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Quote 3401
<Greg``> is Kent worried yet? :p
<Kent``> Kent is wondering just how many trips to the Earth his parents made. This is like the Summer home of God :)
<Greg``> ROFL
<Kent``> seriously, too :)
<Kent``> he's a collector of his stuff, from every religion, and likes rare stuff. he's gotta have it, after all. he IS God. if God's gonna have stuff, it has to be Big Stuff
Quote 3402
<Greg``> Unnoticed overhead, 3 angels coming to clean up stop, see the PCs, and fly off to tell Someone that His house is being entered.
<Kent``> (aw Hell. Well, more accurately, Heaven.)
Quote 3403
<Andrew`-> (( no DVD player? :) ))
<Greg``> « nope »
<Andrew`-> (( really? damn :P ))
<Greg``> « no computer, either. Is a fax machine, tho »
<Andrew`-> (( weird :P ))
<Andrew`-> (( are there phones? :) ))
<Greg``> « No, actually :) »
<Andrew`-> (( they have a fax but no phone?!? ))
<Greg``> « Yup. »
<Andrew`-> (( *Twilight Zone music plays* ))
Quote 3404
* Kent`` heads out the back door, into the new and undiscovered inner areas of this Condominium of Partytude
* Andrew`- follows Kent, looking confused after surveying the present communication devices
<Kent``> (couldn't find a better opposite of Solitude, so i made one up)
Quote 3405
<Greg``> "People might see you .. you're 12 storeys tall!"
<Kent```> "Stay in between the hills, at least! Try not to get anywhere where you'll be readily visible."
<Andrew`-> "It's not like I'm dancing around naked or something, for crying out loud..." *wanders around a little, then finds a nice place to relax :)*
<Greg``> And, far above the world, the alien Xorn recruit waves his pseudopods "Captain! We found intelligent life on the world! It's a big cat!" Captain: "Good. Now that we have the catt, we need to find the Calvin and our mission will be finished."
Quote 3406
* ** ArtQ-Sleeping changes topic to 'Your first set of Dice: 7$. Your First Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook $29.99; The look on your DM's face when you roll 3 20's in a row against his "invinsible" orc? Priceless. #D&D Never leave home without it!'
Quote 3407
<Tech-Sensei> How come you take 1d6 damage from a 10 foot fall, and 10d6 from a 100 foot fall, and 100d6 from a 1000 foot fall. No terminal velocity.
<Tech-Sensei> see? Don't apply the standards of the "real world" to D&D
Quote 3408
* Mr_Stokes thinks good roleplaying stems from rules lawyering
Quote 3409
* ** WebMaster_SD Quit (Quit: Sorry, your spell can not be completed as casted. Please check the components and try your spell again. If you need assistance, contact your mentor.)
Quote 3410
<AlcarDM> The young man looks up "Of course." His voice seems coarser than before, and he turns pale. "No .... " he whispers, then his body ripples and changes
* Maranda`-` eyes the young man now
<AlcarDM> You see a ruined, charred face and hands .. the rest is hidden by a tattered grey cloak but the burning is horrible enough. You can see bone barely covered in burnt skin and the teeth are visible through the skin over them. Some of the skin is jarringly new, the rest scarred and half melted. It has no nose and you can't see any ears or hair on it. The calm, brown eyes look almost appallingly normal in that face.
<Maranda`-`> (now there is a cha score thats all personality!)
Quote 3411
<Chaos`^> We can block it with a chair... the door that is...
<Chaos`^> That should hold him for our lifespans...
<Chaos`^> Well.. considering all the pc's are imortal... nevermind...
<Alcar> Considering that the elven race was destrotyed closing the last door :p
<Alcar> this one is smaller, at least.
<Alcar> destroyed, even
<Chaos`^> I like Destrotyed better.. it sounds like they were tied up, like cowboys and indians...
Quote 3412
<Aaowen> 1d20+7 disguise
<TheDice> Aaowen, 1d20+7: 18 disguise
<Dungeon_Master_M> Dalendaryn, Amandis Roll Spot
<Amandis> d20+6 -Spot
<TheDice> Amandis, d20+6: 18 -Spot
<Dalendaryn> 1d20+5 spot
<TheDice> Dalendaryn, 1d20+5: 18 spot
<Dalendaryn> ....
Quote 3413
* ** Keideth has joined #d&d
<Keideth> lol
<Keideth> this many pppl play d&d?
* ** Keideth has left #d&d
Quote 3414
<Amandis> "We can find out." *heads to the one opened tool shed*
* Amandis opens the dark, gloomy looking shed and turns the light on. "Sheesh, almost like they tried to make it to scare .... huh. Uhm ... were you in here?"
<Andrew`-> "No, why?" *looks at whatever Greg is looking at.*
* Amandis looks into the wheel barrow. "Well, someone removed the manure that was stinking the shed up, and it wasn't me."
<Andrew`-> "Kent, maybe."
<Andrew`-> (( it was the otyugh! :P ))
<Amandis> "Guess so.." *finds a tool box on a shelf.* "Wow, no dust in here either...."
<Andrew`-> (( it was a neat otyugh! :P ))
Quote 3415
<Cassandra`-`> "I'm not realy sure any of us are realy free."
<Amandis> "I guess not. Kings look free, but if they don't do what people want, they get hung or something .... and people think they are, but can't leave their jobs even if they hate them.... like slaves. But .... they look down on them." Shakes his head "It's too confusing."
<Crypto45> Is this dungeons and dragons? I dont see any dice rolling... kind of weird that all you want to do is talk. or maybe its just regular role play i dont know because you wont really tell me stuff
<Amandis> "Being a slave was easier," softly.
<Cassandra`-`> (Its D&D but not all of the game is mindless killing.)
Quote 3416
<Greg``> Meanwhile, Kent - having turned on the game boy for some fun, finds himelf stuck inside PacMan3000
<Kent```> lol
<Greg``> They're talking to a hologram :)
<Kent```> that'd be pretty funny ;)
<Greg``> You've basically found yourself in some odd version of pacman .. walls around you, and strange forms chasing you
<Kent```> wait, seriously?
<Greg``> Yup.
* Kent``` blinks at the DM too.
Quote 3417
* Kent``` walks inside, looking around
<Greg``> Kent turns to a small pile of ashes. Kent is destroyed by the energy beam as it absorbs him. Kent becomes a plaid sweatshirt. In one reality, it just begins to glow light a lighbulb. In quite a few possiblilities, this session is really short since you all die
<Greg``> In this reality, nothing happens.
<Kent```> "Well, it seems pretty plain... Maybe it's really just a nice storage shed."
<Greg``> But it does so ominiously, as if something was biding it's time and waiting....
Quote 3418
<Greg``> Kent - the door opens onto a grassy knoll somewhere on earth.
<Greg``> You hear a motorcade in the distance and people cheering.
<Kent```> (oh good lord)
<Andrew`-> (( It was really Kent! :P ))
<Greg``> « *grins evilly* »
<Kent```> ((I killed Kennedy! You bastards!))
Quote 3419
<Kent```> "Well, I think I know where the room was, but that's another story. Uhm... It was a little grassy hill. There was a lot of cheering and stuff going on in the background."
<Andrew`-> "Was there a motorcade?"
<Kent```> "Maybe? I dunno."
<Andrew`-> "So.. I guess those doors lead to different times and places?"
<Kent```> "You're not suggesting that I was at Kennedy's assassination, are you?"
<Andrew`-> "Well yeah, I was, actually."
Quote 3420
<Andrew`-> "Should we gag him or something so he cant pronounce the words?"
<Greg``> "Makes sense."
<Kent```> "Good idea."
* Andrew`- finds something to gag him with, and does so
<Greg``> The man is gagged and the DM wanders off to find an IQ test he can get so he can get players with a lower IQ, so the NPC could get away and come back stronger than ever in comic book fashion
Quote 3421
<Greg``> Ok, the next door Kent finds is stuck.
<Greg``> it's a plain, metal door like you'd have on a storage shed.
<Andrew`-> (( does it have a logo of a man on it, and sign hanging from the knob that says "Out of Order"? :P ))
<Greg``> You're strong enough to open it if you want to, though.
<Kent```> would it be severely broken?
<Andrew`-> (( yeah, don't wanna open a Pandora's Box unless you can close it again really fast :) ))
Quote 3422
<Andrew`-> "I donno, he just seems like the kind of guy who would, if he was at some disaster in tha past, immediately go stop it wihout thinking first."
<Greg``> "That can be a good thing..."
<Andrew`-> "Yeah, but its more of a good thing in the present. I mean, who knows what kind of reprocussions changing the past could have, even if it seems like for the good at the time? Why, psuhing someone out of the way of a car could cause you to never be born!" (( :P ))
<Greg``> Kent returns to find Greg and Andrew debating his mortality :)
<Greg``> "better to do something that not do somehting and know that evil happened because you didn't act when you were brought to that placve to act."
<Greg``> « Alcar: proving why time travel is the leading cause of ulcers :) »
<Andrew`-> (( "And then you'd have to pose as someone named for the type of underwear you have on, and have to try to set up your geeky father with your mother and play the guitar while your arm is disappearing! :P ))
<Andrew`-> "Well maybe so, but... augh, time travel sucks."
Quote 3423
<ceiynt81> what about a orphane halfling raised by a group of monks who grows up and becomes a paladin of his chosen god
<Agent_Sarin> Nope, the monks would kill the halfling for being short.
<metallicshadow> you live in an absolute world, eh Agent_Sarin?
<Agent_Sarin> heh, just joking
Quote 3424
* Tech-Sensei looks at the sword and fist errata
<Tech-Sensei> this is freaking insane!
<Tech-Sensei> they just totally UNDID everything sword and fist gave you!
<Tech-Sensei> bladed gauntlets are now an absolute pussy weapon.
<Tech-Sensei> mercurial greatsword is knocked down to 2d6....
<Tech-Sensei> if there's THIS much errata
<Tech-Sensei> they should recall the book
Quote 3425
<Xemit> (yes i'm selling grassblades potato soup to the gods and thats an untapped market)
Quote 3426
<Myrth> i take it that this isn't a nice god
<Ashi> there are nice gods?
<Myrth> hmm
<Myrth> that answers that
Quote 3427
<Julie-Ann> (( Play-dough.. god's puddy for forming the world))
Quote 3428
<Myrth> "So your semi-immortal and i'm not alive. We could write a book."
Quote 3429
<Ashi> the gnome ignores Myrth and goes back t discussing if Eldis' strange notion that time wore pants is actually feasable and, if so, what colour they were.
Quote 3430
<Myrth> "Xemit, how long are we here fore?"
<Xemit`> "Untill I leave"
Quote 3431
<Caltak> Zach isn;t psycho! He's just the bastard child of a goddess raping a celestial, who has a short-tempered and chronically procrastinating all-powerful sword, and is under a geas-like spell that keeps him from being in his true form! I mean cmon, he's as normal as they come :P
Quote 3432
<Xemit`> "So how do we become legends? and what exactly do we need our legends to be?"
<Xemit`> "There is always releasing the Tarrasque but i think thats the rong type of legend."
Quote 3433
<Greg``> He continues going to the washroom, nervously. After he's done, he sighs with relief, then blinks. "Oh, no.." in a high, queer voice. His eyes seem to change colour for a moment, becoming a bright gold.
* Andrew`- blinks. "What the hell was that?"
<Greg``> The man begins standing, opening his mouth perhaps to scream, and vanishes.
<Greg``> The head remains, tied to the rope, and splashes into the toilet as the body dissappears.
* Andrew`- blinks, and drops the rope, and just stares at where he was a couple seconds
<Greg``> The rope is fine and the wound seems to have cauterized instantly, leaving no blood at all.
* Andrew`- looks down at the rope, and back at the head in the toilet, and just walks out of the bathroom
Quote 3434
<Andrew`-> "This island is... weird."
<Greg``> Kelly: "What do you mean, weird?" warily.
<Andrew`-> "Well, for starters, something keeps stopping us from leaving. Weird men in trenchcoats keep sneaking on and trying to steal blood samples while we sleep, our friend Kent had a doppleganger for a bit, theres a pile of manuer that moves when we aren't looking, and one shed has a door that leads to the planet Mercury. That sort of weird."
<Greg``> Kelly stares at you for a long moment, then realises you aren't joking. "That's not any sort of weird I ever heard of."
Quote 3435
<Chaos`^> (( yeah it is... think about those kid shows with all that wierd stuff that happens... ))
<Andrew`-> "yeah, the X-Files writers wish they could come up with the sort of stuff that happens here."
<Greg``> « Kelly doesn't watch. I rots the mind :p »
<Chaos`^> (( you rots the mind? Yeah, I think you do ))
<Andrew`-> (( I'd have to agree ))
<Greg``> « It :p »
<Chaos`^> (( oh.. well, I still think you rot the mind... ))
Quote 3436
<Greg``> Kelly: "Why? What do you do?" warily
<Kent```> "Well, my powers aren't much. I can inherit big island paradises which are trying to kill us, and get a good tan." *grins*
<Greg``> Kelly .oO(Besides set my heart aflutter) j/k
<Kent```> ((rofl. this is too funny ;))
<Andrew`-> (( I'm gonna kill you, DM! Right after I kill Kent``` :P ))
Quote 3437
<Greg``> Mrs Wilson: "Well, yes, but ..... he's not human..."
<Andrew`-> (( bah, whats so great about humans, anyway? :P ))
<Kent```> ((numbers, mostly))
<Andrew`-> (( I can fix that :P ))
Quote 3438
* Kent``` speaks in a voice which can only be described as two cats talking about the Enron scandal
<Greg``> A reply comes in a voice sounding like 3 french hens and 2 turtle doves molesting a partridge in a pear tree
<Andrew`-> (( ooo, nxt time talk like Britney Spears and a walrus caught in a blender. :P Just because the idea of Brittney Spears getting chopped up by a blender is cool :P ))
Quote 3439
<Greg``> Mrs Wilson: "Now, Andrew .. what makes you think you'd make a good boyfriend for kelly?"
<Greg``> Kelly (horrified): "MOM!"
<Billy`Jean> (( he can lick himself where no mortal human can!! ))
<Andrew`-> (( yeah! hey wait... why do I need a girlfriend, then? :P j/k ))
Quote 3440
<Tech-Away> hey Patrick^!
<Tech-Away> wtf happened to your game???
<Tech-Away> i was there on time, NOBODY else showed up!!!!
<Tech-Away> including you!
<Patrick^> let me put it this way
<Patrick^> social life!
<Tech-Away> uh huh
<Tech-Away> your credibility as a DM just droped to 5%
Quote 3441
<Alben`^> "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself... I'm Alben." *as if that explains everything*
<Hugh`-> (( "Like the Chipmunk?" :P ))
<Alben`^> (( That's alven =p ))
<Hugh`-> (( I know, I'm just saying :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((well, they might think you have a cold... ;))
<Alben`^> (( Vampires don't get colds ))
<Hugh`-> (( they get sunburn :P ))
Quote 3442
<Alben`^> "I'm an all or none sort of guy. All vampires are evil."
<AlcarGM> Kris blinks, then says quietly "We're alive because they all aren't."
<Hugh`-> "Oh, I see. I generally try to stay away from being prejudiced like that."
<Alben`^> "I owuld know.. I used to be one.. Yeah.. Sooner or later they will become evil, if not now, then later..."
<Baliadoc> ((it really doesn't net as much xp as it would in D&D, being a killing machine))
<Hugh`-> (( yeah, its those vending machines that get the real xp :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((the DM gives me 5. What the hell is that!? oh wait, this is a different system? well, I still have problems with 5.))
<Alben`^> (( yeah, more like 500 right? =p ))
Quote 3443
<Alcar> The world is falling apart. Buildings crumble. Even the newest, shinyest skyscraper exudes the stentch of corruption and payoofs. A comproised architects broken dreams and the soundless screams of a thousand office workers contemplating suicide merge into a canvass of sorrow.
<Alcar> Governments are a sham. Laws are so burdensome that everyone is a crimminal. Hatred and intolerance spill into the streets. The rich get richer and the poor get debased. The poor get poorer and mroe desperate. The environment is deteriorating. Food supplies are dwindling. The lights are going out.
<Alcar> That's the decay theme for running a UA campaign :)
<Caltak> wow, its so realistic, too :)
<Chaos`^> and that's depressing
<Alcar> Realism is always depressing :P
<Caltak> yeah :)
<Caltak> why the hell do you think we rp all the time? :P
Quote 3444
<Maranda`-`> (i searched for Cthulhu on the net.. and found Cthulhu toys)
Quote 3445
<AlcarDM> Allegra: "Look, we're not the Empire anymore. I don't *want* to lead you, like I did..."
Quote 3446
* Maranda`-` waits for there reaction
<AlcarDM> Trooper1 thinks for a moment, then raises his blaster and aims it at Allegra "That is treason."
Quote 3447
* Maranda`-` places her self between the trooper and Allegra
<Maranda`-`> "And ruining another one of my dresses is suiside."
Quote 3448
<Maranda`-`> "Oh the can help out with the rebuilding, thats not a problem. and I think they got some space of there own as is, just need to know about the rest of them..."
<AlcarDM> Mayor: "Rest of which?" warily
<Maranda`-`> "well you see... the troopers.. well they can't exactly go home any more, and there leader doesn't want to concure the world... so... there looking at just becoming well, errr.. I can't explain it to well but they gave up the idea of concuring the world and are looking to settle down."
Quote 3449
<AlcarDM> A storm trooper currently by the inn looks over "Someone needs gems?"
<Allynor> "Why, yes. Do you happen to know where some are?"
<AlcarDM> The storm trooper nods to Allynor "We use some to power up food processors. We actually have too many of them."
<Allynor> "I can only assume mining must be easier with the things you possess. How much would you sell some for?"
<AlcarDM> Storm trooper: "Sell them? Heck, we can give them away if you want."
<Rene`-> (( sweet :) ))
Quote 3450
* Allynor if he could grimace for the economy, he would
Quote 3451
<Mors`^> (( Ooh I wodner if I can get storm trooper followers lol ))
<Allynor> ((they're bound to die anyway, so you probably can :))
<Mors`^> (( I still need to find a cohort.. ))
<Allynor> ((your wife doesn't count? :))
<Rene`-> (( oo me me me! :P ))
<Mors`^> (( No, I already asked =( ))
Quote 3452
<Mors`^> "I let you think for yourselves alot, but we'll start slow, since you don't do it alot.. Then we'll work our way up.. anyway, if you sell some of the other extra gems you have, and get some supplies, I'll come and get you when we're ready to leave..."
<Allynor> "I'm sure this is detrimental to my friends, but I believe that's a prime example of not thinking for yourself."
Quote 3453
<AlcarDM> - End of Session - EXP: 5200 each
<Mors`^> I'm sorry alcar, but you can't end the session...
<AlcarDM> I can't?
<Mors`^> If you end the session that means I have to get more followers... cause I'll gain alevel
Quote 3454
<AlcarDM> He stops smiling and stares at you for a too-long moment. When he speaks next, his voice is rougher. "Move on, then. You - you don't want to find her, now."
<Gabriel``> "I'm well aware of the tales that preceed this place, and what those who brought her here are capable of doing to people. I want to find her."
<AlcarDM> He shakes his head. "No, you don't. Just walk away. Forget her. Forget this place."
<Gabriel``> "I don't make trips to places people shouldn't go simply to leave them."
<AlcarDM> The man smiles faintly at that, but it doesn't reach his eyes which have become empty and cold, filled with nothing but death. "Go. If you value your sanity, or hers, leave. The first thing they take is memory, then your name, then honour, dignity, respect ..... someone here might look like this girl, but it won't be her."
Quote 3455
<Brea> that reminds me of a time when someone was doing speak with dead
<Brea> "did you die of natural causes?"
<Brea> "yes"
<Brea> "can you tell me how you died?"
<Brea> "yes"
<Brea> end of interview, hehehe
<Brea> later we found out that he'd been thrown off a cliff, so *naturally*, he died
<Brea> and yes, he *could* tell us how he died
<Brea> funny on hindsight, but very frustrating
Quote 3456
<AlcarDM> A voice from the shadows whispers mysteriously "How long does Gabriel's player have?" in eldrich tones with a hint of maniacal laughter behind them.
<AlcarDM> The voice in the shadows whispers dark words, about bonus experience and answers found to questions.
<Gabriel``> ((lol, it is gettin' kinda late, but i can continue on, if you want. if not, we can break it into a second chunk. might make more sense))
<AlcarDM> « Yeah, makes more sense :) »
Quote 3457
<ArtQ-AFK> god damned its so dead
<Alcar> yep
<ArthurQ> if i cast turn undead i wonder how many people would disconncect
Quote 3458
* Gabriel`` made some dumb mistakes with Mother. Is in uber-alertness mode right now :)
<MechaBlue> That's a euphamism for paranoia mode?
<MechaBlue> It's only a real problem if you have a pump action (or faster reloading) weapon that discharges explosive rounds
<MechaBlue> Heroes Unlimited tends go badly because of that
<MechaBlue> Semi-automatic belt fed shotgun with fragmentation rounds
<Gabriel``> ah, paladium :)
<MechaBlue> "Well, you got the terrorists. Unfortunately, you got the hostage too. And about 30 innocent bystanders, including two cops."
Quote 3459
<Caltak> (( Coincidence? Na, this is Alcar DMing :) ))
<AlcarDM> « actually it is coincidence :p »
<Caltak> (( aww thats no fun :P ))
<Gabriel``> ((actually, everything is coincidence with Alcar. It's afterwards that he desperately finds a way to make it mean something ;))
<AlcarDM> « I think it was my subconscious dming :) Forgot about the ring until bali typing the starfire comment :) »
<Caltak> (( yeah, thats true :) ))
Quote 3460
<SnailSlug> We are the Borg. Lower your shield and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.
Quote 3461
* Alcar surrenders the Windows OS to the Borg and watches them all fry as their brains overload on Solitaire.
<ArthurQ> ya know
<ArthurQ> i wonder would would happen
<ArthurQ> If the borg did assimilate Microsft
<Alcar> MS would sue the borg for copyright infringement and the borg would be broken up by the federation as a monopoly.
Quote 3462
<Chaos`^> Dieterette is the only woman on the floor... the only other woman is on the stage... and she is currently removing her shirt...
Quote 3463
* dieterette stares
* Querdie stares.
<dieterette> "Querdie, that woman is undressing in public!"
Quote 3464
* Querdie stares some more just to be sure.
Quote 3465
<Chaos`^> She throws her shirt at querdie, but several other men dive for it
Quote 3466
* Querdie brandishes his wand of fireballs at them.
<Querdie> Back fools! Do not encroach upon the space of Querdie the Powerful!
<Chaos`^> Querdie finds himself on the ground.. men are leaving him with torn pieces of shirt
Quote 3467
* Urt tries to protect Querdie and draws his axe.
<Sparkie> Urt d20-4: 4 -intimidate
<Urt> Stupid charisma based skills :p
<dieterette> yeah, that is retarded.
Quote 3468
* Urt is an ugly, eyeless creature with a big axe and a lampshade on his head. That should intimidate! :p
Quote 3469
* dieterette eyes the table to see if it is sufficiently penitant for her to be willing to reattach its leg.
<dieterette> ((how penitant does the table seem?))
<Chaos`^> It doesn't have a motive persay.. it just wants to set there...
<dieterette> does it want its leg back?
<Chaos`^> It doesn't really care... but you don't know too much about table psycology.. so you really can't tell
Quote 3470
<dieterette> ((is this our new npc?))
<Chaos`^> (( damn straight.. I'm trying to get querdie hooked up lol =p If I keep producing women maybe he'll get the clue ))
<Querdie> (( I dunno, man, he IS a wizard ))
<Querdie> (( maybe if someone drew an arcane diagram or something ;b ))
<Urt> « his next Spellbook comes with a centerfold... »
<Chaos`^> ( I'm tempted ))
Quote 3471
<Keith`> i'm looking to start at like 5-6PST (8-9est)
<Alcar> Works for me.
<Chaos`^> that's good
<Baliadoc> oh wait... nm. do whatever day is good for you guys!! i totally forgot my new night class on wednesdays *sigh*
<Baliadoc> good lord, it's a good thing you said 6 o'clock, or i would've forgotten all about it.
<Keith`> oh bummer
Quote 3472
* Keith` was looking forword to harming doc in the ffrpg
Quote 3473
<Alcar> make an rpg with 2 stats "Important" and "Miscellaneous"
<aslhk> I think that's a bit *too* abstract
Quote 3474
<Alben`^> "What happened?"
<Hugh`-> "As far as what?"
<Alben`^> "The hospital. Do you know anything about it?"
<Hugh`-> "oh, that. The power went out."
<Alben`^> "Permenantly?"
<AlcarGM> Kris: "Dunno. You'd have to ask the cat."
Quote 3475
<AlcarGM> Kris: "Uhm, that's a good hour walk or so, I bet. Can you get the cat to bring it here?"
<Hugh`-> "I'm fairly sure it doesn't know how to drive."
<AlcarGM> Kris chuckles. "If it can get rid of the power at a hospital and heal a cancer patient, I bet it could figure it out..."
<Hugh`-> "Yes, but after hitting a few things, and then maybe deciding he should make it grow wings and fly here."
Quote 3476
<Anansy> i have a wizard who believes he's dirty harry
<Anansy> "I know what you're thinking... 'Did he cast five magic missiles or only four?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I have lost track of it myself..."
<Anansy> "But being that this is a 7th level caster, capable of dealing 20 hit points of damage, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself 'Do I feel lucky?'"
<Anansy> "Well do ya? PUNK????"
Quote 3477
<Anansy> DC 5: reach orgasm with visual aids
<Anansy> DC 10: reach orgasm through bad phone sex
<Anansy> DC 15: reach orgasm while solving a system of equations in your head
<Anansy> DC 25: reach orgasm while at the same time thinking of your kindergarten teacher
Quote 3478
<Warner> ((well I gotta go do some homework. Next time a open game is starting give me a page. It's been so long I'm in danger of getting a life))
Quote 3479
<Wynden_Guile> I used to play 'Go Fish' but was caught cheating so I started playing D&D
Quote 3480
<Wynden_Guile> I was witnessing an arguement over the power of 'Wish' before when my friend Monty (-con) asked Chuck (+pro and butt of many jokes) what he'd 'Wish' in an Elder Dragons presence. He said - I wish the dragon were dead. and *poof* a flash of smoke and Chuck was a year older w/ a pissed Dracolich sitting in front of him! lol
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<HyperactiveBuff> I like the first wish I gave as a dm...
<HyperactiveBuff> the player actually fell for the classic 'I want to raise all my stats' wish.
<HyperactiveBuff> you have to love a genie... 'you want me to raze all your stats?' 'yes, I want you to raise all my stats!' 'okay, here it goes, I am going to raze all your stats...'
<HyperactiveBuff> suddenly, 5s across the board!
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<Spaceman^Spiff> well damn
<Spaceman^Spiff> so what am i supposed to do
<Spaceman^Spiff> sit in #d&d all night with the rest of the losers?
<Xaphan> I resemble that remark.
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* Kandi`^ orders their strongest liquer
<AlcarDM> The waitress looks a bit surprised, then brings you RL, a specially frrmented drink designed to drive people insane. :) 300% proof, too.
* Kandi`^ figures a little sanity never killed anyone... and drinks it..
* _Annie_ you start to hear the song " pink elephants on parade"
<AlcarDM> Fort save or Kandi is forced to change nicks to chaos and the session ends due to relaity paradox! Or not :p
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* Kandi`^ sighs and looks at her watch "I wonder what the in-flight movie is."
<AlcarDM> « Slaughter house 8 »
<Kandi`^> "I think there's a horor movie on... It's just your style"
Quote 3485
* Kandi`^ looks at the reaper "Maybe you can learn something."
<AlcarDM> The reaper looks at you carefully, but says nothing
<AlcarDM> « now, if the movie had been scream and you'd have said that, he'd have had to kill you on principle :) »
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<Metkin> "The only thing that should be sticking up for Ana is her tombstone." Don't you see how that's a vulgar thing to say?
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<Warner> But DiceBot's code is public. you can scrutinize it all ya like :)
Quote 3488
* Warner pets his little bot in a proud fatherly manner
<Warner> Your my little Silicon Golem arn't you? Yes you are. Yes you are!
<Chaos`^> reminds me of someone talking to their dog... someone I know... and that's sad..
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<Alcar> The female ninja wears white, because black clashes with her hair. :p
<Alcar> that would be a fun pc...
<Alcar> "Oh, I can't kill her, she's wearing that horrible red dress..."
<Chaos`^> gay killer? or rather, flaming gay
<Alcar> no, just a fashionable ninja :)
<Alcar> "If you wish for the Dark Ninja to not kill you, always wear ugly clothing."
<Warner> So if the Dark Ninja fails to kill me I should take it as a fasion insult?
<Alcar> among nobility it could be brutal :)
<Alcar> You'd have fashion designers throwing people at you to get their styles murderered :p
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* Gabriel``` isn't paying attention to Zacharel... until rations explode, that is.
Quote 3491
* Zacharel blinks, and pick himself up, ringing out his clothes a littlem as his injuries heal. "Anyone dead?"
<Gabriel```> "You may be, if I can remove my arm from this tree."
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* Xemit checks to make sure he isn't going to bleed to death in the night
Quote 3493
<Myrth> "Lets just ignore us and keep going"
Quote 3494
<Ashi> "The swamp is never this .... nice ... to travellers, though. None of us died."
<Ashi> "Not that that's a bad thing, mind you..."
<Gabriel```> "Maybe it was in an odd mood."
<Myrth> "Hey, i resemble that remark"
<Xemit> "None of us mannaged to die while entering it, wouldn't it stand to reson we would servive coming out again... althought..."
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<Myrth> "Wait, how can we be in the past but still see ourselves, and if we wait here long enough will we meet up?"
Quote 3496
<Gabriel```> "Let's head to Veska. We might be able to find out if we changed anything there."
<Ashi> Ashi shrugs. "Would be interesting..."
Quote 3497
* Myrth mutters "To much thinking involved"
<Xemit> "I don't care."
<Gabriel```> "That was... varied."
Quote 3498
<Chaos`^> what year is it in axon? and what day?
<aslhk> Chaos`^: it is "Black Tuesday." and tomorrow will be, "Black Wednesday." The day after that will be "Black Thursday." It will continue in this pattern until the campaign ends. There is a chancellor, man! A chancellor!
Quote 3499
<Darkkin> Who's this king?
<AlcarDM> Vallhard
<Darkkin> how did this king become king
<AlcarDM> he killed the last one :)
<AlcarDM> Traditional.
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<SamHall> "Oh, good! I want to get this project underway as soon as possible" *points to his sleeve* "You see, I have deduced that placing a small thaumic fluctuator to generate the proper fields of morphic resonance could greatly upset the equilibrium of a magical field, causing a large influx of..." =P *trails off and begins writing on his sleeve*
* Baro`^ opens his mouth to respond to samhall, but shuts it just as quick, assuming it useless to try and talk to him...