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Quote 5301
<Gemm> Hmmmm, next week could be weird.
<Alcar> oh?
<Alcar> you plan on revealing you're a demon? :p
<Gemm> No, :P. But Fenrick may start saying he thinks Tarrod could be a vampire and start sawing off his head with one of the knives he has.
<Gemm> :P
<Alcar> LOL
<Alcar> That might not go over well :p
Quote 5302
<Alcar> ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Melee weapons should be laser weapons on the sheet. The Computer didn't make an error. To suggest that is treason. Please report to the nearest termination centre.
<Alcar> under the dex skills :)
<Chaos`^> It is the result of Commie spies trying to corrode the computer's perfect image!
<The_Computer> "How do you know what a Communist is?" *shoots Chaos*
<Tass> so wait
<Tass> knowing what a commie is....
<Tass> is a punishable offense?
<Alcar> lol. nah.
<Tass> so how are you supposed to root them out? :P
* Alcar was messing with you ;p
Quote 5303
<AlcarGM> Christis-B-ORN parts the water, which rages through the gaping hole and down into the elevator shaft.
<AlcarGM> (( definitely :p ))
<AlcarGM> What are you doing?
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( is he registered? ))
<AlcarGM> (( nope, all registered mutant have a yellow/black armband ))
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( lol, this game is evil! ))
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( what sort of chances would a red d00d have against a blue d00d in combat? ))
<AlcarGM> (( You're asking if defeating a tainted mutie wouldn't be worth dying for?! ))
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( He'll be back as Christis-R-ISN anyway ))
* Rocky-R-OAD pulls out his laser and starts shooting
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( good point :P ))
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( forgot this wasn't amber for a sec :P ))
<Rocky-R-OAD> (( was like: How can I use this to my advantage... ))
Quote 5304
<Rocky-R-OAD> "Computer, where is briefing room 007?"
<The_Computer> "You are not authorized for that information. According to Chocolat-B-ARR, you are not there. Please explain, in 30 words or less, why you think you are."
<AlcarGM> A laser in the ceiling swivels towards Rocky-R-OAD-2.
<Rocky-R-OAD> "I am here because I am trying to fulfill the orders of my friend the Computer!"
<The_Computer> "You are not in briefing room 007, my friend. Let he who is without sin fire the first laser."
<Rocky-R-OAD> "Where must I go to reach this room, oh Computer?"
Quote 5305
<Alcar> <Rocky-R-OAD> (( He'll be back as Christis-R-ISN anyway ))
<Alcar> was just good :)
<Alcar> and am tempted to do it ;p
<Alcar> instead of clones, the pc heals from death!
<Alcar> and everyone shoots him as a mutant when he gets back up :p
<Alcar> Golg-O-THA kills the mutant again! :p
<_____> lol
<_____> I can see it
<_____> Christis-B-ORN
<_____> Christis-R-ISN
<_____> Christwillcomea-G-AIN
Quote 5306
* Alcar was originally going to blow up briefing room 007 :p
<Alcar> and then your pc can't get to it, can't get to it. *dies* Repeat. Repeat :p
<Alcar> but decided that was too mean so settled for viking longship crashing through the walls.
Quote 5307
* Vora looks around again. "Where to start looking.... Well, I guess any way is good as any, as long as it isn't Backward."
* Vora takes Snake's hand reassuringly, and begins to continue onward.
<AlcarGM> Snake squeezes yours, and walks along with yours NOT down a yellow brick road.
* Vora (( skips along, pausing only to eat the dog. ))
<Vora> (( I wonder if it says something about me that when I saw Wizard of Oz when I was little, I thought to myself, "I wonder where the red brick road goes." ))
Quote 5308
<AlcarGM> He stares at both o you, then says "I need to see some ID."
<Vora> "I lost all mine." *frowns slightly*
<AlcarGM> He blinks, then says "Excuse me?"
<Vora> "I had to leave all my things."
<AlcarGM> Rookie: "Oh.. why?"
<Vora> "Because we had to leave. Plus, it might have bombs in it. They put one in my teddy. That's why we don't like it there anymore."
<AlcarGM> The rookie stares at you, then licks his lips nervously. "Who is they?"
* Vora shrugs. "Oh, I don't know. Some bad people. I didn't really bother to find out."
<AlcarGM> The rookie hesitates, then says "So some people blew up your, er, teddy bear and you're, uhm, fleeing Haven?"
* Vora nods.
Quote 5309
* aslhk imagines gerard in a mosh pit
* aslhk laughs maniacally
* Alcar images him in wwf :p
* BadNastyBadBadBad imagines him carefully not stepping on any toes
<BadNastyBadBadBad> amber wwf
<Alcar> "But I was being gentle and holding back!"
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Cain stands over his body with a chair
<aslhk> OH NO, HE'S GOT THE CHAIR! (allusion to teh library fight between corwin and eric =P)
<BadNastyBadBadBad> "The Cain Backstab triumphs again!"
<Alcar> and the pattern as the ring :p
<Alcar> try and make someone touch on the pattern
<aslhk> Whatever you do, don't bleed!
<Alcar> "He's down for one, two . .what's that horrible burning smell?"
Quote 5310
<Alcar> BTW, Sam better not die. My other pc idea involved a D&D fanatic spell caster in amber :p
<aslhk> he could play in mathemagic land =p
<Alcar> but lucky I decided it was too cruel to Amber :)
<aslhk> there will be 1.414 hells devoted to d&d players =p
<BadNastyBadBadBad> I would have to destroy him
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Fiona would take offense to him, and he would spend the rest of his life thinking he was a small shrubbery
<Alcar> with how many hit dice? :p
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Alcar: He wouldn't know anything about hit dice!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> The only thing he'd be able to think would be: "IMATREEIMATREEIMATREE!!!!"
<BadNastyBadBadBad> And he'd wave his arms in the wind
<Alcar> so gust of wind spell at will!
Quote 5311
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Fiona would plant him in her garden
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Along with the others
<Alcar> lol... I could see it..
<Alcar> "Wow, that's my old gaming group!"
<BadNastyBadBadBad> "What are those people doing in front of your house?"
<BadNastyBadBadBad> "I think they're getting in tune with the logrus, or something..."
<Alcar> "Aerobics."
<Alcar> "Summoning the flying saucer."
<BadNastyBadBadBad> "Fighting off the invisible demons"
Quote 5312
<_____> How long are you going to wait?
<Max`-> (do I have much of a choice?)
* Max`- hallers figuring water and food would do her good
<_____> (( not unless you can come up with some brilliant plan or something ))
<_____> You don't really feel hungry or thirsty
<Max`-> (other then working my way tothe floor and crawling away?)
<_____> You're fairly certain you've been on an IV for the past days/weeks/months
<_____> (( I said 'brilliant' not 'suicidal' ))
Quote 5313
<_____> "I'm Adwyn! I'm here to kill you!"
<_____> "...or... rescue you?"
<_____> "I don't remember."
<_____> He stares off into space for a minute.
Quote 5314
<Gemm> I can switch any two abilities, da?
<Alcar> nope, reroll 2
<Gemm> oh
<Gemm> or do I just roll d20?
<Alcar> yep
<Gemm> !paranoia
<The_Computer> Gemm, your stats are Strength: 19; Dexterity: 9; Agility: 11; Endurance: 14; Moxie: 3; Chutzpah: 15; Mutant power: 10; Mechanical Aptitude: 7. You like your stats. The Computer says so.
<The_Computer> Gemm, your skill bases are Dexterity: 2; Aglity: 3; Moxie: 0; Chutzpah: 4; Mech int.: 2. Your Maximum HP is 5 and your Macho Bonus is 1. Your Carrying Capacity is 60 kg and your Melee Bonus is 2. Have a nice day :)
<Gemm> 2#1d20
<The_Computer> Gemm 2#1d20: 1 1
<Gemm> fuck you dude.
Quote 5315
<_____> Adane: You hear movement in the trees behind you
* Adane runs like hell =p
<Fenrick> "Hey Chicken shit! Its us!"
<_____> (( lol ))
<Adane> "FUCK!" *runs even faster*
<_____> (( * Adane runs faster "Youse cr8z!" ))
<Fenrick> "Heres Johnny!"
<_____> (( lol! ))
* Adane stops, then
<Sammael> (( LOL ))
<Adane> "Just kidding!"
Quote 5316
<_____> You pass a few more of the lesser reavers, all of which fall quickly. Tarrod (who hasn't given his name yet), is a bit slower now, seeming to be concentrating on other things
<_____> Sammael takes on with a quick swordstroke, Fenrick` another that gets uncomfortably close, with one of tarrod's knives. He must have retrieved it from somewhere, but none of you noticed.
<_____> Fenrick is quite amazingly quick with knives, as well. Inhumanly so.
* Sammael kils the demon in our midst!
<Fenrick`> being?
<Fenrick`> Adane?
<Sammael> you.
<Adane> lol
<Sammael> "Inhumanly so."
<Adane> inhumanly so =P
Quote 5317
<Adane> "So?" to Fenrick, when news is obviously not forthcoming
<Fenrick> "There's an old man with some kids in the house. He says theres a barn some 200 yards from there thattaway." He points in the direction. "We can stay there."
<Fenrick> "I had to choose my words wisely otherwise he would have killed me. We can go back and ask him if you really want to know."
<Adane> "People don't just fucking shoot one another like it's nothing."
<Adane> "I will go talk to him. I'd like a clean shirt anyway. Meet you in the barn in a few minutes."
<Fenrick> "Hey you little freaking nerd-boy. You shut your mouth. THink you can do so much better."
<Adane> "Shouldn't be hard."
* Sammael wonders what world Adane comes from that they don't shoot and kill each other like it's nothing.
Quote 5318
<Fenrick> "Ok then... well I'm gonna stick around here for an.. hour. Then I'm going out with this girl behind the counter."
<Adane> "Are you sure? She sounded kind of dowdy."
<Fenrick> "Whatever. If I have sex you know what'll happen? I'll either die, or wish I was dead. Funny isn't it?"
<Adane> "Well, hey, whatever floats your boat."
Quote 5319
<Sammael> the streets of Quan are all cobbled with various kinds of stone, often into interesting shapes, or even poems. They're all wide .. no alleyways, no homeless people, no beggars.. it's rather surprising. THe buolgsinare mostly stone, brikc, wood and marble, Lots of gargoyles, cengravings in walls, semi=precious stones decoratintg the cobbles and some buildings. Very nice.
<Ghenn> i'm going to venture a guess that "buolgsinare" is buildings are, and marvel at how the heck that came to be :)
<Sammael> woah.
<Sammael> err...
<Sammael> buildings are :P
<Sammael> and here I thought it was some odd joke and googled buolgsinare :p
Quote 5320
<Sammael> The inn you end up picking is known as The Trolls Rest, a large stone building decorated out front by a stone statue of a troll legend claims was turned to stone by some halfling he was planing to eat.
* Ghenn gets himself a room with a rather nice balcony over the water. It'll make it easier for the DM if my killers have a nice, safe landing to reach in order to kill me more swiftly :)
Quote 5321
<Sammael> Most of the conversation is centred on the Grand Vizier, who even the most drunk children here won't name, and the extent of hs influence over the aging emperor. No one mentions magic out loud, tho. The only otherbig story of note is unexplained deaths at the Fisherman's Net, a c commoners tavern. Seems most of the people on the stret died, but no one has found any bodies.
<Sammael> There's also stories of a new nation in the south, UK. Nothing concrete, but there's jokes it stands for United Kender
* Ghenn makes sure it's late enough that the Fisherman's Net will be busy, and gets some directions, heading there.
* Ghenn also wishes Ryu didn't exist :)
Quote 5322
<_____> The entrance to the building is has a keypad, keycard reader, and thumprint scanner
* Sammael says nothing to that, his last wound being a bit too easy to recall :p
<_____> The door is locked
<_____> Right as Sam tries the door the first time, a busy looking gentleman in a business suit open the door, and rushes past Sam, shoving him a little bit, accidentily. "Sorry!" He says, and rushes off towards the parking lot.
* Adane steps inside.
<_____> Sam manages to grab the door before it closes all the way, and you are inside.
<_____> (( yay for good stuff! ;) ))
<Adane> "Convenient."
<Sammael> "The Lord provides," absently, looking around the interior'
<Adane> "He looked like a pretty normal guy to me."
<_____> (( lol! ))
* Adane just isn't good at picking up on christian phrases =P
* Sammael eyes Arthur oddly for a second :p
* Adane is either deadpan or not joking =p
Quote 5323
<Alcar> mib1 was fun :)
<Baliadoc> but yes, that was tons of fun.
<Alcar> it's master is going ot be seriously angry, now.
<Baliadoc> lol, and messed up!
<Alcar> And maybe scared :p
<Baliadoc> ... you say that after every session i play in, dammit!
<Alcar> LOL
<Baliadoc> seriously! someones master is always seriously angry, now.!
Quote 5324
<Alcar> Oh, at everyone :)
<Alcar> Orgg managed to piss the Goddess off trying to thank her :)
<Baliadoc> lol
<Alcar> Theliar & Tamil killed a dragon.
<Baliadoc> wow
<Alcar> Ryu, well, uhm, ticked off the Grand Vizier.
<Baliadoc> yeah, but ryu should tick everyone off. it's just healthier that way :)
Quote 5325
<Chaos`^> I wanna be a mooist
<Alcar> hehe. They're fun :) Probably the most useless society to get good stuff from, but they don't exactly make demands on pcs.. mind you, finding a wya to count everyone's belly button hair WOULD be hard :p
<Chaos`^> I don't get it
<Chaos`^> it's totally past my bedtime
<Chaos`^> goodnight!
Quote 5326
<FSZ-GM> You are in front of a large mansion, Roman style pillars and marble steps lead up to a verdant courtyard ornamented with a fountain.
<FSZ-GM> A red carpet leads past the fountain to a tall teakwood door, torches light up the Garden making the whole of the estate a spectacular spectacle.
<FSZ-GM> "Alright, go in, you will be directed to Tyler by the Secretary.
<FSZ-GM> "Tell him James sent you."
<Adrian> Wow, it's so nice. I wonder how many lowwer class workers made it when they could have used magic?"
<FSZ-GM> You'd imagine more Weapons Inspectors than it takes to change a regime.
<FSZ-GM> er, very many.
Quote 5327
<FSZ-GM> keep playin or do it tomorrow?
<FSZ-GM> or wait for him for a bit
<Adrian> Rand cannot counter / As he is no longer real / winter is real cold.
<Theresa> FSZ-GM: the haiku!
<FSZ-GM> I am confused, like a lost boy
<FSZ-GM> oh god.
<Theresa> it had to have a nature reference =P
<FSZ-GM> Oh god.
<Adrian> yep :)
<FSZ-GM> Oh god.
<FSZ-GM> shoot me now?
<Theresa> 1d20 attack!
<Sparkie> Theresa 1d20: 1 attack!
<Theresa> sorry, no can do
<FSZ-GM> Theresa fails miserably :)
Quote 5328
<aslhk> I figure either way will be good!
<aslhk> if he dies, it is properly epic, and if he doesn't, it is properly cliche! =P
<aslhk> Evil Premonition of Doom that is Not In Fact Doomful!
<Alcar> True. But he's fun now. So killing him off wouldn't be as fully. Tho it would be nicely tragic. and the pcs decending into the netherworld to rescue him is as cliche as you get :)
<aslhk> that *would* be cool
<aslhk> I was thinking lee would blame orgg and be pissed forever and ever amen =P
<Alcar> not sure WHY you'd have to rescue him, but we can make somehting up :p
<Alcar> like, the goddess intended for Orgg to heal him because she had other plans for him and is now rather angry. And says things to Theliar like "you woldn't like it when I'm angry"
<Alcar> "My goddess just turned into a giant green man and is calling me a 'puny elf'. We must go, now."
<Alcar> tho worded differently :p
Quote 5329
<Alcar> It's a simple D&D game involving a kender dark lord and ruler of the UK , elven high priest of a goddess who took 2 sessions to realise he was in fact the high priest, and a love triangle involving an half orc heir to a throne with a royal sword that wants him dead, a confused baron, and another elf disgused as the baron's wife. Oh, and there's a dwarf that shadows talk to.
Quote 5330
<AlcarDM> The wheel of time goes round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheel of time goes round and round at 7 o'clock in the evening! ... Ok, fine. Plot, right. There's this wheel, right? and it turns? And ages come and .. .they're like eons, but longer, all right?
<AlcarDM> And they come and go, and everyone forgets them the next time they return, much like the constant "jesus didn't die in the bible" stories every decade the press takes as new and shocking, OK? Geeze. All right, in the third age, which is not a trinity reference at all, geeze ... ok, so it's this third age, which is here, but long past and.. just say it's quantum, all right?
<AlcarDM> And this wind rises .... no, not like uncle frank belching .... it's a wind, in a mountain. It blows south, and does a lot of things, and ends up in Quan, where it summarizes plots. Oh, yeah, and stuff might fall under the Shadow. And if it's the shadows under the washer and dryer, good luck finding it again. Oh, and it's a beginning but not the beginning. Copyright issues.
Quote 5331
<Ghenn> "In the event that any evil within is listening to this, it may also be a good sport and kill you swiftly, so that I can get on with my night."
<AlcarDM> He just glares
<Ghenn> in the event that nothing happens, i begin to slow torture him into madness, sending Imnish out for healing potions (both of body and mind) so that I can either a) draw out the demon within, or b) create a somewhat cracked individual who will most likely be immune to the horrors that such demons could inflict on him :)
<Ghenn> of course, physical pain can only take the mind so far. that's why i'm singing bawdy dwarven love songs in my very off-key voice while doing all this :)
<AlcarDM> lol! Torturing him in any specific ways? The Dm asks, vaguely wondering where this fits into the pcs being heroes
<Ghenn> eh, i don't wanna get into the specifics. use your imagination. i'm using mine! and the logic for this being heroic is... well, difficult, to say the least :)
* Ghenn thinks he's doing the guy a favor. he's either strengthening the man's resolve, or drawing out another Shadow to fight. either way, it solves a problem!
<AlcarDM> you dlon't want mine. I'm thinking about water torture, removal of finger and toe nails with red hot pliets, and then coating his more sensetive areas in honey, and importing rats :p
Quote 5332
<Ghenn> "If you prove an asset in this venture, I guarantee you'll be a lot happier for it."
<AlcarDM> The MIB barks a quick laugh. "Why?"
<Ghenn> "Mostly, you'll be alive, and not the puppet of a rather lacking dark power."
<AlcarDM> MIB: "... lacking? It can raise the dead!"
* Ghenn sighs
<Ghenn> "Look, been there, done that. It's a lot less impressive once you realize that, when it's dead, it can't raise itself."
Quote 5333
<Sintaqx> Current alignments are Chaotic/Stupid, Neutral/Stupid, Lawful/Stupid, Lawful/Neutral, and whatever the thief is, probably Chaotic/Neutral
<Sintaqx> Wizard, druid, paladin, monk, thief. respectively :)
Quote 5334
* Theliar`^ leaves Darien and escorts Tamil back to her room, and goes back to his own and sleeps unless something else comes up
<AlcarDM> d100 1 = tac nuke strike on the city
<Sparkie> AlcarDM d100: 34 1 = tac nuke strike on the city
<AlcarDM> Ok, nothing else happens that night.
Quote 5335
<Theliar`^> Who is the most able priestess in the temple currently?
<AlcarDM> A priestess named Sara
<AlcarDM> 'j/k
<Theliar`^> ...
<Theliar`^> not funny!
<Theliar`^> You should die for even typing that!
<AlcarDM> she'd make a great priestess tho :p
<Theliar`^> no she wouldn't
<AlcarDM> Of course she would. She would love the fertility aspect :)
Quote 5336
<AlcarDM> The kender turns and looks for you .. but you're well hidden
<Ghenn> stupid... curious... kender.
<Ghenn> why is curiosity only deadly to cats? :)
Quote 5337
<AlcarDM> The MIB strikes the dwarf in the noggin, forgetting that's the hardest part of a dwarf and looks in something like disbelief at the dented pan
<Darien`> (( perferct facial imprint. Suitable for framing. ))
* Ghenn shakes his head
* Ryu_FeatherFoot takes off his belt and relaces the buckle so that he can slip it over his neck and pull it down nice and tight
<Ghenn> "Ow..."
<AlcarDM> Sadly, Ghenn's luck seems to be taking a tgurn for the worse as the MIB avoids his attacks with ease.
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> (sounds fine, was planning on trying to ride him after getting it around his neck any way)
<Darien`> (( midgets vs. MIB ))
<Darien`> (( thats some hilarious fun, there. ))
<Darien`> (( be even better if you were dressed as Oompa Loompas. ))
Quote 5338
<AlcarDM> Ok, Ryu gets on to the counter.. roll attack :p
<AlcarDM> You manage to do it :p
* Ryu_FeatherFoot pulls it nice and tight in fact holds on with both hands and tight then jumps off the counter using his waight to help mess up the MIB
<AlcarDM> The MIB makes a choking sound as the kender pulls him towards the ground.. What's Ghenn do? :p
* Ghenn starts stabbing him a whole lot. Will figure out which "him" he's talking about later :)
<AlcarDM> From the hallway you hear "Someone asked for G .. NO! NO!!!!! IT WANTS TO EAT ME LIKE A PILLLOW!" followed by sreaming
<Darien`> (( why the hell do I always picture kender like mini kobolds? *shakes head* Something wrong with me, I think. ))
Quote 5339
<AlcarDM> The librarian leads you down over a hundred old, mossy steps, passing some rather old doors, and finally stops at a small landing beside a metal door engraved with runes. "Ah, here we go."
<AlcarDM> she runs her hands over the door and her hand... changes... becoming reptilian, scaled, and clawed.
<Theliar`^> freky
* Theliar`^ just watches silently
<AlcarDM> After a few seconds, she hisses softly, and looks up at you, her face strange, alien, eyes glowing a bright rred, razor sharp teeth, scaley skin and a sense of danger about her. "Seee. Dangerous wards, this has. Read what you wish, take nothing out." She touches the door wiht both hands, and it opens slowly
* Theliar`^ nods "right."
* Theliar`^ enters
<AlcarDM> The demon librarian hesitastes, then says "And remmeber - return uscrolls before the due date, and be silent." And goes back upstairs, returns to the old lady shape
Quote 5340
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Yah, I don't think they like the idea of bucket eating them."
* Ghenn removes the MIB's head and tosses it in an oven... then throws in a couple of limbs for good measure... then the whole damn body
<Darien`> (( ok, he's crazy, and needs to be stopped. ))
<Ghenn> "Stupid bastard. Try to cut a guy a break, and look what happens?"
<AlcarDM> Lisha stares at the scene.....
<AlcarDM> Bucket stops, "Bucket?" looking confused
<Ghenn> "I've got to go. I've got another asshole like this one to deal with."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Wouldn't happen to know your way to the dungeon would you?"
<Darien`> (( sure, just follow the signs, duh ;) ))
<Ghenn> "I'm working on that. He was supposed to show me." *nods to the guy stuffed in the oven*
<Ghenn> "Now, before he comes on back, let's get moving."
* Ghenn heads out down the hall
Quote 5341
<AlcarDM> Ok .. the books have interesting titles like "Vaen - gods or someting else" "Necronomicon" "Relevations 2 - Just When You Thought it Was Safe To Sin" and "The Life And Times of St. Dogbert" but the one that catches you're eye is a smal journal, intitled, and in it's own glasss case
Quote 5342
<AlcarDM> Tamil: "Then... then maybe mentioning his old name would be a bad idea?"
<Theliar`^> "Why?"
<Theliar`^> "Think I'll attract attention?" With a grin
<AlcarDM> She looks at you and just nods, looking a little pale. "Maybe."
<Theliar`^> "Exactly! That's the plan! I hope to get everyone's attention, infact, I hope the entire cosmos come knocking at my door... Maybe then I will get some answers."
<AlcarDM> Tamil stares at you "And what would you do if it did?!"
<Theliar`^> "Ask it a couple questions..."
<AlcarDM> At that exact moment, the door shatters inward and two men with small crossbows burst into the room. They're wearing black cloaks, shades, about 6" tall and dark air .. they could be brothers.
Quote 5343
<AlcarDM> Tamil spins around, startled. The one man levels his crossbow at her, the other points his at you and says "No sudden moves."
<Theliar`^> "I don't plan on moving... You could knock."
* Theliar`^ leans back and tries to relax.
<Theliar`^> "Infact, I think I require even the cosmos to knock.. Did I not just say that Tamil? Tell them I said that."
<AlcarDM> Tamil just stares at you like you're insane
<AlcarDM> the 2nd MIB, who addressed you, says "You're getting dressed, and coming with us. Now."
<Theliar`^> (( I just read the diary of a murdorus megolomaniac writen on skin in blood, and she thinks i'm only insane? ))
<Theliar`^> "You are mistaken, I am in the tub right now, You must work on your tenses... Time doesn't like it when you mix them up..."
Quote 5344
<TassPassedOut> I have a GM irl who wants to run amber
<TassPassedOut> got any tips for a new amberite?
<BadNastyBadBadBad> TassPassedOut: Don't trust anyone!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Beware random people who are in any way important to the story! They are probably Oberon in disguise!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Amberites never die, no matter how dead they seem! Always assume they are alive and plotting your death!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> If they really are dead, you don't lose anything, and if not, it may save your life!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> I have just given you several of the trade secrets of surviving as an Amberite!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> There are more, but if I told them to you, I'd have to kill you, and replace you with a shadow.
<aslhk> The most important tip: One can never waste time plotting and implementing evil plots!
Quote 5345
<aslhk> the best advice in the world
<aslhk> read both series! Then read them again!
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Oh yeah
<BadNastyBadBadBad> And Merlin is just completely nuts
<BadNastyBadBadBad> So you can't trust him, either
<BadNastyBadBadBad> Not to mention a total tool
<BadNastyBadBadBad> If you didn't notice what an utter and completely toolish tool merlin was when you read that series
<BadNastyBadBadBad> read it until you do!
Quote 5346
<Baliadoc> you're the crazy religious guy, right?
<Baliadoc> that's a horribly generalized impression i got of your character from watching you play for 3 minutes, btw :)
<Baliadoc> but it was a good segway into asking that question...
<Alcar> Sam is not insane. He's a vampire who believes he's an angel of death out to deliver the lords vengeance on the unbelievers and convert the rest to God.
<Baliadoc> gotcha!
<Alcar> It began as a 2 am joke about a vampire in a larp and turned into an Amber pc by the sort of logic that a vampire christian would be an angel.
<Alcar> It made sense at the time, I think :p
<Alcar> He's only tried to kill one pc so far, though.
<Baliadoc> i like the idea that you try to make sense of your ideas. that's funny
<Baliadoc> he sounded cool, though :)
Quote 5347
* Alcar chuckles.
<Alcar> An early-summer run opening for alt-rock heartthrob Pete Yorn confirms this. Frustration with crowd indifference contributed to an unfortunate incident at the Indianapolis show, in which Grandaddy opened with a new song entitled "Play Whatever You Want for About Six Minutes."
<PlayerZero> sounds like fsz running a D&D game :P
* Alcar has run entire sessions like that. I just tossed in scenes and such and made sense of it about 3/4 of the way through the session. Was quite fun.
<PlayerZero> oh that reminds me of FSZ's game with me and firefly
<PlayerZero> me firefly and spaceman
<PlayerZero> we were so into our characters, that he had to practically blow up the tavern to get us out of it
* Alcar blinks.... unique.
Quote 5348
* Chaos`^ is now known as Theliar
* Alcar is now known as AlcarDM
<Theliar> Theliar's in a very bad state of mind, and I am in a very wierd state of mind from being on such a wierd damn sleeping schedule... I think I'm an insomniac.. but I can't be, because I sleep 12 hours! WTF!?
<AlcarDM> Interesting beginning....
<Theliar> Tomorow I gotta be to bed by midnight.. but how do I do that!?
<Theliar> uhg... I hate this...
<Theliar> anyway...
* Theliar is walking
Quote 5349
<AlcarDM> The 2 MIB are leading you and Tamil to the palace of the Emperor of Quan, or more accurately to the One in Grey beneath said dnugeon. For reasons having to do with the non-existant survival instinct that lets people become adventurers - to say nothing of PCs - you're going with them.
<Theliar> (( Actually, I'm doing it to spare the MIB that would kill me ;))
Quote 5350
* PlayerZero Quit (Quit: User reset by beer)
<AlcarDM> (( tech, want to play an npc? ))
<AlcarDM> hah! I had to :p
<Theliar> ROFLMAO!
Quote 5351
<AlcarDM> The 2nd MIB shakes his slowly, looking tired. "Well, I didn't expect that."
<Theliar> "Yeah, me niether... Well, good bye."
* Theliar heads out of the trees
<AlcarDM> He shakes his head "You don't get .... oh." he shrugs, and is a fairly young, plain looking elf in a gren tunic and pants with long black hair and bright blue eyes, looking vaguely amused.
<Theliar> "Don't get to say goodbye? Oh, I just did.. Tamil, now."
<AlcarDM> Tamil nods, stepping beside you. "we
<AlcarDM> Tamil nods, stepping beside you. "we're leaving."
<Theliar> (( I'm reminded of agent smith from the matrix turning into his tolken counterpart... with black hair It's scary actually ))
<Theliar> (( Never do that again alcar =( I will never have a good nights sleep again... I'll have nightmares of turning into a tolken elf... and you know how that goes! ))
Quote 5352
<Eltanan> Someday will have Holodecks, and LARPing will become the biggest form of entertainment anyone has ever seen. And good ST's will be in demand.
<Eltanan> it'll happen.
<Alcar> Reasons to run a Star Trek game: Seeing Captain Kirk rp a vampire
Quote 5353
<Fenrick> Yes, Dane is dead.
<_____> Fenrick: He already saved your life twice, you fucking ingrate
<Sammael> All the more reason to kill him!
<Fenrick> (Its nothing against Dane, but something against his player. The twat.)
<Sammael> Anyone capable of saving your life is also capable of ending it.
<_____> Metagaming will be met with swift and liberal doses of GM bad stuff
<_____> If you want your character to spend his life dodging meteors and lightning strikes, feel free to metagame to your heart's content! :P
<_____> (I would also like to note that it would be a very, very short life)
<Sammael> (( Amber, the action movie :P ))
<_____> (( Hanging around Fernando and Delcine can be damn near that :P ))
<Sammael> (( jackass variant: breakdance on the Pattern, blindfolded, summoning the Logrus ))
Quote 5354
* Sammael just realised JW's would have made a great enemy for Sam.. "Well, they're not sure what is going on, but every single one who goes in those 3 blocks tends to die..."
<_____> That's what I was thinking
<_____> I was like: I wonder what he does with all the bodies
<Sammael> Sam "Well, the cut isn't that bad, really. I'm sure you could get a blood transfusion, but you don't do that, do you? Oh, well."
<Sammael> he wraps them in copies of Watchtower like one does a fish in paper and leaves them in dumpsters, of course.
Quote 5355
<Dane> "Reavers? Where are you?"
<Fenrick> "La Nouveau, 4th and main, in Dickinson."
<Dane> "Okay, how long can you stay away from them?"
<Fenrick> "Well, if we don't move maybe they won't see us, eh?"
<Dane> "That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. If we somehow manage to get there before you fucking die, I am going to slap you."
<Dane> "Now call the police, we'll be there as soon as we fucking can."
* Dane hangs up
<Fenrick> "I would rip your arm out, were I not already in pieces."
Quote 5356
<Sammael> <Fenrick> "Guilty conscience? I was going to get laid, then die. What else could I ask for?" <-- a new lobotomy since the old one didn't take? :p
Quote 5357
<Fenrick> "Ya, because you know, it was all -my- fault."
<Dane> "I didn't say that. Guilty conscience?"
<Fenrick> "Guilty conscience? I was going to get laid, then die. What else could I ask for?"
<Dane> "The first thing I'd ask for, if I were you, is not to be a fucking idiot."
<Dane> "If you're so keen to die, why the fuck did you call me and waste my fucking time?"
<Fenrick> "Hmmm, lets see. Because I didn't want to see that girl get killed."
<Dane> "How fucking noble. Now let's get you to a brothel."
Quote 5358
<_____> He takes out what looks like a large wallet, and produces a card (big and thick, like a tarot card).
<_____> He stands there motionless for a few moments, apparently not doing anything
<_____> And there's someone else standing there now. You're not sure quite how she got there... you were busy watching Fernando. If you didn't know better, you'd say she just appeared out of thin air.
<_____> Delcine is tall (just over six feet), and lightly built, with short, jet-black hair and blue eyes. Her features are sharp, her expression peaceful and relaxed yet strangely vigilant. She bears a striking similarity to Fernando, particularly in the way she moves... like a cat, stalking its prey, no motion wasted, or inadvertant.
* Dane just stares, for a moment, then his face breaks into a big grin. He is obviously elated at this turn of affairs.
<Dane> "Finally! Finally someone pulls somethink fucking WORTHWHILE out of thin air!"
Quote 5359
<FSZ-Storytellin> Space continues warping around the head of the goat, funneling back and forth, Freud, this is probably more than just a conjencture of your mind. A large Satrye is standing, with a blade in hand.
<FSZ-Storytellin> <Goatman> "Har Har Har... Und Hael Hitlar!"
<Karl_Freud> "You! You are obviously a manifestation of the remnants of my birth trauma! Bah! Get thee behind me! I have no time for such trifles! I am the psychotherapist you must OBEY ME NOW!"
* HerrBraunIII tries to estimate food and shelter costs for the goatman.
<FSZ-Storytellin> Guys, this goat looks to have some serious psychological problems judging by his deep voice, menacing eyes, and chainsaw. By the way he is cutting things costs look very high HerrBraunIII.
<HerrBraunIII> "This will not do! This goat man must be put down immediately!"
Quote 5360
<AlcarDM> To Recap: Ryu and Ghenn are heading into the dungeons to meet the Figure in Grey. Theliar is heading back to his hotel after meeting a former nailfile who gave advice, among other things. Lee is, uhm, doing her hair. For an hour or two. Until her player gets here. Lirk and Orgg are't doing anyone's hair - yet.
<AlcarDM> Good recap?
<Theliar`^> Yes
<AlcarDM> alright, then.
<AlcarDM> The *cough* of Time turns, moments come and pass, leaving mans that become groans. Groans fade to sighs, and even sighs are long forgotten when the *cough* that gave it *ahem* comes again. In one age, called the alimony age by some, a check yet to come, a check long bouced, a wind arose ... and the chances for a second meeting were dashed as the dragon farted rater obscenely and proceeded to eat dinner with his fingers.
<AlcarDM> No, not that dinner you sickos. Geeze. Oh, and the shadow might cover all, and believeme, Mr. Dragon isn't the kind you'd want to meet in bright light. Oh, and the wind blew south as Time giggled and had mad sex with Einstein somewhere past C to both gratify him and cause his brains to melt out his ears.
<AlcarDM> And now, on with the show!
<AlcarDM> There's the robert Jordan intro thingy.
Quote 5361
<Orgg> because the current process for magic weapon construction involves: A)Get metals
<Orgg> B)Enchant metals
<Orgg> C)Have smith make weapon with enchanted metals
<Orgg> since the blood thing has worked so well in the past =P
<_____> only a barbarian...
<Orgg> but that doesn't work with the maul
<_____> Orgg: It just hurts a lot more
Quote 5362
<Theliar`^> "So there's a rule that you need to look familiar to me?"
<AlcarDM> Death shrugs. "You couldn't see me as I am. Not even your gods can do that. So I appear as someone you knew."
<Theliar`^> "oh... I can't say I knew you... Just that you look familiar... Ah well..."
* Theliar`^ sighs and leans himself forward on the table and looks around
<Theliar`^> "Who can?"
<AlcarDM> Death: "Children, cats. Dogs, sometimes."
<Theliar`^> "Oh... Well, I'm sure you're true self is beutiful in itself... Whatever gender that is."
<AlcarDM> Death looks amused: "Gender?"
Quote 5363
<AlcarDM> Lirk: "You're the - Uhm - I'm the Baron. I could tell them not to."
<Orgg> "That just doesn't seem right."
<AlcarDM> Lirk: "Isn't it better than people getting hurt?"
<Orgg> "Mucking about with people's head is unnatural. Knocking them around isn't."
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Sango-chan
<AlcarDM> Lirk blinks, then says "Oh. Ok, then."
Quote 5364
<AlcarDM> They regard you balefully, but aren't stupid enough to say or do anything ... for now. The Mob disperses, having failed a Morale check.
<AlcarDM> (Even though the Dm doesn't even recall if 3e has morale checks, but that's not relevant. Really.)
<Orgg> (lol)
<FSZ> (( no morale checks... Will saves.))
<AlcarDM> (( oh, ok then. They failed that, too :) ))
Quote 5365
<Alcar> "Guess what is REALLY the heart of the logrus ..." "Singers? Why are those logrus masters singing?"
<_____> no no no
<_____> dworkin = cthulhu
<Alcar> Nyarlathotep = dworkin :p
<Alcar> cthulhu as the unicorn...
<Alcar> tho serpent might be better ;)
<Alcar> or both, for a really twisted bit.
<_____> I like him as the unicorn
<_____> Then the other elder gods would tease him constantly
<Alcar> and deep ones = amberites.. in Remba, of course Remba would be more real than amber :p
Quote 5366
<AlcarGM> You're both relaxing in Troubleshooter HQ in IAM sector, passing the time by playing Commie: The Hunting, a card game involving batteries, various sectors (white, red, blue, and black being the most common) and tapping the table to indicate when your turn is up
<AlcarGM> If you split too many knuckles on the syntheplastic you're tapped out. Just as the game is getting interesting as loud wailing klaxon fills the air:
<AlcarGM> "Ring! Ring! Ring! I'm sorry, no one is available to take your call at the moment. Please hang uo, and try your call again. This has been a recording." followed by a very loud *BEEEP*
Quote 5367
<Jenn-R-Fer> "Computer sweetie, what's going on here?"
<Jenn-R-Fer> (( cancel that, don't need more confusion :) ))
Quote 5368
<AlcarGM> There is a flash of orange light and Pur_NRG goes to meet His Maker, leaving a pair of smoking boosts behind
* Jenn-R-Fer runs back out to the battle. "Umm... guys... now would be a great time to run!"
Quote 5369
<Jenn-R-Fer> (( can someone send me a log of what the mission is? or give me a summary?))
<Mulaverti-R-SIL-1`> << we're not sure. >>
<Pur_NRG-2`> ((we have no idea ourselves :P)
<Mulaverti-R-SIL-1`> << The computer got a 404 as it tried to tell us >>
Quote 5370
* Mulaverti-R-SIL-1` just standing there, laser pistol pointed in Jenn-R-FER / Kirk-O / Spock / Pur_NRG-2` 's general direction.
<Jenn-R-FER> "Cease Fire?" Jenn says tentatively
<AlcarGM> One of the furry bots epxlode, leaving the remaining 3 to scurry into the ventilation system.
<AlcarGM> Spock dies.
* Mulaverti-R-SIL-1` holsters his weapon and walks towards the others.
<AlcarGM> Kirk stands, shirt torn and bloodied, face a mask of rage and faces the troubleshooters .... then sees Jenn. "Oh, helllo! Are you busy this nightcycle?"
Quote 5371
<Mulaverti-R-SIL-1`> "Friend Computer, This orange level citizen used an unregistered mutant power!"
<The_Computer> "Please submit proof."
<AlcarGM> Kirk: "It's a plot to frame me by Kan!"
<Jenn-R-FER> "Well, one of you could shoot him to check if he heals..."
<AlcarGM> Kirk looks alarmed. "No need ot do that! What if i don't?"
<Mulaverti-R-SIL-1`> "Then.. well.. You don't."
* Mulaverti-R-SIL-1` points his laser pistol at Kirk's head and fires.
<Pur_NRG-2`> "either way, you fired in my direction without reason either shooting at me or at spock"
<Mulaverti-R-SIL-1`> << Mulaverti is now in save his own ass mode now. >>
<AlcarGM> Mulaverti fires and Kirk's head explodes in a shower of gore
<Jenn-R-FER> (( Can't we all just get along... ))
<Pur_NRG-2`> (I like pancakes)
<The_Computer> "Citizen Mulaverti-R-SIL, please report to a termination centre for destruction of valuable computer property, in trhe person of one Kirk-O. Thank you and have a delerious daycycle."
Quote 5372
<Pur_NRG-2`> "Wait, didn't Kirk destroy computer property too by squashing that hair bot?"
<The_Computer> "Are you questioning me, citizen Pur_NRG?"
<Pur_NRG-2`> "no"
<The_Computer> "This is a test of your loyalty, citizen Pur_NRG. Please answer yes or no to the following. "Are you a commie?"
<Pur_NRG-2`> "asking for clarification"
<Pur_NRG-2`> "no"
<The_Computer> "Have you ever wanted to be a commie?"
<Pur_NRG-2`> "no"
<The_Computer> "Do you always answer in negatives?"
<Jenn-R-FER> (( there is so going to be a trick question. oh. screwed. ))
<Pur_NRG-2`> "clarification"
<The_Computer> "Citizen Jenn-R-FER, please escort citizens Pur_NRG and Mulaverti-R-SIL to the nearest termination chamber, 2 levels down. Thank you for serving The Computer."
Quote 5373
<_____> Fenrick is going to die :<
<Sammael> what, again?
<_____> Pretty much, yeah
<Sammael> ouch
<Sammael> So, it's like.. Fenrick: "Hey, you're not even a paying customer!" *shoves one eyes serpent out of the bed*
<Sammael> actually, I' d pay to see that :P
Quote 5374
<_____> He shakes his head. "I need a new shirt."
<_____> He opens one of the drawers in the dresser (which is, fortunately, not filled with dismembered limbs and suchlike), and produces a shirt identical to the one he is currently wearing, even the right size.
Quote 5375
* Sammael could see Dane proving that it's not possible to decide probbability...
<Sammael> "Has your Pattern read THIS yet?"
<Dane> *laugh*
<Dane> he may!
<Sammael> Fernando: "Walking the pattern does NOT involve going up and calling it a fucking twit."
Quote 5376
<_____> The trees rustle gently in the soft, cool breeze. The sun makes its way through the holes in the canopy in thin, brilliant rays.
* Sammael discards a pop can in the idyllic scenery :p
Quote 5377
* Sammael continues to walk, then says "Do you think there are wothwhile things that are not dangerous?" to Fernando
<_____> "Of course! Not many dangerous things are worthwhile, in my experience."
<_____> "Danger and violence inevitably lead to destruction and suffering. It's better to cherish than attack, to create than to destroy."
<_____> "It just depends on how you want to look at it, I guess. How do you want to look at it?"
<_____> He looks you in the eyes as he says this, and you sense a seriousness about him that you have seldom seen before.
* Sammael considers that, then says "Sometims it is necessary. For example, with cockroaches, it tends to be the only solution. And with cancers. It is hard to cherish things that are no more if they are not protected."
<_____> "And what will you do when men are as cockroaches to you, Sam?"
<Sammael> (( "They already are." ))
Quote 5378
<AlcarDM> Death: "God can't die, in any way you'd understand. They were here before your world and will be here after it, in some form or another. It is an old arrangement, I think. So, no, I cannot kill one .. but I could change them."
<Theliar`^> "you think? Anyway, change them... How?"
<Theliar`^> Curiouser and Curiouser
<AlcarDM> Death shrugs. "I am above your gods, but there are others above me as well. And change them by .. showing them the world as they can't see it, making them aware of things they did not know for, killing their illusions. Thyey may chose not to change, but they will know about the other choice, for a very long time."
<Theliar`^> "Sounds dubious and a violation of their right to be stupid... But I like it. So what truth did they see before?"
Quote 5379
<Britu> "Blast, the king's been turned into a fetus again. Get the jar..."
Quote 5380
<AlcarDM> The guard supresses a sigh "Name, title, and what's it about, then?"
<Ania> "I am Ania Lightbringer, emmisary and paladin of God."
<Ania> (( we're on a mission from god ))
<AlcarDM> He turns a tad pale and the other two guards stand down, quickly, as if you'd slapped them. "The .. ah ... mission, my lady?" in a far more respectul tone.
<Ania> "I need to discuss that with the Baron." (simply)
<Ania> (( she doesn't want to say too much until she knows what's going on, so she doesn't mislead anyone :P ))
<Ania> (( lol, those years of playing a compulsively honest samurai are paying off! :P ))
Quote 5381
<AlcarDM> Lirketh looketh at thou younder visage, and thine eyes meeteth his forsamuch as they canst whist not doing theeeselves lasting damageth
<Ania> (( yay! we are medieval now! ))
Quote 5382
* Sammael is thinking of a child travelling through Shadow. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
<Sammael> "Wow, this place is neat! Can we go to disneyland next?"
<Sammael> "Ooh! I wanna do the pattern! Wanna do the neat ride!"
<Dane> Dane almost busted out with "are we there yet?" =P
<Dane> but then he was preoccupied with philosophical discussions and the like
<Sammael> Sam's playeer would have commented about disneyland being prettier, but Sam wouldn't :p
<_____> "Ok, nuff tyrrenidalle, let's go to DISNEYLAND!
<Dane> Tyrrenidalle Disneyland!
<Sammael> the pattern as a disneyland ride would be neat :)
<Dane> you know they want to =P
<Sammael> "You have to be this tall to use this ride."
<_____> dane and sam would be screwed
* _____ imagines random stabbing the guy who tries to keep him off the ride
Quote 5383
* Sammael takes n ot that Dane dreamt it as well, but isn't surprised. "Who built it?" quietly
<_____> "It wasn't built, it has always existed in potential. Corwin's creation of the Pattern was what allowed it to manifest." Delcine replies.
<Dane> "Ah, it was hanging outside plato's cave with the ones and the twos, I guess."
<Dane> "So how did he create the pattern?"
<_____> "That is..." she seems to search for the word for a moment, "technical."
* Dane adds it to his list of Things to Learn
* Sammael 's player is worried
<Dane> ((you don't think I bid on endurance for nothing, do you? =P))
Quote 5384
<_____> The style of the buildings looks rather like some of the finest artisans of the renaissance got together and created the most incredible works they possibly could. There is something fundamentally and deeply pleasing about even the least fine and ornate structures.
* Sammael watches them for a while then says "I don't suppose our credit cards work here... how do we pay for things?"
<_____> (( "Strict building codes," says Fernando. ))
<_____> (( :P ))
<Sammael> (( hehe. Strata fees in Tyrrendialle.... ))
<_____> Fernando looks lost for a split second, as if he had never really considered having to pay for things here, before.
<Sammael> (( Amber: The Mafia, a new game from white wolf.... ))
<_____> "Oh, you can get some money at the castle if you want. Or just introduce yourself as 'Prince Sam.'"
<Sammael> "Prince Sam?" carefully. "Unless I missed something, I'm not royalty."
<_____> (( "The family" doesn't have to pay for anything. ))
<_____> (( Anyone tries to get fresh with yous, we rubs em out, see? ))
<_____> (( :P ))
<Sammael> (( "and besidess, I'd prefer Cardinal. Do you have an inquisition with openings for a talented and dedicated individual?" ))
Quote 5385
<Sammael> damn, I should have played a female social worker. "What? They don't keep track of their children? I've heard of absentee parents, but this is ridiculous! Domthey KNOW what they do tho the fragile psyches of thier children? Do they have ANY sense of responsibility at all?!"
<Dane> what is it with you and insane pcs anyway? =P
<Dane> Why can't you play a sane one!? =P
<Sammael> "Children! You're all a bunch of children! The greek gods were mature compared to you?!"
<Dane> social workers wouldn't say that =P they like children
* Sammael rarely plays insane pcs. Sam, for example, is perfectly normal :p
<Dane> yes, compared to a social worker, perhaps =P
<Sammael> Not if they've been working for over 20 years :p
<Dane> point
Quote 5386
* Sammael is having images of a tribal vilage sacrificing people by throwing them on the pattern for some reason
<Sammael> quick cooking meals
<Sammael> and running it would be a test of acheiving adulthood....
<_____> lol
<_____> "Only looooooosers walk the pattern. Real men RUN it. Or are you a sissyboy?" (Amberite peer pressure)
Quote 5387
* Max`-` eyes him "Whats the first duty of a prisoner?"
* Max`-` does stop tho but is leaning on one of the bars kinda casualy
<_____> "Not dying. If you try to escape, I will shoot you, and you will die."
Quote 5388
<_____> "So what do you think?" Jurt asks
<Dane> "I think I could spend years down here."
<_____> (( "That's funny, because this isn't the real pattern, this is a cheap knock-off we got in mexico!" ))
<_____> (( :P ))
<Sammael> (( lol ))
<Sammael> (( on the floor below, "Made in taiwan" ))
Quote 5389
* Carl` looks out the window, 'THis doens't feel right, not at all."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> mutters "you think?"
<Carl`> "What are we supposed to do? get an appointment, show up, then kick him in the teeth?"
* Carl` lets out a breath
<Piotr`> "I like your thinking Carl."
<Ryan```> "One imagines that unless he is absolutely unreasonable, a large sum of money should clear this up."
<Carl`> "That makes one of us."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "We can turn the gate guard into an ice cube and break in through the front door," sarcastically. "Oh, wait, we already did that."
Quote 5390
<Julius> "Who knows? Maybe he'll settle for a simple ransom."
<Piotr`> "Or maybe not."
<Julius> "If not, then that's why we're prepared."
<Julius> "We .. are prepared, right?"
<Ryan```> "When have we been ready for anything?"
<Julius> "Your truthfulness is starting to scare me..."
<Ryan```> "Just makes things more challenging. But life would be boring if everything were too easy."
Quote 5391
<Ryan```> (i'm beginning to wonder if everyone died m'self!)
<AlcarGM> (( same.... ))
<Ryan```> (well, at least we're still alive.)
<Ryan```> (though I'm still not going out with you. even though you ARE the last man on Earth.))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, you suck then! :p ))
<Ryan```> ((hehehe))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, wait, you wouldn't then.... well.. ))
<AlcarGM> (( something bad, then! ))
<Ryan```> ((... right))
Quote 5392
<AlcarGM> You doing anything?
* Vora waits around comatosely.
<AlcarGM> hmm...
<AlcarGM> for how long?
<Vora> until they buy that I'm dead, or until I, for whatever reason, am physically unable to remain still. Which probably wouldnt be for quite a while.
<AlcarGM> Well ,he plans to remain for 25 hours :)
<Vora> (( freakin' insomniac... ))
<AlcarGM> (( and completely insane, too! ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, wait, do you mean me or Kurtz? ))
Quote 5393
<Valient> the only PC that should ever have time travel abilities is me.
<Valient> And thats because i actually understand how startrek time travel works.
<Valient> a feat not accomplished by many people.
* AlcarGM does not use star trek time travel :p
* AlcarGM uses the laws of narrative causality, a lot of "oh, crap, how can this work?" and no set future and no set past.. all is malleble.
Quote 5394
<AlcarDM> As Tamil leaves you have a sudden feeling of vertigo and a strong desire ... no, need .... to follow her. Something feels.. wrong
<Ania> Weird!
* Ania follows her, then, being rather accustomed to that sort of thing
<Ania> Q: What's the difference between a Paladin and a schizophrenic? A: The schizophrenic can get well and leave.
* Ania grins :P
Quote 5395
<Orgg> "You have saved many lives today."
<AlcarDM> Tamil: "At least 4, I think." she kicks her horse into a trot.
<Ania> "Thank you. It saddens me to have lost even one, though."
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "He should not have said the things that he said."
<AlcarDM> (( Ania needs to meet Sam, he can straighten her out. ))
<Orgg> "His blood is on his own head."
<AlcarDM> Lirk: "I think it's on his chest."
* Orgg looks
<Orgg> "Right."
<Orgg> "He is responsible for his own death."
* Orgg rephrases.
Quote 5396
<AlcarDM> Night falls, missing all of you but unfortunately killing a peasant child a mile away and yo find yourselves in the dark wood formerly belongong to the nameless necromancer and now the domain of the kender dark lord. Lots of bone white trees, leaveds and everything, as if they were trees turned to bone or bones grown into trees. The mansion of the Dark Lord is a mile distant and looks deserted and forbidding.
<AlcarDM> (( And, since D*D PCs have the survival instincts of a suicidal lemming, this means you must go there and get killed! ))
<Ania> (( Damn, you got us there ))
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<AlcarDM> Lirk: "One of my men said a necromancer lives there and likes to perform dark arts." Hde pauses, then frowns. "He never said what ones, though. Or if he had a gallery."
<Ania> (( damn, I only took diplomacy, and who needs that when you've got a sword? :P ))
* Ania wonders if THIS is what she is supposed to do
<AlcarDM> Tamil stares at Lirk, then says "Sometimes I wonder if you really are this stupid."
<Orgg> "I shudder to think what monstrousities would be included in a gallery of such dark arts."
<Ania> "We should go speak with him, and insure that he doesn't pose a danger to anyone."
<Ania> (( heheheh ))
<AlcarDM> Lirk: "Watercolours in black?" hesitantly.
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<AlcarDM> 5#1d20+6 - Nox Lupus, round 3!
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 5#1d20+6: 13(7) 26(20) 25(19) 25(19) 17(11) - Nox Lupus, round 3!
<Ania> (( holy shit ))
<AlcarDM> (( ..... ))
<Ania> (( I want some of those rolls, sparkie! ))
<AlcarDM> 3#2d4+3 - Tamil, Lirk, Orgg
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 3#2d4+3: 9(6) 9(6) 9(6) - Tamil, Lirk, Orgg
<AlcarDM> ....
<AlcarDM> right.
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* Alcar is debating having Tamils wound get worse and do a whole LOTR spoof :)
<_____> You should!
<_____> We should have to go on some quest to get something to heal her
<Alcar> except it would be 9 horses without riders :)
<_____> And orgg and lirk should start showing strange symptoms!
<Alcar> well, you do need to visit Hariet. Or her successor if she's already dead :p
<_____> We should have to get hydras blood or something
<Alcar> tinfoil, the pedestrian relative of kingsfoil!
<Alcar> "You need to get the sleeve of a brown dress under the mnight of a new moon from a sleeping maiden"
<Alcar> magical ritual item finding should be like a demented scavenger hunt :)
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<_____> Just remember, when you jump off a cliff, it's not the ground's fault that you die!
<Gemm> Well you were bitching at me for not fighting enough.
<_____> Well, you certainly fought!
<_____> Suicide is a bit different from combat, though!
<Gemm> eat me.
<_____> You're not my type :<
<Gemm> yes you are.
<_____> I know *I* am my type :P