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Quotes 601 to 700

Quote 601
* TimBear is a very cute looking brown bear, with big brown eyes (i love how easy this description is!) ... he is currently humming a little tune
Quote 602
<_-Dirk__> "everything is free if you steal it ;)"
Quote 603
* Timbear` is walking through the ship looking for Gel
* Timbear` asks the odd person every now and then if they've seen him
<Timbear`> ((why do i feel like Chewbacca walking through Mos Eisley or something?))
Quote 604
<Keith`> Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative!
Quote 605
<Londer_the_Loon> ((it'd be cool if someone wished my chicken to be able to talk... he'd be smarter than londer ;) ))
Quote 606
* Gelhalee lets the rain clean his plates giving the PC's a break on their washing dutys just this once
Quote 607
<Snake`----> "how about this you stay close to me and if some one hits you you tell me ok?"
* Londer_the_Loon looks like a puppy who has just been told it's bad to pee on the floor of the livingroom
Quote 608
<Londer_the_Loon> ((drat, i had just written: /me wakes up drenched and freezing with an even colder peck sitting loyally on his shoulder))
Quote 609
<Tymora> "So it is your duty to bring a lasting pease to the island"
* Eman_The_Something turns at looks at Tymora, "It is?"
<Eman_The_Something> "My mom might not like that. She gets mighty sore when I do jobs I don't get paid for"
<Eman_The_Something> "Look I know your a God an all but really I promised my mom I wouldn't do this anymore"
<Eman_The_Something> "She wont let me do anymore free jobs"
Quote 610
* Eman_The_Something trys to get the person back to shore when sudenly he realizes he dosn't know how to swim
<Joan_Of_Arc> Eman, you manage to pull the man and the driftwood in, and not drown.
<Eman_The_Something> ((Its amazing what you can do when the DM dosn't care that you can't do it :)
Quote 611
<Talso> ((food and killing signs...sounds like a quest paladins go on))
Quote 612
* Gelhalee muters something to him self, "Stupidity should never be fought when it can more easily be manipulated"
Quote 613
<Balko> He has just gotten to the climax. the part where the nobel dragon slays the evil knight when you walk in.
<Balko> "Oh, sorry children. Dutty calls. Same time tomarrow and I'll tell you about the evil pricess who lived off a wich with out paying rent and snuck out by climbing down her hair
Quote 614
<`Drake``> "I'm looking for contract 1412. I'm putting a unicorn horn up for sale. Plus, i'd like a comment card"
<`Drake``> "If you have them. This seems like the type of place that would"
* Balko looks up in horror, "A comment card?"
<`Drake``> "Aye. That's what i said, mate"
<`Drake``> "If you don't have them, fine."
<Balko> "Look Mr please their just kids. You don't have to get me fired. Look I'll cut you a deal"
<`Drake``> "It's about your boss, mate"
Quote 615
* Balko hands back the contract
* `Drake`` takes it, looking it over
<`Drake``> "One more thing: the comment card?"
<Balko> "Oh no. Kip just makes sure the thing isn't going to blow up the shop"
* Balko looks horified, "Um I thought you wern't going to get me fired?"
* Drake`` simply stares at the man
<`Drake``> "If that is what happens, I have more contempt for your boss then I already do"
* Balko hands over the comment card and starts clearing out his desk
Quote 616
* `Drake`` takes the card and begins writing. (just a moment :))
<`Drake``> "Ahem.... 'The proprietor of this shop, one Sir Gelhalee, presented himself in a most unbusiness-like manner. Where I come from, I was taught to treat every customer like royalty. I do not simply bounce from one to the other, no matter how long one has been waiting.
<`Drake``> I make sure the first customer is set and happy before moving onto the next. If i truly must, i make an appointment with the first, but only if i'm sure i cannot finish business with him. Sir Gelhalee did not make me feel like royalty today, and that is what i wish to complain about.
<`Drake``> I'm sure my business with him will be satifactory, but i would like to sternly admonish Sir Gelhalee, in the hopes that he learns from his mistakes and is kinder towards each
* Balko marvels at how much you can get on a 3x5 card
<Balko> "You should consider working as scribe"
<Balko> "People would save so much on the cost of paper"
<`Drake``> "We pirates are famous for small print. How do you think we really cheat and steal?"
Quote 617
* Cossen lays hands on himself
<Cossen> (dont take that the wrong way)
Quote 618
<Sintaqx> thank you, thank you. for my next trick I'll make Sintaqx disappear!
<Sintaqx> wait! that's me! who wrote this script!
Quote 619
<WarnerDM> your eyes meet across a crowded bar. you knew at once it was love. except the bar isn't really crowded this time of day and it isn't really love. just a odd fealing that if you two don't end up together the DM might start dropping heavy objects on you :)
Quote 620
* Sannin wants a pet fire elemantal.....hmm i wonder if sparkies up to the job
* Gelhalee gives Sannin a pet rock
<Gelhalee> at a high velosoty :P
Quote 621
<Gelhalee> ((Why fight stupidity when you can manipulate it? :)
Quote 622
<Londer> ((i need to sharpen my sword, but don't know it, what do i do?))
Quote 623
<Gelhalee> "Figures, when ever you take some thing for nothing some smart ass god dicideds its time for some poetic justice. Problem is few gods make very good poets"
Quote 624
<Gelhalee> most spells work to let you understand the chicken. not to turn the chicken into a public speaker
Quote 625
<`Drake``> "Alright Talso, what's the deal with all the lights?"
<Talso> "You don't want to know"
<`Drake``> "Hold on..." *looks up in the air* "Oh! I just talked with myself. It's seems i DO want to know"
Quote 626
* `Drake`` nods appreciatively... tells Jack about the time he swung across to an enemy ship, cut down thirteen men, including the captain, threw them overboard, and sank the ship while it was on fire, standing on his own ship and listening to the screams of dying men, simply to retrieve an old pocket watch that belonged to his best friend from 70 years back
Quote 627
<Alcar> "Let me see your id first . . and who's this we? Where's your buddy?"
<Merzon> " ID? "
<Merzon> (( did I miss something here? ))
<Merzon> (( this teleportation thing isn't looking good ))
<Merzon> (( doh ))
<Alcar> "Your wallet . . you can't be that stoned . ." He pulls out a small black purse, like the one you took from the bard
<Merzon> (( that fool has a gun! ))
<Merzon> (( everything makes sense now! :-P ))
<Alcar> ((ROFL))
<Jeramias> ((LOL))
Quote 628
<Merzon> (( LOL, I removed a light bulb from a freezer and got electrocuted! ROTFL ))
<Alcar> ((yup))
<Jeramias> ((lol, took you long enough))
<Merzon> (( and now I'm going to get shot ))
Quote 629
<Alcar> "Your wallet . . you can't be that stoned . ." He pulls out a small black purse, like the one you took from the bard
* Merzon hands the wallet to the man
<Alcar> "What the hell? What are you on? You're not Elvis Presley . ."
<Merzon> " Who? "
<Alcar> Sma frowns "What do you mean who? This is the id for Elvis . .. hell, a replica from the year he died?!"
<Merzon> " Ummm....he's not dead. "
<Merzon> " I was beating him up a short while ago. "
<Alcar> "Oh, great . .an elvis nut . ." Pauses.
<Alcar> "Wow . ." almost awed "They didn't have crack that good when I was younger . ."
Quote 630
<Merzon> " I'm going insane? (pointing at the guy with the gun) This man thinks the man I was talking to 20 minutes ago is dead. "
Quote 631
<Merzon> (( you had to transport us to modern times ))
<Merzon> (( grrrrr ))
<Merzon> (( wait...I have gold on me....I'm rich! ))
Quote 632
<Merzon> " (whispers towards Jer) You planning on helping me out here buddy? "
<Jeramias> "There is no one behind the freezer" *whispered*
<Merzon> " (whispers) Thanks a lot. "
Quote 633
<Merzon> " Well, I've been to the land of the undead where we fought with a dracolich "
<Sherman`> "Wow"
<Sherman`> "You lived?"
* Sherman` whispers to dan "That's like a lich, except for a dragon"
<Merzon> " Yeah "
<Sherman`> "Hey, lets go up to fantasy forum with them"
Quote 634
* Jeramias outruns Sherman because he gets exersize, unlike the two AD&D players who pretend to exersize in their fantasy world
<Sherman`> (he's playing his IRL self, he durring a sprint has hit 10 mph
Quote 635
* Lance_Zeil heads slowly to the bridge...still observing...
* Cptn_Carlson glances ant Lance_Zeil , "is there a test i don't know about?"
Quote 636
<Cptn_Carlson> "Why couldn't we be OVERPOWERED?"
Quote 637
<Cptn_Carlson> Okay , we'll proly all die ,but
<Cptn_Carlson> "Target their bridge!" "Full power to weapons " "Fire"
<Cptn_Blackwell`> all weapons?
<Cptn_Carlson> can i save the game here?
Quote 638
<Cptn_Carlson> we all die , but i jump into my lifepod j/k
Quote 639
<Keith`> i take it it has no real sorce of power on its own?
<Darkkin> Shuttle has its own systems
<Darkkin> it can hold up to 8 people
<Keith`> which meens we can use it to scan and servive if i can't get life suport back soon
Quote 640
<Rampstin> "look... dead bushes... the allmighty god called dm must be trying to point something out to us... let's go in a different direction ;)"
<WarnerDM> The forest continues to sit there peacfully waiting for the party to dare to try to enter it :)
* Rampstin sets off in the direction of the dead bushes, determined to get high as quickly as possible and not give the dm any troubles
<WarnerDM> one of the trees says to its neibor, "Oh what a nice polite young one this is." "Oh yes not like that nasy woodsman" but all this is lost on anyone who doesn't speek norther pine wood :)
Quote 641
<Rampstin> "where are you? i have some money for you here, and i do have an ex-girlfriend who pitifully enough is still a virgin"
<Mister`^> "If you bring her here so I can eat her, I'll help you."
<Mister`^> "How do I know I can trust you, just bring the girl!"
<Rampstin> "i mean... eating my ex-girlfriend might help me a bit, but i'd like some more evidence first... i mean.. i am going to be giving you a girl i used to love (i stress the words used to)"
<Mister`^> "The girl the girl!"
<Rampstin> "and you're going to be cutting her up into bitesized chunks and swallowing her down" i gulp at the mentioning of this
<Mister`^> "I was planning on doing it in one bite.. but if you insist.."
Quote 642
<Gelhalee> ((Gel might not exactly be an optemest but he's certainly an opertunest :)
Quote 643
<Alcar> (the menu consists of soup, cow (cooked, surprisingly enough), bread and ? (? means that even the cook isn't sure what it is any more))
* Gelhalee raises his left eyebrow at the menu. A look he normally reserves for those rare occations when your living room furnature heads out side for a evening stroll. While your still in it.
<Gelhalee> ((usually in these games anything with the tittle "The unknown one" is trying to kill me. Not something i'm suposed to eat))
Quote 644
<Alcar> ok, you can see Jaise above the army, flying towards you
<Alcar> It looks to be made of dark fire, bure black. You see it flicker, then Jaise vanishes. It flies back down
* `Reeve`` blinks
<`Reeve``> does it look like it freakin' killed Jaise?
<Alcar> yes
<Alcar> and since jaise was made by the powers, or commissioned by them . .you don't want to know what could kill jaise . .
* `Reeve`` blinks again... watches.... and then in a fit of pure rage uses the small amount of power in the amulet to a) boost his speed as much as possible, while b) making his yell as loud and powerful as it possibly could be, filling it with hatred, sorrow, and insane rage all at once. Rule #1 of being an evil overlord: Don't kill the only friend i've had for all 3000 of my years on this God forsaken planet.
Quote 645
<Snake`-----> "i have a holy war to fight or did you forget?"
<Gelhalee> "I guess I forgot. Thought we did that already"
Quote 646
<Gelhalee> "Poison? Sir I am insulted. You are addressing Sir Gelhalee of the Gemini Magica. Just because we are mortal enemies is no reason to insult my cooking!"
Quote 647
<Gelhalee> "I've send for the ship. Tell the people not to touch anything on the way in. The basement shops are, well not the sorts of things people used to the light of day like to talk about.
* Gelhalee thinks .oO(Lord I hope the Illithid's don't get any ideas for adding to the pens)
Quote 648
<Gelhalee> ((hehe, invading armies tend to bring out the munchkin in me))
Quote 649
<Gelhalee> we're not defending the city
<Gelhalee> we're just planing to revolt against it's new leader awufully soon :)
<Alcar> What? You don't like the warlord?
<Gelhalee> well I like his ecomomic plans. his views on dogs and the femail elderly. but his policy of mass extermination has me a little annoyed
Quote 650
<Gelhalee> so how we doing on quotes?
<Gelhalee> I work for quotes like most munchkins work for exp :0
Quote 651
<VVarner> 19 occurrences of rat golf in 7 files :)
<VVarner> hmm 17 occurances of keith asking alcar to add rat golf to the quotes :P
<VVarner> 2083 occurrence(s) of rat in 71 file(s)
Quote 652
<Gnomish> "we wouldn't halpon to have any rats on board would we?"
* Gnomish goes off in search of a rat
<Warner> Gnomish finds himself a nice mess of rats. none of which seem to be voluntiering for military service
* Gnomish grabs one by the tail dragging it up on deck
<Warner> Gnomish emerges on deck wielding a rat getting some strange looks from the confused crew
* Gnomish sets it on the railing and then gets up on the railling pinning it in place with his foot
* Gnomish gets out his war hammer
<Gnomish> "FOUR!"
* Gnomish swings knocking the rat in to the sea
* Gnomish watches how fair it goes
<Warner> the rat skips three times then starts swiming back to the ship
<Warner> gnomish finds it goes about 1/16th the way to the other ship
Quote 653
<Gnomish> "ahh good live weaponry!"
* Gnomish goes and finds a few more rats feading them so they come along willingly
<Warner> a few rats come but a few are wise to gnomish and are calling the SPCR on their cell phones
<Kynan> (But cell phones destroy brain cells and rats have small brains . .it's suicide!)
<Warner> (the rats panic and start using speaker phones :P)
* Gnomish trys to befriend 3 rats inclooding the half dround one
<Gnomish> "hay look i didn't figur you would servive that first blow just do me a favor and let me make it up to you"
Quote 654
<Mrs_Grimble> "who needs gods? heck my grandson thinks i'm a god!"
<Mrs_Grimble> "specailly when i get hopping mad"
Quote 655
<Kristea> "these people arent right"
<Kristea> "they are evil, lustful"
<Talso> "Oh don't worry its normal"
Quote 656
<K`-----> "its nanoc's blade now see he gets it would you?"
<`Drake``> "Just as soon as i kill you with this cute one right here, mate. Pick up the damn sword"
<K`-----> "Kill me if you want it would only be a favor"
* K`----- starts walking for the border yet again
<`Drake``> "God dammit! You self righteous bastard! Fight me like a god damned man, would you!?"
<K`-----> "we will some day but not now not here"
* K`----- keeps going
* `Drake`` just stares
<`Drake``> "You sound like you're in some god damned play! This isn't the stage, you know!"
<K`-----> "I KNOW THAT"
<`Drake``> "We're men! We fight real fights, live real lives. We don't just say catchy one liners and disappear into the night. Our problems just don't get put on hold! Gods!"
Quote 657
<K`-----> "look what are you going to do follow me around yelling at me for the rest of all eternity or not?"
<`Drake``> "You dwell on everything wrong in your life. You live in the past and hope for the future, but the moment means nothing to you! You're a stupid blind asshole! You're a hundred year old teenager!"
Quote 658
* Umagoro is laying curled up around a tree looking almost like a snow drift if it wasn't for the fact there is no snow for miles
Quote 659
* Nameless-Hellspawn is a descritionless hellspawn, since the DM didn't send a description along with the character and I'm not feeling all that creative
Quote 660
<MessiahX> resurect something you kill as a farmiliar i allow all mages to do that
<Griki> MessiahX - even a tarrasque? :)
<MessiahX> if you kill it
<Ordelia_StarBlade> Even other PCs?
<onyx_kinslayer> so i can kill a dragon and have it as a familiar
* Alcar wants a god familiar :)
* onyx_kinslayer runs in search of a dead dragon
Quote 661
<onyx_kinslayer> i need a baby dragon
<Mr_bake_o> (a baby dragon is useless :P)
<Ordelia_StarBlade> A baby dragon can kick some other mage's cat's ass...
Quote 662
<Captain_Carlson> "Aw man , can't something be normal"
Quote 663
<Delta_Droid> "Halt! ..You must be deprogramed!"
<Lt_Krynn> "No thanks! I've already joined the military!"
Quote 664
<Lt_Krynn> 1d20 - c'mon spark... i'll buy you an star, and enough explosives to make it super nova
Quote 665
<Lt_Krynn> "Settle down, Jane. I have everything under control. Just not life support"
Quote 666
<Lt_Krynn> "With all due respect sir, the Microsoft Corporation is on our backs down here, and i don't think it's about not registering our newest version of windows"
<Jane`-----> "we have an incampment to the south of here"
<Cmdr_Bosch> "hmm...IBM will not be happy"
<Cmdr_Bosch> "Do you have any locks on microsoft assets"
<Lt_Krynn> "Let's hope it's not Microsoft. Heading there now"
Quote 667
<Baliadoc> Keith! Get off the damn Playstation! It is Satan! I am Jesus! Come to Jesus, my child! PLLLEEEEAAASE!
Quote 668
<Keith`> you do realize paging me sets off a time that runs the sound ever 30 seconts don't you?
<Baliadoc> yes
<Baliadoc> we were willing to take that chance
<Baliadoc> civilian lives mean nothing when it comes to getting you into Callaran
Quote 669
* Jeramias grins the type of grin that would drive a man insane, but it has no effect on anyone here because they allready are
* Baliadoc blinks at Jer, the type of blink that would drive a man insane. In Jer's case, it already has :)
Quote 670
<Jeramias> "We succeed, we live. We don't, we die. We run away, we die. How do you like them odds?" *grins*
Quote 671
<Jeramias> "You think that was the king? When we came in he was doing paper work. Ha. Ever seen a king do that?"
Quote 672
<WomanWithFamiliarFace> naw... better wait until <B>after</B> they get the king. Bwa ha ha ha
<WomanWithFamiliarFace> just when they think they've won the last boss, someone bigger and better apears ;)
Quote 673
* Baliadoc glances around at various rooves on the way, to see if any dark rituals are going on on them
<Alcar> bali sees two vampires . .well, its a ritual .. and they're alone in the room . .some would cal it dark . .
* Baliadoc blinks... are you saying it's THAT kinda ritual? During a war!?
Quote 674
<Baliadoc> (Well, either the universe is being destroyed, or we're going for a little trip... oh, nevermind, it's one of those eternal darkness bits)
Quote 675
* Jeramias continues to stare at Kilides Body
<Jeramias> "How could she be here when she was dead?"
* Jeramias is completely in awe.
<Baliadoc> "Okay. You need answers for stuff as basic as a dead companion coming back to haunt us? I'm surprised at you Jer. Really."
Quote 676
* Ryu`---- with one hand in his bag comes up with the 6 wands
* Ryu`---- points them at the scrolls
<Ryu`----> "want to try me?"
<Alcar> The lich looks at the wands, lets go of Ryu's arm
* Jeramias grabs the wands
* Ryu`---- starts eating the scrolls while jer has his hands on the wands
* Ryu`---- crumpls them up and starts swollowing them hole
* Jeramias points the wand at Lisha. "Stop! Now!"
* Alcar points out that if the wand does go off ryu and jer become a laundry problem for Lisha . .getting ashes off of clothing can be a pain ..
<Baliadoc> "I've been with this group for too long. This's almost normal for me."
Quote 677
<Alcar> Plus, did anyone stop to think if the king had a second copy, or if Eral has one still?
<Baliadoc> lol, no, not really. but Eral's on my 'to do' list
* Alcar points it you need a LOT of help, or you'll be his laundry problem :)
<Baliadoc> lol, remember my plan to get rid of him though?
<Alcar> err, no.
<Baliadoc> just waiting until there was TV, then taping every Barney and Teletubby episode, and making him watch them for as long as it took for him to want to die? :)
Quote 678
<Baliadoc> a real hunter nukes the place and just counts the skeletons... that's why i want to be president :)
Quote 679
<Warner> Jeramias you have a sick mind that will take you places. just not particulerly nice places
Quote 680
<Jeramias> If I had a dime for every woman that walked up to me and said "I want to fuck your brains out," well, I'd still be totally broke.
Quote 681
<Jeramias> it too easy to make fun of alot of things
Quote 682
* Londer is angry at being betrayed ((and angry at himself for not paying attention for the screen and seeing this earlier))
Quote 683
<MessiahX> "Hmm Pussy... thats a good name"
* MessiahX pets Pussy... his cat
Quote 684
<Londer> ((hey, i get to do this until my hps drop to 0... have fun holding me 60 rounds ;) ))
Quote 685
* Shadowkin sees the million $ man theme come on this time with a chicken
<Shadowkin> "We can save the chicken..but will need to rebuild her with stronger better parts"
Quote 686
<Rampstin> "I am hannibal lector!" i shout at any ghouls thinking of coming near the clerics and me "don't come close or i'll eat you for breakfast!"
Quote 687
<Rampstin> ((tareth is diving into the mausoleum? he would seriously crunch his nose on the stone floor ;) ))
Quote 688
<WarnerDM> "You have all been summoned here as part of Synths anual festival of munchkins. The gods will amuse them selves as you atempt to justify your existance."
<WarnerDM> "Any competiter who is found to be unamusing will be disposed of in the most amusing manner your patron god can think off"
Quote 689
<Glikamuth> ((i guess having a tarrasque and a beholder unhappy with you does wonders)):
Quote 690
<WarnerDM> ((lets face it you all don't exactly look like the most reasuring bunch of heros :))
<WarnerDM> ((or the strange man sitting in the fire place:))
Quote 691
<Baliadoc> "Dear Sirs: I am a devote christian paladin, of 16th level, and I recently received your +5 Holy Avenger sword from my local church. However, upon using it, i found that it was a) only +4, and b) was a sword of fumbling as well. Could you please refund my church the money for the sword, and if you would please attend the funeral of the High Priest Funeral, who died when i tried to wield the sword, but it slipped from my hands, we would greatly appreciate it."
Quote 692
<Warner> spells to force the manufacter to recall their defective holy avenger :)
<Alcar> mass recall on level 2 warriors in the kings army
<Alcar> 'I'm soory, they're not fit to fight our forces. Please send better troops."
<Warner> give em back to the king a few weeks later with a new child safe caps on their swords :)
<Warner> now they can't draw their weapons with out the aid of some one under 6 :)
Quote 693
<Keith`> i'm a demi god and we don't have a bard in the groop!?!?
Quote 694
<Reeve> "I don't think it was me. I think it was your poor fighting. I doubt any dark and evil powers would associate with such a weenie!"
Quote 695
<Alcar> The Elders frown, nodding. "Who shall rule our city then?"
* Shadowkin points to the kender...j/k
Quote 696
<Gelhalee> ((A kender with Business sence! Who needs geese with golden eggs?))
Quote 697
<Gelhalee> ((Sheesh I'm so busy cutting deals for the shop I've compleatly lost track of whats going on in the game))
Quote 698
* Londer ((sends a big angry red dragon to fly circles over beriz, waiting for the council to tax it))
Quote 699
<Londer> ((i thought the city was just given to us, to run it as we wanted, i guess that means gel can decide not to pay taxes.. a civil uprising with his head being chopped off might be the result, but...))
Quote 700
<Snake`> i sware the next time i dm that ship is getting burnt down due to an alcomists mistake