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Quote 4401
<Than`^> "I think you gave me the wrong chip Angelus.."
<Than`^> "She's usually more talkative than this.."
<Angelus``> "I doubt it......the other 5 are identical....the ones i pulled from the UN hard drives...that chip i gave you is the one she gave me when we asked for yours"
<Than`^> "Did you ask for the right one?"
<Angelus``> "Besides.....your conciounce usually only talks to you when your doing something wrong...
<Than`^> "Well.. they gave me a woman.. Think about it.."
<Angelus``> "Sounds just like a woman if you ask me..."
<Angelus``> "But then again......to women we are ALWAYS doing something wrong"
<Angelus``> "Ever get the silent treatment from an upset girlfriend?"
Quote 4402
<Than`^> so explain the whole 5 disks 5 terminals 5 days thing
<AlcarGM> It's the law of fives in action.
<Than`^> that's IT?
<AlcarGM> The Law of Fives is never wrong.
<Than`^> that's ALL?
Quote 4403
* Geroge comes back into the world
<robin``> ((Through the hole? =P))
<Geroge> <( No, falling from the sky :P )>
* Geroge just kind of stands there unblinking
<robin``> ((falling through the sky is better))
* robin`` steps away a bit in case he has been Possessed By Odd Things.
<AlcarGM> Geroge looks .... different, slight. Nothing you can pin down, though.
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( what's his soul look like? ))
<Geroge> <( a fish )>
<AlcarGM> « it looks like somene dipped in in suphuric acid and oil and lit it on fire, currently. Mostly because something just tried to eat it, and you have no clue why it failed. Oh, yes, and it's marked him as prey for Darkness :) »
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( *mental note to self: Stay away from this guy!* ;b ))
<Geroge> <( Gotta talk to someone about that ;) )>
Quote 4404
* Angelus`` stops them at the only restaraunt remaining.... McTacoBucks for some drive through tacoburgers and coffee
<AlcarGM> The fast food outlet is easy to find. The humans inside serving people are behind metal and silver bars and the place looks like a fortress :) They serve quickly because irate cusomers have been known to break in and slaughter the staf and eat them instead. Awesome incentive.
Quote 4405
<Geroge> "I think that I need to talk to a god about getting this fixed." *looks down at himself* "I just need one that will help an atheist."
* robin`` looks confused
<robin``> "If you're an atheist, what makes you think there's a god to talk to?"
<Geroge> "Gods exist. I've talked to them before. I just don't believe in them and their power. Complicated situation."
<robin``> "I can tell! If they don't have power, how could they fix something?"
<Geroge> "Because they are supposed to. Just because the gods may not like me, it would be bad form for them to smite me."
<robin``> "I'd think they'd be lining up to help your friendly neighborhood superhero!"
Quote 4406
<Geroge> <( I hope that AlcarGM is writing it down to, because I'm sitting here making up the laws to his universe ;) )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( i beat you to that one! ;b ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you're doing good so far ;) ))
<Geroge> <( you beat who to what? )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you to writing laws to the universe ;b ))
<Geroge> <( Ah, right )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( my character backgrounds are a bit too thorough sometimes ;b ))
<Geroge> <( when I am a god, these will be the laws to my universe :) )>
Quote 4407
<robin``> "Another associate of mine mentioned that a certain type of Priest tend to carry such nukes around in their heads."
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( I knew they had to have SOMETHING in there... ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> How fascinating
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Why would someone want to carry around a bunch of highly-explosive radioactive material in their head?
<robin``> "To ensure that whoever it is they're after gets blown up."
Quote 4408
<AlcarGM> The vampire in question is a short woman with long brown hair, a tanned face and cat's eyes, of all things. She moves like a were would, a sort of hunter/predator walk that makes you realise why vamps are feared.
* Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones smiles happily at her
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Is there something we can help you with, miss?
<Geroge> "Hullo there, lady."
<AlcarGM> "My servant Blackstripe told me something interesting had happened in this city, so I came to investigate," mildly. Her voice has no accent at all.
<Geroge> <( blackstripe sounds familiar... please god, tell me I'm insane )>
<AlcarGM> « You're not :) Sorry :P »
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you're insane... but tha tdoesn't mean you might not be right ;b ))
Quote 4409
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm sure that all of us would like to know exactly what has happened here, and fighting amongst ourselves does nothing to facilitate the realization of that goal...
<robin``> "There's not much to see in there anyway. Just a lot of Evil. And a " *checks his notes* "Woobly Bit."
* Geroge shakes his head.
<AlcarGM> She frowns at the hole, then shakes her head. "We don't need this. If this one does what the others did, but not ... " looks at Robin. "That is to be expected."
<robin``> "The others?"
* Geroge mutters "I told you there were woobly bits. She knows what is over there, despite not recognizing my greatness."
<AlcarGM> She snaps: "Those who used Light." then looks at Geroge for a long moment. "Darkness has marked you. Otherwise I would rip your head off to shut you up," pleasantly. "But that would be kinder than what it should do."
Quote 4410
<AlcarGM> The bar consists of a long wooden table gouged with stains, cuts, blood and other things it's best not to think about. one of the three Bartenders looks over, then comes over eventually. "What?" curtly.
<AlcarGM> <Kel > "We want a booking."
<AlcarGM> The bartender shrugs. "We're full."
* Than`^ shoves people out of the way that are trying to shove him.. a little too much
<AlcarGM> <Kel > smiles coldly, then growls. "Prove it." The bartender steps back, startled. "Not bad, kid. Almost scary. Huh. tomorrow nght, 6. Set up at 5. Dusk til dawn."
<Than`^> (( Isn't that a movie? ))
<Than`^> "Long night."
<AlcarGM> « yes :) I was hoping you;d seen it so it'd worry you as a reference :) »
Quote 4411
<Than`^> "Here, let me give you a priority while we wait.. Process that covert info I downloaded and tell me out of all those kidnapped or powerful who it would be most beneficial to see first.. I plan on meeting them all though.."
<Than`^> "Get it yet?"
<AlcarGM> Long pause, then "Information accurate?"
<Than`^> "I don't know, but we'll pretend to believe them."
<AlcarGM> AI: "Even the part about the Illuminati?"
Quote 4412
<Than`^> "Give me that part."
<AlcarGM> AI: "summary."
<Than`^> "No, too many contradictions."
<AlcarGM> AI: "That does not follow prmise we'll pretend to believe them"
<Than`^> "Stop processing and start thinking. Just if you think it might be true then add it in your list.."
<Than`^> "Even if you don't we'll do those last."
<AlcarGM> AI: "This unit uses logical constructs. Truth is irrelevant."
<Than`^> "Well, learn."
<AlcarGM> AI: "All statements about the illuminati are true for varying values of truth."
<Than`^> "Then whatever sounds logical."
<Than`^> "Your findings?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "The baravian illuminati does not exist. or if if does, it is the UN."
Quote 4413
<Than`^> "how many are ON the list?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "332 on list, first prominent name on new york... Lady Liberty."
<Than`^> "The person right?"
<AlcarGM> AI: The statue."
<Than`^> "Give me names of sentient beings."
<AlcarGM> AI: pause. "This unit just did."
<Than`^> "The statue is sentient?"
Quote 4414
* robin`` goes around and asks about any recent helicopter sightings =P
<AlcarGM> Asking at pubs, bars, reastaurants or ?
<robin``> bars now
<robin``> as they are the places most likely to have people who are lying in a position in which they can see the sky on a regular basis =P
Quote 4415
<Than`^> "Who's the next on the list?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "Aaron Zedis"
<Than`^> "Met him, next."
<AlcarGM> There is a pause. "And survived?"
<Than`^> "Is that a joke? I think you're joking.. That's almost funny, I like that... ... Yes, Next please."
<AlcarGM> Longer pause, then "3rd on list of important beings in New York, Zorro."
Quote 4416
<aslhk> A man calling himself Void appeared in the sky over Boston for a few mininutes, then flew into the sun.
<aslhk> lol
* Alcar grins
* ArthurQ grins evily
<ArthurQ> Alcar, do you think they are on to us?
<Baliadoc> i knew that city block had to be nuked by something other than technological means... ;)
Quote 4417
<Caltak> so I say, if you expect a paladin to act as though they had no gonads, I'd say you'd better just be happy all they do is ask girls out :)
<Alcar> "I'm a paladin, lady. I'm only level 1 but I've got my holy sword right here...."
<ArthurQ> "And its one long sword too......get the point?" :-P
<Caltak> "not a long sword... its a great sword, baby."
<Alcar> "Uh, my lady, what are you doing?" "Looking for the special distance viewer the wizard left last week."
<Caltak> "Oh don't worry, I've got a Ring of Protection." *wink*
<ArthurQ> "Its a broad sword too"
<Alcar> "Yes, dear. Your father was a bastard sword."
<Caltak> One word: "Rapier."
Quote 4418
<Alcar> Wizard: "Hey, you! Wanna get familiar with my familiar?"
<Alcar> Works best if the you is an elf :)
<Alcar> "Why did you kill your familiar?" "The elf took me literally."
<Caltak> Cleric: "Wanna see how I really turn undead?"
<Caltak> Fighter: "I have the Weapon Finesse feat."
<ArthurQ> Halfling: You know...its the bottom half thats human.
<Alcar> Cleric: "Raise dead? Hey, I'm 80! At my age it's a very useful spell."
<ArthurQ> halfling: Wanna know why we really have hairy feet?
<Caltak> elf: "I've been around a while. I have lots of experience."
Quote 4419
<ArthurQ> Female Halfling: Let me show you why we're so short
<Tsume> Rogue "I could teach you a few tricks, maybe even another use for backstab?"
<Caltak> HalfOrc: "My lower canines aren't the only thing thats bigger than a human's."
<Caltak> "hey baby, mind if we use flanking?" *friend walks in room*
<Tsume> Rogue "Don't worry, rogues have very precise aim."
<Caltak> "I get bonuses, you know."
<ArthurQ> Dwarf: "And thats why we have so much hair on our chins!
<Caltak> Female Dwarf: "Havent you hear the rumours about how much a dwarf can drink?"
<Tsume> Enchantress "Casting spells aren't the only arts I use with staffs."
<ArthurQ> Yuan-ti: Yanno, there's a reason for these long toungs.....care to findout?"
<Caltak> Golem: "I'm made of rock. Ill let you do the math."
Quote 4420
<Alcar> Scene: A halfling is standing by a street corner in a red light distrct, holding up a sign: "Palms hairy, not feet. Please help."
<ArthurQ> Mage: I'll show you a magic missle alright...
<Caltak> "I have an enchanted staff. Care to try it out?"
<Tsume> Rogue: "Hell, bring a friend, I'm always ready for a good tumble."
<ArthurQ> Fighter: I have lots of feats
<Alcar> Rogue: "Pick pockets? Well, yeah, I do. Wait, you mean take stuff out of them, too?!"
<ArthurQ> Cthulu: There's a reason i have all these tentacles around my mouth.
Quote 4421
<AlcarGM> The vampire ones are easy to find because people tend to make a wide detour around the buildings out of principle. The all species one - Ed's Eats and Treats (no one ever changed the name) - has a large "NO MAGIC, NO KILLING, NO FEEDING" sign outside.
<AlcarGM> The actual bar itself is more a restaurant than bar, since most supernaturals don't drink beer and such, they metabolize it too fast. A large were bear - in wrere form - is outside, and the bouncer.
<AlcarGM> A young girl of about 13 or so is beside her. She seems to be the door check and decides if people get in or not.
* Robin``` gapes at the bear
<AlcarGM> The bear looks down at you, then smiles in a friendly smile. Well, it would be friendly if not for those teeth
<Ashura`-> (( "Only YOU can prevent club fires." ))
Quote 4422
* Robin``` steps away, somewhat nervously, and starts to head inside
<AlcarGM> The girl steps between you and the door and says, quietly, "what are you?"
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( I'm your WORST NIGHTMARE! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAH! ...*quietly* human ))
<Ashura`-> (( "Isn't that sort of a personal question? Er, species, right, sorry..." ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( pervert ))
<Robin```> "Human."
<Ashura`-> (( excuse me? ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( YOU HEARD ME! ))
<Ashura`-> (( wow, someone had some deeply repressed... well, nevermind, wouldnt want to provoke your further. ))
Quote 4423
<AlcarGM> The vampire looks around, then lowers his voice. "Word of warning, friend. If it was Priests that came herethey'll hunt anyone who mentions them."
<Robin```> ((*considers using an artimus quote*))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( distengrted? ))
<Robin```> ((heh, something along the lines of "I've been running from the police for hundreds of years!"))
Quote 4424
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm investigated a dark force, that has claimed several lives already
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> The Atlantean Necromancers recommended that I consult you
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm confident that we can work together towards a value-added solution to this problem that will please everyone!
<AlcarGM> The guard raises an eyebrow,then something Speaks through him, female and old, and powerful. "Darkness Lose In My City?" You can feel the pure elemental strength of the statue, the hopes of those who came, the fear of those turned away,.
* Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones nods
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm afraid so...
<AlcarGM> Guard: "Value Added ...... Are You Joking?"
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Of course not! What good is a solution that creates more problems than it solves?
Quote 4425
<Baliadoc> lol, on a somewhat unrelated topic, the funniest experience i've ever heard anyone have with mind flayers was the time a friend of mine ended a siege with mind flayer porn :)
<Alcar> with what?!
<ArtQ-Sleeping> dude, its all mind fucking
<ArtQ-Sleeping> there is nothing visual to make porn with!
<Baliadoc> mind flayer porn. he kept coming up with these really good ideas, but the DM kept defeating them somehow
<Baliadoc> so finally, he got a crystal ball of telepathy, buried well out of any of the wizards' ranges within the keep, and began to subject the populace to massive telepathic transmissions of mind flayer porn.
<Baliadoc> when they all started going mad, they finally gave up
<ArtQ-Sleeping> talk about radiation poisoning
Quote 4426
* Alcar still wants to see TheHellsAngel try it agfainst a tarrasque wizard with 18 int.
<TheHellsAngel> I will take on any wizard
<TheHellsAngel> of = level
<TheHellsAngel> but he nastiest character I ever had
<TheHellsAngel> took me two years
<Kattelyn> TheHellsAngel, do you munchkin?
<TheHellsAngel> a 20th level drow monk
<TheHellsAngel> munchkin?
Quote 4427
<aslhk> heh, cabbage also suggested that he should offer the services of an "Illuminati Consultant" who goes around telling business people how to organize their businesses in such a way that they will be suitable for use after the oncoming illuminati takeover.
Quote 4428
<Alcar> y?
<Keith`> she said no heartless killers
<Alcar> Why not? Your killer could have a heart! Even a whole collection :p
<Keith`> for lunch even
<Alcar> Heartless PC: "You think I'm evil and cruel and heartless, but I have the heart of a child." *Rumages in sack* "I know it's here somewhere.."
<ArthurQ> ouch
<ArthurQ> thats evil
<Keith`> and here i was thinking "You think i'm evil, crew and heartless, but i had the heart of a child." *pats his stumic* "For lunch"
<Keith`> *goes to rummaging in his back* "I've got leftovers if you like"
<Alcar> "Do you want salt and pepper with ... why are you looking at me like that?"
<Keith`> "What its not like its the first time this has happenned!"
<Keith`> or better yet "I know that look, i'm going to have to kill you now"
Quote 4429
* Alcar grins. Plan to make him a villain.
<Caltak> ...uh.
<Caltak> Its probably paranoia, but I think you try to annoy me intentionally. -_-;
<Alcar> lol. No.
<Caltak> well you do it so often...
Quote 4430
<AlcarGM> The fox chuckles, his aura rolling off him and making you feel unpleasantly warm. The mouse says, hesitantly, "I don't think -- " but a look from the wolf stops him abruptly. The fox reaches up towards you're face, as if to pet it.
* Fern` bites his finger "
* Fern` throws the magical mud at him
<AlcarGM> It's a bit hairy :P
* Fern` dosn't mind, and gives him a good chomp.. " heh.. maybe you will beceome a reverse were.. being bit by a human.."
Quote 4431
<AlcarGM> The fox steps back, mostly from surprise, then blinks as the pavement literally begins to climb up his legs. The were mouse screams, a high pitched cry, and begins to run away :P
<AlcarGM> The wolf stops, torn between killing you and chasing the mouse.
* Fern` is very suprized that the charm worked that good... but no time to savor the moment,... in the chaos she makes a break for it, and in the back of her mind.. keeps a steady chant... "Kumby-ya...my lord..."
<Ashura`-> (( wow... it all makes sense now! :P ))
<Ashura`-> (( all this time they were trying to cast spells :p ))
Quote 4432
* Ashura`- looks up as if he hears someone approach at the feeling of magic, and vanishes into the shadows, figuring the police can probably handle comatose demon ants.
Quote 4433
<AlcarGM> He looks at you carefully, then says "I am sorry, but I didn't get your name. I am called Erwin."
<aslhk> ((lol =P))
<Than`^> (( ROFLMFAO ROFL LMAO! ))
<AlcarGM> « *whistles innocently* »
<Ashura`-> (( what's so funny? It's his name. ))
* Fern` something inside of her stirs, like an old memory, but it quickly passes. She seems to have trouble finding her voice, and manages to say "fern"
Quote 4434
<Fern`> um.. nawh, I usally pitch a tent... but the last real soild place was with toto.. the dog-were alpha..
<Ashura`-> (( pitch a tent... or make others pitch one :) ))
<Fern`> ((gross!..))
<Ashura`-> (( what? Just beacuase you get others to do things for... oh wait, you thought I meant that? you have a sick mind! :P ))
<AlcarGM> « is lost »
<Fern`> (( pitch a tent.. as in your shorts.. points to Cal ))
<Ashura`-> (( I never said anything about shorts, you're the one thinking dirty :P ))
<Fern`> (( your the one whos going thru puberity!!! ))
<Ashura`-> (( Point being? Just because you're obsessed with sex, doesn't mean you need to project your filthy thoughts on everything I say :P ))
Quote 4435
<AlcarGM> <Erwin> nods. "A smart idea for someone by themself in this city." He walks in silence for a few minutes, then says "What can you do, magic-wise?"
* Fern` thinks for a moment " not quite sure at times, i use to make money selling charms.. the small stuff.. love, money, protection. But then when i started putting a little bit of faith in them, they started to be... charged. I had a guy buy a love charm, and he ended up with a succbus for a house pet.
Quote 4436
* Ashura`- wonders just how powerful that mage was that he killed-- well, hopefully killed... you never can be quite sure when there's no corpse-- was, and just what reprocussions the encounter may have caused... but decides that knowledge seldom comes from mere contemplation, and that time will likely tell.
<AlcarGM> Time just wants his trousers back, actually. People keep getting stuck in them :p
Quote 4437
* Coris , making conversation, asks Ferd how many other dwarves need to find a cure for baldness with druids
<Coris> « It's a bit too early in the morning for him to be thinking :) »
<Ferd_Preson> "What? This is not a curse. This is...well some call it rebellion."
Quote 4438
<Coris> Hmm, Jack could also be along to keep Coris out of too many bars and bar fights
<Keith`> yah there is that too
<Keith`> all tho for player side knowlage and not PC, your dad is getting ready to fire you and let your younger brother take over
<Coris> lol
<Coris> makes sense
* Coris beigns to occly plot Jack's accidental death :p
Quote 4439
<Alcar> Speaking of throwing weapons, has any d20 supplement yet allowed pcs with high strength to throw swords?
<Baliadoc> well, in S&F, you can take the "Throw anything" feat.
* Alcar should look into it for a monk or something
<Baliadoc> and i actually think you can throw swords normally, it just imparts the -4 non-proficiency penalty
<Baliadoc> but the feat gives you a range increment of 10 with any melee weapon you can weild.
<Alcar> "To you this is a peanut. To me, it's a lethal weapon." Exotic weapon prof. and crit hit aimed at the eye
<Baliadoc> lol! Alcar, you need to be an exotic weapon master, then :)
Quote 4440
* Brianna groans once more just because....
<Brianna> (( Assuming she can do that when it's not her turn. <G> ))
<Keith`> no thats move equivelent (JK)
Quote 4441
<Keith`> the ground rumbles and groans then gives way under Brianna, and all 3 bandits
* Brianna screams as she falls.
<Keith`> well you only fall 2ft so you don't fall far...
<Keith`> but for all who are on there feat it is going to be a nasty dex check to stay on them
* Brianna lets out an 'oof' as she hits bottom.
<Keith`> and well some how the number 2 infront of Coris mannages to stay on his feat
<Keith`> must have something to do with a short sword in his shoulder giving him extra balance
<Coris> « have to remember to pull it out next time :p »
Quote 4442
<dodge413> though I imagine he'd be rather thoughtful after a fight in which he didn't manage to hit anyone =P
<Coris> consider a career change :)
<dodge413> *laugh* could multiclass to wizard =P
<Coris> bard would be more fun
<dodge413> he's more bard-like
<dodge413> hitting on bard maids and all
<dodge413> I suppose thief would do, as well *laugh*
<Coris> write glorious songs about his victories before the battle :)
<dodge413> that would be awesome
<Coris> Actually, it would....
<dodge413> you should do it
Quote 4443
<Keith`> as for the rest of your wounds he says time will have to mend them, he would wrap your ribs but for how badly beat up you are right now it would only likely make matters worse (and he isn't sure if they are realy broken or not)
<Keith`> with that i'll intro the handly little missing PC device
<Keith`> he takes a bad step and steps in missing pc quick stand and vanishes from view/presence
<Keith`> MPCQS the anser to all your missed game needs
Quote 4444
* Coris helps Brianna up. "It was our pleasure." ((He has a thing for green-eyed women)) "Do you come from Scandin?"
<Brianna> "No. I was passing through and these ... creatures jumped me."
<Keith`> (they where human)
<Brianna> (( Yes, but she didn't feel she could call them men. <G> ))
* Coris nods, then says "Where are you headed?" He would be angry that we bled and haven't gotten useful infomation, but Brianna is too cute to be angry at.
<Keith`> womanizer
<Keith`> if i didn't know better i would say you where strait
<Coris> LOL
<Coris> Fighter's have to chase bar maids.It's, like, a code :)
Quote 4445
<Goth-Geek> Id run a game but i dont have time :(
<Goth-Geek> i already play d&d every night irl
<Alcar> every night?
<Alcar> Impressive.
<Keith`> masterbation isn't D&D
<Keith`> sorry to brake your bubble there but.. (jk)
Quote 4446
<Goth-Geek> Someone was telling me about a book that talks about hwo to play evil characters in d&d its a fairly new book i think anyone know what it is called
<Goth-Geek> he said it talked about like the effects of drugs
<Goth-Geek> and stuff like that too
<Alcar> Dark Dungeons? :)
<Goth-Geek> I have no idea what it is called
<Goth-Geek> Alcar know where i can download it or download a sampler of it?
<Alcar> hehe. DD's a pamphlet from the 70's/early 80's about how D&D was satanic, caused suicided etc.
<Alcar> It came to me when you mentioned effects of drugs
<Goth-Geek> im talkiung about a book that tells you like about the darker aspects
<Goth-Geek> it like tells you how your abiltys change we you do drugs and stuff like that
<Alcar> D&D being satanic and causing people to kill themselves aren't darker aspecs?
* Alcar backs away from Goth-Geek :P
Quote 4447
<Than`^> "Well, I'm not trying to capture him though."
<AlcarGM> The AI's voice takes on a dry tone "Will he know that?"
<Than`^> "Are you being sarcastic? I think that was sarcasm... funny."
<Than`^> "We're going anyway."
* Than`^ heads for the metro station nearest him =p
<AlcarGM> AI: "I am merely noting that most humans would not assume that a heavily armed cyborg was coming just to talk."
<Than`^> "Well, he isn't 'most humans' maybe he's psychic and can read my mind?"
<Ashura`-> (( but can he read binary? :) ))
Quote 4448
<Than`^> "Hmmm... interesting.. maybe we should refrain from attacking?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "Probablity of termination of functions approximately 7%."
* Than`^ looks around "That gives us a 93% chance of walking out alive.. Getting you was probably 50/50, so i guess I'm willing to take the risk."
<AlcarGM> AI: "12% now," calmly.
<Fern`> (( wow, Saddam won his re-election by a smaller margin!!))
<Baliadoc> (rofl))
<Ashura`-> (( yup hehe ))
<AlcarGM> « LOL »
Quote 4449
* Than`^ meets the bottom of the stairs and looks at the were to make sure he's alive still
<AlcarGM> The were is alive, and trying to get up. Which is rather hard when your back is broken in a few places
<Than`^> "You ok?"
<AlcarGM> The were attempts a growl at you.
<Than`^> "I'll take that as a yes.."
Quote 4450
<AlcarGM> The interior of the airport is crowded with people coming and going, reminding you of how airports used to be. Signs in various languages welcome you to "Trail, The City of Faline"
* Ashura`- mutters, "Well, human curiosity still hasn't died... pity they never like it when they actually do find things out."
* Ashura`- grabs a pamphlet or something, to find out points of interest that might actually be pertinent to what he's doing :)
<AlcarGM> You find there is a Trail Memorial Museum, A Memorium to all the people she killed (actually a wall), and the home they lived in is now a bed and breakfast rumoured to be haunted
* Ashura`- notes the bed and breakfast... place to stay, plus if it actually is haunted, that might be useful. But he then goes to try to find anything related to where they might have been rumoured to have left the world from, or anything. (And I dont just mean by reading pamphlets... checking out museums, etc. or even popping by a bookstore or library are reasonable, too.)
<AlcarGM> There's also a rumoured haunted hill, a mall she once killed people in (The KFC there now sells Kitty Fried Chicken) and no references to the other weres at all.
<Ashura`-> (( Oh, Haunted Hill is definately a stop... oh christ, I actually am turning into a tourist! :P ))
Quote 4451
* Fern` her stomach growls, " um.. do you mind some lunch first?"
<AlcarGM> <Ancient Of Days> frowns, then nods "Dinner...... you will have to eat out for that, I am afraid. We don't keep human food here."
<Fern`> Well, some people count TOFU not as a human food.
* Fern` says, grinning. Showing off some freckles on her cheeks
<AlcarGM> <Erwin> chuckles at that
Quote 4452
<AlcarGM> A human male voice behind you, where the were is, says "Can I help you?" coldly.
* Than`^ turns "Who are you?"
<Ashura`-> (( well, duh ))
<AlcarGM> A human, looking about 30 or so, is standing beside the were. He's tall, with black hair streaked of grey (ditto with a beard) and wearing some jeans and a jean jacket. No shoes or t-shirt or anything though. Hs hair is tied back in a pony tail
<Than`^> "Bernard?"
<Fern`> ((no, I'm bat-man.. hes two caves down))
<AlcarGM> The man looks at you "Who wants to know?"
Quote 4453
<Alcar> Hm, White Wolf with each species haivng something unique to replace rage etc. would be funny....
* Alcar is pretty sure Caltak wants to play a wemic though. Have no freaking clue how that would be bought :)
<Baliadoc> hmm... i'll have to check out changling.
<Baliadoc> but i do know how he could be a wemic.
<Alcar> oh. how?
<Baliadoc> he could buy the Gangrels animal power... really high.
<Baliadoc> changes you slightly each time.
<aslhk> Baliadoc: yeah, but then he'd have lots of powers which don't make sense for a wemic
<Baliadoc> hmm.. true.
<Baliadoc> on the other hand, he'd look like a wemic.
Quote 4454
<MyBrains> In the rl campaign I'm in now, I missed on of the games and Caltak played my Cleric...
<MyBrains> he killed a raider... so now I had to get rid of anything in my Cleric's inventory that resembled a weapon...
<TexDKnght> Anything can be used as a weapon, if you know what you are doing.
<aslhk> even if you don't!
<MyBrains> I do have a Sap and a Whip though... since they are subdual weapons.
<MyBrains> and the whip makes it easy to disarm people.
<Alcar> PC: "I cook supper." GM: "Do you have a cooking skill?" PC: "UH, no." GM: "Roll." PC: "Please, don't tell me I kill them all? I need food!"
<aslhk> *laugh* your clerics carries around one weapon which is used primarily to torture and punish people and another which is used primarily to rob people?
<Alcar> And whips, well .... "Excuse me, but we're wondering" *coughs* "are you a cleric of pain or pleasure?"
Quote 4455
<Baliadoc> well, i was gonna go very warrior like. i'm trying to get a friend of mine in another game to vat-grow a vast super army (as a joke). vat grown human-like warriors would be fun :)
<Caltak> .........
<Alcar> vat grown ninjas :)
<Caltak> ...........................
<Baliadoc> yes!
<Baliadoc> space ninjas!
<Caltak> no. nononono.
<Caltak> absolutely not
<Baliadoc> why not??
Quote 4456
<Alcar> best ninja idea might be some code of honour bit .... really trained killer working for a diplomat because said person taught them that there are better solutions to problems than killing everyone. ANd now they're dead, and you're pissed....
<Baliadoc> i was thinking more along the lines of people being asked to the conference to be something along the lines of a hired police force, with lots of other stuff tossed in. but i won't explain said other stuff, because that would eat up valuable creativity :)
<Caltak> well I might just be acting overly critical right now, Ic ant tell ;)
* Alcar grins. would be funny .. ninja is so good at killing everyone wonders if shi killed the diplomats :p
<Alcar> "We need to be able to trust you." "I"m a sociopathic ninja on a vengeance trek." "Let me get back to you on that."
<Caltak> "What's with the pajamas? Hey! My arm! I needed that for stuff..."
<Caltak> "I can kill you four times before you hit the floor." "HA! I bet you can't! Quick, Charlie, start counting!" *slashing and hitting and yelling, followed by a thump* "Hey, you lied, you killed him three ti--URK!" *thump* "No witnessess."
Quote 4457
<Alcar> There is another pause, then "Oh. Well, then." The door is opened by a kind, white haired, plump old grandother wearing reading glasses. She's wearing an aporn that says "World's Best Grandma" in cheerful letters.
<Caltak> (( hear that? she's wearing a porn :P ))
<Alcar> lol! apron :p
<Caltak> (( ewww grandma porn... oh wait, it was a typo :P ))
<Than`^> "Uhm.. Hello.. Grandma.. "
<Caltak> (( "Gimme a dollar." ))
<Alcar> "Do you want some milk and cookies?"
<Than`^> "Oh, no thank you, I do not eat."
<Caltak> (( "...milk and cookies." *DUN DUN DUN* ))
<Alcar> Grandmother Beavis looks up at you sharply, then says midly. "Wise of you." and steps inside. "Would you like to come in? I find the summer weather tires me out."
* Than`^ steps in lightly, but not before wiping his feet, cause grandma beavis scares him just by the mere fact that she's on the list but she seems so normal and abnormal at the same time..
<Alcar> She turns back inside. On the back of her apron are the words "OR ELSE!" in bright red lettering :)
Quote 4458
<Alcar> The inside of the cottage .. err, home ... is immaculately clean and consists of a kitchen and small sitting room. You can smell things cooking in the kitchen and the sitting room is very nicely wallpapered in flowers. Black roses.
<Than`^> "Uhm.. actually, I just came here to tell you hello and give you a botmail address of mine.."
<Alcar> She looks at you, then says "But I seldom get visitors these days. Not after the children .... well. Never mind. I told them not to spray paint the fence. It's not my fault they were too big for the cook pot so I had to sick the wild hunt on their little precious selves. Now, what do you want?"
<Alcar> The AI begins searching for Brave Sir Robin
Quote 4459
<Elana-Silvereye> hey Alcar, can you think of anything?
<Elana-Silvereye> aslhk is tryin ta make a hacker and he wants something different than a sneak attack
<Alcar> replace sneak with avoid cyber government agents? :)
<aslhk> 'find the fed' =P
<Elana-Silvereye> that'd work good
<Alcar> sort of a 6th sense to spot law enforcement :p
<aslhk> I'm going to call 'Search' Dumpster Diving, if you don't mind
<Elana-Silvereye> you could substitute it for a computer sneak attack, like when hacking or sumthin
<aslhk> DoS attack! =P
Quote 4460
<aslhk> you start off with 'common' and that's it, right? none of that int bonus crap?
<Alcar> int bonus = more lanugages
<aslhk> damn
<aslhk> my character speaks a lot of langauges
<aslhk> he must've learned them on the Internet!
<aslhk> i'll give him programming languages =P
Quote 4461
* ThomasGarner is a short, plump teen with eyes that appear, on first glance to be red. A second glance will show that they are, in fact, brown, but happen to be very bloodshot. His hair is also brown. His shirt says , "There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't."
Quote 4462
<ElanaDM> last you saw was the oriental guy getting shot and the man in the black suit who done it walking toward the subway car
* Coris had decided trying to leave was stupid with the MIB there, so I'm following Mr. Trenchcoat
<ElanaDM> you head down the car then?
* Coris is almost considering being worried, too.
<ElanaDM> the subway car is up too full speed now, the celing handles swaying with the motion of the trackas under the train
Quote 4463
* Coris continues to head to the front, whistling inexpertly to himself to cover a nervous feeling in his stomach
<Coris> « Can I roll to see if butterflies of the stomach can cause hurricanes in Argentina? :p »
<ElanaDM> sure
<ElanaDM> maybee you'll get EXP
<Coris> « blinks. Uh, what kind of roll :p »
<ElanaDM> lol
<ElanaDM> jk
Quote 4464
<ElanaDM> MIB: "Why did you stop me?"
* Coris is no hero and stops trying to get free. He manages to look the MIB in the eys and says "Killing is wrong."
<ElanaDM> MIB: "so is terrorism"
<ElanaDM> he loosens his grip on you
<Coris> "I'm terrified of you right now!"
Quote 4465
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "That man was a know terrorist and was an acomplias to the other man in the subway"
<Coris> "Am I under arrest?" almost curiously
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "No I'm afraid not, but I'd like to ask you a few questions"
* Coris frowns at the I'm afraid not comment, working it out in his head, then says "Ok."
Quote 4466
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "What is your association with that man?"
<Coris> "I don't have one."
<Coris> "I just got on the subway."
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "Did he say anything to you?"
<Coris> "I asked him if anyone else was on the train, and he asked if anyone else got on. I said I didn't think so and he told me I should go back to my seat because it wasn't safe. Then you tried to shoot him, so I guess he was right."
<ElanaDM> he hands you a cell phone
* Coris looks at it in shock. "Uhm, those things fry brain cells you know."
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "If you see him again, I'd appreciate it if you called me"
Quote 4467
<ElanaDM> as your headed over there you notice a kid sitting at a computer enthralled in some shooter
<ElanaDM> he looks oddly familiar
* Coris looks at him curiously .. too young, but hmm ... and looks at the game
<ElanaDM> the game is apprantly some team game where the other team is trying to plant an explosive device as the other team tries to kill them all
<ElanaDM> as you watch you glance back at the kid and realize you saw him in the subway the previous day
* Coris looks away quickly, wondering why that day keeps trying to smack him in the face, and hurries to the dance to lose himself in some music
<ElanaDM> you go and dance amongst several girls to some nifty industrial techno
<ElanaDM> after dancing a bit you brush up against a certin girl that starts dancing with you and it takes you a moment to notice its the girl from the subway on your way home the previous day
* Coris stops dancing and goes for a stiff drink
* Coris resists the urge to look for Rod Serling :)
Quote 4468
<AlcarGM> AI: "System scan complete, Windows virus removed. All other operations as normal."
<Than`^> (( you're just getting wierd now alcar =p ))
<aslhk> ((now? =P))
<AlcarGM> « just? »
Quote 4469
<AlcarGM> the queen of the unseelie court thinks you tried to kill her now :)
<Baliadoc> through Than!?!
<AlcarGM> if she'd tried to kill than with your curse on, she might have died. So she thinks you set Than up, because only a complete idiot who enter the home of a queen of air and darkness alone without help
<Baliadoc> god dammit. i knew i should have just turned him into a lawn ornament.
Quote 4470
<Than`^> "Ah.. well, your appointment is soon."
<AlcarGM> <Kel> nods "He had a late night, I think. How was your day?"
<Than`^> "Uhm.. well.. I almost died.. *counts* One.. two.. thre.. four times, and the list I almost died for was altered to include the population of the world, other than that, I had a good day."
<Than`^> (( I hope zorro isn't on to me =P ))
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "four .. .times. What did you do, invade a can opener factory?"
<Than`^> " No, I just met some very paranoid people.. some were evil too.."
Quote 4471
<Than`^> "Kel, I need to name my ai.. any ideas?"
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "SuzyQ?"
<Than`^> "Hmm.. suzyq? that doesn't sound right.. I need something else.."
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "Robin Cook?"
<Than`^> "Robin would work.. I like it!"
<Than`^> AI: "Your new name is Robin. Now we just need to work on pronouns."
<Than`^> AI: "use them. use pronouns whenever you can."
<aslhk> ((lol! that's going to cause problems in the near future.))
Quote 4472
* Colm tells the person at the counter I had a weird dream I got shot .... and wants an x-ray to make sure I wasn't. Seriouisly.
<ElanaDM> the nurse at the receptions desk looks at you strangely and taps her pen methodicly on her clipboard
<Colm> "No, really. I thought I was shot last night and woke up and don't seem to have been," earnestly.
<ElanaDM> Nurse: "Well you know, X-rays arent cheap, I'd advise against that kind of thing over.. just a fit of Hypocondria"
<ElanaDM> she looks you over
<ElanaDM> Nurse: "Where were you shot then?"
<Colm> "I'm not a hpocondriac! I've got every disease except that!" j/k
<Colm> "I'm not a hpocondriac! .. I don't evne know what one is."
Quote 4473
<ElanaDM> as your sitting down to your coffee, or your fastfood, the phone rings
* Colm spills the coffee in his lap with a yelp and stares at the phone ... then slowly picks it up and tries to deepen his voice and give it a thick accent "Yas?"
<ElanaDM> you hear an oddly familiar voice
<ElanaDM> "Mr Harvers?"
<ElanaDM> "Are you enjoying your... Cofee?"
<Colm> "Nah. Dis is hees .. uhm .. neebour. He give me new pho ... " long pause, then. "Where are you?" nervously
<ElanaDM> "Its alright Mr. Harvers, or Colm if you prefer that"
<ElanaDM> "This is Vanderheist, I must apologize about last night"
<Colm> "About..... *gulps* "What - what happened? Are you dead?"
<ElanaDM> "No, luckily I managed to escape, I had a hard time of it though"
Quote 4474
<Cassie`^> I miss Sparkie
<ElanaDM> me too
<Cassie`^> did I just say that?
<Cassie`^> lol
<Cassie`^> I do though, really
<WarezBert> hehe
<Colm> lol
<Cassie`^> his neat little automation gave himi personality, to me, he was a real person, with little personality
<WarezBert> i don't miss the forest fires, but sparkie was a nice scitzoid fragment of your personality
<Cassie`^> actually he had lots of personality, just didn't talk much
Quote 4475
<ThomasGarner> ((day 1: ThomasGarner wets his pants. day 2: ThomasGarner goes to a lan party and manages to stay clean. day 3: ThomasGarner takes a dip in some sewage))
<Colm> « day1: Colm Havers fights an FBI agent because killing is wrong. Day 2: Colm goes to a party and gets shot by said agent. Day 3: Colm runs through a sewer being chased by said agent »
Quote 4476
<Matsushita_Takayama> This is your first lesson
<Matsushita_Takayama> Do this one thousand times with each hand, and return next week.
<Cassie`^> "Ok, loose untill I hit, got it.."
<Cassie`^> "Hit something?"
<Matsushita_Takayama> No, simply make a fist.
<Matsushita_Takayama> It is very important!
Quote 4477
* Andrew`- stands to the side of the doorway.
* Baliadoc has joined #game1
<Baliadoc> (rofl, you can't be serious :))
<Greg```> The room is empty except for a cot set up in the corner and the door. You hear the man approaching it. "I was kidding, sis. I mean, there aren't ghosts and people don't walk throuh walls."
<Greg```> « LOL! »
<Greg```> « Alternate UH, and sadly yes :p »
<Baliadoc> ((that's awesome :))
<Greg```> « making the world up as the game goes along :) »
<Andrew`-> (( This happened when I really wanted to play regular UH but we "couldnt" so this got invented :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((i'd like to play a character whose power is being the cornerstone of the plot, and then not show up ever. ;))
* Andrew`- (( beats Baliadoc's skull in with a rusty pipe, then dumps the body in the harbour. ))
Quote 4478
* Greg``` is in the bar, looking for a drink to remind him of his fading youth. he's an old, wisened human with little face under his wrinkles and is rather famous.
<Greg```> He's a wizard who made his fame doing things that would make others run and hide and settled down to retire but was called out by some annoying goddess he tried turning into a frog for bugging him. She ordered him to accept a job from someone and leave his family to their own lives after she managed to change back. He's now being followed by a perpetual rainstorm as her revenge.
<Greg```> He's left his famous cloak of protection at hiome, since the grandkids are using it as a bed for their youngest and his famous Staff of Tharaz seems to have been left behind as well, the rumours a demon destroyed it unfounded. (His daughter's dog gnawed on one of the important runes, evaoprated, and the staff no longer works. Well, it does, but for some reason he makes apricot jelly.)
<Greg```> He's wearing a travellers robe that smells of babies and has become an unknown shade of grey and holding a staff of power thats mostly a walking stick these days.
Quote 4479
<Clay```> "Alright freak boy, listen up! I don't know who you're talking about, who you are, or who I am. Until you stop locking missiles on me, I'm not gonna play nice!"
<Greg```> The armoured man chuckles, then a missile launches from one finger.
* Clay``` looks for any available route of dodging, and failing that, just puts his arms in front of his face and screams
<Greg```> lol. Ok.
<Greg```> The missile stops in front of your face.
* Clay``` opens his eyes, looking at it
<Clay```> "Uh... thank you?"
<Greg```> The man is staring at the missle.
<Greg```> He fires 3 more :P
Quote 4480
<AlcarGM> Clay discovers it's hard to run and .. well .. whatever he's doing when one of the missles explodes about 2' from him and sends him sprawling for a moment.
* Clay``` flies over to the side, looking around
<Clay```> "This is not cool. I could at least come with a warning that my omnipotence lasts only so long."
* Clay``` shakes his head and tries to regain his bearings
Quote 4481
<AlcarGM> The street is mostly now melted sludged. The buildings might have been ugly, but at least they were standing. now it looks like some earthquake had a field day. Some of the rocks are fused together and th gournd is fairly hot in some places where missiles hit .. close to 2 blocks of land reduced to smoking rubble.
<AlcarGM> <Greg> stares in awe. "If - if that guy who was fighting them survived this.... he's got to be damn lucky."
<Silvran> "Or crazy. Never forget crazy. Hes either lucky, crazy, or a god."
<Andrew`-> "Or a crazy lucky god."
Quote 4482
<Greg`> "Oh! Sorry. I'm Greg. I was, uh, looking for food and smelled you."
<Clay```> "Right..."
* Clay``` backs a little further up the rubble :)
* Greg` looks shocked. "I don't want to eat you!" He stops moving. "I mean, we were just hungry, and I was trying to smell living things, for food? Crap. This isn't going well, is it?"
<Clay```> "I'd say not. You'll have to excuse me, five cyborgs just tried to kill me."
<Clay```> "So i'm just a little jumpy."
<Greg`> "I noticed. I tried to help ... we got the kid out..." *shakes his head* "Andy and the others are outside. Do you know why they're after you?"
<Greg`> "Because you survived a war zone?" dryly.
<Clay```> "Okay, so I seem to be omnipotent. I wish they would've at least told me why, or how."
Quote 4483
<Clay```> "So, you have the same problem as me?" *to Silvran*
<Silvran> "Naw, I don't have any problems. Except whoever I touch either is healed miraculously or dies. Instantly."
* Clay``` blinks
<Clay```> "And that's not a problem?"
<Silvran> "Naw."
<Clay```> "Right."
<Clay```> "So you've always had it?"
<Silvran> "Er, well, I don't know."
<Silvran> "I woke up here not too long ago, killed someone, and its been downhill from there."
<Clay```> "You know, for someone having the same experience as I have so far, you've got a weird way of looking at things if it's not a problem."
<Silvran> "Someone has to be the optimist." *smiles*
Quote 4484
<Sin{Away}> "In days of old when knights were bold, and condoms weren't invented. They tied their socks about their cocks and babies were prevented."
Quote 4485
<Caltak> Let's all take wagers on the last digit of pi. Not that it has anything to do with Hubris. Or does it? Perhaps there was a little known hero in Wichita, Kansas known as Obscure Fact Man who indeed knew the last digit of pi, but was killed in the nuclear blast-- or at the very least was wounded and knocked his head on a wall, stone, or other suitably hard object and forgot.
<Caltak> Thought that's not likely.
<Caltak> But nothing ever is, until it happens a whole bunch of times.
<Baliadoc> right...
<Caltak> left.
<Alcar> the last digit is 8. but sideways :p
Quote 4486
<Elana-Silvereye> when was the last LOL&D3?
<Alcar> What do you want to play?
<Elana-Silvereye> I've only been in one session
<Alcar> 2 weeks ago :( I hate RL.
<Elana-Silvereye> wouldn't it be so much better if we could all be omni-potent beings that existed in this endless white void where our black telepathic thoughts spoke with eachother and we spent all day creating and participating in the histories of our own worlds?
Quote 4487
<Elana-Silvereye> thought you said it wus D&D?
<Alcar> yeah
<Elana-Silvereye> so you DO need my character sheet yah?
<AlcarDM> in theory, yes
<Elana-Silvereye> in theory?
<Elana-Silvereye> its not gonna be that screwy diceless D20 is it?
<AlcarDM> no
<Elana-Silvereye> ok
Quote 4488
* Elana-Silvereye sits at a table in the middle of the inn, conversing with four halflings
<Elana-Silvereye> "Really? a "one" ring you say?"
<Elana-Silvereye> ((j/k, sorta))
<Jastra> (( Mr. Underhill I presume ? ))
<AlcarDM> The halfings nods "It came out of this box of some magical food called 'crackerjack'"
<Elana-Silvereye> "Well I hope you find your Wizard freind Fodor"
<Jastra> (( If only I decided yo play Strider ))
<AlcarDM> The halfling nods "I thank you for the lone of gold to buy ad space in the paper. He might respond." The halfings leave and head outside the city, whereupon they get killed by some confused elves from Dark Sun.
Quote 4489
* Yuki-Takuri wants ta be fighting demons, as always
<AlcarGM> The demons and the ship they were on are currently in the river and haven't docked again
<AlcarGM> You could find Bali's pc and hunt him down but the player is missing :p
<AlcarGM> And you'd die, but that;s a minor side result :)
Quote 4490
<Yuki-Takuri> ((They went in to find Than's AI then?))
<AlcarGM> « Yeah, and got it and left »
<Yuki-Takuri> ((What kind of an understanding or relationship had I formed with the others so far?))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Oh, ok))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((nm about that then))
Quote 4491
* Yuki-Takuri trys to find her companions, the ones that healed her and helped her fight off the demons from the boat
<AlcarGM> They left via something .. you find tracks the UN is looking at, tracs of a vehicle that reeks of demonic power
<AlcarGM> A demon vehicle is new for you, but this is the USA after all. It's probably some cheap american car
Quote 4492
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> "What do you want me to do?"
<robin`> "First, keep your eyes, ears, and nose open. Don't ask around, though. I'll do that."
<robin`> "They'll probably send someone to try to kill me"
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> looks puzzled, trying to figure out if you don't want him to sleep (:p) then says "Why? You're human ......" then frowns "I think..."
<robin`> "So if you just keep an eye on me, you can follow that guy back."
<robin`> "They don't like people asking about them."
<robin`> "Most of the people killed in the inquisition were human"
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> "But that's stupid! Why would they kill other humans?"
<robin`> "They nuked a city block to get at one man."
<robin`> "Which reminds me. If you absolutely must get in a fight with a priest, don't kill him! Some of them have nuclear devices installed in their heads."
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> 's eyes glaze and he just nods, overwhelmed. "Oh."
Quote 4493
<AlcarGM> <Charon> says "I''m running a business," slowly, as if talking to a child. He points to the sign."See?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "The only buisness Demons deal in are souls and death!"
<AlcarGM> <Charon> raises a bushy eyebrow. "My. Guilty of the last, I assure you, but not the former. Who can take souls? Why would we want souls? How can we own them or get them?" He shakes his head "What use ahve I for souls?"
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Is this one more like a devil?))
<AlcarGM> « meaning? »
<Yuki-Takuri> ((jus wonderin if theres a bit of a D&D cosmology link as far as the Demons&Devils here are concerned))
<AlcarGM> « Hell no :p »
Quote 4494
<robin`> *chuckle* is there any particular protocol for Visiting the Unseelie Queen?
<AlcarGM> Just be really nice :p She's the oldest of the 3 unseelie queens (maiden, mother, grandmother) and - along iwth the seelie grandmother -oldest of the fae to survive coming to earth. The good news is that if she doesn't want you there, you won't find her place :)
<robin`> I don't know if that's really good news at all =P
<robin`> but I imagine she'll want me there, after all, I am extraordinarily charming
Quote 4495
<AlcarGM> You round a corner and come accross an old cemetary, mostly covered in ivy. In the middle of it is ad ainty looking home, much like a cottage. Nice white paint (fresh too), a picket fence around it (ditto color and fresh). The gate is unlached, but a small sign beside it says "I can get to this fence in .03 seconds? Can you?" And has a picture of Cthulhu, with "Beware of *a black spotch*" on it
<robin`> "Don't trust that sign. I'm sure she can make it faster than .03 seconds."
<AlcarGM> The sign writhes, Cthulhu ... moving ... on it, as if that is really Cthulhu. Maybe it is :p
<robin`> "Well, it looks like she's expecting us. That's good. I guess."
Quote 4496
<robin`> "Hello, grandma. It's been some time."
<robin`> "This is Tommy"
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> looks at you carefully, the nods "So it has." She smiles. "Be welcome to my home, then." She turns around and goes inside. On the back of the apron is a picture of Chernobyl.
Quote 4497
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> "Price? Hmm. Price. What do you think is fair?" to you.
<robin`> "It's a tough healing, and, of course, your time is worth a lot. But it would piss off the priests *shrugs* I am sure there are some things you could use weres for. A year's service each?"
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> thinks about that. "It has been a long time since I've had raunchy sex." She smiles prettily. "Top or bottom?" to Tommy. He looks horrified. She smiles. "This could be fun ..... "
<AlcarGM> « This NPC disturbs me :p »
<robin`> (( she's supposed to =P ))
<AlcarGM> « Disturb me as well as the players? :P »
<robin`> (( yeah! =P she's the oldest unseelie queen person =P))
<Than`^> (( aaaaaah!!! My eyes! my eyes!!!!!!!!! ))
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> "But perhaps ..... Hm." She looks at Tommy. "Child." Her voice doesn't change, but he snaps hsi head up as if struck. "I .... see. A rare talent indeed. No master in you, but you can smell us ..... Your service then, forever." You hear a stress on the word forever that the were doesn''t :p
* robin` coughs
<robin`> "Rather expensive."
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> ,about to say yes, hesitates.
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> looks at you carefully, her expression still mild and calm and serene. "Perhaps," in a very gentle voice.
Quote 4498
* Cal needs all his character to have at least 14 wisdom :P
<LadyIslay> hmm?
<LadyIslay> really?
<LadyIslay> I have a thing about my characters needing high cha.
<LadyIslay> Probably has to do with the fact that the first time I ever played, I made a character, and I put the lowest stat in Cha. When I tried to join the party, they decided that they didn't like me, so they killed me off. :(
<LadyIslay> that was in highschool
<LadyIslay> guess the boys didn't want to play with a girl
<LadyIslay> I never played again until I came here a few weeks ago
Quote 4499
<Andrew`-> "And um..." *looks at Greg* "You know, that's some really convincing shapechanging."
<Greg`> The wolf growls again and looks at Andrew .... hungrily .. then turns back to continue down the yellow corridor
<Silvran> "Greg.. Try and change back. Tell us what you are sensing. Or at least find me some food."
<Greg`> he seems to be ignoring you Silvran
* Andrew`- 'ears flatten and lets out a low scratchy growl (like pumas do) at the look, then blinks in surprise a bit at himself.
* Andrew`- looks at Clay and Silvran. "Wait, I think Greg's losing it."
* Silvran stops and turns around, starting to get angry.
<Silvran> "Lets just follow him."
<Andrew`-> "allright fine, but if we start making lost of turns, we're stopping and heading back."
<Andrew`-> (( I'd mark our path but that'd just be icky! :P ))
<Greg`> « you could ... :p »
<Andrew`-> (( yeah I know :P ))
<Andrew`-> (( "Ew what are you doing?!" "Hey, you'll thank me later when we get lost!" ))
Quote 4500
<Greg`> They ketpad has the numbers 1 to 5 on it, but that's all.
* Andrew`- enters the code he used on the other numberpad
<Greg`> The door doesn't open.
* Silvran enters the code "4-3-1-1"
<Greg`> The door shivers, then opens abrutply witha sigh
<Andrew`-> "Oh, nice."
<Silvran> "Whoa."
<Greg`> A sexless voice chimes "Thank you."
* Andrew`- looks at Silvran. "How'd you know it?"
<Silvran> "I was entering a numeric 'Hello' without the O."
* Andrew`- thinks about that a minute.
<Andrew`-> "OH! I get it."
<Andrew`-> "But wait, isn't Hello with the O He-- you know what? Nevermind, I'd better not mention it."