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Quote 5201
<Alcar> The girl suppresses a yawn and looks at you "'morning."
<Alcar> the girl = the server, sorry.
<Theliar`^> Oh..
<Theliar`^> Uh..
<Theliar`^> Right.. the server
* Theliar`^ looks at the server and wonders what it's running under the box.. ;)
<Theliar`^> (( J/K i know what you're talking about
* Theliar`^ nods to her "Good morning."
<Alcar> she would show you, but you don't have the money :P And STD Inside just isn't attractive these days :(
Quote 5202
* Theliar`^ looks off the side of the carriage and watches the buildings pass looking for any type of dungeon shop or cave shop or something ;)
<Sparkie> You see "Alcar's Love Nest," but that might be not the type of dungeon you want.
Quote 5203
<Alcar> Ok, the docks are busy, unlike the rest of the city, with ships and boats being loaded and unpleaded and lots of people filling or emptying warehouses.
* Theliar`^ looks around first to see what is being sold
<Alcar> Not much .. a few people selling food on a stick, a few bards earning money by playing "stairway to the otherworld" and the like. Usual morning.
* Theliar`^ walks up to a bard and asks if he knows where Lezard is
<Alcar> the bard stops playing "Kiss the magic dragon" and looks over. "Who?"
Quote 5204
<Alcar> YOu eventually arrive at a "One Stop, One Shop" travelling place, with a shingle boasting "Quan Is Nice, Under Quan Is Nicer"
<Alcar> The shop is filled with adventuring items, inclduing "Brand name reductions" .. whatever those are.
Quote 5205
* DavidHolmes pokes the body. "I know the receiver is picking this up." and leans in closer. "We aren't all slaves yet!" *drives stake through heart, pulls it out, cleans it off, and heads towards the front of the train, crooning "happyh birthday to me" very off key, since it shields from malignant radio waves*
<337C4Bb4g3GMD00D> DavidHolmes: Do you have a hammer or something for the stake?
<DavidHolmes> of course! Otherwise it gets stuck in the ribs.
<337C4Bb4g3GMD00D> lol
<337C4Bb4g3GMD00D> I'd give you a point for that, but there ARE NO POINTS
<337C4Bb4g3GMD00D> But I'll give you one anyway
<337C4Bb4g3GMD00D> Have a point!
Quote 5206
* Alcar DOES havea complaint regarding skills for the teenage romance genre, tho.
<Alcar> It says we can't get Heavy Weapons. I mean, hello? If your bf/gf/whatever ticks you off, and you can *get* a rocket launcher to blow up her house for revenge, you can't use it!
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> ok... You have issues.. you know that right?
Quote 5207
<AlcarDM> The Wheel of Time turns, and days come and pass, leaving memories that become tinctured with doubt, and even that is long forgotten when we try to remember it again. In one age, called the Last Age by some pressimists, an age coming, an age going, an age gone, an age relaxing, an age long past, an age that may not be, a wind rose in the north.
<AlcarDM> Southward it blew, rattling the cage. But the hamster still ran, the wheel turning, and turning. The wind was not a beginning. There are neither beginnings nor ending on the wheel, except when he stops to eat, or defecate. But it was a beginning.
Quote 5208
<Orgg> "I would have your help in securing the castle. Yours and the children's."
<Orgg> ""There are secret entrances to this building everywhere. More than I can hope to find on my own. I am told the children know of many."
<AlcarDM> The old woman steps between you and the children protectively. The youngest, a boy o about 4, starts crying "Mikey said the orc would come to eat me!"
<Orgg> "I don't eat children."
<AlcarDM> Boy: "Nan said they do! Gobble us all up if we're bad! And cook us! I didn't mean to wet the bed! I'm not even fat! Granny is fat!"
<AlcarDM> The old woman blinks at that, but manages to keep a straight face. "The proper word is plump. And offering me up for food is very impolite," sternly.
Quote 5209
<AlcarDM> Ok.... the amount of travellers leaving Quan is nill by the time you reach the city... Stone buildings, all carved handsomely, some wood ones.. no walls, just a large well manicured hedge. Two guards in ornate plate armour are guarding the road into the city.
<AlcarDM> Lisha whispers "Just don't tell them your name is Underhill. They don't find it funny."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Why would I tell them my name is Underhill?"
<AlcarDM> Lisha shrugs. "It's like humans and smith. If you don't want people to know who you are."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Oh"
<AlcarDM> The guards stop the three of you, looking bored. "Names?"
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Underfoot"
<AlcarDM> Lisha closes her eyes and sighs.
Quote 5210
<AlcarDM> Ok, Ghenn shines his light back into the basement proper and sees a creature up in the far corner...... creeature being the operative word. A spider's body with the torso of a man, all covered in small black hairs, with faceted bright red eyes, and a pincer as part of what was once a nomrla mouth.. it's perhaps 2' tall at best and cowering up in the former shadows.
<AlcarDM> (( basically, centaur but with spider bottom to it. ))
<Ghenn> "Hmm... that's unusual."
<Orgg> "What is this creature?"
<AlcarDM> The creature covers it's eyes from the light and whines.
<Ghenn> "I don't know, but I have a feeling it's been here a while."
<Orgg> "In this basement?"
<Ghenn> "Yeah. I bet we didn't notice it when, you know, we were running for our lives from the gaping maw of insanity."
Quote 5211
<Ghenn> "Look, can you understand us at all?"
<AlcarDM> The creature scampers down from the wall to the floor and nods eagerly
<Ghenn> "Well I hate to say this, but you've got quite the speech impediment, unless you just aren't being talkative."
* Orgg grips his axe, but doesn't try to kill the thing yet.
<AlcarDM> The creature nods. "es!"
* Ghenn nods
<Ghenn> "Hmm... you been here long?"
<AlcarDM> It looks up at Orgg, blinking faceted eyes "DADDY!"
<AlcarDM> j/k
<AlcarDM> (( sooo tempting though ))
Quote 5212
<AlcarDM> The interior of the Mincing Pony is big .. large bar at the far wall, 2 roaring fires.. a lot of dark wood, and sparse lighting at the table.s YOu see humans, a few half orcs, some humans ugly enough to be half orcs, 2 dwarves and even a gnome inside
* Ryu_Featherfoot heads right on up to the counter and asks flat out what there rates are
<AlcarDM> The bartender looks down at you .. young human, handsome enough, and grins. "Kender asking about rates? Whose purse are you paying with?" in a friendly tone.
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Capten hooks"
<AlcarDM> He blinks, looking surprised, then says "Ah honest kender? then end of the world must be near," drlyy. "1 gold a night per room. Includes 2 means down here in the tavern. Drinks extra."
Quote 5213
<Orgg> "Where will you go?"
<Ghenn> "Anywhere but here. That's the way I always go. Plus, I've got a curious little side trip to embark on."
<AlcarDM> Ghenn, ooh! roll knowledge-ooc :p
<Ghenn> 1d20+1
<Sparkie`> Ghenn 1d20+1: 13(12)
<Ghenn> er... that's not right
<Ghenn> 1d20+2
<Sparkie`> Ghenn 1d20+2: 22(20)
<AlcarDM> .....
<Ghenn> (forgot the int bonus, strangely enough :)
<AlcarDM> Ghenn knows somehow that his destiny likes in Quan.. :p
<AlcarDM> ((An all powerful voice speaks, somewhere. "QUAN! YOU WILL GO TO QUAN!" for some some reason you don't here it)) <-- was going to be my messgage, then remembered ghenn's skill :p
Quote 5214
<AlcarDM> init :p
<AlcarDM> 10#d20+1 - them!
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 10#d20+1: 4(3) 4(3) 5(4) 3(2) 4(3) 4(3) 12(11) 8(7) 14(13) 18(17) - them!
<Theliar`^> 1d20+2
<Sparkie> Theliar`^ 1d20+2: 21(19)
<AlcarDM> ....
Quote 5215
<AlcarDM> Lirk gives a half shrug. "I don't know. It was ...." he trails off, then says quietly "I could have made them take the oath. With the land. I tried to tell them that I wouldn't but it was all .... stupid. Like they think I'd be like the last Baron, and stuff. And they made fun of Lee, and I got mad and showed them things... then we left."
* Ghenn blinks
<Ghenn> "Uh... Lirk? You do have subjects still, right?"
<AlcarDM> Lirk blinks... "huh?"
<Ghenn> "You're starting to make it sound like you scared them all off."
Quote 5216
<AlcarDM> Ok ......time must have somewhere, but here you just have darkness, a small fragile light, and Tamil beside you... the river bed goes down, further,, finally starting to level out until one day? night? week? you see a light ahead.
* Theliar`^ gets to know Tamil REAL good ;)
<Theliar`^> (( Hey baby, how you doin'? ))
<AlcarDM> seriously? :p
<Theliar`^> Hey, after you've been underground for a while... you get bored... =p it's an elf thing
<Theliar`^> You're the one who put me underground for weeks! I was thinking.. you know.. days... at most a single week...
<Theliar`^> I blame you for everything that's about to happen alcar.. every last detail...
<Theliar`^> =p
<AlcarDM> But there's a light ahead! Make for the light! Please!
<AlcarDM> :p
Quote 5217
<Ghenn> "There you go, listening to others again. Look, the last two Baron's you replaced did things their own way. If you do things your own way, can they really be any worse?"
<AlcarDM> Lirk blinks, then says slowly. "I ... Iguess not." He grins one of his grins that seems to light up the room. "They didn't have the code!"
* Ghenn smiles
<Ghenn> "Took you long enough. You have something rather unique to give these people. They don't need to follow it themselves, but how bad can a Baron be who does?"
<Ghenn> "You see, then, that you have basic guidelines by which your choices are governed. Just apply those to your land and your people. As long as you do right by yourself, you can rule without regret. Right and wrong are just minor bumps on the way."
<AlcarDM> (( oh, my. Ghenn should train modern ceos.... "I have my faults, but being wrong isn't one!" ))
<AlcarDM> Lirk: "And I'll die for them soon, so they can get a good baron!"
* Ghenn slaps his forehead
<Ghenn> "One step at a time, I suppose..."
Quote 5218
* Orgg removes a knife from his bag and hands it to the girl, showing her the proper way to hold it
<Orgg> "I will keep the knife until I am satisfied that you are ready to own your own."
* Orgg will be teaching her nifty things like How to Draw a Knife without Any Danger of Stabbing Yourself, How To Hold a Knife, How to Swing a Knife most Effectively While Leaving as Little of You Available for Being Hit as Possible, and other such amazing things
<Orgg> as well, How To Practice WIthout Actually Using a Knife
Quote 5219
<AlcarDM> Ok, after about an hour of walking and some questions, you discover there IS no poor neighbourhood. There are some taverns with "questionable dealings" but they are all invitation only. and high class
<AlcarDM> and most of those will likely not welcome kender :p
* Ryu_Featherfoot shrugs and trys getting in introducing him self as Lord of the newly founded United Kender nation (UK for short)
Quote 5220
* Ryu_Featherfoot walks right on up to him "You wouldn't happen to know how I could contact the local mophia would you?"
<Alcar> The man looks down and you and says, slowly and precisely. :"What?"
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Well see its like this, I'm a bounty hunter on contract and need to get into contact with the local job market.."
<Alcar> He blinks a few times. "What?"
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Ok fine I'll burn the place down to get there attention"
<Alcar> He stares at you. "No hunting here. Laws."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "Realy?"
<Alcar> He nods. "Real."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "SO this is some sorta legal safe havon for thoes wanting to escape "persecution" by seemly and unseemly types?"
<Alcar> He blinks. "Yeah. Sound good."
Quote 5221
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "You know, for being a disreputable place there isn't much infromation here, who owns this place, I need ansers!"
<Alcar> he blinks, then says "Sometimes. Trick, you know trick? Trick not looking for them. Some questions, is no answer. Mystery, that is."
<Alcar> He frowns, then says "Boss no come for no reason."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "great... this place is almost not worth burning down!"
* Ryu_Featherfoot starts for the door leaving him to ponder that
Quote 5222
<Chaos`^> Can't lie to myself if I don't know that i'm lieing!
<Alcar> of course you can. Self deception is, like, the core of human nature!
<Chaos`^> Nope, a lie is willingly telling a false truth under the knowledge that it is a false truth...
<Chaos`^> Anyway, I'm going to call your bluff and say 'bull shit' because I refuse to believe that the first powerful npc in one of your campaigns that I actually enjoyed and liked, lied to me
<Chaos`^> so =p
Quote 5223
* Sara`` smiles atr Regy and waves "hi! Are you lost too?!"
<FSZDM> Veronica points her tazer at him.
* Sara`` giggles. "We're looking for gillians or the skipper!"
<FSZDM> "What are you doing loser?
<Sara``> "That was mean! It's not his fault his mom dresses him!"
<Sara``> "Is it?" to Reg. "I bet he'd even brush his teeth if he could!"
Quote 5224
<FSZDM> "I will protect you, like Dunthar saved Gelhanen in Dragonlance Volume 12 collecters edition!"
<Sara``> "Ooh! What from? Like, the time you had me dress up as superman?"
<Sara``> "Oh, wait, that was ken!"
<FSZDM> He looks MAD.
<Sara``> "Did we do dress up too?!"
<Sara``> "I can look like the ravnished maiden!" *rips her blouse* "See?"
<FSZDM> "Don't you rememb-"
<FSZDM> Veronica: "Sara! You didn't! Not with him!"
<Sara``> "Oh, no! He kept saying things about love, but I'mw aiting for Prince William!"
Quote 5225
<FSZDM> Stacy jumps out of the bushes at Veronica! A swiss army knife in hand!
<FSZDM> Stacy is a kind of cute asian girl. she went shopping with you once. she's nice.
<FSZDM> except now, she has a pocketknife in her hand.
<Sara``> "Stacy! Hi! Did you have any luck with Kevin?!"
<FSZDM> Stacy immediatly calms down.
<FSZDM> she smiles.
* Sara``` smiles back!
Quote 5226
<FSZDM> Veronica: "We should like find a place to sleep."
<Sara```> "Oh!"
<FSZDM> Stacy: "Oooh! I know one! On our map, there is this little house!"
<Sara```> "I wish I had my cell! We could order pizza!"
<Sara```> "Is it a B&B?!"
<FSZDM> "Ummm no. Let's go" says Veronica as she leads you to the house.
* Sara``` follows!
<FSZDM> You notice that the door to the house is slightly ajar...
<Sara```> "Hello!" goes to say hi! "Can we come in too?!"
<FSZDM> is she really that stupid?
<FSZDM> the house is empty
<FSZDM> you find a place to sleep.
<Sara```> sadly, yes :p
Quote 5227
<Alcar> designer wise it's really good tho ... you get a new, fresh start . .and likely guaranteed customers unless you do something really weird, like, oh, get rid of the grim&gritty/gothic feel :p
<Alcar> Vampire: "Woe is me! I am a vampire!" ST: "Wrong edition. We're doing the NEW World of Darkness." Vampire: "Oh, right! *cough* "I'm a happy, happy vampire, singing my happy, happy song!"
<Baliadoc> yeah, it would seriuosly have to be about touchy feely weres and hippy vampires to ruin it :)
<Baliadoc> "I admit. I shift to Crinos so I don't have to interact with others. I just want to be alone. I'm so pitiful!" *cries*
Quote 5228
<Alcar> "I admit it. I'm not a mage. You see this? It's a mirror. And this? It's the secret pocket in my ... "
<Baliadoc> wow. that would be the best. dorky mage. no powers, just smoke and mirrors :)
<Alcar> or, even better. "You know us hermetics? It's all lies. We don't have spheres. See this, it's a spell table. We memorize spells each day, and they have verbam, and somatic, and material components . .and we're all broke because they require gold coins!"
Quote 5229
<Theliar`^> MWAHAHA!
<Theliar`^> I hope I don't end the campaign =(
Quote 5230
<MotoX> if I got kicked in the nuts, I think I would explode, and then die a slow painful death
Quote 5231
<Alaratools> DM: "You hear someone whistling."
<Alaratools> Rob: "I call him in the voice of his mother."
<Alaratools> Alara: "I attempt to disarm Lara with a Hruruzat- and an acrobatics check. Oh... two critical successes... seems I not only disarmed her, but also undressed her..."
Quote 5232
<Caltak> Note to self... Ressurrect Dragon, kill Theliar. Look for possible method that achieves both. :P
<Tsume-chan> Oh! Oh!
<Tsume-chan> I know!
<Tsume-chan> A successful Bribe DM check
<Sintaqx> hmm, that's a high DC.. or alot of sexual favors.
* Sparkie accepts sexual favours.. Alcar wants money, but ignore him. I'M the one who makes the rolls, after all *snirks*
<Tsume-chan> What's a snirk?
<Tsume-chan> Better stick to the die rolling. ^_^;
<Sparkie> Wolverine smirking. Now shut up.
* Sparkie sulks
Quote 5233
<Chaos`GM^> "I'm going to go change into something less dreadful than this... besides the school doesn't like us using our clothes for leisure. Would you like to meet me later at Malts and rice?"
<Jerome`> "Ok, sure."
<Chaos`GM^> (( LoL Malts and Rice... The local McDonalds.. MnR for short ;))
<Jerome`> (( lol. Ok... ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( LoL I just made it up =p ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Ok's go for my games too!! ))
<Chaos`GM^> ahem...
Quote 5234
<Chaos`GM^> sorry
<Chaos`GM^> was rolling using the fuckin' bot that SUCKS
<Jerome`> (( lol. Who died? :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> NPC, but barely
Quote 5235
<AlcarDM> Ok .. you find yourself at the Crooked Shrew. Like most of the buildings in Quan., it's beatiful, a real work of art. The smells coming from inside it, on the other hand....
* Ryu_FatherFoot takes a big breath of air then goes in hoping the sent isn't over powering
<AlcarDM> The tavern is dimply lit by grimy wall lamps, tables and chairs wood and scarred by many fights. Most of the inhabitants are humans or halforcs and most of them have enough BO to make evne the idea of picking their pocket horrifiyng. The bartender is either a half orc, or a human ugly enough to be an honourary half orc.
* Ryu_FatherFoot goes on up to the bar and climbs up onto a stool
<AlcarDM> Most of the conversations are hushed or drunkenly loud. A lot of people sitting by themselves, including a rather peeved ranger wondering what the hell the wizard was smoking and how he'll even see halflings in this room anyway, and besides that they're all useless. Everyone knows.. oh, wait, that's a kender. Gandalf surely didn't mena kender...
Quote 5236
<AlcarDM> The human is a tall, beared fellow in a rangers outfit with a sword at his side and a very unfriendly look in his eyes.
* Ryu_FatherFoot waves with out saying a word
<AlcarDM> He closes his eyes for a moment, then says, low-voiced. "I hope you're not the one with the ring."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "The ring? I've got lots of rings.."
<AlcarDM> Ranger: "I bet you do .. likely one of mine too ... I meant, did Gandalf send you here?"
Quote 5237
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "But the bartender said I should talk to you.."
<AlcarDM> He sighs, them growls "About what?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "The local organized crime people.."
<AlcarDM> He blinks, then looks guarded. "I know about the 5 wizards, if that's what your asking. Saruman does the cocaine, Gandalf the weed ... " he pulls a face. "The brown one mostly does little animals, I think. And not as drugs. I do drugs. I deliver them. Why do youn want to know?"
<AlcarDM> Sniffer, son of Arathorn, and heir to a lot of creditors back home, wonders if he really did take the wrong road....
Quote 5238
* Ryu_FatherFoot laughs "Yah I'm sure capten hook is mad about thoes sails"
<AlcarDM> Sniffer blinks a few times, wondering if this is some code .. or if you're one of those narcs, the 9 disembodied people working for that Sauron fellow with the eye condition .... then just settles for: "Maybe."
Quote 5239
* AlcarDM thinks that'll be my next pc in a D&D game :p
<AlcarDM> Tho justifying playing a paladin crack addict to most DMs would be a feat in and of itself.
<AlcarDM> ooh, i have it. "He was mentally scarred fighting an Evil Demon From Beyond Space And Time for his deity, and the cocaine is what keeps him normal."
Quote 5240
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Any Idea where I can find a dragon with fire?"
<AlcarDM> The orc shakes his head. "Don't - don't like dragons. Go look for one and there's only one question, you know?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "I don't know..."
<AlcarDM> He frowns, then says "Why did the chicken .. no dragon's too big to cross ... oh, yeah. Question is whether you're famous, yuh? Or .. or if you're lunch." He nods firmly.
Quote 5241
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "I spoke with Elauris at the top of the white tower in the plains that have not seen rain in a great time less then a month ago"
<AlcarDM> The man stares at you for a long moment, then smiles mocklingly. "Oh? Kender are liars, fool. Prove it, if you can."
* Ryu_FatherFoot grins and uses mage hand to lift his drink and wave it around in front of his face "Where do you think I learned this?"
<AlcarDM> The orc just looks very confused now by the exchange.
<AlcarDM> The orc roars: "MAIGC" and stands, half drunk, reaching for a sword he must not have brought with him.
<AlcarDM> The one eyed man chuckles derisively, ignoring the orc. "Magic is easy, if you have the knack, or the will."
* Ryu_FatherFoot sets the drink down on the table "How else do you think I bested the nameless necromancer"
<AlcarDM> The orc stops, then makes a strange sound, screams, and runs out of the tavern
* Ryu_FatherFoot chuckles "You realize he is the smart one don't you?"
Quote 5242
<AlcarDM> He will attack, barring any miraculous act on your part :p
<Ryu_FatherFoot> (other then summoning a badger to tunnel up threw the floor?)
<AlcarDM> (( it would be in the cellar, and likely get eaten by the rats :P ))
Quote 5243
<AlcarDM> A voice from somewhere head of you, old, deep and tired, speaks quietly, deeply. "Kender? A .... kender...."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Yes??"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Who is it??"
<AlcarDM> A dry chuckle, then "My name, dear boy, is Hsalienwrr'klorhjidellrnn'ashiente'orel, to the 3rd generation..." trails off into silence.
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Woudln't happen to have something I could pronounce?"
<AlcarDM> "Oh, well, then you can call me Al."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Wierd Al it is then..."
<AlcarDM> Pause, then stiffly; "Hardly weird. And what a kender calls weird I would not like to meet."
Quote 5244
* Sara`` looks at the gun. Remembers hollywood movies, screams loud enough to shatter eardrums and likely horrify bats.
* Sara`` runs up the stairs!
<FirestormZero> ((OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO DUMB))
<FirestormZero> You run up the stairs as Veronica trys to throw herself out the window.
<FirestormZero> But she thunks into the wall instead leaving jenni to...
<FirestormZero> Fill her with bullets. She dies.
<Sara``> (( see! Sara isn't stupid! The universe favours blonds! ))
Quote 5245
<FirestormZero> <Jenni> "Well, It's everyone for themselves... I liked you but... only one person can survive. And it's going to be me! i don't care who i have to kill.
<FirestormZero> She begins walking away when your nail strikes into the wall.
<Sara``> (( would reply it's 3, but she sort of forgot :p ))
<FirestormZero> She spins around and fires!
<FirestormZero> And Wildly sprays the room, tearing upholstry from the couch!
<Sara``> "You hurt the couch too??!!!"
<Sara``> d100 0 - shooting her! I hope....
<Sparkie> Sara`` d100: 56 0 - shooting her! I hope....
<FirestormZero> <Jenni> "Die you dumb bitch!"
<FirestormZero> You hit.
<Sara``> Sparkie hates me. As usual.
<Sara``> I do?
<FirestormZero> Heroic shift.
<Sara``> for defending the couch? :)
Quote 5246
<FirestormZero> You lob a nail straight into her skull. She dies, her cheap tacky machine gun and GAP purse clatter to the floor.
<FirestormZero> Oh. And she's bleeding. All over her Mudd jeans.
* Sara`` attempts to stand, and then looks down at her shoes and gasps "I don't have tide colourguard! They'll be ruined!"
<FirestormZero> A tragedy indeed.
<FirestormZero> You're also BLEEDING.
* Sara`` goes outside, nail gun in hand, bleeding, battered, dying, and looking for a washing machine.<FirestormZero> and hurting like hell from your many wounds.
<FirestormZero> (( oh my god...))
Quote 5247
<PlayerNegativeFive> How do I start DMing?!
<Tech-Sensei> Hmmm
<Tech-Sensei> Step 1. Show off your D&D abilities
<Tech-Sensei> start debates, arguments, etc. The key to DMing isn't knowing WHAT the rules are, but WHY they are there
<PlayerNegativeFive> I'm good at starting arguments!
Quote 5248
<337C4Bb4g3> ok guys
<337C4Bb4g3> are you going to let psyche go for 32 points to an NPC?
<337C4Bb4g3> and be totally pwned by 2 npcs in THE MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTE IN THE GAME?!
<Gemm> I want to lower my bid to 2.
<337C4Bb4g3> Gemm: Tough!
Quote 5249
* Jerome` gets up, checking himself over.. yep, still there... puts clothing on to cover the weird tattoos, eats, and heads to school.
<Jerome`> barring any interuptions like ninja attack or alien invasion :p
<Chaos`GM^> Ninjas attack you in the shower
Quote 5250
<Chaos`GM^> erm...
<Chaos`GM^> I would just like you to see this: <Sparkie> Jerome` 2d6-1: 7(8) <Sparkie> Jerome` 2d6-1: 5(6) <Sparkie> Jerome` 2d6-1: 7(8) <Sparkie> Jerome` 2d6-1: 7(8)
<Chaos`GM^> do you see a pattern?
<Jerome`> yes, I'm dying before the 2nd day of classes? :p
<Chaos`GM^> LoL You die once a day, I think =p
Quote 5251
<Chaos`GM^> One of the ninjas attacks, and slices your arm. Heal 2 pts from the last 2 rounds, btw. Oh, and take 5 from this ninja =p
<Jerome`> 2d6-1 .. help! Sparkie!
<Sparkie> Jerome` 2d6-1: 3(4) .. help! Sparkie!
<Chaos`GM^> Finally... You hit a ninja... He falls to the ground unconcious because this is redicoulus =p
Quote 5252
<Jerome`> btw, is this seriously hapenning in game? :p
<Chaos`GM^> I have no idea why three ninjas would attack you while you are taking a shower
<Chaos`GM^> =p
<Jerome`> lol. Well, he does have a nemesis :)
<Jerome`> Or maybe they got the wrong addresss? :)
<Chaos`GM^> That wants his minions to see you naked
<Chaos`GM^> LoL
<Chaos`GM^> ROFLMAO!
Quote 5253
* aslhk is now known as ArthurDaneIHaveRankedEndurance
<Jerome`> /nick GerardCouldHaveBrokenMrRanedEnduranceCorwinSoHah!
<ArthurDaneIHaveRankedEndurance> ((yeah, but he would've healed in like under a year!))
<Jerome`> (( was thinking more along the lines of ripped in half :) ))
<ArthurDaneIHaveRankedEndurance> ((two years, then!))
<ArthurDaneIHaveRankedEndurance> ((and then there would be TWO!))
<ArthurDaneIHaveRankedEndurance> ((watch out for those endurance guys!))
Quote 5254
<_____> The waitress approaches, timidly, carrying a tray with your food
<_____> "Here you go, hon!"
<Adane> "Food, food, food, glorious food!"
<_____> Right as she is saying that, one of your machines turns up a four of a kind, and the other a straight flush
<_____> You just won about
* Adane grins and does the I just won dance
<Adane> "Hell, yeah!"
* Adane shimmies and shakes
<_____> The dollar signs light up in Susan's eyes
<Adane> "Oh, money."
<_____> "Woooohooooo! That's a nice streak of luck there, darlin'"
* Adane pays Susan for the food and offers the gratuity closest to 15% that doesn't involve truncation
Quote 5255
<_____> There is a taxi approaching, but you calculate that there is only a 23.3698201% chance of him spotting you in time to stop. You figure that if you step out in front of him, there is a 96.43661% chance of him stopping before hitting you, and only a 0.390862% chance of you suffering anything more than a slight injury even if he doesn't stop, and you fail to avoid being hit.
* Adane steps out in front, confident in his ability to avoid being hit by cars
<_____> The driver doesn't notice you for a moment, then slams his horn, and swerves, almost hitting a fire hydrant, before coming to a stop approximately 3.9215 feet in front of you
<_____> "DIOS MIO, PINCHE LOCO GRINGO!" he shouts, shaking his fist
<Adane> "It's okay, I'm alright."
* Adane opens the door and gets in
<Adane> "Take me to the airport."
<_____> the man stares at you for a moment before he remembers his place
<_____> He nods to you, in silent disbelief, and begins driving
Quote 5256
<Roy`> (( its hard to RP someone that knows less than you do! :P ))
<Roy`> (( :P I dunno what the 'average' human knows.. ))
<Roy`> (( :/ I'm so used to being above average ;P ))
Quote 5257
<_____> The airport's proportions seem to approximate those of the golden ratio
<_____> 1:0.62, with a standard deviation of .03 (a bit higher than you would like, but better than most buildings)
<_____> (( er, that should have been 1.618033989, I think, please don't kill me ;P ))
<Adane> ((you're the gm!))
<Adane> ((the golden ratio is whatever you say it is! =P))
<_____> (( yay! ))
<_____> (( fuck you pythagoras! ))
<_____> (( I am GOD! ))
Quote 5258
<Jerome`> <_____> "Leonard 'J.' Crabs is just a myth, he doesn't REALLY exist. There is no lawyer out there who has never once lost a case, and certainly not one who has gotten away with skinning kittens in front of the prosecutors house while singing obscene songs in order to undermine his case!" <-- woah! Ozzy got into law in this world?!?!
<_____> We understand that your choice for legal representation can get a bit confusing with all the lawyers out there bidding for your business. But we honestly mean it when we say "Leonard Crabs is the only lawyer who drinks his own urine." This unique, no-holds-barred approach to legal defense has baffled more than one defense team in court, often ending up in a large cash settlement or at least a small recess until he's taken his medic
<_____> We'd like to thank you for visiting our website. And please choose Leonard Crabs when searching for an attorney to represent you in court. He's not letting us go until you do. Thank you.
Quote 5259
<Chaos`GM^> She looks at Roy "Tried is the key word... I told him to leave... Justl ike I tried to tell you... Nobody listens to me anymore."
<Roy`> "Besides, if he got punched into the wall for you he probably likes you."
<Roy`> "You never told me to leave."
<Jerome`> (( "We're pcs! GMs pay us to be stupid! ))
* Roy` shrugs, "I figured you were talking to those guys. Next time be more specific, allright?"
<Chaos`GM^> She takes another drink and nods "Fine, but will you listen?"
<Roy`> "Sure. You're not a lunatic like those .. swarms of women .."
* Roy` shivers. :P
<Jerome`> (( Sara got cloned! ))
<Jerome`> (( ooh, Sara in Paranoia.... ))
<Roy`> (( stop it, man. ))
Quote 5260
<Roy`> "Enough with the weirdness."
<Roy`> "So why does your face glow and stuff?"
<Jerome`> "I don't know."
<Roy`> "Can you turn it off?"
<Jerome`> "I don't think so."
* Roy` :P tries to turn it off for him!
<Chaos`GM^> (( OFF WITH HIS HEAD! ))
<Roy`> (( what do i roll? :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( To cut off his head? ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Are you joking?? ))
<Roy`> (( no. ))
<Roy`> (( :P nonono ))
<Roy`> (( I mean to use.. you know.. ))
<Roy`> (( :P It. ))
Quote 5261
<Chaos`GM^> (( You would need lvl 2 to change ah... jerome, though... considering he's willing.. ))
<Roy`> (( oh.. blaaaah.. ))
<Roy`> (( :D ))
<Roy`> (( 4get it! ))
<Roy`> (( I'll keep my little secret safe for now. ))
<Roy`> "Well.. it doesn't hurt does it?"
<Chaos`GM^> (( What secret? The fact taht you wanna cut off jerome's head?))
<Roy`> (( yeah. that one, too ))
<Roy`> (( :P I'll leap-slash him l8r ))
Quote 5262
* Theliar`^ makes idle conversation on the way to the palace "Have you heard of any holy warriors of the goddess in the city recently?"
<AlcarDM> The cab driver blinks, then says "yup."
<Theliar`^> "Where?"
<AlcarDM> He shrugs. "harbour. Wanted to go to the temple of the goddess. Human fellow."
<Theliar`^> "How long ago was this?"
<AlcarDM> "Hour ago. Lots of women running around outside looking angry, too."
<Theliar`^> "... Take me to that temple.. Was this person male or female?"
<AlcarDM> He blinks, then says "You're the boss. And male. Called himself Nimih, or something like that. Foreign chap."
<Theliar`^> (( OMFG I KNEW you were gunna say that.. I hate you alcar.. I hate you... so much... I could fly up there and strangle you right now ))
Quote 5263
* Orgg will take the sword from the hand, then, trusting the Goddess.
<Orgg> "Thank you."
<AlcarDM> Ok, you touch the sword and a jolt of pain burns into you from it :P
* Orgg anticipated that =P
* Orgg tosses the sword to the ground, preferably outside the goddess's glade, and draws his sword
* Orgg will proceed to beat on the new-sword =P
<Orgg> it is the barbarian way!
<AlcarDM> Ok, the heir to the throne of the Namat Empire recovers the royal sword and proceeds to beat on it with his old one. The air rings with the sound of the blade hitting the royal one and you don't get anger, so much as a lot of shock from it now :p
Quote 5264
<Theliar`^> "Is she still a threat?"
<AlcarDM> Goddess: "To whom?"
<Theliar`^> "You... Me... The temple.. The pedestrians on the street. Anybody?"
<Theliar`^> (( She's gotten awfully pissy since i last talked to her ))
<Orgg> ((lol, orgg just did something bad =P I think))
<Darien`-> (( how bad? ))
<AlcarDM> (( destroy glade to goddess while trying to thank her bad :) ))
<Darien`-> (( thats funny ))
<Orgg> ((yeah *laugh* but not good for Orgg!))
<Orgg> ((or theliar =P))
<Darien`-> (( thats like thanking someone for driving you home by slashing the tires. ))
<Orgg> ((except ruder =P))
Quote 5265
<Theliar`^> Who is normally in charge when the high priest/ess is away?
<AlcarDM> whoever you appoint. And there's neverbeen a high priest before :p
<Theliar`^> Oh... who was that lady that attacked me? =p
<AlcarDM> she was the high priestess :p
<Theliar`^> Oh!
<AlcarDM> and theliar is male
<Theliar`^> Oh...
<AlcarDM> unless there's something you're not telling me?
Quote 5266
<AlcarDM> Ok .... kender clothing shopping should be scary. You find the clothmakers street without too much troble, mostly high class shops, a few with displays in the window, one of two bargain places, like the Gold Store, one gold for anything inside, or the Salvation Army, which sells blessings and clothing. There's also some place called the gap, but it's missing right now.
Quote 5267
<Theliar`^> "Oh, but alot of Barons and Earls have subjects and castles... What makes you King?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "What makes any King, his Queen."
<AlcarDM> Lisha stares at Ryu ....
<Theliar`^> "Oh.. Who's your queen?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Besides this world will need a king to unite the countrys and barronies and all thoes against the coming evil"
<Theliar`^> "Wouldn't that make it an empire? Besides, why do you think it is YOU that is going to unite them all?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "I delt with seeing duke lirk into power, I removed the deranged Knight from the lands so that they might yet again prosper"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "And who else has been in the presence of the great Elauris?"
<Theliar`^> "Baron Lirk.."
<Theliar`^> "The great who?"
Quote 5268
<AlcarDM> hrm,seduction via possession by magical sword leaves much to be desired.
<AlcarDM> Mostly the seduction part.
<Orgg> lol
<Orgg> hey, it could've worked
Quote 5269
<AlcarDM> Grand Vizier: "I see. And, pray tell, how many kender are in your nation?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "One curently is there, a great hero, and then me the King.."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "and more I'm sure but I didn't search the dungeon compleatly, I left that to slim"
<AlcarDM> The Grand Vizier smiles charmingly, or what he must think is charmingly. "2 people?"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "well You see that is part of my travels to spead the news to the other kenders of the world and let them know we finely have a nation of our own"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "There are of chorse more people in my kingdom, but you asked only how many kender."
<Alcar> Grand Vizier: "As it is a kender nation, I fail to see how the others can matter."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Your not a kender you wouldn't understand"
Quote 5270
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Vary well, the United Kender nation shell remember this denial and shell not aid Quan in the up coming war"
<Alcar> The vizier stares at you, pinning you with his gaze. "What war?" very gently
<Alcar> Bucket whimpers besides you.
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "That is for us to know and for you to find out"
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "Less your changing your mind of this audence, with your Emperer"
<Alcar> The vizier stares at you for a long moment, then says "What war, and answer or you aren't leaving this room alive."
<Ryu_FatherFoot> "I dought you have the abuility to kill me or my companions, and as for the information the UK has, it is to remain our own, should we turn it over with out the alliance we would be at a clear dissadvantage"
* Ryu_FatherFoot fishes the wands out of his pocket "And as for your threat, I dought you would wish to lose your life and leave your emper with a hole in his castle big enought to nest a dragon in"
<Orgg> ((I wouldn't be so sure--he's got a burning desire for that information))
<Orgg> ((*waits for the pun police in silence*))
Quote 5271
* Orgg removes any armor, loincloths, and various knickknacks which could be concealing cuts and takes a look.
<Orgg> There are a lot, most of them a few days old but still around. There are three fresh wounds.
<Theliar`^> (( AAH! NAKED ORC! ))
<Orgg> ((You know you want him! =p))
<Theliar`^> (( Sorry, I'm busy seducing tamil ))
<Alcar> Lirk stares at them, shocked, then says "You .. you don't feel those?"
<Alcar> (( to which Orgg replies "Of course not, I'm a D&D pc!" ))
<Orgg> "Nope! S'funny. Felt them earlier."
<Alcar> Lirk looks confusd at that, then nods and begins applying the stuff to the wounds, carefully.
<Theliar`^> (( UNDEAD NAKED ORC! ))
Quote 5272
<Alcar> Tamil just looks at you .... oddly, then says "I... I'd take your power.. your life... I can't control it!"
<Theliar`^> *Sniff* "I don't know what your race experiances for an orgasm... For all I know it could be the most intense thing.." *sniff* "You may find it's hunger grows more than your current one.."
<Theliar`^> "How do you know that if you've never done it before!"
<Theliar`^> (( What's the saying? Don't knock it till you've tried it? ;))
<Alcar> (( yes, but few people apply it to sex, with good reason :p ))
<Theliar`^> (( Those people aren't elves. ))
<Alcar> (( contemplates Tamil as a furry :p ))
Quote 5273
<Alcar> so.. you ewant tamil to be a nympho? :p
<Theliar`^> Hell no!
<Alcar> <Theliar`^> *Sniff* "I don't know what your race experiances for an orgasm... For all I know it could be the most intense thing.." *sniff* "You may find it's hunger grows more than your current one.." <-- oh? :p
<Theliar`^> Oh, lol, naw, that was just ehm... Good seduction tecnique
<Theliar`^> kinda like.. "TRY IT! IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!"
Quote 5274
<Orgg> now that is frightening
<Orgg> "Good seduction technique"
<Orgg> though I suppose it beat's lirk's "Attack Target With Flaming Sword"
<Alcar> lol. Yeah :p
Quote 5275
<_____> Ready to go?
<Sammael> Yep :p
<_____> <--- Session Start --->
* _____ has left #amber
* _____ has joined #amber
<_____> (( that was an accident :P ))
<_____> (( Sammael scared me off already! ))
Quote 5276
* Sammael strikes again, aiming for the throat.. assuming it has one....
<_____> (( kick it off the roof! if it has high strength, it can't withstand an impact at 21 MPH! ))
<aslhk> ((lol!))
<_____> (( *makes fun of the rulebooks* ))
<Sammael> (( ROFL ))
Quote 5277
<AlcarDM> The wheel of fortune turns, contestants come and go, leaving episodes that become seasons, and even seasons are long forgotten when synidcation comes again. On one station, called ABC by some, NBC by others, a station yet to broadcadt, a station long bankrupt, a wind rose in the north. The wind was not the beginning, because that would be stupid.
<AlcarDM> But it was a pain in the neck as it disrupted the TV show and failed to raise Vanna White's skirt.
Quote 5278
<AlcarDM> A kindly farmer, probably in his 40's but looking closer to his 60's, lets you stay in his place. His son, a young lad of about 10, practically pounces on youl, having never senea dwarf before... "What are you?! Is this my new brother?!"
<Ghenn> "Oh gods..."
<AlcarDM> The farmer coughs, and practically drags the boy away. "No, Rand, he's a dwarf. .. " He looks at you "Sorry>'
<AlcarDM> He holds out a hand "I'm called Tam."
* Ghenn figuring the world is going to end anyway, kills young Rand and saves us all from having to read 10,000 pages of book.
Quote 5279
<AlcarDM> Tam nods. "Most people never realise their potential, I think."
<Ghenn> "Tends to be the main problem of most people, I'd say. But we'll see. Can't blame a guy for trying."
<AlcarDM> He nods slowly.
<Ghenn> "All I can say is that everyone needs to give him their support. He needs to see that people will work with him to accomplish a similar goal."
<AlcarDM> Rand: "What's it like travelling? I'd like to see the the world some day. Especially it's eye!"
Quote 5280
<AlcarDM> Ok, you're awake when the fog is finally about a hundred yards away all around you. It's very thick, but pale and grey but you can't see beyond it..... you should be able to, but it's as if there is nothing there. Milly .... eats grass.
<Ghenn> "Are we about to get this over with!?" *to the great nothingness*
<AlcarDM> No one replies.... you're voice seems odd dull and there is no echo to it.... Oh, yes, and you can't hear yourself breathing.
* AlcarDM almost forgot about that part.
<Ghenn> rofl
<Ghenn> that's always kinda important ;)
Quote 5281
<AlcarDM> Ok, you eat. Stand beside the pony. The sky remains dawn-ish overhead, and fog all around you. Nothing happens.
<AlcarDM> (( Welcome to Theliar's session in the pool? :p ))
<Ghenn> ((good lord, i guess so! this is pissy!))
<AlcarDM> (( didn'tg expect you to stop :p ))
<Ghenn> ((sorry. Ghenn's a stubborn ass :))
<Ghenn> ((if i were playing Milly, I'd get stuff done ;))
* Ghenn flicks the nail file out of his pocket, thinks for a second, then sends it hurtling into the fog
<AlcarDM> oooh...
* Ghenn is somewhat mad it happened to get the least expensive of his possessions, but counts it as a viable loss
<AlcarDM> the mail file vanishes with a shrill, ear splitting scream .. coming from the nail file. Before you have time ot really grasp that, thre world seems to lurck underfoot and the fog and unnatural dawn are gone ... you're on a real, well trasvelled road, with fields and hill saround you ... in the distance, you see some sheep.
<Ghenn> "Elf-birthed sonofabitch, whatever that thing was. I'm going to miss that nail file, though I'm a bit worried that it screamed."
Quote 5282
* Ghenn looks for signs of a town nearby
<Caltak> (( You see a sign. It says "Town, nearby." :) ))
<AlcarDM> (( You see a sign. Town: Population 300 (crossed out), under it 200 (same), 100 (samme, 32 (ditto), 18 .... or not ;) ))
<AlcarDM> (( Castle of Count Dracula, Population -1..... ))
<Caltak> (( Better yet: Sign "Middle of Nowhere." ))
<Ghenn> ((i like how the undead are negative population ;))
Quote 5283
<AlcarDM> Ok .. you look around and se no village, but after urging Mily ahead (once she stops eating gras) .. you come to a large stone inn.
* Ghenn is rather happy to see that, since he's most likely exhausted a good amount of rations and water
<AlcarDM> yeah :) About 3.33 days worth.
<Caltak> (( The Inn says "Bates Motel" on it. ))
<AlcarDM> (( how'd you guess?! ))
Quote 5284
<Caltak> every party needs a barrel full of halflings, to feed to... well, anything bigger than a cat, really. :)
<Ghenn> my favorite use for halflings is tying them to a rope at the end of a long stick and using them to fish for undead
<Caltak> I want a halfling for a pet.
<Caltak> it could live in a shoebox.
<Caltak> :)
<aslhk> halfling rights!
Quote 5285
<AlcarDM> The stable is clean, well tended. The stableboy, a young lad named Arthur, stables Mily for you, and asks how much she shoud get to eat.
<Ghenn> "Uh... A lot. She doesn't seem to stop, really. Let me know if you need more money to keep her well fed."
<AlcarDM> he looks surprised, then nods.
* Ghenn tips the kid a couple coppers, and heads back into the inn, deciding he should probably get some sleep, having been up for some unknown number of days
<AlcarDM> The boy takes them, adding them to his meager sums to be able to afford to leave this place and continue his quest for the sword in a stone, unaware that if he took the time to clean out Milly's hooves he'd find it. Of course, finding Britian would be the harder part.
<AlcarDM> (( Excalibur, the Foundering! :p ))
<Ghenn> ((poor kid. i'll have to tip him more later :))
<AlcarDM> (( Why? He's letting Milly founder! You'll have to drag your limping horse to quan :) ))
Quote 5286
<Chaos`^> You hear a ticking comming from the body...
<Jaoni> "Er, I wsn't thinking, you know cpr?"
<Jaoni> (ticking?)
<Jaoni> (like... bomb ticking? :P)
<Natsuki`> "Huh? Oh, um... kinda. I mean, I did learn it once..."
<Chaos`^> (( maybe.. watch? ))
<Natsuki`> (( ITS A CLOCKWORK! KILL IT!!! ))
<Natsuki`> (( sorry, UA flashback :P ))
Quote 5287
<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "the contact gave me a link to the database... but.. I have... other skills as well.."
<Natsuki`> (( other skills *nudge nudge wink wink* ))
<Roy`> "Ah, I see."
<Chaos`^> (( heh, yeah.. ))
* Roy` seems to understand fully. :P
<Roy`> (( uhm. my chick magnet is tingling! :P ))
<Natsuki`> (( hey! put that back in your pants! there are ladies present. ))
<Roy`> (( that's why it works :> ))
<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "But we're stuck out here now..."
Quote 5288
<Roy`> "I never made a point of learning how. I know you can make a fore wotj stocls. nit O pm;y lmpw t[ ,a;r ;r,fp dtocls/"
<Roy`> (( err ))
<Natsuki`> (( ... ))
<Roy`> (( don't look away when you type, kids. ))
<Chaos`^> (( WTF? ))
<Natsuki`> (( uhhhhhhh ))
<Jerome`> (( wow. ))
<Jaoni> (hah! )
<Jerome`> (( Roy is the cyborg!!! ))
<Chaos`^> (( ROFLMAO.. It got steadilly worse.. ))
<Roy`> "I never made a point of learning how. I know you can make a fire with sticks. But I only know how to make kendo swords."
<Chaos`^> (( Roy is malfunctioning ))
<Jerome`> (( his programming just glitched :p ))
Quote 5289
<Roy`> why can't we all just get along?
<Natsuki`> We do get along. Just not with you.
<Roy`> hahaha
<Roy`> :P
Quote 5290
<_____> There is a strange looking beast standing in the alleyway in front of you
* Adane decides not to run forward after all
<_____> It looks like something out of a nightmare. A 3' tall cat with no fur, and strangely stretched and contorted skin around an unnatural jaw and teeth nearly a foot long
* Adane stops as quickly as he can, and steps back, slowly this time, watching the beast. He's not really paying attention to the fact that he just shot the guy, so is likely to trip over his corpse =P
<_____> Its claws are in full extension, and probably 8" long
<_____> It is hissing
<_____> The mafia goons are freaking out. "Oh my god! What are those things?! Holy shit! We're all going to die! etc. etc." But their words seems strangely distant to you
<Adane> "Mafia goons! kill that thing!"
<Jerome`> <Adane> "Mafia goons! kill that thing!" <- high compelling, without the high or compelling parts :p
Quote 5291
* Sammael spents a few moments praying, thankful to be alive, then attempts to sit up.
<_____> It hurts a little, but not overly so. You can tell that you have a large number of stitches in your side, but they don't feel in danger of tearing under light exertion.
<_____> It feels really bad when you try to turn to one side or the other, though. You don't like that.
<_____> (( your side is evil! kill it in the name of god! ))
<_____> (( er... :P ))
Quote 5292
<_____> "Oh, you're awake! How wonderful!" Says the perky nurse, checking your IV and vital signs. "How are you feeling?"
<Sammael> "Alive."
* Sammael mentally hits himself for that comment, blaming it on blood loss.. "How .. how bad is it?" in a scared tone.
Quote 5293
* Sammael nods, and thanks him, his voice pale.
<_____> "I hope you feel better, soon, pal."
<_____> He leaves quickly.
<aslhk> (a pale voice! :D)
<aslhk> (detective is on acid =P)
<Sammael> (( just thought it was a nice image :) ))
<_____> (( that's what happens when you are an english major! you start using visual sensory predicates for everything! :P ))
<Sammael> (( better than others. His voice vaguely rubbery and oregeano doesn't work :p ))
Quote 5294
<Sammael`> and has he noticed me yet?
<_____> He's there with some girl you haven't seen before, who looks a little new to the whole goth thing (WAY too much black eyeliner, even more than Freddie, and he wears a lot)
<_____> He is just in the process of spotting you as you notice him
<_____> "Hey! Sam! Holy shit! What happened to you?"
* Sammael` nods. "Fred..." then gives a half shrug with his good arm. "Wild animal, of all things, according to the hospital. It's not as bad as it looks."
<_____> "Oh, well I can see why you missed the LARP on Saturday. Hey, this is... er... Sam, too... Samantha... Sam, Samantha!"
<_____> He introduces you to the young gothling
* Sammael` smiles. "Hello." ((oocly hoping against hope that's not a real word :p)). *holds out his good hand to shake hers. "You new to the city?"
<_____> (( it is now! ))
<Sammael`> (( "Oh, yes, this is out little gothling, emma. The doctor thinks she's pale, but it's just the make up" ))
Quote 5295
* SilverHorse wonders if alcy is ever gonna update the UH site :P
<Sammael> oh, yeah! Err, soon.
<SilverHorse> :P
<Sammael> like, remind me again tuesday, or something, when I'm not playing in or runningsomething
<SilverHorse> You expect me to remember? I have the memory of a goldfish! Resets every five seconds. :X!
<Sammael> Maybe you have a windows virus?
Quote 5296
<_____> They look as if they are listening to a far-off voice for a moment, then advance towards you... adane and fenrick first, as they are closest to the exit
* Adane just waits, innocuously
* Max-or-so-you-think sighs and gets up and stands a bit back from where the door was and waits for what ever is to happen to happen
<_____> Any other actions?
<Max-or-so-you-think> (other then being compleatly none hostile no)
Quote 5297
<Alcar> pirate sith! peg-saber.
* Baliadoc blinks
<Baliadoc> how do you walk?
<Alcar> Baliadoc - no idea :p
<Alcar> very careflly, I'd imagine
<Baliadoc> although that would make for some bitchin' duels... kick-boxing sith with lightsabers for legs... that'd have mad style
<Alcar> then arms.....
<Alcar> cthulhu with light sabers.
<MechaBlue> I'm surprised that flamethrowers and otherr area effect weapons aren't favored against Jedis
<Alcar> "Thre force is ... you've got to be shitting me."
Quote 5298
<Tass> what about a shotgun
<Tass> buckshot :P
<Alcar> tass - tk :p
<MechaBlue> Flechettes would probably work better, especially in a semi-auto 40mm
* Alcar votes for small, personal tac nuke.
<Alcar> one city block is a small price to pay for killing one jedi!
<Tass> jedi might have really freaking sweet reflexes, but they can't master some sort of temporal multitasking
<Alcar> Tass - they probably could :(
<Baliadoc> bah. there's a much more evil and, honestly, cooler way to kill jedi. stick 'em in a smoke filled room, make them rely on the force to see, then start killing people nearby, so it fucks up their senses. Then walk in and gut them
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<Tass> thing is, you sense danger, but you can't identify it, so your fuxored :P
<MechaBlue> So... the threat of orbital bombardment would slowly drive a Jedi insane?
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<Baliadoc> the easiest way to kill a jedi is to throw them into a ship with a poorly programmed astrogation system. watch them hit the hyperdrive and crash... into the middle of a star