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Quote 6901
<alcar> Dog dark secret: Is really the father of the children in the AA game :p
<Fennec> I think it would be best put as... "omgwtf"
<alcar> "So, wait.. you're not my husband .... you're some kind of clone, and the dog is really .... Oh, dear...."
<alcar> would be cool :p
<Fennec> he's a simulacrum! =)
<Fennec> (that's a cool word btw)
<Aerdan> the 'daddy' is an alien; the 'dog' is the real daddy transformed.
<Aerdan> replace 'alien' with 'demon' to taste.
<alcar> or fairy. Same thing all around really :p
<alcar> "I'm married to a fairy and my husband is a dog."
<alcar> nice tabloid headline :)
<Fennec> sounds like a potential conflict of interest, anyway, cool :)
<alcar> and the dog trying to get his children to obey him would be terribly amusing.
<GeminiRai> a few lost fingers would probably be enough to persuade them.
Quote 6902
<alcar> of course, finding out about the dog being their father would be difficult.
<alcar> As would be show and tell at school.
<alcar> "I followed my daddy around for a day. He ate from a bowl, crapped in the back yard, and bit the post man, and slobbered all over my shoes."
<alcar> "Then he tried to hump my leg .. yes, Mrs. Teacher?"
<Fennec> but if the dog is already doing that, it's freaky enough :)
Quote 6903
<Chaos`^> Just like there should be no other game acronymed lolad
<Chaos`^> It's like naming your kid Jesus
<Chaos`^> it just shouldn't be done
<Chaos`^> "I talk to jesus all the time, he carries a crowbar and steals hubcaps" or something like that
<Chaos`^> It just confuses people
<Chaos`^> especially if they don't know how to pronounce it
<Chaos`^> "I talked to Jesus today, he says hi."
Quote 6904
<Chaos`^> run some lolad foo'
<alcar> no! I is writing, and eating, and stuffies.
<Chaos`^> 2000 words and we'll call it done
<Chaos`^> you can count my words as words too!
<Chaos`^> and our nicks too
<alcar> Chaos - no, you don't want that :P
<Chaos`^> i don't care
<alcar> I'll just do a series of 444 character passages :)
<alcar> in purple prose
<Chaos`^> Just nike it
<alcar> "As you step outside the sun shines down upon you not unlike a stage light because it isn't a stage light at all, and the strret is filled with the hustble, bustle, and rustle of various people going around and ignoring all of you in much the way that people tend to ignore people to prove their common humanity. Or, in this case, vampranity, wereanity, and various other states that may or may not exist nad may never not have been human at all.
<alcar> So the sun shines down on the wicked and the innocent alike because it's a good for nothing bastard like that, and the street moves arond you, or the people move because yo're all just standing in the liminal place between darkness and light, a doorway to other realms and other selves, and perhaps you do not need ot continnue forward. But what if you died, and in death you were asked if you could go back, and change one moment,
<alcar> and redo one thing you had never done? And what if this was your second chance, and this moment? The light turns red. You get run over, your blpood pooling around you all sticky and moist, like cake mix.
Quote 6905
<Chaos`^> oh aslhk
<Chaos`^> I hate you, because you started a new lolad... no that's too strong a word. I dislike your motives =p
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> Chaos`^, what are my motives?!
<Chaos`^> Making a game with the acronym LoLaD!
<aslhk> that's not a motive!
<aslhk> I am too lazy to run my own game
<aslhk> so I decided to run alcar's instead!
<Chaos`^> Now I really dislike you for doing that and filling the game!
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> it is not really lolad!
<aslhk> it just has the name to make me feel more lazy
<Chaos`^> oh
<Chaos`^> I dislike your lazyness
<aslhk> good!
<aslhk> I dislike yours, as well!
<aslhk> we should throw them in an arena and watch them FIGHT!
Quote 6906
<FreudianDave> they let people who hang out on IRC teach first grade?
<kentari> :D They don't have to know about game1.
Quote 6907
<kentari> make a hot chick who wants to date a professional gambler
<kentari> :P
<Chaos`^> ah, no
<Chaos`^> Date the stripper
<kentari> the stripper is a man
<Gemm> heh, no he's not!
<Fennec> the stripper is a DOG!
<alcar> lol gemm
<Gemm> I mean she!
<Gemm> Or it!
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> sure you do :p
<Fennec> we talking one of those sexual reassignment cases? :)
Quote 6908
<Chaos`^> How can you not know you're a man?
<Fennec> sexual reassignment after circumcision injury is the usual pattern
<Chaos`^> Just one day you look down "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?"
<alcar> very rigid parents :p
<Gemm> But didn't doctors at one time cut "it" off because maybe the parents wanted a girl?
<Fennec> but generally you'd notice something...
<alcar> who forbid you to look at or think about genetalia
<Fennec> homeschooling!
<alcar> "You mean I'm a man?!"
<Chaos`^> omg
<kentari> lol
<Chaos`^> I am not having this conversation
<Chaos`^> anyway yeah
<alcar> actually, that would be funny to play....
Quote 6909
<Gemm> oh man... why did, in creating my AA characters background, just think of him being the bastard son of Ann Coulter and Charlie Manson?
<kentari> because ann coulter is attractive
<Gemm> I know that
<Gemm> I wanna write her a letter telling her that I'd love to jump her bones. +P
<FreudianDave> william shatner is the coolest person alive
<kentari> I'll sign it with you
<Gemm> one of them
<kentari> :P
<Gemm> heh
<kentari> I would love to have her child
<kentari> I mean
<kentari> for her to have my child
<kentari> :P
<Gemm> I'd love to have her childREN
<Gemm> She'd probably make me.
Quote 6910
<Chaos`^> crap
<Chaos`^> that's another pc i have to make
<Chaos`^> i hate making pc's
<Chaos`^> I mean, give me a stick figure and I can make him interesting
<Chaos`^> personality and past is only slight motivation
Quote 6911
<Chaos`^> hey
<Chaos`^> bad news everyone
<alcar> chaos - oh?
<alcar> ... you're not dead, are you?
<alcar> Because we can work with that!
<Chaos`^> no
<alcar> Channel use would skyrocket with a dead person in it.
<Chaos`^> HOWEVER
<Chaos`^> My schedule has changed and I cannot make any games except those on tuesday and wednesday
Quote 6912
<Keith> !generate female
<sparkie> Keith, your new name is VICKEY LYNAH
<Keith> ahh if it was only that easy to get a female into ones life
Quote 6913
* Sandra` runs her hand over the dish of mints, counting them to herself.
<FennecGM> You count 333 mints.
<FennecGM> JUST kidding!
Quote 6914
<Melissa> "Oh! Well, I guess they'll serve drinks on the flight, then."
* Melissa puts the papers she was editing into her laptop case and brushes off her pants. "Well. I guess we'll have more time ot talk during the flight. It was nice meeting you," to Adam
<Adam`^> "I would recomend uhm... Sex... Uhhhh.... Sex... On the beach! Yeah it's good, it's like all tropical... Good."
* Melissa blinks.
<Adam`^> "Oh... Right... Ok, see you uh.. On the flight."
* Melissa stares at Adam. "What?" in a puzzled tone.
* Kendrick barely stiffles a chuckle, hearing Adam. ;p
<Adam`^> "Uh... It's a mixed drink?"
<Melissa> "Oh! I'm sorry. I thought -" *Blushes slightly* "Sorry."
<Adam`^> "Huh? Oh... OH! Uh.. yeah... It's good too..."
Quote 6915
<FennecGM> The airline attendant is blaming sunspots for the delay as people walk by.
<Kendrick> "Sunspots?"
* Kendrick shrugs, not wanting to know!
<FennecGM> "That's what I'm told, ma'am."
<Kendrick> ((:P))
<FennecGM> (( oops, haha ))
<Kendrick> ((np dude ;p Its the story of my life))
Quote 6916
* Sandra` takes out the Playgirl she brought along with her. Thinking to herself, 'I can't wait to read the articles in this latest issue.'
Quote 6917
<FennecGM> "During your flight, our alitiude, speed, and the outside air temperature will be displayed on this screen." She points. "The Concorde is made of aluminum, and the entire plane will become about two feet longer in flight due to the increased temperature."
* Kendrick wonders if Adam can boast those kinds of figures, but can't think of a diplomatic way to communicate this curiosity, so says nothing.
<Adam`^> (( Wouldn't you like to know ))
Quote 6918
<Kendrick> I'm totally gonna score with Darlene
<Melissa> ...
<Kendrick> Just to spite Adam
<Kendrick> ;D
<Melissa> Repeat after me: This is NOT Ios
<Kendrick> k
<Kendrick> "I WILL WIN AGAIN"
<Kendrick> oops
<Kendrick> I just can't
* Melissa laughs
<Kendrick> say it
<Kendrick> ;p
Quote 6919
<Sandra`> "Ok ok, but how about this joke for ya, eh?"
<Kendrick> "Hmm? Go ahead."
<Sandra`> "How do you make five pounds of fat look nice?"
<Kendrick> "How?"
* Kendrick isn't looking at Sandra. ;p
<Sandra`> "Put a nipple on it."
* Jim starts laughing way too much for a joke that lame
<Sandra`> "And see," she shows Kendrick the picture next to the joke, "there's a picture of this guy's ass, which makes it even more comical."
Quote 6920
* Kendrick shrugs a bit, and looks back to Jim, "What sort of Doctor are you, if I might ask?"
<Adam`^> "Yeah... I'm pretty sure."
<Jim> "Medicine, my man. What do you do?"
* Kendrick almost says Your Mom, but bites his tongue.
<Kendrick> "I'm a traveller."
Quote 6921
<FennecGM> The display says you're going at Mach Sixteen and that it's -453 degrees Farenheit outside. You are also about 4 billion feet high.
<Adam`^> "Uh... The display's off..."
* Adam`^ follows Jim
<Kendrick> ((omfg its the triangle we're all doomed))
<FennecGM> The display flickers, and indeed, it turns off. :)
Quote 6922
<FennecGM> d20
<sparkie> FennecGM d20: 8
<Kendrick> d20?!?!
<FennecGM> wait
<FennecGM> d100
<sparkie> FennecGM d100: 47
<Kendrick> ((oh god))
<Kendrick> (( :P ))
Quote 6923
* Kendrick locks the door! "I'm not decent!"
<Kendrick> "I mean."
<Melissa> "I think I know that just fine."
<FennecGM> (( darn straight you're not! ))
* Kendrick can be heard sighing. ;p
<Melissa> "Darlene?" loudly. "Are you all right?"
* Kendrick disguises his voice. >:D "I'm spiffy!"
<Melissa> (( LOL! ))
<Kendrick> ((btw I can't disguise my voice ;p))
* Melissa attempts to open the door :P
<Melissa> by force, if need be.
<Kendrick> (( :P ))
* Kendrick throws Darlene in the lavatory and closes the door. ;p
<Melissa> (( .... ))
* Kendrick thinks better of it and goes in, too, so he can lock it.
<FennecGM> (( I thought you WERE in the lavatory? ))
<Kendrick> ((Oh, riiight.))
<Kendrick> ((I got so mixed up :S))
<Kendrick> ((We are.))
Quote 6924
<Kendrick> "Just give me five minutes. Ok?"
* Kendrick grins stupidly. ;p
<Melissa> "No, it is NOT okay."
* Kendrick in the meantime grabs a handkerchief, wets it, and places it on Darlene's forehead
* Melissa once again attempts to open the door. "I don't think you should be alone with her."
<Kendrick> "Oh, relax. I'm not gonna make a sweater out of her or anything."
* Kendrick does that quiet, voiceless laugh that you do when you are trying to not laugh but can't help it ;p
* Melissa pauses, since that's a rather new euphemism for rape in her books. "You... what?"
Quote 6925
* Adam`^ uses the intercom this time
<FennecGM> The pilot replies with colorful language.
<Adam`^> "Uh... this is your passenger speaking... We need someone to come back here and help us with a stewardess trying to kill herself."
<FennecGM> Curses. "Again?"
<Jim> "Tell him to bring a flashlight!"
<Melissa> (( .. flying the friendly airlines ))
<Adam`^> "Uhm... Yes? And we need a flashlight, I think."
Quote 6926
* Melissa accepts it. "What ... happened? She ... did you see a glow?"
* Kendrick cracks open a pack of.. snacks. And starts munching.
<Kendrick> "Glow? What glow?"
<Melissa> "She was glowing. There was that .. purple light. That hit you."
<Kendrick> (( >:E ))
<Kendrick> "Purple light? Are you ok?"
<Melissa> (( you are evil :p ))
<Kendrick> (( :> luv ))
* Melissa blinbks, looking confused. "She ... threw you threw the air," slowly, reluctantly. "I saw it."
<Kendrick> "Riiight. Maybe you should sit down."
<Melissa> (( rofl! ))
<Melissa> "But ... I saw it..." in a small voice, looking ... beaten, in a way. "She ... threw you .. through the air .... she glowed...."
<Kendrick> "People don't glow, though.."
<FennecGM> (( You big fat meanie! ))
<Kendrick> (( WELCOME TO MY HELL ;p ))
<Melissa> "Her eyes glowed. I saw them!" desperately. "How do you explain it?!"
Quote 6927
* Adam`^ walks to the back of the plane, looking worried
* Kendrick looks up at Adam. "Hey."
* Melissa stares at Kendrick, considering some very unladylike things. "Why ... why did you saw you saw none of it, then?!"
<Adam`^> "So you do go blind when you're... Uhm what are we talking about?"
<Kendrick> "Because that's the easiest way to explain it."
<Kendrick> "If I can't explain it, I don't think about it, and it never happened. Get it?"
* Melissa blinks, then just nods. "But it happened."
<Kendrick> "Not if anyone asks us, it didn't. Riiight?"
<Adam`^> "What happened?"
* Kendrick nods slowly and encouragingly
<Kendrick> "Oh, I shared my snacks with her and we talked about stuff. That's all."
* Adam`^ gasps and looks at the both of them!
<Adam`^> "You didn't!?" To Melissa
* Melissa shakes her head slightly, looking tired. "But ... it happened. We can't pretend it didn't."
* Adam`^ looks sad "I always loose to the good looking ones..." About to cry and slumping his shoulders, going back to the front of the plane
* Kendrick blinks.
* Kendrick just starts laughing. :D
* Melissa blinks, then looks confused. "What was he talking about?"
Quote 6928
<Jim> "What'd you do to her?"
<Kendrick> "Nothin. Why?"
<Jim> "What. Did. You. Do. To. Her."
<Kendrick> "No. Thing. Why?"
* Kendrick stares. Not looking all too pleased.
<Jim> "Why the hell did I find her with a bruise on her head back here in the bathroom after you came back here to score with her?"
<Jim> "Furthurmore: Why the hell did she shoot blue lightning like the emperor from star wars out of her hands at you?"
<Jim> "In addition, why was she not breathing at one point?"
<Kendrick> "Oh."
<Kendrick> "I beat her senseless and then taught her the art of necromancy."
* Kendrick rolls his eyes.
<Jim> "No, seriously, what'd you do to her?"
<Kendrick> "She fell, I have no clue, and probably because she was unconscious."
<Jim> "Why was she unconscious?"
<Kendrick> "I'm a gambler, Jim, not a doctor!"
* Kendrick glares. :P
Quote 6929
* Jim glares harder, the way only a doctor in a bad mood who wants another drink can glare
<Kendrick> "You fancy yourself a doctor, aye?"
<Kendrick> "Well what kind of doctor keeps his license after diagnosing someone with BEING A JEDI?!"
* Kendrick sighs, "Unless we're actually getting somewhere, I'd like to go sit down."
<FennecGM> (( blue lightning? It was a purple flash, people! ))
<Jim> "Why was she unconscious?"
<Jim> ((sorry, misunderstood the description))
Quote 6930
<FennecGM> Darlene takes a sip. "Did you know Bastille Day is named after the dog?"
<Kendrick> "Really? That's quite interesting."
<FennecGM> "It's-a sort of like a poodle, it's French!"
<FennecGM> "Except it's smaller. And tastes better."
Quote 6931
<Alicia> Murdering someone with pringles boxes?
<alcar> no, murdering and then putting the remains in pringles boxes.
* Alicia wonders if it's even possible
* alcar grins. The game IS going to be weird. The hardy brothers wil have to figure out how it was done :p
<alcar> and who did it.
* alcar contemplates fitting the entire body into one container.
<Alicia> Secretly
<Alicia> By a ninja
<alcar> Nah. I'm avoiding ninjas. They're too normal.
<Alicia> I never thought I'd hear that
Quote 6932
<kentari> what game is that for again? :P
<Tass> you will remember!
<kentari> oh hey
<kentari> that was an accident
<kentari> creativitiy
<tatterdemalion> ... which sums up 4 colour perfectly!
<kentari> :P it could've happened to anyone
<Tass> oh yeah
<Tass> I get to use the same excuse when johnny destroys the world
Quote 6933
* kentari will be as a street magician
<kentari> but rather than pulling a quarter out of your ear
<kentari> IT WOULD BE YOUR SOUL!!!
<tatterdemalion> "Stand still. I'm trying to .. ergg . .get your soul out. Jesus, man, do you *ever* clean your ears?"
Quote 6934
<Fennec> and FreudianDave has left #game1 permanently, from what I hear
<Fennec> SO!
<kentari> Why's that?
<kentari> Is he ok?
<Fennec> he took Alcar seriously
Quote 6935
* Melissa gets up, nervously, and goes over. "Is it .. normal.. sleep?" sounding rather foolish asking the question
* Adam`^ points to the passenger's eyes
<FennecGM> It's gotten almost reasonably bright outside, and you can make out what appears to be rock wall scooting along.
* Melissa looks.
<Melissa> "oh, shit," in a very small voice
<Kendrick> "Mm. Up to you."
Quote 6936
<FennecGM> ;)
<Melissa> Mel would save the chicken even if its eyes WERE glowing :p
<Kendrick> :P
<Melissa> PETA membership is bad for things like this. Really bad for werewolves, too, I imagine.
<Melissa> "But we can't kill it!" "He's going to rip our faces off!" "It's revenge for how we treat the animal kingdom."
Quote 6937
<FennecGM> "But I assure you, I have taken care of it already. We will have plenty of time for these pleasantries of civilization."
<Adam`^> "That usually happens after the discussion of the job, incase I decide I don't like you and leave, you didn't waiste your time trying to be my friend."
<FennecGM> She smiles.
<Melissa> "Excuse him. It's been a long day for all of us."
* Adam`^ looks at melissa and waves everyone off
<FennecGM> "I shall consider your employment begun immediately. I have prepared a cash advance."
* Kendrick 's eyes turn to dollar signs.
<Kendrick> "What's the catch?"
<Adam`^> "What's the JOB?"
<Melissa> "What are we doing?"
<Kendrick> (( err no that's kentari, not kendrick. ))
<Kendrick> (( Yeah, I'm going with adam ;p
Quote 6938
* alcar wanders off to design vecnas vorpal toilet plunger for d&D ... a defence system against otyughs
<robertsloan2> otyughs?
<alcar> D&D critter than lives in sewers etc. and eats bodily waste
* alcar had a DM who used them a LOT :p
<analog> but if they eat bodily waste, what do they excrete?
* alcar isn't sure the do... we never thought about it :)
<analog> maybe those little blue urinal tablet things?
Quote 6939
<alcar> You arrived in Davisville late last night by train and found ytour rooms booke dfor you at the Days Inn. It's currnetly seven a.m. and you're woken from a sound sleep by someone pounding on the door of your room (room 331).
<alcar> Joe took 333, and isn't awake or up yet. Judging by the drinks he had on the train trip, he's probably sleeping off a hangover right now.
* FrankHardy makes a mental note to observe Joe for signs of alcoholism and to possibly stage an intervention.
Quote 6940
<FrankHardy> "Thanks for the phone!"
<AlcarGM> Steve: "Huh? Oh. No problem. Hey, if you want breakfast, there is the Laughing Moon Cafe down the block to the left. Good breakfast food."
<FrankHardy> "That sounds like a keen idea!"
<AlcarGM> Steve blinks and looks at you for the first time, not sure when he last heard someone use the word keen. He shakes his head.
* FrankHardy grins blindingly
Quote 6941
<AlcarGM> Joe says something about a date with the little man pounding on his head when you knock on his door and says he'll call you later, when he's awake and his head isn't hurting. You doubt it's from a migraine.
* FrankHardy frowns, and begins to mentally compose the speech he will give at Joe's intervention
* FrankHardy yells, loudly and clearly, "I'm going for breakfast at the Laughing Moon Cafe! It's just down the block! TO THE LEFT! Got that?"
<AlcarGM> Joe: "Ow! Stop yelling man! I get it! I'll, uh, join you for lunch later. Somewhere. Just stop yelling. Please?"
* FrankHardy leaves for the Laughing Moon Cafe, with a spring in his step and a smile on his face
Quote 6942
<AlcarGM> The current custom is a young nerdy looking man in a suit typing on a laptop eating a bagel, an older couple in their sixties drinking some tea, and a young pregnant girl wearing a leather jacket and dyed hair.
<AlcarGM> The waitress, a one-pretty woman in her thirties with a nametag reading "Patty" smiles warmly when you enter. "Good morning! I'm Patty."
* FrankHardy is drawn by forces he does not understand to sit at a table near the pregnant girl
<AlcarGM> The old couple looks at you when you come in in a careful silence, as if you were an alien walking into their world. Even the kid typing on his laptop gives you a once-over that clearly says "You are not from here"
<FrankHardy> "Good morning! Gosh, I'm hungry. What's the special today?"
<AlcarGM> the pregnant girl is drinking some coffee and reading a book by Dr. laura called "Happiness, Your Baby, and Get Married You Slut" She seems to find it amusing.
Quote 6943
<AlcarGM> the pregant girl flips some pages and moves in the chair. You get a sight of her shirt. An arrow points down to her stomach with "baby" on her stomach and a second arrow up at her face with "dyke" written on it.
<AlcarGM> (( wonders if such shirts really exist. ))
<AlcarGM> (( I think they'd be cool :p ))
<FrankHardy> ( omg yes )
<Mori-neko> ((if they don't exist, they ought to))
<AlcarGM> The pregant girl looks up at you challengingly, feeling your regard. "You got a problem?"
* FrankHardy puts his thoughts of Joe's intervention on hold and starts to think about the problem of farming land near large bodies of water
<FrankHardy> "As a matter of fact, I do."
<AlcarGM> She stares at you. "Oh, what?" in tones suited to starting world war three.
<FrankHardy> "I'm looking for a missing woman. My aunt Gertrude, in fact, a rather wrinkled, tiny woman." *gestures about Gertrude's height with his hands*
Quote 6944
<AlcarGM> Emily: "Well, it was nice meeting you Frank. I hope you find your Aunt."
<FrankHardy> "Thanks, Emily! Good luck with your dykes!" *beams*
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGM> Emily blinks and stares at you oddly. "Uh. Thank you?:"
* FrankHardy quickly pays Patty and escapes the threat of social interaction with a girl
Quote 6945
<AlcarGM> The south end of the town (over the bridge) is mostly scattered homes and a few subdivisions further down, and native land between them as evidenced by fields with lots of signs of advertising various TV shows, politicians, and companies.
* FrankHardy looks forward to seeing the Sleuth, running his fingers over its hard gleaming hull, and polishing it with all the energy that his strict moral codes deny him release
<AlcarGM> The boat house is a large boathouse and a few forlorn docks from the time back in the 30s whenthe town was, if not thriving, at least a viable port. It looks rather unsafe, but hasn't fallen down yet. An old but spry man with jeans, suspenders, and a plaid shirt is sitting on the docks fishing.
<AlcarGM> (( ROFL ))
<AlcarGM> (( horrible mental images there. ))
Quote 6946
<AlcarGM> the boat house is, currently, locked, and the lock is surprisingly new compare dto the condition of the boathouse itself, which leaves a lot to be desired. A small building next to it, barely large enough for a booth and bed, is currently empty and the keys hang from a rack on the wall.
<FrankHardy> ( What would Jesus do? :P )
<AlcarGM> (( bomb it in the name of Allah? :p ))
* FrankHardy looks at the keys thoughtfully, then at the lock. Then looks at the keys again. Puts his hand on his chin and thinks deeply. Looks at the lock.
Quote 6947
* FrankHardy unties Sleuth, and pilots it outside the boathouse
<AlcarGM> You find the keys hidden under the seat, as per usual, and pilot the Sleuth outside. It handles, like always, as a dream.
* FrankHardy sighs with contentment
<AlcarGM> The sky looks fine, but from past experience you know that if you go out it's liable to storm. Not that the Sleuth is cursed or anything. That just always happens. At least you have a first aid kit in the glove compartment and falres ,or should if Tony hasn't used them.
Quote 6948
<AlcarGM> most of whatever is in the compartment is definitely flesh, and bits of shattered bones like picking through cheap salmon. The glint, after you dig around it carefully and try not to think of something that seemed like an eyue you poked through, turns out to be Tony's Rolex*, a gift from his father.
* FrankHardy digs out the piece of metal with his tweezers
<AlcarGM> * No, he's not mafia. Honest.
Quote 6949
<alcar> How does a gryphon have sex with an elf and the elf survive?
<StarBlue> why wouldn't they?
<alcar> Claws. Teeth. Heat of passion.
<StarBlue> kinky masochist elf with regeneration equipment? :)
* Keri has joined #sffmuse
<alcar> "It was a love bite" "You took his head off." "I said I was sorry!"
<alcar> lol! now THAT would be fun.
<alcar> and it does suit elves. They must run out of woodland creatures at some point.
<Keri> LOL. what a line to come in on.
Quote 6950
* Melissa takes a shabby thick book of the shelf and opens it up idly.
<Melissa> (( "What a strange dedication. "Hastur Hastur Hastur" is odd. Who gives someone their last name as their first and middle name too?" ))
Quote 6951
<Adam`^> "You pushed a button?"
* Kendrick looks for a portion of floor not moving, to stand on.
<Melissa> "In the bookshelf, where a book was." *looks at the floor* "This is quite interesting."
<Adam`^> "Why did you push a button!?"
* Adam`^ goes toward the door
<Melissa> "Because it was there."
<Adam`^> "You are banned from pushing buttons from now on!"
<Kendrick> "Why not? Its only a button."
<Melissa> (( this explains everything you need to know about human behaviour :p ))
<Kendrick> "Which button was it, anyway"
<FennecGM> There is a metallic clang, and the floor in the center of the room has now opened into a wide round hole. It is dark below, with glints of light shining off of something with free electrons.
* Melissa walks over to the bookshelf. "The one behind this book," touching the shabby boo, and looks at the hole, then up at the suit. "You want to explain this?"
* Kendrick heads over, exposes the button, and presses it again.
<FennecGM> Nothing happens.
* Kendrick presses it over and over. :P
Quote 6952
<FennecGM> Glass part is broken. As you approach you feel the static charge increase. The glass part probably used to be insulation of some sort.
<FennecGM> There now a humming noise coming from the machine, rather low, a few octaves below middle C.
<Kendrick> "Hey, Adam, I have an idea."
<Adam`^> (( It's the phantom of the opera ))
<Kendrick> "Hum this note."
<Adam`^> "Yeah?"
* Kendrick hums a G. :P
<Adam`^> "Why should I hum it?"
<Adam`^> "You hum it."
<Kendrick> "I have to hum another one."
<Kendrick> "Just do it."
* Adam`^ hums G, looking anoyed
* Kendrick hums a FREAKING E FLAT.
Quote 6953
<Kendrick> "Quickly, stand on one foot!"
* Kendrick yells to Adam, looking at a gauge.
* Adam`^ walks over to Kendrick
<Kendrick> "One foot!"
* Adam`^ stand infront of kendrick, and raises a foot... Only to bring it down quickly on kendrick's toes
* Kendrick freaking punches Adam in THE FACE.
<Adam`^> "Oops sorry, the one foot thing... OUCH!"
* Adam`^ gets punched
* Sandra` will start pulling at the wire Adam was indicating to be pulled.
<Kendrick> "I hate having to kick ass like that, but I don't need you getting all passive aggressive on me at the world's end."
<Adam`^> "It wasn't passive."
* Adam`^ is rubbing his eye
<Kendrick> "Oh, my bad. It tickled, so, you know.. I thought..."
Quote 6954
<Adam`^> "Whatever, it's the end of the world and i'm stuck with a bunch of idiots to save it... I guess all we can do is stand here and watch the electric guage grow."
<Kendrick> "And what's wrong with that? At least we'll be sure to get into Heaven first."
<Kendrick> "If you're a Jehova's Witness, this is actually not that bad a deal, you know."
* Kendrick snickers :>
* Adam`^ laughs "Heaven..."
<Adam`^> "I'm not going to Heaven."
<FennecGM> A window of night appears in the storm above, and you can see the moon shine down.
<Kendrick> "Sucks to be you, dude."
* Kendrick looks around for more buttons. ;p
Quote 6955
* Adam`^ assumes he finds nothing, and goes back toward Kendrick "How much time do we have before we die?"
<Kendrick> "You ask me like I know?"
* Adam`^ points at the guage
* Kendrick shrugs, "I dunno what it means."
* Adam`^ sighs and looks at the guage "How close to the red line are we?"
<FennecGM> It's at the red line.
<Kendrick> "It's at the red line."
<Adam`^> "It's at the red line!"
<Kendrick> "Yes."
Quote 6956
<FennecGM> The percipitation outside has changed into a lovely but dense snowfall.
<FennecGM> (( in case I didn't make it clear, it was a nice summer day when you arrived here. :))
<Adam`^> (( We just watched ball lightning go to a machine that disapeared, a woman die, and a man disapera in a flash of blue. I don't think we're worried about the weather. ))
<Adam`^> (( According to melissa we're worried about getting paid =p ))
<Melissa> (( she/'s being practical :p Finding someone in a city requires having money :) ))
Quote 6957
<Melissa> "Uh ,..... maybe you might want to stay in there...."
<Adam`^> "Why would she need us to stop a long winter? How do you stop winter?"
* Adam`^ follows melissa "Why?"
<Melissa> "I don't know. I do know that the floor out here is new and, well," looks back at Adam, then points to the picture hanging on the wall that wasn't there before.
* Adam`^ looks at the picture that wasn't there before
<Melissa> "I think," with the kind of maniac calm of someone who has passed their personal comfort zone and gone really far beyond it, "the world was destroyed, and we're in a new one."
<FennecGM> It's a bowl of fruit!
<Adam`^> "You got that from a bowl of fruit?"
<Melissa> "It wasn't there before. At all." *stops and stares at into a mirror*
<Adam`^> "Maybe the woman put it up there when we were waiting for her."
Quote 6958
<Adam`^> "Ok... we need to think christmas is on a saturday... and it's past 1840..."
<Adam`^> "When was the next christmas on a saturday after 1840."
* Melissa considers that. "I have no idea."
<Adam`^> "Me either..."
* Adam`^ looks for a calander
* Adam`^ panics and takes his glasses off quickly
<Adam`^> "Good thing no one saw me."
<Melissa> "Very Clark Kent."
<Adam`^> "You'll have to guide me."
* Adam`^ smiles at Melissa "if anyone asks we're courting."
<Melissa> "Sorry. I'm still trying to come to grips with all this. It's mad. ...." stops. looks at Adam. "Guide you?"
* Adam`^ points to his eyes
<FennecGM> (( blind! with a short 'i' sound. ))
<Melissa> "...how well can you see without them on?"
<Adam`^> "I can tell that you're caucasion."
<Melissa> ".... wonderful."
Quote 6959
<Adam`^> "Everyone's at church, if they ask we arived this morning looking for our aunt, but she doesn't live here... I'm english, you can be my american bride."
<FennecGM> There are more people on the street now, heading towards the church.
* Melissa nods. "Let's just hope they've discovered america. I'll be really shy and not say much."
<FennecGM> Most of the women are wearing ridiculously wide hoop-shirts, however.
* Melissa stares at the clothing and shudders. "Defiinitely not much. And I'd best not take this coat off, since I've just got a t-shirt under it."
<Melissa> "THough if I do take it off, we can see the priests reaction to Balaenae nobis conservandae sunt," with a grin.
Quote 6960
* Melissa returns the pat in what she hopes comes off as a loving fashion and thanks the priest. "We'd best not keep you. Thank you for the serice, Father."
* Adam`^ smiles to the black figure next to the priest
* Adam`^ doesn't notice it's the alter
* Adam`^ turns and leaves
* Melissa bites the inside of her lip and turns Adam around and exists the church qickly ;p
Quote 6961
* JoeHardy moans, rubbing his forhead, definitely feeling the rum and cokes.
<AlcarGM> The hotel room (333) consists of an old twin bed,a dresser with a bible in it and some pillows, an old TV that shows mostly static, a bathroom that could use serious cleaning and an antique heater that actually produces heat. The walls are a pale yellow, the floor dirt-brown, and it's definitely not a five star resort.
<AlcarGM> Frank - You hear Joe moving around in the room, so either he's finally really up or he's having tremors :p
Quote 6962
* JoeHardy looks around, if possible takes a quick shower, shaves, and gets dressed.
<AlcarGM> Joe seems to not even need a shower. Maybe he showered last night and forgot.His clothes (which he slept in) are a little rumpled but otherwise fine.
<JoeHardy> (( funny thing is, I really do have a bad hangover right now, so if I get distracted... that's why. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Ah! Playing REALLY in character. Capital! :p ))
Quote 6963
<FrankHardly> "Joe, I found this in the Sleuth's glove compartment. Doesn't that look like Tony's watch?" *produces the baggie of goo*
* JoeHardy looks at the goo... description?
<AlcarGM> Joe - it looks like, well, flesh and bones and blood ... and a rolex like Tony had. It coulod be your imagination, but it seems that the bag moves, as if ewhatever is in it was alive still.
<JoeHardy> "Ok... well, let
<JoeHardy> let's use our mystery solving skills."
<JoeHardy> "That obviously looks like dead remains."
<JoeHardy> "Tony's watch is in the bag."
<AlcarGM> (( well, more pureed remains :p ))
<JoeHardy> "Put them both together, and either he had a blending accident with mrs. ziplock, or he's dead."
<FrankHardly> "Yeah. I think it means... Tony's in trouble."
<JoeHardy> "No shit Sherlock."
* JoeHardy rubs his head.
Quote 6964
<Aerdan> . o O ('Frank Hardly'?)
<JoeHardy> (( i know ))
<FrankHardly> "Hm. Maybe you're right. But do we have time to take this out of town and check in at Daphne's house today?"
<FrankHardly> ( Pun )
<JoeHardy> (( that was bad )) "Hmmm... well, as much as I don't like having that with us, it can wait a little bit."
<Aerdan> . o O ('bad'? try 'criminal'.)
Quote 6965
<FrankHardly> "Does your room have a refrigerator?"
<AlcarGM> It does not, unfortunately. Though you do have a small cooler with some half-melted ice and two beers in it still.
<JoeHardy> "Well... we could use the cooler. Good idea."
<FrankHardly> "Well, there's no help for it. Sorry, Tony, if that is indeed your real name." *holds the bag up uneasily while speaking to it*
<AlcarGM> (( beer flavourd with human remains. ))
<FrankHardly> ( lots of wines used to be refined with bone char )
<FrankHardly> ( and fish guts )
<JoeHardy> (( Iron Chef Mystery Ingredient Chest! ))
Quote 6966
<JoeHardy> "Yeah... think I should have another beer?"
<AlcarGM> And so begins The Hardy Boys and the Case of Why Did We Black Out Last Night And Why Am I Wearing Panty Hose ...
Quote 6967
<AlcarGM> You manage to get some ice from the day time staff at the Days Inn, an older woman in her early 50s with a nametag reading "Sara". She's rather thin, wrinkly, and wearing too much make up. She also flirts with joe while giving him the key to the ice machine
<FrankHardly> ( horrors! )
<JoeHardy> "Gee. Thank you!"
<JoeHardy> "Nothing wrong with a mature woman. I'll even share."
<JoeHardy> "Kidding." Joe smiles
<JoeHardy> ((obviously said a good distance away. ))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "No problem!" with a kind of maniac cheer normally associated with ADD children dipped in vats of speed or brainless blonds in their teens.
<AlcarGM> She tgives you both what she assumes of a seductive leer but looks more like something from The Mummy
<Fennec> (( good lord, 50-year-old Sara? ))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :p ))
<Fennec> (( you sick, sick man ))
<JoeHardy> (( I'm kidding. Brothers do this kind of stuff. ))
<Fennec> (( not you ))
<Fennec> (( alcar ))
Quote 6968
* JoeHardy retreats to the room, ditches the baggie, and heads to the boat.
<AlcarGM> Joe returns with ice, the encounter with Sara having sobered him up much like encountering a pro-lifer while eating an abortion-on-a-stick would from them sheer horror of the situation.
<JoeHardy> (( for some reason i feel like a drug-dealer))
Quote 6969
<AlcarGM> He frowns, glaring at you, then brightens a little. "I've seen you on TV, haven't I?"
* FrankHardly grins widely
<FrankHardly> "Why yes, sir, that's possible!"
<FrankHardly> "Just recently, we cracked the mystery of the Witch-Master's Key!"
* JoeHardy feels embarassed.
* FrankHardly glows
<JoeHardy> Always gotta go bragging about the Witch-Master's Key, the Old Man's Shoe, the Donkey's Tail...
<FrankHardly> "Don't forget The Missing Chums!"
<AlcarGM> The old man nods, looking rather mollified. "That's good. We could use .... " he looks around conspiratorily "investigators here. No one asks questions. No one turns over stones." He winks.
* FrankHardly lowers his voice
<Fennec> (( time to start overturning every paving stone you come across ))
<FrankHardly> "Well, sir, we could certainly use some hint of... what stones need overturned."
<Fennec> (( until you get in trouble :))
<AlcarGM> (( "But .. that's a sewer cover..." ))
<JoeHardy> (( What are you doing to mother's grave?!?!?! ))
Quote 6970
* FrankHardly feels a shiver of delight trace his spine as he greets the Sleuth for the second time today
* FrankHardly puts the key in the ignition and turns it
<AlcarGM> Joe looks a little quesy and not as excited as you are, probably because of all the waves. He doesn't even say that it's his turn to pilot the Sleuth.
<AlcarGM> The engine rumbles to life like the purring of a giant pussy
<AlcarGM> ... cat.
<FrankHardly> ( bad alcar :P
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<AlcarGM> it was too terrible not to use :)
* FrankHardly laughs
<AlcarGM> Okay, the Hardy Brothers head to Barment village and the home of Daphne Hardy to find out what became of Aunt Gertrude.... end of session!
<FrankHardly> I have to wonder if that level of depravity is obvious on your face, if I were to see you in person
Quote 6971
<Fennec> My guess is that Gertrude ascended to be come a vindictive demigod who will STRIKE THEE DOWN!
* Fennec wasn't paying attention though
* alcar laughs. The real truth is far more evil :)
Quote 6972
<alcar> Joe's player being hung over was a nice touch :P
* alcar has best never have got arrested for fornicating with small animals just in case fsz decides to get into character even more.
Quote 6973
<SnailSlug> 1 hour, 12 minutes, 56 seconds...
<SnailSlug> That's a really short game
<alcar> Yep.
<alcar> But it garnered 12 quotes. And the quotes are all that matter.
<Keith> <SnailSlug> 1 hour, 12 minutes, 56 seconds...
<Keith> <SnailSlug> That's a really short game
<Keith> and thats probubly a quote
<alcar> .... it is now :)
Quote 6974
* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
* Johnnt is now known as Johnny
* Fennec is now known as Eliza
<Eliza> (( is this thing on straight? <fiddle fiddle> ))
<AlcarGM> It's Sunday Morning In Free- Met- Goth- New- Central City! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the local cirehall is host to a very strange gather of heroes, wannabes, and talking animals
<AlcarGM> (( had started the list of other names, realized I'd forgotten the actual city name :p ))
<Alicia> (Goth New Central City. How... angsty. ^.~)
<AlcarGM> (( lol That WOULD be funny :p ))
Quote 6975
<AlcarGM> Okay. You arrive at the firehall. A good 10 people are there, from the squirrel to the barbarian, to a rather strange figure weith4 arms and 4 legs trying not to be noticed by the a large tree.
<AlcarGM> They're just milling around and trying not to look at each other, tho one of them - a 16 year old kid with the face of a hamster - is screaming "I do NOT have a wheel! I am Hamsterine, and you will respect me or I will rip your head off and use your intestines for supper!" to a rather surprised girl about the same age.
Quote 6976
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine spins around at your touch and lashes into you with inlulnerium claws .... .which break.....
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine blinks.... stares at his fingers, then stars crying.
<Eliza> (( the stars crying? is that like a meteor shower? ))
<AlcarGM> Darren, meanwhile, says that interviews aren't in any special order, and he can show off whenever he wants to, but a real barbarian hero probably would have tried to stop Hamsterine.
* Johnny is looking down, at his shirt! "My shirt! Er, his hands! Medic?"
<AlcarGM> starts :p
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine's fingers heal as you watch, with .. .Hamster Healing(tm).
* Eliza watches AlcarGM ham it up.
Quote 6977
* Eliza backs up against the tree and raises a parasol, pointing it about defensively.
<Johnny> (oh, shit, its merry fuggin popins, and she's here to fight crime :P)
Quote 6978
<Eliza> "Blimey! What are yew implyin' an' what in bloomin 'ell is Jim Bowen on 'ere?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <I should have brought popcorn..>
* Johnny can't seem to close his mouth :[ ]
<AlcarGM> man-Spider, up in the tree, cowers and makes more webbing around himself.
<Johnny> (omg, I will end up murdering someone if this accent keeps up)
Quote 6979
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Maybe she thinks she's speaking eubonics?>
* Eliza stares up at the squirrel.
<AlcarGM> SuperSquirrel - a large brown squirrel - smiles at Eliza. "Hi! I'm SuperSquirrel. I'm here to try out as well. I can leap whole bushes in a single bound!"
<Johnny> "Ah, ahem, ah, yeah, er."
* Johnny looks around
* Johnny makes a run for it!
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Johnny> (er, j/k :P)
<Eliza> "Enn where in ell is that..." <self concious pause.> "And just exactly where, I bid thee pray tell, is that voice coming from?"
<AlcarGM> SuperSquirrel: "Me! I can talk. You see my lips move, right? Humans...."
<Johnny> "Whoa, Dex, did you do something?"
Quote 6980
<Johnny> (is this some sort of punishment? was johnny a pimping druglord lawyer and sweatshop owning pedophile in his previous life? huh?!)
Quote 6981
* Johnny heads to the front! teh podium
<AlcarGM> Dexter joins Johnny, smirking.
<Johnny> "Alright, I think you all know why you're here, so I'm gonna keep this short."
<AlcarGM> Darren does after a bit, still looking nervous.
<Johnny> (because I'm tempted to call in an airstrike)
<Eliza> "I don't know why I'm here."
<Eliza> "Anyone mind telling me why I'm here?"
Quote 6982
<Johnny> "I have here several city issued cell phones, they'll be used to contact you for hero purposes, and today, they'll tell me who gets on stage, and in what order."
* Johnny steps off the stage and starts passing them out
<AlcarGM> Thangor: ".. Cellphones?" He stares at it. "Can I have a crystal ball, or a scroll?" hopefully.
* Johnny sets a small tracker tag by super squirrel, good thing he remember she can't carry one herself :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))
<Johnny> (collar, not the ear type :P)
<AlcarGM> SuperSquirrel grins and thanks you.
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine: "You know these things'll give us cancer, right?"
<Johnny> "Well, ah, no, it had to be cellphones."
<Johnny> "Well, yes, thats part of the weeding out process."
<Johnny> ( :D)
<Johnny> "But no, not really, since everyone knows errant radiation gives you superpowers, this is just like a little boost."
* Johnny tries to keep a straight face
Quote 6983
<AlcarGM> You feel .. . something ... like a star going off, inside your head. It's a phone ... a .. communication device, like paper, except by words, and between people instantanously via numbers. You know how to work it, now, better than you did your lab equipment. Like you were born knowing it.
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <There. That's a cellphone. Now, what can you do?>
<Eliza> Do?
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <.... like ... > You get an image ot the blue person shooting . .energy? from his hands* <or> *and someone ... stretching ... naked... the imagine cuts off* <err .. not that..> *another, of bullets bouncing off of the man handing you the phone.* <Things like that.>
Quote 6984
<Johnny> "By the way, My name is Sentinel on the field, I think I'm prety close to being invulnerable, and chicks dig super powers."
* Johnny holds up the phone, hits the randomizer, and steps off the podium
<AlcarGM> Darren grins. "Talisman, energy stuff. And he's actually right."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Mindwalker, and guys do as well, so there.>
<AlcarGM> Thangor the Barbarian bounces to his feet, excited. "I won the initiative!" He practically skips over.
* Johnny starts writing once one of the new guys gets the signal :P
<AlcarGM> Thangor: "What do you want me to do?" eagerly.
<AlcarGM> Thangor: "I am a level 26 Barbarian," proudly. "I have a +18, 16, 15, 12, and 11 to hit with my vorpal sword." He waves the big btroadsword around. "And I have boots of speed, a cloak of cloaks, and 6 wands of fireball taped together. I've got a really good movement rate, and I'm strong and tough and I get lots of crits."
<AlcarGM> Thangor: "I can give you my character sheet?" helpfully.
<AlcarGM> Thangor: "I want to gain enough experience to reach level 30!"
Quote 6985
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <No one else would wear what you are unles they were punishing themselves for having been born,> dryly
<Eliza> "Hey now, what's the meaning of that supposed to be? I'm a respectable gal, I is. <pause> Am. There is absolutely not the slightest thing wrong with this garb."
<Eliza> "Sir, if you're insinuating something about my propriety..."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Now, where is .... okay. He'll meet us as the park.> He actually looks at you, raising both eyebrows. You notice someone plucks them regularly, and they're better than yours. <You could try pants. You know, so peoole cna be sure you have legs and aren't a cyborg warrior or smuggling Mexicans?>
<Eliza> <general sense of horror at the suggestion I go around half-naked. Expression to match.>
<Eliza> (( the very suggestion that women have legs! omgwtf! ))
Quote 6986
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine grins and gets to feet as the buzzer goes off, tossing the phone back at the new arrivals. "You already know my name, bob. Wait. I meant bub."
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine glares at you and Darren. He's good at it. World-class, if it was a super power.
<AlcarGM> Hamsterine: "I kill things, and I can fight anything, and I won't stop intul it's dead. I'm tough, and I feel faster than any other son of a bitch out there. Got it?"
<AlcarGM> He walks back to the seat.
<AlcarGM> Darren mutters "I want him to meet Wayne."
* Johnny scribbles
* Johnny starts humming hamster dance in his head
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
* Johnny draws little hamtaro's beside his name on the sheet :D
Quote 6987
<AlcarGM> Reed hesitates. "No. Well, I could try and make a time machine, but I don't know what when she came from, for one thing. And while the theory of time trave, is simple, the actual execution is difficult. And the police department flat out forbid me from making one for them."
<Eliza> "So."
<AlcarGM> Reed: "Time imachines are easy. It's working, successful ones that do exactly what you want that are hard."
<AlcarGM> Reed: "If you give me a week or two I could try a prototype. The atempt should me that I'll come back when I succeed and tell myself how to make it in order to ave valuable time."
Quote 6988
<AlcarGM> Thbe fat kid blinks at the phone he was given goes off and shuffles up, openly staring at Darren's skin, then recalls himself. "Uhm. I don't have a name yet. I .." He mumbles something.
<Eliza> (( lethal flatulence? ))
<Johnny> (the spleen! :D)
<AlcarGM> (( .... I'd rather avoid that one :p ))
<AlcarGM> Darren: "We didn't catch that...."
<Johnny> "Embarassing power?"
<AlcarGM> He bites his lip, then says "I can make people suck."
Quote 6989
<AlcarGM> The remaining hero, the man who looks . well ... chiseled from rock style good looks. The kind of handsome that's too handsome, comes forward. His eyes glow as if lit from within. You find you can't quiete meet his gaze, but you aren't sure why.
<AlcarGM> The man is silent for a long oment, then speak, his voice like muted thunder. "I Am Raphael, Angel Of The Lord."
* Johnny 's jaw drops
* Johnny pauses, gathering composure
* Johnny then nods :P
<AlcarGM> A double-barrelled shotgun appears in his right hand out of thin air. "I Am The Right Hand Of God." A pause. "Or What Is In It. That Was A Joke. It Was My First Joke." There are trumpets in hs voice now:." I Am Here To Wreak The Vengence Of The Almighty." they stop. " .. .And To Get A Green Card, If Possible."
Quote 6990
<Pan`Ku> Raphael....they met Raphael.....
<Pan`Ku> you run some strange games Alcar
* alcar nods. With shotgun :)
<alcar> double barreled justice of the lord.....
* alcar bows. Thanks.
Quote 6991
* Adam`^ smacks Kendrick in the back of his head as he barges in
<FennecGM> 2#d100 adam kendrick
<sparkie> FennecGM 2#d100: 84 10 adam kendrick
<Adam`^> (( How come I'm always the shitty roll? ))
<FennecGM> (( Sparkie hates you ))
<Adam`^> "Damnit, man, STOP DOING THAT!"
Quote 6992
<Kendrick> "I hope you're not taking advantage of Melissa."
* Adam`^ opens the primary "Quiet, I'm trying to fix Melissa."
<FennecGM> (( I think it's called 'spaying' for the female ))
<Kendrick> "... Fix?"
<FennecGM> (( that is so being quotefiled ))
Quote 6993
<Kendrick> "I doubt it. This is the 19th century, milk only comes from two places."
<Beck> "three..."
<Beck> "cows, goats, and ...well...we're all too old for that one"
<FennecGM> oh, come now! There was excellent ice delivery and transportation infrastructure in the 1850s!
<Beck> ((in america....this is europe, they don't have ice))
Quote 6994
<Beck> "I say we do a little recon...recon...recona.....looking around"
Quote 6995
* Kendrick calls up the stairs, "We're leaving! Let's go!"
* Melissa calls back "We're coming."
<Beck> "whoever's going..I dont' care"
<Kendrick> ((I bet they are. ;p))
<Beck> "but we need to figure out where we are"
Quote 6996
<Beck> "we've gotta pick up some meat....I can't live on this cracker stuff....oh geez..there's no health foods in the 19th century are there?"
<Beck> "damnit"
* Beck drops and starts doing pushups
<Beck> "gotta stay in shape...."
<Melissa> (( lol Beck's lucky we aren't in scotland :P ))
<Beck> ((oh..that would be bad))
Quote 6997
* Adam`^ nods and helps Melissa downstairs, grabbing the pants and putting his knife away
<Melissa> (( if he tries to destroy the pants, Mel will do the same to his clothing :P ))
* Adam`^ saved the pants, thinking he'd be nice
<Kendrick> ((You just wanna smell them later, sicko))
<Melissa> (( lol ))
<Adam`^> (( LoL ))
Quote 6998
<Beck> "besides, the earth's got an over-abundance of cattle....just doin my part"
<Melissa> "You aren't 'just doing your part', you're increasing the problem."
<Beck> ((oooh..the salvation army was formed in London in 1865...fun))
<Kendrick> "What problem?"
* Kendrick stares blankly ;p
* Melissa stares at Kendrick. "Now I know how Marx felt."
<Kendrick> "Maybe you can meet her."
<Kendrick> (( :D Ba-dum *CRASH* ))
<Melissa> (( lol ))
<FennecGM> (( My father was a student of Marx. ))
<FennecGM> (( Miss Marks, in the first grade. ))
* Melissa ignores Kendrick
<FennecGM> (( Myself, I studied under Engle. Angle? Ingle? Engalls? whatever, phonetic-foo. ))
<Melissa> (( engels, iirc. ))
<Adam`^> (( English? ))
<FennecGM> (( Kindergarten. :-))
Quote 6999
<Chaos`^> I met watson earlier this session
<Fennec> you sure?
* alcar hopes not :p Because if there really is a Sherlock Holmes here, Mel is going to get annoyed :)
<Chaos`^> oh yea
<Chaos`^> annoyed at what?
<Fennec> There's more than one doctor who's been in the corps in Afghanistan. :)
<alcar> the universe in general :)
<Chaos`^> We just went 70 on a steam engine
<Chaos`^> this world is fictional at best
<alcar> Mel doesn't see anything odd about though. For all she knows, they do 70 normally :)
<Chaos`^> Mel needs to be re-educated
<Chaos`^> all she knows is feminism and PETA
<alcar> and wicca :p
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<Fennec> next session should be lovely :)
<Fennec> looking for the wrong college in the wrong town for the wrong [deleted for security reasons] to do the wrong [DFSR] and end up with the wrong... oh nevermind :)
<Fennec> bah, bad Fennec, get to sleep. sudo /sbin/telinit 0 already.