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Quote 5601
* Mirekchol digs his trusty mandibles into the human and makes little burbling noises since his player has no clue what sounds a lobster would make and settles for imagining cthulhu as a young'un
<FSZGM> Mirekchol! You claim just vengeance against the man! He reals around, placing his other hand on the hot stove for balance... burning himself. He runs forward and thrusts it into the lobster tank water, knocking the tank over, spilling out and freeing the other lobsters. You are like moses. Except you are red and parting the sea
Quote 5602
<FSZGM> Duck, you narrowly dodge the knife, and move to a hovering altitude above a section with pickled tongues, eyes, and tails. Of animals you've never heard of.
* Mirekchol hides from the insane human under a counter :)
<FSZGM> The lobsters totter forward, heading towards the cashier.
<FSZGM> <Fen Wong> "AAh! No! My duck! What you doing?"
* Duck rolls his eyes around in horror! 'Quack." (AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHH!)
* Duck ducks enbetween some jars of picked fetus parts, or something :P
Quote 5603
* Mirekchol screams in primal rage and forgets escape and avenges his fallen comrades in arms! "I'm going to lay the smackdown on you! Yeah, you and all your friends! We're gonna come after you and make you PAY!"
<Mirekchol> (( decides that pro wrestling would make for an interesting form of revolution propaganda ))
<FSZGM> (( "I am going to lay the smackdown on your candy ass Karl" "You capitalist pig, I call this one the Proletariat Piledriver" "Arrgh no!!!" )).
Quote 5604
<FSZGM> Lobster, The Mart is now yours, but... pest control will arrive at any moment!
<Lobster> "We will fight them and rip off their breaches! We will fight them in the air, we wil fight them on land, we will fight them in the sea! WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"
<FSZGM> (( Lobster, do you attempt to hold down the market? ))
<FSZGM> Everyone escapes, but lobster and his horde.
* Lobster nods. The spirit of the Revolution is upon me! We shall fight them in their homes, in the streets!
<FSZGM> The lobsters and roaches and boar and monkey and snake turn to you, obey your commands... and thus, the invasion of mainland china begins!
* Lobster leads the charge for freedom! And they taste sooo good!
* Sibe_the_Flea jumps back into the market and onto the boar
<FSZGM> For if you are not a roach before the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you are not a lobster after the age of 40 you have no brain
<FSZGM> ------------Session End-------------
<FSZGM> That was an epic experience the likes of which we will never have again. :)
<FSZGM> hahahahhahhahaaahhahahaha
Quote 5605
<Lewis> I for one never thought that you were a vampire... merely that you may be experiencing some mild vampiric-like side effects...
<Lewis> but the undeadness? the blood sucking? the bad stuff about vampires? Methinks not.
<Chaos`^> "But.. I might be! What if I am!? I like blood!" She begins crying "I didn't used to."
<Chaos`^> wait
<Chaos`^> she's already crying
<Lewis> Do you like it, or do you crave it?
<Chaos`^> She thinks about it for a while
<Chaos`^> "I know how to conjure up pigs blood... I didn't used to know that spell!"
<Caltak> (( "I'm not an addict! I can quit any time I want to! I just don't want to." ))
<Lewis> Your experience may have left you with a trivial allergy to sunlight, an aversion to garlic, and a taste for blood... Hmm.
<Chaos`^> "Garlic doesn't bother me... it just makes me sneeze."
* Lewis nods...
* Lewis pulls out some holy water.
<Lewis> Try some of this?
Quote 5606
<Sadonis> "Or, perhaps, the alchemical text I had found is..outdated or inaccurate."
<Lewis> Outdated? Do the laws and order of the universe change routinely or something?
<Sadonis> "It called for the blood of a virgin. Sade was not one, I needed another subject, so I had the minion come for Maxine's. And...no, but the -type- of vampire does. They evolve, I imagine."
* Lewis hmms. With that celerity? If you say so, Herr Expert.
<Sadonis> "My text was in excess of 25 years old."
Quote 5607
<Chaos`^> ok, you all sleep well? and then you wake up in the morning... Sade is still asleep, Maxine decides to cook this morning, making pancakes with god knows what.
<Hewel`> back.
* Sadonis awakens and dismisses his barrier as the day rides slightly further.
<Hewel`> (( shoe leather ))
<Chaos`^> Maxine kicks Hewel "Get up you lazy fool!"
* Hewel` gets up with a grunt and blinks. "Pancakes?"
<Chaos`^> "You bet! Come eat."
<Lewis> mmm, pancakes!
<Chaos`^> She kicks Sade "you too!"
<Lewis> one of these days I should make some French toast.
<Chaos`^> She sits down and begins chwoing down on the extra chewy pancakes.
<Hewel`> (( "How can you if there is no france in this world?" ))
* Hewel` eats some.
<Chaos`^> it's chewy, and tasteless
<Lewis> (( I thought French was just an adjective meaning -- wait, that's not charitable :))
<Sadonis> (it's a mustard thing.)
Quote 5608
<Hewel`> "Well, syrup comes from trees and it's bled from them, or something, right?"
<Hewel`> "Could it be tree blood?"
<Chaos`^> It tastes sweet, but there is a metalic aftertaste, much like the taste you have when you've bitten your toung too hard
* Lewis hmms.
<Lewis> Hewel`: depends on how you define blood.
* Lewis wonders whether something is affecting Sade's spells.
<Hewel`> "So Sade our sort of vampire could be drinking the blood of trees. Well, along with the rest of us."
Quote 5609
<Lewis> (Hemoglobin, you ignorant clod :)
<Hewel`> "What does iron have to do with blood? Well, I mean, we get it on swords..."
<Lewis> It is present in signficant quantities, apparently, and serves some biologiccal end of which I am not aware.
<Hewel`> (( Hey, if I can't know anbout anti-matter in my plot to make a spell blow up the universe, how should people in Fantasy World know the specifics of blood? :p ))
<Sadonis> (uh, this is SADONIS we're talking about. he lives off the stuff)
<Lewis> A little alchemy will show its presence...
<Hewel`> "You're saying we have iron IN us?"
<Chaos`^> (( I'm the gm, I say why vampires like blood... and... Because it's blood! that's why! no need to rationalize it! ))
<Sadonis> (his entire study is blood :P)
Quote 5610
<Antaria> i have played rifts before i was a mutant version of a occ i have sonic speed supernatural strength invunerablatity healing factor exterodanary pp and extrodanary pe
<Antaria> my next rifts character will have indestructablity, immuny to psionics, immune to magics, Supernatural strength
<Alcar> Why?
<Antaria> a tough character nearly impsssible to difeate
<Alcar> But then why play?
<Antaria> indestructablity makes it so i can withstand a black hole and surive, a supernova and survive
<Alcar> How does one withstand a black hole?
<Antaria> not sure but according to the power my characters body s so tough the stresses a black hole would put on a persons body would ahve no effect on him
Quote 5611
<FSZ-Lunch> DM's can kill anyone. No one is invulnerable. That's how you make RPG's dangerous
<Antaria> you smother him, drown him use is form of kryptonate
<Alcar> Of course fsz :) The best way to avoid it is to make a character who is so neat the GM won't want to kill it off :P
<FirestormZero> I literally caused the Apocalypse because I hated all of my players
<FirestormZero> meteors and demons :)
<FirestormZero> was great
Quote 5612
<Chaos`^> You reach the effin cliff face and find an effin cave
<Lewis> (( effin? ))
<Chaos`^> (( Don't push me I have a headace oO ))
<Hewel> (( variant on elfin :p ))
Quote 5613
* Sadonis does some experimentations, beginning with stepping in the middle of the circle.
* Lewis prays aloud that Sadonis doesn't use it.
<Chaos`^> Uh-oh
* Lewis fingers a few holy symbols...
* Sadonis tries and sees what it does to normal magic, and summons a single skeleton.
<Chaos`^> I was going to you know.. try to force you into the circle but with you eventually winning out... but... This could be bad >=)
<Chaos`^> A red light sorounds Sadonis, and he disapears from your sight...
<Sadonis> (watch as i get a small army :P)
<Sadonis> (or i disappear :P)
<Lewis> eep!
<Sadonis> (do they get the skeleton? :P)
Quote 5614
* Hewel walks over to Maxine. "It's okay. With luck she'll get out."
<Sadonis> "We can worry about the morality of our actions when we're safe from the reach of that demon."
<Sadonis> "I, for one, don't want to pay him another visit."
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "I'm not leaving untill she comes back.."
<Hewel> "What?"
<Lewis> Maxine, sounds unsafe.
<Lewis> Flee, run away, et cetera.
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "I'll be fine, you all go on ahead... I'll meet up with you in the city..."
<Lewis> (( you trying to dump this NPC too? ))
<Chaos`^> (( Who said I was dumping them? ))
<Chaos`^> (( i'm creating future antagonists >=))
Quote 5615
<Chaos`^> "Then I could bring back her body!"
<Hewel> "Or be eaten by a demon! Think!"
<Lewis> Listen, Maxine. The stuff that goes in goes in there to feed demons. You are not going to be demon food. Do Not Feed the Demons.
<Lewis> Under penalty of death.
Quote 5616
<Chaos`^> The object flys out of sadonis hand and disapears
* Sadonis dashes back into the depths of the dungeon
* Hewel stares.
<Sadonis> "Be right back!"
<Hewel> "If I didn't think he'd follow I'd be tempted to leave him."
<Lewis> ... I don't know, aside from that gross incompetence there he's been the most useful of us three...
<Hewel> "I don't consider two people lost to demons useful."
<Lewis> ... aside from the gross incompetence, I say.
Quote 5617
<Sadonis> "The fact that she is in servitude to a demon indicates that she will endanger the mission. She is a succubus, and will tempt mortals as she has Hewel and feed their souls to her masters."
<Lewis> Sadonis: She has indicated that she is not in servitude to a demon at this present date. Do you wish to inidicate evidence to the contrary?
<Lewis> or is your disputation of her claim groundless?
* Hewel stops. "I was drunk. Not tempting someone when they're drunk is probably harder."
* Sadonis coughs.
<Sadonis> "I will simply have time prove you wrong. I tire of this debate, which slows our progress."
<Sadonis> "But she will not tempt me."
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "It was his birthday..."
<Lewis> Sadonis: ... Why would - nevermind.
Quote 5618
<Chaos`^> I can tell you that Sadonis had a very good conversation with a puddle of intellegent universal solvent
Quote 5619
<Chaos`^> Aiko is quiet through the whole thing... becaus I can't stand argueing with myself over IRC it makes me feel more crazy than I am ;D
Quote 5620
<Chaos`^> Roy finds the equipment room... And two people inside... Having erhm... What'd clinton call it?
<Roy`> "That is not right!"
* Natsuki` mutters to herself, "This si rediculous... why would I be fighting with anyone?"
* Roy` :[ ] and points accusingly!
<Chaos`^> The girl is having a wardrobe malfunction
<Jerome`> (( Clinton never called it anything. I think that was his point :p ))
* Natsuki` looks over.
<Roy`> "Such shameless acts are intollerable!"
* Roy` looks to see if they are evil clones, first of all.
Quote 5621
<Chaos`^> Aiko leads the way to the bathroom and is the first to step in with a scream "OH MY GOD!"
<Chaos`^> Inside Aiko is holding her mouth and pointing at the grafitti on the stall doors...
* Roy` reads it! :P
<Roy`> (("seven days"))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Chaos`^> it reads "Aiko go BOOM" they seem to have run out of room to make a full sentance.
<Jerome> (( For a good time call Cthulhu... ))
* Roy` quickly scrolls the yellow sign on a wall. (j/k) :P
<Jerome> "You have groupies?"
<Roy`> "Uhm..."
<Roy`> "Are you ok, Aiko? Its just tasteless graffiti."
<Chaos`^> "They knew I'd be here... and... Boom?"
<Chaos`^> She touches the paint "Still wet."
<Natsuki`> "Well, it is the girls room, you know, so maybe they just assumed you'd come here eventually."
Quote 5622
<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "So Who says tenticle monsters don't exist?"
<Roy`> "I'll believe it when I've killed it."
<Natsuki`> "I would, but I'm worried it will come back if I do."
<Jaoni> "Well, we can sure as hell see that something here does have tentacles."
<Jerome> "That'd be a bit late."
<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "You think it's dumb enough to let you attack it when it's not ready? It's already snuck up on us twice!"
<Jerome> "Excuse me? You flushed tentacles down a toilet. I hardly call that sneaking up. Now, sticking itself yup you wne you're going for a crap, *that* would be sneaking up."
<Jerome> (( and please, don't take that as a suggestion Chaos :p ))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Roy`> ((Indeed.))
<Chaos`^> (( SHouldn't have said it!! ))
* Chaos`^ notes that the next time jerome takes a crap...
<Jerome> (( Tho it would be a nicely twisted reason to become a cultist. "Well, I was minding my own business whe Greater cthulhu came into my *giggles* life and it felt sooo good..." ))
Quote 5623
<Chaos`^> Aiko scratches her head and blushes "Sorry about uhm... Accusing you of ah... Eating... You..."
<Natsuki`> "Aiko, don't be so mean."
<Jaoni> "And Aiko, you might be real booksmart, but your about as observant as a brick."
* Roy` laughs at that one. :P
<Roy`> "Indeed, Aiko! Try to be more like me!"
<Roy`> ((omg j/k))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Jaoni> "My ribbon broke."
<Chaos`^> She glares at Roy
<Natsuki`> (( well, you never know, bricks might be really observant, and just not talk about it. ))
Quote 5624
* Roy` clicks, "Hey, what's the worst thing about twenty eight year olds?"
<Jaoni`> (best thing, moron :P)
<Roy`> ((:P ))
* Roy` clicks, "There's twenty of them."
* Roy` laughs :P
* Natsuki` runs up.
<Roy`> "Riiiight."
<Chaos`^> (( OMFG!!! ))
<Natsuki`> "Uh, right. Well, anyway..."
<Chaos`^> (( THAT'S FUCKING FUNNY!!!! ))
* Jaoni` does as well
<Roy`> ((:P))
<aslhk> ((lol))
<Roy`> ((I heard it from tass))
<Jaoni`> (yeah, its mine, but yet ken manages to mangle its glory :P)
Quote 5625
<Chaos`^> hmm If you have a crazy werecow... would he become a mad cow?
Quote 5626
<AlcarGM> Okay, a young woman (18 at best, and dressed like one of Hells hookers) comes over to your table, draggin her boyfriend. He has a collar around her neck, and a leash in his hand. The tourists are still new enough to look startled by that.
<AlcarGM> The girl looke dat you with a jaded cynicism more appropriate for someone in her 40's and grins. "Sure."
<AlcarGM> She rummages in her pocket and throws two chips on the table.
<AlcarGM> Her boyfriend/owner/pet/whatever just looks bored, and resigned.
* Tracey`^ grins "Wonderful... Minimum bet at this table is ten dollars. We have no maximum bet... But just between you and I, nobody ever loses on three hundred thirty three dollars for some reason.
* Tracey`^ winks at the woman
<FirestormZero> ((wow, it's before the real game and 333's are getting tossed about already, this is gonna be good.))
<Brisby> (( Ha! Maybe because no one ever is stupid enough to bet that much :))
Quote 5627
<Brisby> hmm.
<Brisby> How long does a standard 30% Shape-Change take to execute?
<Tracey`^> 5days
<AlcarGM> minute, max
* Brisby thwaps Tracey`^
<GeminiRai> lol
<aslhk> I like the five days version better =p
Quote 5628
<AlcarGM> The thin man collects applications and Andre gets everyones attention by waving his arms and shoting "Auditions for all roles - including camera help, grifts, grips, and others things, begin tomorrow at 6 am! For those who can't make daylight auditions, nigh ones begin at 7 pm."
* Drake makes note of the time he mentions. :P The right one, that is.
<Drake> ((lol :P))
<Tracey`^> (( it'd be wierd if he said it was in est, when we're in pacific ))
<Drake> ((poor vamps))
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :P ))
<Drake> ((Everyone should use GMT. :P))
* Drake looks around for vampires. Eww. :P
<AlcarGM> (( "You're applying for the role of.. will you stop screaming? Someone get the fire extinguisher.." ))
Quote 5629
<AlcarGM> Steven Segal wanders past, having failed his audition to be a mannequin in the movie and going to drown his sorrows.
Quote 5630
<AlcarGM> You start to get a slight headache....
<Tracey`^> Hmmm... Do I get natural headaches?
<AlcarGM> Nope.
<Tracey`^> can I tell where this is comming from?
<AlcarGM> You normally can't get sick, well, not unless you've really been pushing yourself...
<AlcarGM> Your head
<Tracey`^> I mean why do i have a headache?
Quote 5631
<Tracey`^> "Mary just started crying tears then she said she gave good handjobs and said she was raped then she broke up... No she didn't start crying more, she litterally BROKE!"
<AlcarGM> she also said she sex0red Jesus :p
<Brisby> naah...
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> she didn't say that!
<Tracey`^> lol!
<Tracey`^> yep!
<aslhk> she said she "introduced him to the ways of men and women" =P
<aslhk> obviously a metaphor!
<aslhk> same with the hand jobs
<aslhk> =P
<Tracey`^> the answer lies
<GeminiRai> Truthfully?
<Tracey`^> the answer lies, truthfully
Quote 5632
* tatterdemalion chukcles. And to think I said I couldn't run Friday because I needed to make notes and my notes consisted of a page reading LOLAD MOVIE NOTES
Quote 5633
<Drake> "Earlier I sensed a powerful other presence, and recently some things went awry.. tell me, friend.. do you sense trouble brewing?"
<AlcarGM> The ball of light dims slightly, then a lightbulb appears over it. "Darkness is abroad." pause "Stupid .... all right, it's actually close to home and not abroad, but on the continent. No one likes a good line these days.."
<Drake> "Afoot, you mean?"
* Drake smiles. :P
<Drake> "Where is it, is there any specific threat?"
<AlcarGM> The ball flickers for a moment: "Not from the Darkness. But there is darkness, of course." *long pause* "YThey plan to sequal to Gigli. This must be prevented at all costs."
<Drake> "Oh.. my.. God...."
<Drake> ((Alcar.))
<AlcarGM> The ball dims to almmost invisibility. "We know."
<AlcarGM> (( yes? :p ))
<Drake> ((I've been in a lot of your games..))
<Drake> ((Seen a lot of scary things))
<Drake> ((But this.....))
<Drake> ((This takes them all by storm.))
Quote 5634
<AlcarGM> He nods and stands, a costume seeming to appear on his naked form (ecxcept, strangely, wearing boxers 0 as if the captors couldn't take them off. Red and blue sut, cape... evne you have heard of Awesome Man, leader of the revengers, the chief superhero of Haven
* Vora blinks. "Hey, you're that guy... um... Sup--er, Awesome Man, right?"
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man gives an aww, shucks look. "But of course!" A frown mars his awesome visage. "Do I know you?"
<Vora> "Probably not. I'm not the publicity type, exactly."
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man nods, then stands. "We must defeat them and save Earth!"
<Vora> "Yaknow, there's probably a lot of 'em. Maybe we could try convincing them to stop? Or at least, be strategic and disable the ship first, or something." *shrugs*
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man pauses, then says "That is a good idea! We should convince them to surrrender after disabling this vessel! Follow me!" He marches over to a wall and proceeds ot smash through it like it was plywood.
Quote 5635
<AlcarGM> The boy shakes his head, getting to his feet slowly and looking confused, then shocked. "They're.. dead. I fel thtem die, trying to hide from it, the fire...."
<Drake> "Relax."
<Drake> "Its pretty much gone now.. do you know who made it?"
<AlcarGM> The boy hesitates a moment, as if reliving something, then just nods. "She.. just.... killed them. All of them..... after her telling me to get a path n life ,she tried to kill efveryone here.. even me ... I . .I could have ben a vampire..."
<Drake> "Looks like you got lucky.."
<Drake> "Have you asked Jesus into your life?"
<Drake> ((omg j/k))
<Drake> ((that's just so chick.))
Quote 5636
<Alcar> Okay, you manage to find them in a good 10 minutes by virtue of various holes. However this ship is made, if it is falling you can' tell.
<Vora> "Did you see a nut smashing things go by here?"
<Alcar> Snake has his head poked out of a hole in a wall, and shakes hsi head when he sees you, looking impressed at the amount of holes.
<Alcar> The flying kid floats over, somewhat successfully. "What did you do?!"
<Vora> "Let out Awesome Man." *goes and gets dressed again*
<Alcar> The lid drops to the ground with a thuump, his eyes wide in shock, and gushes "Aesome man? He's here to save us?!"
<Vora> "Well, technically, I saved him."
<Alcar> He doesn't seem to hear that. "Everythinh will be fine now! He can rescue us! Does he need a new sidekick?!"
<Vora> "They had him chained up, and he couldn't get out. *shrugs* They might be able to capture him again."
<Alcar> The flying kid blinks a few times, his expression dreamy. "Awesome man in chains. Wow. I wish I could havebeen there - uh, to save him! To save him!"
<Alcar> At that poiint the humming in the air ends, abruptly.
<Vora> "He was in his boxers."
<Alcar> "He wears... what colour ... " the kid blinks a few times, then collapses fromm overload in a faint :p
* Vora looks up. "Oh. Guess he found the engine."
Quote 5637
* Alcar nods. Just a random twisted idea about sidekicks :p
<Alcar> stuff lkike that is why I could never run a real super hero game
<Baliadoc> just.... ew :)
<Alcar> The PC finding himself captured by his sidekick who wants to put him in an S&M dungeon....
<Vora> its not that twisted. Ive heard it before.
<Vora> Should have seen it coming, what with the unconventional things that boy was carrying around on his utility belt!!
* Alcar would soo do it, too. Loyal sidekick captures superhero as sex slave.
Quote 5638
<AlcarGM> The dance floor is mosttly crowded with teens and college studenyts, singles, and largely dancing alone. Allm human, you think. You'e abut fuzzy-headed, so they might all be weres.
<AlcarGM> You do find a few vaguely cute single guys, but do to powerful laws of the universe far beyond your ken, since they are cute, and single, they all turn out to be gay.
<Tracey`^> Who cares! let's dance!
* Tracey`^ finds the nearest person and begins to dance with them
<AlcarGM> Well, they*are* better dancers than the other humans, so that's a bonus. A few girls give you dirty looks whne you join in the dancing, but you're usred to humans being jealous of you. A few men develop two left feet trying to dance and stare at you at the same time.
Quote 5639
<Tracey`^> What DO i typically do with souls?
* AlcarGM has no idea what you do with them. Keep themin a jar? Put them into small animals to confuse them?
<Tracey`^> Well he wanted to have sex... so i'll put him in a rabbit
Quote 5640
<AlcarGM> The bar is dying down and people getting their last drinks. To speed up the last dance process the DJ is playing elevator music/.
<Tracey`^> "Damn time to go home.."
* Tracey`^ stumples out the front door and heads to the forest to dispose of this extra soul...
<Tracey`^> forest... in LA... hmm... Nevermind, make that pet store ;D
<Brisby> (( ha ))
* Tracey`^ puts the soul in a rabbit... then heads home...
<Brisby> (( in a rabbit? Fascinating... ))
Quote 5641
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Have you ever acted before?"
<Tracey`^> "no."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Thank God." and in a more normal, human tone. "Why do you want to act in this movie?"
* Tracey`^ glances at her watch "I need something to do."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Qualifications?"
<Tracey`^> "I'm hot?"
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Oh, good. Human?"
<Tracey`^> "No."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Oh. What, then?"
<Tracey`^> "Darkness."
<alcar> Silence, then the Voice says "Black people are human, you know."
Quote 5642
<Drake> "I had suspected you had your hands in that little suprise.."
* Brisby looks suddenly over towards Tracey`^...
* Tracey`^ looks at Drake "What suprise?"
<Drake> "Never you mind. Its a church matter."
<Brisby> "You.... what?"
<Drake> "That and the boat."
* Brisby looks somewhat taken aback, and a little... offended... and now... surprised!
* Tracey`^ looks around and turns bright red... "Err... I mean... maybe."
<Drake> "You could've at least done a thourough job of it."
<Drake> "I saw your dice rolls. They sucked. Don't try to deny it."
<Drake> ((omg j/k))
Quote 5643
<Drake> ((Its one thing to have an NPC, like Lirk, like me..))
<Drake> ((A PC is something new and unexpected. :P))
<Tracey`^> (( Lirk never liked you, you raped him >< ))
<AlcarGM> (( *blinks* ))
<Drake> ((Lies. Orgg just said that to feel better about getting sloppy seconds))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))
<Tracey`^> (( EWW! GROSS!! ))
Quote 5644
<Tracey`^> "And? You're perfume is heavy of light... It's not like either of us are trying to hide it."
<Drake> "I try not to blow boats up."
<Tracey`^> "I didn't blow it UP I burned it DOWN."
Quote 5645
<AlcarGM> You have a vague memory of another Light telling you once about the time Atlantis was sunk.. somehting about a soccer match both sides kept tweaking a lot...
<Drake> Our side won, right?! :P
<AlcarGM> Details are vague on that part :p
Quote 5646
* Drake tries to conjure an invisible little minor angel thingie, like the ball of light. Only not glowing. And ask it to make sure he's awake at Dawn.
<AlcarGM> Okay, you manage that easily...
<AlcarGM> It looks suspiciously like the Microsoft Word paperclip.
<Drake> Sweet. :P Now I can drink w/o remorse.
Quote 5647
<Chaos`^> besides... if I come wasted and inverted
<Chaos`^> I won't be able to use hellfire ><
<Drake> its ok
<Drake> I'll do it for you
<Drake> :P
<Tass> remember kids
<Chaos`^> cool thanks >=)
<Drake> liberally
<Tass> don't drink before opperating heavy machinery or the fires of hell
<Chaos`^> That's what I thought too drake
<Drake> Don't drink and rapture
Quote 5648
<Chaos`^> well.. I was hoping on uncovering a conspiricy within the town this session
<Chaos`^> but sadonis decided to kill a few guards instead
<JacobRiis> indeed. =/
<JacobRiis> who needs enemies when Sadonis is your friend?
Quote 5649
<AlcarGm> The skinny kid (hereafter known as Ed) says "Victor, are you doubting me?" angrily. "The spell worked!"
<AlcarGm> Victor looks very worried. "Ed, it's a game! You can't do real magic ..."
<AlcarGm> Ed: "What's this then?"
<AlcarGm> Victor stares at you, looking afraid more than anything. "Some girl you hired?"
<AlcarGm> Ed: "She's an angel!"
* Tracey`^ yawns and stretches some, and looks around for said book
<AlcarGm> Victor: "Angels don't let you tie thekm to beds and have sex with you!
<AlcarGm> Ed: "So you've seen many before?"
<AlcarGm> You don't see any book, but Ed is holding a magazine tightly in one grubby hand
<Tracey`^> What's it titled?
<AlcarGm> Dungeon Magazine #435
<AlcarGm> Victor: "No, but ... christ, Ed! You tied her to your bed!"
Quote 5650
<AlcarGm> You follow the hallway to two open doors. THe first is to the kitchen, which ... you can't process it, for a moment your mind refuses to, then you begin to see bits of flesh, walls decorated in blood with words written in enochian, and the room wallpapered with flesh . .living flesh ... The sobbing is coming from the living room.
<AlcarGm> (( Yeah, you can read them. "Believie in the Lord and He shall Deliver" "Don't confuse God with dominos" "God isn't dead, but your little baby Jesus is" "God is a bitch, we are her puppies" ))
<Drake> .o(Well, there's a shred of truth to be found in there, somewhere.)
* Drake decides that in the next universe he is definitely going to be a more active preacher. :P
<AlcarGm> The sobbing is an old woman, perhaps 80, trying to hide behind a couch and cradling an old man in her arms who seems ot have died from a heart attack. She doesn't look up at your footsteps, and whispes "Go away. Please.. go away," in a dull, broken voice.
<Drake> "Woe unto thee, the doomed fruit of a finite, rotting world.. "
Quote 5651
* Drake weighs whether or not he should call in reinforcements.
<Drake> ((See I'm a hypnotherapist and all..))
<Drake> ((I figure I can help them not be traumatized? :P))
* Drake ponders a bit, sits outside, and tries to summon up some emissaries of mercy, direct from the sefirot! And should go to sleep at this point XD
<alcargm> lol. Well, you did kill their granddaughter, skin her and turn her into undergarments, but you can try :p
Quote 5652
* Tracey`^ sighs "Alright... Let's get going, then."
* Tracey`^ adjusts her new leather pands and tight black shirt and walks out the door "You comming or are you gunna stay here with Henry?"
<alcargm> Victor: "But .. he's dead..... I killed him....."
<Tracey`^> "Then there's no reason to wait for him to get up and chase after us is there?"
<alcargm> Victor stares at you, his eyes wide. "He's going to do that?"
<Tracey`^> "I don't want to wait and find out, do you!?"
<alcargm> Victor whimpers something like "no" and stumbles towards the door, staggering out of the room.
* Tracey`^ uses her aura to burn ed's body to a deep ash... Don't want him comming back in any later plots and all that...
<alcargm> (( awww :p ))
Quote 5653
<Tracey`^> How good am I at wiping memories?
<alcargm> Very, if you want to :)
<alcargm> You really doubt he'd ever tell anyone, though.
<Tracey`^> that's not what i'm worried about... he did save my life, i owe him something...
<alcargm> And besides, "My best friend captured an angel using a D&D spell and had sex with hre and made her his love slave" just doesn't wash :p
<alcargm> (( Wel, he DID come with Ed. He obviously was curious about sex :p ))
<Tracey`^> Better to think your friend dissapeared than to know you killed him...
<alcargm> that, too :)
* Tracey`^ looks down a nicely convenient dark alley "What's that? let's go check it out!"
<alcargm> Victor looks nervous, sneaking peaks at you (well, your breats, but he's 17 so they *are* you as far as he's concerned) ... and follows, mostly out of fear of what you might do if he didn't.
Quote 5654
* Tracey`^ erases his memory now and gives him a bad headache to boot...
<Tracey`^> "Oh my goodness, sir, are you alright!?"
<alcargm> Victor blinks, looking asround, finding himself alone in a dark alley with the girl of his dreams, and shakes his head, then winces "I ... I don't know.. where am I?"
<Tracey`^> "Uhm... An alley in LA... Hey, I heard you screaming and I came down to see if youw ere ok..."
<alcargm> Victor's brain registers that a Beautiful Woman is talking to him, and he manages to ignore the headache entirely. "I don't know.. I feel so funny... I'm sorry for breasting you - bothering you!"
Quote 5655
<alcargm`> A man in a black suit is standing in the doorway, with a briefcase in hand. "Excuse me?"
<Tracey`^> "uh-huh?"
<alcargm`> He looks at you, then smiles. "Hello I'm Craig. I'm hee to ask you if you've found God."
* Tracey`^ grins evilly... this is more like it.
<alcargm`> He looks at your expression, oddly.
<Tracey`^> "God... Why... No... Come in, come in!"
* Tracey`^ gets a worried look on her face "I'm sorry.. Can I get you something to drink?"
<alcargm`> He opens the briefcase and hands you a copy of Watchtower magazine, surprised. "No, no. Drink is a temptation of the Devil."
<Tracey`^> "Water, perhaps?"
<alcargm`> Craig: "Water would be wonderful."
* Tracey`^ nods and leaves for the kitchen to get some ice cold water
<alcargm`> Craig thanks you for the water and asks if you've accepted Jesus into your life yet
<Tracey`^> "Oh.. WHat?"
<alcargm`> Craig: "You haven't?" He looks relieved, then reaches into his breifcase and pulls out a 44 magnum. "I'm sorry for lying to you, ma'am., but I'm really oneof Satans Witnesses." He points the gun at you. "And I'm not leaving until you accept Satan as God of this World!"
<Tracey`^> "I'm sorry?"
<Tracey`^> "Oh..." Looks relieved "I thought you lost God..."
<alcargm`> Craig: "There is no God to lose!"
Quote 5656
<alcargm`> Craig: "Satan is REAL!"
<Tracey`^> "Oh, i'm not denying the fact that he's real... I just want to know why I should accept him as my god."
<alcargm`> Craig: "Because there are no other - you're not?" He looks confused.
<alcargm`> Craig: "Uhm . .we offer a good dental plan?"
Quote 5657
<alcargm> Craig stares at you ... then smiles a private smile generally only seen from small puppies before be sacrifices them and eats their pretty eyes.
<alcargm> He says nothing and goes to leave.
Quote 5658
<Tracey`^> "I'm not evil either... Darkness... Maybe... But not evil... There's a differance."
<alcargm> Craig: "no, there's not!"
<Tracey`^> "There isn't?"
<alcargm> Crai looks offended. "Of course not."
<Tracey`^> "Uh-huh... And... Why do they have two names then?"
<alcargm> Craig: "because people are stupid! Darkness conceals the evil in us all, like the cruel people who never tip me for squeegeeing their cars!"
* Tracey`^ giggles at this
<alcargm> he glares at you.
<Tracey`^> "right, right... And when the lights go out... we're not in darknes... we're in evil.. right? So if people sleep in evil, you'd think they'd all become it, right?"
<alcargm> Craig: "People are evil! The good stuff is illusions, and wishes, and dreams. None of it's real! Whats real is we get old, and we die, and no one loves us and we're just here to be tormented fo rthe amusement of Satan who keeps us in cages and tells us we're free! Heavens just one of his lives to make this heall on earth!"
Quote 5659
<Tracey`^> "Do you know what you did Drake?"
<Drake> "Yeah. I killed some people."
* Tracey`^ looks relieved "Oh thank goodness i didn't have to be the one to tell you."
<Drake> "I was wearing them. I kind of figured it out myself."
<Tracey`^> "Twelve.. well not all are dead, but you shot twelve."
<Tracey`^> "You were... oh.."
* Drake nods
<Drake> "But the past is the past. "
Quote 5660
* Tracey`^ begins walking toward the Mission "It's this way, incase you didn't know where you are."
* Drake smirks.
<Drake> "I just killed a dozen people, I didn't forget where the mission was."
Quote 5661
* Brisby heads over to the phone, dials, and hands it over to Tracey`^.
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow but takes it and puts it to her ear
<AlcarGM> d100
<Sparkie> AlcarGM d100: 62
<AlcarGM> Tracey explodes
Quote 5662
<AlcarGM> Okay, you exit, and find a taxi conveniently at the dootr, the driver wondering absently why he stopped :)
* Tracey`^ hops in
<Tracey`^> "Ashely road please!"
<AlcarGM> The driver nods, and drives their quickly. "You in a hurry?"
<Tracey`^> "You betcha."
<AlcarGM> The cab driver nods, driving quickly. "You sure you don't want me to follow that cab?"
<AlcarGM> You don't see any cab around :p
<Tracey`^> "Positive."
<Tracey`^> Human?
<AlcarGM> (( yep ))
<Tracey`^> Arabian? =p
<AlcarGM> He nods. "It figures. No one ever asks me to follow that cab, not even in hollywood." He lowers his voice. "It's obvious, you know. MY cab is the one everyone else is following."
* Tracey`^ chuckles lightly
<Tracey`^> "That means you get all the interesting people."
<AlcarGM> he looks over his shoulder, swerving around another vehicle and through a red light. "Well, you're interesting." He grins. "You doing anything friday night?"
<Tracey`^> "it also means you get most of the antagonists too."
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow
<Tracey`^> "A little quick to the punchline eh?"
<AlcarGM> he laughs. "You look like a lady who enjoys someone who is quick," with a grin.
* Tracey`^ raises both eyebrows
<Tracey`^> "You really aught to watch the road."
<AlcarGM> He sighs. "Figures. Al the pretty ones are taken or dykes," and does so.
Quote 5663
<AlcarGM> The door opens into a living room, with a tall, spanish man curled up on the floor beside a old couch, blood pooling on the floor beside him.
* Tracey`^ looks around for Drake, or isabel
<AlcarGM> On the couch is .... was... Isabella. Dead. Definitely dead. Nexk snapped.
<AlcarGM> Drake is standing over the man, loading his gun again, and waiting.
* Tracey`^ walks over to the man and looks down at him
<Tracey`^> "Hmm.."
* Tracey`^ sighs
<Tracey`^> "Give me your phone." To drake "I need to call Brisby."
<AlcarGM> The man coughs, painfullly... the air changes, a cold, electric warmth filling. it.
<AlcarGM> Drake shoots the were again, camly, and hands you the phone with the other hand.
<AlcarGM> Drake: "This isn't silver. We could be here all night if you want."
* Tracey`^ smacks Drake on the shoulder "Not too much, now."
Quote 5664
<AlcarGM> Your phone rings.
<Brisby> "Hello?"
<Tracey`^> "Brisby?"
<AlcarGM> Elisa listens intently.
<Brisby> "Yes?"
<Tracey`^> "Brisby just smile and laugh. I'm a close personal friend."
* Brisby smiles, and laughs...?
<AlcarGM> Brisby hears a gunshot in the background, from Tracey's end of the phone.
<Tracey`^> "She's dead. Keep laughing."
<Brisby> "Oh?" (failing to laugh)
<Tracey`^> "Drakes inside losing his lighter side... You figure out how to tell the mom... I think i'll take over for him before he gets ejected."
<Tracey`^> "I'll send him to you."
<Brisby> "Okay..."
* Tracey`^ hangs up
<AlcarGM> Elisa: "What is it?" frantically.
<Brisby> (( darn. I should have put down People-Handling Skills somewhere on my sheet... ))
<Tracey`^> (( LoL ))
<AlcarGM> (( charm and lie work :p ))
Quote 5665
<Baliadoc> how goes the game?
<AlcarGM> Ah, not too bad. The levity and lightness part has taken a minor downturn :p
* AlcarGM didn't plot the psycho to actually kill the girl. he did anyway.
<Baliadoc> hmm... yeah. that's a problem.
<AlcarGM> Tho after the pcs tdo the patry/job thing and start getting invitred to mansions it'll be fun
<Baliadoc> lol, well, that's good then :)
* AlcarGM nods. Yeah.
<AlcarGM> Tho aslhk has his doubts it'll be light :p
<Baliadoc> well... lolad has that problem of being not dark, sometimes :)
* AlcarGM nods. Yeah. Which is why I wantred something less dark. Stupid psychopaths... :p
<Baliadoc> lol
<Baliadoc> well, you'll do better next time.
<Baliadoc> ... or... uh... you'll kill more little girls. it's hard to say
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Baliadoc> that'd be kinda funny to see.
<Baliadoc> "Alright! The clowns do their goofy... routine... and... GAH! I can't hold it in anymore! 3 little kids die! HA!"
<AlcarGM> lol!!
<AlcarGM> Damn. that woudl be funy.... and not funny.... at the same time :p
Quote 5666
<Brisby> you know, it would be really crazy if she weren't really dead, but for some reason Drake and Tracey`^ want us to THINK she is, and then we can start revving up the mind games... :D
* AlcarGM was half-tempted ot do that, but figured it would be a bit much :p
<Tracey`^> That and I asked Drake if he was sure she was dead =p
<AlcarGM> Anf you trusted the man who was shooting the limbs off the kidnapper and watching them regenerate and shooting again :p
<Brisby> they regenerated? why isn't he using silver bullets? =/
<Brisby> or is it to cause pain?
<AlcarGM> to cause pain :p
<Tracey`^> I gave him the kiss of death though
<Brisby> (( have you put the soul anywhere yet?
<Tracey`^> Hell
Quote 5667
<Brisby> "He killed her Chet. She didn't make it."
<Brisby> hmm, examine the redundancy in the previous sentence...
<Tracey`^> Brisby: When you're telling someone that someone else is dead, it's realevant to repeat it thrice before they believe you
* Brisby nods.
<Brisby> Still.
Quote 5668
<Baliadoc> anyway, i think i'm gonna call it a night. thanks for the game, alcar :)
<SilverHorse> Night Bali :D
<Alcar> hehe. np. Thanks for playing :)
<SilverHorse> Thanks for stopping in
<Baliadoc> np. it was fun. g'night!
* Baliadoc Quit (Quit: Favente Fortuna!)
<SilverHorse> lol
<SilverHorse> [18:09] <SilverHorse> Put it in the topic. Sunday night. UH. Or die.
<SilverHorse> [18:11] * alcar chuckles. And the chances of Bali showing would be somewhere on the order of 1% I bet :p
<SilverHorse> hehehe :)
<Alcar> LOL!
<SilverHorse> What are the chances? lol
<Alcar> But it's not sunday so I was still right :p
<Alcar> So far :p
Quote 5669
* Brisby sighs loudly and repeatedly as she drives.
<Tracey`^> "Uh... What are you singing!?"
<Brisby> (( SINGS, not sighs. ))
<Brisby> er
<Brisby> (( vice versa ))
<AlcarGM> (( *blinks* ))
<Tracey`^> (( OH! LOL! ))
<Brisby> (( /me giggles ))
<Tracey`^> (( I must be totally out of it ))
Quote 5670
<Tracey`^> Do I recognize anybody?
<AlcarGM> Faline?
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Tracey`^> oO
<Tracey`^> don't do that
<AlcarGM> THAT would be funny.
<AlcarGM> But no, wont do it ;p
Quote 5671
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow "Is that a threat?"
<AlcartehGM> The vampire takes another drink. "Threat? You're the threat. I've a, you know," he waves a hand vaguely downward "because of you, and it hurts. First tine in a decade," cheerfully.
* Tracey`^ rubs her temples
* Tracey`^ smiles
<Tracey`^> "Ok... I've got an idea..."
* Tracey`^ walks over to him seductively "You go out to that chinese man outside... You slap him across the face and insult his girlfriend... You come back ehre and we'll have the time of your afterlife."
<AlcartehGM> The vampire laughs at that, and says "No, don't have enough guns," and reaches into his coat and takes out his hidden automatic rilfe. "See? Just have this one."
<Brisby> (( is he taking it out for use or for display? ))
* Tracey`^ fowns "Aww... that's too bad." Disapointed "We were going to have SO MUCH FUN."
<AlcartehGM> (( display. ))
* Tracey`^ turns and walks away from him
<Brisby> (( good. ))
<AlcartehGM> (( though how someone manages ot conceal an automatic rifle in a coat is anyone's guess :p ))
Quote 5672
<Drake> Were there were?
<Drake> A documentary on weres throughout historical events
<Drake> :P
<Drake> and the classic
<Drake> Bowling for BLOOD
<Drake> about a stupid anoying vampire who gets kmart to stop selling silver jewelry and garlic seasonings
<Alcar> The Texas Picnic Lunch .... "Massacre? What massacre I turned my back on the kids for two minutes and...."
<Drake> Freaky Full Moon
<Drake> About a were mother and a were daughter
Quote 5673
<Caltak> we can hogtie Awesome Man and turn him over to Barney for hot sex next time.
Quote 5674
<Carl> "IF I help you exterminate these aliens, or send them home, or stop them, whatever, Will you help me fix limbo?"
<alcar> Smith stares at Carl... :"You wish to *bargain*?" coldly
<Carl> "No, I'm just asking if you would."
<alcar> smith frowns, then nods. "If I can, yes."
* Carl shrugs, "Far be it from me to actuially ask one of the keepers of this place to help me fix a part of it."
<Carl> "Awesome."
<alcar> (( hehe Carl. ))
<Carl> ((he's like a bad slumlord, I swear :P))
Quote 5675
* alcar laughs. And I can reveal the main aftermath plot now :p
<alcar> "Basically, Plot wise, this is a super hero game where Earth is invaded by aliens. And that's arguably not even the interesting part."
* alcar grins
<kentari> omg
<kentari> I remmber
<kentari> when that was pasted
<kentari> all censored
<kentari> :P
Quote 5676
<Harmony> stats(q)
<SparkieLuvsU> Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 3 3 3 3 3 3 (18)
<Harmony> ...
<Jose> LOL
<KamenRiderRyuhou> ...o.o
<Akane`Tendou> o.o;;;;
<LadyIslay> That's impossible.
* Harmony explodes
<LadyIslay> Do it again.
<Jose> That's not even FAIR!
<Harmony> stats(q)
<SparkieLuvsU> Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 15 14 13 13 12 11 (78)
<Akane`Tendou> How the hel did that happened?!
<LadyIslay> I don't know how that happened.
<LadyIslay> It should be technically impossible.
Quote 5677
* ** Harmony has quit IRC (Quit: <Harmony> stats(q) <SparkieLuvsU> Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 3 3 3 3 3 3 (18) <--- Thats what I call luck)
Quote 5678
<Duloth> The manipulator: "Hey... your a vampire. Cool." he conjures a UV lamp. Defense.
<Duloth> 1d20
<Sparkie> Duloth 1d20: 4
<Vampyre> d20 - gets a suntan
<Sparkie> Vampyre d20: 6 - gets a suntan
Quote 5679
<alcargm> A few weres are changing shape and playing tag, some vampires floating kin the air. A lot of free drijk and food, and a lot of drunk people. One older man .. well, he looks human, and hi breath reeks enough to make the flame your juggling get brighter ... frowns at you. "What ..... " Belch "What .. kinda trick ish that, huh?"
<MWFerrell> "Trick?" looks slightly confused for a moment, "oh, this? Nothing special" adds another ball of fire to make four then five spinning through the air
<alcargm> The man sways, frowning. "Looks" He belches again "special. Used to give out moneyt for speicial stuff..." he scowls. "1 million dollars, you know.... a whole... damned.. million.." He glares at you, like it's all your fault. "Then someone came and did real magic."
<alcargm> The man glares at you a few minutes longer, then stumbles away muttering soemthing about his money, his offer, and why the fuck can't he learn it if it exists and that it's all CIA MKULTRA mind tricks, the vamps are, and that they're a result of drugging the water supply.
Quote 5680
<alcargm> James pulls out a silver letter opener, waving it around. .then blinks, belches, and stares at you. "What the fuck're you?" he slurs. "Jesus? A were... ferret? Mouse? Fucking vampire psychic mind experiment?"
<Drake> "Calm down, James."
<BrooklynKnight> ("Jesus? A were... ferret? Mouse? Fucking vampire psychic mind experiment?" <-- Is alcar running his Disney game again?)
<alcargm> A circle of people is slowly surrounding the fight...
* Drake exudes calmness! :P As best he can.
<alcargm> (( lol. No. It's just James Randi, being drunk :p ))
Quote 5681
<Jaoni> "Natsuki.... If I can own up to the fact that I'm a FREAKING DEMON, then you can come out if you have ears and a tail."
* Jaoni opens the closet door :P
Quote 5682
<Roy`> "I wouldn't worry about tryin to run away. Why would you want to run away?"
<Natsuki`> "...I don't know."
<Roy`> "Ah! Its allright. No harm done, eh?"
<Jerome> (( "Maybe she's not running away. She could just be in heat. Are there any tomcats around?" ))
<Natsuki`> (( *SCRATCH!* ))
<Aiko`^> "You guys are welcome to stay here if you'd like... We can have a big slumber party! I could invite my sister too!"
Quote 5683
<Aiko`^> you guys wanna keep going, or end it here?
<Jaoni> I'm good until the end of time
<Jaoni> although I suppose ken has to go soon :P
<``Natsuki``> :P well
<``Natsuki``> I do have to do lunch tomorrow
<``Natsuki``> around noon
<``Natsuki``> but I suppose I can get away with doing nothing else.
* tatterdemalion can keep going. Will just grab some coke :)
<Natsuki`> Unless I get really lucky, and the snow tomarrow gets deeper than expected, or the superintendant overreaxts, I have school, but whatever.
<Jerome> ah, yes, The joys of the EST "Nope, I'm not a zombie. I just didn't get much sleep."
<Roy`> grr
<Roy`> one of these days
<Roy`> I'm gonna make the earth spin backwards
<Roy`> and make everyone in california suffer.
<Natsuki`> That's a much better reason than to save some stupid reporter chick who can't drive.
Quote 5684
* Natsuki` climbs up a wall, idly.
* Aiko`^ thinks... and grabs a spray bottle from a cupboard and fills it with water."
* Aiko`^ stands and stares at Natsuki
* Natsuki` looks down at everyone. "Meh?"
* Roy` looks to Natsuki.. then Aiko..
* Aiko`^ is staring at Natsuki with a spary bottle in her hand
Quote 5685
* Jerome changes and exists the bathroom unless sometihng in the toilet tries to eat him
<Natsuki`> (( or rape him, more like. ))
<Jerome> (( or that :p ))
<Roy`> ((mmm cthulu.. :P))
<Aiko`^> (( OMG Don't remind him!! ))
<Jerome> (( cthulhu comes out of the crapper instead of the closet.. :p ))
<Jerome> (( LOL Chaos. I would think it's the GM we wouldn't want to remind :P ))
<Aiko`^> (( NO The GM isn't the one who wrote a story about Cthulu raping him >< ))
<Aiko`^> (( NO The GM isn't the one who wrote a story about Cthulu raping him >< ))
<Jerome> (( *blinks* I never did, either :P ))
<Natsuki`> (( what, so am I the only one who did??? j/k ))
<BoredomFromHell> (Something you'd like to tell us? o.0)
Quote 5686
<Aiko`^> Sarah grabs the command center and looks at it "Ok, first thing to note, is that you can get someones attention by pushing on their indicator dot like so." She pushes on the screen and jerome feels a zap of electricity on his ass
* Jerome yelps
<Roy`> "Ah. I didn't know that actually shocked you."
<Jerome> "And that's the only place it does that?" rubbing his butt.
* Jerome considers other places, and wishes he hadn't asked.
<Natsuki`> (( "Actually, you have it on backwards." ))
Quote 5687
* Jerome grins. "Does it have a help program in case we forget commands?"
<Aiko`^> Sarah: "I'd write them down if the information wasn't so sensative... All I can say is experiment, just don't touch this button here, that's the self destruct."
<Roy`> "Oops..."
<Roy`> "You know, it asks for a password."
* Jaoni eyes Roy :E
* Roy` absent-mindedly whistles. :P
* Jerome stares at Roy, then shakes his head
Quote 5688
<JacobRiis> Trigger events, eh?
* alcar nods. Like, say, one say your went home and found your grandmother had cooked some cockroaches and was eating them and spititng them out alive, and when you asked her what it was, she started talking to you in a language you'd never heard and you ran out the door and stepped on one of them, and she screamed. And ever since then she walks with a limp.
<alcar> Something odd :)
<alcar> Or there was an accident and you know you should have died but you didn't.
<Caltak> Or you saw someone else do something impossible
<alcar> Or you have this strange knack for, oh, seeing living people. They're everywhere.....
<alcar> :p
<alcar> and they glow. And you can sometimes see them glowing through walls...
Quote 5689
* alcar nods.... would make for a lot of fun. Especially a scientist disproving the unntural :P "There is no such thing as demons. What he's suffering from is a chemical imbalance etc.."
<Keith> tie one down and do studdies on its dna and what not
<alcar> Would be great :)
<Keith> brain wash one to be a servent
<Keith> find a small one to start with and think his experment with the monkey went in an odd direction
<Keith> little do I know it eat the monkey
<Keith> but little does it know the monkey was modfied to have geneticly passed on memory and a modfied AIDS virus to reimprint any DNA it comes accorst with the genetic memmorys!
<alcar> then it goes out and gets eaten by a dog pack and turns into a hive mind :)
Quote 5690
* tatterdemalion snickers. There's a goal in paranoia. Max out spurious logic, get Charm and Machine Empathy and convince The Computer it's a traitor :p
Quote 5691
<Chaos`^> wanna know what's sad? I know what happens when a reactor overheats, and why it melts down...
<Chaos`^> it doesn't melt down actually... it explodes... then it melts
* alcar nods. Imps.
<alcar> having mad sex.
<Chaos`^> they cause too much friction
<Chaos`^> the coolant tanks can't take it
<alcar> then they combust, and their acidic goo melts the place and their place is called radiation sickness.
Quote 5692
<Natsuki`> (( OMG how awesome would it be to sic two hyperactive catgirls on Jehovah's Witnesses? ))
Quote 5693
* Natsuki` cringes. "It feels... sticky... never used to feel weird like this..."
* Hitomi` nuzzles her cousin an mews soothingly, "Stay calms, let water soaks in... we gotsa get clean."
<Aiko`GM^> (( this is the wrong chanell to walk into: * Natsuki` cringes. "It feels... sticky... never used to feel weird like this..." ))
<Hitomi`> "Is from bein kitty, when you can learn go hooman, you'll feel better."
<Natsuki`> (( But thats why its the RIGHT channel to walk into! ))
Quote 5694
<Kira_Fox> Is it me or is Friend Computer a bit paranoid?
Quote 5695
<AlcarGM> You can hear sounds coming from the hole now.. laughter, high and breaking, and the air begins to feek of a strange, foul stench, like old mamure. followed by loud, squishing noises.
<Brisby> (( squishing?!? ))
<AlcarGM> (( yep. one second ))
* Tracey`^ peeks down the crater
<AlcarGM> http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/movie/creature.jpg
<AlcarGM> The strange, brown creature is climbing out of the crater, singing happy birthday to itself pleasantly.
<Tracey`^> "uuh..."
* Tracey`^ looks at the reaper
<Tracey`^> "Uuuuuuh..."
* Tracey`^ ruffles her eyebrows and looks at the creature again
<AlcarGM> The Reaper looks down, then blinks, then rubs his temples. "Humans. Only humans would do this..."
<Tracey`^> "It could have been that sacrifice under the castle.."
<Tracey`^> "You know a werebird... Could have..."
* Tracey`^ stares at the... thing...
<AlcarGM> The Reaper shakes his head. "It would be looking for one....."
* Tracey`^ scratches her head
<Tracey`^> "Looking for a bird?"
<Brisby> "It looks freakish, but harmless."
<Tracey`^> "I wouldn't say..."
<AlcarGM> The Reaper looks over. "Do you know how many children go missing every year? A good number of them end up folowing their imaginary friend. It wants to keep its friends, forever. That means they need to stay children. And since it can't keep them children, it tends to kill them. Sad, really."
Quote 5696
<AlcarGM> It looks to be a real street. You can hear children inside a few of the houses, playing....
* Brisby starts whistling the theme tune. (The original one... not the "modern" version they have these days...)
<AlcarGM> A voice whispers to you fron one of the alleys "Not.. the song.. .. not the song...." it's deep and gravelly.
* Tracey`^ looks to the alley and runs to the voice
* Brisby does the Were-Mouse thing part of the way until she's quite a bit shorter and mousier...
<AlcarGM> A small, furry creature is in the alley, hiding behiind a trash can. It's very fat, and looks scared.
<AlcarGM> Cookie Monster: "Please, no music?"
<Tracey`^> "What the hell?"
* Tracey`^ looks at the furry creature "What, in the nine circles of hell is going on?"
<Brisby> ( bad word for public television :)
<Tracey`^> (( Thank you ^^ ))
<AlcarGM> The Cookie Monster whines "I keep hearing it.. make it stop. They keep feeding me, all those cookies, all those babies. More, and more... and I hear their screams..." He licksm his lips with a bright, pink tongue. "Cookies...." and stares at Traceys breasts. "COOKIES!"
Quote 5697
<AlcarGM> Okay, you kick in the door of house to surprise a startled family having supper. Mother, Father, Two kids (boy and girl)
<AlcarGM> The house s very clean, and neat. The Father stands up, looking offended. "What is the meaning of this?"
* Tracey`^ points at the Father "You! Where are we?"
<Brisby> (( watch Tracey`^ negotiate! ))
<Tracey`^> (( Some characters are not meant to talk to people =p ))
Quote 5698
<AlcarGM> Father: "Home? But you live on Sesame Street."
<Brisby> "But... I don't!"
<Brisby> "and my family doesn't!"
<Brisby> "I need to find my family!"
<AlcarGM> Father looks shocked, and confused. "You .... oh." His expression clouds. "Big Bird?"
<Brisby> "Who?"
<AlcarGM> He looks around warily and lowers his voice. "A bird. Yellow. The King in Yellow. Did he bring you here?"
<Brisby> "No... but there was someone in Brown... with a Trunk..."
<AlcarGM> The father looks confused, then laughs, looking strained. "That's a myth! The papers proved it! A scapegoat!"
Quote 5699
<AlcarGM> The bird lashes out with another wing, cutting into your face this time. "You bleed," and you notice it's not bleeding amore.
<Tracey`^> "Oh, ofcourse I bleed, everything bleeds."
* Tracey`^ pulls out her heat stashed in a random place on her skimpy outfit
<AlcarGM> (( Tracey bothers to carry a gun? ))
<Tracey`^> (( Yeah, it's on the sheet lol ))
<AlcarGM> Tracey hears a voice cursing further down the street, real swear words!
<Tracey`^> (( I find the gun to be more deviant than evil powerz ))
<Caltak> (( Today's show has been brought to you by the letters AK47. ))
Quote 5700
<AlcarGM> Big Bird: "You have no soul?" thoughtfully.
<Tracey`^> "I told you... I was darkness"
<Tracey`^> "I also have no gods, no heaven or hell, and I cannot die."
<AlcarGM> Big Bird: "They didn't have souls either, The other gods. I killed them. Especially Bert, and Ernie. Rubber duckies... YELLOW IS SACRED!"