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Quote 4101
<Daemogg> (oh god. here comes paladin boy :P)
<Daemogg> (tresspassing is wrong! :D)
<Shal`> (relax, paladins have their place in the party. Mainly to die a horrible grusome death in order to benefit plot advancement)
Quote 4102
<Alcar> Arnold nods. "Good." He looks at Jim. "Tell betty what you see when you get there." he frowns and looks at you. "What are your loyalties with these other heroes?"
<ArthurQ> um.. Well. None. Bloodhound has threatened to remove my powers. And Starchild is upset with me for the nuclear incident. I would like to destroy the undead skeleton.
<ArthurQ> Bloodhound has helped me fight one of the copies before but he is afraid of me loosing control of my ablities
<ArthurQ> and Bender is nuetral
<ArthurQ> I wouldnt know about Barry. He is like a walking Acid trip
<ArthurQ> They dont like taking risks to save lives... *shrugs*
Quote 4103
<medameeee> Id like to join a game if thats possable
<Alcar> medameeee - D&D or other?
<medameeee> Well ive only played D&D but im willing to learn others
<Alcar> What edition of D&D?
<medameeee> well ive been playing since 79 so anyof them
<Alcar> Impressive.
<medameeee> that polite for im old LOL?
Quote 4104
* Skrath usually lets his players do whatever they want, and that more often than not ends up killing them faster than I could have planned.
Quote 4105
<Marcus_Fenway> Sin, I am making a Paladin for Rey's game, what Kind of BAsic Equipment should I plan to get ?
<Skrath> rope (to hang all the evil people), shovel (to bury them), FireKit (to burn those pesky witches), Climbing gear (to reach the caves where evil things like to dwell), Torches (for the lynch mobs), and maybe a bedroll (all this do-gooding is tiresome)
Quote 4106
<Tim```> « Is it a bad sign when you're playing 2 pcs and one of them hates the other? »
<Skrath> (no... just means you're getting to be more and more like me)
<Skrath> (wait.. I guess that could be bad...)
Quote 4107
<Skrath> "Alright, who's been feeding the Gruelbot dirty bits?"
* DrWhat is in the corner, currently drinking english tea the bot made without destroying the computer.
<DrWhat> "I hardly consider some variety in one's dietary requirements dirty, madam."
* ** Psionicist has joined #Game1
<Skrath> "Do you realize that severe modification to the gruelbot's core processing could result in a catastrophic trans-dimensional time rift?!?!?"
<Psionicist> ummmmmmm
<DrWhat> "So does thinking."
<Psionicist> i gotz a brain
<Skrath> "True enough. Just checking your knowledge."
Quote 4108
* ** DarkEternity has joined #game1
<DarkEternity> damn dalnet
<DarkEternity> what was the last thing you saw
<Skrath> (damn it.. you missed my command performance)
<Skrath> (All I can say is that the GM had better read the qoutes. I'm not doing that over.)
Quote 4109
<Skrath> "Time to meet some aliens."
<Tim```> "We can offer them nutritional food."
<Skrath> "Giving them gruelbot would probably be considered an act of war."
Quote 4110
<AlcarGM> Wesley encounters no traffic problems .. which is ... odd. No red lights, no pedestrians running in front of his vehicles...
* Wesley``` blinks
<Wesley```> "Barry, if you're doing this for me, stop it. It's freakin' me out."
<Barry^Mugan> (what you want traffic problems red lights and people jumping infront of your car?)
<Wesley```> (yes. and every time i take my car somewhere, i always have a clear road. it's getting to be the twilight zone!)
Quote 4111
<Wesley```> "Does anyone know why I should be dead?"
* StarChild`- shakes her head at Wesley
<AlcarGM> <Bender> looks at Wesley "Are you?"
<Wesley```> "Not that I know of. Sorry about that, by the way. I think I can kill half of the Peace Makers just by shaking their hands, so it makes relations with them... strained."
<Wesley```> "And Void didn't know who I was, until he tried to read my mind."
<Wesley```> "I didn't even think about that... I don't want him to know who I am."
Quote 4112
<AlcarGM> A hologram appears. It's from the viewpoint of a fighter pilot, dropping bombs. You see Bloodhound with the 3 men. The bombs fall and kill all *four* of them, blowing them into pieces
* Wesley``` blinks
<Wesley```> "Interesting. I jumped clear."
* Void`` points out the peices of bloodhound flying....he highlights them.
<Wesley```> "Thank you Void. I think I know myself."
Quote 4113
* Wesley``` helps to clean up the mess, assuming Stella doesn't want dead Imp on her lawn.
* Wesley``` on the other hand, if she does, I could probably arrange it very nicely :)
<AlcarGM> « Summer: "Oh, no, leave it.We can use it as fertilizer," in a 'Oh, that is such a lovely pink dress with purple eyeshadow you're wearing' tone of voice.. »
Quote 4114
* Bloodhound``` heads for Barry's store, muy double pronto.
<AlcarGM> Bloodhound arrives to find the store at it normally is, except closed.
<Bloodhound```> "Hmm... closed on a weekday, during armageddon. Something's weird..." *lets himself in :)*
Quote 4115
<Void``> so what do i know about bender then?
<AlcarGM> 1) not human, 2) asexual race created to serve humanity as slaves after the nuclear war the makers were sure would happen, 3) made to never, ever harm humans.
<Void``> great....*sighs* thats what they said in the terminator movies
<AlcarGM> LOL
<AlcarGM> Actually #3 is true :) It required a damn powerful npc to fix bender's brain to be able to actually NOT help all humans it met :p
<Void``> it was true then too
<Void``> thats gonna end up in the quotes aint it
Quote 4116
<AlcarGM> Even as you all watch, and help . .the amount of people seems to thin, the living sometimes disappearing berfore your very eyes of causes unknown
<Void``> What the...
<Void``> GAH!
<Void``> Dont do that!
<Bloodhound```> "Just more of Barry's work. If they disappear, ignore it."
* Bloodhound``` just keeps checking in on other PC's, helps people get to their homes and generally tries to get people to relax, swears every time he makes one of them a nice pot of coffee and they FREAKIN' DISAPPEAR, and has a very, very long day. :)
Quote 4117
<AlcarGM> Within 1/2 an hour there are no humans left in the city. No corpses, no bodies. Just the heroes standing in a ghost town filled with ruins and a silence so deep even ghosts can't be thought ot remain here.
* Void`` blinks
Quote 4118
* Bloodhound``` realizes no one's left, and then wonders why the hell Barry even bothered... I mean, what did I need a fake Boston for? Especially since I really need a drink right now, and there ain't any fake booze left!
<AlcarGM> Jim comes out of the last, empty hospital, and trudges around the remains of the city. "Mimic is goiong to freak. Bush is going ot freak. I don't know why *I* haven't freaked."
Quote 4119
<Void``> ((Commercial: Are you tired of that standard LSD you buy on the street? Well we have something new and improved! Hubris only $9,999.99! Garanteed acid trip a thousand times over! Sorry no C.O.D.'s)
Quote 4120
<Reykemias> you aren't in the game yet anyway :)
<Reykemias> you're on the list until enough people drop to let u get in
<Tech-Sensei> you sure you can handle a 2nd game?
<Tech-Sensei> after the fiasco that was last game?
<Alcar> Interesting way to get into a game..
Quote 4121
<Natalia``> Even a big hole in the ground is still land
<Natalia``> :)
<Natalia``> wait... that's LoLaD
<Alcar> Natalia - and lolad2 and hubris and...
<Natalia``> Anything involving Caltak and some means of mass destruction?
Quote 4122
* ** Baliadoc is now known as Rhaet```
<Rhaet```> well c'mon, we got like 3 seconds left, right?
* Rhaet``` kills elves!
* ** Rhaet``` is now known as Baliadoc
<Alcar> LOL!
<Baliadoc> xp?
<Baliadoc> oh, and hi, btw :)
Quote 4123
<337C4Bb4g3> then there was the true necromancer, who is an utter drunk
<337C4Bb4g3> and doesn't admit being a necromancer
<337C4Bb4g3> always shouts things like 'stop following me, ya bastid' at his undead followers and such
<Alcar> "This isn't an undead zombie! She's my wife!"
<Alcar> "But she looks like a Zombie.."
<Alcar> "No, she's a blond."
<337C4Bb4g3> he just doesn't admit the undead are his ;b
Quote 4124
<Alcar> Heck, in FR you can have a paladin who serves the god of gambling.
<Alcar> which I'd *love* to see somsone rp...
<Alcar> "Heads I think you're evil, tails you're good..."
<Alcar> "Oh, tails. Hm, best two of three?"
Quote 4125
<Warner> the magical coin of alignment :)
<Alcar> "Heads, tails . .err ... edge. Hmm."
<Alcar> "This isn't in the book. I'll just have to kill you."
<Warner> the coin looks suspiously like any other copper coin :)
<Alcar> That would actually be a fun item....
<Warner> "And this is our holy reviered father" "Hey coin says you're evil DIE!" "No! Grandpa!"
<Alcar> "Oh, wait, was heads good or evil. Err, Sorry."
<Alcar> "Wait, that means that old man outside missing an eye and hand was evil!" *runs out with a sword after Vecna*
<Warner> hehe the funiest thing about ceasetraces coin was it was just a damn coin. The fool using it just thought it could detect evil :)
Quote 4126
<Alcar> Make the big enemy a Really Evil Villain who is convinced the PCs are good and wants them destroyed.
<Alcar> No matter how much evil they do, or if they even HELP said villain, they think it's a trick :)
<337C4Bb4g3> that would be great!
<337C4Bb4g3> "No, we really don't care about these villagers... hell, WE'RE the ones who unleashed the undead on them in the first place!"
<337C4Bb4g3> "Do you really think your pathetic mind games will work on ME?!"
<Alcar> "But we're evil too! Honest!"
<Alcar> "Now you PROVED you're good! No evil person is honest!"
Quote 4127
<Warner> my taoist doesn't I worship any god in particuler yet would have no problem with any you have handy :)
<Warner> "God of death? ok sure, ya want some popcorn?"
<Alcar> God of Death: "I told you, I AM THE GOD OF DEATH!"
<Alcar> PC: "I heard you the first time."
<Alcar> Me: "So .. what's your next pc going to be?"
Quote 4128
<337C4Bb4g3> mike will be too stoned to care ;b
<aslhk> until he runs out of hweed =P
<337C4Bb4g3> "We're on another world? That's fucking cool!"
<337C4Bb4g3> once he sobers up he'll prolly get pissed off ;b
* Alcar can see Mike trying to manufacture any plant he finds into a drug :p
<Warner> weed? Hmm a taoist on weed. Is it posable to be to relaxed?
Quote 4129
<SnailSlug> all riled up about .6 percent the speed of light for a 381 ton object...
<SnailSlug> don't worry, i have a billion joules or more behind that 381 ton object (i forget exactly). if it hits you, you're definitely going to kingdom come
<Alcar> SnailSlug - I have an ac of 30! I dodge it, 31!
Quote 4130
<Eladar> snail slug: which is the point im trying to make.... stop trying to make your poor players cram down 8 years of physics
<Eladar> just so they can play..
<SnailSlug> i'm designing the system, so they don't have to
<Eladar> lol
<Eladar> doesnt appear like it =)
<SnailSlug> it's called game balance
<aslhk> SnailSlug: that's a stupid name for a game.
Quote 4131
<Eladar> poorly designed system... and he tries to make it balanced?
<Alcar> Eladar - It was made to be balanced. That's the problem :p
<aslhk> Eladar: well, if it were balanced, then he could gain some followers who would state in no uncertain terms that the game is not poorly designed, it merely has a high learning curve
Quote 4132
<aslhk> if every new system were compared to d&d, half of them would be worshipped as gods.
Quote 4133
<Alcar> Ok, physical and mental health are either 10 each or a roll of 2d10 for each.
<Pan`Ku> hmmm...
<Pan`Ku> in other words go the easy route of 10, or risk a lower roll with 2d10
<Pan`Ku> hehehe
<Alcar> yep :)
<Pan`Ku> hmmm...I'll risk it, if I can use a bot other than sparkie :)
Quote 4134
<AlcarGM> Disclaimer: All references to vices and to the supernatural in this game sesssion are for entertainment purposes only. Worlds Within Worlds does not promote satanism, belief in magic, drug use, violenc, sexual deviation, body piercing, cynical attitudes towards the govenrment, freedom of expression, or any other action or belief not condoned by the authories.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( USA! USA! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))
Quote 4135
* TaoPoo is in the city by the bay having won a vacation in his box of grape nuts.
Quote 4136
<AlcarGM> Suzie then opens the frigge.
<AlcarGM> Alice is in there, rather cold.
<AlcarGM> Jim blinks. "Knew I forgot sumpin."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( cold as in cold, or cold as in dead? ))
<AlcarGM> « Dead »
<AlcarGM> Jim doesn't seem to have realised that, yet.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( i can't believe i hang out with these retards... ah, a potheads life is hard ))
<AlcarGM> Suzie: "She's dead, Jim."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( *strangles alcar* ))
<AlcarGM> Jim: "I hate those star trek ---- oh." He blinks. "oh."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( LOL! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( omg, lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Fuck
<AlcarGM> « the connnection occured to me as I was writing it :p »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( that was horrible, and yet quite funny ))
Quote 4137
<AlcarGM> The girl nods slowly, then says "How do you do it?" She blushes. "I mean, meditate, and stuff?"
* TaoPoo stomac rumbles as if on que "And of american food it would seem" he says patting is masive belly
<AlcarGM> The girl laughs. Her boyfriend, shyly, says "I took a course on you! You follow some Way, right?"
<TaoPoo> "Ah meditation, very um, yes. A lot I could say, much of it worthless."
<TaoPoo> "Yes" he answers seeming uncomfortable. He looks around for a source of food.
<Marc_Phillips> ((to come from a country where food is extremely rare and in high demand, he sure eats a lot :)))
<TaoPoo> ((Why else go into religion? :))
* TaoPoo waves dismisively at the mention of dharma and karma as he smells some food then says, "The way? This is the way!" and walks over to the food
Quote 4138
<AlcarGM> The girl is very light, and gasps as you pick her up. The word sounds most like a tune of a song than a normal gasp and she relaxes, becoming limp. "Th - thank you.. " she also seems to have less of an accent.
* CrazyCharlie nods
<CrazyCharlie> "You need somewhere to stay? Some food?" He gestures at his containers.
<AlcarGM> The girl looks puzzled, then says "I was already eaten."
Quote 4139
<Chaos`^> (( it has acid in it ))
<AlcarGM> « nope, just little red pills.... »
<TaoPoo> ((all oj does))
* TaoPoo walks up to the dock worker and offers him the OJ saying "Please accept this as I am blessed with to many refreshments"
<Chaos`^> (( No, REAL acid ;))
<Chaos`^> (( it has acid in it ))
<AlcarGM> one of the dock workers, coming home from work, looks like he could use it.
<AlcarGM> « nope, just little red pills.... »
<TaoPoo> ((all oj does))
* TaoPoo walks up to the dock worker and offers him the OJ saying "Please accept this as I am blessed with to many refreshments"
<Chaos`^> (( No, REAL acid ;))
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, startled, then thanks TaoPoo
* TaoPoo blows in return and looks for his comfy spot
<Chaos`^> (( Nono, real fake acid, the kind the government makes ))
Quote 4140
<TaoPoo> "I like to think of enlightenment as just finding an easy balance between meeting and letting go of your desires"
<TaoPoo> "And right now I'm doing that with this tasty hotdog" he says before eating the bird befouled dog
<Marc_Phillips> ((ok..now I'm going to be sick))
* TaoPoo nods to gage with that same constant plesant smile
<AlcarGM> The kid stares at TaoPoo, then jut walks away slowly looking rather stunned.
<TaoPoo> after they go he chuckles at the vender "Thanks for the mayo. That bird trick gets rid of them every time" :)
Quote 4141
* Marc_Phillips sighs as he munches on his cereal
<Marc_Phillips> "this world is just getting worse and worse....wish there was something that could be done"
* Marc_Phillips finishes his cereal and pulls out his Bible so that he can have his daily devotional time
<AlcarGM> You see an add for something called the "Hubris Movie - Real People With Real Powers Trying To Do Something And Save Our World." Looks like it'll be a one star :p
Quote 4142
<AlcarGM> You arrive at your corner. It seems . .warmer than before, but in a nice, comforting way.
* CrazyCharlie relaxes a bit in the warmth, and even stops worrying about Charlie for a bit.
Quote 4143
<AlcarGM> The vendor finishes packing up and waves to all of you. "Was nice meeting you folks. Hope we meet again sometime."
<Gage```> "Have a good evening! And stay safe, eh?"
<Marc_Phillips> ((translated: nice to meet you folks, hope to take your money for two and a half year old factory throw-outs again sometime!))
* TaoPoo waves in return in that akword way eastern people who dont wave often wave
<AlcarGM> The Vendor nods, glad to have reveived The Sign, and returns home, wherre he meets 20 other people who look like him. "The Operation can begin. I saw an old man who gave me the sign. All praise Arth! All hail the dark god!"
<AlcarGM> Well, maybe not ....
<AlcarGM> The Vendor thanks Gage and heads home to tell his wife about his strange day.
<TaoPoo> (((Hmm isn't this the part of the movie where someone says "I've got a bad feeling about this")
<AlcarGM> She goes and talks to the secret .... :p
Quote 4144
<Gage```> "If you're sure it's not going to be any trouble, I think I will take you up on your offer."
* TaoPoo lays there resting his eyes and body
<TaoPoo> "as you wish, here is my key" he hands you the room key.
<Gage```> "Oh. I meant when you head there."
<AlcarGM> Gage begins to wonder just how long TaoPoo will survive in this city? :)
<TaoPoo> "Oh I wont be allowed there. Single ocupency. I'll be fine here to night. You're country is almost as warm as my home"
* TaoPoo rolls over and starts snoring
* Gage``` blinks
Quote 4145
<Mike_Splardonski> stupid fucking people
* Mike_Splardonski sniffles a little bit
<Mike_Splardonski> fuck it, i'm going to bed
* Mike_Splardonski gets up and starts to head home
<Gage```> "Sure you don't wanna talk about it?"
<Mike_Splardonski> yeah
<Mike_Splardonski> thanks, though
<Gage```> "I'm an absolute stranger, don't know you, don't know anyone around here, so I can guarantee I ain't tellin'."
<AlcarGM> « Wanna bet? :p »
Quote 4146
<Mike_Splardonski> how come you guys don't have a place to stay?
<Gage```> "He does, but he thinks single occupancy really means you can only have one person in the room. I'm sort've a wanderer. Don't have much money, don't really have a home, so I don't pay for hotel rooms."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ah, a serial killer! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))
<Gage```> ((dammit! another one figures it out... *gets his knife...*))
<TaoPoo> ((stay away from my grape nuts!))
Quote 4147
<Void``> Imagine being whiped out of existence like your energy was used in a supernova
<Void``> Except it doesnt get spread across the universe
<Void``> it simply winks out
<Void``> as if it never existed
<Void``> Well.....i think thats what Jim Felt.
<StarChild`-> ".... Ow."
<Void``> Thats what i felt when Bloodhound grabbed me..
<Void``> ITs a good thing IM not evil......
* StarChild`- looks at Void questioningly, and with fake surprise. "You're n--- *stops herselg in time, and coughs, pretneding she didnt almost ask that :P*
* Void`` doesnt need to read her mind to finish that thought
<Void``> No, Im not evil dammit.
<StarChild`-> (( "Yeah, and Faline just had emotional problems." ))
Quote 4148
<Void``> Listen, your a hippie. You should know even people with the best intentions sometime make mistakes ok?
<Void``> So stop giving me greif over it.
<Void``> You made the mistake too. and Pushing it all on my back doesnt let you off the hook either
* StarChild`- is about to respond to the hippie thing, but gets distracted by the other part.
<StarChild`-> (( "Why do people always assume I'm a hippie?! I mean come on... just because my parents were hippies and I my last name is a Hippie name, and my super hero name is too, and I'd like to save the environment, that doesnt mean... ah, crap." ))
Quote 4149
<Bloodhound```> ROFLMAO!
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> Mimic...I know i have no say. But i do NOT want Bloodhound runnning around with all those peoples powers inside him. First off who knows if he can use them himself? Second when he figures how to give it back he can likley build his own personal army of lackys
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> **all mental**
<Bloodhound```> <Bloodhound```> why do i get this?
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> CRAP!
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> DOH!
<Bloodhound```> * Void`` kicks himself
<Bloodhound```> that's so great :)
Quote 4150
* Bloodhound``` goes over to Jim, shaking him lightly
<AlcarGM> After a good 30 seconds, Jim wakes, sees Bloodhound and screams in terror :P
<Bloodhound```> "Touche."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "Get away from me!" mostly coherently.
<Bloodhound```> "Jim, calm down, it's alright. Oh, and to avoid pointless talking, if you don't calm down, I'll just take your powers again."
<AlcarGM> Jim calms down. Fast.
<Bloodhound```> "So let's do this rationally, alright? We're being attacked, and we need your help."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "My ... help. What do you need?"
<StarChild`-> (( hehehe threaten him to calm him down... nice people skills :) ))
<Bloodhound```> ((lol, I took my diplomacy lessons from the Batman school of politics))
<StarChild`-> (( Batman would be such a bad negotiator if he didnt have the costume and the gadgets :P ))
Quote 4151
<Void``> OK......Im about to try something very crazy.......See you in a bit
* Void`` dissapears
<Void``> (God damned startrek dont fail me now)
<Bloodhound```> (i'm really glad I don't know Void's doing this...)
<StarChild`-> (( youre gonna fly around the sunb? :P ))
<AlcarGM> « I wish I didn't have to fnid out :p »
<Void``> (exactly!)
<AlcarGM> « You're serious?!?! »
* Void`` zaps around the sun at faster than the speed of light trying to go hours back in time
<Void``> (yep!)
<StarChild`-> (( god... you're thick :) ))
<Bloodhound```> ((this is going to be.... uhmm... something more polite than stupid, though I can't find the word :))
Quote 4152
<Void``> (if that doesnt work, im going to try and jump into a blackhole :-P)
<StarChild`-> (( why not just fly aroun the earth in the opposite direction? :P ))
<Void``> (i'll try that before the blackhole....)
<Reykemias> (whoa....how the hell does that work?)
<StarChild`-> (( yay! jump into a black hole! yaaaay! ))
Quote 4153
<AlcarGM> You fly around the sun .. I can't believe I'm typing this ... and do NOT go back in time.
<Bob`-`> (LOL)
<Void``> damn!
* Barry^Mugan bets the sun is laughing at him
<StarChild`-> (( make his brain implode, Alcar! ))
* Void`` flies around the earth counter clockwise superman style
<AlcarGM> « Thats what I want to know! »
Quote 4154
<Bob`-`> in a weed induced molment of focus bob mannages to maifest all the powers of the force and call down his jedi masters to clean up the mistakes of the chosen to become gifted
<AlcarGM> LOL!
<Bob`-`> sure why not
* Bob`-` is serus
<Bob`-`> for a bit part it would put a hell of a twist in the end of the game for him
<AlcarGM> Yeah
<Bob`-`> have him show up and give a speach on using ones powers responsably
<Bob`-`> and the moon leaves orbit not realy being the moon but the death star, two of jupiters moons are sent to replace it
<Bob`-`> going a bit far on that last bit but hay
Quote 4155
<AlcarGM> Mimic: "It's simpple - we just need to get away and lie low. The sun is a bit .. extreme."
<Void```> Alright then..... starchild....do you think you can..........*Falters a moment* Do you think you can hold up a sheild at the core of the earth? If we both generated one we could build a safe base there, and use the worlds volcanoes as exit points to almost anywhere in the world.
* Bloodhound``` blinks
<Bloodhound```> "Void, can't we just hide in the freakin' arctic?"
<Void```> too dangerous and accessable
<Barry^Mugan> (global warming people)
<Bob`-`> (and splitting the core in two isn't a good idea last i checked)
<Void```> (that wouldnt happen.......who could attack the core? its NOT accessible, neither is the sun......)
Quote 4156
* Barry^Mugan appears as a image a crystal in hand
<Barry^Mugan> "Take it Bloodhound"
* Bloodhound``` takes it
<Barry^Mugan> "My gift to you Bloodhound..why don't you take his powers and see what he has in store for the world"
* Barry^Mugan flickers away
<AlcarGM> Bloodhound - In the ball is the face of John Smith, of all people.
<StarChild`-> (( at least its not the ball of john smith, which is the way I first read it :P ))
Quote 4157
<Bloodhound```> "Look, Void, you have a knack for thinking you can do big things, and then realizing you can't after it's too late. Let's keep away from really important parts of the Earth's physiology, k?"
Quote 4158
<Void```> Everyone leaves one by one..... in diffrent directions
<Void```> I'll leave first and make myself invisible while in space.
<Void```> Then i'll fly to each person, make them invisible too, and zap us to boston......
<Winter^Windchaser> (i don't think people like the word zap and void in the same line)
<Void```> (teleport then, whichever)
Quote 4159
<Bob-waiting> "You realy should go get your friends they should hear this"
<BloodHound``> "Why don't you come to my friends? We're really trying to settle down, ya know. It's been a long day."
<Bob-waiting> "Fine so long as i only have to give the speach once"
<BloodHound``> "Great, c'mon. Hopefully this won't be like last time. I'm sure everyone would love to hear it next session, or possibly this session. They can just cut and paste for me, because I'm gonna go crash."
<Bob-waiting> lol what ever works it matters little to me
Quote 4160
<StarChild`-> (( its all Void's fault isnt it?! :P ))
Quote 4161
<Alcar> Actually, it's more than a minor problem with mythos-style games... how do you end up caring about a pc when they're going to die in 3-4 sessions anyhow :p
<Alcar> or any friend, since if the Gm follows Lovrcraft you're secretar/wife/sister/brother/pet goldfish will die, and you end up in some creepy house and go nuts.
<Keith`> easy make them such a monchken that they won't die in 3 sesstions
<Alcar> keith - not possible on Call of Cthulhu :)
<Alcar> Tho the game is oriented to investigation. A Smart pc (not a munch) wuold survive just by researching what they're going up against :)
<aslhk> a smart pc would survive by hiring people to check it out
Quote 4162
<aslhk> but there's being insane-playable and being insane-eating-people
<Keith`> i don't know
<Keith`> faline mannaged both for a while
<aslhk> Keith`: *laugh* hmm, you've got a point there.
Quote 4163
<aslhk> I could go for 3rd edition horror if you don't mind a rather quiet player--i'm working on other things as well
<Elana-Silvereye> it'd be kinda like ravenloft cept totaly different
Quote 4164
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( man the IQ rating of this Group is acctually lower then the Popularion of this Tavern ))
<Hawk`-`> (probubly)
<aslhk> Guard: "You are all accused of assault on the Princess's royal princess. Now, I recommend you all come with me."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( If I bearhug the Princess, how long would it take me to remove her from the 6 inch spikes on my armor ))
<Koby`> "This one not do nothing. That one name creature." thinks for a moment, then looks shocked and yips, loudly. "That one think this one creasture?" *stares at the princess* "This one think that one has face of deformed orc!"
<aslhk> The guard looks angry.
<aslhk> (( Taklinn_Rumnaheim oh, and it wouldn't take *too* long--i'm sure you're quite practiced at cleaning armor by now))
Quote 4165
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( I once had a PC attempt a Sleep spell and the Party of PC had the lowest HD ))
Quote 4166
<Caltak> really though, can I play a bad guy so I can kill pcs? killing pcs is fun
<aslhk> you can't play a badguy whose purpose in life is to kill the other pcs =P
<Caltak> plus im angry at them for not wanting to switch games
<Caltak> oh, no, of courser I'd find a reasonable, rp reason to kill them messily. its not hard.
<aslhk> i'll let you play a character who will be in a confrontation with the pcs if you like, but you'd be lower level and probably lose =P
<aslhk> because the pcs are supposed to triumph and all of that
<aslhk> rather silly game when all the pcs die =P
<Caltak> pcs? triumph? what are you smoking?
Quote 4167
<aslhk> Koby`: are you trying to hide in the tavern, or leaving?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( Koby could hide in a Vacuum ))
<Koby`> hiding in it, since I doubt I'd have time to leave before the guards come out of their daze :p
<Pan`Ku> ((Koby? that has to be my favorite character of all time...this has to be the game I used to have a Ranger in :)))
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( not that he would want to ;P ))
Quote 4168
<aslhk> The princess runs away.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( I take my AOO on the Princess
<Koby`> « you ...... oh, great »
Quote 4169
* Hawk`-` shakes his head drawing his daggers and going for the most opertune guard possable
<Hawk`-`> 2#1d20+4
<Sparkie> Hawk`-` 2#1d20+4: 7 10
<Hawk`-`> (ahh sparkie i won't be a murder yet with you around)
<Sparkie> (( It's ok, you can be a victim. ))
Quote 4170
<Hawk`-`> just to test something
<Hawk`-`> 2#1d20-4
<Sparkie> Hawk`-` 2#1d20-4: -3 2
<Hawk`-`> wow ok
<Hawk`-`> its at least consistent
Quote 4171
* Koby` looks for a back door ;P
<aslhk> The tavern starts on fire. The townspeople scream and run out the door. The guards move closer to monitor who's leaving.
<aslhk> ((heh, there's only one door. It's a fire hazard.
<Koby`> « bad city! I'm going to complain to the mayor when I'm about to get hung :p »
Quote 4172
<aslhk> Taklinn_Rumnaheim: More guards also surround you. What now?
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim plants himself outside the Tavern and drinks his Ale
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim offer the Half empty ale Stien to the Guards and then reachs for his axe again
<aslhk> The guards don't take the stein and all draw their swords
<aslhk> there're about 8 of them around you and more just in case. It looks like they called in all of the guard for this area.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim offers the Guards his axe (The Business end)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( taklinn can't count ))
Quote 4173
<aslhk> The gladiator pits are dark and smell rather bad, but there is free food and they even give out some ale on occassion.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> 1d20+5 Escape Fate Check
<Sparkie> Taklinn_Rumnaheim 1d20+5: 21 Escape Fate Check
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Wait does my Armor Check Effect that ?
<Hawk`-`> (yep)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Damn
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> 1d20-12 Escape Fate Check
<Sparkie> Taklinn_Rumnaheim 1d20-12: 6 Escape Fate Check
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Hey a Positiv e Number ;)
<aslhk> ((lol! that's a big armor check penalty=P))
Quote 4174
<aslhk> The pits are rather empty--the arena seems to be a fairly new idea here, and there aren't too many other prisoners
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( What did they take from me and what do I still have ? ))
<Caltak> (( you have underpants and a stick. ))
Quote 4175
* Koby` looks in the cage, then waves "Hi! This one called Koby."
* Darkkin thinks Caltak sees food waving at him
* Caltak looks at Koby, then looks behind himself as if expecting to see someone on the other side of the cage that Koby is actually talking to.
* Koby` waves to the wemic "That one trapped here, too?"
Quote 4176
<Caltak> have they been feeding me regularly, or just barely enough to not get sick, so Ill be more fierce? just, uh, wondering :)
<aslhk> they're rather inexperienced with the whole arena things
<aslhk> they've been giving you food and ale regularly
<Caltak> ale? roflmao
<aslhk> *laugh* I know! What weirdos =P
<Caltak> woo boy, ale. Im guessing not enough to get me drunk (as i have quite a lot of body mass) but i'd remmebr the drink makes me feel funny. May want to try drinking a lot some time and see what hapens hehehehe :)
Quote 4177
* Koby` goes up to him "Why that door not open?"
<aslhk> Guard: "That monster would eat you all, and then there'd be no show."
<Koby`> "What monster? Orc-face here?!" *looks around for the princess, alarmed*
<aslhk> "Who is Orc-face?"
<Koby`> "Ugly human. Call Koby a thing!"
* Koby` describes the princess to the guard
<Koby`> "Monster here?"
<aslhk> "Listen, I have better things to do than sit around to talk to some primitive arena-bait-thing."
<Koby`> "That neat name for orc-face."
Quote 4178
<Koby`> Not bad for a one shot. We managed to assult a princess, burn a tavern, enter an arena *and* escape with the creature that was suppossed to eat us :p
<Hawk`-`> well i have all but mannaged to get you out of the prison
<Hawk`-`> and it wasnt my doing that got you in there
<Caltak> eat? nah, too full up on food and ale :P just maul to death. :)
<Caltak> come on, I can understand not being experienced enough to think of starving the animal to make it fiercer. But giving it ale? *shakes his head*
<aslhk> are you criticizing their arena-animal-keeping techniques?
<Caltak> yes :P
<aslhk> you looked kind of human and they were a little bit afraid of you, so they gave you ale =P
Quote 4179
<Alcar> aslhk ran a game instead :p
<Baliadoc> ahh, i see
<Baliadoc> lol, fun fun :)
<Alcar> Koby thought a princess was going to kill the wemic in the arena who was going to eat the pcs.
* Baliadoc blinks
<Alcar> Yeah :)
<Baliadoc> i think that sentence wins the award for "Best game you never want to know all the details of." :)
Quote 4180
<SensorsQ> <Skrath> Actually, the phrase "Sparkie's a Bitch" sums up the game nicely
<SensorsQ> Doesnt that um up EVERY game in game1?
<Skrath> more or less
Quote 4181
<Darkkin> Time goes by and its 1 hour before the meeting how do you plan on getting there
<Darkkin> and i swear if somone says "I come in peace" there going to be shot and in the same sense i'll not say "Take me to your leader" nuf said
Quote 4182
* Alcar shudders and contemplates an Adept based around Jerry Springer....
<Alcar> "You must confess!"
<Alcar> Everyone involved in the scene could get a Bash Someone With A Chair skill at 40% :p
<Caltak> Except for the largest guys in the area who get a Subdue Lunatic Redneck skill at 90% :)
Quote 4183
<TaoPoo> ((crap who was that guy that started the russion revolution?))
<TaoPoo> ((not stallin the guy that wrote the books, im just drawing a blank and I know his name))
<AlcarGM> « marx »
<TaoPoo> ((thats it thx))
<AlcarGM> « & Engels, but no one remembers him :( »
<CrazyCharlie> ((and some other guy, whose name no one knows! =P))
<CrazyCharlie> ((except Alcar =P))
Quote 4184
<AlcarGM> As you move away, you're both struck by the odd idea you will meet again.....
<TaoPoo> ((universal law of PC gravitaion. Ask for it by name in any multiverse :)
<AlcarGM> « lol! "Your PC Express card! It's everywhere you want to be! And some places you don't to either.... »
<AlcarGM> « (Dungeon) Master Express: There's some things money can't buy, but for the look of complete, dawning horror on your players facs, there's Mastercard!" »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Artifacts and such ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( in 3e you can buy a holy avenger +5, which is damn silly imo ;b ))
Quote 4185
<AlcarGM> Dr Spock blinks. "We seem to be getting somewhere. Does he have any more of these pills?"
<Mike_Splardonski> (( heheh, he wants to try them out himself ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « Of course :p »
<CrazyCharlie> "Not a one."
<CrazyCharlie> (( *laugh* everyone knows that! =P ))
<AlcarGM> Dr. Spock: "Pity. From a professional standpoint, of course. I'd have to say you're friend is really high on something other that drugs. Did he attend any shady motivational seminars recently?"
* Mike_Splardonski gives Dr. Spock the *I am an evil fucking teenager who is about to rob you and leave you bleeding on the side of the street for drug money* look
<Mike_Splardonski> (( the scarier version of the "eat shit and die" look ;b ))
<AlcarGM> Dr Spock gives Mike the *I have studied books on Jack The Ripper and am pretty decent with a scapel if I do say so myself* look
Quote 4186
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I'm gonna grab a couple changes of clothes, my stash, my accoustic guitar, and whatever money I have handy ))
* Mike_Splardonski tries to think of anything else he might be forgetting
<Mike_Splardonski> Ah!
<CrazyCharlie> ((Soap! =P))
* Mike_Splardonski practically smacks himself on the forehead, and grabs a small pipe
Quote 4187
<AlcarGM> The small tree person looks up at the vine and says something, shaking a hand as if scolding it. The vine begins to rise again. The tree pesron rubs its leaft hands together and bgins walking in the direction of the setting son (further up the trail, if a one goat track can be called a trail)
<Gage```> "Hey, wait. Maybe we can follow that thing. It seems to be... uh... leaving? That's the way I was going anyway."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( leafing? ))
<Gage```> ((*rimshot*))
<Gage```> ((i knew that was coming :))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( glad I didn't disappoint you ;b ))
Quote 4188
<Gage``> "Uhmm... might wanna watch our back. This could be ugly."
* Gage`` pulls out a small belt knife to cut anything he finds."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I *KNEW* he was a serial killer! ))
<TaoPoo> "Um er as you wish"
* TaoPoo watches Gages back
<Gage``> ((aw heck, this is just my normal knife. you haven't seen the nifty serrated one i keep for gutting people and watching them die slowly... er... the one i use for cutting tomatoes in thing slices. yeah.))
<Caltak> (( good, if you watch his back, he cant get behind you :P ))
* TaoPoo stares intently at Gages back
* Gage`` turns around
<Gage``> "I mean watch out for anything that may take affront to me 'hurting' this forest...thing."
* TaoPoo moves around gage so as to keep his back in view
Quote 4189
<AlcarGM> The mushrooms taste like chicken.
<TaoPoo> ((Soilent Mushrooms!!!))
<Gage``> (any weird side effects from them?)
<AlcarGM> « Not that you can feel yet :p »
<AlcarGM> « You hallucinate you're back in SF ! »
* TaoPoo rides the feiry and takes pictures :)
<Gage``> (hey! these're great!)
Quote 4190
<Gage``> "Uhm... I just saw Tinkerbell."
<TaoPoo> "Tinkerbell? As in the disney cartoon?"
<Gage``> "Hey! You up there! Can you understand me!?"
<AlcarGM> TaoPoo sees noone except for the dancing stars. Gage gets no reply from whatever drifted overheard, if indeed thre was anything there at all...
<Gage``> "Damn..."
* TaoPoo looks around watching for park rangers and captain hook
<AlcarGM> TaoPoo just see the nice tree :)
<TaoPoo> "Thank you, most kind."
<Gage``> (you think that's bad? every time i read or type your name, I think of 'the Tao of Pooh.' I'm starting to wait for your raging honey addiction to kick in.))
Quote 4191
<AlcarGM> - End of Session -
<AlcarGM> EXP: 4 each
<Warner> Whoot! 4 xp! now I can die happy :)
Quote 4192
<Chaos`^> Hey
<Chaos`^> where were you monday?
<Alcar> Short story is I fell asleep.
<Alcar> Long story is the session did run.
<Chaos`^> ?
<Chaos`^> 10-1 was the deal.. I came in at ten, you weren't here, came back at 1, you still weren't here, so I went to bed... What did I miss? =\
* Alcar woke up at 3am dreaming I HAD run it. Even gave out EXP during the dream.
* Chaos`^ was hoping maybe you'd play it some time this week
<Chaos`^> ?
<Chaos`^> so in reality.. did it run?
<Alcar> No.
<Alcar> only in my dream
<Chaos`^> I've never really thought you were truly wierd untill now...
Quote 4193
<Chaos`^> little do you know alcar, you don't give out exp in 4lands =p
<Alcar> Yes I did. Everyone levelled. It was a cool session. Would have been better if the players had been in it, but hey. We can't have everything
Quote 4194
* Chaos`^ throws 99 red balloons into the air just to trigger nuclear war so he can play 4lands
<AlcarGM> lol
<Chaos`^> you think I'm joking..
<Chaos`^> if Jenny is as tired of life as I am of hubris, and she knows the world's ending, and that someone's trying to stop it, she'd do it... =p
<Barry^Mugan> it already happened
<Chaos`^> then why are we playing?
Quote 4195
* Barry^Mugan drains some energy to replace his own and then begins back to the work of creating his doomsday weapon to be stoped by the players and such and so forth
Quote 4196
<Chaos`^> So anyway
<Chaos`^> I'm gunna go shave.. when I get back, the world had better be gone
Quote 4197
<Void``> "So we are all getting fucked over because the human race couldnt stop their pissing cock measureing contest.."
<Bob`-`> "Its your own doing realy, by taking the powers back you are being given a 2nd chance so to speek"
<Bloodhound```> "Actually Void, blowing up Boston didn't help."
<Void``> "shut up bloodhound"
Quote 4198
<Void``> There may be fewer people
<Void``> but even so
<Void``> someone will want to be in control of everything
<Void``> And the moment whoever stoped those nukes looses their powers...... the nukes will come again
<Bob`-`> "Fewer people meens a faster senus, thats all."
Quote 4199
<Bob`-`> "So then shell i continue? would you like to play with your gifts and toys a bit longer?"
<Void``> "Yes"
<Bloodhound```> "Oh man. You're not actually going to offer him a second chance, are you? He's been given at least 4 by me."
Quote 4200
<Caltak> In all seriousness, I got almost attached to Hubris as I did LoLaD, but in a healthier fashion, as there have been many times I just dont feel like Hubris that night. But I do like to play it from time to time, and theres just so much more for my PC that I need to play her more, that if I do accept you ending, I will be bugging you every so often to start anotehr capaign. So I think we should save time and just continue with it