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Quote 3601
* Grant` opens the door, and says "compu-guide, arrows to cafeteria"
<Darkkin> Compu-Guide "Intergalatic house of gruel follow arrows sir"
<Darkkin> After walking for 5 mins you come to a large door with the letters IHG on it
Quote 3602
<Darkkin> Robo-Gruel "Its comon place here on the station new comers can't take the gruel most of the time"
<Tim```> "Does it contain special ingredients?"
<Darkkin> Robo-Gruel "Yes it does but they will get used to it and they will not just sleep like that"
<Tim```> "May this one enquire as to the reason for those additions?"
<Darkkin> Repock and grant make bubbles in there gruel
<Repock_Windser> (( were gonna drown ))
<Darkkin> Robo-Gruel "It helps build up there immune systems for space flight"
* Tim``` looks at them. "I see. So suffocation in ones meal is ... a minor by product?"
<Darkkin> Robo-Gruel shrugs "They normaly knock it over guess there better aims"
<Repock_Windser> (( lol death by gruel ))
Quote 3603
<Grant`> wow, 3 hours into the first session, my char's life is totally reliant on a single die roll
<Grant`> cool
<Darkkin> Robo Gruel saves the day as he flies in from outside and turns the switch and brings the two of you two the inside as he seals off the zero g room
<Tim```> LOL Grant
<Repock_Windser> (( robo gruel??? ))
<Tim```> « the food bot, remember? »
<Repock_Windser> (( lol ))
Quote 3604
<Cade`> "so... not on earth... wierd island 'took' you here... lightning 'took' me here... and bill gates just had a fatal kernel error"
<Greg``> 'Basically, yes."
Quote 3605
<Andrew`-> (( thinking about it, this place has been like a crappier version of Temptation Island :P ))
<Andrew`-> (( after we get back to our world, we need to score everyone a girlfriend so we don't have to worry about that :) ))
<Cade`> [hehe... problem for my char is electric generation... the more excited, the more electricity... i need a girl with nerves of steel... literally]
<Andrew`-> (( have System make you a robot girlfriend :P ))
<Andrew`-> (( wouldn't need much of a power source, what with constantly getting recharges :) ))
Quote 3606
<Alcar> <Sparkie> Your flaw arifact is a Appliance or Machine. Your Primary powers are Offense Disintigration field (O) and Anti-life ray (O). Your secondary power is Offense Dark matter attack (O). Your drawbacks are Blackouts (M), Infamous device (M) and Infamous device (S)
<Alcar> now THAT is sick :)
<Keith`> you carry with you a toaster....
<Keith`> "its not just a toaster!"
<Keith`> "It eat my last room mate i sware!"
Quote 3607
<Baliadoc> anyway, I think Darkkin's thinking we should be the crew of the entire ship, which is impossible. That's what the other crew is for. We should be the heads' of each department, not the only people capable of actually doing anything :)
<Alcar> Let the red shirts have some skills, too!
<Baliadoc> if that's the case, I'm firing everyone and turning their extra living quarters into a game hall
<Alcar> "We're being shot? Where is the gunner?" "Ah, he's currently a pool table, sir.
<Baliadoc> "Well, get the liutenant in here to gun, then." "No can do, cap'n. He was fired to make room for said pool table. And all the others under him are fired too. The jacuzzi's in their quarters. It really is nice."
Quote 3608
<ArthurQ> i also have this...skewed view
<ArthurQ> that a party is supposed to work together
<ArthurQ> but everyone had their own alterier motives for killing eachother or something or other
<Sparkie> [Kevren explained :)]
Quote 3609
<Dungeon_Master_M> Hypothetical Situation:
<Dungeon_Master_M> As your adventures begins you awaken in a dank dark cave with no memory of who or where you are. As the world around slowly blurs into focus the realization of the pounding in your skull overwhelms you. then you remember, the Ogres. You where fighting them, looking around in a panic the smell of herbs and garlic fill your senses. Twisting to get up you realise you bound by rope and chain to the ground.
<Dungeon_Master_M> Fighting and struggling against the ties that bind only manage to change your view of the room slightly. You you can see them, two ogres standing over a Cauldren of blackened Iron that they are stiring. 'Its not their laundry' you think to yourself as you now wonder where your companions may have gone.
Quote 3610
<Dungeon_Master_M> If you want to make a Check Please feel free to Roll it. I can always Ignore it if I want :)
Quote 3611
<Dungeon_Master_M> Blaide Roll Will
<Dungeon_Master_M> DC15
<Blaide> 1d20+6 will
<Sparkie> Blaide 1d20+6: 7 will
<Blaide> 1d20 test
<Sparkie> Blaide 1d20: 20 test
<Blaide> (okay alcar stop fucking with the dice)
* Kirith never does
* Blaide looks at the last two rolls
<Blaide> uh huh suuuuuure
Quote 3612
<Dungeon_Master_M> Commander: "No, it might be better for you to not stir up trouble. The Armies are ordered to quelsh any hint of another uprising. and people asking questions might get other edgy."
<Kirith> Ah, yes, the perfect government :p
<Dungeon_Master_M> Every new Government is worried about someone else trying to take the control away the way they got it :)
<Kirith> "We're here to free you and if you speak against it, we kill you." :p
Quote 3613
<Dungeon_Master_M> Sargent: "why don't you just give me your purses and we will hold them for you... untill we get accross the river."
<Blaide> "That river seems rather trecherous. Perhaps we shall pay you AFTER we cross it."
<Blaide> "I would like to remind you that your COMMANDER HODGES provided for our passage. It would be insubordination to extort money from those that a superior has given passage.
* Dalendaryn reaches for his purse, readying Biocurrant
<Dungeon_Master_M> Sargent: "Well, the commander did say to escort you, that doesn't mean you don't have to pay the bridge toll."
<Blaide> "That would be acceptable if there was a bridge."
Quote 3614
<Blaide> "Then we shall pay your toll. Could you give us a bit of space to retreive the gold from our packs? I have my money in a rather tricky compartment."
<Dungeon_Master_M> The Sargent eyes Blaide's Spear: "Perhaps we just take the gold from your corpse"
<Blaide> "Your striking a paladin of herronious would not bode well for your karma."
Quote 3615
<Dalendaryn> Not on tactics.. we are surrounded
<Blaide> note on tactics : feel free to shit self
Quote 3616
<Iegan> D&D doesn't have a very standard after-life cosmology
Quote 3617
<Nathaniel124> Like, there are dms who will screw Wishes all the time, even legal ones
<Alcar> No such thing as a legal wish.
<Alcar> Speaking as one of those DMs :)
* Anansy high-fives Alcar
<Anansy> no wish is specific enough:)
Quote 3618
<aslhk> I think that only two sorts of people use wish: stupid people, and people rping stupid characters! =P
Quote 3619
<Nathaniel124> Y'know what's fun? Try to figure out your own stats
<Alcar> d&d doesn't have stats that high, Nathaniel124 :p
<aslhk> anyone who thinks a real person could be quantified using d&d stats has an int of 8 or lower!
Quote 3620
<Alcar> the other problem is getting pcs (and their players) to actually revere gods without killing them all :p
<Alcar> "So, he's my god, right? How much EXP do I get for killing him."
* Alcar could see players trying that p
<aslhk> I bet they have
<Alcar> Player: "Well, it does say to kill the buddha if we meet him ... " DM: "Not with a vorpal sword!" PLayer: "So, I want exp?" DM: "Your pc is never, ever achieving enlightement." Player:"How much EXP does that cost to get?"
Quote 3621
<Chaos`^> You make square wheels =p seriously though, it would take the better part of a day to make wheels big enough to put on a table...
<dieterette> ((that is so not true =P it's easy to make wheels
<Chaos`^> (( What are you going to make them out of? ))
<dieterette> ((wood! I brought lots from the forest =P))
<Chaos`^> (( Not giant wheel sized! ))
<dieterette> ((how big are these tables!?))
<Chaos`^> (( About 6' diamiter ))
<dieterette> ((You don't need big wheels for a 6' diametre table!! =P))
<Chaos`^> (( You do if it has three legs! ))
Quote 3622
<dieterette> (( I SO wanted to drag a table along with us. I have this vivid mental image of someone riding on it. ))
Quote 3623
<Chaos`^> considering none of you has a compas, and you are in the forest in half a day.. you get lost...
<dieterette> ((we don't get to do wilderness lore checks? =P))
<Querdie> (( how can we get lost? ))
<Chaos`^> (( No, dm's power of loosing-ness.. Besides, why are you arguing, this gives you one more reason to hate the sorceror ))
<Querdie> (( i know it, but i was just wondering about the whole sun rising in the east thing ;b ))
Quote 3624
* dieterette excitedly shows querdie her new train set.
<dieterette> "Look at this! Watch! You put the coin in, and it MOVES AROUND!"
* dieterette claps her hands delightedly
<Chaos`^> Dieterette finds it hard to hold it close to her chest...
<Chaos`^> (( GOod lrd.. the forst coin machine.. ))
<dieterette> ((you're lucky I didn't make a rail gun! =P))
Quote 3625
<Chaos`^> xpeaking of carebares...
<Chaos`^> wouldn't it freak you out if your kid came running to you and told you they just saw a bear flying in a rainbow cloud, and shot rays of light from their stomach and lived in the sky? I would be fer getting a drug check on my kid...
* Alcar was debating a villian like that .... make everyone all good and gushy, then rob 'em blind :p
<Chaos`^> Alcar you are so pesimistic... santa a lich, evil carebears... uhg..
Quote 3626
<Caltak> you should've put a Meanwhile somewhere on the site :)
* Alcar should do that during the game at random intervals, for no reason :)
<Alcar> Meanwhile, in the city of San Fransisco, Mrs Flamel turns on her TV.
<Caltak> Meanwhile, a butterfly in New Jersey flaps its wings, and a man in Cairo, Egypt doesn't know about it.
<Alcar> * The butterfly was a monarch butterfly
<Alcar> **For more un buterflys, pick up Butterfly and Ether, #1, still on sale!
<Caltak> "Wait wait, don't talk so fast, you're making it hard to see." "Huh?" "You're filling up the panel with word bubbles, moron!"
Quote 3627
<Alcar> Ohh, a superhero with a Midas touch would be fun....
<Alcar> Everything they'd touch would turn into a muffler :p
* Baliadoc was thinking of making a character with the real midas touch, at first :)
<Alcar> That would be funny .. up until you turned buildings into gold and the world economy died horribly :p
<Baliadoc> yeah. he was just gonna be a troublesome character :)
* Baliadoc was going to have it only affect a small amount of area each time, then realized he'd do mean things like break arms, then turn the broken area to gold, so that it'd never heal. bad stuff :)
Quote 3628
* MechaBlue wishes there was a local Nightbane game
<MechaBlue> There is nothing like playing a supernatural horror who tends to have two times his body weight in ammunition on him at any given time
<MechaBlue> "Your character has 75 pounds of armor and weapons?" "Yup" "How?" "Resistance training" "What?" "Just smile and nod."
<Alcar> Those are players you sick Cthulhu on :p
<Alcar> "I want that new..." "You don't need it." "But it can.." "It doesn't matter."
Quote 3629
<Chaos`^> How do you spell 'kama sutra'
* Alcar hopes that doesn't have anything to do with your PC :p
<Chaos`^> err.. maybe...
* Alcar looks worried
<Caltak> super kama sutra power, eh? :P
<Chaos`^> No, it's my base pc's skill ;)
Quote 3630
<AlcarGM> The big.... whatever he is .. sits down in one of the chairs, then says "Talk?" slowly.
<George`^> (( Well.. It all started when I was a baby.. my mother breast fed me, but then she died, so I had to move to the pig in the pen... ))
<Wesley```> "Right. Why'd you decide to go on a ramage against the Dragons?"
<George`^> (( WOuldn't that make YOU throw people from alleys? ))
Quote 3631
* Wesley`` heads back to his office, taking a few more notes, and looks at the trenchcoat, giving it a good once-over to see if it belongs to someone else besides him
<AlcarGM> Its not there anymore.
<AlcarGM> There is a message on your answering machine, however.
* Wesley`` just looks at the chair where it was, giving the chair a very accusatory look, then checks the message
Quote 3632
<AlcarGM> It's not the landlord. Or the insurance company. it's worse. It's your father. "Son ... *cough* Wesley .... " sound of stuff being moved around "I'm going to be in Boston sometime this week." He gives you a cell number "You can reach me there if you want to get together for a beer or something." *hangs up*
<AlcarGM> Your father doesn't have a cell, last you heard...
<Wesley``> "Alllright. Dad's movin' back up in the world. Last time I heard, I was real, not some character on the Twilight Zone."
<Wesley``> ((can i tell what kind of stuff he was moving around? Anything I should worry about? :))
<AlcarGM> « Bodies? »
<AlcarGM> « Actually, just a paper weight of some kind. »
Quote 3633
<Christian```> "Oh. Those spoony goblins! Anyone got any rope?"
* Yuki`Maiko shouts "Time to die fly!" and turns and flees
Quote 3634
<Christian```> "Distract them!" *to the others*
* Gurrg shakes his head
* Gurrg jumps up and down, and screams aggresively
* Fiona`` flies up and glares at the goblins. "This is so ridiculous."
* Fiona`` moons them :)
Quote 3635
<Fiona``> <Lance Christensen> looks at you coldly. "We didn't let anyone out. We put a woman ni this cell, in your clothing, and you woke up."
<George`^> "So you're saying i'm a were-woman or what!?"
* George`^ leans close to him, or as close as the bars will let him "Do you have ANY idea how REDICULUS that sounds!?"
<Fiona``> <Lance Christensen> "About as much as there being someone in cells with you last night when no one is on our cameras except you!"
Quote 3636
* George`^ crawls in the front seat and begins to explain "Thanks. They had this stupid Idea that I was some lady named Jenny... They say she went to sleep under some blankets, and I woke up in the same spot..."
<George`^> "I don't even know why i was there.."
<Fiona``> Jessie: "Uhm, Jenny was female George. Trust me on that."
<George`^> "Well anyway, they have this wierd idea that I'm her... And what's stranger, there was some guy in there that they said was NEVER there! Ha!"
<Fiona``> Jessie stares at you for a very long moment. "You really do think you're going to fail this year, don't you?"
Quote 3637
<Gurrg> its broken
<Gurrg> its moving
<Gurrg> dead wolves dont do that
<Gurrg> i have to make it dead again
* Gurrg swings
<Gurrg> it should be dead again
Quote 3638
* Christian``` keeps pounding on the stupid beast
<Keith`> it takes some dammage
<Christian```> "Why won't you die?!"
Quote 3639
<Fiona``> d100 - arrow, at Christian's friend
<Sparkie> Fiona`` d100: 30 - arrow, at Christian's friend
<Fiona``> wow. I ... didn't fail....
<Fiona``> d8+12 - yes!
<Sparkie> Fiona`` d8+12: 13 - yes!
<Fiona``> no....
Quote 3640
<Christian``> 1d100 - go die die now?
<Sparkie> Christian`` 1d100: 11 - go die die now?
<Christian``> 1d6+10 - if this isn't enough to wipe you out, i'm going to switch to weapon skill - plasma cannon
<Sparkie> Christian`` 1d6+10: 16 - if this isn't enough to wipe you out, i'm going to switch to weapon skill - plasma cannon
Quote 3641
<Gunden`^> yeah, other than having letter sex, I think the random jenny/george change thing is cool.. you know, in the middle of a battle jenny changes to george who freaks =p
<Yuki`Maiko> Jenny presses charges on George cuz of the sex letters and such
<Gunden`^> yeah right
<Gurrg> restraining order
Quote 3642
<Gunden`^> so... if george were to attempt suicide... would it be a hostage situation?
Quote 3643
<Keith`> oh yah you do see a village a ways off but its beond traveling time for the day
<Keith`> you get to start off there tommorrow
<Christian``> "We'll get there soon enough. For now, I've built a latrine to the west about 10 paces. If you roll anything higher than 5% on a d100, you will most likely be destroyed by my traps. Good luck."
Quote 3644
* Dungeon_Master_M assigns all the Characters Numbers. 1) Dalendaryn 2)Aaowen 3)Cassandra 4) Ruedan 5)Blade 6)Alcar's Character(Forgot the name) and 7)DM's Option
<Sparkie> Dungeon_Master_M 1d7: 2
* Dungeon_Master_M contemplates killing Aaowen... Lets see if I kill my Girlfriends Character I will likely be the next victem....
* Dungeon_Master_M re-rolls ignoring the number 2
<Sparkie> Dungeon_Master_M 1d7: 2
Quote 3645
<Daikon0712> lemme guess this campaign has NO openings?
* Dungeon_Master_M pulls out a Glock and puts it to Alcar's head pulling the trigger covering the channel in red & grey brain matter...
<Dungeon_Master_M> "It just so happens we have an opening"
<Daikon0712> is there really an Opening?
<Daikon0712> Is there Dungeon
<Alcar> You think we shoot peoples brains out as a *joke* here?!
* Alcar looks shocked :p
<Daikon0712> um?
Quote 3646
<Daikon0712> what does it take for me to be +v or +O?
<Daikon0712> +o rather
<Dungeon_Master_M> That requiers use of a Wish, Miracle or Limited Wish spell.
<Daikon0712> for real?
<Tech-Sensei> bear in mind he's an IRC virgin
<Dungeon_Master_M> ... uh, if you have access to thouse spells for REAL then you scare me.
Quote 3647
<Dungeon_Master_M> Dalendaryn, Ruedan, Blaide: You hear a loud Shreiking to the south
* Blaide draws his spear.
* Dalendaryn hurries to the source of the shriek
<Dungeon_Master_M> The Shreiking is a mile or two off, and it sound Non-Human
<Ruedan> 'I heard something and I don't like the sound of it...'
<Kirith> "Is this actually our business?"
<Blaide> "We should investigate. People may need our help!"
* Blaide heads in that direction.
* Dalendaryn pauses as the information sinks in
* Kirith stares at Blaide, then sighs and shakes his head
<Dalendaryn> "I don't think that's a good idea...."
Quote 3648
* Blaide remembers how his last party died, and exercises the better part of valor, placing one foot in front of the other at maximum velocity in the direction away from the pygmies.
<Dungeon_Master_M> Pigmy (Spelling)
<Blaide> (oh crap they can cast spells too?)
<Dungeon_Master_M> (( uh... yeah Sure that sounds good :P ))
<Dalendaryn> (( Lol ))
<Dungeon_Master_M> (( I was correcting your spelling ))
* Blaide flees in terror (not lvl 2, so not immune to fear)
<Blaide> ((i know, it's just too good a joke to pass up))
Quote 3649
<Dalendaryn> "Man, you look like you've seen a Balor or two."
<Blaide> "Worse... pigmies..."
Quote 3650
* Kirith nods. "Even a jail cell in the city might be better than pymys on the open plain."
<Kirith> « Hmm, I can't believe I just typed that.... »
<Dalendaryn> "Pygmies don't comeonto the plains."
<Dalendaryn> "Normally."
Quote 3651
<WarezBert> evil groups shouldnt ever be suprised by treachery
<WarezBert> its like a given
<Kirith> Evil does not HAVE to be treacherous. Thats just a cliche made up by good people to make themselves thing they are superior.
<Kirith> Sad part is, most players play the cliche :p
Quote 3652
<George`^> "Really? Wow... Just my luck eh? The perfect woman turns out to be me?"
Quote 3653
<Wesley```> "Alright. In the event that we start getting put together by reporters or witnesses or anything, i'm going to use the story that i'm doing some pro bono investigative work for you, alright?"
<AlcarGM> Wendall: "Oh, I never thought of that...." He thinks "What's pro bono?"
<Wesley```> "Free."
<Wesley```> (i think?)
<Wesley```> (just realized i don't remember :)
<AlcarGM> « Yeah. »
<AlcarGM> « LOL »
<Wesley```> (phew.... it's one of those nights :)
Quote 3654
<Barry`Mugan> "So what do you do for a living"
<Wesley```> "I'm a private investigator. You?"
<Barry`Mugan> "Me? hmm"
<Barry`Mugan> "I'm a Battlemage of the order of the 7th plane of heaven"
* Wesley``` chokes on his next shot of whiskey, sending a good part of it flying over the bar
<Wesley```> "What!?"
<AlcarGM> Wesley orders another drink now? or two .. or three ... ?
<Wesley```> more like a bottle, or two, or three ;)
Quote 3655
<Barry`Mugan> "I'm skilled in both sword and the mystical arts of wizardy"
<Barry`Mugan> "I do amit i'm still taking spellcasting 101 at harverd tho"
<Wesley```> "You attend Harvard... for spellcasting?"
<Barry`Mugan> "Why yes they have one of the greatest classes there on it"
Quote 3656
* StarChild`- can't remember any comic where the cops try to arres the heroes when they're first starting out :)
<Alcar> That's because this isn't comics! This is real life!
<StarChild`-> bleh :P
Quote 3657
<Barry`Mugan> "Laws no longer afect our kind they wernt ment for people with our gifts"
<Barry`Mugan> "Tonight people might have died if we didn't step in"
<Alcar> The GM looks worried
<Wesley```> "How so?"
<Wesley```> "I mean, why would we be above the law?"
<Barry`Mugan> "Law as we know it is outdated"
<Stella`-> (( uuhhhh... ))
<Wesley```> "We're nothing but glorified thugs."
<Barry`Mugan> "Follow the law and this city will fall to rubble"
<Stella`-> (( that talk makes me nervous too :P ))
<Wesley```> "Actually, law is created to avoid that situation."
Quote 3658
<Barry`Mugan> "I'm saying we join everyone who is willing to fight back those who will harm this city"
<Wesley```> "I think you're moving a bit too fast."
<Stella`-> (( "We'll have a big building with a fountain in front, call it the Hall of something or other... and the we can save up for a space station ina few years!" ))
Quote 3659
<DyingTwilight> If Jesus came back today, I think he would enjoy the D20 system.
Quote 3660
<Gabriel```> "Though not the safest start, I should say. You'd probably be walking into your certain deaths."
<Ashi> "Been there, done that."
* Zacharel shrugs. "Nothing that I haven't seen before."
<Ashi> « "Certain death? In *my* day, we ran into it, younglings! And by the gods we gave it a good fight!" <-- random old npc. »
Quote 3661
<Ashi> The PCs ride off into the dawn. Thankfully, they don't ride into the sunset since that would cause massive amounts of damage. The road to Port Town is well maintained and well travelled. For some reason, lots of adventuring groups travel or beign there. Perhaps it's fate, which some people spell a-l-c-a-r - which just goes to show how crappy Port Town education is, since f-a-t-e is much easier to spell.
Quote 3662
<Chaos`^> (( Hey guys, I need to get a life... got any ideas? ))
<Zacharel> (( what, you're asking us?! ))
<Chaos`^> (( Yeah, you're right... ))
Quote 3663
<Alcar> So.... whats this about a modern earth game, Chaos? *pounces*
<Chaos`^> Oh, right, just a modern earth dnd game, no restrictions, lvl 5, blah blah blah
<Baliadoc> so by the "blah blah blah" can i assume that you'll allow a 5th level gelatinous cube bard?
<Chaos`^> You can be a geletinous cube, but if you get eaten by wieght watchers cause you're one point, don't come running to me
Quote 3664
<Chaos`^> listen, think about modern world, and how fast the government will disect you, then think about your character
<WarezBert> i will play the planet
<WarezBert> as a level one fighter
<WarezBert> i cleave america!
<As`ua> lol, with that much weight behind you, i'd like to see someone stop you :-) althouhg.. jupiter could be a problem....
<WarezBert> id get some exp from killing the asteroid belt, and mars
<WarezBert> then after i leveled up, id take out the other planets
<WarezBert> just in time to take on the sun
Quote 3665
<WarezBert> any race? just have to worry about disection?
<WarezBert> ogre mage.
<WarezBert> mmm
<WarezBert> shapeshifting...
<Chaos`^> that was an example... There's more to life than worrying about disection.. How you gunna eat if you can't go to town or get a job? What happens when the mormons hear of you? why are you not a part of society today?
<Alcar> "I am the Tarrasque! I fear no ... no! Not Jehovah's Witnesses! Make them stop knocking on my lair!"
Quote 3666
* Stella`- is currently wearing a t-shirt with "Hello Kitty" on it, khaki shorts that come down to just above her knee, and comfortable sneakers. She wears a small backpack to carry her things. <-- this is my clothing description today! :D
<Carrion``> (*gasp* are you actually gonna play a PC that CHANGES clothes instead of staying in the sames one every day?!)
<Stella`-> (( yup :) ))
<AlcarGM> « lol »
<Carrion``> (wow)
Quote 3667
<Alcar> Summer shakes her head at the sci fi show with skeletons rampaging around the Museum of Natural History and flips to another channel, unaware she was watching the news :)
Quote 3668
<Alcar> Meanwhile (Gotta love that word) George and his date, Bertha, are walking down the street just talking to each other when thsy see a skeleton in a cloak runing up the road followed by a reporter who is NOT named Jimmy Olsen in socks with a camera
* George`^ gives the sight a strange look and turns to his date "It's a sign.. We were meant to be together untill I turn into a skeleton and get chased by a reporter... Let's go get a room."
Quote 3669
<Alcar> Naiomi is is in the lab, even when its a saturday, working on some ideas.
<George`^> (( Naomi, I moan backwords >_< ))
<StarChild`-> (( quiet you! *blasts George`^* ))
Quote 3670
* George`^ (( shivers you sick little man ;))
<StarChild`-> (( what? You have a problem with that? ))
<George`^> (( no, nothings wrong with being sick... I'm perverted 90% of the day... ))
<StarChild`-> (( what, because I have a homosexual PC, I'm sick now? You're pretty narrow-minded :P ))
* ** StarChild`- Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* ** Caltak has joined #Game1
* ** Caltak is now known as StarChild`-
<Alcar> « apparently peer thinks so :) »
<George`^> (( No, because you're a guy, and your female pc is a lesbian... we know what's going on in that sick little head of yours ;) seriously though, I'm kidding =p ))
Quote 3671
<drummergirl> are you a bot
<Sparkie> Are you?
<drummergirl> no
<Sparkie> Prove it.
<drummergirl> how
<Sparkie> Thank you for making my point :)
<drummergirl> so are you a bot
<Sparkie> If you can't prove you're not one, I can't prove I am one.
Quote 3672
* TheShrike shrugs. I knew a guy on DAoC whose name was Leet Skillz... I always thought it was extraordinarily lame for people to name characters on a fantasy RPG like that... but then again, the best guild name I ever saw was "Just Press Accept, Stupid"
Quote 3673
<Salem-> this is like harry potter meets MAD
Quote 3674
* Wesley``` goes home and showers, then shaves, and looks at his face afterwards... giving himself another shave, and realizing his stubble refuses to go away. It reminds him annoyingly of those dark comic heroes.
<Wesley```> ((sometimes powers are curses, as well ;))
Quote 3675
* Barry`Mugan wonders what Carrion is up to
* Carrion`` is looking for the graves of the fomer Legion of Doom
* Barry`Mugan is playing cards with them
<Carrion``> (maybe its time to form your Justice League wouldn't u say?)
<Barry`Mugan> (justice league? ya right not happing in hubris)
<Barry`Mugan> (not unless we control the world that is)
<Carrion``> (well then you'll have no way of stopping the all new Legion of Doom)
<Barry`Mugan> (who said anyting about stoping the legion of doom)
<Carrion``> (ohh...)
Quote 3676
<Carrion``> "Well after watching many hours of Justice League and reading these books, I'm ready to set out on my quest."
Quote 3677
* Carrion`` takes out a small vile "here you go little girl, this is what your looking for" its a very small test tube that has pink liquid in it
<Alcar> Girl2: 'How does it work?" To Carrion.
<Carrion``> "well you take a small drop and put it on your tounge, then you kiss whoever you want and their yours"
<Alcar> Gir2: "Wow. So how many times can I use it?"
<Barry`Mugan> (I'll asume that potion is untested mr no tounge)
<Carrion``> (what do u think I do with my minions? talk to them?)
<Barry`Mugan> (lol)
Quote 3678
<Carrion``> "Well yes I could raise them now and send them out to take care of this army"
<Darkkin> And the world changes everyday we play our little game of chess
<Alcar> An all out battle between the military and the undead....
<Alcar> Sun editorial: The citizens speak out afainst Marital Law!
<Alcar> subtitle (From beyond the grave)
Quote 3679
<Carrion``> "Well I was saving them for a special occasion, but I guess this will have to do, seeing as how the apocolypse never did come" <-- Reasons to Raise your Army of Doom #1: Government cover ups
Quote 3680
<AlcarGM> The undead minion returns an hour later with a single bed. The bed has rumpled sheets, a Berstein Bears book in it and mickey mouse sheets.
<Carrion``> oy...
<Carrion``> "Please don't even tell me where u got that from"
<AlcarGM> Undead Minion: "YOu asked for a bed, though, boss."
Quote 3681
<AlcarGM> The undead bodies rise in a clater of old, undulled weapons and bone grating on bone. In the alley, rats scurry and run for cover. the moon gleams down unconcerned as the bodies exit the coffins and form up before you
<AlcarGM> the leader of the knights salutes you formally and steps forward, his voice a dull grating "We live to serve."
<Carrion``> "Most excellent, you shall be off soon, we are just waiting for some new weapons for you to...kill with"
<AlcarGM> Bone Leader: "Who are we to kill?"
<Carrion``> "We will go down some streets to see who wants to oppose us. Then we will find those who are trying to cover up these foul humans and their so called 'superpowers'"
<AlcarGM> Bone Leader: "Minions of Stan?"
<AlcarGM> LOL!
<AlcarGM> Bone Leader: "Minions of Satan?"
<AlcarGM> Much better :p
Quote 3682
<Alem_Dain> No, it doesn't. It means there's at least one solution that we've built into the adventure, and a (possibly) infinite number of other solutions that i haven't thought of.
<Anansy> you have to think ahead.
<Alem_Dain> But i do try to arrange it so that if you run up screaming and waving a sword around, you will undoubtedly lose.
<MechaBlue> I'm just suggesting the the stereotypical 'must find evidence' is often more difficult than 'spread his entrails over two square miles and make it look like an evil spirit did it' method
Quote 3683
<AlcarGM> 2 strange beings in white with large black eyes are standing over a table with Naomi on it. They're muttering to each other in some odd dialect.
<AlcarGM> One of them reaches up and removes the goggles over his eyes. "Gah. Stupid containment procedures. She's just a girl."
<StarChild`-> (( lol ))
Quote 3684
* Carrion`` sees if they have any pictures of him killing the boy mercilessly and having that woman killed
<AlcarGM> There is one picture of it. Grainy and from above. It's not a pretty sight.
<Carrion``> "Damnit! They got my bad side!"
Quote 3685
<Alcar> You want him to have a diffferent flaw?
<Gemm``> it seems vague
<Alcar> whats vague about it? He's *dead*
<Gemm``> well what I'm asking is how can being dead be a flaw?
<Alcar> How can it NOT be a flaw? :p
<Gemm``> well I don't see how it is a flaw though
<Alcar> Lack of social life, for starters. He's a walking skeleton, being mistaken as a runaway from Africa, being mistaken as a coat rach, being used as an xylophone ...
Quote 3686
* RaFee` wispers "ok there he is follow me. silently this time ok"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak be really Quiet."
<D20> Taklinn_Rumnaheim 1d20-3: 0 Move Silently
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "So, who Tak sneaking up on?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Has Tak snuck up on him yet?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak wants Ale!"
Quote 3687
<WarezBert> in any sort of roleplaying game
<WarezBert> weapons that hum ominously are the bomb
Quote 3688
* WarezBert has one character with a brilliant energy keen weapon
* WarezBert likes using it to stop combat from ever starting
Quote 3689
<Alcar> "This gun? Well, you see officer, I prevent battles. I stop the bad guys before they stop us. Sometimes before they cdraw their weapons. Sometimes before they look at us. Really, most of them time they don't even know I exist. But after I shoot them, it's not a problem."
<WarezBert> so you are a "long range mediator?"
* WarezBert had that embossed on his sniper rifle in one future-tech game
<Alcar> "Yes, I am a diplomat. This is my tank."
<WarezBert> "its hard to accept your diplomatic status while you drive over our capital"
<Alcar> "Driving over it? Oh, yes, that is our retalitory strike. We're just doing it before you attack us as a cost-saving measure."
Quote 3690
<Alcar> anything you want added/changed for lance from whats on the hubris site?
<Baliadoc> oh, lemme go check him out :)
<Baliadoc> man, now i'm jealous. Wesley is great, but Lance was too damn fun. Now I'm missing out on all of it.
<Baliadoc> is it healthy to be jealous of something you created??
<Baliadoc> nm. i'm scaring myself now.
Quote 3691
<Tuslaian> Not a problem
<Tuslaian> It's chock-full of evil DM goodness.
<Naaya_Kess> Evil Goodness ?
<Tuslaian> no
<Tuslaian> Evil DM goodness
<Tuslaian> Evil goodness is an oxymoron
Quote 3692
<Baby_Rick> "i believe my powers are mostly linked to my overdeveloped intelligence"
<George`^> (( LoL Hardly ))
<Baby_Rick> [ quiet you :p ]
Quote 3693
<Wesley```> "I suppose I'm a concerned citizen, if people like me are still considered that."
<AlcarGM> <Lance Christensen> "Concerned about what?" quietly.
<Wesley```> "What's going on."
<Wesley```> "It's a weird feeling, waking up one morning and being stronger, faster, more perceptive than you were the day before."
<Wesley```> "I've met a guy who got messed up pretty bad buy it. I know a girl who seems to care only about killing, as a means of stopping people who try to hurt her. Hell, I know a human lightbulb, and when I met her, she didn't even know she was one."
<Wesley```> "You know what the scary part is? Those're the proverbial good guys."
<AlcarGM> <Lance Christensen> stares at you for a very long moment. "I should retire early."
Quote 3694
<George`^> Wesley isn't following me is he?
<AlcarGM> Nope.
<AlcarGM> Not that you can see.
<Wesley```> ((or so you think. I'm the big naked pink man statue in the corner. HA!))
* Wesley``` ((spits out more water convincingly... just a fountain...))
Quote 3695
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Anyone looking for a Drunken Dwarf to go on a mission with?"
<Caltak> sure. The mission is called Feed the Dragon. We don't have any food to give it. Well, I guess we would now :)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak feed dragon by cooking up thouse eggs behind it."
Quote 3696
<Darkkin> hey Alcar Collect Call of Cthulhu
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> don't accept the charges! don't accept the charges!
<Alcar> "Oh, my God! Foul tenactles covered in putrid green ooze are sprouting from the phone Charles! These telemarketers are getting really persistent. I *told* them we won't take any Unspeakable Oaths!"
Quote 3697
* Barry^Mugan looks for the holy symbol a sure way to find out were they are
<AlcarGM> Barry - it's a disk with some strange tentacled creature. You don't recognise it. j/k
<Barry^Mugan> i'm be leaveing them behind if that was true
<AlcarGM> She has none, actually.
<StarChild`-> (( its a smiling face that says "Have a Nice Day" :P ))
<Baliadoc> ((i don't think superman ever had this problem...))
<Barry^Mugan> ((sure he did always being kidnaped and sent to other worlds to fight and junk)
Quote 3698
<StarChild`-> (( "Hey Barry, I have a question... how do you calculate THAC0?" :P ))
<Baliadoc> ((it should be a mathematical gordian knot!))
<Barry^Mugan> (( Yes i agree bali ))
<StarChild`-> (( "Damn, but what if we have to fight something?" :P ))
<Barry^Mugan> (( it scares the newbies away))
<Barry^Mugan> (( You know this only reinforces his ideas ))
<StarChild`-> (( "Well let's just hope this is 3rd edition..." ))
<Baliadoc> ((Caltak doesn't have any ideas. He just says things.))
<StarChild`-> (( you're damn right :) ))
<StarChild`-> (( "I wonder what class I am..." ))
Quote 3699
<AlcarGM> A large, reptillian creature is flying towards the tower, with eyes as large as Stella gklowing with an emerald light. Magic crackled around wings wider than jet engines and a tail whips along beind it. The ... creatures mouth is open and the firs of hell seem to burn in its throat
* StarChild`- gapes.
<Barry^Mugan> "Ah a dragon"
<StarChild`-> "A--A DRAGON!?"
<Barry^Mugan> "Yes what you'd still think somthings can't be real? i mean were here"
<StarChild`-> "I.. um... well, still!"
<AlcarGM> The dragon flies towards the tower
<Barry^Mugan> "Well we can stay and chitchat with it or run for our lifes what you say"
* StarChild`- looks at Barry, then the dragon, then Barry again. "I say we leave." *flies really fast for the woods :P*
Quote 3700
<AlcarGM> <Summer Windchaser> sends the cleric on her way with the others and comes back into the shop. "I want to go back home. Now!"
<Barry^Mugan> "Well em.."
<Barry^Mugan> "Fine... but i'm not sure IF we will return i've never had to change reality back is such a way"
<Barry^Mugan> "You want to wait for Stella right?"
<AlcarGM> <Summer Windchaser> looks shocked "Of course!"
<AlcarGM> <Summer Windchaser> "You think I'd leave my own daughter marooned on an alien world?!" ..... "I can't believe I just said."
* Salem- sues her father for child neglet and brings him on an alien version of JERRY SPRINNGER
<AlcarGM> « Jerry Springer = Cthulhu! »