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Quote 4801
<aslhk> The penises topple to the ground, one on top of the other.
* Adwyn takes a deep breath. "Well. That's that. I hope...."
<Hastur> "Yay!"
* Hastur looks at Adwyn
<Hastur> "Do it again!"
* Adwyn stares at Hastur
<aslhk> Tiff begins laughing hysterically
<Adwyn> "Not right now. Ah. You can have some of the penises as souveniers if you like?"
* Adwyn is being sarcastic, but unfortunately doesn't know Hastur well enough :;p
<Hastur> "I have a squid." *matter of factly*
<aslhk> (Thank goodness =P)
Quote 4802
<Alcar> Oh, unique...
<Alcar> Man Arrested with Severed Head Says Was Provoked
<Alcar> BERLIN (Reuters) - A man arrested after walking through town swinging the severed head of his sister-in-law by the hair told police she had provoked him, German prosecutors said on Wednesday.
<Alcar> The 24-year-old man admitted stabbing the woman to death and cutting off her head with a 12-inch kitchen knife after a row, a spokesman at the prosecutors' office in the western city of Aachen said. "The man said he had been provoked before the deed," the spokesman said, but gave no details.
* Alcar sighs. Everyday something reminds me real life is far, far weirder than any rpg I could make :p
Quote 4803
<Alcar> Uh, why the heck would your PC have no friends at all?
<Alcar> Ignoring any Odedipal stuff, that is.
<ArthurQ> i dunno
<ArthurQ> couldnt really think of anything
<ArthurQ> so aside from that what do you think
<Alcar> ugh, done with newsgroups.... you mean, aside from any friends, finished skills or an in depth background? Oh, is fine aside from that.
<ArthurQ> i didnt finish skills?
<Alcar> Uh. Not that I saw, no.
Quote 4804
* Hunter cries
<Hunter> I want to be in a campaign..
<Baliadoc> i think we're going to war with the rest of the middle east soon, Hunter. if that helps.
<Hunter> Let me be more specific
<Hunter> I want to be in a D&D campaign, because I hate going outside
Quote 4805
* Alcar has Lance around still, just 'cause :p
* Baliadoc still wishes he had made lance the punisher type of superhero, just for kicks :)
* Alcar has him as more of that now. He polices the magic community. They all know who he is, and are too scared of him to tell the regular police :)
<Baliadoc> sweet :)
<Baliadoc> now i've got this funny picture in my head of the magic community of superheroes. in comic books, they're normally treated with a sort've reverence. now i picture a big jock dressed in SWAT gear :)
* Alcar shrugs. The magic types are rarely really big or important in most comic book universes
<Baliadoc> true. i guess i'm thinking DC. they're not that important, but when they show up they're mysterious, and everyone's like "ohhhh, you're special!"
<Baliadoc> and they dress up funny
<Baliadoc> of course, i'm comparing this to people who wear the underwear on the outside...
Quote 4806
<Alcar> But, yeah, normal human government operatives would be fun .... killing then generally being a Bad Idea just because more will come, and more...
<Alcar> wouldn't be fair to pcs to die of sniper shot tho :p
<Alcar> Alphabet Person: "Telepath, eh? Well, we're 10 miles away, so .. read this!" *shoots* *pc dies*
<MechaBlue> That'd only happen if the PC was very naughty, though
<Alcar> MechaBlue - Yeah.. not *too* likely since i stipulate the players play heroes, but knowing players :p
Quote 4807
<Hunter> I'm STILL looking for a campaign, you know.
<aslhk> Hunter: YAY!
<* Hunter shoots aslhk with his M4> .<
<aslhk> Hunter: uh oh! You'd better hide your violent inclinations, or you'll never get into a campaign!
<aslhk> Hunter: I recommend leaving irc and logging on as female. Then talk to a few gamer d00ds for a while. Then mention that you want to learn to play D&D
Quote 4808
<Alcar> hmm .. how does the us public school system work? elementary and high school, or something else?
<Tech-Sensei> Alcar
<Tech-Sensei> it doesn't
<Alcar> doesn't what? :p
<Tech-Sensei> work
<Tech-Sensei> or 'school' if you're treating 'to school' as a verb
<Tech-Sensei> although after you go through it you lose 1000 exp but gain the feats : martial weapon profic (handgun), skill focus bluff, skill focus pick pockets, and bullheaded.
Quote 4809
<AlcarDM> The day winds towards evening, and while there is no official boundary between the baronies, you find some old trees wih decaying bodies on them that might mark it. However, they;'re over about a 2 mile stretch of road so the boundary has been in dispute a long, long time. Most of them are just boned picked clean by scavenger birds
<Ghenn> "I hope we make it through here. This doesn't seem like the most charming place to make camp."
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "When we are finished here, there will be no more reason to fight."
<Ghenn> "Until the next time there's reason, right?'
<AlcarDM> some of the bones seem to rattle in the trees to an unseen breeze
* Ghenn looks somewhat confused :)
Quote 4810
<Sex> How can you hate sparkie?
<Sex> 1d20
<Sparkie> Sex 1d20: 6
* Sex answers his own question
Quote 4811
<Orgg> "Your dodging is not working so well."
<Ghenn> "I hadn't forseen being hit."
Quote 4812
<Ghenn> "So.... what'd... you... see?"
<Ghenn> "Stupid... poisonous... demon... flying... snakes..."
<Orgg> "He escaped, but we're in luck. He took shelter in a castle up ahead. We'll need a stronghold anyway."
Quote 4813
<AlcarDM> The griffon looks down at the corpse, circling it a bit more, then says "Where to, master?" in a diffrential tone
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "Master??"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Yes?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "What do you meen Master? I wouldn't mind a ride on north to the next city, but Your free to do what you want.."
<AlcarDM> Griffon: ".... you're my master. You kiled my last one. Not for long, maybe, but that definitely counts as killing."
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "Oh well on to the next city then, your free to do what you want, come or go.. I meen realy you must have a home somewhere"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "You're new at this killing dark wizards thing, aren't you?"
Quote 4814
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Actually, that is a good motive.. very dark lord. Tell me, what are you're views on torturing the masses?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Why would I want to torture the masses?"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Because it's what dark lords do?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "But I'm not a dark lord.."
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "My master said that, too.:"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "What did he call him self?"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "The Nameless Necromancer."
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Sounds like a darklord to me all right."
Quote 4815
<AlcarDM> The snake is writhing around wildly and seems to have something in it's eyes
* Ryu_fatherfoot` shrugs "Mabie I don't know.."
* Ryu_fatherfoot` uses mage hand to get what evers in its eyes out
<AlcarDM> Ok the griffin flies down .. you see they're two swords.
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Ugh Now who would do such a thing!"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "I've never seen a snake with wings befor and there some one went poking out its eyes!"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Heros, I bet. They're always big on suffering."
Quote 4816
<AlcarDM> That was fun. Kender Dark Lord isn't something you encounnter every day
<AlcarDM> or any day, come to think of it
<Baliadoc> lol, i'll say :)
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> damn ryu is making it a habbit of killing lords
<AlcarDM> it was funny ay least. And you did stop the dark lord from wiping out Lirk and the rest of the barony so that's good :P
<Keith> thats just twisted
<aslhk> and pissed off the barbarian and the dwarf by not letting them get eaten by a snake! =P
<Keith> "sure he will be a great leader becus i'm going to go become the ruler in the south"
Quote 4817
* Alcar has to admit Cal came up with the weirdest way for a super to not be registered by the government
<Baliadoc> by using an email registration, and having it get lost? :)
<Baliadoc> "Oh, your email isn't stupidmonkeys@us.gov?"
Quote 4818
<Alcar> aftermath pc who thinks he's neo but the idea that reality is an illusion is just an illusion made by his mind.
<Alcar> be sort of useless tho :)
<Baliadoc> indeed :)
* Alcar adds it to the npc list
<Alcar> pc gets attacked by someone "Smith! I know it's you!"
<Baliadoc> he could have matter manipulation, and make other people turn into a lookalike of Smith :)
Quote 4819
<Chaos`^> Do you have any idea of how powerful full control of electricity would be?
<Baliadoc> yes, but who would!? think of the bills your power would cost you!
<Chaos`^> Power is everywhere, all you have to do is make it arc to somebody, and you can leave it, the current will probably kill somebody quickly
<Baliadoc> hell, my families electric bill is already superhuman.
<Chaos`^> All you need to do is carry around a friggin' battery and you've got it made! just coil it around the air a few times to amplify it and boom instant lightning death!
Quote 4820
<Kate`^> hmmm... do chicks dig guys who wanna be chicks?
Quote 4821
<Kate`^> "Good.. Well, it seems we all need a little sun.. but.. perhaps you should put some sunblock on Waldo, I hate to have a walking cherry walking around the house.."
<AlcarGM> He looks about to say something else, but eats instead, then shudders. "I guess.. and shades. It's gonna hurt..."
* Kate`^ produces some sunglasses from her hand "I'm a step ahead of you."
<AlcarGM> He gives you a surprised look, then grins. "Thanks."
<AlcarGM> He's sounding normal, too. Maybe he built a robot twin or something.
<Kate`^> (( COuld be, don't care, atleast he looks like he's here... ))
<AlcarGM> « lol. The mother of the '20s speaks! »
Quote 4822
<Chaos`^> Cal: Word of advise, if alcar ever threatens you with accountants, take it seriously
Quote 4823
<typo> the good news is that few people know of what he's doing aside from hgis friends and other weirdos like him who've done the same thing. The bad news is the government wants to stop it, but is doing it very quietly.
<Chaos`^> the bad news is that he lives with Kate!
<typo> No, that's the good news for when the alpahbet people come with guns!
<Chaos`^> the aplhpabet people? They anything like accountants?
<Caltak> You mean those Psychos from Sesame Street? :)
<typo> alphabet, too......
<typo> No, I mean as in FBI, CIA, MIB, MIB2, MIB3, NSA :p
<Caltak> aww :P
<Caltak> thats marginally less enjoyable.
<Caltak> you know, the scariest of those is the NRA :P
<MechaBlue> NRA are pretty harmless, really. Much like cancer.
Quote 4824
<Theliar`^> "Right... So you were made to kill people?"
<AlcarDM> Skeleton: "Me? Nah. I was an apprentice mage, up until I decided to open some books and my master found out and killed me. Of course, he was a real Dark Lord so he brought me back and killed me a few more times, and tortured my soul. Great days, those were. he finally just animated my bones and had me guard his books."
<Theliar`^> "So.. Where's your soul then?"
<AlcarDM> Skeleton: "Oh, I think he ate it. Or destroyed it. He was big on destroying."
<Theliar`^> "So then.. How do you think? What controls your emotions?"
<AlcarDM> The skeleton looks at Theliar, and would blink, if he could. "I do."
Quote 4825
<Ryu-Featherfoot> ira logic baced on which ever direction the kender went i'm going the other way
<Theliar`^> It's good logic
Quote 4826
<Ghenn> "As of the moment, I didn't think people wanted me to go in and kill the Baron."
<Orgg> "So what part of the plan is being changed?"
<Theliar`^> "The part where the monster lives in the barrony
Quote 4827
* VAMPIRE__ has joined #game1
<Theliar`^> "Hmm.. I wonder what the goddess wants me to do in the south."
<VAMPIRE__> what?:
<VAMPIRE__> bastard!
* VAMPIRE__ has left #game1
Quote 4828
<AlcarDM> You pass a few more homes and villages, most in the same state of destitution. Obviouslly Fallbrook is making it impossible to organise any kind of rebellion, and doing a really god job of it
<Ghenn> "You almost have to wonder what the perks are of being a baron if all you do is keep your people in grime and spend all your time with manwhores. He must really enjoy the company of other men, if you know what I mean."
<Orgg> "Manwhores?"
<Ghenn> "He has to spend all his money on mercenaries."
<Orgg> "He has manwhores?"
<Orgg> "Oh."
<Ghenn> "You have to assume they're used for something else besides keeping the peace."
<AlcarDM> « lol. Baron: "I meant Manwhores as in Mercenaries! Get them OUT of here!" »
<Theliar`^> "So, you think he needs friends?"
* Ghenn says this all half mockingly and half seriously
<Ghenn> "No. I think he just likes paying for the services of men... if you know what I mean."
Quote 4829
<Theliar`^> "This man's worse than the last barron that killed his own people quickly... this man makes it a slow process.."
Quote 4830
* Ryu-FeatherFoot heads on into town after getting a genral feel for the area
<AlcarDM> Ok, the city of Makake is basically a large, overgrown town, mostly looking like a lot of towns thrown together, with streets going every possible durection and mostly being very, very confusing. You take a certain pride from knowin,g after a road ends at a pink brick wall, that kender likely had a hand in it
Quote 4831
<AlcarDM> hehe. Ryu is in Kender hell :p
<AlcarDM> * Ryu-FeatherFoot gets a bit discuraged and goes to find launch in a local tavern (some place not to dive like, and probubly going to have to pick a pocket to pay for launch unless they will let me get it in barter for some parler tricks)
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> Oddly, you fine no money in any of the pockets. no one seems to have a money pouch....
Quote 4832
<Orgg> "We could rob the tax collectors. Get the food before it gets inside."
<Ghenn> "Maybe we should keep an eye out for them. We could always kill them, too. Make sure they return with nothing."
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "Burn their houses."
<Theliar`^> "I can only suggest you burn it while inside..."
<Orgg> "And their carts." As an afterthought
Quote 4833
<Theliar`^> "So just us three to take over an army huh?"
<Orgg> "Two, really."
<Orgg> "Unless you can think of some way to be useful."
Quote 4834
* Ryu-FeatherFoot stops for a minet to ask the owner of the astablishment something "How are the people about.. things that are out of the ordanary around here?"
<AlcarDM> The owner looks at you "Like what?" curiosly
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "A griffon and a skeleton wraped in black robes..."
<AlcarDM> He blinks.
<AlcarDM> "Well, now.... never seen either around here in my time, but we try to be welcoming to strangers - and by the goddess tits they don't get much stranger than that."
* Ryu-FeatherFoot nods
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Yah you would be suprised what necromansers have wandering around there castles"
<AlcarDM> He blinks, then gives you a very weird look..... "I suspect I would."
Quote 4835
<Orgg> "A victory of some sort would be useful as well."
Quote 4836
<Ghenn> "Can we get word to Lirk? Maybe they could send us some provisions."
<Orgg> "I have no way to contact him."
<Orgg> "The baron must have messengers, though. Perhaps we can hire one."
<Ghenn> "That's a bit risky, though, isn't it?"
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "Not if we kidnap the messenger's mother."
<Theliar`^> "We could have them plant their own crops, in the lands of the goddess, they will be ready within weeks... besides, we have to wait for the Merceneries to give up as well..."
<AlcarDM> Theliar gets the feeling he and Orgg are having two different conversations...
* Theliar`^ shakes his head "You would do that? WOuldn't that reduce the moral of the people on our side, if we took one of their own hostage?"
Quote 4837
<AlcarDM> <Orgg> "It's not like we have to hurt her." <-- this is probably the reason PCs travelling take the name adventurer rather that hero
<Orgg> he's a hero! He just has different rules =P
Quote 4838
<Ghenn> "We'll just pay the messenger!"
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "That works." He shrugs
<Ghenn> "The amount of money that says 'You don't want to mess with us, because we have more for you where that came from.'"
<AlcarDM> « Or it says "Wow! I can afford a vacation!" »
<Ghenn> ((er... damn.))
<Ghenn> ((i don't like your translation ;))
Quote 4839
<Ryan```> "Well, you run fast. I'm a lot like... well, a ghost. I become... well, ghost-like. Phase through walls, absorb damage and the like. Plus, I can teleport, and I've got a voice that'll blow your mind. Literally."
<Brett> ".. You're not human, are you?"
* Brett chuckles
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "You do phone sex, then?" to Ryan
<Ryan```> "You've got quite the fixation with sex, don't ya?"
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "If you don't, then he's right and you're not human." *shrugs*
Quote 4840
<Maelstrom> (Game quote of the week..... <Maelstrom> "If only dad was here......he always knew what to do......", reffering to void..hahaha!)
Quote 4841
<AlcarGM> Ok, you push yourself and make it home in minutes, feeling wrung out...... There is a man with a strange crest - a black pentagon - on his arm, floating in the air beside your home.
<Maelstrom> (any idea who he his?)
<Maelstrom> (cause i dnot remember from the stuff on the site)
<AlcarGM> No idea. He's wearing a strange one pliece light grey suit of some kind.
<AlcarGM> « that's cause they don't exist. Officially :p »
<Maelstrom> (ok..)
Quote 4842
<Maelstrom> "ok...well.....are any of the former Peace Keepers teaching here?"
<Alcar> He frowns. "I don't think so. Most of them are dead."
<Maelstrom> "thats strange...uncle told me seer would be here...."
<Maelstrom> "Um...who's like in charge, and where is there office. Maybe they can help me..."
<Alcar> He looks at you. "Maybe you should make an appointment then?"
<Maelstrom> "I dont really have the time.....its kind of an emergency....you know, the save the world type of thing...."
<Alcar> The professorm nods. "Oh, one of those. We get that weekly here. It should take a number behind the lava men invasion." he peers up at you (but, being mortal, is unable to access the awesome power of Peer). "If you want, there is a faculty directory in information."
Quote 4843
<Maelstrom> why couldnt they be borrowed like any other power
* Alcar smiles. Bescause her power is different. Actually, it *could* get borrowed I think .... just not drained. And evne that's iffy. I'm not sure what would happen if it was borrowed, but it would be fun finding out.
<Maelstrom> lol
<Maelstrom> Alcar you make up half of this as you go along, i know you do.
<Alcar> of course. It's no fun if I know what's going to happen :p
Quote 4844
<AlcarGM> He's swinigng down towards a kid about your age, short, who's currently got hands in the pockets of a jean jacket and is walking after what appears to be a walking pile of recycled glas in human shape
* Maelstrom watches the scene before intervening.
<AlcarGM> The kid on the ground is saying "Look, you get around, people don't notice you. Can youn write or something? If you've seen - or whatever you - " then jason swings down, and the kid moves, faster than anything human, out of thw way. "What the hell?"
<AlcarGM> Jason actually manages to land on his feet, and says loudly "is this yours?"
* Maelstrom just watches....
<AlcarGM> The man made of broken bottles - who's also leaving a trail of glass in his wake - has stopped
* Maelstrom is trying to understand what is happening.
<AlcarGM> The kid who jumped away frm Jason is facing him warily, hands out of pockets - and ending in very long claws. "What?"
<AlcarGM> Jason is holding a flare gun, of all things, and trying to be menacing. "That!" The other kid looks at the man of bottles. "No, he's his own person."
<AlcarGM> Jason: "So you deny littering?"
<AlcarGM> The other kid stares at jason for a long moment. "Littering?"
<AlcarGM> Jason seems to deflate a little, then rallies. "And murder!"
<Maelstrom> "Oh this is fucking rediculous...."
* Maelstrom flies in and encases Jason in a hollow cube of ice.
Quote 4845
<Brett> "I want to try and do something about it. Its a shame what's happening. I don't even know what all is happening, but I know enough not to like it."
<AlcarGM> The glass man gets another piece of paper and writes. "Ask the Doctor."
<Brett> "Which doctor? Where can I find him?"
* Brett produces another receipt or two :P
<AlcarGM> The glass man hesitates, then writes, quickly, the word "Filth" on one.
<Brett> "Dr. Filth?"
* Brett looks up at the guy for a nod
<AlcarGM> The glass man nods after a moment.
<Brett> "Where can I find him?"
<AlcarGM> He flips it over and writes "phone book."
Quote 4846
<Maelstrom> "What wouldd they be abducting them for? experiements?"
<Brett> "That's what I'm guessing, experiments."
<Brett> "You could probably sell the kids off for a big chunk of money."
<Maelstrom> "But there are supers everywhere, why cant they just get volunteers, this makes no sense..
<Ryan```> "Depends on what you're doing with your experiments."
<Ryan```> "Would you volunteer to give up your brain for study?"
<Maelstrom> "Not really no.."
Quote 4847
<AlcarGM> The guard looks up, again. "Another one?"
* Brett stays a bit back, not associating himself with the others since his plan botched.
<AlcarGM> Guard: "I've already called the cops, buddy."
<Ryan```> "Busy day, I take it? I was wondering if the doctor is in. I don't have an appointment, but something's come up that I would dearly like to talk to him about."
<Ryan```> "That could complicate things."
<AlcarGM> Guard: "Oh, like what?"
<Maelstrom> "Damn, he's already called the cops.......ok.....i'm done pussyfooting around..."
* Maelstrom steps from around the corner and simply shoots the guard in the face with a huge blast of ice.....trying to flash freeze him
<Ryan```> "I run a small clinic down in the 'Burg, and some of the street kids that come in - mutant kids - are exhibiting some odd symptoms, of something I've never seen. I figured the good doctor might want to look at some samples, and possibly help me to understand it."
* Ryan``` says all this, then wishes he had left the kids at daycare....
<Brett> (( :P Infamous void initiative at work :P ))
<Maelstrom> (dammit, like father like son........)
<Maelstrom> (but trust me, Maelstrom does this a lot less)
<Ryan```> (so far, field data suggests otherwise ;)
Quote 4848
* Brett enters a phone booth, goes super, and walks back up to the group :P
<Maelstrom> "I've heard of superman.....but....really, that was just plain rediculous..."
Quote 4849
<Brett> "We're on limitted time if he really called the cops."
<Ryan```> "Even if he didn't, being encased in ice isn't going to go unnoticed."
<Brett> "Let's just damage as much as we can, take what we think is useful"
<Ryan```> "Why did you do that?" *to Maelstrom*
<Brett> "This is a horrible start to our mission, heheh"
<Ryan```> "You're suggesting we break, enter, and cause property damage?"
Quote 4850
<Brett> :P Why do I get the sinking feeling our first mission has been totally half-assed?
<AlcarGM> because it is?
<Brett> :> oh well
<Brett> that's what makes us super!
Quote 4851
<Brett> "Good news, the doc's not here."
<Brett> "We can come back later and he won't know it was us."
<Paradigm> "We're going to be on tape."
<Brett> "We'll have to blow up his security room then."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> looks at Brett. "You don't do this much, do you?" with a sigh. "We'd need someone to back the system, find out where the tapes are transmitted, get someone to deal with that place, deal with this one, and evade the police."
<Maelstrom> "Ok, well if you find where the system is, i can melt it to slag..."
<Brett> "Oh. I figured we'd just cut up his vcr."
<Paradigm> "I will deal with security. Why don't the three of you go romping around?"
<Brett> "We could always just leave him a letter saying something like "Wanted an appoitment, your guard was a prick. We'll be in touch""
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "maybe we should go now?" weakly
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "Like, before be presses charges?"
<Paradigm> "That would be nice. But I don't think they like that idea."
<Brett> "damnit.. I hate being stuck halfway in a plan like this."
<Paradigm> "Your continued referal to this as a plan is starting to scare me, Brett."
Quote 4852
<Paradigm> "... Can I just point out that neither of you can phase? I can be in security well before any of you."
<Maelstrom> BothM- and both of us can stay in touch through me....since...um....i'm both..
<Brett> "Well, I could phase, too."
<Brett> "But right now I've got a more efficient solution"
* Brett holds up his hand as it glows a bit.
<AlcarGM> <Needles> stares at Brett in horror
<Brett> "Let's just go right through the main door?"
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "You're joking, right?"
* Brett shrugs, "I haven't ever broken into a crazy geneticists lab before. I'm open to suggestions."
<Brett> (( We're the funniest bunch of heroes I've ever seen. :P ))
<Maelstrom> (maybe i should be more headstrong, if it wasnt for me we'd still be outside..)
<AlcarGM> « .... please don't :p »
Quote 4853
<Caltak> man, I so so dont know how my character will work as a group member... its so horrible, but Alcar likes my twisted PC and I kinda do too, but I just dont know...
<Kentari> Uhm here's a hint
<Kentari> :P If its gonna hurt the team, just make it an npc
<Caltak> bah, I wanna play it though, thats the point :P
<Kentari> Well make some changes then
<Kentari> :P Have your pc get a crush on Kate or something
<Caltak> omfg
<Caltak> you have no idae how funny that suggestion is
<Caltak> Im gonna tell alcar and he'll laugh his ass off
Quote 4854
<Kate`^> I think it say's your in jail for life though, not in prison
Quote 4855
<Alcar> d100
<Sparkie> Alcar d100: 97
<Alcar> d100
<Sparkie> Alcar d100: 98
<Alcar> what the hell?!
Quote 4856
* Kate`^ waits for the doctor
<Alcar> Someone buzzes the main door
* Kate`^ answers it
<Alcar> An older man in a rain jacket is standing there, looking a bit worried. "I'm Father Gerald. Mr. Taylor asked me to come here?"
* Kate`^ nods "You're good with wounds then?"
<Alcar> He nods. "Unfortunately, yes."
<Alcar> he then stabs you.
<Alcar> or not :p
<Kentari> :P
<Kate`^> uhm...
<Kate`^> that was unexpected
<Alcar> j/k
<Kentari> (( that would've been cool :P ))
Quote 4857
<Kentari> :P lol the revengers are going to be after the group
<Kentari> first they pick half of us up breaking into a lab
<Chaos`^> Yeah, but according to the records, My car was stolen, my house was broken into, and everyon in it dissapeared...
<Kentari> :P According to the records, Elvis is dead
<Alcar> Chaos - you phoned it in from your car :P
<Chaos`^> and?
<Chaos`^> That doesn't mean I wasn't kidnapped =p
* Chaos`^ will play the kidnapped person
Quote 4858
<AlcarGM> Crystal: "That's called breaking and entering. Didn't you learn anything from Cops?"
<Maelstrom> "Yes....but we didnt think Mr Gayness man would show up....and yes i know you're gonna tell me "Exactly alex, you didnt think...""
<AlcarGM> Crystal opens her mouth, the closes it and glares at you. "You should have. Putting on a custome doens't mean you shut off your brain."
<Maelstrom> (DAMN! she got me with another one!)
Quote 4859
<Kate`^> "I see... Well, Go back to sleep, it's good for you."
<AlcarGM> Waldo shakes his head. "I don't want to....... keep remembering dying..."
<Kate`^> "what do you mean?"
<AlcarGM> Waldo: "I .. the AI I am.. it is me, and..... I let myself die.. I ..... I felt it..." he's crying again, but doesn't notice. "It's ... why we got away. Defender is.. logical.. it never thought i'd do that.... and it.. hurt. I don't know if I could again."
<AlcarGM> Waldo: "I can - can link to the net anywhere .... is . .like breathing. But I .. tried this morning... thorough an alias Defendre wouldn't have gotten.. I couldn't.. I.... I was scared to...."
<Kate`^> "Waldo.. In some worlds.. like yours, filled with danger.. sometimes you have to... make sacrifices... Big ones, and sometimes you regret them.. But.. You have to remember that everything and everyone needs something to live for, and something to die for... I'm sure your... AI... Would have wanted it that way, to die for a reason..."
<Kate`^> "You have to confront your fear's Waldo."
Quote 4860
<AlcarGM> he frowns, then nods. "I see. How many guards?"
<julius`> "Well, that depends on the price."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Filth. "One million, each."
<julius`> "For that, I believe I could afford one for each entrance, that would make a total of three."
<julius`> "A million is quite an investment for a typical guard. I'm assuming medical and dental aren't needed?"
<AlcarGM> "Depends. Do you want them to have teeth?"
* julius` laughs
<AlcarGM> He's not joking....
* julius` ceases laughing.
<julius`> "Probably. They need teeth to talk."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Filth: "Telepathy is much more effective than teeth. We could arrange a lack of sleep as well."
Quote 4861
* Maelstrom gently nudges her away from the ironing board and lays out all the clothes as evenly as he can.......creates a heavly thin ice block, lays it on the board......the flames it filling the room with steam leaving the clothes pressed and dry...
<AlcarGM> Crystal looks at you "Cute....."
* Maelstrom smirks
<Maelstrom> "Handy having a hero for a son, isint it.."
<Maelstrom> "Maybe i should open a dry cleaning outfit...."
* Maelstrom does a commercial voice. "Zap out stains with liquid nitrogen.....Iron press garenteed to smooth out your clothes!"
<Maelstrom> "ahem"
Quote 4862
<julius`> "The Marquis Corporation spares no expense in protecting its assets."
<Kate`^> "I'm affraid I need numbers Mr. Marquis."
<julius`> "However..."
<Caltak> (( wow, how... impersonal :P ))
<julius`> "A district attorney is a job with a wonderful title. I would not want to tear you from your current position."
<julius`> "I'm sure we could arrange a part-time agreement. My matters aren't that many in number."
<julius`> ((And the occasional [under]desk job now and then... j/k :P ))
* Kate`^ smiles "They don't like me there anyway."
Quote 4863
* Kate`^ leaves.... leaves Julius with the bill!
<julius`> "Its been a pleasure."
* julius` leaves the bill to the taxpayers.
<Kate`^> "It's mutual. Farewell."
<julius`> ((j/k :> ))
<AlcarGM> Taxpayer Man kills julius 3 months later with his Audit power!
<julius`> :P I'm immune, we've talked about this!
<julius`> the mafia never pay taxes!
<julius`> err.. oops.
<julius`> :P No one saw that, ok?
Quote 4864
* Kate`^ is looking for waldo...
<AlcarGM> Waldo doesn't seem to be in his room.
<Kate`^> "Needles, where's waldo?"
<julius`> (( HAHAHAHAHA ))
<julius`> (( oh my god... wow.. my side hurts...))
<Caltak> (( roflmfao ))
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "Basement. Said he had to do stuff."
Quote 4865
<Paradigm> (make a note. Kate doesn't get any more children to take care of)
Quote 4866
<AlcarGM> And somewhere on the hill, after the liqueurs in choclate cups, an elderly gentleman makes the Yellow Sign. "As you all know, our pet project is nearing completion, and soon the stars will come right...." an old woman intergects: "But, Fitzgerald, we need more souls." A ,man nods "We need to expand our market share. Diversify! Diversify Diversify! What? It worked for the Barneyt and Starbucks people!"
Quote 4867
<AlcarGM> <Needles> comes in with a big bowl of soup
<julius`> (( But there's no spoon! ))
Quote 4868
<julius`> "The last thing winter said was not to kill. And the only killing I heard mentioned.. was from your mouth."
<Maelstrom> "I remember that Winter was scared solid of that idiot yelling at him"
* julius` says nothing more of the matter
<Maelstrom> "There wouldnt have been any yelling if he wasnt there.."
Quote 4869
* Carl`` tips the door open with the tip of his cane
* Maelstrom looks at the door, and creates a nice big sphere of flame in his hand.
<Carl``> "Um, Alex, C'mon in, I think we need to talk."
<Maelstrom> "Talk? I think you need to be locked in a block of ice and dropped into the lake for all eternity, you just turned my entire life upside down"
<AlcarGM> Maelstrom feels that other presence, but faintly....
* julius` goes to get himself a glass o coffee for the watch
<Maelstrom> "What the hell is that?!"
<julius`> "Coffee."
<julius`> "Want some?"
* Carl`` scrunches his brow, "Murmur, mind your manners."
<Carl``> "She's very protective, fortunately."
<Maelstrom> "I'm talking bout that thing floating around."
<Maelstrom> "I'll blast her too if i have too....."
Quote 4870
<AlexMajor> "If she wasnt prying, she wouldnt have gotten aniahiallated, there was a reason i told you to keep away, and you found it......big time.."
<Carl``> "Notably I was angry, for Miminin was a very long time frined f mine, for she was one of the few who heklped me back from beyond
<Carl``> "I was at a loss, what could I do? I didn't know the consequences, so I scared winter into taking her back from deathdeath."
<Carl``> "You just don't understand do you? It. Thing. Creature. They're all just words to help you cope with your arrogance."
<AlexMajor> "are you trying to justify your actions to me?"
<Carl``> "I justify nothing. I took no action, but a reaction."
Quote 4871
<AlexMajor> "I suggest you find out where in gods name my powers went.....because the only person i see here is you..."
<AlcarGM> « would like to end this, like, soon :p »
* Carl`` shrugs, looking worried at that homocidal glint in Alex's eye!
<AlexMajor> <would like my powers back...like, now..>
<AlcarGM> « I can't do that. »
<AlexMajor> <lol>
<AlcarGM> « I didn't take 'em :p »
* AlexMajor paces around, very very distressed
Quote 4872
<AlexMajor> what about pc's with nullifying powers?
<AlexMajor> thats screwed up
<Alcar> not to me.
<TassPassedOut> well, its pretty find by me :P
<TassPassedOut> I mean, power steal all you want fromme, its not going to make a lick of difference
<AlexMajor> not to me, i hate that another PC has that power over me.
<TassPassedOut> I'm still useless :P
<AlexMajor> it should only be in the DM's hands.
<Alcar> Art - then it's no fun :)
<AlexMajor> no its not fun this way
Quote 4873
<[00:36] &lt;AlcarGM> « tonite session is over after the Maelstrom/kate thing ends :P »
<[03:13] &lt;AlcarGM> It's now about 2 pm game time........ Alex is confused, Carl is waiting for world form a ghost about healing and this session blooody well ends!
<[03:13] &lt;AlcarGM> EXP: 10 each :p
Quote 4874
<Alcar> the threat alone should be enough to calm Alex tho :)
<Alcar> Or so I hope.
<aslhk> he's going to end up in jail *laugh*
<aslhk> if he continues behaving like that--with great power come great numbers of people just waiting to sue you
Quote 4875
<Orgg> "What are you waiting for?"
<Theliar`^> (( Say "Now" ))
<Theliar`^> (( or please.. or "i'll have sex with you" that seems to be the thing around these villages.. seriously, i just had a kid ask me for sex ))
<Orgg> (( well, you're an elf! =P ))
<Theliar`^> (( lol ))
Quote 4876
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Well you mind doing me a favor then?, befor she umm.. pays, mind If I speak with her?"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "You know ansers in all, would be kinda hard afterwords.."
<AlcarDM> he shrugs. "The Master can just bring her back. A few times, if need be."
* Ryu_FeatherFoot digs around in his bag and sets his box with runes on it on the table and taps on it "Well there is always letting this lose for not doing as I ask."
<AlcarDM> The man is on his feet, drawing his sword "You dare?!"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Calm down, Its only a necromanser, geaz Do you think I would realy let something like that lose over such a small mater?"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "You realy should calm down"
* Ryu_FeatherFoot puts the runed box away
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Besides, do you realy thing I would let such a thing go with out some sorta reword?"
<AlcarDM> The man loooks t you, mouths "only a necromancer?" and calms, giving you a scared look you nomrally only get when you approach merchants
Quote 4877
<AlcarDM> * Theliar`^ relaxes
<AlcarDM> <Theliar`^> "So... You'll help us then!?"
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> She gives you a baleful look. "Yes, you elven horselicker."
<AlcarDM> Theliar is good at making friends :P
<Theliar`^> I take that as a compliment
<Caltak> (( horses taste like candy. ))
Quote 4878
<Cypheriel> (Aftermath?)
<Caltak> (( I wish ))
* AlcarDM shakes his head
<Caltak> (( how many people is that so far? :) ))
<AlcarDM> :p
<AlcarDM> he's not even in it!
<Caltak> (( bah, it still counts ))
Quote 4879
* Maelstrom has joined #game1
<Maelstrom> (let me guess, not aftermath :-p)
<AlcarDM> « ..... »
<AlcarDM> « no. »
<AlcarDM> « don't say a word, Caltak :p »
Quote 4880
<Theliar`^> "Where is this?"
<Orgg> "What do you mean?"
<Theliar`^> "I've seen this pond before.. the goddess.. Lirk.. When I disobeyed her.. I had a dream.. I was sent to a place with.. this pond.. and when I.. helped Lirk, I saw the pond again."
<AlcarDM> the goldish nibbles on your finger
<Orgg> "This is the Baron's Forest. I guess your Goddess likes it. We need to speak."
<Orgg> "How do you talk to her?"
<Theliar`^> "I pray. Sometimes she speaks to my mind."
<Orgg> "Then pray to her that I wish to speak to her about Lirk."
<AlcarDM> « lol »
<AlcarDM> « this should be amusing »
<Orgg> ((lol, yes. *begins a new character* =P)
<Theliar`^> (( *does as well* ))
Quote 4881
<Sintaqx> during the week since she's risen she's met koby. if Alcar can make it great. If not Koby had to go off to do something, but might be able to make cameo appearances in the game ;)
<Marcus_Fenway> I hope he can make it
<Marcus_Fenway> he can Do battle against the arch Chicken God
<Marcus_Fenway> Lord Cluck :)
Quote 4882
<AlcarDM> lol Ok. The Barony is, of course, closed and locked. The outer castle even has a drawbridge -- over an empty moat.. traditionalists :p
<Orgg> Orgg, being a traditionalist as well will climb into the moat, walk across, climb out, and attempt to open the doors through brute strength.
<Orgg> This failing, sadly, he will attempt to scale the walls
<AlcarDM> lol... OK. The door is wooden, solid and not breaking underbrute strength. A man looks down from up above. :"Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?"
<Orgg> Ahah! An individual!
<Orgg> "This door appears to be stuck."
<Orgg> (couldn't help myself.)
<Theliar`^> (( ROFLMAO!! ))
* Orgg continues attempting to force the door, not satisfied with his results so far
* Orgg pounds on the door furiously.
<AlcarDM> The man looks down over the wall for a very long moment. "It's a draw bridge. It goes down."
* Orgg frowns
<Orgg> "Oh."
Quote 4883
* Orgg begins scaling the wall.
<AlcarDM> The guard blinks, then says "What 8are* you doing?" in a bemused tone.
<Orgg> "Climbing the wall. The gates are closed."
<AlcarDM> Guard: "You know, I think this counts as invasion," cheerfully. "Do you plan to storm the keep?:"
<Orgg> "Yes."
* Orgg continues his climbing
<AlcarDM> The guard shrugs and wanders away. You reach the top of the wall. Nice rampart for the guards to walk on, some ladders going down to the ground (about 20' or so) and a small village, then the innerkeep (also locked) itself. The gurd comes ambling over with a flask of ale "Want a drink? That must have bene thirsty work."
* Orgg nods and quaffs the flask gratefully
<Orgg> "Thanks. You're supposed to be trying to kill me now."
* Orgg cues the guard.
<AlcarDM> The guard laughs "Hah! We don't get paid enough for that. Let the mercs do it. They guard the inner keep and stuff, when they're not .. busy.. at the baron's orders. he grins lewdly
Quote 4884
<AlcarDM> An older man is outside a house, carving a bird out of wood. A young boy - obvciously related - is watching him, and taking animatedly about wha he's going to spned his copper piece on
* Theliar`^ smiles at the man and approaches him
<AlcarDM> The man looks up. "Yes?"
<Theliar`^> "This land here, it seems to be well tilled but.. there are no crops... I was wondering if there were any seeds for the crops?"
<AlcarDM> He shrugs. "Not here. Baron took 'em for taxes."
<Theliar`^> "I see... How do you feed yourselves?"
<AlcarDM> He shrugs again. "Seasoned books, trees, travelers.
<Theliar`^> "I... See..."
Quote 4885
<Orgg> "The secret entrance?"
<AlcarDM> he ods. "Yep. OUtside, in the woods, there's a well, and a secret entrance to the inner keep by it."
<Orgg> "But there are traps and strong monsters guarding the entrance, right?"
<Orgg> (somewhat desperately)
<AlcarDM> Guard: "Of course not. It's secret!"
Quote 4886
<aslhk> the trouble is that most of the really disturbing individuals I have met have very blurred lines between "in character" and "in real life" =P
* Alcar nods. Never blurred that one myself...... that I know of. I'm honestly not sure how you *could* ....
<aslhk> *laugh*
<aslhk> well, I look at it as legos!
<aslhk> creative people have a whole box of legos to play with
<aslhk> they can assemble them into all sorts of nifty patterns
<aslhk> uncreative people get maybe one or two, and they just move them around somewhat dejectedly
<aslhk> when you have a ton of legos, it's fairly easy to figure out, "Hey! These are just legos!", but when you've only got a couple, they become much more important
Quote 4887
<MaleStorm> "id rather be dead the a norm"
* Julius` stops his thought process for a moment
<Julius`> "Why is that?"
<MaleStorm> "because they are who i am."
<Julius`> "And what is that?"
<MaleStorm> "me..."
<MaleStorm> "now get on with it."
* Julius` sighs
<Julius`> "There's more to being a person than not being human."
Quote 4888
<MaleStorm> "maybe i should show you how i feel right now? would you like your ability to breath or walk taken away from you?"
<Julius`> "Its happened before."
<Carl`> "What about all that saving lives crap you fed me earlier."
<MaleStorm> "So then you know....something close..."
<Julius`> "And I learned that what makes you isn't your abilities, but your actions."
<MaleStorm> "I cant save lives i'f i'm a nothing.."
<MaleStorm> "Look, fix me........here and now......please."
<Julius`> "If you can do what's right without powers, that's when your a hero."
* Julius` sighs, his pearls of wisdom falling on deaf ears
<Kate`^> (( LoL I like this... Maelstrom is gunna kill the only man who can fix him if he doesn't fix him =p ))
Quote 4889
<MaleStorm> "What would happen if i told you a power i didnt have? you could create it?"
<Julius`> "I don't rightly know."
<Julius`> "All I know is that it would kill you if it didn't work."
<Julius`> "Well, let's get started."
<MaleStorm> "ok then thats it.........i think the sex thing is just my natrual charm......yea....thats it"
<Kate`^> (( ROFLMAO ))
Quote 4890
<AlcarGM> The other 2 are taking - well, it's one sided, but you assume the faceless kis is replying somehow.
<AlcarGM> The girl looks as snake hisses loudly. "What is .... oh. You his girlfriend?" jokingly to you.
* Vora smiles. "Oh, he's a little young for me still, I think."
<Alcar> she raises an eyebrow at that. "You don't look that old, girl."
* Vora shrugs. "Well, that's the idea, isn't it?"
Quote 4891
* Carl` walks back in from the front door
* Julius` turns to Carl, "Why, speak of the devil."
<Julius`> "Can I borrow you for a moment, Carl?"
* Carl` looks up and around, "Why? Is he herre?"
<Julius`> "Who?"
Quote 4892
<Julius`> "Oh, you've got it?"
<Kate`^> (( Yeah, slap that one on your nearest arch villian, and it'll be allright ;))
<MaleStorm> "got what?
<Carl`> "The shard, at least I think."
<Julius`> (( Duh. What do you think I'm made for? :P ))
<Vora> (( maybe its the invisable man's credit card. ))
<Kate`^> (( Yeah! ))
<Kate`^> (( Swipe that baby in the nearest ATM, it's all good ))
Quote 4893
<Julius`> Meanwhile:
<Julius`> <Firelight> "VAMPIRE!"
<Julius`> <Jason> "Demon!"
Quote 4894
<\&lt;MaleStorm> i just want to be immune to anything that cancels or blocks or takes my power
<Julius`> well we want to be immune to your flaming personality then, Maelstrom
<Julius`> pun intended.
<Julius`> :D
* Julius` ducks
Quote 4895
<Julius`> ((What kind of super hero carries a cell? It'd melt. Or freeze.))
<Maelstrom> (dude you do NOT wanna know where i keep mine)
<Julius`> ((Do you put it on vibrate? :P ))
Quote 4896
<Julius`> (( Geez. Am I the only one who doesn't need to recharge every five minutes? :D ))
<Vora> (( I don't. ))
<Julius`> (( Well where the f- are you, ma'am? :P ))
<Maelstrom> (I normaly wouldnt......but i like poured everything i had into slowing down......besides, id rather dictate when i lose energy then alcar)
<Vora> (( Oh, you'll just have to wait and see. *wink* ))
<Julius`> ((good point, good point))
Quote 4897
<Maelstrom> "I cant just leave his body here.........he was my friend.....even if a bit stupid....."
<Julius`> "The riot squad will have a hayday if the find a corpse in our van. Its in your hands."
<Julius`> "And what would you do? Give it to his mother?"
<Maelstrom> "You're right......."
<Vora> (( stuff it in a plastic bag and dump it in the river. ))
<Carl`> (Who's ready for some hotdogs!)
Quote 4898
<Maelstrom> "I guess.....i'll just call my mom from the ......from here..."
<Julius`> "You'd better tell her the turth about things."
<Julius`> "She may be able to help you through it."
<Maelstrom> "That my best friend is dead?"
<Julius`> ((Killing your friend.. man, that stings))
<Julius`> "Yeah."
<Maelstrom> "Man......i dont think dad ever had to do that....."
<Julius`> "Void? You'd be suprised."
* Carl` shudders
Quote 4899
<Maelstrom> thank god i fuck myself over with my secrets so alcar cant......
Quote 4900
<Kentari> suffice it to say, Julius is almost willing to risk the lives of everyone but himself to save something