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Quote 4201
* Alcar got an Unknown Armies book. 5 one shot adventures. Everything from a jail break ot terroroism to the end of the world. It's great reading.
* Alcar 's favourite line is about what happens if the players attack a drunk old fart who's friends try and take him away from the pcs (the drunk guy said some vague thrests) "If the players attack him, they could kill him easily - he's too drunk to fight - and in doing so they will start a riot. 400 outraged locals will rip them, and any other nearby tourists, to shreds. Oh well."
Quote 4202
* Tim``` leaves the actual mechanics to work on things, and decides to be assertive and takes a leadership course :)
<Skrath> Leadership for dummies: Lesson 1. Wear Brown Pants.
<Tim```> purple is more authoratative :p
<ArthurQ> Red
<ArthurQ> for TNG days
<Skrath> (brown shows less... discoloration.... under stress)
* Tim``` is an android. That doesn't apply :p
<Skrath> (oh, DarkEternity, you forgot to mention to Tim the, umm, improvements, I made to him?)
Quote 4203
<DarkEternity> lets begin with the torso
<DarkEternity> going to roll?
<OffonOff> 1d20 16\8\4
<Sparkie> OffonOff 1d20: 20 16\8\4
<OffonOff> no lets begin by replacing the bot
<OffonOff> 1d20 16\8\4
<Brick-Wall> OffonOff 1d20: 18 16\8\4
<Sparkie> OffonOff 1d20: 1 16\8\4
<OffonOff> ok i realy don't give a fuck any more!
Quote 4204
<DarkEternity> ArthurQ brings the ship into a uncontrolable spin heading twards the enemy
<Tim```> "Interesting idea of evasive tactics," icily
<DarkEternity> Oddly tim picks the right timeing when the ship spins to fire the laser blasts coming down on the enemy
* OffonOff over the com "now there is a new tactic"
<Tim```> "Wheel of fortune," sarcasticallly. "Now, can you get us out of the spin?"
<ArthurQ> well this way its harder to hit our vital areas
Quote 4205
<Dorthos> A quick question... if one's drinking on a mud they're playing, and drinking IRL, is that not a good idea, or just really good RP?
Quote 4206
* Got_Tass proposes a new game
<Got_Tass> dance dance revolution mixed with an old Mexican folk lore
<Got_Tass> Dance Dance chupacabra
<Got_Tass> a game where you dance and suck out the insides of goats to modern day pop tunes!
Quote 4207
* [francesca] wonders if the GM in AlcarGM stands for "genetically modified"
Quote 4208
* Rhaet``` seems to know where he's going. whether everyone is smart enough to follow is their business.
* Rhaet``` on the note of the others being smart, Rhaet is also looking for a new party to join when this one dies in the cold :)
Quote 4209
<Argenton`^> ok alcar, I'll be back in about an hour, I just keep attacking till I die :)
<AlcarDM> Oh, ok.
* ** Argenton`^ Quit (Quit: )
* Rhaet``` looks over at Argenton
<AlcarDM> Argenton attacks the enemy. As there currently he none, he's attacking either the snow, or the other players.
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 1d100: 56
<Rhaet```> "Argenton, why're you stabbing your horse to death?"
<AlcarDM> Ok, everyone prepare to be attacked .. :p
Quote 4210
<Rhaet```> "I really don't hope so, but I just get a bad feeling she's alright."
<AlcarDM> <Cally> looks confused. "A what?"
<AlcarDM> You can hear the undead behind you all.... distant, but there.
<Rhaet```> "A bad feeling."
<Rhaet```> "let's go."
* Rhaet``` starts moving fast
<AlcarDM> <Cally> "That Rose is all right?"
<Rhaet```> "yes."
Quote 4211
<AlcarDM> The 2 younger dwarves see *humans* two. one of them screams a battle cry.
<Rhaet```> "Ah good. At least some of the others are feeling spunky."
<Rose`-`> "Intoresting...." *while moving out of the dwarfs way*
<AlcarDM> The older dwarf says something in dwarvish, sharply ("Will you dishonor us, fool?") but an axe is already flying through the air
* Vengath` stops it mid air with a spell
<Rhaet```> "Oh, there's no dishonor. You spend a little time with them and see how far they've regressed, and you'll simply see it's a waste of a good axe."
Quote 4212
<Rose`-`> "You do know Rhaet that you are part Earth Elimental?"
<Rhaet```> "Yes Rose, thank you. We'll talk about that later."
<AlcarDM> The old dwarf stars, hard, at Rhaet "Elemental?" in a cold voice. "You dishonour the people by allying with one of Those? Explain yourself, youngling!"
* Rhaet``` gives Rose a biiiiiig "Thank you" look, if by thank you i mean "I can't wait to spread your entrails through these mountains." which is exactly what i mean.
Quote 4213
* Mike_Splardonski opens the door carefully, and peeks out, not sure what to expect
<AlcarGM> Mike sees a succu -- err, a woman. She's tall, athletic, with long brown hair framing amused green eyes. She smiles at you. "You're pretty good."
* Mike_Splardonski looks her over, smiles, and says, "Thanks..."
* Mike_Splardonski spins his mental wheels for a moment
<AlcarGM> The woman ducks :p
<Mike_Splardonski> You wanna... play together, or something?
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<Mike_Splardonski> *quickly* like a duet...
<AlcarGM> The woman looks surprised, then laughs softly. "Well, if you can play anything other that really sad stuff, sure. We could liven this place up."
* Mike_Splardonski thinks about what he just said and bursts out laughing
<Mike_Splardonski> Yeah, I can do that... I'm feeling much better now *smiles*
Quote 4214
* Mike_Splardonski buys a bag of chips and a coke
<Mike_Splardonski> "You want anything?"
<AlcarGM> Tina looks away from the girl behind the counter "Uhm, water would be fine."
* Mike_Splardonski gets her a water
<Mike_Splardonski> (( "oh, on a diet... I understand" *knowing look* <--- suicidal move ))
Quote 4215
<AlcarGM> LMAO!
<AlcarGM> <Gage```> "Uh... gotcha. Right. Uhm... what are you? Where am I? How did I survive the attack by that homeless guy?"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Fairy: "Homeless man?"
<AlcarGM> <Gage```> "This guy with a sword attacked me. I think he was mad I broke the branch on that tree."
<AlcarGM> New definition for the king of the wood "That homeless guy"
Quote 4216
<ElanaDM> The Work bats Taura's swords away from striking it with its massive treetrunk sized mandibles
<ElanaDM> ((*Work ^u^))
<ElanaDM> ((Gah! *Worm, though i guess Work is just as loathsome))
Quote 4217
<Baliadoc> hmmm... okay. So FD, what were you talking about about needing to be alerted to the occult?
<Caltak> well these days, that is pretty normal
<Alcar> Baliadoc - Oh, hust what Trigger Event makes your pc(s) aware that there is more to the world than they expected
<Caltak> "I didn't know Bublicious came in that many flavors! My mind has beeen blown!!"
<Alcar> LOL Caltak. No :p
Quote 4218
<Alcar> Hugh's Dad: "Oh, so you can't come over for dinner because something odd is happening? Son, I know all about odd, I married your mo - Ok, I know you don't like me saying that ... It's strange?! Boy, I've seen misery before! I've seen pain, and paranoia, and insanity - and that was just during the divorce. Out with it!"
Quote 4219
<Hugh`-> god not the clockworks! *curls up into a ball and rocks back and forth*
<Hugh`-> in retrospect, I shouyld've made a Self check when I found out I was a clockwork :P
<Hugh`-> or did I?
<AlcarGM> Well, you weren't "you" so no :) I wasn't reaslly using the checks in UA1 anyhow.
<Hugh`-> lol I noticed
<Hugh`-> my parents are robots! IThere are giant barbies weilding weapons! I become a clockwork and nearly kill my friend! I then wake up in a room with an S&M wet dream robot! and not one check! :P
Quote 4220
<Hugh`-> Hugh as a Paranormal Investigator: "I've uncovered numerous government conspiracies, such as ones concerning aliens, bigfoot, and what exactly I Cant believe Its Not Butter actually is! Plus I have all this proof!" "Wow! How did you do it?" "I Uh... well see... I can sort of read minds and uh.." *other guy yanks off shades* "OH MY GOD! You're an ALIEN!" :P
Quote 4221
<AlcarGM> They go back next door to finish playing d&d. The GM, in an act of dramatic heroism, makes no references to any games ever held here.
<Hugh`-> (( did they shut the door or leave it open? ))
<Falsedragon> (awwwww...)
<AlcarGM> « shut it »
<Hugh`-> (( yeah False, shut-- oh, you mean the door :P ))
Quote 4222
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> looks startled for a moment, and guilty. Somewhat stiffly "I .. owe you, as well.Is there .. something you'd want?"
<Hugh`-> "Oh, plenty." *slow sip* "Nothing you could give me, though." *pause a moment, in thought, then looks at her.* "Just... stay alive, okay? That's what I want. Keep yourself safe."
<Tsume> (People always want the impossible =P)
<Sparkie> (( I know! Like that Caltak person, wanting rolls below 90 of all things .... ))
<Hugh`-> (( *punch* ))
<Tsume> (*Nicole walks outside, gets run over by greyhound buse, semi, and dodge ram with a speedboat*)
<Hugh`-> (( *steal a certain dagger from Sintaqx, and waves it threateningly at Sparkie* ))
<Chaos`^> (( ROFL ))
<Tsume> (*who swirve off road to avoid atomic bomb radius which magicly ends right before Nicole's dead corpse*)
<Chaos`^> (( i forgot about that knife ))
Quote 4223
<Eladar> any one in 'ere looking for a 3e campaign?
<Alcar> Not I.
<sgilley> Maybe
<Eladar> its like pulling teeth to find a group to start a game =
Quote 4224
<AlcarGM> The man up front reading has told the driver he plans to go to Innsmouth, but doesn't mind if they go to Whitehil first.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( yay! ))
<AlcarGM> The couple in the back don't seem to really have an opinion :p
<Mike_Splardonski> (( uh oh, they MUST be cultists, then O_o ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( they're too busy to have an opinion :P ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( busy PLOTTING THE RETURN OF THE ELDER GODS! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( <--- player is paranoid now ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « While having sex? THAT takes dedication :p *Oh, yes, baby, ye -- Lord Shoggoth is commmmmiinn -- ohhh -- Oh! Hail lord..." »
Quote 4225
<AlcarGM> <Todd> shakes his head, then begins walking towards the Tombs. "You bring any mace or anything, in case things get ... problematic?"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( "Nope, no mace, but I did bring this flail..." :P ))
Quote 4226
<AlcarGM> Ma nods and bellows: "Bacon an' two. 2 of 'em." And gets Tina some coffee. She gives you some bottled orange juice with an expiry date from last year.
* Mike_Splardonski looks at the bottle disdainfully
<Mike_Splardonski> Hey... this juice is, like, 6 months expired...
<AlcarGM> Ma: "It's ok, we keep it in the fridge.' She scowls. "It's just a trick by them companies to make us buy more, anyway. The stuff is fine. Just like the milk."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( USA! USA! ))
Quote 4227
<AlcarGM> The man reading his book giggles, the sound high and abrupt. "Arth'ba'Toch comes and He is hungry. I'm sorry, really, but you're all going to be His breakfast." He continues reading.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( "Yeah, A ones are worse, they have much better special effects, so the monsters are more dangerous." ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Um... yeah...
<Mike_Splardonski> Dude, you need to remember to take your medication...
<AlcarGM> The man flips another page and looks up. His eyes are glowing a shade of pink that clashes horribly with the wall colour. "I? I? I who have seen into the heart of the universe and beheld the Court? I who hear the Pipers playing the song of songs? You all know nothing! Nothing!"
* Mike_Splardonski backs away slowly
<Mike_Splardonski> *to Tina* Let's get the hell out of here...
<Mike_Splardonski> (( pink eye is contagious! ))
Quote 4228
* Mike_Splardonski lights his pipe and takes a big hit
<AlcarGM> The GM remains thankful the fox isn't empathic .....
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> It actually takes longer than usual (imagine that!) but you calm down slowly. The fox keeps watching you, intently, but doesn't come closer
* Mike_Splardonski shakes his head and giggles
<AlcarGM> « "The entire army is all in a state of .. of .. bliss! What foul being has caused this?" "Oh, that's Mike." "Is it in disguise?" »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( the world's first drug dealer ;b ))
Quote 4229
* Mike_Splardonski tries to think now that he is more calm
<Tsume> ((Roll Think check))
<Sparkie> Mike_Splardonski 1d10-3: 0
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))
<Tsume> ((Wis -Pot -Nervousness -hyper +Calm? =P)
Quote 4230
<AlcarGM> TaoPoo - You waken up in this other world, with the sun having risen in the *south* and Gage nowhere in sight. You don't even see tracks from his bike anywhere and the walking tree seems to have vanished. On the other hand, the tree you slept against ws really comfy, even if you're clothing is covered by an awful lot of tree sap
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ewwwwww ))
<AlcarGM> « *looks really, really innocent* »
* TaoPoo closes his eyes and tries really hard to ignore the annoying tree sap
* TaoPoo stands feeling sticky all over
<Belinda_Forrester> (( how many times has that happened to you before? :P ))
Quote 4231
<AlcarGM> The fox sneezes again, then Mike blinks, or thinks he does, and Mike is standing there looking at Mike. This Mike only has one shadow, though.
<Mike_Splardonski> What the fuck?!
<AlcarGM> Mike mimes eating, looking happy.
* Mike_Splardonski boggles
<Belinda_Forrester> (( it was cuter before :P ))
<AlcarGM> Mike boggles back at Mike
* TaoPoo startles violently "Ahh!" and falls out of his lotus position with something less then grace
<AlcarGM> Mike looks at Mike, then smiles happily "What the fuck?!"
* Mike_Splardonski laughs
<Mike_Splardonski> *quietly to himself* This is really fucking weird...
<AlcarGM> « In the ages to come, the historian of the People delicately decides to forget this important first language sharing experiment.... »
Quote 4232
<TaoPoo> ((less cursing would be apreciated actually))
<TaoPoo> ((we only have so many of them it would be a shame to use them all up))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( we don want the shapeshifter just learning swears, do we? :) ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « well, curse words are the first people learn about other languages.." »
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol, that is indeed the case))
<TaoPoo> ((thats all fine and good but if we use them all the time they lose all their meaning. cusing should be used like surgical strike not a carpet bombing))
Quote 4233
<AlcarGM> <Todd> "No, stay ..... you don't want to see me."
<Belinda_Forrester> "What? Why not?"
<AlcarGM> <Todd> "You just don't. It took .. a lot to get away. Trigger happy insane cops... I think the other thing is dead. The cop was lighting it on fire when I ran away."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Lighting it... on fire..."
<Belinda_Forrester> "..."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Right..."
<AlcarGM> Lance as a homicidal maniac is kinda cool :)
Quote 4234
<Mike_Splardonski> ...I... think it just went out and killed that dude *looks rather ill*
<AlcarGM> Mike(2) nods, happily, then looks a bit pensive. "Food?"
* TaoPoo speaks woodenly as if recalling a phrase he was told to use "Sorry I'm alergic to 'Dwarf'"
<AlcarGM> Mike(2) looks confused, then looks down at th dwarf "New food?"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( oh cmon, Dwarves are full of vitamins and minerals. especial minerals :P ))
<TaoPoo> "I prefer to eat things that I could have a conversation with"
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol =P))
<TaoPoo> "er I prefer NOT to eat things that I could have a conversation with"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( oh ok lol ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( I was about to say ))
Quote 4235
<AlcarGM> The small cats seem to be some odd cross between cats and squirrels... with really sharp teeth.
* TaoPoo cooks up the cats with out complaint, since he comes from india :)
* TaoPoo skins em, skewers em, and mounts em over a fire.
<TaoPoo> while they cook he'll look around for some herbs and tree sap or what ever would add some nice flavor
* Belinda_Forrester (( shakes head. ))
<TaoPoo> ((Im sure theres tree sap about :P
<AlcarGM> Ok, TaoPoo manages to actually find some stuff - the grey bushes leaves create a nice added spicy flavour that makes the poor dead cat things taste NOT like chicken :p
Quote 4236
<AlcarGM> Mike(2) eats one of the lolad kittens happily.
<AlcarGM> « resists the urge to actually name them that... »
<Keith`> gofor it
<Keith`> give LOLAD the royal screw job
<Keith`> dull the shine
<Keith`> put a few dings and holes in it
Quote 4237
<AlcarGM> You're both full, sated, and ... uhm,what are you doing about the dead dwarf?
* Mike_Splardonski is ignoring it with all his might
* TaoPoo was asking if anyone knows how dwarfs like to be buried but didn't get a responce
<Mike_Splardonski> (( i responded! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I said "i don't know shit" ;b ))
<TaoPoo> ((man I gotta get this guy off the phone))
<AlcarGM> « lol. And Mike2 would probably eat the dwarf :) »
<TaoPoo> ((besides you always say that :P))
Quote 4238
* TaoPoo decides to follow the way and do what ever is easier, burn it, or bury it
<AlcarGM> The moss/grass/spongy stuff is easy enough to cut open and shove a body into.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( it eats your hand ))
* TaoPoo does that and scraches a note near by, "Find enclosed one dwarf" hoping he's translating that apropreately
Quote 4239
<Caltak> friggin stars take way too long to get anything done, too... lazy bastards. :P
* Alcar has come to an important revelation: The Great Old Ones are unionized.
Quote 4240
* aslhk has been keeping game notes on his character sheet:
<aslhk> Game Notes: He's met a weird girl and terrorized a K-mart clerk! Now he's hanging out in some weird place in Russia, apparently. It's warmer than he'd expected, even in summer =P
Quote 4241
<ElanaDM> Taura, you help him with the walls, and digg several lines of concealed ditches in the battlefeils in front of the walls, as well as establish a small stockade in front of the feild
<ElanaDM> you also help constucting some nasty seige traps taght to you by your father back in your Minotaur village
<Taura``> yay
<Sandra`-> (( build a maze around it! :P ))
<Taura``> I love doing that
<Sandra`-> (( you know you wanna! ))
<Julithya> (Run away!! Ahhh crap we're lost in the Lazerinth!)
<Taura``> (only if someone knew a wall of some sort of shrubery)
<Sandra`-> (( Army comes, tries to navigate maze, gets split up and lost, minotaur goes through and takes them out one by one :P ))
<Taura``> (Mine father never taught me of mazes...)
<Sandra`-> (( so what, its a natural instinct thing anyway :) ))
Quote 4242
<ElanaDM> everyone make a will save DC30
<FirestormZero> ((thats not a comforting thing to hear :) ))
Quote 4243
<ElanaDM> ((Who has good ping I wanna change servers))
<Taura``> (Well it says I've been going PING? PONG!, thats a good thing, yes?)
<ElanaDM> ((everyone plays pingpong))
<Alcar> And Lo! The heroes ventured forth into uncertain lands, seeing the Ping to Pong, or the Pong with which to Ping. They were uncertain, but that did not stop them! They really didn't know why they wre togehter, but they trusted the gods! They were on a Great Mission ... because, hell, they're expendable.
<Alcar> It was the time of Disassociated Servers, and they tried to stay together amid the tulmult of the changing lands, cursing the net of the god Dal ...
<Taura``> ya, venturing forth will bring many happy days so that all may have hot communication
Quote 4244
<Vesthyl> "Do you want me to get another scroll or twelve, or just wait for your blindness to end?"
<Elminster> "It seems like some sort of god given protection or some such thing"
<Elminster> "No, I can dispell it myself, I can move my arms and such now."
* Cthulhu_Lunatic he starts to cast a spell and then when he finishes he smiles
<Cthulhu_Lunatic> "Ah, that's better, you think I was going to be experimenting without those spells memorized?"
<Vesthyl> "If you do try a more damaging spell as a test.. forewarn me so I can be outside...."
Quote 4245
<AlcarGM> Bill: "WYou just need to be back here with the story by 2 am for us to get it out with the morning edition.
* Joshua_Evans nods. "I have a camera at home, how long do you want the story to be?"
<AlcarGM> Bill: "As long as you like." Then he realises he's speaking to a university student *and* (horror of horrors) a philosophy major. He adds, quickly, "About 1200 words as a rough maximum."
* Joshua_Evans nods, smiling.
Quote 4246
<AlcarGM> one of the mine workers, a big tough guy named Barney Rubble (His parents didn't like him) is planning to kill Isaac before "the binding is examined," whatever that means. His 3 bodies are willing as well, he's convinced them Isaac is a homosexual commie facist pinko hippie.
<AlcarGM> who is also going to take over their jobs.
<Hugh`-> (( sheesh thats some convincing ))
Quote 4247
<AlcarGM> Josh - you're go. You can wack him.
<Joshua_Evans> d100 swordsmanship (pool cue is LIKE a saber :) )
<Sparkie> Joshua_Evans d100: 43 swordsmanship (pool cue is LIKE a saber :) )
<AlcarGM> « LOL! »
Quote 4248
<AlcarGM> <Isaac Dane> (to Josh) "You have a choice. Walk away from this, write the kids show part. Forget it."
* Hugh`- says nothing, quite pointedly :P
* Joshua_Evans shakes his head. "I can't."
<AlcarGM> <Isaac Dane> looks at Joshua for a long moment, then says sadly "And if I told you you should?" ... "Once you step beyond the fields you know you can't go back." then, softly: "And forward is just insanity.."
<Hugh`-> "Oh cmon, don't tell us you're going to pull a journalistic integrity thing on us, you've only been at it not even a day."
Quote 4249
<Mestaath> ("Speaking of Enchanting blades, I once met this lovely young cutlass in a bar. Well, she looked so lonely just standing there, so I decided to go over and introduce myself. Well, no sooner had I opened my mouth than she slapped me and stormed off, saying she doesn't talk to bastards.")
Quote 4250
<Berinthaliax> "Wait lemme read the glowing runes on this box first....hmm...delayed...bla..."
Quote 4251
<Berinthaliax> "Wow these glasses make all the women look like demons here you gotta try these on!"
Quote 4252
<Berinthaliax> "That guy in the black armor isnt evil you guys just dont know a rich man when you see one"
Quote 4253
<Marcus_Fenway> "Look I found the head of Vecna! Who wants it?"
Quote 4254
<Berinthaliax> "If I put this bag of holding...in my bag of holding, i'll have TWICE the space!!..."
Quote 4255
<Berinthaliax> "Thats a pretty nice dragon look he has a light for us down the tunnel"
Quote 4256
<Marcus_Fenway> "I found this nechlace on a corpse in a dungeon last week... I think I'll give it to the queen as a gift"
Quote 4257
<Gemm> Hey Alcar, you seen that new d20 Modern that Wizards is releasing soon?
<Alcar> Nope.
<Alcar> If it changed hp so that if someon points a shutgun at you, shoots you and you freaking well die, then I'll call it modern :)
<Gemm> oh well I saw it tues, at my friends house. I heard him say something like, "oh finally a modern game type"
<Gemm> I thought he was just joking
Quote 4258
<Kyle-Redford> "Yes, I am here to get information about the missing gravestone. May I have your name, sir?
<AlcarGM> The man looks at you, then says "Charles Evans. And you are?" even as he herds you out of the actual funeral.
<Kyle-Redford> "Kyle Redford" I say as I jot down his name on a Case report paper.
<AlcarGM> He waits.
<Kyle-Redford> "May I ask whose tombstone it was?"
<AlcarGM> Charles Evans: "You may."
<Kyle-Redford> (Ass) I think to myself.
<Kyle-Redford> "Charles do you know I can detain you for up to 72 hours without any reason?"
<Kyle-Redford> "More to the point, Whose tombstone was it?"
Quote 4259
<AlcarGM> he hands you a business card :) "Isaac Dane, Professional Magician." www.333.net email: magician@333.net"
<Rithek> (what the hell kinda module is this?)
<Hugh`-> (( pardon? ))
<Rithek> (business cards?)
<Hugh`-> (( yeah, what of it? ))
<Joshua_Evans> (it's not D&D dude)
<Rithek> (ah...)
<Hugh`-> (( oh I see, you jumped to conclusions and thought this was D&D ))
<AlcarGM> « Wait, you find him having a busines card wronng but not email? :p Besides, I've known D&D pcs with business cards, like Gel :p »
<Hugh`-> (( thats true Alcar :) ))
<Rithek> (no no no. I just didn't bother mentioning the obvious)
Quote 4260
<AlcarGM> ok, one of the sergeants, Mrs. Evans is there. She's Charles brother in law and is currently looking for some information online
<Kyle-Redford> (mrs.? :) )
<Kyle-Redford> (brother in law?)
<AlcarGM> « Yep. ACK! Sister :p »
<AlcarGM> Poor Josh .. things his PC never knew about his mom :p
Quote 4261
<Hugh`-> (( well it'd be nice if we could get josh leaving tho cause then we wouldnt have to necessarily wait for thurs :P ))
<Joshua_Evans> (gah you character is a dirty secretive bastard Caltak, don't forget, i both have a machete and know where you live!)
Quote 4262
* ** Inniscor has joined #game1
<Inniscor> hi
<Inniscor> what are you all doing?
<ArthurQ> Mutual masterbation
<ArthurQ> you?
<Eladar> lol art
<Chaos`^> why am I under tech-sensei? I think I should be on top...
<Eladar> chaos you said that to the wrong chan at the wrong time =)
<Chaos`^> uhm... I was talking about the websight...
Quote 4263
<Darkkin> who else here is in alcars UA game
* aslhk isn't!
<aslhk> every time someone mentions the ua game, he bursts out into fits of evil laughter in some channel, so I decided I will just hide under my blankets to save time
Quote 4264
<Cthulhu_Lunatic> "Elminster left you a note, he says if you get back before he does, to go to his tower and wait for him with vesthyl and the child."
<Pepsi``> Oh.
* Pepsi`` shivers.
<Pepsi``> Last time i came near his tower alone i was turned into a Roth beast....*shudder*
<Pepsi``> Where did the old man go off to?
<Vesthyl> (don't worry.. this time he got the spell right.. shoulda been 'Roast Beef')
Quote 4265
<AlcarGM> The air seems .. odd. You get the strangest feeling Charlie is here, but you know Charlie isn't ...
<AlcarGM> You're getting the odd feeling something is watching you, something hungry...
* CrazyCharlie looks around the room
<AlcarGM> You don't see anyone, so that means they are there.
* AlcarGM grins
Quote 4266
<AlcarGM> The town itself - it's definitely not any Moscow you know .. is buildings of that odd, grey wood, but semi-transparent. Other homes (none are over 2 storeys tall) are made of thick, crystalline glass that seems to have light or fire flowing through it on odd patterns. The people are human, their faces contorted with extreme terror. A few are clutching their chests.
* Belinda_Forrester goes up after Charlie, then
* Belinda_Forrester looks around when she gets up, and stares...
<AlcarGM> They're all wearing clothing of browns and greys, tough stuff that feels like soft steel wool.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( yeah like we're gonna go feeling the dead peoples' clothes.. ))
<AlcarGM> « Clues :p »
<CrazyCharlie> ((We don't know they're dead yet! =P))
* Belinda_Forrester looks at the buildings... "Looks like we;re not in kansas anymore..." Looks at the corpses "And the munchkins are all dead."
Quote 4267
* Belinda_Forrester goes in the house, and looks for a place to put Seri down to rest.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( rest as in sleep of course ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( it just sounded bad for some reason ))
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<CrazyCharlie> ((yeah, I didn't read it that way, but now that you mention it, it does sound rather sinister))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( yeah I didnt notice that until after ))
Quote 4268
* Belinda_Forrester goes over to the baby. "Hey there." in that annoying voice people use to talk to babies.
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> The babies eyes widen, a dull red light gleaming as its mouth opens to reveal dainty fangs . .you're last thought is "That explains the bib.."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
Quote 4269
<AlcarGM> You have this sudden maternal urge to stick it in the fire or bite it's head off
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Belinda_Forrester> uh..
<Belinda_Forrester> you've got problems, Alcar :P
Quote 4270
<CrazyCharlie> "Nobody's got the right to own nobody."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "I gave you my name," he whispers, putting an odd empahsis on the word name. "You ... " He almost steps back. "Please. I. Don't throw Me away..."
<CrazyCharlie> "No one's gonna hurt you, kid"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Throw you away?" *seems confused*
<AlcarGM> <Odell> nods, and looks at both of you, really puzzled. "You have my name?" he whispers, empaphasising the word again.
<AlcarGM> « he now thinks this is some kind of horrible joke ;P »
<Belinda_Forrester> "Uh, yeah, what about it?"
Quote 4271
* CrazyCharlie fills Siri in on what happened, and hands out some f00d
<AlcarGM> <Seri> takes it quickly.
<AlcarGM> <Odell> stares at the food, then at Charlie "You're eating..... Oh."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> 'That's a good disguise," admiringly
<CrazyCharlie> "What is it?"
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "I thought you were male."
<CrazyCharlie> "I still am."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "But you're eating..... that?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "What is it?"
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "It'
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "It's .. stuff, taken from the .... .men ... makes the women able to have children, I think. Well, some of them. The others have to, uhm, do things. Private ritual things? With sme of them. They get let out for a bit to do that."
<Belinda_Forrester> "...."
* Belinda_Forrester blinks
<CrazyCharlie> "Think it'll hurt us?"
Quote 4272
<AlcarGM> <Seri> shakes her head. "Sword grass this far north... was the town we left walled?"
<CrazyCharlie> "Nope."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> eats another loaf absently. "So they make the walls from the land instead ... burying their fears in a place not made by humans...." she shakes her head slowly, then looks at both of you and smiles wryly, becoming closer ot the child Charlie first saw. "You've been really patient. I guess you have questions?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Oh, yeah, but I try not to think about them."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks surprised. "Why not?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Oh I figure I'll find out sooner or later."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks suspried, then just nods
<AlcarGM> <Seri> suspects that she now understands the world you came from more from that one comment than from her entire trip there :p
Quote 4273
<Corynn``> "What is your name?
<Cthulhu_DM> "Saeval... Yours?"
<Corynn``> Pep...Corynn...
<Vesthyl> (Popcorn?)
<Corynn``> My name is Corynn Bladestorm
Quote 4274
<Kyle-Redford> ((Chaos any interest in joining a UA resident evil game if i make one?))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Or i might do d20))
<Chaos`^> (( that would be cool... what days? ))
<Hugh`-> (( UA resident evil? sheesh, how fast do you want pc's to die? I mean really.. ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Or i might make it CoC hugh, then every campaign is a one-shot :) ))
Quote 4275
<AlcarGM> Ok, Kyle arrives in the morgue. It's well lit, with an attendant currently checking out bodies to make sure they're all dead after a regretable incident two years ago involving a deep sleep and an attendant getting attacked by a "walking corpse" and beating it to death with a chair.
<Kyle-Redford> (("I'm alive drop the chair"))
Quote 4276
<DrKarin> (( I feel creepy even rping being in a mourg.. ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((It's only creepy when the bodies dissapear.))
Quote 4277
<Kyle-Redford> ((Can i roll a charm check?))
<Hugh`-> (( I don think Lurch there's gonna go for it :) ))
<AlcarGM> « Sure :) »
<Sparkie> Kyle-Redford d100: 88
<AlcarGM> « pressence might work better tho »
<Kyle-Redford> ....
<Kyle-Redford> oh yeah
<Sparkie> Kyle-Redford d100: 99 Commanding Presence
<AlcarGM> « do that instead. Last thing we want is the butler accusing you of asking him if he was free sunday ni... oh, my gods »
<Kyle-Redford> ((sparkie is riggeD!!!!
Quote 4278
* Joshua_Evans looks at Julianne. "So you're saying that the comforting rules we made up like 'You can't divide by zero' are just delusions?"
<Kyle-Redford> "I think the body on the floor is a little more troubling then being able to divide by numbers"
<Kyle-Redford> "Besides numbers aren't real anyway, don't put much stock in them myself."
<AlcarGM> Julianne asks for another drink. Adam looks at her as if she's mad, then just pours her one. She looks at Josh. "They're real. And they're delusions because they're real boy. You can still walk away ..." she looks at the blob on the floor.. "Or perhaps not."
Quote 4279
* Caltak is so very, very screwed :P
<Alcar> Oh yeah :)
<Alcar> unless you try and telepathically make people believe your eyes are normal or something :p
<Caltak> that has way too much potential to go wrong :P
<Caltak> especially since it requires rolling rofl
Quote 4280
<&lt:Sintaqx> After just being visited by their still unconcieved son:
<Mestaath> "Jas?"
<Mestaath> "Did what just happen happen or did I just happen to think what happen happened when it really didn't happen?"
Quote 4281
<Hugh`-> (( Notice check to notice Hugh only leaned in and looked at the ignition and didnt actually do anything to make the car start? :P ))
<DiceBot> Kyle-Redford d100: 1 Notice Strange Thing
<AlcarGM> « wow. Uhm, you notice. Really, really easily. »
<Hugh`-> (( god but im a masochist towards my characters... ))
* Hugh`- (( shakes his head ))
<Hugh`-> (( ROFLMAO god im so screwed ))
<AlcarGM> « Oh yeah :) »
<Hugh`-> (( it is highly apparent to Kyle that Hugh simply stared at the ignition and the car started. As a bonus, he also notices that hugh's car door unlocked itself the moment before he opened it. ))
<Chaos`^> (( Hugh seduced the car? ))
Quote 4282
* Alcar is almost, almost tempted to actually have this in UA though ....
<Alcar> Tantric necromancy.
<Alcar> The very idea alone should horrify PCs.
<Alcar> Want your wife back from the dead? Easy as pie - just gotta spend a few nights with her, she'll come back, you re enact your wedding and...
* Sintaqx isn't a PC and is still horrified
Quote 4283
<Joshua_Evans> "Bah, looks like you outsmarted me."
<Hugh`-> ".. you?! What the in hell?"
<Joshua_Evans> "I'm a reporter. Don't you think those merit investigation?" Joshua points at Hugh's sunglasses.
<Hugh`-> "I really, really regret accepting a ride home from you."
<Joshua_Evans> "Well, if it makes you feel any better, after waiting for 3 hours I began to get a little paranoid, and, I didn't find anything to validate the apocalyptic terrors I dreamed up."
Quote 4284
<AlcarGM> Ok, you waken in the morning refeshed, but tired and remembering some odd dreams. The one where you direct a Russian ballet school in an underwater version of Psycho and the one about the 3 headed cow that kept saying "3 heads are better than one", and "We can only succeed if we trust ourselves" being the most memorable.
<Kyle-Redford> !!!!
<Kyle-Redford> *whew* "just a dream..."
<Kyle-Redford> ((Sees the cow next to him in bed....))
<Kyle-Redford> (("AAAAAHHHH"))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Note to self: Get therapy.))
Quote 4285
* Officer`DeAth^ looks at Kyle "Where you heading next?"
<Kyle-Redford> ((EEK dun tell the psycho stuff...............))
<Officer`DeAth^> "Would you like a ride?"
<Kyle-Redford> ...............
* Kyle-Redford knows that the sane logical choice would be to say "No mr. Death. I do not want a ride.
<Kyle-Redford> "Sure."
Quote 4286
<Kyle-Redford> "I sent myself."
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> "Why?"
<Kyle-Redford> (("Take me to your leader."))
<Kyle-Redford> "Because... umm.. I've seen alot of strange stuff lately and... it sounds like you have too so I wanted to talk with someone who might understand..."
<Chaos`^> (( Lol, you pervert ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((That wasnt that bad... thats like rolling a 50...))
<Kyle-Redford> ((and then i hear that interpretation....))
<Kyle-Redford> ((and think 66.))
<Chaos`^> (( 69, the ultimate roll ))
<Chaos`^> (( rolling a 1 would be "Do I make you horny baby? do I? Do I make you horny?" ))
Quote 4287
<Alcar> Okay, three people dead, finger-prints everywhere, murder weapon in hand. "I know this looks bad, but I'm Matlock, so everything's okay" 20%
<Alcar> Okay, three people dead, finger-prints everywhere, murder weapon in hand. "I know this looks bad, but, hey, it could be you, right?" *Evil stare* 10%
<Alcar> Nice Bali. Very nice :)
<Caltak> ROFLMAO
<Baliadoc> thanks! i enjoyed that one a lot :)
Quote 4288
<Chaos`^> It's an anime porn
<Chaos`^> hentai
<Chaos`^> it's... interesting....
<Alcar> Ah. Stuff with tentacles? :)
<Chaos`^> yes, lots
<Alcar> "Wow, seeing that Cthulhu Cult really wrecked the old man's mind, Jeff. He keeps babbling about beds, silk sheets, and Cthulhu's loving embrace. I wonder what he saw?"
<Chaos`^> if you have a fetish, la blue girl addresses it pretty much
<Alcar> Would make for a twisted CoC campaign :p
<Alcar> GM: "Oh, the plot? Univerty Anime Club Plans To Summon Cthulhu." Player: "Please say you're joking.:
Quote 4289
* Hugh`- stands up. "I'd need to find Patrick Rockford... which might be hard, since I ditched him in New York.. and convince him I dont want to abduct him..." *shakes his head*
<Hugh`-> "Ok, this will be reealy, really hard."
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> looks at you. "And I thought my life was weird... Wait, Pat was brought in today by his mother ... she'd has to drive north and pick him up for some reason, and wanted him checked for frostbite, hypothermia, dementia .. that sort of thing. I think they've got him in the west wing."
<Hugh`-> "Oh, good. I just hope he doesnt have any sharp objects or firearms with him..."
Quote 4290
<Kyle-Redford> bwahahah nicole doesnt hate me now... and i managed to seduce a girl :)
<Kyle-Redford> hahahahahah
<Kyle-Redford> HEHEHEHEH
<Caltak> who, Faline?
<Kyle-Redford> lol!!!
<Kyle-Redford> yeah...
<Caltak> goody :) you should definately call her back :D
* Caltak trys to look innocent
<Kyle-Redford> .... :)
<Kyle-Redford> I don't mind sharing :)
Quote 4291
* Argenton`^ is sleeping in the ice cave, trying ot keep cally or cassie or whatever her name is warm
<AlcarDM> Terric, Argenton and Cally awaken the nexy morning to a clear blue sky with the sun far overhead. Sticks seems to have vanished, a hyoll in the sbnow and bits of clothing and a finger all that's left of his body.
<Terric> (( :) what a noble gentleman you are...))
<Terric> (( can't remember her name.. ^_^))
<Argenton`^> (( I would be able to remember her name, if we were to play every week. Every time we skip a week I forget her name ))
Quote 4292
<Argenton`^> I'm thinking resistance to instant death +15?
<AlcarDM> hmm, how's that fit into the fire idea?
<Argenton`^> uhm light lol
<AlcarDM> lol. no :p
Quote 4293
* Belinda_Forrester asks Boy 12 if he'd like a Happy meal :)
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> whispers "Meals that can make you happy? Wow. Ok." to Belinda
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Now with 50% more Prozac! ))
Quote 4294
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> finishes the meal and begins on the box and toy, trying to eat them and the wrapper as well (sorry)
<Belinda_Forrester> "Woah, woah, you dont eat those. This *indicates the toy* is for playing with."
<CrazyCharlie> ((What's the toy?))
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks startled, then whispers "it tastes better than the bread, though."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Well yeah but so does a lot of things." *grin*
<AlcarGM> « A green thing ... looks like an octopus, but with too many tentacles. »
<AlcarGM> belinda - There's a payphone, of course.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( When Chuthulu calls, he calls COLLECT ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( hold it up against your face and scream: MY SOUL! AAAAAAAH! GOD! MAKE IT STOP! YEEEEEEARG! ))
<CrazyCharlie> a number of funny sounds and exclamations follow, including, "We are squid!" and "The Box of Learning!"
Quote 4295
* Belinda_Forrester goes over to James. "Hey kid, what's the weirdest person you've had come in here?"
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol, I think we win that one!))
Quote 4296
<Chaos`^> (( I'm confused, this is a freaking WIERD game ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Why do you say that? ))
<Chaos`^> (( I have been watching since I logged on and I don't understand a thing ))
<CrazyCharlie> ((and I told him what was going on!))
Quote 4297
<Belinda_Forrester> (( we found a McDonalds on a hill on another world, and we;re questioning how it exists :P ))
<Chaos`^> (( Youre in another mcdonallds. How do you know it's not a normal mcdonnalds? I don't see anything differant about it.. I mean, for alcar's games nothing is wierd ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( We're in a fantasy world, and there's a mcdonald's here, and the earth was destroyed by the elder gods a while ago, so it just seems a little strange to us ))
Quote 4298
<AlcarGM> Ok, James gives you 20 orders of McNuggets, some Coke, and the burgers.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> He's filling alot of bags :)
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this is a first in a fantasy world, I'll bet ;b ))
<CrazyCharlie> probably heh
<AlcarGM> « I think a trip to a McDonalds lasting an entire session definitely is :p »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Not to mention an NPC getting maimed by a toilet ))
<AlcarGM> Mike has loaded up on foods that will kill the pcs faster than most things outside. Doing anything else? :)
Quote 4299
<Caltak> I find it funny that people "find out" that you can roleplay online... I mean that sort of dawned on me on my own. I mean, when you play p&p you're just talking anyway, arentya?
<aslhk> my first internet experiences were on muds
<aslhk> I knew you could roleplay online, but most of the people I met who played online were rather frightening
<Caltak> yeah being online allows at lot more freedom. I for one know I never wouldve played a female weretiger who ate people if it were face to face :P
Quote 4300
<Jeramias> So, do virgins taste better?
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> lol
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> the dragon says they do =P
<Jeramias> ah, okay
<Alcar> How do the dragons KNOW?
* Alcar has always wondered that....
<Alcar> Hm, another adventure for Egan then :)
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> Alcar: well, they have to eat a few non-virgins before they get their arrangement set up
<Alcar> what arrangement .... oh, nm. I've got one.
<Alcar> Princess: "Look, I'm not a virgin but the king needs ot think I'm one so I can marry the prince How many sheep do you want to pretend I'm one, draggy?"