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Quote 5701
<Tracey`^> (( FUCK YOU SPARKIE! FUCK-YOU! ))
Quote 5702
<tatterdemalion> Big Bird stops, frozen, as the barrier of Light and possibility coalesces around it, and them screams a loud and drawn out cry that fades away as he vanishes into thin air...
<tatterdemalion> And the houes are currently burning down, thanks to hellfire. Oh, and no one is coming out.
* Drake smirks, "Pretty good."
<Tracey`^> "Son of a bitch.. Drake... Help me command the parents to come out."
<Drake> "You ask and ask and ask and ask."
* Tracey`^ amplifies her voice "Everyone get out of your houses!"
<Tracey`^> "You could let them burn, I don't care."
<Drake> "I can tell. You set them on fire."
<Tracey`^> "I was doing this for you, I mean, as far as I care if the people aren't smart enough to run from fire they deserve to die."
* Drake shrugs and starts going from burning house to burning house, beckoning denizens to vacate. :P
Quote 5703
<Drake> "Children! Have you let Jesus into your hearts..?"
<Drake> 1d100 :P
<Sparkie> Drake 1d100: 96 :P
<Drake> ((oh shit))
<tatterdemalion> (( HAHHAA ))
<GeminiRai> (( LOL! ))
<Brisby> (( SWEET JESUS NO! ))
<Brisby> (( The children are Satanists! ))
<Tracey`^> 1d100 Ze wall of darkness
<Sparkie> Tracey`^ 1d100: 46 Ze wall of darkness
<tatterdemalion> Children: "We loved him. He was sweet, and juicy, and tart on our tongues... You're jesus," in a high, choral voice.. and as one they turn on Drake :p
<Drake> "Well .. we all are. You are what you eat."
<Brisby> "You could be Catholics!"
<Tracey`^> "Drake... It's not like you to turn kids into cannables."
<Drake> "Its called communion."
<Drake> "You know. This do in rememberance of me?"
<Tracey`^> "You tell people to eat eachother at communion?"
Quote 5704
<Brisby> "How do we leave?"
<Edinah> "... that has got to be the worst coke I've ever had"
<Tracey`^> "We're not out of here yet though."
<Tracey`^> "The children are the reason we're in this world.. if we get rid of their imaginations... we get rid of the world and we get to go back."
<Drake> "Get rid of their imagination? That's horrible."
Quote 5705
<Brisby> (( Better a Mormon than an Athiest, even if it's not Cahtolic... ))
<GeminiRai> (( Says the lady who travels with a succbus. ))
<Drake> ((Exactly. :P))
<Brisby> (( that's a general attitude of Catholic missionary work... ))
Quote 5706
* Drake nods to Brisby, then looks at Tracey, "I don't think you should try to start something with the reaper. I mean, you and he shouldn't even do business ever."
<Drake> ((... never make a wish with a devil, you guys))
<Tracey`^> "Who said I was going to start something with him?
<Tracey`^> "I'm just telling you that's why we were there."
<Drake> "I didn't say you were."
<Drake> "I'm just giving you pearls of wisdom. A gift."
<Tracey`^> "Now if you don't mind I have a vampire I need to find in san-francisco."
<Brisby> "Will you be leaving so soon?"
<GeminiRai> (( If only we all had angels telling us such wise snippets. "Don't start shit with the reaper" "Try not to spontaneously combust" "If you're going to go to hell, bring an air conditioner." ))
Quote 5707
<Tracey`^> "I never claimed it was perfect, infact, it sucked ass, but it's not my god damned fault either! I react how I react, and if they weren't smart enough to not eat me, they might be alive today!"
<Edinah> ^o.o^
<Drake> "Well, I don't think eating you would be healthy either."
<Drake> ((layers upon layers alcar! :P))
* Tracey`^ crosses her arms "Damn straight it wasn't."
<Drake> "Indeed. You don't know what you could catch."
Quote 5708
<kentari> let's turn him into a mormon
<kentari> or a chick tract dispenser
<Moribund> awesome
<alcar> ooh! Jack Chick, Superhero!
<KitsuneGlyph> chick tract assistant writer
<kentari> oh no
<alcar> the poassibilities....
<kentari> wtf have I done
<kentari> I just want you guys to know that I love you
<kentari> :P In varying degrees
<kentari> and that when chick comes
<kentari> :P I'll be trying to get cthulu to save us
<kentari> chick VS cthulu
Quote 5709
<Keith> tell him about the monkey
<Baliadoc> lol, that's definitely... different :)
<FirestormZero> lol, tell me about the monkey keith :)
<Keith> Its a monkey, and its NOT a monkey
<FirestormZero> that's very taoist of you to say that.
<FirestormZero> now, for an explanation that makes sense?
<alcar> "This is not the money you are looking for."
<alcar> "But I'm not looking for a monkey."
<alcar> "yes, well, but if you were, this would not be it."
Quote 5710
<kentari> one time at band camp
<kentari> I had a girlfriend
<kentari> I put her in like, this well
<kentari> and was liek "it puts the lotion on its skin..."
<kentari> it was such an awesome relationship
<Caltak> lol ken
<Caltak> I thought you were going to say you put her in a well and forgot about her for a week, and now she calls you on the phone and you see her on TV.
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> "SEVEN DAYS!" "That was like a month ago. Get over it already."
<alcar> hehe cal. Tha would be funny. "So you saw that Ring movie.." "No, I forgot her.." "Come on..."
<Caltak> later when she show up: 'Bitch, stop dripping water all over the carpet! Jesus!"
Quote 5711
<JacobRiis> alcar- Could you have a traveling salesman Harold Hill trying to sell the town a boy's band? :D
<alcar> JacobRiis ... LOL! I read that as a boy's hand :p
<alcar> And I was going to say sure. Perfect for a hand of glory idea... but a band?!
Quote 5712
<FirestormZero> lol, Dawson's all for aliens, after finishing his goal of sleeping with a girl from every ethnicity, he needs more variety.
<alcar> LOL
<FirestormZero> What can I say? Gotta spice it up.
<Caltak> two words: Anal Probe.
<FirestormZero> Two Words: Open Mind.
<FirestormZero> ^_^
<Caltak> ok good.
<Caltak> ^_^
<FirestormZero> wait.
<Caltak> hehehe
<FirestormZero> Dawson: "no hugh, no ideas."
Quote 5713
* alcar may just borrow the UA game satanists lock, stock, and barrel. IIRC only aslhk's pc ever met them.
<alcar> But if your friends get skinned and are turned into shoes, you know who to blame
Quote 5714
<tatterdemalion> wow, over 20% of those npcs may die.
* tatterdemalion may lower that
<Tsume-chan> o.0
Quote 5715
* Bisclaveret notes GeminiRai didn't spell vapourize with a U.,. he's a traitor!
* Bisclaveret executes
Quote 5716
<FirestormZero> Sara is not a femme fatale... she umm... isn't difficult to access
<FirestormZero> only to keep :)
<FirestormZero> haha
<FirestormZero> but then again
* tatterdemalion nods. The Woman Everyone Can Get Inculding You, Your Wife, Your Dog, And Your Kid
<Chaos`^> sara == tired man && sore man && jealous girlfriends
* tatterdemalion doubts it would ascend :P
<FirestormZero> The Woman Some People Want But Everyone Gets
Quote 5717
<FirestormZero> lol... protective custody.. oh no..
* alcar nods. Breaking into jail to kil a cult would be funny :)
<FirestormZero> Your sense of humor kills PCs.
Quote 5718
<JacobGM> So let me get this straight... You even entertain the notion that you can be promoted to Blue by a Green in Indigo? :)
Quote 5719
<Chaos`^> damn it alcar i ready your blog now i want to play your stupid ua game... damn it! ><
Quote 5720
<Caltak> Let's be the cast of Friends. :p
* alcar knows basically nothing about friends.
<Caltak> oh, ok. THat's probably best.
<Caltak> Most other people would either find that comment hilarious, or disturbing. :P
<alcar> lol
Quote 5721
<Chaos`^> i'm oocly going to bed and icly going to sleep
Quote 5722
<alcar> the aliens shall come asking for ingredients to make drinks. That would be funny.
<alcar> Alien: "I need some sprite, and tequilla... Oh, this is for you. You look a bit under the weather."
* alcar isn't sure what an easy drink to make would be though.
<FirestormZero> heheh
<FirestormZero> White Russian
<FirestormZero> or maybe like... they need kool-aid
<FirestormZero> lol
<FirestormZero> haha
<FirestormZero> The Aliens primary purpose in coming to earth was to obtain our kool-aid flavors
<alcar> G-Spot
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Sprite
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Wilderberry
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Sours Mix
<alcar> Alien: "Her,e hav e a g-spot."
<alcar> male pc: ".."
Quote 5723
<Tracey`^> Last time i went on an airplane... and the time before that
<Tracey`^> a campaign died
<AlcarGM> Okay, then. You arrive at the local airfield, and not even reality-altering powers prevent security from detaining you and searching your belongings while someone else walks past them with a fake nuke.
<Tracey`^> let's drive there
<Tracey`^> wait wait
<Tracey`^> the time before THAT aswell
<AlcarGM> The flight is boring and uneventful. You land in San Fransico without incident.
<AlcarGM> (( oh? ))
<Drake`> ((yay))
<Tracey`^> airplanes are sort of a jinx to me... let's drive ^^;
<Drake`> ((:P ...))
<AlcarGM> But you just flew :P
<Drake`> ((We just flew))
<AlcarGM> And the game is still going on. UNless you want it to end this session? )
<Drake`> ((:P like, we're there))
<Drake`> ((:P))
Quote 5724
<Tracey`^> (( Yeah, there was... Let's see.. Lolad 1 1/2 that I ran with edward and cecil... Lolad2 aftermath and I recall a UA that ended on an airplane as well ))
<Drake`> ((well great now your complaining about the airplane has killed it))
<AlcarGM> - End of Campaign -
<AlcarGM> :p
<Drake`> that was fun you guys
<Tracey`^> Totally
<Tracey`^> we should do it again sometime
<Tracey`^> ><
* Drake` looks around in the zombie campaign world. :P
<Tracey`^> (( It's undead ^^ We have killed it and revived it atleast 5 times before ))
Quote 5725
<Drake`> "So, where exactly is this fellow again?"
* Tracey`^ shrugs "He's the big leader of this town last time i checked... which was ten years ago... I imagine if we go around asking someone will know him."
* Tracey`^ walks without repeating herself in a sentance.
<Drake`> "Wonderful. By asking, you do not mean anything involving death or that sort of thing, right?"
* Tracey`^ hmms "We should try a bar first... Probably one of those vampire bars."
<AlcarGM> OUtside the airport the sky is nice and blue, taxis are taking people all over the city, and the campaign that ended somehow continues on through inertia, vaguely confused about the whole matter and wanting a rule book to check this up in.
<Drake`> "Good idea. But we're not drinking. I'm not, at least.."
<AlcarGM> (( You can get drunk. Well, sucked dry. ))
<Drake`> "But I don't think they would even be open. Its not exactly primetime for vampires.."
<Tracey`^> "Yeah last time we got drunk together good things happened."
<Drake`> "My Gods.. don't tell me you're pregnant."
<Tracey`^> "You would like that wouldn't you?"
<Tracey`^> "With my luck I probably am. Maybe that's what's been wrong with me lately."
<Drake`> "That's not funny."
<AlcarGM> (( Waits for tracey to give birth and eat her young. ))
<Drake`> "I believe we could use a clothes hanger."
<Drake`> ((j/k :P))
<Tracey`^> (( OMG you did NOT just say that! XD ))
Quote 5726
<Tracey`^> "Well don't you ever wonder if you have kids laying around in an alley somewhere that the mother abandoned?"
Quote 5727
<AlcarGM> (( You want to take a cab, find information, or jut wander? ))
* Tracey`^ calls a cab with a wistle and a little leg
* Drake` rolls his eyes. :P
* AlcarGM won't ask who the leg belongs to.
Quote 5728
<Drake`> "We're looking for Mr. Edward Death."
<Drake`> ((dun dun dun! :P))
<Tracey`^> "That's DeAth."
<Drake`> "That's what I said. Death."
<Tracey`^> "DeAth!"
<Drake`> "Again, I'm saying that. Death."
<Tracey`^> "DEY-ATH"
<Drake`> "Stop repeating me, you'll annoy him if he hears you I'm sure."
Quote 5729
* Drake` looks around, and decides to look at the chess match briefly. :P
<AlcarGM> The chess match currently consists of the old men - both human, fyi - studying the board in silence. About half the pieces are on the side, no real clue as to who is winnning, or whose turn it is.
<AlcarGM> The bartender looks at Tracey. "What?"
<Tracey`^> "Do you know where we can find Edward DeAth?"
<AlcarGM> Bartender: "Depends what you want."
<Drake`> ((lol its such a beautiful microcosm, alcar))
<Drake`> ((I have to hand it to you, that was elegant. :P))
Quote 5730
* Tracey`^ gets angry and clenches her fists with tears streaming down her face "Little Josh will never know his father then I suppose!"
<AlcarGM> (( The GM blinks. Wait .. I'm the son of one of the NPCs..... That's very, uhm .... wrong :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( ;D ))
<AlcarGM> The bartender smiles cruelly. "Do you think I care?"
Quote 5731
<Tracey`^> what kind of were is the bartender?
<AlcarGM> rabbit, of course.
<Tracey`^> Oh fuck
<Tracey`^> God dammit
<Tracey`^> why didn't you say that in the first place ><
<AlcarGM> you never asked.
<Tracey`^> haha
Quote 5732
<Drake`> I question the sound of one hand clapping
<AlcarGM> the sound of one hand clapping is easy.
<AlcarGM> it's masturbation.
<Tracey`^> ROFLMAO!
<Drake`> hmm
<Drake`> well
<Drake`> I always thought
<Drake`> :P It was a slap.
Quote 5733
<Tracey`^> I think what i'll do
<Tracey`^> is place explosives inside each of the production buildings
* AlcarGM blinks
<Tracey`^> and, at night i will magically turn on the alarms
<Tracey`^> so everyone evacuates
<Tracey`^> then BOOM!
<Tracey`^> all of them gone at once
<Tracey`^> Yes... I am a genious in disguise
Quote 5734
* Tracey`^ uses drakes credit card to buy the tickets
* Drake` has no credit card.. :P
<Tracey`^> YOu do now ^^
Quote 5735
<FirestormZero> lol... Sara should be a volunteer nurse at a local hospital! That way if any of the PCs are wounded, they have to deal with her!
<FirestormZero> <PC> "I need some blood now... feeling faint..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Hi! I volunteer as a candy stripper!:"
<FirestormZero> <Sara> "Ok... but you gotta have sex first! I can really play nurse now!"
<Chaos`^> "That's candy STRIPER"
<FirestormZero> <PC> passes out.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You look like a Mr Big!"
<FirestormZero> <Sara> has her way.
* AlcarGM almost pities pcs.
<Chaos`^> LoL
<FirestormZero> it's the almost that makes you dangerous Alcar.
<Chaos`^> Death and DeAth
Quote 5736
<AlcarGM> By sheer coincidence there is a flight going back to LA in half an hour AND you make it on, but end up in first class. Good tickets. Funny how that works. The pilot is not a zen pilot and no one tries to hijack the plane (tho I have this terrible image of "I want this plane to fly to net york so I can crash it into the world trade centre." "Uh, it's been done."
<AlcarGM> "What?" "It's been done already." "It's not fair!" "You're living in the wrong universe for fair.")
Quote 5737
<Mac> 'Sara... can I have my dictionary back?"
<AlcarGM> Saras stops and turns, suprised, then bounces over to the desk. "Okay. But only if you have sex with me!"
* Mac stops, blinks a few times, "Err... what?"
<AlcarGM> Sara looks uncertain, for perhaps half a second. "Oh. You're gay, aren't you?" and pouts, then brightens. "I can fix that!"
<FirestormZero> (( oh dear... ))
<Mac> "No, I'm not gay. It's just you're too young. Plus there are many altercations. So if you'll just return my dictionary, you can be on your way."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "But Mr Decker said I was just the right age! And Daddy doesn't mind!"
<Mac> "Ok... lets pretend I didn't hear that last part."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We can pretend I'm 18 too! I like to pretend!" She grins
<FirestormZero> ((omg...))
<Chaos`^> (( Remind me again who reminded alcar who sara was ))
Quote 5738
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I won't tell!"
<Mac> "Sara... that doesn't matter. It isn't right."
<AlcarGM> Sars gives you a perplexed look. "But it's sex! Sex is always right!"
<AlcarGM> (( note to self: put her in philosophy class ))
<FirestormZero> ((lol, nooo! Dawson will be there))
Quote 5739
<AlcarGM> Sara gives you a really confused look. "You're weird!"
<AlcarGM> (( it is? Awesome :p ))
<Mac> "Yes, of course. Alright, just leave the dictionary on the desk and hurry to your next class."
<AlcarGM> Sara grins, and steps backwards, holding the dictionary. "I can keep it until I'm 18!" and skips out the door, singing.
* Mac sighs
<Mac> ("Thats the second time I lost a dictionary.")
<AlcarGM> A few students walk by, look inside, and smirk. You can hear Sara outside down the hallway in full happy mode, about hwo the new teacher gave her a book, and how she didn't have sex for it. And if he keeps saying no, she could have a whole library
<FirestormZero> (( LOL ))
<aslhk_> ((hahah pwned =P))
Quote 5740
<Chaos`^> lol!
<Chaos`^> I looked up armigerus on webster
<Chaos`^> "Bearing heraldic arms"
<Chaos`^> so i look up heraldic
<Chaos`^> of or relating to heralds or heraldry
<Chaos`^> Heraldry:
<Chaos`^> Pagaentry
<Chaos`^> pageantry
<Chaos`^> pageantry: specticle
<Chaos`^> specticle: glasses
Quote 5741
<FirestormZero> lol... we must play UA tonight! :)
<FirestormZero> it was awesome last night
<FirestormZero> maybe i can meet Gemm!
<Gemm> heeheh
<Gemm> while Mac is meeting Sara! :P
<FirestormZero> oh no!
<FirestormZero> :)
<FirestormZero> Sara's mine... well, not really, she's kinda everybody's
<FirestormZero> communist to the extreme, she belongs to everyone!
Quote 5742
<AlcarGM> The black limo parks outside the Centennial High. The schoo is a large brick building with the character and charm of a warehouse. About 10 students are louging on the brown lawn outside, smoking.
* Dawson waits patiently for the driver to open the door, scoping out any girls.
<Dawson> Even coming over the guys to try and get an idea of who's who.
<Dawson> (combing)
<Dawson> ((BAD TYPO!))
<Chaos`^> (( XD! ))
<AlcarGM> None of them even mother to look over as the driver opens the door. The students are all farm-boy types. Biug, wearing suspenders, looking like they plan to never leave this town ad, oddly, like they're all related. Everyone knows everyone in the country. Probably due to inbreeding.
<Chaos`^> (( You guys are making ALOT of freudian slips tonight ))
Quote 5743
* AlcarGM changes topic to '* Dawson waits patiently for the driver to open the door, scoping out any girls. <Dawson> Even coming over the guys to try and get an idea of who's who. <Dawson> (combing) <Dawson> ((BAD TYPO!))'
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> coming actually FITS in that sentance... kind of.. to show them who's boss XD
<Chaos`^> like dogs humping
<AlcarGM> ...
Quote 5744
<FirestormZero> mwah, this is going to rock
<FirestormZero> and Jenkins will hook up the beer
<FirestormZero> And if I keep everything organized there won't be a giant beer brawl in my nice house!
* alcar thinks that'll take luck :p
<FirestormZero> same here.
<FirestormZero> I'll put away the nice things first
<FirestormZero> wait, i'm rich!
<FirestormZero> I'll have the BUTLER put away the nice things first
<FirestormZero> mwahahah
<FirestormZero> I bet you've given me the most deranged butler
Quote 5745
<alcargm> <Mrs Colgate> "Can I give you some food to take home or something, then?"
<alcargm> You do recall from your visits there when you were younger that she bakes a lot.
<Hugh`> "Sure. Anything you can spare would be great."
* Hugh` silently kicks himself for sounding like a beggar. :P
<alcargm> Okay, you return home with an enormous box of food that barely dents her freezer and fridge. She could probably feed the neighbourhood for a week, easiily. You manage to get away before she offers you another box since you wouldn't make it home without stopping if you had to carry both.
* Hugh` contemplates a career as a paranormal investigator! :P
<alcargm> lol. "Nope, nothing he.. ahh!"
Quote 5746
<Hugh`> "Well, that turned out well." *out loud to himself*
* Hugh` wished he had found those kids, though.
<alcargm> As if on cue, no one knocks on your back door.
Quote 5747
<FirestormZero> alcar ready to gm for me! :)
<FirestormZero> there was a bit of question mark in there too
<FirestormZero> but the overwhelming excitement took over my punctuation.
Quote 5748
<FirestormZero> for less controlled fights, i'll see if dawson can get some guys from school to break them up, telling them that if anything happens no more parties, and/or, promising them a hookup with some girls
<FirestormZero> and i'll surprise them with Sara! :)
<FirestormZero> haha
<tatterdemalion> lol
<tatterdemalion> "But we've all had her already!"
<FirestormZero> <Guys> "But we don't know where Sara's been!" <Dawson> "Yes you do, she's been everywhere!"
<tatterdemalion> Sara: "I haven't been to disneyland!"
<FirestormZero> <Dawson> "Hun, you give enough rides, you ARE disneyland."
Quote 5749
<GEmm> That didn't look like Cthulhu.
<tatterdemalion> Cthulhu don't look like Cthulhu.
<tatterdemalion> Cthulhu Mythos: The Zenning.
<GEmm> oh, ok thanks alcar. :P
Quote 5750
<Kira-O-FOX> ((Wait, this is paranoia and I don't have a standard issued paper shredder?))
Quote 5751
<Brisby> (( Will you surrender? ))
<Kira-O-FOX> ((they haven't said anthing yet.))
<Brisby> they've asked you to die... :)
<Kira-O-FOX> ((That does not count.))
<Brisby> ah well. You want to keep duking it out? You want to try and surrender? You want to appeal to the crowd? You want to flee?
<Kira-O-FOX> I want to apeal to the computer.
Quote 5752
<Brisby> They're visible, shadowy, in the distance.
<Brisby> "Halloo!"
* Kira-O-FOX goes over to them.
<Brisby> "Whoo are yoo?"
<Brisby> "Helloo?"
<Kira-O-FOX> My name is Kira-O-FOX. The elevator crashed and the only way to call for help was to turn of some of the red and orange switches in the in the fuze box. I think I am the only one to survive the elevator crash."
<Brisby> They stop, and exchange a few words, before they meet up.
<Kira-O-FOX> "Did you guys here me?"
<Brisby> An orange greets you: "Hello, I'm Winniethep-O-OOH, this is my boss Ti-G-GER and my comrade Kanga-R-OOO."
Quote 5753
* Dawson would ask the help about the incidents but either 1) they don't know, 2) They are in on a conspiracy 3) I imagined the explosion 4) this happens all the time or some combination
<AlcarGM> (( or 5) All of the above ))
<Dawson> ((wasn't going to give that...))
<Dawson> ((Didn't want to give you that option))
Quote 5754
<AlcarGM> A very pretty blond girl comes up to you as you're getting ready for class. "I heard about the party!" she says, sounding like the words are being fired out ast hyper speed.
<Dawson> "Oh, good... what's your name again?"
<AlcarGM> The girl grins. "Sara! You're knew here, right?!"
<Dawson> "Yeah, just moved in."
<Dawson> .oO(Uh oh, a grin...)]
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "What's your name?!"
<Dawson> "I'm Dawson"
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "I'm Sara! You're rather cute!"
Quote 5755
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "But you're well dressed! You're not gay, are you?! Well, being happy is good, but I meant the other type of gay! Like, with other guys! Not that I mind, if I can join in!""
<Dawson> "Oh... really? Well no I'm not, I just dress nice."
<Dawson> ((which makes me half gay.))
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "Dressing nice is good! It means more clothing to remove! Would you like to have sex?"
<Dawson> (( I get called it, but don't get any of the benefits!))
<AlcarGM> (( metrosexual, then :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( Tho to Sara that would be wanting sex on the subway ))
<Dawson> "Well, I'm a bit new here, but their will be a lot of guys at the party... so I'm sure... you could find someone there."
<WarezBert> ((the first time she's on a subway, that'll fit
<Dawson> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We could have sex then! If you want to! We could wait! Mac wants to wait a year!"
Quote 5756
<AlcarGM> Laura: "You know the nurse even asked if she had AIDS and Sara said yes?"
* Dawson nods reproachfully.
<AlcarGM> There is a laugh from beside you as one of the Jocks goes by. "Don't listen to her, party dude. Sara said she had a lot of helpers. I think the nurse had to go have a lie down at that point. And likely sex with Sara."
Quote 5757
<FirestormZero> The characters feel real, which is nice
<FirestormZero> I still fear the butler.
<Alcar> lol.
<Alcar> He's going to be just plain fun :)
<Alcar> Karl worries me, tho :p
<FirestormZero> I feel safer at school than I do at home
<FirestormZero> All of the bodyguards worry me.
<FirestormZero> My worst fear: I call my dad and he says there are no staff there
<FirestormZero> and that he doesn't know what I'm talking about
<FirestormZero> and then... I open the door
<FirestormZero> and they are all standing there
<FirestormZero> looking at me
<FirestormZero> MADNESS CHECK
Quote 5758
<alcar> But all that I aside I believe that the whole don't trust the government etc. stuff IS the conspiracy. It's been designed to make people have no trust in the sysem, and eventually bring it all crashing down. Sure, it won't benefit anyone, but it's not designed BY anyone .... it's simply what will make us revel and dance like the great old ones and the stars will come right.
<alcar> Only logical way to look at it.
<BrooklynKnight> logical anarchy.....
<BrooklynKnight> alcar, you're the most illogical logical vulcanite i know
<alcar> IUt makes perfect sense for "the government is evil/wrong/out to get you" to BE the real conspiracy, tho. No one would believe it. But aside from the great old ones and nylarlathotep I can't see how it would benefit anyone, so they must have planned it.
Quote 5759
<Chaos`^> (( Sheriff != police so the answer on the phone would be sheriff's office ))
<Dawson> (( it's a small town.))
<AlcarGM> (( is the local police. 6 of 'em. chief, sergant, 4 others. The couny is around too. ))
<Dawson> (( Also i looked it up online, it's a private party and thus i can have up to 1000 people without a license. ))
<Chaos`^> (( I LIVE IN a small town in Nebraska, I'm pretty sure i know what's up =p ))
<Dawson> (( Ah, but not a small fictional town...))
<Chaos`^> (( I like to wish it was fictional ))
<AlcarGM> (( chaos- wanted a local police force ot have issues w/ the county one, basically :) ))
Quote 5760
<AlcarGM> You finish dinner, and Carol is cleaning up the kitchen when you hear gunshots outside....
<Dawson> And sadly, I'll pick the most suicidal option. I'll jog around the estate.
<Dawson> I KNEW IT!
<Dawson> "Say, Carol, did you hear something?"
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<AlcarGM> Carol: "No, of course not," as she brings the cleaver down on your fingers.
<AlcarGM> Or ...
<AlcarGM> not :p
<Dawson> lol
<Dawson> u just terrified me...
<Chaos`^> (( I would believe it comming from alcar ))
<AlcarGM> (( was half-tempted, but want the pcs to fake a "normal" life first :p ))
<Dawson> (( AlcarGM... I've seen boys shot, dogs shot, bodies burried, grenades thrown, words writing themselves, crazed autistic people, and a boy who believes he's god. My life is very normal." ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, good point :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( we can rewind and she can do it if you want :) ))
<Dawson> (( Oh. I'll pass.))
Quote 5761
<Chaos`^> omg
<Chaos`^> dawson is the laura croft of UA!
<Chaos`^> i just realized that
<Chaos`^> sweet!
Quote 5762
<alcar> speaking of game ideas, I've been having one for call of cthulhu.
<alcar> where the pcs getto play classic monsters in a war against the mythos.
<Tass> hmmm
<Tass> what would I be?
<Tass> probably Jason, or w/e :P
<Tass> the juggernaut, rarrr!
<Farthes> Im Jason
<Tass> nuh uh
<Tass> I called dibs :P
<Farthes> nono
<Farthes> JASON!
<Farthes> is my name
<Farthes> and it has been for 20 years
<Tass> and I don't mean your r; name, retard :P
<Farthes> I GOT DIBS
<Farthes> oh
<Farthes> =-(
Quote 5763
<FSZTH> I was like....
<FSZTH> I'm not inviting alex!
<FSZTH> but then I was like... hmmm
<FSZTH> Dawson will invite him under condition that he promises not to fight with people :)
<alcar> Not even people turning into black, evil dogs? :p
<FSZTH> Stop it.
<FSZTH> :)
<FSZTH> I'm terrified enough as is of my house :)
<alcar> but why? You have security!
<FSZTH> I just hope the butler is strong enough to fend them off :)
<FSZTH> so that Carol can cook me later.
<FSZTH> omg.
<FSZTH> I bet she cooks people!
Quote 5764
<Gemm> <AlcarGM> Sara: "We could have sex then! If you want to! We could wait! Mac wants to wait a year!"
<alcar> Well, she'll be 18 soon. And may return the dictionary. And ask for sex, of course.
<Gemm> lol
<Gemm> You are your own drug alcar.
Quote 5765
<AlcarGM> The woman chuckles, and wags a finger under your nose. "No, no, no. Not everyone really dies. Not everyone is born either. Ask your friend. There's ways, and will, and, if all else fails, there is cutting the head of a rabbit and marinating it in a rose sauce while ripping pages out of Mein Kampf and burning the hair of hitlers dog."
<AlcarGM> She looks surprised you asked. "I am Jillian." She frowns. "Or was it Mary? No, It's Jillian. I'm almost sure of that."
<AlcarGM> <Jillian> "But names are clothing anyway. Put one on, take another off. We don't change. Not even being a god changes that. Stil afraid, and foolish, and human. Always human.." She trails off and shakes her head. "You ever threw a cat to a floor with a piece of buttered bread on its back? Oldest trick in the book." She smiles. "I believe I'll have alphabet soup," and wanders to the door and outside
<Dawson> "Cats don't always land on their feet. The Toast doesn't always land buttered side up. And people can change."
<Dawson> "Cause if they can't, we're fucked."
* Dawson almost smiles.
<AlcarGM> She stops in the doorway and turns. "Oh, but we're already fucked," cheerfully. "We;re well and truly buggered and everyone is just waiting for God to cornhole the world. And felch it after." and leaves
Quote 5766
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> turns and stares at you. "I've done this stuf. The paints too set to have been done even last night...." his eyes widen. "Or.. it could be writing itself on thedoor behind you," slowly
* Dawson writes all of it down in his sketchbook.
<Dawson> "Yes, it does that."
* Dawson reads it.
<AlcarGM> Behind you on the wall is being writtne. "We try to comprehend it, the grieving and the pain, the slaughter of the innocent, who is it stands to gain?"
Quote 5767
<AlcarGM> (( Good girls suck. Bad girls swallow. Evil girls gargle.<-- didn't disturb you? It did me, and I wrote it :p ))
Quote 5768
<AlcarGM> They look surprised when you and alex walk over, and one of them grins ."So, what do you think about the walls?!" Eagerly
<Dawson> "Looks like Shorbeck is going to go insane..."
<Dawson> "I found it kind of crazy myself..."
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "I want to know how it was done..."
* Dawson nods.
<AlcarGM> "So do I," says Shorbeck from the doorway, his voice as flat as his expression. ,Evne his eyes look calm and still except for the fact that his fists are clenched by his side and he's got them clenched so far his fingers have dug into his palms and blood is dripping onto the floor. "I see twelve suspects right here," in the same eerily calm voice.
<AlcarGM> The grade9 students who spoke first turns a dirty shade of white.
* Dawson remains calm.
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> looks amused.
<AlcarGM> <Principal Shorbeck> "You will explain how this happened. Now," in a tone that wil brook no refusal, still very calm though
<AlcarGM> One of the students actually whimpers.
<Dawson> Well... If Alex looks amused, I'll remain quiet and see what happens.
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "Actually, I was hoping you could tell us," in a cheery tone. "I mean, we just got here, but you're here most nights...."
<AlcarGM> <Principal Shorbeck> blinks, then says "You're saying I did this?"
* Dawson almost cringes...
Quote 5769
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> Why are you here? You're rich. You're famly must own dozens of places. Why this town?"
<Dawson> "My family is pissed at me for well... causing them some embarassment by sleeping with the daughter of some of their friends..."
<Dawson> "Kind of punishment... but there's more.
<Dawson> "Those guards at my house, they aren't normal. The place is constructed more like a prison. The guards aren't looking out, they are looking in."
<Dawson> "And I could leave here, I have a few hundred thousand stashed... But I want to figure out what's going on here. Maybe stop it."
<Dawson> "And.... there's her. I have the feeling if I'm around here, around all of this, I'll find her."
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> blinks. "The dogs got me there. I don't know how ... or why." He studies you frankly. "Stopping something like this might be... very hard, on the mind as well. I mean, I'm not used to .. :" he looks at his arm "and odder things happen, sometimes. If we go looking for the weird it would find us... "
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "Oh, a girl." He grins. "That explains it.:"
<Dawson> "What can I say, I'm like a hotel swimming pool, deep, but there's always a shallow end."
<AlcarGM> (( Yay! Now you fit into Alex's version of the world. Boy Scout he wouldn't buy, doing it for a girl, yes :p ))
Quote 5770
<Zen`> (Let's see if anyone can roll higher than 10)
Quote 5771
* Hisa`^ looks at ping and sighs "I'm affraid not sir. You can find your quarters there." Points to the empty room "Your student can either stay with you or in with the kids. They are currently trying to move a safe."
<KenGM> <Lithe Guy> "A safe? On their own? What if it falls on them?!"
<KenGM> Just then you hear a loud thud..
<KenGM> Coming from the room.. :P
<Hisa`^> "Sir these kids are to be tought responsibility. If they need help they will call for a medic."
<Ping`> "Why would it be called a safe if it's not safe to move it?" to himself in a sing-song voice.
<Ping`> (( Oh, and for the record Ping's player wants to know that, too :p ))
Quote 5772
<Hisa`^> "Can I help you?"
* Ping` shuffles his feet nervously. "Could you unpack?"
* Hisa`^ sighs at ping
<Hisa`^> "I meant why are you standing there staring at me?"
* Ping` looks confused. "To see you unpack?" hopefully.
* Hisa`^ continues unpacking and staring at ping
<Hisa`^> "you didn't have some secret stash or something did you?"
* Ping` looks around the roof, mentally wondering what to pawn, then realizes he can't and sits down on the other bed.
* Ping` gives Hisa a blank look, then checks himself frantically, even though he never has before, then shakes his head.
<Hisa`^> "Are you feeling ok? It didn't shock your system did it?"
<Ping`> "No?"
<KenGM> Speaking of shock. You hear Peer scream. Its a very blood curdling scream, suprising.
<Ping`> "Wait. Yes?"
<Ping`> "Oh. That wasn't me."
<Ping`> "Was it you?"
* Hisa`^ runs into the other room
<Ping`> "Wait, no...."
* Ping` follows Hisa
Quote 5773
<KenGM> You see Fred waving his hands in front of Peer, who is sitting on the ground staring and pointing at the safe.
<KenGM> <Peer> "There.. there.. there's someONE in there...."
<KenGM> Fred turns and says in a shakey voice, "I dunno what her problem is.. she's acting like I'm not even here."
<Ping`> (( "You aren't." ))
<Ping`> (( soo tempting tho :p ))
Quote 5774
<Ping`> you know, Ping makes me wonder at the advantages to drugged out cultists seeing cthulhu
<Ping`> Pot - for succeeding all those insanity checks :p
<Ping`> "Woah. Buddy, I've seen worse on MDM."
<KenGM> I wanted to make a UA character that did yoga
<KenGM> to erase failed checks
<KenGM> :P
Quote 5775
<Hisa`^> "Now go call for a medic."
<KenGM> <Fred> "She's just a little wacko, seriously! What's the worst that can happen with some stupid safe anyway?"
<KenGM> <Fred> "A medic?"
<Ping`> "It could come alive and eat you and you inside to slowly starve to death with lack of air while it laughs and cuts you open with it's mouths."
<Ping`> "That happened to me once. But I got better."
<KenGM> <Fred> " .... Right. I'll go get a medic.."
* Hisa`^ sighs
<KenGM> He practically runs off to fetch a medic. :P
Quote 5776
* Hisa`^ sets Peer's head on her lap and tapps her face "Peer, wake up."
<Ping`> (( Peer: "Cthulhu fhtagn .. err,.. what?..." ))
<KenGM> <Peer> "rlyeh wgahnagl fhtaga... huh..?"
<KenGM> ((damnit))
<KenGM> ((:P You stole my thunder))
<Ping`> (( LOL! ))
<KenGM> <Peer> *bats her eyelashes* "Wha..?"
Quote 5777
<Ping`> You know your withdrawal is bad when.. you want visions of the Mythos
Quote 5778
<KenGM> Peer shrugs and looks to Ping, "So I drink this?"
* Ping` shrugs, then nods.
<KenGM> She shrugs and gulps it and hiccups and shreiks weakly at the same time, somehow.
* Hisa`^ shuffles about in the next room over
<KenGM> <Peer> "That.. felt.. bad.."
<KenGM> She sits down, whimpering, and puts her head between her knees in a fetal-like position.
<KenGM> <Fred> "Now I'm really freaked out."
<Ping`> "It gets worse," helpfully. "The dust comes back."
<KenGM> <Fred> "Dust? I hate cleaning dust.."
<Ping`> "It shouldn't be claned. It should be free to roiam, and glow, and fill the worl with it like rain that never falls."
Quote 5779
<FirestormZero> I might be like... a few minutes late
<FirestormZero> dinner with my father...
<FirestormZero> who is a bit nutty.
<alcar> Just say you have host a party in nebraska and that'll explain everything.
<FirestormZero> lol
<FirestormZero> yeah
<FirestormZero> I have to get back to my estate dad
<FirestormZero> I think security is looking for me
<FirestormZero> ... Do you have a dog...
<FirestormZero> What the hell is that noise....
<FirestormZero> No... don't open the door
Quote 5780
<AlcarGM> Okay.. lessee....
<AlcarGM> Centennial High is a dull brick building with plain, small windows, some old trees, no flowers in the beds and beaters scattered in the faculty parking lot like echoes of defeated dreams, the faces of the older teachers looking gaunt and haunted by years of raising idiots and the bitterness of it showing in their faces as the only thing that keeps them going is retirement, and hatred of students.
<AlcarGM> The students hanging around the side entrance all have the same dull, weary look on thier faces. Only one more year seems to hang in the air, unmentioned, unvoiced; a miasma of defeated hopes and bitter realizations as the weight of the real world begins to bow shoulders and eyes take on reckless gleams, desperate to find something worth believe in. The C student given voice.
<AlcarGM> The new students crowd hallways in eager clumps, bright shining eyes slowly dimming as the mystery of high school peels like the old paint they claim isn't lead-based on the walls and voices become low and, perhaps, sad as the dreams of children about the larger world fail against the reality.
<AlcarGM> It's currently 8:45 am Friday, April 23 and students are arriving into the school seeking learning in much the same manner that suicidal lemmings are seeking the sea. The current talk - heck, the only talk aside from the Dieffenbach party tonite that is suppossed to to be *the* party of the year, is the fact that someone spraypainted the school overnight.
Quote 5781
<BrooklynKnight> (i love how this is all mostly alcar talking to himself. I swear, he could run an entire game with npcs...")
<Hubert`> (( yeah, that ability is an awesome one to have when you GM. Its like a controleld multiple personality disorder :P ))
Quote 5782
<Dawson> (( George = janitor? ))
<GeorgeBailey> (( George = student body president! ))
<tatterdemalion> (( lol. This is getting funny. ))
<Hubert`> (( geez, why does everyone think george is the janitor? ))
Quote 5783
<Dawson> "And remember, I don't care if you do anything stupid at the party, just have fun... and don't get caught."
Quote 5784
<AlcarGM> aliens are fun :p
<Hubert`> yeah, I jus hope that if it was rooted in actual events, that much of that was distorted. :P
<AlcarGM> you can wish that :p
<Hubert`> I can *hope* that.
<Hubert`> Then again, could always have been the cowtipper-group of the aliens. :P
<AlcarGM> alien juvenile delinquents :P
Quote 5785
<tatterdemalion> Mary dances with George, ignoring his two left feet comment.
<GeorgeBailey> "Hey, you're pretty good."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "Mom made me take a course. You're really good..."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "You do this often?"
<GeorgeBailey> "Well, not that I'm aware of or anything..."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "Well, there aren't many dances around here."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<GeorgeBailey> "Well, you know what I've always talked about."
<GeorgeBailey> "Go off exploring... build things..."
<AlcarGM> Mary: "Me too. I've always wanted to see the world, but I don't think I ever will."
Quote 5786
<Dawson> "Hey. You're good."
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "Mom made me take a course. You're really good..."
* Dawson keeps dancing, movine a little closer... ;)
<tatterdemalion> Debbie comes in closer, a little shyly.
<Dawson> .oO(Aw, cute.)
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "You do this often?"
<Dawson> "Not quite this... but I dance a lot, part of the Boston party scene, and left over habbits from Cotillion."
<Dawson> "You?"
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "Well, there aren't many dances around here."
<Dawson> "Wouldn't think so..."
<Dawson> "Where do you want to live when you're older?"
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<AlcarGM> Debbie: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<Dawson> "I think I'll travel around the world..."
<Dawson> And maybe, just maybe... running into that girl again...
<AlcarGM> Debbie: "Me too. I've always wanted to see the world, but I don't think I ever will."
Quote 5787
<tatterdemalion> George - the .. it looks like a big dog.. is dead, it's head a pulp of blood..... nothing remains to tell yoy parry wasd here except for a piece of bloody shirt and his soccer cleats, oddly untouched.
* GeorgeBailey stares. More.
<tatterdemalion> Reid looks down at the dead thing, and finally puts his gun away, looks about to speak, sees Georges expresion, and says nothing
* Dawson looks down at it. And then to George.
<Dawson> "George... maybe..."
<Dawson> "There might be something we can do."
* GeorgeBailey stares at the shoes and babbles on about the "oh god" etc.
Quote 5788
<Hubert`> (( "Well, it WAS a good shot." ))
<GeorgeBailey> (( woof. ))
<Hubert`> (( poor Ol' Yeller. ))
<Dawson> (( "On the plus side, if another one comes there's a chance a red fern might grow." ))
Quote 5789
<Hubert`> d100
<The_Computer> Hubert` d100: 88
<Hubert`> ROFL
<Hubert`> (( man, I really hate you. ))
<Dawson> Looks like your mind is soup boy!
<AlcarGM> (( oh, wow. ))
<AlcarGM> (( this should be funny :) ))
<Hubert`> (( it was funny for a second, but now im angry and afraid. ))
Quote 5790
<Dawson> this game is about getting shot at, getting beaten, getting horrified, and being terribly and utterly insane.
<Dawson> Not getting hit on, beating people, horrifying people, and acting utterly insane.
Quote 5791
<RandomNPC> * Hubert` jerks awake. "IT'S IN ME! Its-- the hole, it... *blinks a few times, then shakes his head, and is suddenly calm. He looks at Marc.*
<RandomNPC> <AlcarGM> Marc just stares at Hugh intently, completely ignoring dawson. "Zir, Londoh, Lonsa," softly, haltingly, then shakes his head. "I can't... Oh. Oh." He blinks a few times, and notices Dawson.
<RandomNPC> ok
<RandomNPC> you don't want to see this when walking into a chanell
<RandomNPC> seriously
Quote 5792
<Dawson> "Hugh, what do you know about the paranormal?"
<Dawson> (( I AM THE PARANORMAL? ))
<Hubert`> "That it's not normal?" *smirks slightly*
Quote 5793
<Hubert`> "Have you... heard anything about, say, children with black eyes? Just curious."
<Dawson> "No. But I know something about the spraypaint. It wrote itself."
<Hubert`> "Really."
<Dawson> "At school."
<Hubert`> "Hmm, that's odd."
<Dawson> "Yes, I saw it. It just started appearing on the lockers and walls."
<Dawson> "School is built on an indian burial ground... but I have a feeling there's more under the school than that."
<Hubert`> "Wow, that's... really cliche."
Quote 5794
<Dawson> "Yeah. Stephan King does it often."
<AlcarGM> (( You mean the Ghost Writer that writes it's novels through him. ))
<Hubert`> (( Ghost Writer meaning literal ghost and through him meaning by possessing him, I trust? :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( of course :P ))
<Dawson> (( It's UA ))
<Dawson> (( Can't be normal. That's under the last section of the rules. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Tho it could be king possessing the ghost and writing through it. Reverse posession is seldom explored :) ))
<Dawson> (( for good reason. ))
Quote 5795
<Dawson> "You can tell someone has something to hide when they listen. People don't listen nowadays."
Quote 5796
<Dawson> "Hugh, do you know why I came to this town?"
<AlcarGM> (( Because your house is weird, your staff weirder, and security all nuts. ))
<Dawson> (( Besides practice for owning a mental hospital. ))
Quote 5797
<Dawson> "You're a telepath. Are you human?"
<Dawson> (( Wow, Dawson just has no time for subtlety right now ))
* Hubert` blinks. "That was rather blunt."
<Dawson> "Yeah, unlike me."
<Dawson> "Long night."
* Dawson smiles.
<AlcarGM> (( And about to get longer, as something growls in the back seat.... ))
<Dawson> ((Dude... alcar... none of that... ))
<Dawson> (( I still have a gun. ))
<Hubert`> (( KILL IT WITH A GUN! ))
<Dawson> "I'll take that as a no, which is perfectly ok. Being human doesn't seem to mean a whole lot."
<Hubert`> "Well, since you're just going to assume whatever, I'll just tell you that frankly, I'm not 100% clear on the details myself. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say no."
<Dawson> "Ah, the blunt tactic worked."
Quote 5798
* Hubert` will attempt meditation to dig about in his own head a bit.
<Sparkie> oh, goody
<Sparkie> Roll! Roll! Err, wait, Alcar should say that.
* Hubert` jabs Sparkie in the eyes with icicles
<AlcarGM> Roll :p
<Hubert`> d100
<Sparkie> Hubert` d100: 81
<Hubert`> -_-
<Hubert`> (( you know what? next time I'll just attempt to throw myself down a flight of stairs, maybe Ill ciritcally fail and gain the ability to fly. ))
<Dawson> ((or then the matched success will crop up....))
<Hubert`> (( I mean shit, that wasnt even under my Mind. Im so pissed. :P ))
Quote 5799
<Dawson> ((it's not complicated with sara, you just say yes, or no, or anything. If she has the handcuffs, it'll just happen))
Quote 5800
<Hubert`> (( I have to stop rolling. Its kill me. ))