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Quote 6701
<alcar> oh! I have a question .. WHY is Linda befriending something that is going to slowly but surely destroy her mind?
<Chaos`^> you mean mitch?
* alcar laughs.
<Chaos`^> I dunno, maybe the mullet?
<alcar> teh byakhee of course :P
Quote 6702
<alcar> Feel free to add more heroes to the list. I sort of ran out of inspiration.
<alcar> tho I did find my list of villains that included The Abortionist. It was amusing.
<Tass> I had a few
<Tass> like roadkill
<Tass> he's a very very lonely kid
<alcar> ... roadkill?
<Tass> he can animate the dead
<Tass> but only minor animals :P
Quote 6703
<WarezBert> how about someone who can summon animals and monsters as allies by making them out of ballooons?
<alcar> That WOULD be funny.
<alcar> "They all look like giraffes. No matter what I do...."
<WarezBert> until he graduated to using blimps for balloons :)
<WarezBert> "behold, my ultimate balloon animal... megasuperultrazoid.. from the power rangers!"
<alcar> or blow up dolls.
<alcar> Unfortunately... not 4 colour.
Quote 6704
<Linda`^> Batman: The batmobile, Superman: Flight, Wonder woman: invisible plane, Greenlanter: green aura, X-men: hornet, Arbiters: city bus.
Quote 6705
<Johnny> "Hmmm, you mentioned running a current through something alive?"
<AlcarGM`> he nods. "Any kind of current, but too much and it hurts. For us humans at least. I imagine a strong enough current would get a real reaction out of the minds."
<Johnny> "Well, what do you got? The strongest here, I mean, I kinda wanna see what this thing can do."
<Niche> "uh johnny, i dont think i want to risk you joining a hive mind, if its all right with you" :p
<Johnny> "Ah, yeah, I don't think its a problem, the collective is gone, really."
<Niche> "ok then, on your head be it"
* Niche smiles, showing he is mostly kidding
<Johnny> "And hell, I'm interested, and I don't think Kiddo here will get another chance if I go."
Quote 6706
<Linda`^> When i'm having a slow day at work and stuff, I wish I could just poke the gm to speed things along =(
<Linda`^> real life sucks
<AlcarGM``> lol
Quote 6707
* Linda`^ taps her lips, her habitual thinking gesture... and turns to dex "Is there anything he wants or needs I can get him? From what you can see?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <I can .... check. It's... easier to see into his mind, close to..> he waves a hand to the Byakhee. <Like it makes holes, in the .. magic? ....oh.> He blinks. <It's .... gone.... just empty, the hole is empty, hollow shell and nothing else...>
<Linda`^> "So he has no mind?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <No ..... it's just....> He gasps, shaking his head, and looks at you, looking horrified. <He doesn't have a soul.>
<Linda`^> "Well I don't know how to get a soul... Is there anything ELSE I can do for him?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <I don't know. It's hard to see ..anything else. He's ..... thin, held together by memory ... by dreams, hopes, defeats as glorious as victories.. err, that was his thought. Oh! He wants a book.>
<Linda`^> "YES! What book?"
<Linda`^> (( The necronomicon ))
<Linda`^> (( I know... Dealing with crazy people as a living for dummies ))
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <The .... Unwritten Book. What's an unwritten book? Oh. Damn. I think he senses me. It's ... a compliation, of ideas of novels people will never write, that when read by the light of a blue moon tells you all about their secret lives.>
<Linda`^> (( I need that book ))
Quote 6708
<Johnny> "Well, current minimun is 7."
<Johnny> "How much is that, anyways?"
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "I'm not sure. I think close to a thermonuclear reaction. I've never been able to test it."
<AlcarGM``> Nell looks at the box, then at the boy, then back at the box. "Can we give him to the aliens? As a peace offering?"
<Johnny> "Nuh uh, woman. If they come back here, I will have to commence to ruin theit shit once more, for realz."
* Johnny stops, for a moment, kid present, language! :P
<Johnny> "I feel the sudden need to appologise, hopefully it will soon pass."
<AlcarGM``> Nell: "Well, it depends on what a retreival team is, I hope."
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "If they come back, I could get more samples. And they'd have to use different machines. Maybe even real ones for a war." He looks happy :P
<Johnny> "Indeed."
* Johnny lesighs
Quote 6709
<Niche> "something to disrupt it thru one of its little minds... or something?"
<Niche> "that way we can capture completely intact technology, instead of tearing it up to stop it, and you can have fun working it out!"
<AlcarGM``> Reed nods, looking eager. "That should be easy. I'll just need to experiment on normal lightning, and extrapolate from there. Can we get them to send more teams, in case it doesn't work the first time?"
<Niche> "we'll see"
<Niche> "keep in touch."
<Johnny> "If it doesn't work the first time, and they send stuff worthy of war machines, there may not be a second time."
<Johnny> "So thats even more incentive for the stuff to work the first time."
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "Oh, right," offhanedly, as if that's not even important. "Okay."
Quote 6710
<Niche> "lets go tell the team the news"
<AlcarGM``> Nell: "What, that we've arranged for an alien invasion?" dryly
<Niche> "pretty much, although those aliens dont seem the kind to go away after one failure... more like the supremely arrogant 'you dare stop us!!' kind of baddies"
<Johnny> "Definitely."
Quote 6711
<Linda`^> I trust him about as far as I can throw a house
<Linda`^> why the hell am I giving him this book?
<AlcarGM`> hehe
<AlcarGM`> cuz you're a pc and you want to turn him into Darkseid.
Quote 6712
<AlcarGM`> Mitch wakens Friday morning feeling like a small rodebt died inside his mouth, rotted for a week, and uninated as well. Hung over ,tired, and most of lastnight is a blur.
* Mitch` gets up, a little groggy, and goes to comb his mullet before grabbing some breakfast (that mom prolly made! :D) and checks what time it is..
<AlcarGM`> 8am, but it feels much earlier. You're really tired, and the sun is way too bright in the sky. You'r enot even sure why you were drinking, but it was probably because of Linda.
* Mitch` nods to himself, confident that Linda would drive even Awesome Man to kick back a few...
* Mitch` attempts to mask his condition by snagging and putting on some nice shades before his parents get a chance to see his eyes, which he assumes are bloodshot
<Mitch`> "Woah."
* Mitch` suddenly realizes he may have, in fact, broken the law by drinking. He then, in a way that kind of disgusts part of him, first worries about whether or not he was caught. Then worries about whether or not anyone will find out. :>
Quote 6713
<AlcarGM`> The news is about the aliens, still. Rumours of a dead man in Battery Park in the north end, or so they think, since the body is the size of a small cube, a massive power surge in the north end of the city, unknown energy, and off of any scale known. The military is worried. And a new band, the Bebops, has come to town following a suceessful tour of the east coast
<Mitch`> ((>:E YES!))
<Mitch`> ((To a degree, I love you. :P))
<Mitch`> ((But anyways...))
<AlcarGM`> (( lol ))
Quote 6714
<Mitch`> "Can Magi do my taxes..?"
<Johnny> "Dude, its government AI."
<Linda`^> "He can, but I doubt he will."
<AlcarGM`> Magi: "I am a security system, not your accountant. The IRS is too complicated for my system."
<Johnny> "It can probably do all of our taxes while running a thuroughly background seach and a roto rooter audit."
* Mitch` blinks, "What if a villain decides to AUDIT-ATTACK us, then? Of what good are you!?"
<Johnny> "Er, hmmm."
<Linda`^> "Audit attack? Tax man attacks, audits the arbiters... I can see the headlines."
Quote 6715
<AlcarGM`> Dexter yawns. <Why bother paying taxes at all?>
<Mitch`> "Taxes fuel the social machine that makes the public a good place to be, Dexter."
Quote 6716
<Johnny> "Well, there is likely to be an alien retrieval crew comming sometime in the future."
<Johnny> "I played lab assistant to Reed the mad scientist, and well, I think all of the spiders have beacons on them, and, well, yeah."
<AlcarGM`> Mitch - you have no idea what Johnny is talking about :p
<Mitch`> "Johnny....."
* Mitch` just kinda STARES at him.
* Mitch` has shades on, though, so its not visible :P
* Johnny shrugs, "Eh, I'd say shit happens, but well, we all know that by now."
<Mitch`> "Wait.. what? Do you mean to say those nanites that you ate..."
* Mitch` cringes a bit, "Forget I asked."
<Johnny> "Oh, those are history."
Quote 6717
* Mitch` tosses an empty soda can in the trash, opening the next one.
<AlcarGM`> Nell looks at Mitch. "Recyling, not garbage. We are suppossed to be heroes here."
* Linda`^ grabs it from mitch's hands "Those are so bad for you!"
* Linda`^ drops it staring at mitch, letting it spill across the floor "Oh my god..."
* Mitch` takes another two from his pockets, opening them and drinking them at the same time after sticking his tongue out. :P
* Mitch` blinks, and stops.
<Mitch`> "Huh...?"
<Linda`^> "I'm turning into my mother!"
* Linda`^ grabs a towel and cleans up her mess
Quote 6718
<Linda`^> This is what happens when you complain
<Linda`^> Linda just put Darren in charge of the alien invasion, because he was complaining!
<Mitch`> oh
<Mitch`> well
<Mitch`> I'm going to complain about Linda herself
<Mitch`> does that mean I get to be in charge of Linda???
<Mitch`> :D :D :D
<Mitch`> with like, a leash and everything?!?!
<Mitch`> :> :>
<Linda`^> no, that means that you revoke your right to not get slapped =p
<Niche> try massage oils and scented candles first... then bring out the leash :p
Quote 6719
* Johnny looks up at the Amazonian, "Well, I guess we can start with you, Miss?"
<AlcarGM`> The Amazonian nods. "I am Princess Hero, from the Amazon forests, sent by my peope to be a Light of Peace in Dark Times."
<AlcarGM`> Princess hero: "I am Strong, and Tough, and have a Lassoo that can Compell Truth from Men."
<Niche> [most people just call it a cock ring :p]
* Mitch` decides not to say anything. :P
Quote 6720
* Linda`^ nods "We need some help."
<AlcarGM`> Reed Richards nods. "What kind?"
<Linda`^> "We need a satalite that wieghs less than a hundred pounds that can help detect the pressense of the aliens that I am told will be comming soon."
<AlcarGM`> Reed: "That's all?"
Quote 6721
* Mitch` decides to help out, and pulls out a notepad and asks the girl for the same info. More like asking the mother figure indirectly. :P
<AlcarGM`> Carly grins at Mitch. "Carly. I can get Big!"
<Mitch`> ".. Big?"
* Mitch` blinks. Wondering what sort of implications this has on her availability. (j/k) :P
<Johnny> (lets just say no one on the playground picks on her :P)
<AlcarGM`> Carly nods and scowls... then vanishes, and a giant, green skinned monster is standing where she was, close to 20' tall, scaled, claws...
* Johnny drops his pencil :P
<AlcarGM`> Dave yelps and jumps away, looking about to faint ;P
* Mitch` pulls out his gun and shoots her right between the eyes. "Next."
<Mitch`> ((zomg j/k ))
<Mitch`> ((I just had to say it ;p))
<Mitch`> "Uhhhh.. Hi?"
Quote 6722
* Mitch` thinks <Dude, what is it? Is that Amazon chick really a man or something?>
<AlcarGM`> Dexter: <.... you knew?>
<Mitch`> <......................................>
<Mitch`> <That was so a shot in the dark. Meant to be a joke.>
<Mitch`> <Part of me has died.>
Quote 6723
<AlcarGM`> Dave: "I .. . well .. I do .. illusions .. but I'm ... not very good..."
* Johnny looks to dave, "You practice much?"
<Johnny> "We find practive helps, a lot, sometimes."
<AlcarGM`> Dave shakes his head. :"I just .. err .. use it to .. uhm .. you know ...... " he lowers his voice "get dates."
<Mitch`> (("Practice, too. Johnny is working on his spelling." :P))
<Johnny> (ih8u :P)
Quote 6724
<Johnny> "Darren, pick me up."
* Johnny waves to him!
<AlcarGM`> Darren nods, and springs over to do so.
* Johnny whispers, "I need height over him, get high!"
<Johnny> (and no, no drug comments, please :P)
* Mitch2 reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bag of something
<Mitch2> ((aww))
<Mitch2> ((you so predicted me :P))
Quote 6725
<Mitch`> "Did they even have a purpose in that park, or were they just being nuissances?"
<AlcarGM`> A man in surgical scrubs says "Roy Romanov, Daily Reporter, quickly, to Mitch and Johnny. "They weren't letting press in. Can I get a statement about what happened?!" quickly
* Mitch` looks around. And punches the man right in the stomach. :P
* Johnny shrugs, "I got there late."
Quote 6726
<Linda`^> "WHat are you guys staring at?"
<Johnny> "You, silly."
<Mitch`> "Nothin. Just checking out myself."
<Johnny> "You were conked out, we were talking about stuff."
* Mitch` idly looks in a mirror in a token manner, sraightening out his hair.
<Johnny> "We won, by the way."
<Mitch`> "I wouldn't say that."
<Mitch`> "They got away."
<Johnny> "I would."
<Mitch`> "It was a tie. "
* Johnny clenches his fist
<Niche> "yea... both sides left the fight needing medical attention"
Quote 6727
<Linda`^> "But the woman hurt the brute... atleast we know her weakness."
<Mitch`> "On the bright side, all we need to do is find a ten-foot tall trauma victim and an old lady with black eyes."
* Johnny shakes his head with a grin
<Johnny> "Yeah, no problem."
<Johnny> "What was her weakness, by the way?"
<Mitch`> "The Mitch 23-hit combo!"
* Mitch` demonstrates. :P
<Johnny> "Being knocked out isn't really a weakness..."
<Linda`^> "Well... SHe felt pain, it's just that so did her assaulter."
<Mitch`> "It is a very big weakness, Johnny!"
Quote 6728
<WarezBert> note to self
<WarezBert> never ever approach big uglies without invisibility :)
Quote 6729
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Good Morning, Mitch. It's 9:52 AM and -" *pause, in a far less nice tone* "explain genetic scan differences, please."
<Mitch`> "Oh. Ugm .. I'll tell you what my father told me."
<Mitch`> "There comes a special time in a young man's life when he goes through ... certain changes."
* Mitch` continues. :P
<Mitch`> "One of those times is when you encounter a radioactive Johnny."
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Acknowledged. Altering template."
<Mitch`> "I have a template?!"
<Mitch`> "What else do you have on me, anyway? Am I reduced to a number?"
* Mitch` looks unpleased!
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Well, it does reduce to 1s and 0s."
Quote 6730
* Mitch` nods and fetches himself his token six soda breakfast.
<AlcarGM> (( Do *any* of the PCs eat properly? :p ))
Quote 6731
<Linda`^> "Mitch, what's with all the weapons? Do we need to put up a collection wall?"
<Mitch`> "Huh?"
<Mitch`> ((lol mitch = man-at-arms :D :D))
<Mitch`> "Oh, this? Its for baseball, you sadist."
* Linda`^ points at the far wall "We'll clear it out and put up a rack for your weapon collection."
<Mitch`> "I thought I'd try to join an intramural team at the high school. You know. So I can still hang out with some of my normal friends."
<AlcarGM> (( making the PCs into He-Man archetypes would be... amusing.... ))
Quote 6732
<Mitch2`> "So what brings you to the basement?"
<AlcarGM> The shape in the far corner looks like a child, covered in the kind of brown, worn clothes a beggar might wear.
<Linda`^> "Well, could you leave us alone?"
<Mitch2`> "Ys? ... Can I help you?"
* Mitch2` blinks and looks at the child.
<Mitch2`> "Oh. Us. Uhm ..."
<Mitch2`> "Is that yours?"
* Mitch2` looks profoundly confused :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> "Just leave."
<Mitch2`> " ... Does your mother know?"
* Mitch2` sounds a little worried, now.
<Linda`^> "About what?"
<Mitch2`> "About .. you know .."
* Mitch2` points to the child.
Quote 6733
<Linda`^> byakhee had better not turn out to be female
<Linda`^> that would be totally wierd
<AlcarGM> would I do that?! :p
<Mitch`> naaah
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGM> I mean, with you deciding Linda is gay, that would just be cruel, wouldn't it?
<Mitch`> I KNEW IT
<Mitch`> >:E
Quote 6734
<Linda`^> "Do you think... The others can see you now? Your effect seems... Less, when I see you."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I look ... faded? It feels . .strange. Like .... clothing."
* Linda`^ nods "You've torn up that cape I got you a while ago already, we'll have to get you a new one... I'll ask dex it it's ok, come up to the storage room."
<AlcarGM> The bhakhee is silent for a long time, then says in a very confused voice., as if it can't really understand (or accept) what it's saying: "What if they don't want to be my friends?"
<Linda`^> "Sometimes, it happens. It's something you have to accept, if they don't want to be your friend, I will still be."
<AlcarGM> The byahkee nods. "Okay...." and follows you to the stairs.
Quote 6735
* Linda`^ shakes her head "No, I want you all to meet Byakhee."
* Johnny braces for impact
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Who?"
* Victor sips his milkshake
* Victor licks off his milkshake mustachio
* Linda`^ turns around "Come out."
<Johnny> (Linda, I swear, if you make our employer go insane, I will never forgive you,)
<Johnny> (Thats where my paycheck comes from! :P)
<Victor> [she isnt our employer, she's our aide :p]
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee slinks out of the storage room, perhaps nervous. It's (currrently) about 7' tall, thin, and wrapped ins omething dark brown . .a cloak, or wings ( http://home.iprimus.com.au/tarturus/art/byakhee72.jpg ). It's hared to make out specific detals, but it's, not fish, nor fowl, nor snake, or bird .. it's al of that, and nothing like any. It *should* scare you, you think, but for some reason it just looks .weird, and icky. instead
Quote 6736
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "He's .. quite .... unique. Is he .. ah .. on your team?" she rallies, and walks over, holding out a hand. "Ms. Broughlie, liason."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee looks from under the cloak .. eyes (or eye stalks at any rate) regarding the hand. A mandible comes out from under the cloak, clawe,d and strikes the hand, with a sniffing noise.
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> blinks, but doesn't react otherwise. "Do I ... smell .. fine?" weakly.
<Victor> [lol]
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Yes?" It removes the hand. "This is .... strange?"
<Linda`^> "She wants you to shake her hand."
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> maks a mental note to have her hand examined by specialists.
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "...."
<AlcarGM> The byakhee does something like a shrufg, then shakes her hand, literally lifying her off the ground, and back down to it.
Quote 6737
<Victor> "as long as we can figure out a way to stop heartattacks amongst seniors who see him, I don't really mind"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "But old ones will die soon and be food anyway," in a rather reasonable tone, approaching a chair and squating in it, after staring at it intently.
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> does *not* say "why me?", but looks like she really, really wants to.
<Victor> "well, they don't see it that way. the very old tend to cherish what they have all the more because they realize life is short."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Guys? I vote it doesn't do press conferences. Mitch would do a better job."
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee is silent, considering that. "I see," in the tone of someone who manifestly does not.
<AlcarGM> (( a Mitch/Byakhee press conference! For when you really don't like reportors. ))
Quote 6738
* Johnny is taking it slow, educating the fifth dimensional being the right way will pay off in the end :P
<AlcarGM> (( Even though the GM really wanted to have it raise a graveyard to help paint the HQ. ))
<AlcarGM> (( just to see PCs explain *That* to the press :) ))
Quote 6739
* tatterdemalion was going to do it in Carolis :)
<tatterdemalion> was a D&D game I was running during the day for a bit.
<tatterdemalion> but RL got too many of the players.
<tatterdemalion> a trip to Alpha Complex was in the plot :)
<tatterdemalion> plus the ressurection of a Really Big Dragon, civil war, and the king being Undead.
* tatterdemalion was going to have the whole kingdom overrun by vampires :)
<Fennec> that'd be a fun Paranoia setting
<Fennec> =b
<tatterdemalion> there was also a subplot involving the fact that the humans had wiped out an elven empire spanning the stars, given it up, retreated to the campaign world to forget all they had been . .and the elves coming for payback
<tatterdemalion> one pc had a magical sword that's real power was communication with the magical version of a doomsday satellite
* tatterdemalion spent quite a few sessions throwing in odd encounters that tried to make PCs believe it was really science and not magic, since that happens often in fantasy novels.
* tatterdemalion thinks I ended up going to way too much work for a giant red herring. Ah well.
<WarezBert> i remember being like "what the fuck" when i saw that sword in operation... lol... cause i didnt know about any of that stuff
Quote 6740
<tatterdemalion> so .. who would be up for a paranoia campaign wednesday nights?
<SilverHorse> Hrmph.
<SilverHorse> Sure.
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> i'm sorry i even mentioned it
<Chaos`^> what kind?
<tatterdemalion> What's your security clearance?
Quote 6741
<Chaos`^> they fled the world millenia ago for no reason
<Chaos`^> well i'm sure there was a reason
<Chaos`^> but nobody knows what it is
Quote 6742
* Corran ponders where the craziest place he has been in an RP.
<Chaos`^> in ua it was going from a male normal guy and then possessing a sex starved female
<tatterdemalion> Chaos - THAT incident was all your fault.
* tatterdemalion takes no responsibility for your PC deciding to jump in front of a shotgun blast.
<Chaos`^> I didn't think she'd shoot!
<tatterdemalion> she had a shotgun! They're not decorative items :p
<Chaos`^> She had sex with me like fifty times before!
<Fennec> wait, you did WHAT?!
<Fennec> with- and- Sarah, was it?
<Chaos`^> died and came back a sara
<Fennec> you FREAK!!! :)
Quote 6743
<tatterdemalion> Sara has to show up in the movie, too.
* tatterdemalion ponders her as alead actresss
* Chaos`^ ponders her as the murder victim
<Chaos`^> can she atleast be smart this time? Like smart and she had a lab accident and now she's addicted and has to find a way around it?
<Fennec> sara? smart?!
<tatterdemalion> .... but the point of blond, cute, perky, and brainless is the brainless part.
<Chaos`^> she had a lab accident and was fused with a nymph lol
<Chaos`^> no it's not
<Chaos`^> the point of blond cute perky and brainless is the cute and perky
<Chaos`^> i mean
<Chaos`^> you've been known to bend rules before
<tatterdemalion> You can;t be perky and happy all the time if you have a brain. It's why she is an airhead :p
<Chaos`^> like say, every law of reality ever thought up
Quote 6744
<Chaos`^> i'm going to start ordering my coffie evil
<tatterdemalion> Chaos - coffe is the devil's blood.
<Chaos`^> "How do you take your coffee?" "EVIL with two sugars please."
<tatterdemalion> old saying :)
<Chaos`^> evil with two suggars?
<tatterdemalion> no, coffe being the devil's blood.
<Chaos`^> lol
<tatterdemalion> Evil with 2 sugars is .. uhm ......
Quote 6745
<AlcarGM> You are currently sitting in a Starbucks with Kathi, the succubus to be, who is drinking a coffee and seriously confused.
* Tracey`^ smiles at her and sips on her sweet, sweet coffee.
* Tracey`^ stares into Kathi's soul "So, do you know why you're here?"
<AlcarGM> You look into a shallow well of self-centered angst. She fingers her coffee, looking confused. ".. No?"
Quote 6746
* Tracey`^ smiles, and slowly bends the reality that is Kathi's outward image, and produces a mirror from her jacket pocket "You can't tell me that isn't sexy?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Of course I can! I'm too fat!" .. from someone who prbably makes q-tips feel bloated
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Well, everyone knows that when vampires drain you they drink off fat cells."
* Tracey`^ searches her soul for a disease toward her ego. "You can't tell me that's the only reason."
<AlcarGM> (( for a what? :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( Anorexia or belimia =p ))
Quote 6747
* Tracey`^ searches her mind "Body? You mean they only want you for your body?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "What else?"
<Tracey`^> "I don't know... your personality?" then quickly, "Your soul, your intelligence, your service?"
<AlcarGM> Okay.. you look into a rather muddled mind. Mostly, she believes she's a good person forced into Bad Circumstances, and that people only want her because she is willing. She's basically bought into the myth that prostitution is an Evil Thing, and hates herself. Hence the starving. Oh, and she thinks you're really pretty.
<Tracey`^> ofcourse she thinks i'm really pretty, because I AM REALLY PRETTY
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "These are my personality." She waves a hand vaguely to her breasts
* Tracey`^ searches her breasts for a brain that might have personality... or not
Quote 6748
<Tracey`^> "Hello?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "Whatever you are, I want it. I want to be it."
<AlcarGM> kathi: "... uhm .. and ... have you had a blood test?"
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<Tracey`^> "Uhm... oookay... Listen, I'm going to be making a phone call really quick. Why don't we meet at the place i'm staying at..." Giving her directions "Be there in ten minutes."
<Tracey`^> (( Hollywood... traffic... I'm testing her still ))
<AlcarGM> (( .. unique :P ))
Quote 6749
<Tracey`^> i think i'm going to hell
<Tracey`^> for all of the roleplaying i'm doing the way i'm doing it
<Tracey`^> do they have a circle of hell for that yet?
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> How do you figure you're going to hell? :p
<Brisby> they'll make one specially for you?
<Tracey`^> because I kill imaginary people without remorse!
Quote 6750
* Tracey`^ tries stripping away some of her willpower "Why don't you let me worry about that? All I need from you is your utter devotion to me... and only me."
<AlcarGM> It's.. rather easy. Not that she had that much to begin with, but she gives you the keys to her soul without a moment's hesitation in her desire to Be Someone.
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Yes, Anakin .... err... Tracey."
* Tracey`^ smiles and leans close and whispers in her ear "Your soul will belong to me." And kisses her.
<Tracey`^> (( YES HOT LESBIAN ACTION! ))
<AlcarGM> And she does, and it does. It's almost too easy, but then again it's hollywood, the place that attracts people with holes in their souls to begin with, looking to fill them with the kind of human glamour hollywood can offer.
<Tracey`^> (( I'm affraid I can't offer glamour ))
<AlcarGM> (( You offer sex. Same thing :p ))
Quote 6751
<Tracey`^> "Let's see... You wanted power... What kind?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Over *men*," in the tone of a woman who really did read way to many Women's Magazines.
<Tracey`^> "Uh-huh... But don't you like women?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "And men, but I want the men to bow to me and worship me as a goddess as is our right!"
Quote 6752
<FirestormZero> Dude Alcar, we need to game sometime soon
<FirestormZero> I feel an itching in my veins and it's not on the same spot where i put the needle
Quote 6753
<Fennec> Corran: /msg me with random mutant power thoughts
<sparkie> /msg Fennec A really big schlong
* Fennec shoots sparkie for treason.
<sparkie> you can't doooo that!
* sparkie points and laughs
<sparkie> Wait.
* sparkie is now known as The_Computer
<The_Computer> you can't doooo that!
<Fennec> better.
* The_Computer points and incinerates Fennec
Quote 6754
<sparkie> Sleep is treasonous.
* sparkie shoots WarezBert
<alcar> omg. I just had a horrihble thought.
<alcar> Alpha Complex.. and Daylight Savings Time
<alcar> used in only some sectors :P
<alcar> "You are late for your briefing." *troubleshooters are executed*
<alcar> "You are early for your briefing." *troubleshooters are executed for getting their earlier than The Computer projected they could*
Quote 6755
* Dale has joined #game1
<Tracey`^> "What's the name of this movie again?"
<Dale> ((wasn't my name dale? :P))
<alcar> (( Drake, I thought ))
<Tracey`^> (( DALE!? DRAKE! DRAKE! ))
<Brisby> (( it HAS been a while =b ))
<Brisby> (( don't worry, I kept Drake and Tracey straight ))
<Tracey`^> (( That's ok I forgot my character's name too ))
<alcar> (( *shakes his head* This is even worse than UH. At least only one player forgot his name. Mind you, SilverHorse also forgot he played.... so that probably trumps 2 players forgetting pc names. ))
Quote 6756
* Brisby wants to be the next Elizabeth Hartman! Except for the whole suicide deal.
Quote 6757
<Tracey`^> "There's a horror 'PART'? So it's not totally horror? I'm confused... How long is this movie even going to be?"
<alcar> Andre: "I'm afraid that information is not available at your security clearance citizen."
<Drake`^> "I've died and gone back to heaven!"
<Drake`^> ((j/k ;p))
<alcar> (( ..... oh, okay. That was a j/k ;P ))
<alcar> Andre: "I'm afraid that information is not available at present. To prevent pirating."
<Drake`^> "What's the rating of this film going to be?"
<Tracey`^> "You can't tell us the length of the movie because it could be pirated?"
<Drake`^> (("I imagine if we have no pirates it won't be rated ARR" :P))
Quote 6758
* Tracey`^ is a very prominate female, with very obvious features that make people wonder how she can tie her shoes in the morning. She has hair as black as jet with small and subtle red streaks going down to her shoulder's length. She is currently wearing Heels that add several inches to her height, a small skirt that adds inches to her legs and a black shirt that adds inches to her bust.
<alcar> (( her bust.. so .. what happens if she explodes? ))
Quote 6759
<alcar> Andre nods to Tracey, as if it makes all the sense in theworld. "Now ... we'll need a leading actor of course, and love interest." He points to Drake. "That would be you, if you think you can do it."
<alcar> He looks at Mrs. Brisbky and Corran carefully. "And .... what re you writing down?" to Mrs. Brisby.
<Drake`^> ".. Love interest?"
* Drake`^ took a minute to forge the words. :P
* Corran looks to Drake and shrugs.
<alcar> Andre nods. "For when the horror turns into the western parts. You look enough like a cowboy. No offense."
<Brisby> "Oh, nothing, just what you're saying about stuff; I have a terrible memory..."
<Drake`^> "... I'll have to be paid more. No offense."
Quote 6760
* Tracey`^ hmms and goes to the chow table and begins eating like a pig infront of all of the skinny models
<Tracey`^> "Ahh you gunn' ead' tah'?"
<Tracey`^> I AM THE EVIL!
Quote 6761
* Drake`^ checks to see if he has his shotgun, just for a point of information :P
<alcar> (( You have your shotgun under your trench coat of course, artimu - err, Drake :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( It's possible to do if you hide it where your back would be, it would just create an odd bump ))
<Drake`^> ((:P Artimus.. hahaha.))
Quote 6762
<Corran> Am I allowed to have concealed handguns, in case something happens?
<alcar> Of course. But it's just a movie set. What could happen?
<alcar> Oh! Do you have grenades as well?
<Corran> No grenades. At least not on me.
Quote 6763
<Tracey`^> I like mind twist
<Tracey`^> is it a telepathic logic puzzle, or do you find creative ways to fit it into a conversation?
<Aerdan> actually, I think Jedi mind tricks would fall under Soul, anyhow...
<Aerdan> creative ways to fit it into conversation.
<Aerdan> only problem is, I suck at thinking up logic puzzles.
<Brisby> you want Spurious Logic, but for humans? =b
<Tracey`^> ah, alcar requires you atleast pretend to rp it
* Aerdan hmmms...
* Aerdan changes it to Brain Fart instead.
Quote 6764
<Tracey`^> by the way, just so you guys know, alcar's comfort zones are drastically larger than our own, if for any reason you feel uncomfertable with the direction the game is going (Sex, murder, horror) ask alcar to fastforward and he'll skip to a more comfertable part
<Tracey`^> and excuse me spelling
<Aerdan> Me? Uncomfortable? Bloody impossible.
<Tracey`^> I never could spell comfort =(
<Corran> no sex for me.
<Tracey`^> right
<Tracey`^> alcar tends to skip those parts but he does allow you to rp as much as you'd like up to the grotesque parts, and he will not stop it untill you ask him to move on. ofcourse since he already knows your limitation he may quit early
Quote 6765
<AlcarGM> The man frowns at Corran like he just said something extremely insulting (probably involving elderberrries). "Your named sre... Margaret and .... Bartholemhew. You're vacationing." He looks at Tracey. "You're name is .. Lilith. You helped .. jump start .. their car. They're treating you to supper."
* Tracey`^ goes to the table and sits "It doesn't matter, we're just eating something right now..."
<Tracey`^> "Lilith? Where did that name come from?"
<AlcarGM> The director blinks nervously. "The script, of course,"
<Drake`^> "I have a relative with that name. Its common."
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow at Drake "is it now?"
* Corran goes and sits at the table, across from Tracey.
<Brisby> "So there IS a script."
<Tracey`^> "Sounds too.. femenist..."
* Corran rolls his wyes.
<Tracey`^> "I demand we change my character's name to Bambi!"
<Corran> "I don't think so."
Quote 6766
<AlcarGM> You feel something in the air..not an aura, but the abscence of an aura.. emptiness flowing through the warehouse....
<Corran> we are in a warehouse?
<AlcarGM> Yes, the studio is a giant warehouse.
<Corran> righto.
<AlcarGM> seperated into rooms, stages etc.
Quote 6767
<Brisby> "Save me, Johnathan!"
<AlcarGM> Brisby, Corran .. what're you doing?
* Brisby suddenly gives Corran a passionate kiss.
* Corran stays close to Brisby TRYING to keep up the act.
<Corran> "Trying..."
<Drake`^> "Gah!"
* Corran is shocked.
* Tracey`^ stops and turns to Corran and Brisby
<AlcarGM> (( Well, unless your PC is gay, getting kisses should make it easier :p ))
* Corran looks over her head at the zombies.
Quote 6768
* Drake`^ tries to shoot one zombie such that its brains spill out :P
* Tracey`^ looks at Drake, suprised
<Brisby> "and it's not over yet, Johny-boy!"
* Corran takes Brisby back behind the safetly of a table.
<AlcarGM> Corran - Being kissed is good, but zombies sort of take the fun out of it, and they're not at the stage, and moving upwards. Drake shoots the head off of one, and the rest being to warm him, and aroud him.....
* Tracey`^ walks over to drake
<Drake`^> "Kiss me, Tracey, and you'll die."
<Corran> ((realize that.))
* Tracey`^ throws drake into the pile of zombies
<AlcarGM> (( .,.... LOL! ))
* Drake`^ shoots Tracey as he is thrown. >:E
<Tracey`^> "Get 'em boys!"
<Brisby> (( omgwtf :))
<AlcarGM> The GM saves the game? :p
<Drake`^> "I'll see you in Hell!"
<Drake`^> ((lol j/k))
Quote 6769
<AlcarGM> Corran - You stop one muscle, and shoot another. You catch sight of drakes arm. The zombies piled on Drake begin going limp and falling off of hi, much like an infestation of crabs.
<AlcarGM> (( Well, or so I can envision. ))
<Tracey`^> (( OMG DRAKE HAS CRABS! ))
<Drake`^> ((Tracey's next.))
<Drake`^> ((>:E))
<Drake`^> ((That was supposed to be to Alcar. My bad. :P))
Quote 6770
<AlcarGM> The director frowns, then swears. Loudly. "They acted! They emoted! The wife hid! They threw the hero to deal with the threat, and saved him! AND YOU FOOLS DIDN"T FILM IT FROM THE RIGHT ANGLES?!"
<AlcarGM> The cameraman looks ..... a bit stunned. "But.... zombies....."
* Corran sighs.
<AlcarGM> Director:" You are fired. We will reshoot tomorrow. I need to go have some crack anc calm my nerves. Be off!"
<Brisby> "ooh, looks like the camera crew is about as experienced as the rest of us."
Quote 6771
* Brisby pulls out notebook! and pencil! and begins to scribble wildly.
* Drake`^ looks to Corran, "Are you allright?"
<Corran> "I'm fine, you?"
<Drake`^> ((lol brisby reminsd me of that woman from rose red who scribbled to contact the dead ;p))
<Drake`^> "A little .. overwhelmed. "
* Drake`^ shoots a glare in Tracey's direction, "Today's been a bad day for my patience."
* Corran nods.
<AlcarGM> Brisby finishes writing her spell, the dead having been summoned to do her bidding...
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Tracey`^> "What?! You're the one with the gun!"
* Corran looks between Tracey and Drake.
<Drake`^> "... And?"
<AlcarGM> Andre Himself comes over, side-stepping as few corpses, and muttering about youth and too much drink. "Fabulous! Fantabulous! You seemed to be using real guns! EXCELLENT!"
* Corran rolls his eyes.
<Tracey`^> "And you were the one who did that." Pointing at the dead bodies "And you should have been able to handle, you know, being thrown into a bunch of fake zombies."
* Brisby , as she scribbles, ponders shooting Andre here and now, but decides against it.
Quote 6772
* Tracey`^ goes to... The jail!
<AlcarGM> And does NOT pass go, and does not collect
<AlcarGM> Tracey must remain there until she can rolll double ones with sparkie.
<Tracey`^> 2#1d6
<sparkie> Tracey`^ 2#1d6: 4 2
<Tracey`^> damn
<Tracey`^> 2#1d6
<sparkie> Tracey`^ 2#1d6: 3 4
<Tracey`^> ...
<Tracey`^> this will take all night
Quote 6773
<Brisby> "So. How about them Zombies?"
<Brisby> "how about them Dead Sox?"
* Brisby is scribbling, of course.
<Corran> I'm surprized to see zombies here."
<Corran> "Something must have drawn them."
Quote 6774
<AlcarGM> Andre goes off to inspect another scene that seems to involve people dressed up as tinkerbell-style fairies in the winter.
<Drake`^> ((tinkerbell-style fairies..))
<Drake`^> ((Alcar, you know all my turn-ons. I hate you. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( children dressed up as tinkerbell :p ))
<Drake`^> ((First you make sparkie a hermaphrodite, now this.. :P))
<Drake`^> ((Undead and.))
<AlcarGM> (( .... ))
<Drake`^> ((Oh. Kids. Nevermind.))
<Drake`^> ((:P))
<AlcarGM> (( thank you for that, at least :p ))
<Drake`^> ((You had me going there.. ;p))
Quote 6775
* Drake`^ walks off and grabs a little pallet flat carrier thing and just starts stacking bodies on it. :P
* Brisby scribbles. "Well. Your thoughts, lady and gentlemen?"
* Brisby stops scribbling, tucks away the notepad, and moves to assist.
* Drake`^ looks to Brisby, "I'm headed to church. Want to come along?"
* Drake`^ wipes off his bloodied hands on a paper towel before hangling the other peoples :P
<Brisby> "Certainly."
<Drake`^> "With a load like this, I can't pass up the opportunity to show Baphomet my loyalties once more. :D"
<Drake`^> ((zomg j/k))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))
Quote 6776
<Drake`^> this game is not conducive to seriosness
<Drake`^> :P
<Tracey`^> should it be?
<Tracey`^> you want seriousness goto lolads 1-3
<Drake`^> (j/k)
Quote 6777
* Drake`^ looks to Corran, "Are you a man of faith?"
<Corran> "faith to what?"
<Brisby> "I take that as a No."
<Drake`^> "Anything, really."
<Corran> "I have faith in God, yes."
<Drake`^> "I'm about to go see what God has to say about these dead bodies."
<Drake`^> "I was wonderring if you'd like to come along."
<Corran> "I don't think so."
<Corran> "It doesn't seem like your god is the same as mine."
<Drake`^> "And why is that?"
<Tracey`^> (( IT'S A ONE EYED NINJA! ))
Quote 6778
<AlcarGM> The Gm hopes, for Father Valentine's dake, Drake didn't mean that literally.
<Drake`^> ((Oh, no. I'll be going to a Unitarian Church for this one.))
<Drake`^> ((Remember, every time, a different church. :P))
<Tracey`^> (( Which god? ))
<Drake`^> ((Its like bar hopping :>))
<Drake`^> ((Any god will do!))
<AlcarGM> (( ... you expect to get anything at the Unitarians?! Silly angel. ))
<Drake`^> ((No :P I just don't expect trouble there. I plan on calling collect, so he'll already be angry.))
<Brisby> (( the difference between Unitarians and Vegetarians... ))
<Brisby> (( Vegetarians believe in God. ))
Quote 6779
* Drake`^ finishes stacking bodies, in rotating alignments by layer so that they can cart around easier, and then starts hauling them out.. how many are there, anyway? :P
<Corran> ((Either that or a yellow coke can.))
<AlcarGM> (( 22, dead. it's a big stack. ))
<Drake`^> ((How many are female?))
<Corran> ((*raises an eyebrow.))
<Drake`^> I had to know
<Drake`^> sorry
<Drake`^> :P
<Tracey`^> Don't ask
<Drake`^> what a waste :/
<Tracey`^> I will not ask I will not ask I will not ask
Quote 6780
* Drake`^ heads to the nearest Methodist church :P
* Corran decides to go along and follows Drake.
<AlcarGM> With a cartload of corpes. Right. To Corran's surprise, not a single person bats an eye. Even a police cruiser just drives by.
* Corran takes it all in calmly.
<Drake`^> "Thanks for your help back there."
<Corran> "Just trying to lend a hand."
* Corran wonders what strange city this is. He likes it already.
<Drake`^> "That's very kind of you. Hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of this before more people die. If this people are even totally dead.."
<Brisby> "What would you say to the deployment of an incendiary device sometime at night?"
<Drake`^> "I'd say let's find out if they're really totally dead yet. Soem of them are in .. better condition.."
* Drake`^ made sure he put the ones with head injuries at the bottom, btw. ;p
<Brisby> "I was speaking of the warehouse."
<Corran> "I don't think so."
<Brisby> "or rather, the tinderbox."
<Drake`^> "Oh. Well .. whatever they're doing, its supernormal. I want to know more, in case they just try to do this again somehwere else.."
<Drake`^> "Get to the bottom of it, that sort of thing."
<Brisby> "Sounds good. Also, do you feel the loss of the director be sufficient to thwart the production?
<AlcarGM> The GM looks at PCs, worried.
<Drake`^> ((:P))
Quote 6781
<Drake`^> "Are you telling me you want to kill the director?"
<Brisby> "That would not be the preferred method of preventing him from directing his efforts towards that end, but what of its efficacy?"
<Drake`^> "Efficiency means nothing if you're doing something evil."
Quote 6782
<AlcarGM> The Pactor frowns. "You must find the root cause of this ambomination and end it. That is the mandate for you, Drake. Do not mcall again save in times of dire for the balance is ver nustable. But, when you do, bring truffles. They don't make Choclate back home." The pastor then faints :p
* Drake`^ looks around nervously, "I think he was speaking in tongues."
<Corran> "I'll help you stop the evil."
* Drake`^ then helps the pastor onto a bench. :P
* Drake`^ looks to the altar, "I trust you two won't talk too much about this. I would hate to have to kill you." Obviously not serious about the last part.
Quote 6783
<Drake`^> "Any follower of God is a friend of mine."
<Brisby> "My lips are implicitly sealed. I don't know about Justin here..."
<AlcarGM> (( .. introduces Drake to Jack Chick.... ))
<Drake`^> ((Jack Chick believe in propoganda, not in God :P))
<Brisby> (( ouch ))
Quote 6784
<Aerdan> *uses Jedi Mind Trick* You are merely a pawn, Tracey...
<Tracey`^> Pawns are the most powerful pieces
Quote 6785
<Corran> "I'm in, and I'm Corran."
<Drake`^> "Right, Corran."
* Drake`^ looks at Brisby, "Why do you keep calling him Justin?"
* Drake`^ doesn't mention how much Corran sounds like Quran. :P
<Brisby> Drake`^: "Isn't that his name?"
* Corran doesn't mention he stole it from a Star Wars character.
<Corran> "It's Corran."
* Brisby pulls out the notebook and looks through it.
<Drake`^> "He just said his name was Corran."
* Brisby scribbles.
Quote 6786
* Tracey`^ looks the man over and looks Kathi over, wondering where she went wrong. "Have you ever done this before?" To Kathi.
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "With vampirs, not humans! Vampiree just want blood types! And they're cute!"
<Tracey`^> "Well, I have bad news for you, Your power won't work on vampires."
* Tracey`^ looks the nerd over "And who is this you brought?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "He's desperate, and he;s not married, just divorced, with a girlfrield, with a boyfriend, or looking for a guy.okay?!"
<Tracey`^> "Did you even get a name?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "He said his name is Nathan."
<Tracey`^> "Well nathan, why don't I buy you a drink? Kathi, Why don't you try again."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "... right."
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "but My id is fa .... sure?"
* Tracey`^ orders the same thing for nathan she was drinking
* Tracey`^ hands him two tripples
<AlcarGM> Okay. In two drinks, he's utterly out of it and babbling something about "Thangor the barbarian, and he has THREE Axes of Whangitude, +18 for using tow handed weapons, and did I mention his pet Undead Platypus?"
* Tracey`^ orders him a cab
<AlcarGM> (( You don't want me to give stats for the undead platypus?! ))
Quote 6787
* Tracey`^ points at a random guy in the crowd, likely one she's tried before "Him."
<AlcarGM> Kjathi nods firmly and goes to the bearded guy in the crowd. She talks, then tries to look alluring. She does a fairly good job, except for the fact that she stares at her watch in horror,and then at him. Thnhe turns and walks back to your table.
<AlcarGM> She sits down. "Drink. Now."
* Tracey`^ looks at her "What?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "Comp Sci. Major. he just told me linux is better than sex. And be BELIEVED it!"
* Tracey`^ turns back to him
<Tracey`^> "Is he gay?"
<AlcarGM> kathi; "No. But he's majoring in computer science."
* Tracey`^ orders Kathi a tripple =p
<AlcarGM> Kathi downs it :p
<Tracey`^> "If he's not gay then you still had a chance..."
Quote 6788
<Tracey`^> "We'll go home and I'll cheer you up."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "How?" I failed." She follows you outside. "I'm useless at this!"
<Tracey`^> "Well, I wouldn't say USELESS..."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Oh, sure. I'm just a magnet for people who don't want sex!"
<Tracey`^> "Maybe it's the tail."
* Tracey`^ points to Kathi's well exposed tail, still wagging as they walk
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Are you sure? I like it."
* Tracey`^ shrugs
<Tracey`^> "It could be the horns." Pointing at Kathi's hidden horns under the hat "But they're hidden."
<Tracey`^> "Maybe it's just your personality."
Quote 6789
<kentari> Mitch is gonna rawwwk
<kentari> w/ her new power
<kentari> ...
<kentari> his
<alcar> ...
<kentari> my god
<kentari> MY MIND ALCAR
<alcar> kentari, no more dreaming :p
<FireFennec> kentari: behold the power of cheese?
<Alicia> Mitch the hermaphrodite! :P
<FireFennec> is that the new power?
Quote 6790
<kentari> Mitch isn't a herm
<Linda`^> Yes his power is gender bending
<Mitch`> hahha linda
* alcar laughs
<Mitch`> I hope we see zombies in 4ways
<Mitch`> so I can throw you to them.
<Mitch`> :P
Quote 6791
* Mitch` shows up, wearing a Sears jacket and a baseball cap! :P
<AlcarGM> It's close to noon at the 1st Central Bank, a large 4 storey bank with lots of windows, skylights, and probably costing more than most PCs wil see in a lifetime.
<AlcarGM> PCs show up in or out of costume? :p
<Alicia> (Is Mitch's costume a Sears jacket and baseball cap? :P)
* Linda`^ is in costume!
<AlcarGM> sears sues mitch.....
<Mitch`> ((oops, right))
<Mitch`> ((it isn't :P))
* Mitch` is wearing his good old fashioned black invulnite-laced jumpsuit of many pockets
Quote 6792
<Linda`^> "Maybe we could just hide inside and pretend to be customers
<AlcarGM> Darren: "In black outfits? We'd be arrested as bank robbers."
<AlcarGM> (( Which would be a fun headline.... ))
<Mitch`> "We're in costume."
<Mitch`> "Let's just get something to eat where we can watch the bank closely. I'm hungry anyway."
<Linda`^> "Not dexter, he'd fit in... Maybe he can be our inside man, and we just hang out ontop of that building over there."
* Linda`^ points to the large ten story building across from the bank
<AlcarGM> Thre large ten stoerey building blinks into existence, considerably startled.
<Mitch`> ((:P))
<Linda`^> (( I AM GOD ))
Quote 6793
* Mitch` also approaches the guy, "I'm Mr. Fix-It, by the way. You got a name?" And extends a hand after stowing one of the gauntlets :P
<AlcarGM> The man nods. "Jeff. Jeff Thompson. I just wanted.. you know.. something like a norma life.. not ... this."
* Linda`^ walks past the man, looking around him, and walks toward the vault slowly.
<AlcarGM> The staff are getting up slowly, looking rather confused at this turn at events.
<Mitch`> "I understand.. we have to do the best with the situations we find ourselves in.. that's part of what makes life difficult. We're the Arbiters, by the way. We're having a meeting on Sunday for people interested in becoming involved with helping out around the city. You're welcome to attend."
<Linda`^> (( If you're not in court at the time ))
<Mitch`> ((on a sunday? puh-leaze :P))
<Mitch`> ((besdies ... I haven't even called the cops yet. ;p))
<Linda`^> (( Oh, sorry, he'd still be in jail ))
<AlcarGM> The armoured man just nods, looking a bit dazed.
Quote 6794
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Okay. So .... shouldn't the police be here already?>
<Manus> "When did you call?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: ".. don't they normally just ... arrive?"
<Mitch`> "I haven't called yet.. I'm thinking .. we should let them go."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "What?"
<Snapshot> "Dude, what?"
<Mitch`> "These guys aren't really violent killers, they were just desperate. If you treat someone like a murderer, they're gonna become a murderer."
<Mitch`> "The press and public would be all over the idea that we're reforming criminals rather than just beting them up, don't you think?"
* Manus nods
<Mitch`> "Besides .. if they are dealing with other criminals, they'd be great souces of information that I'd hate to alienate."
Quote 6795
<AlcarGM> Nell: "And do more important things." She looks at Manus. "How did your brother get a military base?!"
<Mitch`> "Yes. How did he get one?"
* Mitch` sounds interested as Nell, but for all the wrong reasons :P
<Snapshot> (("Ebay."))
Quote 6796
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "... okay. I can do something about that. Should be unique" She nods to Snapshot. "Welcome back, kid." then frowns at Manus. "Who's this?"
<Manus> (lol)
* Snapshot nods at Mrs. Broughlie, smiling
<Mitch`> "That is Manus. He's been with us from the start."
<Mitch`> "He is a good person!"
<Mitch`> ".. and has tentacles."
<Manus> ((lol!))
* Manus nods
Quote 6797
<AlcarGM> Okay! Manus does his nice form of travel, Snapshot carries pcs, and Darren flies.. south of Central City, where it begins to get rura and all farm land where lots of people are secretly raising childen who fell to the earth in meteor showers because, as everyone knows, all meteos are falling alien craft
<Corran> ((lol))
<Manus> (( that is awful *laugh* ))
<AlcarGM> (( but it makes sense! :p ))
Quote 6798
<Mitch2`> "I'll go with you, Linda."
* Snapshot drops Linda off partway, continuing to follow
* Linda`^ walks off
<Mitch2`> "Channukah is over, so I need to get my robot back to work."
* Snapshot also drops off Mitch II: Bride of Mitch
* Mitch2` follows along :P
<Corran> ((bride of mitch?))
<Mitch`> ((lol mitch 3: seed of mitch))
<Snapshot> ((Mitch 4: Mitch Lives!))
Quote 6799
<Snapshot> "That's serious stuff. What's the name of the base?"
* Manus shakes his head
<Mitch`> "Hrmmm.."
<Mitch`> "If we had a lot of rockets.."
<Manus> "There are people in there who aren't involved with this."
<Mitch`> "Oh ..."
<Mitch`> "So, what are we doing here exactly?"
<Mitch`> "Busting in and saving someone?"
<Manus> "It doesn't really have a name. We called it 'Shin'"
* Manus shakes his head
* Snapshot blinks
<Snapshot> "Say that again?"
<Manus> "Shin."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "They name military bases off of body parts?"
<Snapshot> "Oh man."
<Manus> "What's the problem?"
<Mitch`> "Oh! I know!"
<Snapshot> "I think I know the place."
<Mitch`> "You two are related!"
<Manus> "Know it how?"
<Mitch`> "Its sort of like ... the Parent Trap, then!"
Quote 6800
<Mitch2`> "By the way, sorry about arguing with you about your child earlier."
<Mitch2`> "If there's ever anything you need help with, even if its somethign as simple as help with getting baby food, let me know."
* Linda`^ waves mitch off "He's in the basement right now, go feed him if you want, I wouldn't suggest you try changing his diaper though."
* Mitch2` nods and grabs some food from the fridge. :P
<Mitch2`> "You really should consider a better place than the basement. There are daycares in town, you know."
* Mitch2` shrugs and gets some palatable food, and heads down to the basement. :P
<AlcarGM> Okay. You go down into the basement. It's rather quiet. The byakhee is indeed down there, siting in a corner and watchig a mouse curiously.
<Mitch2`> ((holy crap its the byakhee?!))
<Mitch2`> ((does it look like a byakhee right now? :P))
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> Yes, except for the nicely blurry effect. It's weird, bt not "Ah! My brain will MEELLLT!"