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Quote 6601
<Creason> "An aide would be nice. And I assume you'll send us a government spokesperson? We can't just declare ourselves the city's stand in Protectorate without a little backing."
<Linda`^> "He already said there will be a press confrance tomorow."
<AlcarGm> Leroy nods. "One Dorie Broughlie, to be exact. She's explain any details you might require."
* Linda`^ shakes her head "We hardly have a flying fortress, but... atleast we don't have a loose cannon like void..."
<Creason> "I actually just assumed that's when the press will begin covering the end of the world."
<Victor> [i thought aides were the ultimate supervillains?
<Linda`^> (( That's aids ))
<Victor> [the number one killer : aides! ;p pun powa]
Quote 6602
<Victor> "the advantage is that we possibly get new equipment and support"
<Victor> "the disadvantage? we try and stop bad stuff?"
<Creason> "And we're really going to need to get used to using our aliases."
<Victor> "we try and stop bad stuff all the time anyways...."
<Linda`^> "I still need one... huh..."
<Victor> I'm Niche by the way... when im in superhero mode"
* Creason nods
<Creason> "Dex? What about you?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <Mindwalker, of course. Maybe we could have name tags, so we can remember..>
Quote 6603
<Victor> "how about Ephemera"
<Linda`^> "Ephemera? What's that?"
<Victor> "Ephemereal is sorta like cloudish, ungraspable"
<Victor> "so you would be the embodiment... i figured sorta relates to your power"
<AlcarGm> Darren: "If people have to ask it might not be a good name."
<Linda`^> "Really... I like that... what language?"
<Linda`^> "Nono, a real name is one that people can't figure out unless they research it... it's a subtle thing."
<Creason> "I second."
<Creason> "hmm... good idea. Keep the villains busy researching!"
<Linda`^> "I demand we hold the floor. It has to be something pronounceable with a mouth."
Quote 6604
* Creason is very careful to be appropriate while measuring Linda, looking somewhat embarassed
<AlcarGm> Dexter smirks.
* Linda`^ looks at Creason pulling tape around her waiste "What are you doing?"
<Creason> "Measuring you."
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <I think it's obvious,> in a too-calm tone.
<Linda`^> "Why?"
<Creason> "We have to put forth a very united front for this job. The Arbiters can't look like just a bunch of kids anymore. If we're going to be a team, we're going to have to look the part."
<Creason> "I'm going to go make us all costumes."
<Linda`^> "YOU're going to make costumes?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <I think he likes to sew,> in the same calm tone, but grinning.
<Creason> "Well, my mom helped with my first one, so I hope she'll help me with these ones. Unless you know a quicker way to get matching costumes?"
* Linda`^ stares at creason as he measures her chest "Are you sure you're the best person to be doing this?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter <*snickers*> and walks out of the room.
<Victor> [yea, i volunteer, as the most clearly qualified to measure your chest! :p]
<Creason> ((see, i don't see why Linda'd care. She doesn't really swing that way, y'know? ;))
<Linda`^> "Yes, well..." Straitening up "Be sure to add in the suspension, because if it's really tight I can't wear a bra or it will show." As matter of factly as she can make it sound.
<Creason> "Don't worry. Mom always needed help with her formal dresses, so I'm pretty prepared for this kinda thing."
<AlcarGm> Dexter giggles in the other room to himself ,and finally manages to stop which is good since it's rather odd to hear in your heads.
Quote 6605
<Victor> [in four color, heros pretty much could shower together... theres no sex, just dinner dates, marriage and children :p
Quote 6606
<Victor> [lol
<Victor> [just looked up dictionary definition of ephemeral finally lol]
<Victor> [Lasting for a markedly brief time][Living or lasting only for a day, as certain plants or insects do.][A markedly short-lived thing.]
<Victor> [lol. perfect superhero name! lol]
Quote 6607
<alcar> hm. Need players.
<alcar> press confrence needs more than 2 players :p
<alcar> oh yeah kent.. quick summary.
<alcar> Linda helped blow up the entire Protectorate. Creepy government guy asked if pcs would take over and guard the city since they were a) new b) had a good rep (see a) and c) expendable
<WarezBert> hehe
* WarezBert is here for it
* WarezBert is having issues with c)
Quote 6608
<alcar> I mena, sending sanity-destroying alien to ask questions about a murder is .. .well... novel. But the protecorate members habve seen weirder things. Unfortunately, Void tried to kill it (and his teammates when they got in his way) due to polt reasons Linda could neve rhave known about :)
<kentari> my god ;p
* alcar nods. Linda was rather horrified :p I don't think any of the pcs have picked up on what the creature was, or that she caused it. Yet :P
<kentari> Mitch will be able to win every argument now
<kentari> :D
Quote 6609
<Mitch`> "Why are we the protectors of the city, though?"
<Mitch`> "I mean .. I've been at work-and stuff-.. did I miss something?"
<Baliadoc> "The Protectorate are currently dead. While the government tries to fix that, we're in charge."
* Mitch` whips out der angstdotten, "... dead?"
<AlcarGm> Darren: "Currently dead....."
<Baliadoc> "We're the only chartered team in action right now that the government can trust with the 'little stuff'."
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <Of course currently. Superheroes get better, or cloned, or something.>
<AlcarGm> Dexter pauses to think about that. <I'd like to be cloned.>
<Mitch`> "How ..? Wayne?"
<Baliadoc> "Uh... something like that. Definitely close to home."
Quote 6610
<Mitch`> ((Even as an NPC, Void still acts like Art. :D))
<AlcarGm> (( yes :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((there's really no way for Void to a-"void" it ;))
<Mitch`> ((-10 points))
<Baliadoc> ((curses))
Quote 6611
<Mitch`> "Does this mean we get paid?"
* Mitch` would have dollar signs for eyes if that was possible :P
<AlcarGm> (( 3 point power! j/.k ))
<Baliadoc> "I don't know. We have to meet with the government aide they sent to see what our specific setup says."
* Mitch` nods and says sort of to-the-side, "We'll have to make them an offer they can't refuse.." and then looks back as if he had just coughed
Quote 6612
<Mitch`> I coudl so see hero teams getting model agents to make sure they look photogenic
<Mitch`> and being put on diets and stuff :P
<AlcarGm> rofl! Yes :)
Quote 6613
<Mitch`> "What do we do if we don't really have powers to show off?"
<Mitch`> "Wait, no."
<Mitch`> "I have a plan."
* Mitch` smiles. :D
<Mitch`> "I'll just answer questions."
<Snapshot> "Uh... Mitch? Maybe one of us should do the questions. You just look pretty. No offense."
<Snapshot> "You have a tendency to get... excited, when you talk to people."
<Mitch`> "Don't worry about it. I've got everything under control."
<Snapshot> "And I don't mean good excited. I mean loony tunes, Daffy Duck kinda excited."
<AlcarGm> Darren: ".. do I want to know?"
<Mitch`> "That other time was more controled than you'd think."
<Snapshot> "That's what worries me."
<Mitch`> "Nah. Its water under the bridge."
<Mitch`> ".. ANYWAY."
Quote 6614
<Snapshot> "You're always a little distracted! You need to learn to prioritize, man!"
* Snapshot shouts over the roar of the air :)
<Mitch`> "You have no idea what you're talking about! I'm talking to people in my head!"
* Mitch` blinks, "I know that doesn't sound good!"
<AlcarGm> You all fall .. through the sky. The parachutes work rather well. Mrs. Broughlie turns hers easily, shoutiing instructions to all of you during the fall. "We should ... end up close to City Hall...!"
<Snapshot> "Somehow, Fix-It, I'm not surprised..."
Quote 6615
<AlcarGm> Lois Lanet: "Excuse me, Arbiters isn't it. How do you plan to fill the shoes of the Protectorate?"
<Mitch`> "As best we can, sir. Though we can't ever BE the Protectorate, we can try best as we can to be the best we can for the city."
* Snapshot blinks at Mitch
<Mitch`> "We hope to coordinate our efforts and get in touch with other heroes in the city. Our enemies far and wide have elaborate networks for communication and trading. Why should we not have the same?"
<Snapshot> ((lol, this is awesome. first question in, and he's calling a chick a guy ;))
* Mitch` says that like he practiced it in front of a mirror. :P
Quote 6616
<Johnny> "Wayne! Mitch!"
<Mitch`> "Hi Johnny. I'm being killed."
* Johnny looks at his hand, "Blood!"
<Mitch`> "Yeah, that's mine. Some of it. Try not to get it dirty. Its limitted edition."
<AlcarGm> Wanyne moves, fast...... Mitch managed to partly avoid it, but it was definitely intended ot be a killing blow.
<Johnny> "Is this your blood!? Wait, no, too much for you to be still alive..."
* Johnny gets up!
* Mitch` blinks, "Damn, man ... did I offend you by mentioning my father? I know your's is dead.. I'm sorry if I offended you..."
<Johnny> "Wayne! stop trying to kill mitch, at least for now, we need to talk!"
Quote 6617
<Johnny> "Now then, what the heck did I ever do to you!?"
* Johnny has his palms up
<Mitch`> "Dude, I've been asking him the same thing! "
<Johnny> "At least for you to want to put a freaking bullet in my mom's head!"
<Johnny> "Dude!"
<Johnny> "I stood up fro you on at least 3 occasions, when I heard the comments flowing."
<Mitch`> "You're that pathetic? You need someone to stand up for you?"
* Mitch` clasps his hands over his mouth as he goes wide-eyed.
* Johnny shoots the look of death at Mitch
<Johnny> (my new power! :D )
* Mitch` gives Johnny the oops/oh my god look. :P
<Johnny> "So there we have it."
<Johnny> "Its all based on lies!"
Quote 6618
<AlcarGm> A man is coming up the street, from the south. Well, man as in 50' tall, and laughing.
<AlcarGm> Beside him in a man dressed in american flags. Literally. And an enormous yellow skiinned wloman at least 500 pounds :p
<Snapshot> "Hmm... he's gonna be a problem."
<Mitch`> "Uhhhh ..."
* Niche grabs his parachute, and starts wrapping it up into a bundle, gathering it so he can hold it in his arms
<Mitch`> "Are they here to congratulate us?"
<AlcarGm> In the sky, with lighting booming around him, is an older, balding black man with a beer belly who screams. "I AM THOR!"
<Snapshot> "Somehow, I doubt it."
Quote 6619
<AlcarGm> Wayne: "You all make them! And no one is innocent NO ONE!"
<AlcarGm> He's backing away more. He's definitely scared of you :p
<Johnny> "I said we, Wayne, we."
<Johnny> "You and me."
<Johnny> "And the others, and everyone else."
<Johnny> "We make mistakes, some small, some big."
<Johnny> "I know the alien tech, its foreign, sentient."
<Johnny> "Its imbedded itself in your head, and its made you do things, bad things."
<Johnny> "I want to help you, Wayne, but you gotta help me do it."
* Johnny internally winces and tries to conjure up more moving movie dialogue
Quote 6620
<AlcarGm> Wayne: "Guns? Guns are nothing to me! Nothing!"
<Johnny> "Yeah, I know the feeling."
<AlcarGm> he laughs., more than little wildly. "I'll have my revenge! I will! HE IS DEAD!" and turns, and runs away :p
<Mitch`> "Wayne!"
<Mitch`> "I am your father."
* Mitch` shouts that. :P
<AlcarGm> (( .... ))
<Mitch`> ((:P Mitch is OUT of ideas.))
<AlcarGm> Wayne ... stops ... then turns ... then begins walking back. There is nothing at all sane in his eyes. "You .. fucking ..... liar!"
<Mitch`> "Its true. After it happened.. the doctors.. the only way they could heal me was to start over. I'm so sorry, Wayne."
* Johnny looks back and forth between the two with a "Wtf?" look :P
Quote 6621
<Snapshot> "Let's just chalk this up to a win on our part, and be happy nothing bad happened. What's the story back at my house, Mitch?"
<Mitch`> "How ..."
<Mitch`> "Oh. We're about to borrow your playpen."
<Mitch`> "I mean."
<Mitch`> "Who is Mitch?!"
* Mitch` looks around. :P
<AlcarGm> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGm> <Ms.Broughlie> stares at both of you.
<AlcarGm> The mayor ... manages to turn a laugh into a cough. "Welll, it seems you are.. all busy..."
Quote 6622
<SilverHorse> what the hell game did I just walk in on
<SilverHorse> People getting hit by cars and then shredded by nanites :x
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGm> a superhero game!
Quote 6623
<Snapshot> So, in case you can't guess, I'm getting some of the pills. If Wayne really is still good somewhere inside, and it's the nanites controlling him, then I'm giving him a fighting chance and making him superhuman ;)
<AlcarGm> lol!.
<AlcarGm> That's ..... awesome :)
<Snapshot> besides, fighting just wayne's gotta be better than this crap, if he really is evil :)
* Snapshot grabs some sort of sturdy container for the metal junk too :)
Quote 6624
<Snapshot> "Give him a little space Johnny! Talisman, get ready to set down a perimeter for him, in case he tries to escape! Fix-It, Niche, do your thing!"
<Mitch`> "If I did my thing he'd be dead."
<Mitch`> "I mean. "
<Snapshot> "... Good point. Keep not doing what you're doing."
<AlcarGm> Wayne screms in agony.. whatever was given, it's really *really* badly with him.
Quote 6625
* Johnny reaches out, and sees if he can snag some of the tendrils
<Niche> "mindwalker. see if you can find where wayne left the container he found the suit in... if you can get the info out of him."
<AlcarGm> Wayne staggers, parts of him falling, parts of him not.... he's not in control of whatever Snapshot did, and the nanites are trying to kill it... you think. It's hard to mae out*anything*
<AlcarGm> Johnny - you grab some, easily. They're much weaker than before.
* Johnny starts eating them :P
* Snapshot starts trying to toss them to Johnny :)
* AlcarGm stares at Johnny
<AlcarGm> Okay....
<Mitch`> ((... :P))
<Johnny> (its like the infinite spaghetti special :P)
<Mitch`> "That's just sick, Johnny."
<Niche> [hehe... crapin that out will be an adventure in and of itself]
<AlcarGm> Snapshot tosses the to jonny off of him. .and Johnny is .eating some..... of it.. Wayne passes out at his point :p
* Johnny sighs -_- <Dex, can you make them think I'm the vessel?>
Quote 6626
<AlcarGm> Creasons father comes out of the house, in lab coat, looking annoyed. "What IS it? Ginger kept pestering me to stop looking at....." He stops, stares at Wayne, then looks at Creason. "You spawned?"
* Mitch` just goes wide-eyed. :P
<AlcarGm> He looks exicted. "I wasn't sure if you'd ever be able to reproduce! This is wonderful!"
<Snapshot> "No. I... gave someone the syrum."
<AlcarGm> Milo stops smiling. "You WHAT?! Do you KNOW what happened last time?!"
<Snapshot> "Yeah. I do. I'm sorry, but it was all I could think to do."
Quote 6627
<Johnny> "At least until we find out how to get him back to normal."
<Snapshot> "We have plenty of things to hold people in this state. Like this."
<Niche> "just as long as noone mistakes him for a protein shake..."
* Snapshot forces the proto-Wayne into the container he brought
Quote 6628
<AlcarGm> officer Store - whom some pcs know rather well - gets out of a cruiser and walks over. "Well. the mayor never got around ot naming me as your police liason, but I say we already have work cut out for us. What happened here?" quite calmly.
<Mitch`> "A nemesis tried to kill me."
<AlcarGm> <Talisman> looks at Snapshot and muttes "That was your crib? You should sue for parental abuse." dryly
* Mitch` taps the box, "A battle ensued, we all everntually got here .. and now this is the aftermath."
<AlcarGm> Store gets out a cig, lights it, and looks at the box, in which a puddle shape is trying to get out of, and can't. "Dangerous foe, then?"
* Mitch` now takes a couple steps away from the box in case Wayne can actually break free ;p
* Snapshot smiles at the crib
<Mitch`> "Not anymore, I'd say."
Quote 6629
<AlcarGm> Store nods, and calls HQ for a pickup. "Public works shuldbe ... a... by soon. To begin fixing things. You might want to help. Public relations."
* Mitch` nods, and calls up his giant robot to help out... unless its currently channukah, in which case it is on vacation. :D
Quote 6630
* Mitch` gets a simple mental image of a blender, then apologizes to Dexter :P
<AlcarGm> (( No eating the npc! ))
<Mitch`> ((I can't let Tass win the weird things eaten contest))
<Johnny> (dude, don't make me go eat that fifth dimensional being that Linda sent after the protectorate :P)
Quote 6631
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> looks at Johnny. <Uhm.. do you ever go to the washroom?>
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> looks confused. <What?>
* Johnny just nods
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> <Oh .. what if it gets out?>
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> <But the nanites are inside him . .and alive... if they get out wit his crap.... they could get in the sewers...>
<Johnny> "Don't they stick together?"
<AlcarGm> (( And civilization as we know it is destroyed the next time Johnny goes ot the washroom :p ))
Quote 6632
<AlcarGm> Ms.Broughlie arrives and says she'll show you the prospective HQs later, if you don't mind.
* Snapshot is really good at being a whole lotta cranes, laborers, and foundations at once :)
<Johnny> :P
* Johnny is the foundation :P
* Snapshot also takes a time out to apologize to Ms. Broughlie, telling her she'll explain later
<Snapshot> (er... he'll.)
<Snapshot> (heh. my turn. i can't even remember my own sex. that'll make kent happy :))
Quote 6633
<AlcarGm> Okay.... Wayne is .. in a crib, a street destroyed, and the PCs alive and mostly unhurt! A whole session and no one gto badly hurt, technically, except Mitch and that only 1/2 counted anyway
<Snapshot> and we kicked the crap out of a supervillain team :)
<WarezBert> hehe
<WarezBert> finally
<Baliadoc> and I made costumes! go sewing! (that's a 20 pt. power, you know)
Quote 6634
<alcar> tho creasons dad and mom are soo screwed. They're likely going to lose all funding or something, for a time.
<Baliadoc> maybe the Wayne Foundation would like to fund two struggling scientists...
<alcar> lol!
<Baliadoc> if we just all ignore the "your science did this to our benefactor" thing.
<alcar> THAT would be horribly amusing
* alcar figures Edward Door'd fund them :p
<Baliadoc> do i wanna know? :)
<alcar> Chaos made 'im. Villain in the characters section
<alcar> in the lex luthor business man style
<Baliadoc> ohhh, nice.
<Baliadoc> meh. it's time we went private anyway. deal with the fact that our benefactor is the devil later.
<alcar> your mom probably won't worry much about it :p And your dad wouldn't notice :)
<Baliadoc> i like my dad very much :)
<alcar> well, until they began to use the research for Bad Things :)
<Baliadoc> like i said. deal with the devil when it gets important ;)
<Baliadoc> ... and we've drained his funds.
Quote 6635
<Baliadoc> see, i can just get into a situation where he's going to do something Very Bad to me. then, mom'll kill him. messily. and we'll just reveal he was bad and it'll be okay. cuz seriously, who's gonna try to arrest my mom?
<Baliadoc> i sure wouldn't.
<alcar> good point :)
<Baliadoc> "Miss, I'm calmly putting my hand on your... oh god!!! Please, don't use that for science! I could get it reattached!"
<alcar> <Ms.Broughlie> looks at the team. "She's one woman. You've faced down Superiorman..... and no one is going to bring her in?"
<Baliadoc> "I'm already in trouble for being in danger. I don't need to add arresting her to the list."
<Baliadoc> "Besides, Superiorman already tried it. She readjusted him. I'm serious! He's back in the Protectorate! He's a model citizen! That was my mom. She's that scary."
Quote 6636
<alcar> hm. Need to decide on his powers.....
* alcar has this image of Wayne the gelatinous cube...
<Baliadoc> that's... freaky :)
* alcar nods. It makes sense tho! He's more liquid than stretchy it seems...
<Baliadoc> this is true...
<alcar> His super name could be Glomp!
<Baliadoc> ... that is a seriously frightening and cool name :)
Quote 6637
<SilverHorse> I need a date man. I'm losing touch with my psychopathic side
Quote 6638
* Alicia can SO picture RPGs in programming languages though. ^^;
<Alicia> If Player.Munchkin=True set Encounter=Tarrasque
Quote 6639
* Qa`a^ sighs "Damnit... Why can't I just die and let this be over with?"
Quote 6640
<Qa`a^> "Who the hell are you calling the Whore of babylon?"
<AlcarGM> Sara's mother blinks, staring at Sara: "How dare you! I KNOW YOU! Cavorting with *men* and *boy* like a filthy trap! Romans 3:23!"
<Qa`a^> "What are you babbling about?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Talking to her just makes it worse. You could kiss her. I did that once.>
<Qa`a^> <you actually put up with this?>
<AlcarGM> Mommy dearest: "Don't try and pretend you're not a sult! Whore! Tramp! Filthy vermin who will burn in the PIT FOR ALL ETERNTIY!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I think it's cute!>
Quote 6641
<Qa`a^> "No, I didn't call you a whore, I called you fat."
<AlcarGM> She raises her hand to slap Sara, hard :p
* Qa`a^ takes out jane's handy tool of goodness
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Sara: <What are you DOING?!>
<Qa`a^> <Don't worry I won't hurt her...>
<AlcarGM> Sara's mother blinks in shock as her daughter draws a switchblade on her. "HONOUR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <You better not! I'd hate to try and get a blood stain out of my clothing!>
<Qa`a^> <I'll replace them...>
<Qa`a^> "I'm sorry I can't hear you over all the yelling."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I wish I had popcorn!>
<AlcarGM> Sara;'s Mother: "You WILL put that away this instant! I have had ENOUGH of you, and your serving of Satan!"
<Qa`a^> "Who?" >=)
Quote 6642
<Qa`a^> "Perhaps I could eat some of that fat..."
<AlcarGM> She slaps you, unless you avoid it or something :p
* Qa`a^ takes it
* Qa`a^ grins
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Ow!>
<Qa`a^> "Bite me."
Quote 6643
<Qa`a^> "So now you're going to kill me? Murder's a sin. You wouldn't go through with it."
<AlcarGM> Sara's Mother glares at .. well.. Sara, her eyes burning with hate. "Get out. Get out and never come back you filthy sinner!"
<Qa`a^> "I don't think god would like it if you kicked your own flesh and blood out, simply for pointing out your gluttony."
<AlcarGM> She slams the door, hard.
* Qa`a^ licks the blood from her lips
<Qa`a^> "That went well."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Mom?> silence for a second, then <Wow. That was cool! I want to do it again!>
Quote 6644
<AlcarGM> An older woman, about 60 or os, is standing there. "Sara?" she says, looking hesitant.
<Qa`a^> "Uhm.. Yes."
<AlcarGM> She looks nervous. "I .. couldn't help overhearing .... your mother .. well...." she trails off, good breeding conflicting with what she'd like to say. "You can stay at my place, if you wish, tonight."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <oh! Mrs. Colgate makes great food!>
<Qa`a^> <who?>
<AlcarGM> Sara: <She's nice! But she doesn't want sex!>
<Qa`a^> <Ofcourse she doesn't, she's... old... Crap! I'm turning into you> "Thank you for the offer, but I would hate to burden you."
Quote 6645
<AlcarGM> Okay, you go to sleep in mrs .Colgates out. Oddly, you don't waken during the night with a powerful desire for sex, but you do have rather strong dreams about two young men with pure black eyes having sex and melding together in the darkness that is speaking to them....
<Chaos`^> that's just fukin 'wrong
<alcar> which? :p
<alcar> Oh, well. Neither of them is hugh! Though your pc doesn't know that :)
<Chaos`^> well still the description is really gross
Quote 6646
<alcar> oh! That reminds me. I meant to research hoew they did laundry in the middle ages for it..
<alcar> hrm, I think it was just dunk into water and scrub....
<Baliadoc> i thought they pressed it with stones, too. or was that some other culture?
<alcar> hmm.That would make sense.
<Baliadoc> i think they did something with stones that involved their clothes. maybe it was just pelt heretics and infidels.
<Baliadoc> ... who were wearing clothes.
<alcar> "My god, you're stoning that woman to death!" We're doing the laundry."
<Baliadoc> i like the idea that the church invented stoning because it was damn efficient. kill your heretics, press your clothes. the blood stains will just add to your fright value.
<alcar> and blood wahes out best in cold water, which makes a good use for the witches who survive being stoned.
<alcar> "Is she sinking yet?"
<alcar> "Tell her not to mix the colours with the whites this time."
Quote 6647
* alcar may have to put the alien mafia invasion on hold.
<WarezBert> what kinda profit is there in a backwaters planet like earth?
<WarezBert> drug export?
<WarezBert> slave trade?
<WarezBert> soul trade?
<WarezBert> viral idea breeding?
<alcar> WarezBert - sex! err . .wait. Not 4 colour.....
<WarezBert> how about idea viruses :p
<WarezBert> earth as a center for alien experimentation in meme warfare :p
<WarezBert> wait, thats more plausible for the real world...
<WarezBert> lol
<alcar> "What, you [untranslatable] thought McDonalds succeeded on its own?!"
Quote 6648
<AlcarGM> Ginger Holepepepper: "This is our career, and it is more important to me, and my husband, than your stupidity. You want to examine it, you go do that. We're busy," in a voice that could strip paint.
* Victor turns to the government agents
<Victor> "you have problems with what exactly, the fact that a real problem, the nanite suit is destroyed? that the primary victim survived? that a basket case was given superpowers?"
<Victor> "get over it. more basket cases have superpowers than you have points of iq, collectively."
<Victor> "so wrap up this blame game"
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> The MIBs say nothing. Ginger just *glares* at you. "You. Are not helping our case. Leave."
Quote 6649
<AlcarGM> Dexter follows outside. <I thought Wayne's mind was disturbing. I think Reed could discect us, and not even realise we're people. Everything is a ... thing, to him.>
<Victor> <relax, eventually some girl will change that... hopefully>
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <He'd probably take notes.>
Quote 6650
* Linda`^ closes that after requesting higher access, and goes to the even more powerful program... google
* AlcarGM laughs.
<AlcarGM> Whatcha looking for? :[p
<Linda`^> trans-demensional vortex's
<AlcarGM> you find a LOT about star trek :p
* Linda`^ does a search on trans-demensional vortex -star -trek
<Linda`^> =p
<AlcarGM> Okay... there's a lot that's, well, science fiction. A few papers by Stephen Hawking you can't even begin to make heads or tails of, and not much else.
* Linda`^ looks up effects of adding energy to a demensional door
<AlcarGM> most of the theories on that result in explosions a la Babylon 5 warp gates :p
* Linda`^ is silent for a moment staring at her screen
* Linda`^ sighs and -babylon
<AlcarGM> Okay. You find more Hawking, and the rest just pseudo scientific silliness that basically says no one has a damn clue :p
Quote 6651
<AlcarGM> The illuminati doesn't exist.
<Linda`^> oh i'm sorry
<Linda`^> illuminati
* Linda`^ does a search on them too
* AlcarGM points to previous comment :p
<Linda`^> is void a part of the illuminati? I mean... because a void is something that isn't...
<Linda`^> oooooh!
<Linda`^> that's good!
Quote 6652
<AlcarGM> The building is a large Factory, about twi stories tall on the outside. The front door is metal, with alarm system, and there is a parking lot.
<AlcarGM> it's brick, functional, and has windows up rather high for light.
<Victor> [its no fortress of solitude, but its a start :p]
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "This used to be a clothing factory, but it closed down two years ago. Solid construction, large cement basement, and state of the art security system put in by the Fab Four a year ago. They were a super team that bought it, but they broke up due to having two alpha males."
Quote 6653
* Johnny turns to Ms. Broughlie, "Also, do we have military support if things get too hairy?"
* Baliadoc has joined #game1
* Snapshot Quit (Ping timeout)
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> shakes her head. "There is very little the military could do that I doubt the 9 of you could."
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Tho they can resist pinging out more than Snapshot."
* Snapshot has joined #game1
* Victor frantically starts repairing the fourth wall
Quote 6654
<Victor> "We are the new owners"
<Victor> "please direct us through the security setup process"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Please stand still." A pause. "Identities added to matrx. Security system consists of non-lethal defense systems, including tasers, paintballs, electrical prods, nerve glass, and nerf weapons."
<Victor> "non lethal nerve gas?"
<Johnny> "Right, then, first question, Magi, do you have any qualms about deactivating yourself or hard wiping yourself if your existence or presence threatens the team and/or base?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "In addition to those and genetic scanning, the building is equipped with darts, sonic baffles, other forms of gas, and a more traditional alarm to the local precincts." A pause. "Of course not. But I am programmedto never pose a threat to any of you."
<Johnny> "Good to have that out of the way, then."
<Victor> [stop giving alcar ideas! he has too many already! alcar, drink some booze. kill brain cells! :p]
* Johnny watches too much space odyssey, it seems :P
<AlcarGM> (( I *was* going to name it Skynet initally :) ))
<Victor> [that would have been an expensive paperweight after my char accidentally crushed its programmable matrix :p]
Quote 6655
<AlcarGM> Darren looks around, then shrugs. "How do we get furniture, and stuff?"
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Government expense account." She hands each of you a credit card! It's white. "Only order what you think you'll need. You will have to jstify your expense claims to accountants as a certain point."
<AlcarGM> (( *whistles innnocently* ))
<Johnny> "So.... no pinball machines?"
<AlcarGM> (( Chaos can fill you all in on the accountants :p ))
<Linda`^> (( I refuse to, though. It's a bad memory. ))
<Linda`^> (( I seem to recall losing an ear ))
Quote 6656
<Linda`^> "Dex, don't think at me while i'm being scanned."
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Scan complete."
<Johnny> "Its genetic encoded."
<Linda`^> "Exactly!"
<Johnny> "I don't think dex thinking at you would affect that."
<Johnny> "At least I hope not."
<AlcarGM> Dexter rolls his eyes.
* Johnny gives Dex the ebil eyes :P
Quote 6657
<Linda`^> "Magi, what's the CIA AI's name?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Magi, of course. I just explained that. I'm a detached node."
<Linda`^> "How Ironic."
<Johnny> (it would be great if the AI's name was actually 'classified' that way, it could give a truthful answer, and always seem to be evasive :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> (( ROFL ))
Quote 6658
* Johnny snaps his fingers :P
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> nods to Linda.
<AlcarGM> (( The GM looks at Johnny warily ))
<Johnny> "So... who is Inkblot anyways?"
* Johnny to linda :P
<Linda`^> "He thinks someone else killed seeker."
<Johnny> (common sense isn't psychic powers, alcar :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Given some people I know, I might beg to differ :p ))
<Johnny> (although in some comics it is! XD)
<Linda`^> "Though seeker isn't dead."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Say what?"
<Johnny> "he thinks someone else killed seeker... but he's not dead?"
<Johnny> "How's that work?"
<Linda`^> "Well, perhaps he doesn't know seeker isn't dead."
Quote 6659
* Victor gets some absolutely transparent cutlery, plates, and glasses, just so he can freak people out even more when he eats invisibly
<Victor> [invisible chef stronger than iron chef! :p]
Quote 6660
<kentari> If we can finish by 1 AM EST, I'm down w/ it
<kentari> I can make due with 6 hours sleep ;p
<Chaos`^> we can't dood
<Chaos`^> when have u known us to game for only 3 hours?
<kentari> hmm
<kentari> uhm
<kentari> good point
Quote 6661
<Victor> or give myself a power penetration power
<Victor> to get thru those annoying defensive powers
<AlcarGM> that's the point OF said powers :P
<Linda`^> just start pouring them in dood
<Victor> yea i know
<Victor> but if i get a power specifically to go thru their defensive abilities
<Victor> itll be like getting to the soft gooey part of the clam
<Victor> hehe
* AlcarGM chuckles
<Linda`^> you do that with a clam knife fool!
* Victor gets a special ability called "clam shucking"
<Victor> :p
<Johnny> good thing I got reinforced invulnerability :P
<Victor> hehe
<Linda`^> we'll call it johnny shucking
Quote 6662
<Johnny> and yeah, chaos, whats you're exp total so far?
<Johnny> because if your anywhere near creason, thats pretty damn high :P
<Linda`^> 52!
<Johnny> what did he have, 74? :P
<Victor> crazy
<Victor> how many games did i miss?
<Linda`^> where the hell did he get 74!?!?
<Johnny> extra contributions, more than likely
<Johnny> but I think he's the highest
<AlcarGM> Is a joke after I put his one quote about exp in spark :P
<Linda`^> no he hardly contributed anything
<Johnny> well
<Johnny> don't be hatin :P
<Linda`^> i'm not hating
<Linda`^> i'm just saying
<Linda`^> it had to be from somewhere else =p
<Linda`^> like maybe he plays every night with alcar
Quote 6663
<Johnny> "Plus, if the place gets found out, we can hold charity events."
<Linda`^> "Well, we have some real furnature comming in, so we have to move all of this for the next luou."
<Johnny> "I was counting on rela furniture, actually, this is all supplement."
<Victor-> "who, exactly, is benny?"
* Johnny points out the big empty spaces :P
<AlcarGM> Nell grins. "Charity events would be interesting. How many heroes do charity stuff? It could be a new fad. Unless villains attack."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Some super who designs costumes and does interior decoration."
<Linda`^> "Which is why no superheros do charity stuff."
<Johnny> "Interesting idea, though, none the less."
<AlcarGM> Dexter ;<Depends on the charity. We could do a fundraiser for the terminally ill. That way if villains attack and kill them it won't be a loss.>
Quote 6664
<Linda`^> "What are you guys drinking?"
<Johnny> "Its fruit sodomizer 5000, it'll take your fruit to prison, and make it your bitch."
* Linda`^ shakes her head and sighs
<Johnny> (zomg, j/k :P)
<Linda`^> "I'm going to go change and do... hero stuff for a while... Maybe it'll take my mind off of things."
<Johnny> "Its the new juicer, and fresh produce."
Quote 6665
<Victor-> yay! new members!
<Victor-> the four colors version of taking along some random extras on an awway mission on star trek! aka cannon fodder
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> except they don't die
<AlcarGM> much :p
Quote 6666
* Johnny hands Nell a pad of paper, "Well, see if you can contact anyone, we're going fiching for talent."
<Johnny> (fishing)
<sparkie> Like being dead, but having the additional problem of being alive to experience it
<Linda`^> (( ROFLMAO!! ))
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Ranking system is idiosyncratic. Accessing. Indetermidate, due to insufficient data on Arbiters. Preliminary output, Johnny."
<Linda`^> "And his rank?"
* Johnny pbbbbbths
<AlcarGM> (( ... thank you Sparkie. ))
<AlcarGM> magi: "7"
<Johnny> "I hate ranks, seriously."
Quote 6667
<Linda`^> "Dex can't do anything, his mind is sealed tighter than ((Johnny's ass when he's constipated ewwwwww!)) fort knox."
<Johnny> (when your muscles can powder steel, and your tissue can't be dammaged, constipation is rarely an issue :P)
<Victor-> [unstoppable power, immovable object :p]
<AlcarGM> (( lets not go there :p ))
<Victor-> [just remember not to eat any invulnite johnny :p]
Quote 6668
* Johnny goes over to his backpack and starts unpacking his brand new invulnite mesh suit :P
<Johnny> (since, well, plates tend to shatter under megastrength strikes :P)
Quote 6669
<Johnny> this one is mostly mesh with token large plates on the legs, arms, and the shoulderpads and helmet
<Niche> you will just use spray paint :p
<Johnny> see, even spray paint can get boiled off by a volcano :P
<Niche> hmm
<Niche> maybe just boxers
<Niche> it is 4 color
<Niche> underwear is invulnerable
<Niche> by default
* Linda`^ nods to Niche
<Linda`^> He has a point
<Niche> so just wear a costume of bras and panties sewed together
Quote 6670
<Johnny> see, johnny's pants are protected by the 4color laws themselves
<Linda`^> ROFLMAO!!!
<Niche> i just got a great idea for body armor!
<Niche> hehe
<Linda`^> THat would be so fucking funny!
<Johnny> which is why the hulk never gets too big for his pants :P
<Linda`^> I AM... UNDERMAN!
<Johnny> underdog
<Linda`^> LOL!
<Johnny> he has canine like powerz :P
<Niche> by the mighty trunks of thor! i will destroy you!
<Johnny> zomg
<Johnny> I'm so writing him up :P
Quote 6671
<Johnny> a super hero team
<Johnny> the victorian avengers
<Johnny> all underwear related :D
<Johnny> with some crazy bitch called brasnap :P
<AlcarGM> Calvin & Klein. "But . .it's not my underwear. It's a stuffed animal."
<Niche> i would be the superhero
<Johnny> she mades the elastic pester you FOREVER!
<Linda`^> speaking of victorian did you know way back when they didn't change their clothes for like 2 weeks!?
<Niche> wearing the rubber ducky pool flotation device
<Niche> as underwear
<Niche> and flip flops
Quote 6672
<AlcarGM> And something very large floats down out of the sky, like a flying saucer from a 50's B movie ..exxcept it's about 2 miles across, and silent.
* Niche eeps
<Linda`^> "Found it!"
<Johnny> "Ah, crap, I need some binoculars...."
<Linda`^> "Dex, how many are in there?"
* Johnny peers intently :P
* Niche goes to johnny
<Niche> "congratulations, you are chosen as anti-aircraft ammunition!"
<AlcarGM> it's cold and metallic looking and definitely white.
* Niche picks up johnny by the feet and starts airplaning him, working up some good velocity
<Linda`^> "Don't shoot it down ontop of the city... We need to get IN it and take it out into space again."
<Johnny> "Good, its not the mennonite aliens."
<Niche> [hehe... johnny is by now used to my throwing him at stuff]
<Linda`^> "Ideas?"
* Johnny starts slowing down, as he becomes immoveable :P
<Niche> "my idea is i throw johnny, then *urg* heavy! thats mean!"
* Niche drops Johnny
Quote 6673
<Johnny> "Geez, I don't mind being the weapon, we just need a plan first."
<Linda`^> "Tell him to come back here, then!"
<Johnny> "Tell him to get back down here, then."
<Niche> "my idea was to throw johnny up, then throw the rest of you through the hole he makes..."
<Linda`^> "It's a good idea, but dex won't make the fall... We'll have to go together..."
<Niche> "and throw the last person with a lot of rope"
<Johnny> "If you can get me up and on top of the thing, I can maybe punch a hole in if from the top."
<Niche> "so i can climb up"
Quote 6674
<AlcarGM> Voice: "The Grtl'niq does not surrender. It is not our way. You will be eterminated. Even the Royden cannot evade out craft forever, and more are being brought from below. We will not be defeated."
<Johnny> "Well, how about parley?"
<Johnny> "You chose a major community center for your invasion."
<Johnny> "First off, I must ask, will your terraforming destroy earths natural ecosystem, or is it all structural?"
<Johnny> "This is the US, we take immigrants all the time, you just have to go through the proper channels."
<Johnny> "Which you have not."
* Johnny shakes his head :P
Quote 6675
<AlcarGM> After 20 minutes you've basically recovered everyone who was still alive. You're covered in dirt, dust, and a reporter thrusting a microphone into your (linda's) face and saying "WKLY news! DWhat are you thoughts on this tragic day and could it have been avertted by foresight?" really don't help things.
* Niche walks up to the reporter, grabs his reporting gear, tosses it into a rubble pile and says in a very angry voice
<Niche> "get to work. people are hurt. help them."
<AlcarGM> The reporter glares at Niche. "Freedom of the press, you .. hero! Don't thinky you mcan hide the deaths your reckless actions have caused!"
* Linda`^ whipes the dirt from her forehead smiling at the reporter coyly and shrugging
Quote 6676
<Linda`^> you know who we need right now!?
<Johnny> and the border patrol? :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<Linda`^> Alcar please tell me he's going to show up!
<AlcarGM> lol! Yeah. He kinda has to. To deport Victor!
<Linda`^> HAHAHA!!
<Linda`^> Stop eating up all of our food Niche!
* Niche hides in a chinese smuggling tunnel:p
Quote 6677
* Johnny starts marching towards the big pink thing :P
<Johnny> "Last chance."
<AlcarGM> The walls of the ship turn transparent.. there's now a good dozen craft around the mther ship, including the one you ruined. Darren is just trying to avoid getting hit like mad now :P
<AlcarGM> Voice: "The Way will be served," placidly.
<Johnny> "I know you use a communal intelligence."
<AlcarGM> 4 spidersconverve, firing at you from all directions ot pin you to the spot :)
<Johnny> <DEX! Find me the gooey center!>
* Johnny starts up the unmoveability and the juggernaut routine and just keeps going
<Johnny> "Cthulhu, f'tagh, eraghin, Oh lord of the sea, I offer you a race of people from the sea in the sky..."
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Johnny> and zomg j/k :P
Quote 6678
* Niche calls Ms. Broughlie
<AlcarGM> She answers after the firt ring. "Broughlie here."
<AlcarGM> Dexter nods. <I .... wait. I think I'm getting something ...... oh. He's coming ... down .... through orbit.... that should hurt.>
<Niche> "i know you're busy, just want to get in touch, see if we can get some air transport. we need to get our telepath up high, see if he can make contact with two of our members"
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Hmm. We could arrange for high-altitue helicopter. Five minutes."
<Niche> "situation might be changing as we speak, give me a moment"
<AlcarGM> Dexter; <Above. High up. Uhm. If he crashes... won't that be bad?>
<Linda`^> "Yes, where is he going to land!?"
<Niche> "broughlie. is incoming fast from orbit, we need some sort of crash pad or diverting idea... if you have a sam or something we could hit him with, we need to make sure he doesnt land on anything important"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Uhm .... close. A few blocks west .. I think. Awesome Man directed him.>
<Niche> "arr, i'll just figure it out here. sorry for wasting your time, i'm new at this."
<Niche> *click*
<Niche> [jeeze, i just seem to prank her every time lol]
Quote 6679
* Niche starts clearing people out of the approximate impact zone, if any
<Niche> [if any people that is]
<AlcarGM> Johnny lands down from orbit ....... into Linda's shield, which holds since he was trying NOT to become a really big crater and end the game on one hell of a bang :P
* Johnny smacks the shield just about as hard as any other falling body made 70% of water would hit the earth at after reaching terminal velocity for a non streamlined object :P
<Linda`^> (( My shield is slightly elastic, fwiw, much like silly putty! and just as malliable if I want it to be! ;) ))
* Johnny sits there steaming for a bit before sitting up
<AlcarGM> NBiche manages to get some kids who had been playing unsupervised wihile aliens invaded away from the park (and while there is no parental neglect laws covering that, there probably should be)
Quote 6680
<Johnny> "I rode the ship up there, it was in retreat mode, it was a drone ship, sent to take records."
<Johnny> "Dex put me in contact with Darren, and Darren helped shotgun me past the sheilds into the core of the ship."
<Johnny> "I applied the air brakes, and then had a wonderful conversation with a hive of malevolent world conquering spiders."
<Johnny> "After they disagreed with our immigration laws, I dismantled their core, and forced their ship into reentry."
<Johnny> "Then I fell."
Quote 6681
<Johnny> johnny spreads himself out like a good little paratrooper :P
<Johnny> if your guaranteed to survive the fall, then you can make the landing pretty soft if you have a high wind resistance, and you weight around 200 lbs tops
<AlcarGM> tho the GM half wishes he'd forgot, because a PC crashing down from orbit and destroying the city and campaign would have been too funny as a way to go :P
<Johnny> I'm smert :P
<AlcarGM> "Oh, yes. We had a game. It ended when a PC turned the city into a pancake."
<Fennec> :)
<Fennec> more campaigns should end like that.
<Niche> no problem.
<Niche> just scale up the pcs 1000x
<Niche> :p
<Niche> pancake cities all over the place
Quote 6682
* Johnny tries not to think too much about how he just killed millions of other life forms today :P
* Johnny drinks his smoothie instead :P
Quote 6683
<Johnny> "Just worry about the time you kill a whole lot of people you could have saved, or were worth saving."
<Johnny> "THen you can cry about it."
<Victor> "well, i'm off to home, sleepy. talk to you all tommorrow, or sooner if more aliens invade"
* Johnny waves Victor off
<AlcarGM> Darren nods. "Yeah." He grins at Johnny. "Thanks."
<Victor> "and remember.... sometimes the right thing to do is anything. and the worst thing to do is agonize over your choices"
Quote 6684
<Amaya> OMG YES:
<Amaya> " The Roleplayer: This was a mage character whose paradigm consisted of "I'm in a role-playing game! We all have players back in the real world that are controlling us." Of course, he didn't consider himself to be part of of WoD, but D&D. He decided that he was a D&D wizard, complete with spell memorization, magic missile, and experience levels. It was a nightmare."
<Amaya> There's something to be said for a WoD mage suddenly yelling MAGIC MISSILE!
Quote 6685
<AlcarGm> Okay. It is current afternoon at PC-HQ-In-Need-Of-A-Real-Name. An alien invasion has been defeated, the PCs are bona fide heroes, much of downtown was subjected to aggressive urban renewal and the press are demanding explanations about a) what the threat was and b) if concentrating all the attackers on you was really a good thing for the city
<AlcarGm> there is also c), but most of the press is ignoring one member demanding to know if cookies are involves and refusing to carry a microphone because "they might eat it"
Quote 6686
<AlcarGm> And, just so Mitch knows, HQ has been decorated in a hawaiian theme. We have palm trees (and lots of other plants), hammocks, bamboo, a tiki bar and the gods only know what else, pending the arrival of real furniture Linda ordered. It's purple.
* Linda`^ is busy at a dark purple desk in the corner pulling a crystal out of a lead box and puting a multimeter on both ends
<Mitch`> "Wow."
<Mitch`> "Its like a monster that vomits furniture invaded.."
Quote 6687
* Mitch` walks up to the crystal and Linda! :P "Whatchya up to?" And flashes his Sears smile
<Linda`^> "Uhm... The spider things had these as like.. brains I think..."
<Mitch`> "What is it with you and brains?"
<Linda`^> "what do you mean?"
<AlcarGm> (( Linda: "Of course I have one! I'm not Blonde Grrl!" ))
<Mitch`> "I mean you had that friend that ate brains.."
<Mitch`> "You seem to have a special brain, yourself.."
<Mitch`> "And now you are playing with alien brains"
<Mitch`> "Its like, your theme or something. You know?"
Quote 6688
* Linda`^ grabs one of the smaller cyrstals "Hey mitch, c'mere I wanna try something."
<Mitch`> "... O.. k.."
* Mitch` approaches, nervously.
<Mitch`> "What are you going to do?"
* Linda`^ breaks it and takes a small piece and hands it to mitch "Put that in your ear or something... maybe it'll crawl inside and fill up all that empty space."
* Mitch` does so.
<Mitch`> "Waht are these, anyway?"
<Linda`^> "Taste this one too."
<Linda`^> "I already told you, they're spider brains."
* Mitch` almost dies just after placing one piece in his mouth.
<Mitch`> "Are you trying to KILL ME?!"
Quote 6689
<AlcarGm> you can hear them ... buzzing noises . .words in a language you've never heard . .talking to you . .whispering ..they make no much sense. And you're hungry, and she looks like food....
<AlcarGm> or ... not ;P
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGm> but Mitch trying to explain why he ate Linda would be .. interesting.
Quote 6690
* Mitch` blinks.
<Mitch`> "Hey, Linda..."
* Mitch` looks left, then right.
* Mitch` then puts the shard back in his ear. >:D
<Mitch`> "Did you get a haircut, or something?"
<AlcarGm> (( rofl. I *was* joking :p ))
<Mitch`> ((aww :P))
<Mitch`> ((*is rolling with it* :P))
<AlcarGm> (( *shakes his head* ))
Quote 6691
<Linda`^> "Mitch must just be screwing with me... Do me a favor and throw some nerf at him."
<AlcarGm> Magi: "The security systems aren't meant to used unless needed," reproachfully.
<Linda`^> "I'll reload you with as much nerf as you want. For what it's worth I don't think they'd actually work against a real intruder..."
<Linda`^> unless they were ALIEN SANTA CLAUSES!!
<AlcarGm> Magi: "They do against humans."
<AlcarGm> (( hehhee ))
<AlcarGm> (( wondered if someone'd guess that one :p ))
Quote 6692
<Johnny> "What have we learned about dealing with fifth dimensional beings so far?"
<Mitch`> "That's funny. It didn't mess me up at all.."
* Mitch` shrugs a bit, "Maybe Dexter's just sensitive to these things."
<Mitch`> "I thought you weren't seeing him anymore, Linda!"
<Mitch`> "Or her or whatever!"
<Linda`^> "They're rather nice."
<Mitch`> "Until they EAT YOU."
<Linda`^> "He won't eat me."
<Mitch`> "How do you know?"
<Mitch`> "You look good enough to eat to me!"
<Mitch`> "I mean."
* Mitch` just rolls his eyes. :P
Quote 6693
<Johnny> "They. Are also responsible for the deaths of a number of people now."
<Mitch`> "Yeah! How do we know that thing isn't a big time murderer?"
<Johnny> "You gotta tell your friend, argh, that he's got to go back home."
<Mitch`> "Before we all end up liking purple!"
* Mitch` laughs, lightly, trying to make the situation a littlel ess tense with humor!
* Johnny 's eyes widen
<Johnny> 'It all fits now!"
* Johnny :P's
Quote 6694
<Mitch`> "But, in all seriousness."
<Mitch`> "You have a gooey, fleshy brain, Linda."
<Mitch`> "To things that aren't human.. that is a delicious treat."
* Linda`^ is staring blankly at mitch
<Mitch`> "Remember that, and be careful!"
<Mitch`> "Wait. no ..."
<Mitch`> "It didn't get your brain already, did it?"
Quote 6695
<Linda`^> "It's fine in the basement, nobody ever comes down here except for the boxes."
<Linda`^> "He's not really an alien, he's from another dimension."
<Mitch`> "Its also fine ON ANOTHER DIMENSION"
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Oh." She thinks about that. "Was that in the classified ... .ad ... okay. You're not joking..."
<Mitch`> "If it isn't from the US of A, it is an alien!"
<Mitch`> "Remember that!"
Quote 6696
<Johnny> "It still almost wrecked Dex's head!"
<Linda`^> "It's fine don't worry about me."
<Johnny> "he doesn't come with a warranty, you know."
<Linda`^> "You guys need to worry about yourselves, because if you were to actually LOOK at him you'd go insane."
Quote 6697
<Linda`^> "Then stay out of the basement!"
<Linda`^> "The basement is off limits from now on except to me and dex!"
<Linda`^> "That's too damned bad!"
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Guys? That's calm down and think about this...."
<Mitch`> "You can't think about it! Your brain will melt into GOO."
<Mitch`> "That's why Linda can befriend it. BEcause SHE HAS NO THOUGHT PROCCESS!"
Quote 6698
<Mitch`> "A rock has a stronger psychological defense than a human!"
<Mitch`> "Besides, what if we're hosting a chairty ball or something.."
<Linda`^> "Which is why rocks never go insane l ike you are right now!"
<Mitch`> "And your little friend decides it wants to munch on some brains?!?!"
<Johnny> "We can build it a room down here, or something."
<Johnny> "I just want to keep it from making anyone else go insane, personally."
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Exactly. Or only send politicians down here. it could develop a phobia of brains from them."
<Johnny> "Its cruel to starve something, Nell!"
Quote 6699
<Linda`^> "HE is not a pet."
<Mitch`> "Are you guys in one of those weird bondage relationships or something?!"
* Mitch` shivers. :P With anger!
<AlcarGm> Nell: "let's continue this ..upstairs.. in some light? AND CALM DOWN?"
<Linda`^> "He has an inferiority complex, and I'm only making him happy!"
<Johnny> 'The more important question, though, is where is it now!?"
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<WarezBert> a sentient disease that tries to help people?
<alcar> WarezBert . .windows?
<WarezBert> hehe
<WarezBert> yah
<WarezBert> oh wait
<WarezBert> a superhero operating system!
* WarezBert would give his soul..... lol
<alcar> SOS
<alcar> bad name.