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Quote 5901
<alcargm> and I have not run attempted sedduction by 10-14 year old boy of a half alien at least 10 years his senior before, tho. And, come to think of it, I never planned on it. Should be weird.
<alcargm> TGho, for the sake of collective sanity, this night will be him just wanting comfort while trying to sleep, Normally.
<Hugh`> (( so long as we agree cannibalism and beastiality are ok, we're all set. :P and no, I dont know what thats supposed to mean. ))
<Hugh`> (( nighty night. ))
<Hugh`> (( dont let the Boy 2 bite. ))
<alcargm> Just sleeping beside a warm body, for comfort. Rather than other things :)
Quote 5902
<alcar> Yeah. Amber is fun, but it's not a beer and pretzels rpg
<aslhk> *laugh*
* aslhk nods
<aslhk> that was before the celebrations began
<alcar> Well, not if you want to have friends.
<alcar> "But you just stabbed me in the back!" "This is Amber. You're lucky you even know it was me."
<alcar> "But I thought we were freiends!" "This is AMBER. I already told you that. A friend here is an enemy you haven't discovered yet."
<aslhk> alcar: the proper response to that is, "We *are* friends!" +P
<aslhk> alcar: "It was for your own good!" =P
Quote 5903
<AlcarGm> Okay.. we left off with Hugh having gone to sleep and not locked the door to his bedroom. For some odd reason, he didn't feel any need to.
<AlcarGm> As the GM is feeling benevolent, Hugh is NOT killed in his sleep. Or anything else'd in his sleep, for that matter.
<AlcarGm> Hubert Brown wakens from a decent nights sleep to hear some birds chirping, sunlight coming in the bedroom window and most of the sheets on the other half of the bed, in a large lumpy shape curled up next to him.
* Hugh` wakes up, and is actually surprised that he's not alone in his bed.
Quote 5904
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 comes out of the bedroom just as you've finished doing up dishes (or stacking them on the counter to evolve into new lifeforms).
<Hugh`> (( cleaning. ))
<Hugh`> (( Hugh's tidy. ))
<AlcarGm> (( Megan: "I know you're not human. No high school bachelor keeps a clean house!" ))
Quote 5905
<AlcarGm> Fiona McCall: "George Bailey? Good enough. Joe is .... well, you'll hear soon enough. He's dead, son."
<GeminiRai> (( "So he won't be in to fix my window?"))
<Billy`^> "He's what? Oh my god! That's terrible! How did he die?"
<AlcarGm> Fiona McCall: "We don't know yet. The coroners office is still examing the body."
<Billy`^> "Oh... Well I'll watch the paper to see what's happened.. Thank you, goodbye."
* Billy`^ hangs up quickly
* Billy`^ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<AlcarGm> Hung up way too quickly.
Quote 5906
<AlcarGm> Debbie: "What did you do to Marc?", taking a step towards you. Alex grabs her arm and squeezes it warningly as she clenches her fist.
<Hugh`> "Oh, Marc. I didn't do anything to him. He started acting strangely at about the same time that wild dog attacked the party."
<AlcarGm> Debbie: "A wild dog doesn't cause someone to lock themselves in their bedroom!"
<AlcarGm> You notice Alex start slightly at the mention of the dog, almost guiltily (if that's even a word)
<Hugh`> "Perhaps he's afraid of dogs? Maybe he's gotten into drugs? ((Maybe he has some weird black hole in his head that almost killed me?)) I don't know, I barely know him."
Quote 5907
<Billy`^> "Hey, how are you this morning?"
<AlcarGm> Jane considers that thoughtfully, then grins. "Alive. It's such a fun feeling."
<Billy`^> "Oh, I know how that is... So you weren't alive before?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Of course. But not awake. It's better, being awake." she waves a hand out to the street. "That's the best thing about the world. We don't matter."
<Billy`^> "What's the best thing? Being awake? So you're saying you're asleep?
<AlcarGm> Jane grins ."No, knowing that we don't matter. All this. The world, everything. It keeps on going, if we're here or not. It doesn't matter if we live, or die." She smiles slights. "That's the real miracle, you know. The only one. We're allowed to experience being alive."
<Billy`^> "Well, actually I don't, but that's ok.. Right? Because I don't matter?"
<AlcarGm> Jane frowns. "You don't think you matter?"
<Billy`^> "You just told me I don't matter."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But we do matter, in our own stories. But the story goes on without us. We get to be part of it, to add our song to its, to be a spark of being. What else is there?"
Quote 5908
<AlcarGm> Marc finally manages to pull the bed away, breathing heavily, and looks about to start and stops, looking for the knife in confusion.
<Hugh`> "If you're not going to talk to me, I'll have to try to find out whats going on with you the other way. Which is definately a bad idea, but *shrug*"
<AlcarGm> Marc holds his hand out for the knife, as if seriously thinking you'd, hand it to him. Blood and sweat have mixed on his face, but if it hurts he's not reacting at all.
<Hugh`> "Okay then, have it your way. And if I die this time, I'm blaming you."
* Hugh` goes brain-delving.
Quote 5909
<Hugh`> (( ok, this is bad. Marc is essentially protecting a Very Evil Thing from some other Very Evil Thing. Splendid. ))
<AlcarGm> (( Well, the thing in the Hole scared away the Voice. That might be good. ))
<AlcarGm> (( and you did kill the Revenant inside your shadow, which ruins a great subplot involving your shadow going out and murdering people :p ))
<Hugh`> (( well, it seems a bit scary when the thing you're protecting scares the thing you were protecting it from. ))
<Hugh`> (( LOL! ))
<Hugh`> (( thats almost as bad as me being a clockwork. ))
Quote 5910
<Billy`^> "Well, stealing is wrong... But some people do it anyway... *cough*likeme*cough*
<AlcarGm> Jane: "it's wrong?" She stops, looking astonished. "Why?"
<Billy`^> "Well, because people who have worked for it don't have it anymore. Then they worked for YOUR money... so that makes it wrong, and makes them mad."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But what if they don't work for it, like ... bosses? Or pirates?"
<Billy`^> "Well, Pirates steal, and bosses DO work, but it's called easy work..."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But they get paid more than those who do hard work." she frowns. "That is stupid. You're all slaves."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But you have ice cream, so I guess it's all right."
<Billy`^> "Yeah, but I'll only buy if you give me the play by play of what happened in the tent with the demon."
Quote 5911
<AlcarGm> marc is very frusterating NPC wise. This is his idea of being open with someone....
<Billy`^> lol
<Billy`^> <AlcarGm> Marc regards you warily, distrustful, then abruptly sits down on the bed, not looking at you.
<Billy`^> that's open?
<Hugh`> of course
<AlcarGm> for him, yeah :P
<AlcarGm> He's an introverts introvert :)
Quote 5912
* Billy`^ shrugs "I mean... I didn't really ask for the gorey details, I just want to know how you knew there was a demon.. and when it came.. and what it did... I don't care what it looked like.."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Oh, that's easy. Demons always want bodies. It's their fetish. And she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Jane shrugs lightly. "it could have been something else, I guess."
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "That's half of what I wanted... So maybe i'll get you half an ice cream."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That's just silly. I've never understood the human drive for answers. Why can't you ever understand that sometimes there is no answer, that the world would be boring if everything was known and explained?"
<Billy`^> "Well... The other half was when did this happen, I mean... Whatever... You don't have to get pissy."
* Billy`^ walks over to the ice cream guy and orders a sundae
<AlcarGm> Jane sticks out her tongue at you. "I didn't know, because I didn't want to. I don't want want a demon invading my personal life either."
<AlcarGm> The ice cream guy nods sagely. "I had an ex wife like that."
Quote 5913
* Billy`^ takes the ice cream and give it to Jane
<Billy`^> "Where to next?"
<AlcarGm> Jane takes it, licking it off carefully. "Wow! Oh, wow!"
* Billy`^ sits down and waits for Jane to finish
<AlcarGm> Jane: "This is ..... and baskin robbins have over 30 flavours?!" incredeously. "Why do you people look for enlightenment when it's right here. This is good!"
<Billy`^> "And you yell at me for wondering too much."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "30 flavours. What more is there to need?" .. and you're not sure if she is joking :p
<Billy`^> "Let's go on the faris wheel, I wanted to try that out last night, never been on one before."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That sounds fun, though it might be a letdown after heaven. Why didn't you get one?"
* Billy`^ shrugs "I'm not sure."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "The ferris wheel can wait," firmly.
<Billy`^> "I guess I'm trying to watch my figure. If you indulge yourself too much you could end up like that." Pointing to a fat woman walking by "People don't tend to like that. You have that hourglass figure right now, so You gotta watch out."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "but she's pretty. She's full of life."
Quote 5914
* Billy`^ shrugs "'These humans' as you put them, only see her body."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "What else are you suppossed to see?"
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "They have different tastes than you, and it can hinder your abilities too, letting yourself go."
* Billy`^ gets up and orders a sundae for himself
<Billy`^> "The real trick is pacing... If you go too fast your heaven can turn into hell like" snaps fingers "That."
Quote 5915
<AlcarGm> Nope, Alex is outside, waiting at the car .. and talking to Lance, of all people. Alex looks annoyed.
* Hugh` curses inwardly.
* Hugh` tries to slip away down the street without getting spotted.
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> turns, as if feeling your presence, and smiles. It's not a nice smile. "Ah! Hubert. I tried to call you eariler, but the line wasn't working. Oddly enough, I had a friend at the grocery store call and he got through just fine." He looks at Alex. "You'd best have witnesses to say you were at the party Friday, Mr. Anderson. Good day." He walks over to you. "How is your.. cousin?"
<Hugh`> "Ah, he was a bit shaken up afterward, but he ended up sleeping fine."
<Hugh`> (( "In my bed." *cough* ))
<AlcarGm> (( best not go there :p ))
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> nods. "I've been meaning to come by your place and ask you some questions about early last night. I can give you a lift, if you'd like."
<Hugh`> (( grr... it sucks how trying to knock him unconscious with a rock would probably go over badly. ))
Quote 5916
<Billy`^> when'd you guys start... nine?
<Billy`^> we've gone 6 so far
<Billy`^> another 12 would be 18 ><
<tatterdemalion> yeah :p
<Billy`^> omg
<Billy`^> Let's do it
<Billy`^> When'd this start? Anybody keep a time log?
Quote 5917
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "When will your cousin be available to ... answer more questions?"
<Hugh`> "He won't. His parents picked him up this morning. I told them about it, but they said they didn't want to get involved."
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> raises an eyebrown. "That's against the law, you know," calmly. "Do you have a number I can reach them at, or do you want to be brought in for aiding and abetting?"
<AlcarGm> (( *snickers* ))
<Hugh`> (( ok, police hate has been reinstated. ))
Quote 5918
<AlcarGm> The ferris wheel has a long lineup, naturally, mostly older couples.
<AlcarGm> One old man is saying somethig about "$5 for a ferris wheel ride? Since when did nostalgia become so expensive?!"
* Billy`^ looks in his pocket for
<AlcarGm> His wife pats his arm. "Inflation, dear."
Quote 5919
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "You know, I'm starting to believe there are no parents," very calmly, with that creepy smile on his face again. "Something was off about him, you know. Black eyes."
* Hugh` folds his arms. "Who?"
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "He had black eyes," with the same unnerving smile. "And he looked afraid. So, I'm left to wonder if he's homeless, and alone, and you're a kind stranger who beats him, to get the black eyes, and keeps him at your place."
* Hugh` smiles condesendingly. "You're eyes don't literally turn black if someone hits you, they get purply around the edges."
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "That's what I was referring to," carefully.
<Hugh`> "So, that whols theory is preposterous."
<Hugh`> "...Oh."
<AlcarGm> (( and somewhere, the GM laughs very evilly ))
<Hugh`> (( bastard! ))
Quote 5920
<tatterdemalion> Jane kisses you again, on the lips, when you reach the top of te wheel. It's a rather hesitant, unsure kiss, and she pulls bck from it to watch your reaction worriedly
* Billy`^ smiles at her "Well, you're getting there." warmly
<tatterdemalion> Jane: "Could we ask her for tips?" looking down at a seat 2 chairs behind you.
* Billy`^ doesn't look "Sara is special."
<Billy`^> "You could ask, but you'll get a more straight answer than you want..."
<tatterdemalion> Sara is there, with an ex-football player, making out. ...
Quote 5921
<Hugh`> (( I'll just kill him later. ))
<Hugh`> (( rather than here on the street. ))
<tatterdemalion> (( he's harfd to kill. Witness his many incarnations throughout worlds :P ))
<Hugh`> (( that just makes him an archetype of sorts ))
<Hugh`> (( not necessarily hard to kill ))
<tatterdemalion> (( masterless man, so would be. j/k ))
<Hugh`> (( I want my next pc to be Masterless Man ))
Quote 5922
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> 's smile widens, almost shark like. "Very well. But, on gronds of ethnic neutrality, I'd say that you can't wear shades in the room answering the questions we give you. Reading eyes is always important. So, we can do it this way, or you can take me to him and we do it the easy way. Either way is fine by me, boy."
<Hugh`> "Fine. But not right now. Is 6pm fine by you?" *with more than a hint of malice*
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> "Why then?"
<Hugh`> "Because I'm busy."
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> "Doing what, hiding evidence?"
<Hugh`> "That's my business. 6pm, take it or leave it."
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> stares at you carefully, then nods once. "So be it."
<tatterdemalion> He calmly waks away, humming "We are the champions" to himself.
* Hugh` wishes for a sniper rifle.
Quote 5923
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> pulls down your road, heading towards your place. "What about you? being alone can't be healthy, unless you're a mad bomber?"
<Hugh`> (( "Damn, you figured it out... Hey, what's your address again?" ))
<AlcarGm> (( hehe ))
* Hugh` shrugs. "I'm used to it."
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> "Sure you are."
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> pulls to a halt at your driveway.
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> "When you're ready to join the human race, give a call."
<Hugh`> "Thanks." *jumps out*
* Hugh` (( makes a note to call him up later and ask to be taken to their leader. :P ))
Quote 5924
<AlcarGm> The bar is not too crowded, since it's noon and most people wait until later to have drinks. Jillian is there, and drinking some imported beer from Magonia, wherever that is.
<AlcarGm> Shawn O'Malley is there, serving drinks to some regulars from the normal bar, talking to strangers cheerfully, and refusing, firmly, to serve drinks to a young kid who looks a bit like George and you place as his younger brother, Harry, after a bit.
* Billy`^ walks over to her, and sits infront of her
<Billy`^> "So do you charge anything?"
<AlcarGm> Jillian: "The liver is evil. It must be punished. Have a drink."
Quote 5925
* Billy`^ goes to the kitchen and fixes lunch thinking
* Billy`^ goes to his room and gets in his best looking outfit
<AlcarGm> You make lunch easily, without dice rolls. You eat, answer natures calls. And then you get dressed, put on your best vest. You look very nice. Like extreme rice.
* Billy`^ goes to Jill's work
<AlcarGm> (( the last part of that was an obscure Jer tribute few would know about ;) ))
<AlcarGm> What does Jill do for work? Does she work hard or shirk?
<AlcarGm> You know I'm drifting when I'm trying to do everything as rhyming.
Quote 5926
<AlcarGm> You find Sara at the fair with ease. She's still at the Ferris Wheel, others would call her a tease. There's a lineup a quarter mile long and lots of laughter at love's siren song.
* Billy`^ looks at sara... "FUCK.."
<AlcarGm> Sara is on the ferris wheel, with half the football team. It's kind of surreal. She's the me in team, it seems.
<Billy`^> ok alcar
<Billy`^> this neesd to stop
Quote 5927
<AlcarGm> The sundae man smiles his cones melting in the sun and greets you warmly
<Billy`^> This man is pissing me off
<Billy`^> Can i punch him in the teeth?
<Billy`^> This fucking smile!
<Billy`^> it's like on those commercials
<Billy`^> where they smille and hand you a melted cone
<Billy`^> and they have the sparkle
<Billy`^> and all you wanna do
<Billy`^> is kick their ass
<AlcarGm> never seen em :p
<Billy`^> me either
<Billy`^> but I can imagine
Quote 5928
<Billy`^> "I want... An absenthe sundae cone..."
<AlcarGm> He pauses a while, wishing for cheery blossoms, and blinks at you. "Are those legal here? Not that I really care, mind. B ut it's a drink for spring."
<Billy`^> "It looks fucking springy to me.. GIVE ME THE FUCKING CONE!" or not
* Billy`^ sighs "Well, give me whatever you got, then."
<AlcarGm> "We have chocolate, and mint fresh from the garden. Even vanilla. Do you like them all? We offer a large sundae for these muggy days."
<Billy`^> "Whatever. Yeah, give me a large... banana split."
<AlcarGm> he hands you the food feeling sad for banaads ripening too fast.
* Billy`^ takes it and gets away from the freak as soon as he can
* Billy`^ looks at the split and eats it, savoring every last bite
<AlcarGm> he waves bye to you, wondering if it's the heat: noone likes haiku
Quote 5929
<AlcarGm> You eat the food, ad the GM promses to stop with poetry prose, or even purple prose.
<Billy`^> prose i can do, poetry, no
* Billy`^ is eating his banana split
<Billy`^> "Damn clowns."
<AlcarGm> The sun has past it's zenith and the children are laughing, their shrill cries filling the air like the last whisper of a dying Hyena. Clowns file past, their faces gone with greasepaint, eyes hollowed out mockeries of cheer, grins stapled on even now like christmas sales associates holiday smiles.
<AlcarGm> (( that sort of thing :p ))
* Billy`^ looks at one and goes south of the fair tossing his trash in the nearest waste basket
<AlcarGm> You finish the split easily. And its surprisingly good, or maybe you're just hungry. The sound of the styrofoam container striking the bin evokes images of starving children in a place you've never been and can't be bothered to care about. Time is passing, but you feel like you're standing still since you're now on a deadline.
<Billy`^> ok
<Billy`^> I lied about the prose
Quote 5930
<alcar> Hrm... I think I snhould have slept more.
* alcar is having visions of an abortion clinic where they put the babies back in. Or at least babies, at any rate...
<alcar> I mean, imagine waking up one day and your baby is there trying to crawl back inside you
<aslhk> lol
<alcar> And, for best effect, you're the father. "Daddy, I want to meet my brothers that never were."
Quote 5931
<Gemm> well, first you are your own drug alcar, and now I believe you are your own disease.
Quote 5932
<Hugh`> "Oh well, guess we'll just have to hope we can get your brother to take out his agressions on him instead of me." *smirks*
<alcargm> Boy #2 bites his lip. <I could try and .. make it stronger, but your house doesn't like that.> Then blinks, surprised, thinking about his brother returning, and you get hope.exlectation/fear/desire/terror mingled together under that. <Oh. I never thought of that,> and under that, the thought that you could be more like boy #1 than you seem, and .. it might be bad?
<alcargm> Followed by a great deal of confusion, since he's never thought of his brother as bad before. <It won't stop him.>
<Hugh`> "Who, Lance, or your brother?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 <My brother.>
* Hugh` nods. "Yeah, we really need to figure out a way to get him to stop being mad at me..."
<Hugh`> (( "I mean, all I did was convince his obedient slave and source of power to kill him... you'd think he'd cool off by now." ))
Quote 5933
<Hugh`> "Well, could always try religion, then. I mean, the whole notion of a soul is a religious belief anyway, so he could try praying for one."
<alcargm> Boy #2 looks interested at that. <To who?>
* Hugh` shrugs. "God. Allah. Buddha. Satan, even. I don't think it matters that much."
<Hugh`> (( Can you tell Im athiest? :P ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 brightens at that, looking happy. <I was called Satan once! Can he pray to me? I'd give him one.>
<alcargm> (( You forgot Bob Barker :p ))
<Hugh`> "Wait, who called you Satan, exactly?"
<alcargm> (( and Elvis. ))
<Hugh`> (( "You don't secretly have cloven feet, do you?" ))
<alcargm> Boy #2: <People,> and you get an image of a house, somewhere.... mountainous? and it dissolving, into nothing, and a crowd of screaming people, and guns....
* Hugh` blinks. "Ah."
* Hugh` was slightly worried for a moment. :P
Quote 5934
<Hugh`> "Well, I'm not sure... Dieties tend to be invisible, by necessity. It takes a lot of fanatical belief to pray to a god who is actually of flesh and blood."
<alcargm> Boy #2 mopes and just nods, dejected.
<Hugh`> "Plus, I'm fairly sure it doesn't work so well if you boss around your dieity on a daily basis..."
<alcargm> (( If all else fails you can build one.... ))
<Hugh`> (( what, a soul? ))
<alcargm> (( god :p ))
<Hugh`> (( oh, drat. ))
<alcargm> (( Boy #2: <But people do that all the time, what with praying and demanding results> .... except it's not him :P ))
<Hugh`> (( "yeah, but they usually don't get those results, do they? I think I've made my point." ))
<alcargm> Boy #2: <It would?> anxiously. <Could you be his god? Then he wouldn't kill you!>
<alcargm> Boy #2 waits a bit then squirms, as if trying to prevent something, then says <Much>
<Hugh`> "Well, he'd have to worship me for me to be his god, and if he wants to kill me, he probably wouldn't."
<alcargm> (( Boy #1 reads about christianity and then Hugh is screwed :p ))
<Hugh`> (( "Uh, whats with the huge cross in my yard? Hey, wait a second..." ))
Quote 5935
<Hugh`> "Well, who knows, maybe all you guys need is to be be blessed or baptised or something, then you'd be more human."
<Hugh`> (( Even if we cant figure this out, hopefully we could distract Boy 1 with an offer of "Ill help you keep trying to get a soul, if you don't kill me." :P ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 blinks at that, surprised. <Can we?! Can we?!> eagerly.
<alcargm> (( True :p ))
<Hugh`> "It's probably worth a shot."
<alcargm> Boy #2:<WHEN?> then <Sorry. Loud.>
<Hugh`> (( several hours later: "How was I supposed to know you'd burst into flame? You said crosses didn't bother you..." ))
<Hugh`> (( "Waitr a second..." *sniffs, glares at the priest* "Since when do you baptise people in gasoline?!" ))
Quote 5936
<Hugh`> (( lol, like I said... unitarians first, they tend to be more accepting. Plus, if the guy is/was a satanist, he might be better suited to this dilemma. ))
<alcargm> (( 20 minute walk through woods to edge of town, where it is. Unfortunately, walking along with someone wraps in blankets might confuse people, if they see you. Not too likely, since everyone is likely at the Germaine Family Circus ))
<Hugh`> (( I can always say he's possessed, or something. But then, the catholic church would be better for that :P ))
<alcargm> (( Yeah :p UBt better in a more permanent way :p Their Exorcist method would be gun to the head :) ))
<Hugh`> (( wow, I really dont want to go there, now :P ))
<Hugh`> (( "You say the lad doesn't have a soul? *chuckle* Why that's silly, everyone has--" *stares at Boy 2* "Sister MArgret, please hand me my shotgun." ))
Quote 5937
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Oh. Look, I didn't mean to offend i - you," to boy #2. "This is just.... how does he talk to you? or does he at all?"
<Hugh`> "Oh, well, it's just a little trick of mine. But yes, we can comminicate."
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Who else can he ..... communicate with?" He staring at your sunglasses, wondering what is under them....
<alcargm> Boy #2 finally pulls away, still looking hesitant, and sits down again.
<Hugh`> "His brother. We're the only two."
<alcargm> <David Brown> "And where is his brother?"
<Hugh`> "Well, he's currently dead, in a way, but we expect him back tonight."
* Hugh` says that as if he had said he's at a friend's house, or something :P
<alcargm> (( ...... you know, here I was expecting "out of town," or somethng, I dunno, rational.... ))
<alcargm> <David Brown> "...."
<Hugh`> (( I'm being frank with this guy; more likely to get results. ))
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Dead? In a way?"
<alcargm> (( or drive him into an asylum :P ))
<Hugh`> "Yes, they don't seem to die in any sort of permanent way."
<Hugh`> (( well, yeah, but if he's nuts, he'll be more likely to try more unconventional methods to get these guys a soul :P ))
Quote 5938
<alcargm> <Hugh`> "You'll feel better in a second." *holds up a hand, and tries to hold him in place against the wall* .. .that's suppossed to help?!?! :p
<Hugh`> It keeps him from punching Boy 2 in the face.
<Hugh`> Or, say, running to the phone and calling the police.
<Hugh`> Plus, I figure Boy 2 can help calm him down.
<Hugh`> Besides, its my alien nature showing through. :P "This wont hurt a bit... well, after a second anyway." *insert probe*
Quote 5939
<Hugh`> (( its sucks when sun burns you, but shadows scare you. ))
Quote 5940
<alcargm> <David Brown> is silent for a few moments, and then slowly walks back to the chair, by an effort of will, and reminding himself that compassion is the most important quality a man (or woman ) can have, taking his fear and putting it away inside his head.
* Hugh` sits back down in his seat.
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Thank you," very quiet;ly, and you're the only other person who knows what it costs him to say that
<alcargm> Boy #2 looks surprised, and nods shyly, looking away and feeling really confused that there isn't a mob yet.
<Hugh`> (( <You'd have to make the church vanish first, for that.> ))
Quote 5941
* alcar grins. The other options would be very weird. And hey, it could well be that it's just sex and nothing else happens.
<alcar> Really. It could.
<Caltak> Yeah but then I'd be a child molestor. Regardless of how much he wanted it. Funny, how that works.
<Caltak> UNless he's secretly really old, then its okay.
<alcar> Yeah. But that's assuming boy #2 is a child, or even human. it could be beastiality.
<Caltak> Or he could be several hundred years old, and its necrophilia. :P
<alcar> well, he has died a few times :P
<Caltak> yeah
<Caltak> and this is a funny conversation :)
<Caltak> espeically at 6 am
* alcar chuckles.
<Caltak> no, It ake it back. Its completely appropriate for 6 am
Quote 5942
<Gemm> What kinds of ingredients would you say would be needed to make stones into gold?
<Gemm> ok, crazy ingredients
<alcar> bear droppings the size of the stones, or kindney stones.
<Gemm> better :P
<alcar> Or the stomach of a small child forced to swallow the stones, ripped out of him whole and placed into, oh, a washing machine on spin cycle.
* alcar nods. Tho, in my mind, it'ds done, and fails because it's then put into the dryer and the gold gets too hot and turns into raisins or fools gold
<alcar> just for the horrible realization that it actually worked, and then you ruined it :)
<Gemm> But what if they made it again and just took it out of the wash and didn't put it in the dryer?
<alcar> Then they'd have gold.
<alcar> I guess.
<alcar> but evil gold! Since it wan't done on gentle cycle, which is far more humane.
* alcar is disturbed that that actually makes sense to me.
<Gemm> Don't worry, it makes sense here too.
* alcar is having images of babies stomachs in a laundromat and some old lady saying "I'm using them all! All of them!"
<alcar> And, tho it's not UA, I could so see her being subconctracted by leprechauns to get the gold that goes into their pots at the end of rainbows
Quote 5943
<alcargm> Okay, Hugh and boy #2 are off to the southern edge of the Forbidden Forest to visit the wonderful witches of Millhaven, though the forest is really government land and the wonderful part is up for debate. It's 2 pm or so, and the sky is getting a bit cloudy and it semlls like it might rain soon.
* Hugh` hopes Boy 2 doesn't secretly melt when it rains.
Quote 5944
<Hugh`> "Ah, yes. David Brown suggested we come here."
<alcargm> She frowns, then brightens. "Oh, the nice young man at the church. I don't go there much anyone, ever since Harold passed away." She walks over to the gate. "What do you want?"
* Hugh` almost blurts out the answer, but remembers about using some subtlety. Whatever that means. :P "Well, my friend here had a bit of a problem, and Mr. Brown thought that you might be able to help us."
<alcargm> "Your friend?"
* Hugh` gestures to the lump of blankets.
<alcargm> Boy #2 gets up and the woman looked at the walking blanket. She blinks, and looks at you. "I hope this isn't about his fashion sense."
* Hugh` smiles and shakes his head. "Not at all."
Quote 5945
<alcargm> The blankets nod. The Gm notes that an npc who can't speak is interesting, but hard to npc when wrapped up.
Quote 5946
<alcargm> Moonstar grins at boy #2. "Would you like to go on a date?
<alcargm> Erica: "Dear, he isn't human," weakly.
<alcargm> <Amythest> tries not to laugh. "You did raise her to be independant."
* Hugh` smirks.
<alcargm> Boy #2's jaw drops and he stares at the girl as if she's speaking a foreign language, then stares at you in shock.
<alcargm> He gives you a pleading look :)
* Hugh` chuckles.
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Wow, you're shy. I'll start. I'm Moonstar. And my mom isn't even a hippie. The moon was out and there was his falling star. So what's your name?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 backs away from her, really confused now, and gives you a really, really pleading look.
* Hugh` tries to form a connection with him.
<alcargm> You manage it after a minute. You get a serious amount of confusion from him :p
<Hugh`> <She likes you.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Hello? Geeze, it's not like I'm ugly. And I'm not even a witch yet, so if we break up it's not like I'd put boils on your -""
<alcargm> Erica: "Moonstar!"
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Nose, mom. I was going to say nose."
<Hugh`> "He can't speak, dear."
<alcargm> Boy #2: (very confused) <Why?>
<Hugh`> <She finds you attractive, I guess.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Oh, the silent type. That's great. Most guys talk to much anyway."
Quote 5947
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Oh, the silent type. That's great. Most guys talk to much anyway."
<alcargm> Boy #2 frowns intently, then <She can't hear me.>
<Hugh`> <Yeah, which is a shame.>
* Hugh` contemplates trying to form a connection between them, but decides that melting her brain by accident might get the witches ticked off...
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Well, you could nod or something? Oh, I bet you like guys. Mom's husband did."
<alcargm> Erica: "Moonstar!"
<alcargm> Moonstar: "What, he did. It could be like Karma."
Quote 5948
<Hugh`> <You know, she wants to do that thing you and your brother did. But, not till she's older, of course... plus, she's a girl, so she probably wouldn't admit it or go directly to it. You have to build relationships with them, first.>
<alcargm> Boy #2: <She wants to eat light?>
<alcargm> (( this could get horribly graphic :p ))
<alcargm> Erica: "He's not human, Moonstar. And you're too young to date."
<Hugh`> <No, the other thing, when you two were... together.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Am not. And besides, he was human. He smells like it." she looks at you. "Even he smells human. Sort of. It's like a sixth sense."
<alcargm> <Amythest> "Actually, smell is one of the five senses."
<Hugh`> "See, I thought he might have had a soul at some point."
<alcargm> Boy #2: <But she's female> *Puzzled* <My brother said they can't> vivid mental image, s&M <and he tried. With glass bottles. They kept breaking.>
Quote 5949
<Hugh`> <Well, you have to do it a little differently with girls.> *projects an image of standard M/f sex that he saw one time*
<Hugh`> (( not in person, on a video. ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 blinks and gives you an astonished look. <Oh!>
<Hugh`> (( just to get the record stright ))
<alcargm> (( Oh, come on. You mean Hugh never spied on Sara? She lives down the road :p ))
<Hugh`> (( when you get vivid emotions from halway down the street, there's no need to spy. ))
<alcargm> (( good point :) ))
Quote 5950
<Hugh`> <Well, you'd have to wait until she asks you, I guess. Kind of hard to communicate with just nodding.>
<alcargm> Boy #2 nods. <I know>
* Hugh` looks for a flower nearby.
<alcargm> Moonstar: "You nodded! That's good. Is that a yes?"
<alcargm> There are a lot of them on the table, in a vase.
<Hugh`> <Here, go hand her one of those flowers.>
<alcargm> Boy #2: <But they're dead. People want dead things to say yes? They have a lot of squirrels here. I could kill one of them.>
<alcargm> (( this is horribly fun. ))
<Hugh`> (( back. Yeah, I cant believe Im setting him up on a date. ))
<alcargm> And Hugh giving dating advice is just... scary.
<alcargm> (( his brother might go right through the roof :) ))
<Hugh`> <No, it's just that flowers look pretty, dead or not-- well, as long as they're not wilting. And girls like pretty things.>
Quote 5951
<alcargm> Boy #2 goes over to the table and gets a flower from the vase, looking at it curiously, then hesitantly goes over to Moonstar. <Here. It's dead, and for some reason that's pretty as long as it's not wilting. Dead corpses would last longer, and don't wilt. But Hugh says you like flowers.>
<Hugh`> <As a rule, they don't like dead animals or people...>
<alcargm> Boy #2. <Oh. But they eat dead animals.>
<Hugh`> <Yeah. Curious, that. When its cooked and prepared and doesn't look like an animal anymore, people don't seem to mind. But a dead deer on the road grosses them out. Go figure.>
Quote 5952
<alcargm> Boy #2 puts it on and follows you. The van is WITCH1 and parked beside the farmous near the back where the driveway ends.
<Hugh`> (( does it have cool art painted on it? ))
<Hugh`> (( would have been funny if it was painted like the MYstery machine, come to think of it. ))
<Hugh`> (( OH! Misery Machine, painted in same scheme but with black and grey instead of bright colors. ))
<Hugh`> (( that'd be so awesome ))
<Hugh`> (( too gothic for this crowd, though. :0 ))
Quote 5953
<alcargm> Steve, coming out of the shelter with the blanket, drops it and stares at the van in horror.
<alcargm> He screams and runs inside.
* Hugh` backs out, then switches to forward and peels out, apparently. :P
<Hugh`> (( what, did I lift it, too? :P ))
<alcargm> You're going fairly fast. You must be getting the hang of this :p
<alcargm> (( yep :) ))
<Hugh`> (( ROFL! ))
<Hugh`> (( oh man, thank god for that circus... ))
Quote 5954
<AlcarGm> When last we left our, uh, Hero, he was effortlessly driving a van through the north end of Millhaven and planning to go to the library, yes?
<Hugh`> (( what, you don't think I'm a hero?! ))
<Hugh`> (( and I think its more like "piloting" at this point :) ))
<AlcarGm> (( Depends on perspective :p ))
<AlcarGm> (( But Hugh doesn't now that, yet :) ))
Quote 5955
<AlcarGm> It's 6:45 pm, and there is one customer, and otherwise aside from the pretty sound the rain makes on the tin roof the library is empty.
* Hugh` mutters. "damn..."
* Billy`^ leans close to Hugh "Are you the one with the answers I'm looking for?"
* Hugh` (( jerks back. "Yes, if the answer is a Tic-Tac..." ))
<Hugh`> "Pardon?"
Quote 5956
<Hugh`> <So? What's the plan?>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 blinks and looks up. <I don't know,> quietly. <I feel all ... weird ... inside. Scared. Like I don't want to see him again.>
<Hugh`> <Understandable, given his past actions.>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 <It's like .... like.. something in my stomach.> He frowns. <Butterflies. Someone told my brother he had them in his stomach, but he was lying. There was just gross organs. And it smelled bad. But I feel like that."
<Hugh`> (( he always says these things to creep me out x_x ))
Quote 5957
* Billy`^ leaves and goes droopilly toward a pet store
<Billy`^> i'm guessing the demon wanted me dead
<Billy`^> so i'm jetting asap
<AlcarGm> (( you think? :p ))
Quote 5958
<Billy`^> "Hey there big guy..." Holding the white one
<Billy`^> "Do you have a name?"
<AlcarGm> The kitten purrs and looks at you wide-eyed
* Billy`^ stands and walks over to Marc "I'll take this one."
<AlcarGm> Marc looks up, grunts. "Want litter? Box? Food? Dishes? Gonna need a collar."
* Billy`^ looks up "Hmm? Oh, get me a collar."
<AlcarGm> He nods and gets you a nice, thin red one. "4 bucks."
* Billy`^ digs in his pocket for the money and smiles at the man "I have everything else, thanks."
<AlcarGm> He nods. "Whatever."
* Billy`^ walks out holding the kitten in his arms
<Billy`^> "Well then..."
<AlcarGm> The kitten meows indignantly at the rain, and glares up at you, offended.
* Billy`^ sighs and places the cat in his shirt
* Billy`^ goes home, to the oak
<AlcarGm> The kitten is purring happily in your coat by the time you reach home, and alien larvae are not burrowing through their host into your skin.
Quote 5959
<Hugh`> "You're the one who made him scared of you. If you didn't then he'd love you completely."
<AlcarGm> Boy #1: "'sall your fault." He pouts. "Not mine. I didn't want to die! Nuh uh."
<Hugh`> "Then why didn't you leave with your brother? I suggested it to you, but you didn't listen. *sigh* Even so, I'm sorry."
* Hugh` walks over. "Listen, can't we all just put the past behind us, and be friends?"
<AlcarGm> Boky #1: "I'm too late for sorry I'm like a clock. I go coo koo. All the time. I tock, instead of tick. Like a puzzle, put together by a blind watchmaker in the hours before the first dawn, in a beach where every grain of sand was a tear drop, and a world. It's ..... funny."
<AlcarGm> Boy #1: "I think I'll kill you now. But it's raining. And I might get wet."
Quote 5960
<Hugh`> (( this sucks, every game that I have a PC try to befriend an NPC who has obvious lonliness issues, Alcar never lets it work. Bleh. ))
<Billy`^> (( Alcar is kind of that way... besides, he has lonliness issues for a reason ))
Quote 5961
* Billy`^ walks inside the house
<AlcarGm> Jane looks at the house. "But that's a .... place with walls. House. They're ... cramped. Small."
<Billy`^> "It's ok, c'mon in. It's not too small, if I do say so myself."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "It's a trap. They're all traps, from the world, from experiencing it. They're prisons you make yourself. Do you have coffee?"
* Billy`^ nods "We do."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Okay, then." She follows you inside.
Quote 5962
<Hugh`> (("Hmm, might need some more psychic duct tape..."))
<AlcarGm> (( lots :p ))
<Hugh`> oh, that'd be a cool UA item. Duct tape that literally can fix anything. Just stick it on a broken engine, it melds into it, and viola! Its fixed.
<Hugh`> could even work on mental problems :)
<AlcarGm> lol
Quote 5963
<Billy`^> "Right... How much sugar?"
* Billy`^ grabs a cup and pours the coffee in and grabs a spoon and sugar waiting
<AlcarGm> Jane: "3 spoons."
* Billy`^ shrugs and stirs in the sugar and brings jane the coffee "Let's go to my room."
<AlcarGm> Jingo raises both eyebrows.
<AlcarGm> Jane: "I like the tree better," with a shrug, sipping her coffee.
<AlcarGm> Jingo coughs and sprays coffee all over the counter.
<Billy`^> "Well, it's still raining."
Quote 5964
<Billy`^> "I did say I would... I looked into these cruel ones you told me about... They're lost from what I'm told."
<Billy`^> "Any other ideas?"
<AlcarGm> Jane rubs the kittens stomach. "Lost?"
<Billy`^> "Is that a no to the dating thing."
<Billy`^> "Yeah, some crazy kid who told me he was darkness said they were no where to be found..."
<Billy`^> "Well he used more words."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Crazy people know too much, so they don't know much at all."
Quote 5965
<Billy`^> "... Would you answer my question?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Why would I? I don't know you. You don't know me."
<Billy`^> "That's why you date."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Why not just be friends?"
<Billy`^> "Because I'm attracted to you."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That's because I'm female. You're male. It's one of those biological things, like the platypus."
Quote 5966
<AlcarGm> The front door opens and a woman's voice says "What is a man doing in our home?" in a voice filled with hatred, possibly more than even boy #1 could have managed. "Men .. more than one!"
* Hugh` looks over.
<Hugh`> (( "Oh, are you the lesbian I heard about?" ))
<Hugh`> "Well, they're more 'boys' than 'men.'" *stands up, and bows* "My name is Hubert Brown. Rachel and Amythist and Erica know me."
<AlcarGm> Diane Walters is standing in the doorway, a tough, angry woman in her early 40s who wants you dead, because you're male. Boy #2 and #1 throw her for a bit of a mental loop, but she dosn't cxae wjhat it looks like. All men want to destroy women and make them submit - and they will all pay.
<aslhk> ((Especially gay men. They don't even LIKE women))
<Hugh`> (( yeah, but we cant help it, its genetically ingrained in us. ))
Quote 5967
<alcar> Hrm .... Hugh's confrontation w/ the psycho witch should be fun :p
<Caltak> yeah
<Caltak> I fear for his life.
<Caltak> Mainly because he doesn't want to hurt her, cause the other witches wouldn't like that.
<Caltak> Hmm, it occurs to me (randomly and unrealtedly, I promise) that, knowing that she hates straight and gay men, I wonder how she feels about men who get a sex change?
<alcar> they're spies :p
<Caltak> makes a twisted kind of sense, I suppose.
<Caltak> Or, they could be refugees! But she does seem like the genocidal general nazi type.
Quote 5968
<AlcarGm> Diane looks over at boy #1. "Bindings," she hisses. "The only thing that can bind your kind is death." And smiles, or at least her mouth moves. "I can kill him."
<Hugh`> "We've tried that already."
<AlcarGm> That almost causes her to pause. "I will do it, then, and she steps forward, giving you as much space as possible :p
Quote 5969
<Hugh`> I thought of a terrible spell Diane might want to develop someday: A spell that transforms a man into nothing more than their sex organ. That way, they wouldnt be able to try to enslave women, and the reverse would be true. They'd just be a living sex toy. :) Quite disturbing, but effective, if she could get it to work.
<AlcarGm> lol! Yeah.
Quote 5970
<Hugh`> (( Im almost ready to refuse to use Spark anymore. ))
Quote 5971
* Hugh` looks back at Boy 1, and smiles slightly, despite himself. "Now, darkness begone!" *places his hand on Boy 1 head like a faith healer, and tries to push it all out again with the pure light.*
<Hugh`> d100
<The_Computer> Hugh` d100: 96
<Hugh`> (( X_X ))
<Hugh`> (( *explodes* ))
<AlcarGm> (( pls reroll :p ))
<AlcarGm> (( just so I don't have to kill Hugh now in areally horrible manner inolving a visit to a certain city :) ))
<Hugh`> d100
<The_Computer> Hugh` d100: 2
<Hugh`> (( damn, 1 woudla been nice. But damn, thats one bipolar bot! ))
Quote 5972
<AlcarGm> <Lance> shakes his head. "You're not good at lying, boy. I'm a cop. That doesn't mean I have to be your enemy in this."
<Hugh`> "What if you don't like my answers, though?"
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "I prefer those to lies."
<Hugh`> "Allright then. I'm telling you, though, the truth doesn't make any sense."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "Besides, you'd be surprised what I believe. I believe that we have free will, that the illuminati exist, that our world was created less than five hours ago, that life is eternal, that death is the end, that there is bein and unbeng and there is no other mystery than that, that the one qustion all philosophy boils down to is "why is there something, instead of nothing" and that it is also rendered "What, me worry?"
<AlcarGm> I believe that one person can make a difference, that the world is more complex that we understand, and that simple things are as complex as we make them."
<Hugh`> "Do you believe in magic and space aliens?"
<BrooklynKnight> (Only Alcar..........only Alcar...)
<AlcarGm> (( what? ))
<BrooklynKnight> (only you could come up with that lol)
<Hugh`> (( everything but that "our world was created less than five hours ago" comment works for me :P ))
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "I know magic existgs. Aliens, well, they're just another kind of magic."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> shrugs "magic is an easy term to use. Miracles are magic. Life is magic, Birth is magic. Advertising is magic. Repetition is magic. Names are magic. Most things are. Weird, on the other hand. Most people don't like to believe in weirdness. Real aliens, like the little grey men, that's weird."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "So is flying vans. Magic, you see, is tricks. Real or not, it's all just tricks. Fooling an audience, even if that audience is the universe itself. Weird stuff, well, it happens and doesn't give a shit."
Quote 5973
<Chaos`^> it should be interesting
<Chaos`^> if he manages to stay alive untill then
<alcar> well, yeah, his mom could kill him before then, but I doubt it ;p
<alcar> I mean, Billy has just met the weird dogs. Oh, and the demon tried to get boy #1 to murder him, but still....
<Chaos`^> I want you to know
<Chaos`^> this is the first pc I have had that has gotten out of 2 bad situations in a row without fighting
<alcar> Hugh, otoh, has been forced into fighting. (something about sociopathic kids who sick darkness with tentacles on you for taking their brother from them does that) And Sparkie hates him, so he invariably gets screwed :)
Quote 5974
<Alicia> Hmm... so I can make up NPCs more or less at will..?
<alcar> Yep.
* Alicia is SO tempted to have there be an SCA nut NPC
<alcar> Tho, so far, the weirdest NPC is Marcie Dollins, a member of PETA (Peope for the Extreme Termination of Aliens), whom believes she is a good alien sent to the world to save mankind.
<alcar> So far she's only tried to kill pc in the belief that he was serving incestoid aliens.
<Alicia> Incestoid?
<Alicia> Not insectoid?
<alcar> err, insectiod.
<alcar> tho incestoid would be intereting.
<alcar> oh, wow.and MPD is (sometimes) caused by incest. All those step-fathers really as aliens.....
<Alicia> Wow, the Incestoids!
<alcar> It could be done. It would be a bit callous, tho :)
Quote 5975
<Gemm> How's this for an Incestoids "song?" :P
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> And we're playing in an incestuous band (we're playing in an incsetuous band)
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
* Alicia laughs
<Alicia> And I know the original
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
<Gemm> Figurin' out which ones our dad (Figurin' out which ones our dad)
<Gemm> lol, yeah?
Quote 5976
<alcar> Hah! It does work.
<alcar> (in my paints, put it in my pants)
<alcar> Where have all the cildrren gone
<alcar> and why don't you love your dads?
<alcar> You're my little Herclues
<alcar> And together we'll fight the odds.
<alcar> You can spend the night with my fiery steed?
<alcar> During the night I keep you silent, your scream
<alcar> some of what I need
<alcar> I need a child
<alcar> I'm holding out for a child 'til the end of the night
<alcar> etc.
<alcar> well, sort of :)
<alcar> incestoid song 2 :p
Quote 5977
<SilverHorse> Actually..
<SilverHorse> A nazi-esque soldier tossed into the side of good..
<alcar> hmm, that could work.... why would s/he serve good, tho?
<SilverHorse> Because if everything was evil, he wouldn't have anything left to fight, would he? ;)
<SilverHorse> lol, thats a bit of a stretch
Quote 5978
<alcar> You know, I just realised I really cool villian in a D&D game would be one who ssicked creatures from Magic at PCs. It would be quite funny.
<alcar> Evil Magician: "I clall the. . red orcs!" PC: "Whatt's be doiung?" PC2: "Tap dancing. It's now he does magic. He taps."
<Farthes> youre a sick, sick man
<Alicia> LOL
<Farthes> dont encourage him Alicia!
<alcar> it could work, though!
<Farthes> well, in your games anything can work
<Farthes> =p
<Farthes> IE: Space travelling rednecks exploring time in a portapotty
<alcar> Farthes - But that was fun :p
Quote 5979
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 relaxes, a little. <I felt him, there. Something....> he shakes his head, looking lost. <Even when he *hurt* me, he was still .... but ...> He looks at you pleadingly <How? He's *GONE!* He's not in me, not together, not...>
<Hugh`> <He's not gone completely. Once we see if Charlie can maybe give him a soul, or we at least find some way to keep the darkness out for good, then I can probably fix him. It'll take a long time, but... eventually, I'm sure he'll be all better.>
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 shakes his head. <He's not....> and you get something, like a lost arm feeling, but deeper ..... and loss .... and the analogy breaks down breaks down completely. Just a "missing" feeling. Boy #2 blinks. <I can't .. I can't hear him. Can't feel him...>
<Hugh`> <Well, even so... I know he's all you had for a long time, but you don't *need* him, really. You can be your own person, like everyone else.>
<Hugh`> (( hehe, I like how weird that last sentance sounded. ))
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 gives you a blank look, like you'd told him to grow wings. <But the rest of me is gone.>
Quote 5980
<Hugh`> "It... turns out you were right, something took him. But it was glowing, and coming from the sky, apparently."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 gives you a puzzled look. <Glowing?>
* Hugh` nods. "That's what she said."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <That doesn't make sense. We don't like the sun. It took him?>
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <Will it keep him?>
<Hugh`> "I'm not sure. So, you have no idea what it could be?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. <But he's gone, in here ...> he trails off. <I don't know where he is. He's not in the dark. He's not here. He's.. gone.>
<Hugh`> "Maybe it was aliens, then. Though why they'd show up randomly like that..." *shrugs*
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <There are aliens? I've never met one.>
<AlcarGM> (( hello? They're always random, like with cows :p ))
<Hugh`> "Well, I think there probably are."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 <Oh. They can't have him,> firmly.
<Hugh`> (( thats not random! Its important scientifi research. You know, like the anal probing. ))
<AlcarGM> (( best not tell boy #2 about that part, or he'll be sure he's alien :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( actually, that makes for an amusing logic.... ))
<Hugh`> (( X_X ))
Quote 5981
<Alicia> Then again, denying them that strongly would probably make them adepts (read "fucked in the head") anyway
<alcar> heh, depends on what they deny, really.
<alcar> I mean, someone could deny, oh, that the Holocaust happened, and live just fine. Some people can have no emotions, and live ..well .. probably not fine, but fuctional (and enough hardened madness notices basically does shut emotions off)
<Alicia> People do deny that the Holocaust happened. x.x
<alcar> Yep :)
<Alicia> It's pretty hard to deny that it happened to the extent that adept-hood would need anyway, even if it could grant adepthood
* alcar worked with someone who did that, It was quite interesting talking to her
* alcar nos. It could be done, as a paradox, if, say, the person believing that was a Jew, and their parents died in a concentration camp.
* alcar isn't sure if it would warrant aschool, or just being insane, tho :p
<Alicia> By the time you reach adept-level denial of something, it's the adepts that are the LEAST scary
<alcar> yeah :)
Quote 5982
<Alicia> Wisdom through ignorance. How's that for a paradox?
<Alicia> I don't even know what it'd do
<alcar> that'd be a great paradox :)
<Alicia> Taboo: Learning things
<Alicia> ... damn, that makes character advancement hard
<alcar> lol. It's impossible to *not* learn things :)
Quote 5983
<Alicia> How do you discard the *ENTIRE* beliefs of society? (I don't even know what the entire beliefs of society even are)
<alcar> hrm, could do it for all beliefs contrary to youtr oewn. But you'd be in jail very quickly :P
<Alicia> But unless the <odd belief> is specific to the character, what would it be?
<alcar> "But of could my son wanted me to have sex, sex is God's way of making sure we enjoy our time on earth, and I think we hould be allowed to whenever we wan .. what? your objection is that he is 3? What kind of silly objection is that?!"
Quote 5984
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Who is the blessed virgin. Your sister?"
<Billy`^> "Uhm... I don't think so, I think it has something to do with their religion."
<Billy`^> How old does jane look?
<AlcarGM> 16 or so.
<Billy`^> how old is billy? ><
<Billy`^> i forget =p
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> Uhm, 17 or 18, I think.
<Billy`^> 16-18 don't remember
Quote 5985
<AlcarGM> Skinner: "What do you mean, what do I want? It's monday, or have you forgotten you have students," his voice dripping with sarcasm
<Mac> "Are you sure its Monday? Last time I got up it was Sunday."
<AlcarGM> Skinner: ".. Well, there are students here. O'Rye is planning to hold a funeral, for a dog, at noon. So yes, it would be monday. Too much drinking again?"
<Mac> "Alright, alright. No need to go starting rumors. I'll be there shortly."
<AlcarGM> Skinner hangs up in reply.
<AlcarGM> He doesn't like you much. Then again, he doesn't like anyone much.
<Mac> That makes me feel better. Almost. Were it not you saying that. :P
<AlcarGM> Okay, you gather yourself quickly, and get to school without breaking the speed limit, barely :p
<AlcarGM> It's about 5 minutes before classes and a few of your more eager students are already in class, waiting for you.
<Mac> While setting my things down, and getting ready speaks off towards those already here.
<Mac> "So, I got a call from the vice principal this morning. Apparently it isn't Sunday."
<AlcarGM> A few of them give you confused looks.
<AlcarGM> One of them - Roy - says "But it is Sunday.."
<AlcarGM> j/k
Quote 5986
<Mac> omg, Sara has a sister now?! When did this happen? I thought she only had daughters and sons and granddaughters/sons, etc.
<Billy`^> sara can't get pregnant i don't think
<Billy`^> OMG!
<Billy`^> austin powers meets sara
<Billy`^> Powers: "Do i make you horny baby?" Sara:"No, but let's have sex!"
<Hugh`> You can't make someone something they are constantly.
<Billy`^> I don't think she does it because she's horny, i think she does it to entertain herself... like going to the movies
<Billy`^> or watching tv
<Billy`^> replace every time she says 'sex' with 'tv' or something she would actually sound normal
<Hugh`> I liked it more when she did it to make trees.
Quote 5987
<Billy`^> "Moire... Where do you come from?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Here."
* Billy`^ whipes himself down and walks out the door.
Quote 5988
* Billy`^ goes to the office to tell of his uh... visiting realative...
<AlcarGM`> Okay, Maureen Brown is at the office, since she's the secretary. She smiles at you. "morning, Billy. Can I help you?"
<Billy`^> "My uh... Mother's father's sister's brother's aunt's nephew's daughter is visiting from uh... Utah... today. There should be a note that she'll be going to classes with me her family is looking into... moving here...."
<AlcarGM`> Maureen: "Your .. what?"
<AlcarGM`> Maureen: "What does that make her?"
<Billy`^> "She's my Great Aunt." turning red.
<AlcarGM`> Maureen & Jane: "What?"
Quote 5989
<AlcarGm> VP Skinner comes on the PA system to inform everyone that lunch is being held outside today behind the school. "Professor O'Rye has asked for, and been granted permission, to bury Biko on school grounds. Attendance at the funeral is mandatory," flatly. "You may eat lunch during it. Thank you."
<Billy`^> (( LoL! You may eat lunch durring the funural >< ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah :) Skinner is special:p ))
Quote 5990
<AlcarGm> Computers is easy, mostly because most of the students in the class spend their time thinking in code, or about rpgs, and firs tperson shooters using the school as a level.
<Hugh`> (( Ive actually thought about all three of those. ))
Quote 5991
<AlcarGM`> You are, luckily, the only person who catches Sara wondering what sex with dead people would be like.
<AlcarGM`> make that unluckily. She has very good visuals.
<Hugh`> ewwwww
<AlcarGm> yeah :P
Quote 5992
<AlcarGm> The cafeteria is about half full., and surprisingly quiet for a change. Mr Skinner, doing the lunch duty, is wondering if killing someone every day wuold keep students quiet.
Quote 5993
<AlcarGm> The old cafeteria ladies you're sure aren't triplets but you can never tell apart give you the sandwich. You'tre almost sure you don't hear thoughts form the sandwich, begging you not to eat it.
<AlcarGm> It does actually taste edible, at least.
<Hugh`> (( Im almost sure I dont? hear it? :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah. It could be a figment of your imagination :) ))
* Hugh` looks at the inside before eating it, at any rate.
<AlcarGm> it's a normal sandwich. Egg salad :p
Quote 5994
<AlcarGm> Your afternoon classes are mostly a blur, since you're busy trying to digest the sandwich, and the teachers and students are mostly thinking about the funeral, and the death of Handyman Joe. No one has officially said anything, but his head wads found in the fountain in the garden of the mayor's residence last night....
<Hugh`> (( !!! ))
<Hugh`> (( wow, random murders abound. ))
<Billy`^> (( The fun part is that no one cares ))
<Hugh`> (( lol! ))
<Hugh`> (( that's so mean. ))
<AlcarGm> (( lol. The community does. Is going ot be demonstrations tonight, and everything :) ))
<AlcarGm> (( unfortunately, that's not really going to catch the killer :p ))
Quote 5995
<AlcarGm> Mrs Colgate left an apple pie, which boy #2 is staring at curiously. Also a note saying "Hubert - came by, but you must have walked home. I saw your houseguess in the living room and he let me in. He was shy. I could have sworn I've seen him around before?"
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 looks up when you enter, and loooks at the pie and blushs.
<Hugh`> "Ah well, I guess if you were going to break a rule, she was the best one to break it for."
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 loosk down at his feet, and nods.
* Hugh` smiles. "Besides, free food is good."
* Hugh` cuts a slice and puts it on a plate, then goes and calls up Mrs. Colgate to thank her.
<Hugh`> (( Mrs. C: "What pie? What are you talking about, dear?" *Poison kicks in...* ))
Quote 5996
<AlcarGm> Okay. You walk outside. The air is fresh and clean, Sara is having sex on the roof of her house with two college guys. Saras mother is screaming "GET DOWN, WHORE OF BABYLON!" from below, with a broom in one hand.
* Hugh` hurries past.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 stops for a bit to watch, curious, then follows you. <Smells like rotten grapes.>
<Hugh`> "Wine?"
<AlcarGm> Boy #2. <Dead things. Rotting, but looking pretty?>
<AlcarGm> You catch Sara asking her mother, sincrely, if she'd like to come up and join them.
* Hugh` continues on.
Quote 5997
<AlcarGm> The rest of the walk is rather pleasant, as far as the woods go.
<AlcarGm> The town is mostly quiet when you arrive, since anyone who can make it is at the fair.
<Hugh`> (( god I love that fair. ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah :) Keep thinking that :P ))
Quote 5998
<AlcarGm> You enter and notice some grafittii on the door, bright red
<AlcarGm> You have NO Soles![crossed out and Souls! written under it]
* Hugh` nods. "Yeah, with drugs. Drugs are hell."
* Hugh` looks at the grafittit for a moment. "Hmm. These vandals know too much." *muttered*
Quote 5999
<AlcarGm> The poster says..
<AlcarGm> Women don't belong in cages
<AlcarGm> 80% of imprisoned women are inside for poverty-realted offenses
<AlcarGm> 90% of aboriginal and 82% of all women in prison are survivors of incest, rape or physical assault
<AlcarGm> The number of women in prison increased 200% in the past 15 years
<AlcarGm> Prisons are the real crime
Quote 6000
<SilverHorse> Alcar.
<SilverHorse> Schedule a UH session soon.
<SilverHorse> I need to get in touch with my inner psychopathic healer.