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Quote 4301
* Caltak doesnt understand why dragons in stories capture the princess then wait around and give the chance for them to be saved if they supposedly just want to eat them? :P
<Alcar> Knights make good meals :p
<Alcar> Crunchy on the outside, chewy ion the middle, well cooked by armour.
Quote 4302
<Caltak> Personally I dont think the virgin aspect matters much to a dragon except knights tend tow ant to save virgins more than whores :P
<Caltak> hmmm, then again... whos to say the only things dragons do with the virgin is eat them, eh? :P
* Caltak says no more :P
<Alcar> Knight: "I said a virgin!" PEasant: "She is one. My maiden aunt. Never married." Knight: "She's older than my father!"
Quote 4303
<Caltak> anyway where was I? OH YEAH! Alcar needs to run a game! yeah!! *jumps around*
<Alcar> What game, tho....
<Caltak> who cares?!
Quote 4304
<AlcarGM> It's Friday the 11th of October. You just left the hospital, unaware that you're wanted for questioning.
<Jer[Away]> ((Friday the 11th? Oi, that's so uncliche.))
Quote 4305
* Kyle-Redford looks up what his shift hours are today...
<AlcarGM> Until 2 pm. The rest of the shift passes without incident but you see odd shaodws and glimpses of something .. else... around people. The one teen with the enterprise flying behind him is paticularly startling.
<Kyle-Redford> .....
* Kyle-Redford goes home.
Quote 4306
<AlcarGM> Faline is basically a young girl who just broke up with her boyfriend .. she thinks. he left town last week after their date got a little close and personal and said he wasn't ready for commitment. At least the jerk wore a condom. Funny thing is that you don't recall the night after that and no one has seen him since....
<Hugh`-> lol
Quote 4307
<AlcarGM> So .... Kyle sits there and looks at Faline adoringly or? :p
<Kyle-Redford> yah it's her turn to speak ill just adore :)
<Faline`> (( oh I didn realize we had turn-based conversation :P ))
<Faline`> (( should I roll initiative? :P ))
Quote 4308
<Greg``> The man looks at andrew, then stares. "That's some screwed virus..." The woman (Gina) smiles at that. "Cute, though. Like a teddy bear." She looks at Andy carefully "Burn fast too.." then louder: "Explain how you got here first, kiddo."
<Greg``> « I just has the horrible idea to give Gina a pyromanic and give her a furry fetish. »
Quote 4309
<Greg``> The man steps back from Silvran's blow, startled but not really hurt, then lepas backwards, dropping the staff on the ground. He's pulling a gnu out of a pocket.
<Andrew`-> (( a gnu? in his pocket? wow, big pockets... :P ))
<Greg``> gun :p
<Andrew`-> (( ooooooh :P ))
<Greg``> « smacks Andrew. »
<Silvran> (<( why does gun in his pocket sound so.. sexual. )>)
<Greg``> « OH, wait, I've got an npc for that »
<Greg``> Karl shoots Andrew a few times in the head for the gm :p
<Greg``> j/k
Quote 4310
* Alcar is working on a revised free form game system for lolad3
<Veronica_Velvet> oh my god.. not lolad 3!!!
<Veronica_Velvet> revenge of the room mate of the son of feline, with a cameo of the rotting corspe of salem..
<Veronica_Velvet> sounds like a bad horror movie
Quote 4311
<AlcarGM> There is a loud whooshing noise and Charlie is buried in large brown leaves that look a lot like cabbage.
<CrazyCharlie> "Why don't it hurt?"
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks confused. "Hurt?"
<CrazyCharlie> "When things fall on you back home, it hurts."
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks shocked. "Windchimes are friendly!"
<AlcarGM> It makes perfect sense :) They don't like hurtting people :p
<AlcarGM> They're too friendly for gravity :)
<CrazyCharlie> it made sense to Charlie =P but it might just be because he just got hit in the head with a lot of cabbage
<AlcarGM> instead of Newton's Apple we have Charlie's Cabbage :p
Quote 4312
<CrazyCharlie> "They don't got airports in Russia?"
<AlcarGM> < Seri > gives Charlie a confused look. "..... what?"
<CrazyCharlie> "Wouldn't an airport be the fastest way back home? I don't know 'bout all this closin' your eyes and appearin' some place else."
<AlcarGM> < Seri > "You mean travel by dragon?" hesitantly.
<Mike_Splardonski> Dude, charlie, i don't think this is russia...
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks at Charlie and whispers "You know the names of worlds?" in a tone of awe.
<CrazyCharlie> "Don't everyone know 'bout Russia?"
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> stares in wonderment at this person who didn't know what to make of Boy 12's own name but can say the name of a world so casually.
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> shakes his head
* CrazyCharlie commands the demons Toilet and Sink! He conquered the mighty Mirror!
<AlcarGM> « LOL! Good point :) »
Quote 4313
<CrazyCharlie> I can't believe caltak's character ate arm-pit pressed leaves *laugh* there's no way any character I've played other than Charlie would even think of trying it =P
<AlcarGM> hehehehe. I know :)
Quote 4314
<AlcarGM> Mike: "Food?" he walks towards you, smiling a peculiar smile than makes you go cold, like a cat finding a small mouse
<Gage```> "That'd be a 'Hell no.' Just simmer down. What the hell happened to you?"
<AlcarGM> Mike looks at you curiously, as if he's never seen you before. "Food!" happily, an dbegins to bound accross the clearing. His fingers look .. sharper . .than you remember
<Gage```> "Wow. Pot really does screw you up."
* Gage``` sets his stick to receive charge
Quote 4315
<Gage```> "So, uh... Mike, right? Who're all your friends?"
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "They're fucking not fucking food," mournfully
* Gage``` looks at Mike2
<Gage```> "Dude, you've got some major issues."
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "Fuck, yeah!"
Quote 4316
* Alcar looks at Art's pc and has interesting thoughts of orpheus...
<aslhk> lol
* aslhk is frightened
* Alcar suspects Art should be too :)
<CrypticDeva> wasn't he the guy who had sex with little boys?
<ArthurQ> wha?
<aslhk> CrypticDeva: the first!
<Alcar> lol! Not that part of the myth :p
<CrypticDeva> suuuure ;b
<Alcar> But on the plus side Art's pc might be able to survive getting his head cut off. Sort of.
<ArthurQ> huh?
<ArthurQ> i could?
<aslhk> ArthurQ: sort of!
* ArthurQ wonders what Alcar is talking about...since he didint write any of this into the character
Quote 4317
<Mike_Splardonski> ...I used to be on the debate team
<Mike_Splardonski> Til I argued with the teacher about religion, and got kicked off
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ph34r the pothead debate skillz ))
<AlcarGM> « hehehe. "No, of course not. That buddhism stuff is stupid. I don't need to seek any four truths for inner peace, I just need pot." »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I was thinking more like "So this god dude is really nice, and shit, but like he makes all these people's lives suck, and that's just not cool... this god guy is a fucker!" ))
Quote 4318
<AlcarGM> You see 4 figures, one of them Mike 2. The other 3 are, well, ugly. They're 6-7' tall with skin that's a splotchy grey/green/brown with tuffs of black hair coming out randomly all over their hard, warty bodies. They're naked, but don't have any sexual characteristics you can identify to tell male from female. Mike2 is trying to drag one away from the other 2 :)
* Mike_Splardonski looks at mike2
<Mike_Splardonski> What are you doing?!
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "Food."
<Mike_Splardonski> Hey! No eating people, remember?
<Mike_Splardonski> It's ok, just let her go...
<AlcarGM> The one orc he's dragging away from the fire is smelling of something sharp and pungent, definitely fear.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol "The smell of fear!" ))
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "No eat?" He pouts and gives Mike an almost angry look, something cold and dark and hungry in his eyes. "No eat?" again, harshly.
* Mike_Splardonski looks at mike2 unflinchingly, opens his backpack, and hands him the rest of the chicken mcnuggets
<Mike_Splardonski> We'll get more food later, ok? Just calm down...
Quote 4319
<Gage```> "Well, if you'd like my take on it, life is what we do when we need some stories to tell during eternity. It's a nice break from the monotony."
<AlcarGM> <Barks By Moonlight> "Fall, I think."
<craaaaazycharlie> "Gonna be winter soon?"
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this guy must be totally weirded out now ;b ))
<AlcarGM> <Barks By Moonlight> "That's the usual progression, yes." He looks at Gage "That's an ... interesting take. I met a dragon once, in my youth, who said that the gods made us because they like stories.."
Quote 4320
<AlcarGM> The drinks taste like fermented urine. Since you've never heard of someone fermenting urine, it's basically a really sweet urine that actually isn't that bad, once you swallow it
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol! ))
<craaaaazycharlie> ((lol! how do we know what urine tastes like?! that's frightening! =P))
<SilverHZzzz> (<( alc... how do you know what urine tastes like? )>)
<SilverHZzzz> (<( better yet, how do you know what fermented urine tastes like? )>)
<AlcarGM> « Well, some of those parties mike was at ..... uhm, charlie did odd stuff in vietnam and err, well, gage has tried lots of health stuff. So there :p »
<craaaaazycharlie> ((SilverHZzzz: Don't ask questions I don't want the answer to!))
<AlcarGM> « I have no idea, it just seemed like a fun image :) »
<craaaaazycharlie> ((lol, it was! =P))
Quote 4321
<Gage```> "Hey, how do you navigate here? The stars just said hello."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks at gage "I doubt that. They do make a lot of random patterns tho, so saying hello could be one."
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> whispers "Navigate? Like, know where you're going? I didn't know people could do that."
Quote 4322
<AlcarGM> The birds continue to circle the stones and PCs, making no move to land. The air around them seems to ripple slightly and you see bats, and ravens, and doves, and other birds from your world in the air at well. Above them you see other birds, vague shapes like the dinosaurs of old...
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "What in the name of the gods?"
<Gage```> "Whoa. What's up with the normal stuff?"
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "You call this normal?!"
Quote 4323
<Gage```> "The birds. They're ours."
<Gage```> "Well, some of 'em."
<AlcarGM> <Seri>"That's not ...... are you sure?"
<Gage```> "Yeah. I can see ravens and doves and a bunch of other birds that I know."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "That's not possible. I closed the door, barred it...." she looks unnerved
<Gage```> "I think someone's jiggling the doorknob."
<craaaaazycharlie> "Maybe they came with McDonald's"
Quote 4324
<Gage```> "I mean, I like the woods as much as the next guy. Don't think I'm king, though."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> stares at Gage, the "you're joking, right?" look she normally reserves for Mike. "You killed the last king, so you're the new one. What part of that don't you get?"
<Gage```> "Well, the whole king part. I get the concept of taking over, but I could really use some history before I'm properly overwhelmed."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "You can ... refuse it," hesitantly. "I've been told it's been done before."
<Gage```> "I'm not even sure what it entails."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "Nor am I. It's just an old story ..... but you people seem to be making your own stories."
<Gage```> "That's annoying. You'd think I'd do research before writing it."
Quote 4325
<Baliadoc> wow. the US is so screwed up :)
<Baliadoc> yeah. it's like a playground for hate
<Jeramias> Isn't that kind of what we are now?
<Jeramias> In other nations hate is huge, but here it is just kind of a little thing that is in the corner that we kind of ignore.
<Baliadoc> i'd say we're more of a playground for stupidity, right now.
<Baliadoc> hate's the guy that comes in and gives stupidity something shiny to play with, while he takes the sandbox.
Quote 4326
<aslhk> *laugh* now, what're you thinking about playing this time, Jeramias?
<Jeramias> A burnt out, neverwas superhero :)
<aslhk> sounds like fun!
<Alcar> yeah, lolad super hero'd be scary....
<Alcar> "You're a vampire, and you fight crime? Sure you're name isn't Batman?" "Shut up!"
<Jeramias> Actually, my character is going to be convinced that he is the hellish spawn of water and fire, but in actuality one day he just had a bad cold.
<Alcar> Uhm.
<Alcar> Run that by me again.
Quote 4327
<Jeramias> He had cold one day and managed to convince himself in his delusions that he actually had super powers
<Jeramias> luckilly he was involved in a convinient accident that actually did give him weak powers before he managed to get himself killed
<aslhk> I read that wrong =P
<aslhk> and was like "So he's dead?" =P
<Alcar> so he's dead?
<Jeramias> No, he's not dead. He would've been dead had he not conveiniently gaining useful powers like knowing the temperature at any given point on the dark side of Jupiter's moon Europa
<aslhk> I see!
<aslhk> I can see how they could help save your life
<aslhk> If you know a lot of temperatures, you can call them up and ask them to harass people!
<Jeramias> You see where I'm going with this then? :)
Quote 4328
<Jeramias> I know you're only on for a sec, but I was BSing char ideas for LOLAD3 with firestrom
<Alcar> Whats the idea?
<Jeramias> and I told him that my character would clash with his preist because my character, despite being the ultimate atheist, is actually God because he accidentally set off the Big Bang
<Jeramias> And I decided that was a slightly more stupid idea than my retarded superhero idea ;)
Quote 4329
<crazycharlie`> should I put people my character owns in the equipment section on the lolad character sheet? =P
Quote 4330
<AlcarGM> Belinda and Gage wander off behind the hill to have wild, passionate sex as befits NPCed PCs. If I'd been having a bad day, I'd wonder about pregnancy, too :P
Quote 4331
<crazycharlie`> "Can you help him? Use that healin' word on him?" (to Boy 12)
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole dubiously, then whispers "Do you want me to?" to charlie
<crazycharlie`> "Well, if he hadn't held that thing off we'd prob'ly have died. We gotta at least try."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( of course! what group is complete without a homicidal demon with the mentality of a 3 y/o? ))
<crazycharlie`> ((indeed!))
Quote 4332
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole, and concentrates
<AlcarGM> The hole shimmers slightly, like a thing alive.
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at it, whispering one word very quietly, then seems to acquire presence, personality, a strength of will and purpose .. for a moment you see the adult that miht have been where he is, then Boy 12 smiles at charlie, an honest smile, and says in a normal tone of voice, painfully. "By my name, I serve you now."
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole. "Here is food." The warping air flows towards and engulfs him before you realise what he meant.
<crazycharlie`> ((lol, how evil =P))
<crazycharlie`> "Wait! Shit!"
<AlcarGM> « he was obeying you :) »
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "He didn't mean...."
<crazycharlie`> "I didn't mean..."
<Mike_Splardonski> Um...
* crazycharlie` looks horrified, then sad, then exhausted. Then he starts to cry.
<AlcarGM> "Bob" seems to form out of the air, drawing sustenance from a child once called Odell who gave his Name to two strangers from another world. Bob looks just like Mike, as usual, and looks around nervously for a moment. "That fucking sucked."
Quote 4333
<ArthurQ> Dr. Evil has been spotted on a volcanic island in the south pacific.
<ArthurQ> Mini-me supposedly owns Starbucks.....which merged with Taco Bell. The only two surviving franchises.
<Baliadoc> Tacobucks?
<ArthurQ> Considetally people living "on the boarder" have started using taco shells as currency!
<ArthurQ> Foodstamps would be called Tacobucks!
<Baliadoc> so you can go to a fast food joint that gets you coffee and mexican food from a hose? ... i'm somehow frightened by that.
<Alcar> McDonalds would survive .. maybe have them band together into one big franchise ... and become a city inside new york :( McLand
<ArthurQ> McDonalds has been serving fahitas for a lnog time.....and Burger King started serving Taco's
<Baliadoc> McTacoBucks... pardon me while i go scream into the night.
Quote 4334
<Sin{away}> is carnal intimacy with a lycanthrope considered bestiality? or does that change with the phases of the moon?
Quote 4335
<Alcar> So anything goes magic-wise. You wish, it happens. Tho obliterating entire cities etc. is a bit much. Only God does that :) Demons prefer to introduce malls.
<Baliadoc> ROFL
<Baliadoc> right! that's perfectly fine with me. I'm not going to go all willy nilly with it anyway, i just like knowing it's there :)
* Baliadoc starts the game by plugging himself into NYC's power generators, and tries to power the world!
<Alcar> rofl
Quote 4336
<Alcar> btw, if anyone has played in/ran free form campaigns, feel free to toss idead/experiences onto the dark-waves free form chat in the game1 section. Never played in one myself for any real length of time, or ran one with more than 2 players :)
<ArthurQ> Free Form = NO DM, NO RULES, Godmod fests where most characters end up cybering in side rooms
* ArthurQ grumbles
<Baliadoc> that was quick.
Quote 4337
<Chaos`^> Please note miller now has a critisism topic under the ooc board, please use it, but read the rules first (top post) Anhy critisism of my previous games that you don't want to see happen here is welcome untill I begin the game
<Alcar> Oh.
* Alcar is afraid that might be a problem, Chaos.
<Chaos`^> what might be a problem?
<Alcar> There's a word limit on posts.
<Alcar> J/K
Quote 4338
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> smiles at the animals and walks towards them. They just stare at him. He reaches them, and smiles, showing lots of teeth and a very larger than normal jaw, turning his hands into claws. He picks one of the squirrel/birds up and rips it's head off. The other animals just stare at Gage, not spooking or moving. The animal killed utters no sound
<AlcarGM> Charlie doesn't sense Charlie close by, which is rather fortunate. The air where "Gary" vanished does look .. odd, though
* Gage``` blinks
* Mike_Splardonski mutters something mostly unintelligible, you can make something out about 'getting some serious help'
<Gage```> "What the heck? Why aren't they moving?"
<Mike_Splardonski> That's just fucking weird
<Mike_Splardonski> You know, I think if anything normal happened, it would be really fucking weird, too
Quote 4339
* CrazyCharlie thwaps "Bob" with something blunt and begins yelling at him to stop, somewhat frantically.
<AlcarGM> The small rat-sized cockroach with 4 legs and fur is alive. It just looks at Gage with no expression he can decipher
<Gage```> "God blasted stupid bird things! What the heck do you want!?"
<Gage```> "And you! Stop eating them!" *to Bob*
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this is gonna get ugly :< ))
* Mike_Splardonski looks around groggily
<CrazyCharlie> (( probably *laugh* ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Um, c'mere for a second, Bob, k?
* Mike_Splardonski grabs his stuff and starts walking up the hill
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> eats another then turns on Crazy Charlie. His body looks scaled currently, with some spikes, and his eyes glow with a hostile gleam. A gleam much like Charlie.... He growls, then looks at Mike. After a moment, he looks just like Mike again and follows Mike, giving the remaining animals a sad look
* Gage``` blinks, looking at Bob
<Gage```> "That's... uh... scary."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Adventurer's Rule #23: Be nice to "friendly" demons, as they can quickly become unfriendly (no quotes). ))
Quote 4340
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> looks at Mike when they stop. "You said they were food," in a resentful, sulky voice. Mike experiences a weird deja vu since it sounds just like he did at 14 going through the start of his rebellion phase :)
<Mike_Splardonski> We're leaving, man... don't worry, I'm sure there'll be a lot of food on the way to... wherever we're going
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> eyes Mike coldly, then nods.
<CrazyCharlie> ((aww, poor "Bob"))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I know! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( your characters had better be vegetarians, that's all i'm saying ;b ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( biting something's head off is a lot more humane than raising it in living conditions so atrocious that it needs more antibiotics than food in order to keep it from dying of myriad diseases, then butchering it mechanically while it is still conscious, ya know ;b ))
Quote 4341
* Gage``` will look for a stick when he feels safe that Bob isn't going to rip him to shreds :)
<AlcarGM> Bob is trying to find out how to protect Mike from a brain in a jar right now so you're safe :)
Quote 4342
<AlcarGM> The PCs continue east, somewhat north, following a pot smoker who thinks this is all a dream then?
<Mike_Splardonski> (( sounds like a wise choice to me! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I have 9 points in lucky! ;) ))
* CrazyCharlie figures we'll find Belinda when we encounter the Brain in a Jar.
* Gage``` is starting to worry that if he's taken by something besides a Brain in a Jar, the other PCs won't care :)
Quote 4343
<Mike_Splardonski> bwahahah
<Mike_Splardonski> the law of universal pc gravitation dictates that they MUST follow me wherever I go!
<AlcarGM> Remind me to tell you of the Mopdez incident sometime :)
<AlcarGM> Let's just say it involved a pc being a loner (in the stupid, always on his own way) deciding to go north alone when the DM was busy and another pc had come from the north and said not to go there. To summarize: 6 irate farmers kill a level 6 2nd edition psioncist who has an artifact :)
<Gage```> i still love that death :)
<Gage```> my favorite one of all time, i think :)
<AlcarGM> Same :)
<AlcarGM> it was the best because the player forgot - actually forgot - his artifact could make him intoa werewolf and save him.
<Gage```> yeah, i loved that :)
Quote 4344
<AlcarGM> The PCS continue northwards, bound east to Roankoke (and Oz, perhaps?) searching for a way hope, stranded friends, and a giant brain guarded from evil by suicidal birds and a demon.
<AlcarGM> - End of Session 0
<Alcar> This game gets progressively stranger.....
<CrypticDeva> totally ;b
<CrypticDeva> i liek it
<Gage```> you know, that qualifies for one of the weirdest, and most correct, summings up of a group of PCs in one of your games.
Quote 4345
* Baliadoc found a more amusing combination of spells today. takes a fairly high level wizard or sorcerer/druid, though.
<Baliadoc> well, you take the Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus feats in Enchantment. Then, when you hit level 5 spells, you choose feeblemind as one of your spells. It'll be nearly impossible to resist at that point, and so then, as the druid, you save up your animal friendship ability from 1st level. By defintion of the power, you can make anything with animal-like intelligence your friend. So you feeblemind your enemy, then make them your friend :)
<aslhk> Baliadoc: *laugh* that's silly! But I thought they actually had to *be* animals
<Baliadoc> technically, yes :)
<Baliadoc> but I think if you're inventive enough to turn your enemies into drooling husks, you deserve a little reward :)
<Alcar> polymorph other :)
<Baliadoc> besides, humans are animals. they're just really smart ones.
<Baliadoc> till you feeblemind them.
Quote 4346
<Sintaqx> For those epsilon players interested, I did the first World Journal page in the News section. should give you some insight as to what's goin g on in the game world.
<Baliadoc> oh Sin, you still need people for Alpha team? i'd like to join
<Alcar> Bali - Are you sure? I"m rping the psychologist.
<aslhk> lol
<Baliadoc> lol, that's a selling point ;)
<Baliadoc> you as a psychologist should be interesting :)
<Sintaqx> haha
Quote 4347
<Than`^> "I will not shoot people?"
* Angelus-- hands Than a dictionary
<Angelus--> input that information...
* Angelus-- hopes he can read
* Than`^ looks at the book
<Than`^> "It is too large."
<Angelus--> what do you mean to large?
<Angelus--> (i swear if he is trying to pop the book in like a floppy disk im gonna smack you)
* Than`^ tries to put it into his interface slot, but it fails to go in.. in the process, than pushes too hard and the dictionary's spine is ripped
* Angelus-- smacks Than`^ oocly
Quote 4348
<Alcar> vampire former gfs going possessive would be a bit too cruel
<Alcar> "I need a blood transfusion! My gf won't stalk me if I'm O negative."
Quote 4349
<Baliadoc> i want to own every PC by the end of the game :)
<Baliadoc> hell, the end? i'd rather own them all within the first two sessions or so.
Quote 4350
<Aaron```> oh, and what was the price i asked, anyway? :)
<AlcarGM> I don't know. Any in mind? :)
<Aaron```> this is kinda simple, and i almost take pity on him. eh, it's a woman thing. I do him a favor; he won't be able to make long lasting relationships anymore. women will find him attractive briefly, but won't hold much regard for him beyond that. except the one that's still on him right now :)
<Aaron```> and you know, I was feeling particularly nice. If he can deal with the problem non-violently, the "curse" is lifted.
<Aaron```> that's non-violently on both their parts, mind you :)
<AlcarGM> Lasher is faline, plus pms + paranoid
<Aaron```> dear bittsweet jesus, he's gonna earn this one.
Quote 4351
<Angelus--> Shouldnt you come built in with tons of interface cords?
<Angelus--> Check your insides or something
* Than`^ shrugs "I have never had access to my body compartments, but I believe they would be empty. The only one I know of and could ever use was my back compartment."
* Angelus-- gives than a screwdriver
<Angelus--> well start lookin
<Angelus--> *grin*
<AlcarGM> « Than finds his programming forbids self stimulation? :P »
<Than`^> "I do not have the flexability to search my entire body." *hands screwdriver to Angelus*
Quote 4352
<Angelus--> so anything we can use?
* Than`^ sifts through the pile
<Than`^> "Ammunition..."
<Than`^> "Something the gm hasn't described yet.."
<Than`^> "Here is bubblegum.. where did I get that?"
<Than`^> "It is probably worth money.. alot."
<Angelus--> bubblegum?
<Aaron```> (("These are... sextoys. I was... male prostitute for a while. I am much embarrassed by it."))
Quote 4353
<Jeramias> I've got so many powers that I don't even remember them all!
Quote 4354
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "That might not be wise. Unless you'd like to get possessed?"
* Aaron``` raises an eyebrow
<Aaron```> "Explain."
<AlcarGM> The man smiles thinnly. "Zorro."
* Aaron``` looks at you VERY skeptically
<Aaron```> "You would promise me the soul of Zorro? He may be none too pleased."
<AlcarGM> "I will give it, or you can have that of a dragon. The dragon has agreed."
* Aaron``` isn't sure he should have put "very" in all caps the first time
Quote 4355
<AlcarGM> <Edward DeAth> stops in the doorway "Ah! I almost forgot. The Wanderer was passing by this time and told me to let you know the Creator is here. He thought you'd like to know that."
<Aaron```> ((by Creator he means... El Dio? The Big Cheese? Daddy of the Slick J?))
<AlcarGM> « The Creator. The Big Fella. Maker of the Universe :) »
* Aaron``` looks up
<Aaron```> "What is He doing here?"
<AlcarGM> <Edward DeAth> looks amused. "Being an atheist, I was told."
Quote 4356
<aslhk> *laugh* should we happen to have a lolad 3 session when you aren't here, Alcar, do you want the logs? =P
<Alcar> SUre, or a summary :)
<Alcar> Feel free to if you want :)
Quote 4357
<FirestormZero> whats your char again ?
<Baliadoc> he's a demon/fallen angel
<FirestormZero> your character and mine will get along.... not at all
<Baliadoc> yup yup, his goal is to own all the other pc's souls by the end of the game :)
<FirestormZero> heheehehe i can already see i am at odds with the group
<FirestormZero> im like a neo palidan
<FirestormZero> with blessed powers from god :)
<FirestormZero> and i hunt the impure for a living
<FirestormZero> and then theres a necromancer dead rights activist in the group
<Baliadoc> hunting the impure, though... that'll bring up interesting philosophical conversations.
<FirestormZero> silly demon, satan is for kids!
Quote 4358
<aslhk> what does he do with the souls?
<Baliadoc> my pc? generally sends them to hell. he has sort've pledged himself to following satan and all that. but he's really up front about what he'll be doing to you. he's got some major issues.
<aslhk> what does satan want souls for!?
<Baliadoc> uh... he always does?
<Baliadoc> he's like the lord of hell. souls are his schtick.
<aslhk> but why? =P
<Baliadoc> spread his influence on earth. get the word out and all that.
<aslhk> but how does getting souls help spread his influence on Earth? *laugh*
<Baliadoc> because if people go around soulless, it's like saying "ha ha! i own them now!" to god? it's like a whole cosmic battle thing, dude.
Quote 4359
<Than`^> If you got that, then the rest of this book should make sense. If you didn't, drugs might help it make sense. If it still doesn't, my condolences.
<Than`^> that's just funny
* Alcar laughs. it was written to make fun of new age, though :p
<Than`^> it's still funny =p
<Than`^> 'drugs might help' is really funny cause alot of books are against drugs, but you just sound like you're ON drugs =p
<Alcar> .... and thats a good thing?
Quote 4360
* Alexander-Anderson glances at Robin ((do i have an apartment or something around here?))
<Alexander-Anderson> "Do you have a car?"
<AlcarGM> The Order had one for you close to the water, about 4 blocks south. You might have some trouble explaining why you're not dead to them though :)
<Alexander-Anderson> ((Aren't they used to me surviving strange things by now?))
<AlcarGM> « not being nuked :) »
Quote 4361
<AlcarGM> You recognise the light. Family-sized Nuke
<AlcarGM> They're implanted in people's brains, go off and wipe out a city block
<Than`^> why?
<AlcarGM> why what?
<Than`^> why are they implanted?
<Than`^> and do I have one ;)
<AlcarGM> They're implanted as last ditch weapons by psychopaths. And no, you don't :)
Quote 4362
<Robin``> <Robin``> "What happened here?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Foul Sorcerery."
<Alexander-Anderson> ((is the mage very likely to be dead?))
<Robin``> "A mage did this?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Yes, a practitionar of the Dark Arts, condemned to spend eternity with satan, caused this."
<AlcarGM> « If it was anyone else, you'd say yes :) Since he teleported there, he might have gotten away. You don't know. You were busy being dead. »
Quote 4363
<AlcarGM> Aaron - the city block is basically dead bodies, blood and broken buildings. The building in the centre is literally dust and 2 people are coming away from it, alive or something. One of them is naked, human and armed. The other is human and looks like an annoying person :)
<Alexander-Anderson> "If you can get me out of here, and help me board somewhere than I will give you the story."
<Alexander-Anderson> ((i put on the clothes i found...))
<AlcarGM> « I know. »
<Alexander-Anderson> ((so im wearing bloody clothing))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((oh ok ^_^))
* Aaron``` stares at the two of them briefly, wishing they weren't in the middle of ground zero, because then he could ignore them, like the rest of the meat.
Quote 4364
<AlcarGM> <Kel > looks as scared as Angelus has ever seen him, maybe even more scared of Aaron than he is of Lasher :)
<Angelus--> (Hey! does that make Kel the Cowardly Lion and me the Straw Man without a brain? If Than is the Tinman and Fern is Dorithy?)
<Aaron````> "That isn't the way I conduct business. You are more than welcome to leave, but if you wish to speak, we shall do so with your friends. They grow impatient."
<Than`^> (( That's sad.. ))
<AlcarGM> « ..... *hides* »
<Angelus--> (makes sense tho!)
Quote 4365
* Fern` takes one look at this Aaron person and makes a dart for the door.. making a varity of symbols to ward off evil, but do you dedect a one finger peace sign?
* Fern` rather not find the bed chamber in this place...
Quote 4366
* Fern` just hopes the menfolk have enough sense not to strike ANY deals with this charater, and frantily searches for a way out.. if she has not left allready
<Aaron````> ((like I said Fern`, i offered you the front door. it honestly leads outside! :))
<Than`^> (( Fern's just paranoid.. ))
<Fern`> (( wonders if aaron has read his evil-guy handbook... and would let a damsel just walk away))
<Than`^> (( Acute paranoia, one of the many signs of hunger. ))
<Aaron````> ((you just perceive me as evil. it's all in the eye of the beholder!))
<AlcarGM> « The disintigration beam eye »
Quote 4367
<Alexander-Anderson> "Our order protects the righteous believers of god, from the hellspawned monstrosities that wish to claim the souls of the innocent."
<Alexander-Anderson> "I am an agent of this organization, you may refer to me as Templar, for I must remain annoynmous."
<Robin``> "Am I correct in assuming this is a Christian Organization?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "We serve the one true religion of God."
<Robin``> "Oh, Islamic, then." *scribbles*
<Alexander-Anderson> "Not the infidels..."
<Robin``> *scratch scratch*
<Robin``> "Not Christian, Not Islamic?"
<Alexander-Anderson> ((nice one ^_^))
Quote 4368
<Angelus--> OH! I know how to explain it
<Angelus--> I think
<Angelus--> Remember back in the 90's there was a startrek series......uh..... Voyager i think
<Angelus--> They had this.... Holowachamacolit doctor guy.
<AlcarGM> <Kel > cringes
<Angelus--> My mom made me watch videos when i was a kid...
<Aaron````> "Ah yes, Voyager. I remember that deal fondly."
Quote 4369
<Alexander-Anderson> "What about yourself? Is Jesus Christ your Saviour?"
<Robin``> "Well, as a journalist, I try to maintain an impartial stance."
<Alexander-Anderson> "An open mind is one that Satan may enter, you would be wise to develope a relationship with Jesus, especially in these times."
Quote 4370
<AlcarGM> The whole neighbourhood is cramped homes like that, all painted red. They're well maintained. Behind a door you hear laughter, innocent and care free
<AlcarGM> A woman's voice on the other side of the door calls out "The door is open?" and giggles.
<Robin``> "This is the place."
* Robin`` opens the door. =P
<AlcarGM> A naked girl waves to Robin "Oh, Mikey! You brought us a friend?" She smiles winsomely and bats her eyes at Alex "Oh! he's cute, too!"
<Alexander-Anderson> ((how old is girl?))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((if this is a whorehouse.... things are gonna get interesting))
<Robin``> ((this is a whore house =P))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((I pity you. ^_^))
Quote 4371
<Angelus--> I have a better idea..
<Angelus--> If you have the right cable....and Rj34534 or something....
<Angelus--> You can download the contract right into him.
<Aaron````> "Hmm... a novel idea. A moment."
<Than`^> (( Don't you mean upload? ))
<Angelus--> ((Like i said......his concepts are skewed...he has a HS GED...not a college one!)
Quote 4372
<AlcarGM> the girl stops giggling and stares at Alex in astonishment. "You should ta -- oh, wait, I like you better like this."
* Alexander-Anderson is stunned.
<AlcarGM> She sashays towards Alex
<Alexander-Anderson> "Excuse me, I am chaste!
<Alexander-Anderson> "You dare to insinuate that I would.... stoop to..."
* Alexander-Anderson looks outraged, embarassed, and horrified.
<Alexander-Anderson> "What is your name girl?"
<AlcarGM> The girl stares at Alex, a coldly calculating look far too old for her in her eyes. Scornfully: "So the little solider came to attention all on his own?"
<AlcarGM> « Girl: "Lilith" »
Quote 4373
<Alexander-Anderson> "Amy... may I please have some clothing?"
<AlcarGM> Amy gives Alex a disbelieving look. "What for?"
<Alexander-Anderson> returns the disbelieving look "What do you mean what for?"
<AlcarGM> Amy: "Hello? I'm over here? Geeze." you're looking right at her, though.. "it gets in the way, duh! God meant for us to be naked, why do you think we were born that way?"
<Robin``> "She's got a point. It wasn't until Adam and Eve became all self-conscious about their nakedness that sin began.
<Robin``> "Are you sure you're all right, man?"
<Alexander-Anderson> ".... but it did begin and one must not flaunt sexuality."
<Alexander-Anderson> "I will be fine... show me to my room and please bring me some clothing."
Quote 4374
<AlcarGM> The girl looks to be in a state of shock. "It's *cold* out here and this nut wants to debate religion? We flaunt what we got, buster!"
<Alexander-Anderson> Misfortunate girl, I will make it a personal mission to return her to the path of god.
<Alexander-Anderson> ((mental note))
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "And stop looking at that wall! You want to get into fucking religion? The damned bible said we had to wear clothing because men were scared of women! You see a naked woman and you react, unless you're queer? Please, don't tell me he's queer mike?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "I am not "queer"!"
<Robin``> "Well, *ahem* I mean, if you'll look, you'll see it's unlikely." *gestures*
Quote 4375
<Alexander-Anderson> "Er if I may use your computer, mine is in the appartment."
<Robin``> "The one that exploded?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "That was Tobin's appartment.... sorry for not clarifying."
<Robin``> "If you have an apartment, why do you need a place to stay?"
<Robin``> "This isn't some kind of reality show, is it?"
* Robin`` looks around for cameras
<AlcarGM> You see the GM getting quotes for Sparkie :p
<Alexander-Anderson> "Because they believe I am dead... and I was, which I will explain to you later."
Quote 4376
* Aaron```` pulls open a drawer and pulls out the AI
<Angelus--> Whats that?
<Aaron````> "This, is the AI."
<Angelus--> But...how....
<Angelus--> You had it all along? o.0
<Than`^> "I have no real need to have an AI, it is only for society's sake that I get one."
* Than`^ turns to Aaron
<Aaron````> "I am merely curious as to why he is searching for it. This is certainly a fascinating little toy."
<Aaron````> "You see, I have a deep-seeded need for knowledge."
<Than`^> "An attack on an AI of Russia is to be considered an attack on one of my soldiers."
<Angelus--> One of your soldiers?
<Angelus--> Than......your a cyborg in the middle of Brooklyn.....you HAVE no soldiers.
* Than`^ cocks his head in a "If you're feeling frogish leap" kind of tilt
Quote 4377
<Alexander-Anderson> "Please show me to my room, I've had a long day..."
<Robin``> "Yeah, I'd like to get that story off you as well."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Sure.."
<Robin``> "You'll have to pay first, though." *leads him to a computer*
<AlcarGM> They've got a small basic terminal set up. It's pink.
<AlcarGM> The screen saver is several women, 2 men, and a goat.
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "Live feed from downstairs. It's soundproofed," proudly
Quote 4378
<Alexander-Anderson> I have a high limit, so i had better withdraw enough to help me get resuplied.
* Alexander-Anderson withdraws as much as i can within reason and places it in my special unmarked personal account
<AlcarGM> <Amy> giggles at the high limit remark. "I do to! 40 men in a day. The record is 48, but candice cheated."
<Robin``> "And how!"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Have you no shame..."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "I can't afford it," a trifly flatly.
<AlcarGM> Ok, how much are you paying for the room then,. in US dollars?
<Alexander-Anderson> ((How much does a motel 6 cost now?))
<Robin``> ((lol, she just said "I can't afford it" in reference to shame, and you're going to pay her for a motel 6? =P Some Priest you are! =P))
Quote 4379
<Robin``> "Keep in mind that while you're in that room, they can't *ahem* use it."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Alright. Under condition I don't have to hear anything strange."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "Like what?" innocently. She smirks
<Alexander-Anderson> "Like screaming, shouting, thumping, or vibrating."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Any animals as well."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "What about me?" She smiles, like the little whore of babylon she is :p
<Alexander-Anderson> ((Alcar... for saying that you rock.))
<Alexander-Anderson> "I do not wish to hear you having intercourse, or anything like it."
Quote 4380
<AlcarGM> <Amy> sighs and nods, leading Alex up to an empty room with a large bed and hot tub
<AlcarGM> the hot tub is filled with jello, currently.
<Alexander-Anderson> "Thank you very much....!"
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "We can get you cuttlery if you're hungry?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Umm may i borrow some clothes from you, im sure some guys have left them here..."
* Alexander-Anderson looks at imprints in jello.
<Alexander-Anderson> "No thank you."
Quote 4381
<Alcar> Were chicken who snapped after seeing one too many kfc ads...
<aslhk> a were chicken would be funny
<Alcar> "There is one chicken for every human! As a master were I have an ARMY!"
<Alcar> You know, this could make an interesting npc...
<aslhk> you should do it!
<aslhk> *laugh* a cyborg going up against an army of chickens is a funny image anyway
* Alcar could see it, pcs having breakfast when 50 chickens barge in and attempt to kill everyone eating eggs
<aslhk> or chicken!
* Sin{Away} can see it too.. and that's what scares me
Quote 4382
<Chaos`^> I think my next character is going to be...
<Chaos`^> hrm..
<Alcar> outcast vampire? "I was outcast because I used the regular fork as a salad fork at the century conclave."
<Chaos`^> I've done an outcast vampire
<Chaos`^> alben
<Alcar> were chicken on a rampage?
<Chaos`^> no
<Chaos`^> that's just stupid
<Alcar> thats going to be an npc :)
<Chaos`^> uhm...
<Chaos`^> Alcar, you have issues, seriously
<Alcar> which ones?
<Chaos`^> which whats?
<Alcar> which issues?
* Alcar is trying to collect the set
Quote 4383
* Alcar has figured out the main LoLaD3 plot. Faline has twins, one (daughter) was taken away and raised by Faline's father so that she can grow up to bring balance between weres and vamps. She likes using technology a lot and builds things better than professionals. She's also going to grow up to be more evil than Faline, but no one knows that.
<Alcar> And .. hmm .... she gets taught by a secret ninja school, even though she's too old for it.
<Caltak> ... Seriously, I hope you're joking.
* Alcar was earlier.
* Alcar hopes I still am :)
<Caltak> do me a favor and try really hard to still be kidding.
Quote 4384
* Robin`` goes somewhere private and tries for the "Vulnerable Female" look
<Geroge> <( Robin is a female? No need for you to be in peril then! I'm there! )>
<Robin``> ((lol =P Robin is male and female!))
<Than`^> (( Uh... ))
<Geroge> <( What an interesting development. I guess I'll just have to get slightly more drunk. )>
Quote 4385
<AlcarGM> Fern - the sense of magic is fading, oddly enough, as if something was waking up and went back to sleep. the air feels oddly tight around the area, almost fragile in some indefinable way.
* Fern` takes out a small sling, and puts a stone covered in runes in it.. " just in case..."
* Than`^ keeps his eyes on that area, but stays on his path
<AlcarGM> Than - you see a large cargo vessel close to the docks. The crew (asian) are all holding automatic weapons and firing towards some boxes on the dock like they just went to an ammo sale
* Fern` wonders if they have a fear of high prices, or its just another shippment of poke'mon toys..
Quote 4386
<Geroge> <( for someone who goes to all the trouble of getting me in here to "save" you, you sure are eager to be rid of me :) )>
* Geroge starts off, but then pauses, does a half turn back and throws Vulnerable Woman his business card, then runs off towards the gunfire
<Robin``> (( lol, I was practicing being mugged! =P))
Quote 4387
<Geroge> what class is the speach for, and is the cinema class really as exciting as it sounds? ;)
<Baliadoc> and it has to be an informative speech. what it's going to be on is the question, still :)
<AlcarGM> Fictional future movies and contractual obligations, a speech by Tyler about demons and cyborgs, or the relationship of producers and mass-produced writers in 2020. via allegory.
<AlcarGM> Then recite the #game1 session log :p
<Baliadoc> ROFLMAO
<Baliadoc> wow. if i didn't think my teacher would go all psycho and kill me, i'd do it :)
<Than`^> Recite the contract you made for Than =p
<Than`^> and the substantial case and probable outcome
Quote 4388
<Than`^> "We have to be at the edge of town before nightfall, that was the plan, we must stick to it or I will be held responsible."
* Fern` shrugs " well.. i guess we should go... i would hate for you to loose your soul over nothing
Quote 4389
<Elana-Silvereye> oh Al, I figured out the differance between heroic gameplay and having a game that has fun fighting/action sequences
<Alcar> Oh?
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol&d3 would have been heroic if we killed all the guys on the boat
<Elana-Silvereye> but it wouldn't have been realistic
* Alcar blinks
<Alcar> How does that work? :p
Quote 4390
* ArtQ-AFK plays to BE a hero......not to die in the first 20 mintues.....same reason he hates low level games
<Alcar> thats why I love low levle games. PCS can die. They face honest threats from packs of wild dogs.
* Alcar finds it's also more fun to rp, but that's me.
<ArtQ-AFK> Id rather face those threats from some huge monster then a fucking cat with 4 hp
Quote 4391
<Kantizuni> I want to play d&d3e, but the local gaming club scares me tremendously..
<aslhk> the only time i've been in there, three people started yelling at cabbage because he mentioned that d20 rolls only allow for 5% modifications of difficulty, so the most difficult thing possible in the world has a 5% chance of happening =P
Quote 4392
<CrypticDeva> he believes that since there is an unlimited amount of life force out there, just waiting to take form, it is just sad that there is so little life in the world, etc.
<Alcar> Hmm, there'd likely be pro-life groups that disagree :)
<aslhk> "pro-life" groups? =P
<Alcar> humans :P
<CrypticDeva> he is totally pro-life!
<CrypticDeva> more life = more better!
<Alcar> They'd say that raising the dead kills. "People are raising more dead and causing more still born babies!"
<CrypticDeva> How does that work?
<aslhk> CrypticDeva: it doesn't have to work!
<Alcar> exacctly :) Propaganda is fun :P
<CrypticDeva> that's retarded ;b
<CrypticDeva> heheh
<CrypticDeva> but realistic :<
<CrypticDeva> DAMN YOU, GOD!
Quote 4393
<AlcarGM> To sum up the day: Earlier this morning, someone nuked a city block for reasons no one knows. The only person who does know died in it, but he's ok now. About 20-30 minutes ago a automatic-weapon fight between a very outmatched were and some sailors on a ship broke out, which was intervened in by some passing strangers. The ship fled, leaving the were in New York.
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( You can see that over IRC?! ))
<Jeramias> <( you can tell by its affect on the earth's gravitational pull, actually. )>
<Gemm> (this sounds like that one day in Hubris..)
<AlcarGM> « lol »
<Robin``> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> « It's ALL pc caused :P »
<AlcarGM> « cept the nuke. Somewhat. »
Quote 4394
<Geroge> well, then I never would've been able to furnish it in the first place... Maybe there should just be a restriction on how often I can go there?
<Geroge> *sighs* I'm thinking way too much for a game with no rules :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<Geroge> So I can use it as the worlds largest bag of holding, I just won't abuse it.
* Geroge 's head explodes because of the lack of restricting rules ;)
Quote 4395
<AlcarGM> What's Geroge doing with his monkeys?
<Angelus> (Uhg, i sure hope he isint shaking hands with them..)
<Aaron```> (a line that could only be referring to one of Jer's characters :)
Quote 4396
<Angelus> "Arron, tell Than to make his escape! Please....."
* Than`^ jumps off the side and grabs onto a counter wiegt cord or pipe or something
<AlcarGM> Than grabs the weight, accompanied by a loud creaking noise.
* Than`^ hopes this means he's going down slowly..
<Aaron```> "I need not tell Than. He knows when to escape, I would assume."
<Aaron```> "His ride shall be waiting."
* Aaron``` disappears
<AlcarGM> As Aaroon says that Than was leaping into an elevator shaft :P
Quote 4397
<Angelus> should a god contradict himself then the very world would be destroyed.
<Angelus> never seen Dogma have you?
<Than`^> Yeah, I have
<Than`^> but lolad is kind of differant ;)
<Angelus> bah!
<Angelus> Both have streets full of dead people
<Angelus> evil angels
<Than`^> you have a point
<Angelus> weird apostles
<Angelus> and shit demons
<Angelus> I wouldnt be suprised if the whole Jay and Silent Bob Series was SET in LOLAD somewhere
<Aaron```> you don't think Kevin Smith became popular because people liked his stuff, do you? *waves a contract in your face*
Quote 4398
<Geroge> "I'm not technically a mage. I'm just here to help."
<robin``> "Invincible? Impressive."
<Geroge> "Does that say invincible? I'll have to get that fixed with my printer."
<AlcarGM> « "It should read invisible." »
<robin``> "Well, what about immunity? And Chronomaster?"
Quote 4399
* Than`^ pulls out his cord and plugs it into the small disck and his card
<AlcarGM> The Microsoft Windows 95 start-up screen fills Than's vision, including a dark, rearing horse to the left side of the screen, a large black bird with outstretched wings to the top right of the image, a rock star just to the right of the Windows logo (the top corner points to the back of his neck).
<AlcarGM> And across the center and left of the logo, a couple are making love (just above the upper left corner of the logo, the man's cheek and eye can be seen; his partner's neck extends from the bottom left of the logo through the 's' of Microsoft
<AlcarGM> And Than realises he has been tricked! Or maybe not.
<AlcarGM> Than feels himself get more aware as the AI slips into him, filling him with emotions, knowledge and causing a bit of a headache :)
* Than`^ wonders what the whole windows thing was about
<Angelus``> (does it use the backdoor? :-P)
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( session highlights: Than`^ get's astrally sodomized by his AI ))
Quote 4400
* Angelus`` runs into the house and gets changed.....he comes out with what looks like a new nose peircing...bright red hair...a leather vest and for what second looks like a Kilt...
* Angelus`` also has on spiked leather bracers
* Than`^ scans his memory for the un computer, most particularly, the secret stuff he just got from the un building ;)
<Angelus``> "hey you think that scottish chick at the club will go for me now?"
* Angelus`` immitates a bad irish accent
<Angelus``> "I can do et"
* Than`^ stares at Angelus
* Angelus`` does the fat bastard dance
<Than`^> "No." *blankly*
<Angelus``> "What do you know.....the closest thing you got to getting laid is putting a cord in a wall socket."