :p
<Chaos`GM^> The lettuce is slightly rancid making your cheecks pucker and it smells sickly sweet, but you manage to eat it.
<Chaos`GM^> it is still quiet
* Jose` has two more, since he's hungry stil then puts it all back and goes to sit in the couch and revel in the quiet until he gets tired again or the weird man wakes up.
<Chaos`GM^> The former happens first, you manage to stare at the wall long enough that you get tired.
* Jose` goes to sleep them, feeling full and happy
<Jose`> (( and wakens with food poisoning.. :p ))
Quote 7037
<Chaos`GM^> Even as you try to eject the air in your stomach, it is not satisfied and continues to try getting the last piece out... You feel a warm hand on your neck...
* Jose` freezes.
<Chaos`GM^> "Are you ok?" the female voice asks.
* Jose` blinks. "I think so. I ate some food," slowly
<Chaos`GM^> "Who are you?"
<Chaos`GM^> SHe reaches over and pushes a button on the toilet, it shuts and begins going through a cleaning cycle
* Jose` doesn'r move. "J-Jose. I brought the man here?"
<Chaos`GM^> "The man?"
<Jose`> "From the walmart? He was quiet. And - and he gave me mooney, but it's on the counter."
<Chaos`GM^> "He wasn't a man. He was me. What happened at walmart?"
<Jose`> "You were quiet. And some man said to leave, and I took you here."
<Chaos`GM^> "Are you going to be ok to move?"
* Jose` thinks about that, then nods.
<Chaos`GM^> "Good, go outside, i have to pee!"
Quote 7038
<Chaos`GM^> "By the way." She grabs the money from the counter "Where do you live?"
<Jose`> "I - don't."
<Chaos`GM^> "Don't what? Live? You're dead?"
<Jose`> "No - " stops, thinking about that. "I don't think so."
<Chaos`GM^> She pulls out some of the alcohol from the fridge and pours it into a glass.
* Jose` looks a bit uncertain about that. "I never asked."
<Chaos`GM^> "So, you have to live somewhere. Where did you sleep before you met me at walmart?"
<Jose`> "Oh! I - can't go back. I ran away. I came to - to hell, and it's *loud* and - and -" Stops, breathes. "And I'm afraid of it, but I can't go back. I don't want to meet the aliens."
Quote 7039
<Chaos`GM^> "Ah, the crazy house.. They let you out eh? Too bad... How old are you kid?"
<Chaos`GM^> SHe doesn't look to be more than 19
* Jose` blinks. "I don't know. We don't - they didn't keep track of dates."
<Jose`> (( prolly 10-14 I think, judging by actions so far. ))
<Jose`> (( maybe older It's not like he's had to make choice before :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> "Old enough to have sex right? I have this sweet deal going this week only, three tricks for the low low price of
<Jose`> (( LOL! ))
* Jose` blinks and actually looks at her, stunned. "We - we - we don't - don't talk about that... It's - it's bad ... and it's so loud out here. It's all anyone talks about."
<Chaos`GM^> "Sex? It's the THING the IN you know?" She shrugs "It's how I make a living."
<Jose`> "Oh. But you're damned anyway."
<Jose`> "So it doesn't matter."
<Chaos`GM^> "We all are. So you hungry? I have to go grocery shopping.. But I don't give out free meals."
* Jose` nods to being hungry and looks nervous. "What - what can I do?"
<Chaos`GM^> She shrugs "I don't know I'll think of something. Let me get dressed though." SHe disapears into the bedroom and we end the first and probably last session of "FUTURe PROSTITUTE WARS"
Quote 7040
<Chaos`^> Jose is a little ignorant, but i guess it's to be expected =p
<alcar> Yeah. Cults are fun that way :)
<alcar> "Oh, that cult. We service them all the time."
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> Jose: "But ... but...."
<alcar> </shattering of innocence>
<Chaos`^> The fun part is that he's in hell, but it's nothing like the hell he was told about
<Chaos`^> plus, he's still trying to prevent being a hethen, it's not like he's going to a deeper hell or something
<Chaos`^> he will submit to the sins of the flesh
Quote 7041
<alcar> It's winter in the City, and the snow is falling down gently, staining the snow a pale white over slusky and yellow marks of piss, making it almost into a pristine and fresh winter wonderland. You're walking home for work through it, feeling rather old and miserably. Who are you? :p
<Chaos`^> old?
<Chaos`^> miserably?
<Chaos`^> if i'm old
<Chaos`^> and miserable
<Chaos`^> I could be none other than the oldest thing imagined
* Chaos`^ is now known as Death`^
<alcar> Your bones ache with the cold, like a sadstic accupuncurist driving nails into your coffin as you walk. You remember, dimply, when the world was young and full or promse, and Dickens writing about the Winter of his Despair, but it had bee n winter long and long before that. Your memories touch down, like a hurricane sweeping through time giving you glimpses of past lives or past events, as if you had become unsuck from time itselff
* Death`^ is unsuck from time
* Death`^ is objiously better than time
* Death`^ sighs and wishes time weren't so busy
* Death`^ thinks it would be better if time stopped and smelled the roses once in a while.
* alcar blinks at the nick change. Okay...
<Death`^> (( I'm old and miserable
<Death`^> if I were old and happy i'd be... Eden or something
Quote 7042
* Death`^ imagines eden is probalby lonely right now, what with that damned apple tree
* Death`^ sighs a boney sigh
<alcar> A few children scurry past you like unwanted abortions, giving you a wide berth without knowing why they do so at any conscious level. The olde rones, already too aware of thier own mortality, pale slighty and make warding gestures without ever knowing why. So it goes.
* Death`^ crutches himself with his scythe and smiles at everyone
* Death`^ is always smiling, which can be missleading to some
* Death`^ considers botox, but sadly he has no skin to inject, no muscles to firm and he's seen one to many sessions go bad
Quote 7043
<alcar> One of the children looks up at and smiles, his eyes flecked with silver He's young, about 10 years old, and has been ten years old forever. He floats towards you, perhaps the oldest of the vampires, perhaps something else altogether but definitely something outside the reach of death
<alcar> "Good evening," Peter Pan says, smiling his mocking little smile.
<Death`^> "What's so good about it?" Grinning
<Death`^> "Where is that gay fairy of yours?"
<alcar> "Well, I'm not going to die, so everything is good. Whereas you, old sourpuss, just have to plod around and be rather a bore at parties." He smiles his bindingly white smil with teeth a tad too white and sharp. His face never loses the innocent look that lured hundreds of Wendy's from their homes to be meals. "I ate her, of course. There's no point to taking lights into dark places."
Quote 7044
* Valur spits out a hundred mini lead panda figurines across christy's path
* Valur smiles broadly and flashes a thumbs up
<christy> lol
* christy manifests a large sweatdrop superimposed over the right side of her temple
* christy makes a fearsome battle screech and turns into a washing machine agitator
* Valur s jaw drops as he stares in confusion.
* christy agitates contentedly
* Valur sweeps his hand to the side and throws a dozen throwing knives in a wide arc across the agitator.
Quote 7045
<alcar> this makes me want to run a horrible anime rpg game.
<alcar> with stupid powers
<alcar> "I turn into a dryer and EAT YOUR CHANGE, SOCKS, AND PENS!"
<alcar> "I use TPO-HAI! You no eat ..... Change, socks, and penises!"
<alcar> and stuff like that.
<christy> I would just use my special bloodline limit to determine that the flow of chakra was concentrated in the lint trap, which I would then send my small furry familiar to infiltrate
<alcar> lol
Quote 7046
<FennecGM> There is a knock, knockknockknock-knock at the door.
* Adam`^ goes to the door and opens it a crack "Yes?"
<FennecGM> It's a lady, in a deep blue dress; she was downstairs earlier, and now she's here. "A visitor for your lady-friend."
<Adam`^> "Oh. Does she know you?"
<Melissa> (( we need to get calling cards :p ))
<FennecGM> "I presume not." She casts a vacant stare through the door, in the general direction of Melissa.
<Adam`^> "Oh. And what was your name?"
<FennecGM> "My name is of no consequence."
* Adam`^ shuts the door, and says loudly "Ofno Consequence is here to see you."
* Melissa finishes getting dressed. "Pardon?"
* Adam`^ shrugs "I guess you don't know her. What kind of name is Ofno?"
Quote 7047
* Melissa looks at Adam. "Be ready for whatever. I don't like this ...." and goes over to open the door.
* Adam`^ nods
* Melissa looks at whoever it is, and waits.
<FennecGM> "Good afternoon. May I ask who it is that I have the privellege of addressing?"
<Adam`^> (( It's a tellemarketer of the 1800s!))
<Melissa> "You may. After I know who you are."
<FennecGM> "I am a representative of the Society to inquire your business in these parts."
* Melissa blinks. "And that would be .... ?"
<Adam`^> (( They have a society for that? ))
<Melissa> (( agony aunt socieity :p ))
<FennecGM> "Is he initiate?"
<FennecGM> (ih-nih-shee-it, like the adjective. not the verb.)
Quote 7048
* Adam`^ unloads the first and checks the action on it(( Double or single? )), seeing if the pin moves smoothly without any stops or halts
<FennecGM> (( /me-has-no-clue-about-guns ))
* Caltak (( goes to call MyBrains.. j/k ))
<Melissa> (( LOL ))
Quote 7049
<Adam`^> "Why do I have to tell all? I gave you my first secret, let's hear yours."
<Melissa> "You didn't give, I had to drag it out of you. And you left things out."
* Melissa says it as if stating a simple fact.
<Adam`^> "So did you."
<Melissa> "Not about auras."
<Adam`^> "Why are you affraid of the possibility that it might be some kind of magic?"
<Melissa> (( 'I know! Let's exchange character sheets!" ))
<Melissa> (( * Melissa watches the fourth wall implode ))
<Adam`^> (( LoL my life story is on my sheet =p ))
Quote 7050
<FennecFoxen> 4d100
<sparkie> FennecFoxen 4d100: 201
<FennecFoxen> er
<FennecFoxen> 4#d100
<sparkie> FennecFoxen 4#d100: 64 19 5 87
* sparkie thinks 201 counts as masive failure!
<FennecFoxen> thank you for your input, Sparkie.
Quote 7051
<FennecFoxen> Okay. There's a hansom cab waiting there; she gets in directly and it takes off.
<Sandra`> shoot...
* Sandra` looks around for any kind of transportation she can take
<FennecFoxen> ROLLER SKATES!
Quote 7052
<Melissa> (( we'll have to vacuum it all out :p ))
<FennecFoxen> (( vacuum? ))
<Melissa> (( or leave it and go to another hotel. Let hte cleaning staff try and figure it out :P ))
<Sandra`> (OH, did you guys find a dead person too?)
<Adam`^> (( Not yet! ))
<Melissa> (( No, but I coated the floor in ivy :p So we shall have to clean it somehow :) ))
<Adam`^> (( We forgot to bring a vacuum... Do they have electrolux salesmen here? ))
Quote 7053
<FennecGM> "Yes, I suppose young miss Trilium had a fit when she saw you come in; you must have been in a regular state. The child is sweet, if a little stupid."
* Melissa tries ot show no reaction to the name and just nods.
<FennecGM> "Most of her kind would be out tending to a country garden, but she had to come to the city to be with her beau."
<Melissa> "Meaning?"
<Adam`^> "I think it's french."
<Melissa> (( lol ))
* Melissa stares at Adam. "I know what beau means."
Quote 7054
<FennecGM> She looks over in your general direction. "Ah, yes, Mr. Initiate. I suppose you might come as well."
<Melissa> "We are on a schecule of sorts .... how long would this .. whatever it is . take?"
<Adam`^> "Why me?"
<Adam`^> "We are?"
* Melissa wishes she could kick Adam from where she is :p
* Melissa settles for a glare. "Yes because we have to find that .... person, and get home. Remember that?"
<Adam`^> "Nonono, I want to see this."
<FennecGM> "Ah. And where praytell is Home?"
<Melissa> "America."
<Adam`^> "America, ofcourse."
<Melissa> "How long would ... this take?"
<FennecGM> "America is a large continent."
<Adam`^> "Yeah, it is isn't it?"
Quote 7055
<FennecGM> "But come! You can be back by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. And why? because <slightly more formally>the Dead Wizards' Society commandeth it!" She stands.
<Adam`^> "We've been comandethed by a dead person."
<Melissa> "At least it's not a dead poets society."
<FennecGM> "No, by a society. Wizards' is plural in any event. Let us be off, though! Huzzah!"
* Melissa stands and follows the woman out. "Do you have a name we can call you by?"
* FennecGM (gm@host57.dyn52.wfu.edu) Quit (Quit: end of session)
<Adam`^> "Who are these dead people and how do they form a society?"
<Adam`^> "Ms. Consequence."
<Eliza> 01:52 -!- FennecGM [gm@host57.dyn52.wfu.edu] has quit [Quit: end of session]
<Adam`^> oh
<Adam`^> damn
<Adam`^> that sucks
* Adam`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<Chaos`^> I was just getting into it
Quote 7056
<AlcarGM> Ralph: "Is there... something...I can help .. you with...?" He fumbles for his inhaler, gasping for air.
* Mary_Jane`^ raises an eyebrow
<Mary_Jane`^> "Not really, why?'
<AlcarGM> Ralph: "I could .. tell you ... a joke." He looks a bit better now and grins from ear to ear. "Because everyone should be happy! There's no reason to be sad, Mary Jane! Some day your prince with come."
<Mary_Jane`^> "Yeah, well, I hope it's not messy. Anyway, what do you need Ralph?"
<AlcarGM> Ralph: "Oh! Nothing." o.O(Being by your side if all I ever need / You make me feel alive / I want to plant my seed . .hey, wait. Bad mind! Bad!) "There was someone in the park asking for you! He looked like he was with the FBI!"
Quote 7057
<Mary_Jane`^> "Did he say he was with the FBI?"
<AlcarGM> Ralph shakes his head. "No! But he had a black suit, and a black tie, and black sunglasses. And black hair, too."
<Mary_Jane`^> "Sounds more like the men in black to me."
<AlcarGM> Ralph's eyes get as big as saucers (well, not quite because it would be painfull to have eyes 8" wide). "Really? You think so?! That would be so awesome, Mary Jane!"
Quote 7058
* Mary_Jane`^ rolls her eyes
<Mary_Jane`^> "Alright, I have to go to the park, then."
<AlcarGM> Ralph catches them and gives them back to you.
* Mary_Jane`^ begins walking that way
<AlcarGM> Ralph: "Do you want me to come?! I could be, like, your bodyguard!"
* Mary_Jane`^ takes them and puts them back, without thanking him
<AlcarGM> He follows you
<Mary_Jane`^> "My bodyguard? Can you even fight?"
<AlcarGM> Ralph hesitates. "No. But I can be beat up really good while you run away!"
Quote 7059
<AlcarGM> He turns as you get closer, sniffing. "Ah ... " The sunglasses blink, as if they were eyes "Mary Jane I presume?" He smiles at you, the kind of creppy smile like Uncle Fred did before they had him locked away and chemically castrated for the incident with your retarded cousin Bob.
<AlcarGM> MIB: "You're coming with me."
<Mary_Jane`^> (( Great, my family came from Louisiana ))
<AlcarGM> (( No, kentucky! j/k ))
Quote 7060
<AlcarGM> He frowns, then spots a coffee shop. "There. We can sit. You can drink. We'll see them arrive."
* Mary_Jane`^ nods and goes inside
* Mary_Jane`^ orders two grande evils
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> you guessed the shop?! How?! :p
Quote 7061
<AlcarGM> He folllows you onto it, frowning. "We need to be somewhere where you can hide."
<Mary_Jane`^> "Yeah? like?"
<AlcarGM> He gives a helpless shrug. "Somewhere crowded, with luck. They aren't stupid enough to act openly in large crowds yet. They don't have the numbers, and they don't want to alert Heaven. Not until the King or his Wizard reach this plane."
<Mary_Jane`^> "But... they already have, i mean, you're here right?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "Their emisaries have. Scouts and footsoldiers. The old wards and seals still hold, though three of the seals are dead. Stupid humans and hunting down seals .... I don't know how long the wards will last without the full compliment of seals. And if you die, all bets are off."
Quote 7062
* Mary_Jane`^ looks at him "The most public place right now is probably at a party or something."
<AlcarGM> (( or school :P ))
<Mary_Jane`^> (( not in her dreams! ))
<AlcarGM> Jacob bites his lower lip and sighs. "That works, then. Anywhere with a lot of people who will see what happens should keep even them at bay for now."
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))
Quote 7063
* Mary_Jane`^ thinks this is also an extra long dream... and worries perhaps this is what coma's are like
Quote 7064
<AlcarGM> You make it to school just in time for the warning bell for classes.
<Mary_Jane`^> (( LoL Warning bell, I love that name... They warn you before it starts ))
Quote 7065
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "What can you tell your family? I wouldn't want them in danger from the Enemy."
* Mary_Jane`^ looks at Jacob and shrugs
<Mary_Jane`^> "I don't think I need to worry about it, I mean, If I really am in a coma then they won't miss me because they're probably at my bedside right now."
* Mary_Jane`^ sounds hopeful
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "... what?"
Quote 7066
<Mary_Jane`^> "So are you like what exactly is your job up in heaven?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I .... err .... " he trails off. "Nothing important. I'm in one of the angelic choirs."
<Mary_Jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I sing."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Well... humm. Loudly, though."
* Mary_Jane`^ laughs lightly
<Mary_Jane`^> "They sent me a choir boy?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob blushes a bright pink. ".. yes."
<Mary_Jane`^> "The world is about to end and Heaven sends the Choir."
Quote 7067
<AlcarGM> The guard blinks and looks and Jacob says "Now!" and leaps past them and out the door ... only the door revoles twice before he actually makes it out, stumbling a bit :P
Quote 7068
<Marcus_Fenway> I hate modern movies, its all CG and no Story
<Marcus_Fenway> I guess playing D&D all these years has made me story dependant
Quote 7069
<alcar> Hrm. I need to do something odd for ninjas....
<Alicia> Other than have them randomly appear?
* alcar nods.
<alcar> I've got that part coverewd qwell. They install neilsen boxes into people's tvs :p
* Alicia laughs
<Alicia> Like ninjaburger, but more ninjaTV
<Alicia> ... NinjaTV. Okay, that WOULD be odd
Quote 7070
<AlcarGM> He scratches his head. "Oh. And you talk?"
* AudreyIII blinks. "Um, yes."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Stands to reason. Talking plants should talk. Why was I here again?"
<AlcarGM> He snaps his fingers and opens his briefcase. "Hah! Release papers. You're to be freed from slavery ... err ... no. That's for Ronald McDonald. But I'm sure it's papers. Do you go outside?"
<AudreyIII> "Well, I have once or twice, breifly... but not on a regular basis, no."
<AlcarGM> The lawyer beams. "Capital! That's what I'm here for. Legal issues, lots of funding, scaring away little children. Yadda yadda yadda. The point is, you can go outside. As long as you keep the lab informed of your whereabouts and don't .." He frowns at the paper in his hands.".. err .... have children. With humans or .. plants."
* AudreyIII nods. "Yeah, my dad started giving me shot for that, already."
Quote 7071
<AlcarGM> The lawyer smiles. (RUN! -Ed.) "Good. Good. Well. The insurance issues have been taken care off, so as long as you don't eat anyone or turn into Florrax the mind controlling plant from Venus, there shouldn't be any problems."
* AudreyIII tilts her head slightly. "Who?"
<AlcarGM> The lawyer chuckles. "No one. JUst some old villain from the 1950s I think. Nothing important. Ah. You
<AlcarGM> 're to make sure you get lots of water, and food, and not eat fast food."
* AudreyIII nods. "Okay then. I'll be sure to stick to the slow kind."
Quote 7072
<AlcarGM> The creature hesitates. "Ah. They did not tell you I was here? This would be .. .a joke, yes?"
<Eliza> "Ummm.... yes?"
<AlcarGM> "Ah." The creature bobs its head, for lack of a better word. "I am Byakhee."
<Eliza> "Eliza Doolittle." Pauses. "I think Dexter might of meant it as a joke on us both, actually...."
<Mary_jane`^> (( Give it a dress ))
<Eliza> (( hold up! ))
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Ah! That one." It sounds either amused or annoyed. "It would do that. I won't eat you though."
<Eliza> "Nothing like that- something about a dress, I think... <pauses to think of a dress>"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I do not eat clothing," slowly, sounding puzzled. "It gets caught in my mandibles."
* Eliza is Thinking of a Dress.
<AlcarGM> The creature ..... looks much nicer in a dress, since there is less of it to see. The dress, on the other hand, doesn't look nice since it was made as a prison (or clothing, depending on how you look at it) for people. It's deveoped some tears in places it shouldn't have holes looks and looks rather forlorn and ridiculous.
* Eliza considers it. Ah well. "It's an improvement, I suppose..."
Quote 7073
<AlcarGM> The creature moves ... pauses, Examines itself. "Curious."
<Eliza> "Innit though? Can't understand a bit of why that happens myself."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "... You did this, yes?"
<Eliza> "Umm... Perhaps. Maybe. I think."
<Eliza> "I don't know much about such affairs."
<AudreyIII> (( "Can't you see it's the wrong season? I'm obviously a Spring!" *attacks* ))
Quote 7074
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "You do not know about clothing? But you wear some. Unless that is a form of punishment?"
<Eliza> "Heaven's sake, no. Why is it everyone keeps making a row about 'punishment' and all that business? I just don't know how it... pops into beein."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "But you create it. That takes energy." It regards you for a long moment. "Ah. You have much to spare, then, to not notice the effort."
<Eliza> ... "people in eez parts could learn a thing or two about proper clothing..."
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee stretches slightly, the dress shredding. "Proper means .. not comfortable?"
<AudreyIII> (( I can totally see her defeating villains by placing them in dresses so horrible, they don't even need to be put into Prison to learn the error of their ways. :) ))
Quote 7075
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee moves out of the remains of the clothing ,sloughing it off. "I do not like this ... clothing, of humans. It is restrictive, and serves no use. Unless it is a mating tool, like bright feathers?"
<Eliza> (( And to think that the racism is wholly independent of the use of the term 'negro'... ))
<AudreyIII> (( Hell, 'Negro' was what passed for "PC" back then. ))
* Eliza blushes. "Well... I guess that... courting... is a consideration, yes..."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Then why hide your plummage?"
<AudreyIII> (( dude, that monster is totally hitting on you! :P ))
Quote 7076
<AlcarGM> The boy glares at you. "Well, I don't think so because you look funny and you don't even have ears so there!"
<Eliza> (( eat him! ))
<AudreyIII> (( Oh please, it will take more than that to make me break the rules. ))
Quote 7077
<Eliza> "What do YOU think of my dress then, Mr. Magi?"
<Eliza> (( does this make me look fat? ))
<AudreyIII> (( If it said yes, how would you slap it? ))
Quote 7078
<AudreyIII> "I see..." *sits down on the edge of the water, and looks in at the coins.* "So, what were you wishing for, anyway?"
<AlcarGM> The girl shrugs. "A supervillain. Mom doesn't want me to be a hero, and I'm too young to join the team because of stupid laws." She brightens up. "Are you a supervillain then? That would be awesome!"
<AudreyIII> "A villain? No, no... I don't break the rules. But why would you wish for a villain anyway? It's no fun to get into trouble."
<AlcarGM> "But if I beat up a villain, everyone will know I'm a hero and I can get a costume." She thinks about that. "Well, maybe not, but I'd be a hero. Could you be a villain for the mornin? We can pretend it's a game. And I won't hurt you much."
<AudreyIII> "Well, I don't know... I mean, I don't want to misbehave on my first day out."
<AlcarGM> The girl sighs and throws another penny in. "Oh. Your first day out of the zoo?"
Quote 7079
<AlcarGM> Magi: "I don't believe there are any moon men though. Thee are a few martians left, and the venusians are, as yet, unwilling to communicate with us. Us being the AIs of course."
<Eliza> <mumbles> "Naturally..."
<AudreyIII> (( Cause no one likes the Humans. ))
<AudreyIII> (( But the AIs, thems good people. ))
<AlcarGM> Magi: "I believe they have a bias against silicon, which probably means sending models with breast implants ot meet them would be rater ineffective."
<Mary_jane`^> (( Aha! a sense of humor! ))
* Eliza 's eyes glaze over at 'breast implants'... I don't think she heard that
<Mary_jane`^> (( "THE TIGGOLE BITTIES" ))
<Eliza> (( you! dress! now! <squeeze> ))
Quote 7080
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Does it hurt when we pick them? Because I used to pick lots of flowers for my mom when she was sick."
* AudreyIII seems a bit shocked. "I would imagine so! The plants I live with would get annoyed when they had something cut off of them... They got over it, but being picked right out of the ground? That can't be fun..." *winces a little at imagining it*
<AlcarGM> Kate looks crestfallen. "I never knew! I wish I could tell them I was sorry. Do plants to go heaven when they die?"
<AudreyIII> "Well they... *pause* Hmm... *thinks* I... I'm not sure. I'd better ask my Dad..." *seems a bit dismayed*
Quote 7081
* AudreyIII nods. "It doesn't bother me that much. I'm pretty hardy."
<AlcarGM> Kate nods. "They don't because Mrs .Thompsoin told us that the evil capitalist pigs need the money an won't switch from oil to somethng efficent, like using air or canola oil."
<AudreyIII> "That's silly. What good is money if the world is dieing?"
<AlcarGM> Kate: "I don't know. I guess they can just move to a new one."
<AlcarGM> kate: "Mrs. Thompson even gave us a list of companies we shouldn't buy from because they were hurting the Earth, but mommy threw it out and said Mrs. Thompson was brainwashing us."
<AudreyIII> "Oh yeah, people do know how to go to space. But still, that'd be like... some kind of virus. Just going from planet to planet..."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Mrs. Thompson said we should hurt al the CEOs. But then she got fired when she asked us about protests and explained how we could crawl through small shafts and poison people's coffee."
<AudreyIII> "Poison coffee? Well... I don't know if hurting them would be the best way to solve the problem. We just need to get them to understand what they're doing wrong."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "That's what mommy said. She said we should send letters and not death. I told her the letters would be made from killing trees and she spanked my bum." She pouts.
Quote 7082
<AlcarGM> You enter thew circle, salute swords, and begin. He's, well, going at your pace. It begins normally enough, but after the third pass you feel something, like a surge of energy in side you, a sound like water, or perhaps thunder, pulsing in time with your blood.
* Mary_jane`^ ignores it, knowing that to get distracted now could mean death or worse, loosing again.
<Mary_jane`^> (( But not in that order ))
Quote 7083
<AlcarGM> Phil just nods and steps backward, eyeing you carefully. "You really were practising..." He blinks, grins .... then backs up a bit, then a bit more. "Nice .. very nice.... Good ..." He moves, fast .... and, somehow, you manage to stop jhim from geytting all the way to your left side. For a moment, your sword blade seems to acquire a blue tinge to it....
* Mary_jane`^ gets distracted by the glow, and backs off quickly before he can strike
<AlcarGM> Phil: "That was impressive..." He stops, not taking the offensive, and looks at you. "Is something wrong?"
* Mary_jane`^ shakes her head "I thought I saw something."
<Mary_jane`^> (( OMG i'm turning highlander "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( LOL ))
Quote 7084
<AlcarGM> Uncle Phil is stretching casually when you return and looks over. "Ready?"
<AlcarGM> He selects a sword, not at random this time, and steps into the circle.
* Mary_jane`^ nods and draws her own
* Mary_jane`^ closes her eyes and breathes in the power and exhales the weakness, and enters the circle
<AlcarGM> The sword has a definitely blue tinge to it, but only from certain angles.
<AlcarGM> Uncle Phil salutes you, and attacks, his sword a blur of motion like a cuisinart of death.
Quote 7085
<FennecGM> It's Kendrick, knocking on your door.
* Adam`^ is currently not wearing his glasses and opens the door
<FennecGM> Kendrick- Adam`^ looks to be disoriented, and a trifle flushed...
<Adam`^> "Kendrick?"
<Adam`^> "You're still here?"
<Kendrick> "What's up?"
<Melissa> "The .. ivy."
<FennecGM> Kendrick- The entire room is covered with foliage. There's ivy all over the floor, flowers on all the surfaces, and even a rosebush over in a corner.
* Kendrick yawns. His hair is kinda messy, and he's wearing a more pajama like leisure suit.
<Melissa> And thee's a lot of other flowers recently bought, but they're likely under the ivy.
<Kendrick> "...What the.."
<Adam`^> "What?"
* Kendrick pauses a moment, biting his lip while thinking of a response, and manages:
<Kendrick> "Who's paying for all this?"
* Adam`^ shuts the door on kendrick
Quote 7086
<FennecGM> Mrs C: <stabalizing Adam> "Come now! To the Door! You can bring your friend with us! Let us be off!"
<Adam`^> "We will leave after you answer my question."
<FennecGM> "Get thee off to a nunnery! Or some such."
<FennecGM> "Question?"
<Adam`^> "Blue?"
<FennecGM> "Blue is a question?"
<Adam`^> "What does blue do?"
<Kendrick> "Makes the sky. Now, let's go."
<FennecGM> "Ah, yes, how silly of me. But I couldn't possibly begin to explain it properly."
<Adam`^> "Who can?"
<FennecGM> "Yes. The sky. That's a fair summary. And water."
Quote 7087
<Adam`^> wtf are you talking about?
<FennecGM> www.imdb.com/title/tt0066817/
<Kendrick> portabello road
<Kendrick> portabello road
<Kendrick> street where the riches of ages are sold
<Kendrick> everything
<Kendrick> and anything
<Kendrick> a chap can unload
<Kendrick> blah blah blah
<Kendrick> ad infinitum
<Kendrick> :P
<Adam`^> ok
<Adam`^> I want you to shut up for a minute
<Adam`^> and read what you just said
Quote 7088
<Adam`^> "Well we have 45 minutes to spare, let's go shopping."
<Melissa> "For real clothing."
<Adam`^> "Absolutely!"
<Melissa> (( the shopping trip needs to be 4 hours, to break an in game record of 3.5 hours set by Mopdez ages ago :p ))
<FennecGM> "Real clothing? I assure you that the current, rather floral, dress you appear to have created is far from virtual."
<Adam`^> "What?"
<FennecGM> "And you're positively blooming in it."
* Adam`^ rubs his temples
<Adam`^> "What?"
<FennecGM> <to Melissa, of course>
<Adam`^> (( I know, I still don't understand, hence the two 'what's' ))
<Kendrick> ((Its a pun about her cup size. :P))
<Kendrick> ((*shrug*))
<Adam`^> (( No it's not, I know what the second thing means, but I don't know about the first ))
<FennecGM> (( you THINK you know what the second thing means... ))
Quote 7089
<FennecGM> MsC motions you to stop.
* Adam`^ is getting tired of standing in the middle of the street looking like an idiot
* Adam`^ sighs and stopps
<Adam`^> "What now?"
<FennecGM> <to Melissa> "I think that you'll find if you put your mind to it, you should be able to.... make certain alterations.... to your current outfit more easily than finding a new one."
<FennecGM> "You'd prefer something with a little less... radius?"
<Adam`^> "She'd have something with no radius if she could manage it... Don't give her ideas."
<FennecGM> She takes out the aforementioned bottle of whateveritwas and pours some in a small glass. "Drink this. It may help to clear your mind."
<Adam`^> "Don't do it, it'll make you go blind."
* Adam`^ thinks about what he just said, and has a slight chuckle to himself
Quote 7090
<FennecGM> "... you are not having another DROP of ?????? until you come with me to the Society. It's far too dangerous. We should go; now."
<Adam`^> "Don't we have to wait for ernie? Plus she needs to get taller."
<Melissa> "Very much so. I'm .... " *looks up* "I feel eight.Or ten. Something like that. This is ... insane!"
<Adam`^> "You're not eight or ten, more like... sixteen, seventeen? That's legal in this time peroid you know?"
<Melissa> "Isn't there some newton law about conversation or conservatories? Where does the rest of the weight go?"
<FennecGM> (( no, she's very much eight-ish. ))
<Adam`^> (( That's so cute ))
<Kendrick> ((str8 to her hips ;p))
<Kendrick> ((And no, its not cute))
<Kendrick> ((An 8 year old crazy woman is not cute :x ))
Quote 7091
* Mel` stops at the river, and tries some of the water
<Adam`^> "That could be unhealthy."
<Mel`> "Just a guess...."
<Adam`^> "Victor told me once if I'm ever stranded and stuck in a forest, the last thing I want to do is drink from the streams or lakes."
<Mel`> 'It might be some of whatever drink she gave me that started this. It could end it, or something."
<Adam`^> "No, remember, the drink she gave you has a refined essense, it's a synthetic drink."
<FennecGM> (( pardon while your GM plots against you ))
Quote 7092
<Adam`^> "What happened to me? What happened to YOU!?"
<Mel`> "I have no idea. I tried to visualize a lighthouse and green light ..... and I seem to have lost the dress, so things are looking up."
* Mel` gets out of the ... flower.
<Adam`^> "You're NAKED for one."
<Adam`^> "And for another, you're a FAIRY!"
<FennecGM> (( fairy-- slang, "disparaging term for a homosexual man"? ))
<Mel`> "I'm a WHAT?!"
* Mel` plops back down. "This is not happening."
* Adam`^ points a giant finger at Mel's back
<Adam`^> "A fairy, you're a whole 3 inches tall and you have wings."
<Adam`^> "Did I mention you're naked?"
<FennecGM> (( Hmm. "This is not happening" inventory for Melissa. ))
* Mel` wails "I don't want to be a fairy!"
<Mel`> (( would be rather long at this point :P ))
<FennecGM> (( so much for not-being-short ))
<Adam`^> "It's a little late for that!"
Quote 7093
<FennecGM> You're managing a good hover at about Adam`^'s eye level.
<Mel`> "Okay... this is seriously weird...."
<Mel`> "It seems natural though .For fairies. Or something. Uhm."
<Adam`^> "Uhm?"
<FennecGM> (( Thirsty? How about a little soda? We have some Sprite... ))
<Mel`> "Meaning this is insane. I don't eve know why I'm still sane, or how, or what is going on here!"
<FennecGM> (( ooh, angry Tinkerbell. ))
<FennecGM> Oh, did I mention the voice? It's a little... high-pitched. Though it has a bit more of a musical quality to it.
<Mel`> (( oh gods ))
Quote 7094
<FennecGM> He's staring at you. You're naked.
<Mel`> I have *wings* Being stared at by a man while naked is the least of my worries :P
<FennecGM> okie.
Quote 7095
<StarBlue> anyone alive? :P
<StarBlue> analog: :P
* alcar sort of is
<alcar> running a gamre.
<analog> hi
<analog> alcar: running a game, or a gamer... the second sounds like fun (visions of swampland and forest, and you stealthily chasing a gamer with a gleaming steel blade between your teeth.)
<alcar> lol. Game :P
<analog> shame
<analog> :)
Quote 7096
<Mary_jane`^> "So nora, you believe in magic?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I've had a three way, so yes.:" She grins.
Quote 7097
<Mary_jane`^> "Does that mean Aruthur is the king bent on owning the world?"
<Mary_jane`^> "That's pretty fucked up."
Quote 7098
<AlcarGM> Nora throws her handbag at one ninja and kicks the other between the legs. You reach her as the third prepares ot o something definitely painful with his fist
<AlcarGM> Ninja #3: "Proectors of the saviour die as well," flatly
* Mary_jane`^ cracks the stick on the fist and turns to see where her three ran off to
<AlcarGM> The three behind you are two, one of them dropped by jacob, who is runing towards you with is left arm hanging rather limpy. The two ninjas look back, look at you, and simply vanish, as if swallowed up by the night.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "That .... that was ..... hey! What did they mean, protector?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Evidently you're my bodyguard."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "You're the one beating them up!"
* Mary_jane`^ puts her back to nora's "Watch my back, ok?"
* Mary_jane`^ looks around for more ninja
<AlcarGM> Nora: "R-right., I'll scream loudly, shall I?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Just tell me if someone is comming
<Mary_jane`^> "You wouldn't happen to know any magic would you? Seriously?"
<AlcarGM> You don't see any, and thne the light cast by the sticks brightens for you to illumate a good 30 yards, enoughto see two knives that you easily block
<AlcarGM> Nora: "What? No!"
Quote 7099
<AlcarGM> The ninja leaps out of the trunk with a "Hiii ya!" rather doomed by Jacob stepping aside calmly.
<AlcarGM> Jacob looks at you, golden flecks dancing in his eyes. "What do you want done with him?"
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and steps out of the car
<Mary_jane`^> "It's not like me to kill somebody."
* Mary_jane`^ hits him at the base of his skull to knock him out
<Mary_jane`^> "They're all just a bunch of kids anyway."
<AlcarGM> The ninja hits the ground with a thud, his mask falling off.... a boy, about 10 years old.
<AlcarGM> Jacob blinks. "Children .... then send *children* for something such as this?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Children? We - well, me - was scared of a bunch of kids? Damn, girl. YUou have ytour own children's crusade after you? You babysit some kid who reallyt don't like you?"
<Mary_jane`^> "No, I think it was that guy, he was their leader or something. He works for the king I think."
Quote 7100
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Then what do I do? It takes years to learn self defence stuff!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Like I was saying, the magic thing seems easy enough to learn, I mean, it's mostly interpretation or something."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "And requires natural talent to use properly, as far as I understand it."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Great." She guns the engine and gets on the road again. "So what do I do?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Then you should try it and see if it works."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, first you should see if you have the natural talent. Let me drive and jake can show you how it's done..."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "There are many kinds of magic. Kaballah is just one, and not one that is just learned, or used casually...."
<AlcarGM> Nora lets you drive, which is a first in one of her cars.
<Mary_jane`^> "She needs some kind of magic, I mean, it's not like she's going to just use it at school to cheat on papers... well maybe but she still needs it if she can do it!"