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Quote 6501
<AlcarGM> A voice.. from the crowd? loutside it? the playdoh? whispers through the room. "Messenger . .are you the soul...?"
* Creason watches from the door, somewhat stupefied by what's going on.
<Mitch`> "Uhm ... "
* Mitch` waits to see if this works before tackling that question. :P
<AlcarGM> Darren stands by Creason, looking rather wary.
<AlcarGM> No reaction Mitch. They all just stare at you .....
<Creason> "He's going to wake them up, they're going to go crazy, and I'm going to have to go on crowd control while a telepath beats the crap out of my mind. This is going to be great."
<Mitch`> "The Soul is The Soul."
<Mitch`> "To ponder beyond that is to INVITE ITS WRATH."
* Mitch` shakes the play-doh, to illustrate the scariness of wrath.
<AlcarGM> Crowd-voice: "Tekeli-li Tekeli-li...." over and over....
<Mitch`> "ARGH! Stop! That's freaky! Just go back to singing."
<Mitch`> ".. But sing something by Styx."
Quote 6502
<Mitch`2> Dude that was messed up on all kinds of levels
<Mitch`2> I'm going to be scared at circle time tomorrow with the kindergarteners
Quote 6503
* Johnny stops at the playdoh mound, though, and picks it up :P
* Johnny proceeds to move around to everyone and break off a hunk and hand some portion of it to everyone
<Johnny> (assuming they take it :P)
<Mitch`> "This is deplorable."
* Mitch` gasps at Johnny
<Mitch`> "You just ruined the hivemind! Or something!"
<Mitch`> "Do you even understand the play-doh?!"
Quote 6504
* Creason proceeds to squeeze through, and tries to open the door from the other side... unless he's attacked to death :)
* Johnny waits for creason to work his mojo before he forces the door
* Creason REALLY tries to open the door now
<AlcarGM> Johnny rends his way through the door. ... on the other side, a hallway, wide. IN the middle of it Nell, tied up, unconscious. Around her, some .. circle? ... drawn in symbols that you can't look at without your head hurting, and don't make sense - or make too much sense. Moving around the circle is a woman who looks a bit like Nell, older, skin sagging. .and eyeslike a strill, dark night,m eyes that have looked right into Hell.
<AlcarGM> Creason helps from his end, rather desperate :p
<Mitch`2> "God damnit.. this is not what we need right now."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What. The. Hell?!"
* Mitch`2 pulls out the gun he "borrowed" and just shoots the woman. In the arm. :P
<Mitch`2> ((well.. no.. that's not 4 color :P))
<AlcarGM> (( you think? :p ))
<Mitch`2> ((I am beginning to feel the limitations of this genre! :P))
Quote 6505
<AlcarGM> The woman blinks as Creason tries to stop her and smiles, so sweetly it's even more scary than the chanting she was doing. "it's too late, dear. I opened the door. The sins of the father musn't be passed down."
* Mitch` rolls his eyes, a little. :P
<Mitch`2> "Lady .."
<AlcarGM> Johnny - a few cracks emerge, going through the circle. The cracks.. begin to glow with a sickly green light....
<Creason> "Ma'am, you can't kill her! That's just not right!"
<Mitch`2> ".. Pro-Choice has a statute of limitations."
<AlcarGM> Nell's mother doens't seem to hear you, if she even can anymore... "It was so dark.. so I let the light in.... so bright..... like a ... star....." For a moment,she almost seems to see you, then smiles .. "Nice doggy. Tindy .. wants to play?" to somehting no one else can see
Quote 6506
<alcar> and if you think having your father be a big time villain and your mother driven so insane by daddy that she becomes a cthulhu cultst is weird.. Nell is just an NPC. Imagine what I have planned for pcs via backgrounds :P
<alcar> Hm. I doubt the last will help get Tass to finish his pc :p
<Baliadoc> rofl
<Baliadoc> i am worried ;)
Quote 6507
<Chaos`^> Oh! your character is going to be quizzed about the jedi code too... =p might wanna look it up, just in case, it's in the players handbook under... The jedi code
<Chaos`^> it's under the force subsection 'the jedi'
<alcar> can I just make things up instead?
* alcar could quote zarathustra!
<Chaos`^> ah no
<Chaos`^> 'cause that'll get you killed bad!! =p
<Chaos`^> or not
<Chaos`^> Just remember, there is no emotion; there is peace and the rest will come t you... or not
<Chaos`^> that's all you need to remember about the code, is tht first quote
<Chaos`^> it's a little oath/poem/stupid thing
<alcar> I have my version of it.
<alcar> There is no emotion; there are emoticons. There is no ignorance; there is /ignore. There is no passion; there is trolling. There is no death; there is the /quit.
<Chaos`^> I've got that lightsaber construction book i sent you and we'll start doing that as well
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> That's funny!
Quote 6508
<alcar> damn it. I hate having to read the jedi code. It makes me want to kill someone.
* alcar keeps mentally ticking off "propaganda"
<alcar> "The Jedi who heeds not the council of the Force, to the dark side listens" .. uh, but the Force is composed of BOTH sides. *ding* Nice try, but you lose.
<Alicia> Yeah, that is a little messed up
<alcar> so the jedi code is nothing more than propaganda to get people to use the Light side, but that's wrong since the force is BOTH sides, in harmony.
<alcar> but due to the lies they're fed, neither side'll see that
<alcar> my PC shall point that out, if only to drive Chaos nuts :p
Quote 6509
* alcar sighs. I should have made my PC smarter. She's too nice to say things like "So, us subjective people will come up with an objective view?"
<kentari> It is my beleif that an objective VIEW can never exist
<kentari> objective means no conclusions are drawn
<kentari> the closest you could get is logic :P
<Alicia> I like logic
<Alicia> ...
* Alicia CRIES at the thought of Jedi Spock
<alcar> ooh Alicia! Thank you! That should have been my pc :p
<alcar> turn the Enterprise all into jedi.
<alcar> That would rock.
<kentari> that's what I would have made
Quote 6510
<Chaos`GM^> "I believe it is you who requires shelter."
<Chaos`GM^> He opens the door that is a few meters off the ground and walks into the ship "come in, I have dinner cooking."
<Mrlii> 'Oh!"
* Mrlii follows the kind alien inside, but not before checking the force to be on the safe side, because she's head there's people who eat kushabin
* Mrlii suspects Marii would be really annoyed if she got eaten by mistake
Quote 6511
<Alicia> ... I had a thought, but...
<Alicia> A Will To Power RPG would be plain ridiculous
<Alicia> Unless it's basically Amber
<Alicia> "I make the world explode" <GM> It explodes. What now?
<Marcus_Fenway> <gm> you blow up the planet apparently forgetting your on it... What now ?
<Alicia> Someone made a character... in a superhero game (I think)... who's only power was to destroy the planet
Quote 6512
<Chaos`GM^> "What do you know about sublight engines?"
<Mrlii> "A little bit, but not much. I grew up on lots of ships."
<Chaos`GM^> "Could you reconfigure one?"
<Chaos`GM^> (( He's asking a small rabbit child to reconfigure his sublight engine... ))
Quote 6513
<alcar> well, her name, a pc bckground and stats would be nice :p
<Tass> indeed!
<Tass> but I'm not about to give you enough rope to hang me with, alcar :P
Quote 6514
* Alicia laughs at the idea of having an NPC called "Monster Manuel"
Quote 6515
<Keolah> Random Character: Zabak Smith. Half-Orc Male. Sleek black hair, puke green eyes. Sacrifices babies to walk on water.
Quote 6516
<Keolah> So I was imagining this minotaur guy I had worshipping Kikubaaqudgha.
<Keolah> "I smite thee in the name if Kikubawhatsit!" Kikubaaqudgha seems disinterested.
<Keolah> "I slay thee in the name if Kikuwhateverthehell!" Kikubaaqudgha yawns.
<Keolah> At which point said Minotaur gets frustrated and converts to Zin.
Quote 6517
* Taklinn takes out his Handaxe and chops open the ribcage, then reaches in with his hand to pull the ribs free and sifts through the organs. Next he chops open the scull and pulls out the brain scrambling it around a bit.
<Sin{DM}> Perous wattches Arden and Taklinn with rapt fascination
* Elsiah watches Tak, amused.
* Arden finishes with the bodies, and makes the comment to Elsiah,"All three of the men died by asphyxiation in one form or another."
<Sin{DM}> (dwarven autopsy)
Quote 6518
<arden> "Elsiah, could we have one of shadows priests speak with her spirit?"
<Elsiah> "If she's dead, yes."
<arden> "Well, her body is cold and draws no breath, so I am assuming she is dead."
<Sin{DM}> (maybe I should teach arden not to assume....)
Quote 6519
<Keolah> Random Event: A cutpurse has stolen a horse from the stables.
<Baythan> "cutpurse"
<Keolah> the cutpurse was apparently experimenting in Grand Theft Equine.
Quote 6520
<Keolah> Random Event: A chieftain is found to be having an illicit affair with a intern. They deny any involvement.
<Keolah> lol
Quote 6521
<Keolah> Random Event: A chieftain is found to be having an illicit affair with a cutpurse. The matter is further exacerbated when they're found to be pregnant.
<alcar> ...
<Baythan> they?
<alcar> best not ask.
* alcar assumes elves were involved.
Quote 6522
<Keolah> Random Character: "What is the meaning of life?" Shazmar: "To entertain me." Random character gets drunk in an attempt to forget this.
Quote 6523
<alcar> hm. Running harry potter in UA....
* alcar thinks that would be horribly fun
<alcar> Voldemort could be the Comte de Saint Germain, of course. Dumbledore'd be Alex Abel .... hrm. Ron would grow up to be The Freak....
* alcar stops now.
Quote 6524
<Chaos`GM^> He leaves you to your devices and goes to his cockpit... Do you do anything for the four days you're in space?
* Mrlii tries to contact Marii while meditating :p
<Mrlii> she said we could, so I don't see why I can't from here. Force-mail!
<Mrlii> "You've got .... force!"
Quote 6525
* Mrlii is sure she'll be able to contact Marii when she tries. Optimism bonus for using the force? :p
<Chaos`GM^> I don't think so
Quote 6526
<Chaos`GM^> but I tell you what
<Chaos`GM^> I'll let you roll for it
<Chaos`GM^> affect mind, dc 20
<Mrlii> lol. But .. that means using sparkie!
<Mrlii> d20
<sparkie> Mrlii d20: 7
<Mrlii> See? :p
Quote 6527
<Chaos`GM^> You continue to dig through the rubble, and a few hours later you are finished. YOu have excavated an entire canyon by yourself. A small rabbit...
Quote 6528
<Chaos`GM^> The remnants of the canyon... YOu look around, impressed at yourself, small, insignificant rocks are scattered about. In the distance you see a pair of stone legs... a statue... or it WAS. There seem to be several strewn about. Walls seem to be scattered about, a smaller room here than was up above the cliffs.
<Mrlii> d20+2
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 3(1)
<Mrlii> lol!
<Chaos`GM^> You look around wondering what you should be doing right now... nothing seems to happen for several minutes... Minuts that would normally have been spent doing something telepathically enclined... OR NOT!!!
<Mrlii> Sparkie, leading PCs to the dark side since 1999!
<Chaos`GM^> You see the blue flicker once more
Quote 6529
<Chaos`GM^> This one contains a larger cube, and two more smaller cubes.
<Chaos`GM^> each look unique in their colors and sizes, the large one sticks out as about double the size of the others.
* Mrlii looks for a bag to put them in.
<Chaos`GM^> indeed you do not have one, nor is there one in these ruins.
<Chaos`GM^> but...
<Mrlii> d20+2 !
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 3(1) !
<Mrlii> ....
<Chaos`GM^> oO
<Chaos`GM^> are you serious?
<Chaos`GM^> d20
<sparkie> Chaos`GM^ d20: 18
<Chaos`GM^> huh seems fine to me
<Mrlii> lol
Quote 6530
<Chaos`GM^> None are around. YOur force senses are working perfectly though.
* Mrlii closes the ship and checks out the alien, doing basic first aid that she knows, and then using Heal Other for the rest.
<Chaos`GM^> heh
<Chaos`GM^> I'm evil
<Chaos`GM^> Roll
<Mrlii> d20+2
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 17(15)
<Mrlii> rar!
Quote 6531
<AlcarGM> You manage to move the piano. You're stronger than a normal person, but it's still not that easy. A young girl - 12 years old, all told, is behind it, cowering among other boxes and furniture. You have no idea how she dragged it in fromt of her, but she is definitely a patient and looks very scared.
* Linda`^ kneels down to her "Are you ok?"
<AlcarGM> The girl whimpers, not looking squammous at all, and looks up at you, her wide facre almost gibbous in the light from the light. She gulps a few times, confused. "I - I want to go home," in a small voice. "They're saying the bad words up stairs. The bad, bad words. I can hear them! They're .. calling .... calling the dark gods.. calling..." her eys get wide, as if seeing some horrible thing you cannot imagine "calling them collect."
Quote 6532
<Creason> ((yowza. sorry i'm late.))
<AlcarGM> (( heya. Is okay. Linda is currently trying to savre a Byakee that an insane girl wants to keep as a pet because she's never had a dog before. ))
Quote 6533
<AlcarGM> There is a long pregnant pause, and the creature... unfolds. The cloak some kind of wings.. not leather, nor anuytimng you can think of .. You see ...a creature, a hybrid winged thing... not altogether crow, nor mole, nor buzzard, nor ant, nor decomposed human being, but something you cannot and must not recall.
* Linda`^ stares in awe
<AlcarGM> (( http://home.iprimus.com.au/tarturus/art/byakhee72.jpg and http://www.apocprod.com/Pages/de_aequilibritatis_mundi/SB678_images/byakhee.jpg .. tho the second one rather sucks ))
<AlcarGM> Yo feel something in your mind just ..... refuse to accept it, blanking out what you're seeing and trying to make it more intelligble, more sane.
<AlcarGM> The cloak .. wings .. fold up, covering it again. "I am not . .something you would . .want to save."
<Linda`^> "Why? You seem nice enough. Outward appearances are something I do not judge on."
<AlcarGM> (( ..... sanity. . blasting .. mythos creatures meeets four colour super heroes "You seem nice enough!" ))
<Linda`^> (( He hasn't shown any outward evil =p ))
<AlcarGM> There's no mistaking the sense of disbelief you get. "... Nice....?"
Quote 6534
* AlcarGM grins. This is hborribly fun. I have this horriuble image of the Byakhee in a superhero outfit.
Quote 6535
<Linda`^> "Yes, but you have already said you have been changed."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "But not ... into what. Nor... how."
<AlcarGM> Girl: "I was thinking about pokemon."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I do not know .. that entity."
<Creason> ((hehehehe))
<AlcarGM> (( couldn't resist :p ))
<Linda`^> "It's... A fiction.... They're... Lesser in evil." Trying to explain pokemon...
<Linda`^> (( It was hard to say that last part ))
<Alicia> ( Call of Pokethulhu! )
Quote 6536
<AlcarGM> Okay... you arrive at schol. Classes have ended, and the school is empty except for teachers meetings, band practice, and janitors.
<AlcarGM> (( well, and Creason breaking into homeroom, but that's not important. really. ))
<Creason> ((yeah. all i've done is gone evil. nothin' to see here. move along!))
Quote 6537
* Linda`^ goes to the teacher's hall thing... whatever it's called I forget
<AlcarGM> (( teachers hall? ))
<AlcarGM> It's rather quiet without the students going around .. which is probably good.
<AlcarGM> You mean, like, the staff room?
<Linda`^> YES
<Creason> ((i like the idea of one of those halls with the giant statues of past teachers, and a large throne with a sword of power behind it))
<Linda`^> (( Yes and the person who can pull the sword is destined to become principal... ))
Quote 6538
<AlcarGM> jeeves: "Details. Life is made of ... Oh. Dear me. Hmm. How well did Seeker get along with your team mates?"
<Creason> "Well, he sorta crippled our telepath for a bit, and I think he may be a major contributor to Linda's ulcer levels. Oh, and he drove Wayne insane. I would've liked him, but he was just starting to get mean."
<Creason> "Uh... So let's just say it was bad."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "Ah .. hmm. I see. And, in your opinon, would any of your teammates wish to have hurt Seeker?"
<Creason> "Well, past members, perhaps. I think Wayne's officially quit. He tried to kill all of us."
<Creason> "But I don't think any of the others would... why do you ask?"
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "Because, if the Blot is correct, Seeker has been ... murdered."
Quote 6539
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "Well, you can't very well go walking around in broad daylight," to the creature. "And I assume your .. biology .. involves eating?"
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee just nods.
<Linda`^> "Eating what?"
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "Well. there you have it. You'll have to live in the wild, then. You can't very well get a job, except perhaps as a daytime talk show host." he waves a hand, irritated. "Or as a guinea pig for experimentation, but I suspect that most scientists wouldn't be able to look at you for long without their entire world view collapsing. Cowards."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Blood. Flesh."
* Linda`^ sighs "He may LOOK unatural, but he exists and he has feelings, he can't very well just go out into the middle of nowhere and expect to live! First of all we have to protect him from his enemy."
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "A carnivore, of course," as if you are mentally challenged. You did know the ...." for a moment, he almost hesitates " eye stalks, and suckers. Clearly predator, and the cla .. appendages, are clearly of the carnivorous nature. What do they teach children in school these days about biology?"
Quote 6540
<AlcarGM> Okay.. the scene is a small motel, rather crappy .. one of the suites has been surrounded in police tape, mand a young rooke with a pale gren face who looks like he's going to be sick is standing outside.
<AlcarGM> He practially jumps as you arrive and would wet his trousers, but he seems to have done that earlier. he asks for your name in a quavering voice.
<Creason> "Um... Snapshot. Of the Arbiters. I'm here to help."
* Creason heroically changes nicks!
* Creason is now known as Snapshot
Quote 6541
<AlcarGM> You enter the .... living room. It's rather horrible, but that's mostly because it looks like the inside of several teenagers bedrooms rammed toggether with scatered pizza boxes and needles all over the place.
* Snapshot is thankful he does have your average everyday stomach.
<AlcarGM> There is a kitchenette, but it is rather empty and thee are things growing in the sink that rejmind you of the time your father tried to force grow a petri dish.
<AlcarGM> You can hear someone moving around in the bedroom.
<Snapshot> "He wasn't the cleanest of superhumans..."
* Snapshot heads for the bedroom
<AlcarGM> A low, intense voice says "Rented. One night," from the bedroom and you enter to see Ink Blot, a superhuman you've never met or heard of, looking up from a tarot deck scattered on the bedroom floor. (( http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/hero/inkblot.jpg ))
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "Hrmm." He stands and looks you over curiously. "Rather young for this game."
<Snapshot> ((heh!! Rorshach (sp?)!))
<AlcarGM> Beside him, the bedroom consists of a bed with a rather blurry chalk diagram of two people on it.
<AlcarGM> (( yep :) ))
<Snapshot> ((sweet))
Quote 6542
* Linda`^ nods to the creature "But you can't hide away forever, even a Byahkhee needs companionship!"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "My people are .... gone. I am .. the last of .. .my kind."
<AlcarGM> (( must . .resist... all .. other . .superman .. references..... ))
<Snapshot> ((hehehe))
<Linda`^> "Well, I'm sure we can supliment it."
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee is silent for a very long time.
<kentari> ((It digs you.))
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair seems to actually look at you for the first time. "Well, I do assume it has some kind of reproductive system, but I doubt you'd be compatible."
Quote 6543
<Snapshot> "He thinks he can make our powers go away. I don't think he can stop mine, completely. I needed to put myself into an extreme situation, and crawl out."
* Snapshot looks at Ink Blot
<Snapshot> "But, shouldn't we be worried about, y'know, him being dead? And who did the deading?"
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "I'm questioning suspects," evenly.
<Snapshot> "Oh. Mind if I have a look around?"
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "Yes. Where were you during the last four hours?"
* Snapshot blinks
<Snapshot> "Let's see. I went home from school, and my parents weren't there. So I did a few things there and went out to run some errands. Along the way, I found out that Seeker was dead."
* Snapshot definitely doesn't seem to get it :)
Quote 6544
* Snapshot heads for it, staying low at this point, and slowly stretching around and under display cases, being careful not to move his back much
<AlcarGM> The stretching .. hurts.. but you manage. And see an old man, dusting off a display case.
<AlcarGM> http://www.firsttvdrama.com/help/need/alfred.jpg
<AlcarGM> He looks up, hearing something. "Master Wayne?"
Quote 6545
* Snapshot is flatter'n a pancake, stretched over a large area of rock
<Snapshot> "Leave that to the fire crew..."
* Snapshot just lies there
<AlcarGM> Dexter actually grins, his voice almost normal, human. "You ... look kind of funny..." He starts to gigle, helplessly. "Going to .. .sleep now.. I think....."
<Snapshot> "Crap. You are alive, right? You shouldn't sleep!"
* Snapshot attempts to move, and notes that it just isn't working
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "tired...... too. Pushed...... far."
<Snapshot> "... Shoulda... listened to me."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "Just... normal sleep. Need... quiet......." he slumps against a rock, out of your field of vision. "m' sorry.... couldn't... help more... love you.." and passes out.
<AlcarGM> (( yes I am evil :p ))
<Snapshot> ((... you freak.))
<AlcarGM> (( it was too horrible an idea not to do. ))
<Snapshot> "... So gross..."
* Snapshot passes out too
Quote 6546
<Chaos`^> i'm sorry kentari, but if it's between bagging a girl and 4ways, we'll have to kick you out of the game if you choose the girl.. tell her tomorow.
Quote 6547
<Creason> oh. did they recover Wayne??
<AlcarGM> of course not! it's four colour. The villains always survive up to and including nuclear explosions :)
<Creason> heh. just making sure :)
<AlcarGM> And other situations are covered by twins, robot decoys, and clones :p
Quote 6548
<AlcarGM> You catch Dexter looking at you out of the corner of his eye, concerned. You're rather bruised. That must be it....
<Creason> yeah... right.
* Creason attempts to avoid eye contact as much as possible
* AlcarGM snickers.
<Creason> :)
Quote 6549
<Mitch`> "Seeker? Wayne Killed him?"
<AlcarGM> Johnny arrives in class late, to see Linda, Creason and Dexter looking, well, like someone beat the living crap out of them :) Which someone did.
<Creason> "Yeah, dude. Very dead. So dead as to not be here anymore."
* Johnny walks in and takes a seat, "Goodness, another gym teacher?"
<Mitch`> "Well then. Wayne is officially a criminal now."
Quote 6550
<Linda`^> "He came from some kind of person called the closer that summoned him and wants to kill him."
<Johnny> "But it eats and lives in a third dimension world...."
<Linda`^> "Which is why we have to protect him. He is the last of his kind."
<Johnny> "I would hazard a guess that you made contact, and were able to communicate with it?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <It's an analogy! It's what looking at it dies. it erodes sanity, I think. I don't want to know more. Some girl .. imprited it, with human feelings, ideas. I don't know how well.>
<Mitch`> "We don't have to protected the last of ALIEN BRAIN EATERS."
<Linda`^> "We would know better if you FOUND HIM."
<Mitch`> "We have to DESTROY it."
<Mitch`> "Linda. Do you know how important your brain is to life as you know it?"
<Linda`^> "Mitch shut up, you have no idea what we're talking about."
Quote 6551
<Mitch`> "Right now he is trying to terrorize us and force us to make decisions and be predictable. To play into his plans."
<Mitch`> "We need to stay calm and look at all the possibilities. That way the odds of anything he has planned will actually work is that much smaller. See?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Stay calm?" He take a deep breath, trying for calm. "Fine. But you can't keep underestimating him."
* Johnny nods
<Johnny> "Dude is Nucking futs, thats someone you don't treat lightly."
* Johnny smirks, "In that way, he kinda got what he wanted."
Quote 6552
<Johnny> (Did I miss something?)
<Mitch`> ((You missed a lot!))
<Johnny> (I have no idea what store they are talking about :P)
<Mitch`> ((The letters came from a Mailboxes, Etc.))
<AlcarGM> (( the mailboxes etc. one :p ))
<Johnny> (so... why does everyone think there is a bomb at this place? :P)
<Mitch`> ((I don't know.))
<Creason> (...because Wayne bombs the fuck out of everything? :)
<Mitch`> ((;p))
<AlcarGM> (( because it's Wayne :p ))
<Mitch`> ((Wayne likes xplojuns))
Quote 6553
<Creason> "Because Wayne hasn't got any demands, Mitch! For the love of God, he wants us to suffer for what's happening to him! Do you not get that?!"
<Mitch`> "Wait .. we're supposed to be suffering?"
<Mitch`> "Crazy people are the most methodical, you know! Just look at."
* Mitch` almost says Linda. "Nell's grandmother, or whoever."
Quote 6554
<Linda`^> "Are you sure... You'll be happiest... alone?"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Your world is ... above. In light, in ... what you call sanity. I do not wish.... to destroy that. Some things... one must walk away from."
<Linda`^> "It is not sane up there."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Your idea of.. sane it is. Mine is what.. destroys your mind."
* Linda`^ nods "Anyone who spends too much time up there... thinking about what really happens... They end up... Not sane."
<Linda`^> (( *coughalcarcough*
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
Quote 6555
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "You would not survive knowing what .... reality is. Even we ... idd not know until .... too late."
* Linda`^ grabs some paper from her pockets and a pencil "Listen, you need help from a friend... and I don't care what you say, I'm your friend... If you need help or just to talk or to make someone insane, ANYTHING, you can find me at the school monday through friday eight to three..." Writes the address down. "Just... come by sometime... ok?"
<AlcarGM> (( laughs ))
<AlcarGM> There is a long pause, then "As you wish."
Quote 6556
<AlcarGM> (( The cthulhu mythos creature just quoted the princess bride. I am happy. ))
<Linda`^> (( Byakhee: "My name is indigo montoia, you kill my father, prepare to die!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( actually, it may do a variant of that at some pint :P ))
Quote 6557
* Creason nods, looking at Dex
<Creason> "So, who you with?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <You.>
<AlcarGM> (( I am really too evil. ))
* Creason nods... then gets a look... then just nods
Quote 6558
<Mitch`> "Let's go, then. If anyone asks, we're buying stamps."
* Mitch` looks to Mrs Veritas, "This is ok, right? I mean. Going now."
<AlcarGM> She just nods, looking a little sad. "Be careful."
<Mitch`> "Careful was almost my middle name."
* Mitch` lies. :P
<AlcarGM> (( "It sure wasn't your mothers." ))
<Mitch`> ((ha ha ha ;p))
Quote 6559
<Linda`^> I think I'm about to have intercourse with an alien.
Quote 6560
<Linda`^> "Uh... Mom... I've got a problem can you... Come to the school.. We need to talk..."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Linda? What is wrong?" quickly. she covers the phone. "No, tell Henrique to go foind some pretty french girl. I'm done for the day. Yes, you can tell him that, too. Cretin." then "What's wrong?" again
<Linda`^> "I'll tell you when you get here."
<AlcarGM> She hangs up :p
* Linda`^ hangs up and waits outside
<AlcarGM> 2 minutes and 12 seconds later, your mother is beside you.
<AlcarGM> Tina Nim looks at you .... then looks relieved you're not hurt. "Linda? What is it?" urgently.
* Linda`^ looks at her and walks inside "We need some privacy."
* Linda`^ leads her to the lunch room
<AlcarGM> Tina nods and follows you.She wants to ask, but settles for waiting instead.
* Linda`^ grabs her a chair, shuts the door and sets across from her, staring at her, wondering where to start
<AlcarGM> Tina sits down at well, frowning. "Linda....? Look. We can work through this. Even if .. your pregnant."
* Linda`^ shakes her head "it's worse than that..."
<AlcarGM> Tina blinks... "What?"
Quote 6561
* Victor looks around, then walks up to the teacher
<Victor> "hi"
<AlcarGM> Mrs. veritas looks up. "Victor?" surprised.
<Victor> "sorry i havent been here, i had some... extracurricular assignments. heres a note that says nothing"
* Victor passes Mrs.Veritas a note which disintegrates before she can read it
Quote 6562
<Linda`^> I am so going to use 'all your base are belong to us' in a serious sentance in this game...
<Linda`^> It's my goal!
Quote 6563
<Johnny> "You never know, motives for fifth dimensional creatures might always be skewed."
Quote 6564
<Mitch`> "Dexter I just had the awesomest idea."
<Mitch`> "You are telepathic, right?"
<Mitch`> "Does that mean you can RAELLY play the air guitar?"
* Mitch` is making a face like this :D
<AlcarGM> Dexter gives Mitch a blank look. <What?>
* Linda`^ turns to look at mitch, and sees his shit eating grin and resists the urge to slap it off of him
<Mitch`> "Air guitar!"
<Linda`^> "Are you high?"
* Mitch` demonstrates. :P
Quote 6565
<Mitch`> ((Actually .. do comics exist in this world? :P))
<AlcarGM> (( but of course! ))
<Mitch`> ((woot :P))
<AlcarGM> (( only they're historical documents, since the comics code authority is a government agency. They're true. ))
<AlcarGM> (( j/k ))
<Linda`^> (( They're called 'newspapers' ))
Quote 6566
<Linda`^> "He knows us, and he knows we can be irrational. I think he expects us to retaliate... I say we try his patience."
<Mitch`> "Try his patience?! More like try our patience. This is going to be a twisted reality TV show if we're all staying here for more than a week."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Lovely. Look, we'll be trying the patience of our families, too...."
* Mitch` nods to Darren eagerly. :P
* Linda`^ shrugs "It's the best strategy given the situation."
<Mitch`> "I disagree!"
<Johnny> "I say we fall right into his trap."
<Mitch`> "I agree! .. Sort of."
<Johnny> "He can't beat us when we're going head to head."
Quote 6567
<Linda`^> Don't be contradicting the PC dood
<Linda`^> you know the character is always right
<sparkie> no, the dicebot is.
Quote 6568
<AlcarGM> Ginger: "Do you have any .. other questions, son?"
<Creason> "Not really, although I would like you to know something."
<AlcarGM> Your mother raises an eyebrow slightly at ytour presumption."And that is?"
<Creason> "I'm okay with the three month thing, and if Darren is the only way to extend that, then I'll fight tooth and nail to keep that... deadline."
* Creason says "dead" kinda heavily, looking like he's about to cry
<AlcarGM> Your mother doesn't react at all. "I see." Then. "You can go now."
* Creason gets off the table and walks out
<Creason> "I'm sorry I'm causing so much trouble, Mom. I love you."
<AlcarGM> No reaction to that, but you think you catch the edge of a sob when the door closes.
<AlcarGM> (( Hmm. Your mom scares me :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( is that a bad sign? :) ))
<Creason> ((hehehe, nah. she's rather cool!))
<Creason> ((she's psycho in a way i hadn't imagined :))
<Creason> ((but then again, failing to give birth to 3/4's of the Fantastic Four has to be hard on anyone :))
Quote 6569
<Victor> "is wayne's full name bruce wayne?"
<Creason> "Wayne Bruce. You know, of the famous Bruce fortune?"
* Victor sighs
<Creason> "Bruce Wayne? Doesn't even sound right. Like some horrible satirical bastardization of his name."
<Victor> "ok then, i might as well tell you that his armor is alien technology i recovered for him... i thought he was a government shell corp, and he never turned it over........
* Victor sighs, and sits down
<Victor> "i wish i was of age, i suddenly need a drink"
Quote 6570
<Creason> so, you created what amounts to Batman the Venom symbiote? you are one cracked out mutha, my friend.
<AlcarGM> yep :)
<AlcarGM> well, is nanotech, but amounts to the same thing :P
<Creason> that is so messed up :)
Quote 6571
<AlcarGM> the byahkee is actually currently running away from Void :)
<Chaos`^> that worries me more
<Chaos`^> anyway, i can't sit around and argue the finer points of void's psychology
<Chaos`^> because voids psychology is never fine and hardly at a point
Quote 6572
<Victor> "i went to the bathroom, did anyone have a question for me?"
<Creason> "I did, but it only took me a second to figure out where that suit of yours came from."
<Victor> "i told you. i stole it from aliens"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <That doens't make sense. If you're aliens, and you land on earth . why would you want to be in Ohio? Why not Florida, or the caribbean.>
Quote 6573
* Creason gets a funny hunch, and checks ufo fan/conspiracy sites for news about the aliens that made the suit :)
* AlcarGM nods. You find nothing about aliens in ohio, since they were trying to keep a low profile .. tho you do ifnd out about a strange powwre outage of the small town of plothook a week ago. Al lpower went out, which isn't inusual. But according to the conspirators all technology just stopped working, and hasn't worked since.
<Victor> we need to get more information on that.
<Creason> "Huh. Interesting."
<Victor> the technology stopping
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <But how can it be important. The town is just named Plothook..."
<AlcarGM> :p
<Victor> lol
<Victor> ....
* Victor character smacks his face, and stares at AlcarGM... in character.
Quote 6574
<Victor> [the great master cthulu must be served! ahahahhhhaahhahhahahhhhahhhhaha .... j/k]
Quote 6575
<Alcar> The part part is Wayne is just going to lie low . .and wait :p
<Alcar> drive PCs insane.
<Baliadoc> i do hate him so :)
* Alcar nods. Threanteing pcs families made sense from his Pov :p
* Victor doesnt hate him
<Alcar> and I had to keep it four colour, so I didn't want him actually acting on it :)
<Alcar> yet.
<Victor> its difficult to hate something you had a part in creating
<Victor> :p
* Alcar nods. That was just fun.
<Victor> i think i'll try and work in a luke im your father... in reverse scene
* Victor will be the good darth vader
* Victor nominates wayne to play an evil luke suitwearer
Quote 6576
<Baliadoc> sweet jesus. how did i manage to get that much xp??
<Alcar> lol. Erm. rp? :p
<Baliadoc> oh. right.
Quote 6577
* Victor starts his run/jog to ohio, running at his newly aquired (5 exp spent on speed) speed 10
<Victor> saving 4 exp for later
<Victor> 5 spent on speed
* Victor hmms
<alcargm> The bus might be faster :p
<Victor> u sure?
<alcargm> Well, wouldn't have to stop and rest. Or acquire super-BO. If youm can afford bus fare, tho :)
<Victor> hehe
* Victor goes invisible and walks onto a plane to plothook, ohio, or thereabouts
<alcargm> lol! Never thought of that method...
Quote 6578
* Victor goes and makes himself a meal while the flight stewardess is explaining seat belts
* Victor snarfs it in the bathroom, leaves 20 cents (crappy rubber chicken) and sits down
<alcargm> Despire temptation, the stewardness does NOT start to strange people for not listening to her and the flight goes rather smoothly, in defiance of the beliefs of certain players that going on a plane ends my campaigns (long story :p)
<Victor> you eventually wont be able to say anything without "long story"
<alcargm> Two campaigns basically ended while certain pcs were on planes :p
Quote 6579
<alcargm> Victor - you reach the edge of town when a loud sonic boom explodes overhead and something crashes into an abandonded lot about 20 yards fro,m you. Some kind of meteor . .or perhaps it's the aliens attacking you!
* Victor gets off the bike, and dissapears, then moves towards the lot in a crooked line
<alcargm> You come to a large crater.. easily 30' wide, filling the whole lot .... the ground is smoking and red-hot from whatever landed. If it was an attack by the aliens, it missed. You can't see how deep it is through the dust though.
* Victor starts jogging invisibly to the menonite farm
* Johnny chucks his pack out of the meteor after clearing some dirt out from around himself
* Johnny sits down and opens his pack outside of the dust and starts getting out a new shirt, and his shoes
* Victor appears, and grabs his bike, walking it over
* Johnny starts putting his shoes on, and, well, stows the rags of the old shirt he was wearing :P
<Victor> "hey, did it hurt?"
* Johnny looks up and waves!
<Johnny> "Hey!"
<Victor> [when you fell out of heaven :p j/k]
* Johnny shakes his head when he's hopping around getting his left shoe on as he stands up
<Johnny> "I figured public transit was too slow, so I had awesome man throw me."
* Victor shakes his head
<Victor> "maybe you should parlay this into a next-second courier service or something"
Quote 6580
* Johnny stows the bike in some bushes
<Johnny> "Uh, we going in under cover, or costume?"
<Victor> ..
* Victor stops
<Victor> "i'm already under cover
* Victor appears and takes off the windbreaker
<Victor> "and this is my costume
* Victor is wearing a swat tactical squad combat harness :p
Quote 6581
* Victor drops to the ground, and spins, kicking his legs out, then grabs three sleep darts and stabs it into his large thigh artery
<Victor> i mean the mib, lol
<alcargm> lol! Okay. Good. Otherwise that's a damn weird attack :p
Quote 6582
<Victor> "so did you find this place abandoned?"
<alcargm> MIB: "Yes," curtly. "And this is official government business, so you have no jurisdiction -"
<alcargm> Sage: "Big guy? I think we let them. They did win."
<alcargm> MIB looks rather annoyed, then nods once. "Heal the others," to her. Then looks at the three of you. "Any of you have a special talent for finding alien artifacts?"
* Victor looks at darren
<Victor> "if anyone, he does."
* Johnny looks at Darren, "Really?"
<alcargm> Darren: "I do?"
Quote 6583
<alcargm> A buzzing fills the air...... and a slurping noise.... and you find yourselves falling down, from a greayt heightds, sucked right through the floor :p
<Victor> me?
<Victor> im invis fyi
<Johnny> (I think all of us :P)
<alcargm> all 3 of you. It just expelled you like bodily waste :P
<Victor> bah
<Victor> damn i hate being shat
Quote 6584
<alcar> Crap. nanotech would count as clothing, if he fought Nell....
* aslhk has joined #game1
<alcar> he may actually have to see about deealing with her in the hospital :p
<Baliadoc> lol
<alcar> she's cream his butt conscious.....
<aslhk> that reads really funny =P
Quote 6585
<AlcarGM> Your hand begins to glow, slightly, with a white light.
<AlcarGM> like when you fried the doggie :)
<AlcarGM> Alex: "Look at it, damn it. This place is falling apart ..... how do we fix that, huh? I vote we go home."
* Qa`a^ looks at her hand and frowns "I thought that stayed with my old body..."
* Qa`a^ relaxes her arm and sees if the hand points somewhere else
<Qa`a^> "No, this is the room, we have to fix it somehow. See, it's broken, and those noises are the children... we're in the right place..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Wow! This is cool. It would be great for fisting.>
<AlcarGM> It is pulling you slightly, to the west.
* Qa`a^ tries to give sara a headache, but failing that, follows her hand "This way."
Quote 6586
<Hugh`> "We might want to decide this fast."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Here, then." And the switchblade is in Alex's chest, who drops to the ground with a shocked look on his face. "There's our choice. We should leave now."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "...."
<AlcarGM> Sara turns to Jane "Will you stop with the knife killing people thing!?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "The feather said he won't die anyway. Though I imagine it hurts a lot." She cocks her head to the side. "There we go...."
<AlcarGM> Sara pulls the knife out "Don't force him."
* Hugh` leans towards Lance. "These people worry me." *whispered*
Quote 6587
<Qa`a^> "I've already ruined too many peoples lives... I would like to goto wherever people are supposed to go when they die but... I have alot to finish up in this city first."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Then in whose body?"
<Qa`a^> "I'm stuck in this one untill I can find another suitible one... one that doesn't possess people and kill them." With a glare at the air that might be the priest.
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I don't posess people! YOU did it!>
<AlcarGM> Jane raises an eyebrow, and decides not to ask what would qualify :)
<Qa`a^> <YOU KILLED ME!> "Why do you ask?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <No, he did!>
<Qa`a^> <You let him!>
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Well .. he was cute!>
<AlcarGM> Jane: "She annoys me."
<Qa`a^> <THAT'S WHAT YOU KILLED ME FOR!? A CUTE GUY!? I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!> *Nods* "She's starting to get on my nerves..."
Quote 6588
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Because I'm getting tired of talking to you and thinking you want sex all the time. It's like hard wired body language..."
* Qa`a^ looks at Jane "Who said I didn't?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "..... not as much as she says it."
<Qa`a^> "Maybe she's just getting to me."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "It's her body. Does she do anything besides sex?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Wow. She's a prude. Wha else IS there?>
<Qa`a^> "She says no."
<Qa`a^> "Maybe it's both... I mean, I can feel it... It's like her legs are bowed permenately... Plus there's her in the back of my mind.."
Quote 6589
<Qa`a^> "I'm getting good at telling you no too."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <That's what you think.>
<AlcarGM> She starts giving you graphic images of how fun female orgasm can be :p
* Qa`a^ shakes her head from the thoughts "Stop it!"
<AlcarGM> She, of course, does not. Multiple orgasms memories. LOTS of those.
<AlcarGM> (( Sara is disturbing me now. ))
* Qa`a^ turns and sleeps
Quote 6590
<AlcarGM> Okay... you sleep, and have some of Sara's dreams, which are very, very vivid. Disturbingly so. You waken later Wednesday night, feeling refreshed mentally but you want sex. Now. Badly. It's like waking up to find you're a few dozen horny girls shoved into one body.
<AlcarGM> Lucky for you Jane isn't back. Unluckily, you can hear Lance parking his car.
* Qa`a^ gets up and locks the door and runs to the bathroom slamming that door
<AlcarGM> ROFL!
Quote 6591
* Qa`a^ runs into the bedroom and looks to see if lance lost a random pair of handcuffs, to tie herself to the bathtub
<AlcarGM> lol! Okay. You manage to find a pair in the nightstand. The need for sex with anything remotely alive (and posisbly not) eases slightly. Sara liks handcuffs it seems.
* Qa`a^ sighs at the relief
* Qa`a^ wishes jane would hurry now
<AlcarGM> You lock yourself to the bathtub. Which helps, until Sara (and her body) realize a) you're alone and b) the shampoo bottle isn't close. you're very, very glad you cant reach the toilet plunger. when Jane knocks on the door. "Billy? You in there?"
<Qa`a^> "Help!"
<AlcarGM> Jane opens the door. "What's ...... wrong?" She stands there, stares at you, then at the handcuffs. "I am NOT having sex with you in her body."
* Qa`a^ almost cries "It's like an addiction... Like Crack... Oh god... I wish I wouldn't have said that..."
Quote 6592
<AlcarGM> The cuffs undo themselves, as if they have a will of their own. You're getting images of Jane, naked, in a bed .Or on the floor.....
<AlcarGM> Whatever it is, it's NOT natural.
* Qa`a^ slams them shut again
<Qa`a^> "Stop it Sara..."
<AlcarGM> They open the moment you close them ..... writhing as if alive.
<AlcarGM> Jane: "What ... the ... hell?"
* Qa`a^ throws them
<AlcarGM> Sara doesn't reply. You.. see someone? A woman .. the Mona Lisa? .. staring at you, from inside. And then it's your mother (both yours from Egypt and Billys) .. and you want her like you've never wanted a woman before..... * You can feel her, watching, judgin. The nee increases....
<AlcarGM> * Freud was right.
Quote 6593
<Qa`a^> (( Mostly? I hate to ask what isn't counted as people ))
<AlcarGM> (( cows in the fields. ))
<AlcarGM> (( and horses. ))
<AlcarGM> (( should I go on? ))
<Qa`a^> (( I didn't ask, if you didn't notice =p ))
Quote 6594
<AlcarGM> Okay. You have a nice, normal shower. You feel better, after. Awake. You're not hungry since you had sex.
<AlcarGM> (( it's breatharianism, but with sex instead. ))
<Qa`a^> (( Uh... I don't want to ask. ))
Quote 6595
<WarezBert> dammit
<WarezBert> i want an ordinary
<WarezBert> 3.5e
<WarezBert> d&d game
<WarezBert> so i can be the wierd person
<WarezBert> all these games with alcar
<WarezBert> im not the wierdest person playing
<WarezBert> he is
<WarezBert> it bugs me
Quote 6596
<Creason> "Anyone want juice? I feel the need to celebrate."
<Victor> "i'll have whatever goes with brownies"
* Victor is savoring his last brownie
<Creason> "Oh. Hmm... Milk. Haven't you ever seen the commercials?"
* Creason puts the juice back, pouring a glass of milk, and gives it to Victor, watching him drink it intently
* Victor shrugs
* Victor sips at his milk
* Victor nibbles at his brownie
<AlcarGm> (( must.. resist . Carl .. reference.... ))
<Victor> [missed that reference :)]
<kentari> ((Be glad.))
Quote 6597
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "We ... have reason to believe Star Fureyt was .. wounded badly. The .. creature .. we are not sutre of. What we are sure of is that, with SuperiorMan having left this city, and the Protectorate .. absent .. the city needs heroes. Desperately. It needs symbols. You're not that famous, yet, butr you are known. It could be enough to stop things from getting .. out of hand."
<Creason> "... You want a bunch of kids to avert city-wide chaos!?"
<AlcarGm> The man looks rather ... pained.. for a moment. "The city has no other active team, at present..."
<Creason> ((this is, perhaps, the coolest superhero story arc ever))
* Linda`^ hasn't regained her color yet
<Victor> "I'm in."
<Linda`^> (( The sad part is that a PC caused it =p ))
Quote 6598
<Creason> "... Wait, seriously? We're the only registered group?"
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "The only registered one the government can, currently, trust."
<Creason> "I hate to ask... but how long is it going to take the media to get ahold of this?"
* Linda`^ would loose more color, if she wasn't already void of it
<Creason> ((heh, "void" of it. heh))
<Victor> [sure, i've only beaten up gov agents, stolen tech and helped create a supervillain :p]
<Linda`^> ((I win ))
Quote 6599
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "To put it simply, the Protectorate did much more than most ever saw, or knew. Most of the established heroes are trying to keep lids down on various dimensions and agreements functioning with alien species diplomatically. The "average" supervillain threat is not something they have the time to deal with, at present."
<Victor> [superhero diplomacy, lol]
<AlcarGm> (( hey, it would exist in 4 colour :p ))
<Victor> [hmm... how does one bribe a superhero functionary? lol]
Quote 6600
<Creason> "And so we're the only group left with a success rate... geez..."
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "You are new," simply.
* Victor nods
* Creason looks at the others
<Creason> "So... we're the city crew?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <The city is fucked, then,> absently.
<Victor> [dibs on the protection rackets! :p]