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Quote 3201
<Sintaqx> you travel for an hour without seeing anything other than tracks
<Teirce-Forcefist> how fast are these things!
* Teirce-Forcefist keeps going
<Adormar> how fast ARE these things?
* Teirce-Forcefist wonders if Sin is punishing the pc's for not showing up, or him for being an idiot
<Sintaqx> yes :)
<Teirce-Forcefist> which one?
<Sintaqx> both :)
<Adormar> (wonders why he is being punished :P )
<Teirce-Forcefist> (punishment by assoiciation)
<Sintaqx> ((you are here to save Teirce's ass over, and over, and over....))
Quote 3202
<Teirce-Forcefist> (why are you shooiting the kank!)
<Teirce-Forcefist> (its protecting the npcs)
<Adormar> (I dont know what a kank is so I thought it was some evil creature and those other things were killing it so I didnt know if they were bad or not)
<Adormar> (I dont know what a freakin salt flat is)
Quote 3203
<Teirce-Forcefist> Dumb animal....its gonna get us killed
<Sintaqx> roll a dex check Teirce :)
<TheDice> Teirce-Forcefist, 1d20+3: 4
<Teirce-Forcefist> (GAH!)
<Sintaqx> Teirce falls off the erdlu
<Adormar> HAHAHAHA!
<Adormar> I think the Kank won, my friend
* Teirce-Forcefist growls and spits sand from his mouth getting up and back on his mount
<Teirce-Forcefist> I am getting ready to kill this blasted thing and sell the meat!
Quote 3204
<Sintaqx> Rurik_: you have no clue where the arrows came from
<Rurik_> i can't tell by the direction they flew in? oh wait, i'm a moron and i failed my spot
<Sintaqx> exactly :)
* Rurik_ just runs in a random direction
<Sintaqx> The barbarian is almost going in the right direction!
<Rurik_> score :D
Quote 3205
* Marcus_ sprints to the wall with great agility, gracefully scaling the wall, until he slips, does 3 perfect flips in the air, and falls flat on his ass
Quote 3206
* Dungeon_Master_M dozes off and has a rather humorous dream... "And in this corner weighting 10 pound and wearing white down trunks . . . MR. CHICKEN . . . and in the other corner wearing red trunks and green scales Koby!"
* Alcar edits Dungeon_Master_M's dream and has Koby learn magic and fireball the chicken to make KFC (Kobold Fried Chicken_
<Dungeon_Master_M> Somehow the spell missfires and he misses the chicken hitting a old, and ugly tree
<Alcar> The druid who's tree it is gets annoyed.
<Dungeon_Master_M> The Druid Enchants the Chicken making it a Gargantuan Chicken who's Abilities are reminesant of the Tarrasque
<Sintaqx> so does the dryad
<aslhk> he says "Dammit! That was my tree! It's not every druid that gets a tree, you know--most of us believe that the people belong to the land, not vice versa, but I was going to show them. I was going to show them all *shakes his fist*" =P
Quote 3207
<Sintaqx> who in their right mind would send a single non-combative level 3 character up against 2 groups of 15 kobolds, who are also level 1 fighters?
<Alcar> No Dm is in their right mind ... it would make them suck at dming :P
<Sintaqx> true... of course, I just got the basics from Jay... I'm the one who actually DM'd everything :)
<Sintaqx> that might explain it....
Quote 3208
<Ellipseis> A Fighter with 20 Cha and a fully barded war-golden retreiver is practically unstopable...
Quote 3209
<WarezBert> the logic behind naming a dog glitterdust? obvious. in case of attack of invisible creature, cause dog to explode. the invis will be covered in dog splatter
* WarezBert goes away to design explosive dog chow
<WarezBert> "kibbles to bits"
Quote 3210
<Warner> spell jammer: see the galaxy, meet interesting people and kill them :)
Quote 3211
<Thin_Gibblewish> Guard: "hault, what brings you to the castle and by what authority" Player: "Well, you see, I was taking a nap when I awoke to see this funny rabbit with a pocketwatch scamper down a hole. Of course I followed and ....."
Quote 3212
<Varis-Argasun> shouldnt i have gotten an attack roll?
<Damania`> against what, a stone wall? congratulations, you hit.
Quote 3213
<Nicolai```> "Yeah. Any type of job, anything you've seen that's interesting to you?"
<Nicolai```> "We need to build you a career background."
* Nicolai`` thinks about it "Not that I can think of .. I mean, I was taught to duplicate people them .. oh, a job."
<Nicolai``> "Something where I can learn lots of stuff and make good money I guess."
<Nicolai```> "Learn lots of stuff and make good money..."
* Nicolai`` nods "Like politics. I could take kickbacks."
<Nicolai```> "Something you can set your own hours on?"
<Nicolai```> "No, politics and pizza just don't mix."
Quote 3214
<Zacharel> 1d20+13
<Sparkie> Zacharel 1d20+13: 14
<Zacharel> (( oh, figures ))
<Zacharel> (( i critically fail at hitting a door :P ))
<Zacharel> (( you knows its Sparkie when you critically fail hitting a door rofl ))
Quote 3215
* Zacharel sighs, leaning his head out of the door far enough to be seen. "Oh um, hi there Ashi."
<Zacharel> "Not really. It was quick, anyway. You uh.. wouldn't happen to have any spare clothing or something, would you?"
<Ashi> "I have a spare dress."
<Zacharel> "Ah. Well at least my luck seems to be consistant lately."
* Ashi rumages in her small pack and tosses a fashionable dress towards Zacharel, smirking.
Quote 3216
<Xemit> spare clothing? easy addtion and minor?
<Ashi> You don't think this is more fun? :)
<Xemit> good point
Quote 3217
<Zacharel> "I'm on a holy quest. No, really. The dress? Um... this quest is greatly underfunded."
Quote 3218
<Ashi> Zacharel is now wearing a seldom-worn formal dress that fits him with most of the seams rent or torn. He looks like a fashion model from gilligans island, escept for the fact that he's male :p
<Zacharel> (( if his hair was spikey, I'd be having FF7 flashbacks right now :P ))
Quote 3219
* Zacharel comes out. "We have to get something else as soon as possible."
* Ashi looks at Zacharel. And almost smiles. "No, I think you look very ... striking ... in that. Much better that I ever did."
* Xemit looks about "never any guards around when you need them"
* Xemit motions to Zacharel "Ladys first"
<Xemit> your right this is more fun
Quote 3220
* Zacharel is about to deck Xemit but thinks better of it and just gives him a look
<Ashi> hmm, could intimidate could count as a form of an attempted seduction roll?
<Xemit> (ummm.. in a forcefull kinda way...)
<Zacharel> (( only if wearing black leather. ))
<Xemit> (black cheep fake leather)
Quote 3221
<Worra> (Oh my god, the dicebot's AI has reached the point of self-preservation!)
<Sir_Timbomania[SMU]> tsume fails to break his ankle falling off the roof
<Orin> tsume did you hear him!!
* Tsume lands silent and nimbly, as a cat should
<Tsume> Yes.
<Tsume> I got a 4 on a +3
<Tsume> and a nat 20 on a +13
Quote 3222
<ArthurQ> They have a Robin Hood Prestige Class
<Tech-Sensei> Robin hood, prince of theives or robin hood, men in tights?
Quote 3223
<AlcarDM> About 4 hours later, Gartag returns to the village, clothing dishelved, face pale and eyes wide with a nameless terror. He stumbles into the inn and grabs a drink from the bartender, chugging Albert's Frosted Surprised without pausing. He doesn't even wince when his taste buds overload, catch fire and commit suicide and asks for another
* Maranda`-` eyes Gartag then in a drunken haze and chuckling says "he has promice"
Quote 3224
<durgan> "This is a grenade. They explode into a giant ball of fire a few seconds after you remove this."
* durgan gestures at the pin.
* Mors`^ nods and takes it
<AlcarDM> « the pin or the grenade? :p »
<Mors`^> (( THe grenade, duh! ))
<Mors`^> (( I'ts like a wishbone, the one who gets the pin, is lucky =p
Quote 3225
<Mors`^> (( I don't trust that rock.. ))
Quote 3226
<durgan> "The empire blew up the last city with very little trouble."
<durgan> "I think, given a choice between being endebted to them or having them do it again, the people of the city would prefer not to be blown up."
<Mors`^> "I did not say I ddin't want to surrender, but what I did say was that I did not want to be endebted to them."
<durgan> "I may be wrong on that count though."
<Mors`^> "We can surrender, but I beleave the city would be.. better off... if they rebuilt it themselves.."
Quote 3227
<Mors`^> "And maranda... Don't go flashing around Mercer's sword! I beleave it is a threat to them, and we would like to keep it secret... Or atleast.. we would have, had I known you had it.."
<Maranda`-`> "I wanted a momento...." *frowns*
<Mors`^> "Keep it, but don't flash it around like you would yoru breasts!"
<AlcarDM> ooh! Maranda can learn to use it to honour his memory!
<AlcarDM> "You get attacked by a light-saber wielding succubi drunken master. Actions?"
Quote 3228
<durgan> "What was that alarm about?"
<Mors`^> "Death spoke to me... You know... I don't remember the last time death spoke to me..."
<durgan> "Me neither."
* durgan gives Mors`^ another look =P
<Mors`^> "Anyway, the whole city was going to be dead if we didn't evacuate..."
<AlcarDM> « Mors: "Oh, yeah, that plague down south which was being beaten and death was lonely and asked to go out for a coffee." »
Quote 3229
<Alcar> got a pc for you :)
<Alcar> he's a former slave turned squire, basically. Really loyal.
<Dungeon_Master_M> Is it a Athalon or Intel?
<Dungeon_Master_M> oh... ok :)
Quote 3230
<Dungeon_Master_M> Man I want to play a Game right now... but I have no game Ideas ready that arn't commited to my campaign
<WarezBert> i have one
<WarezBert> the party is walking through the forest, when they meet a talking slug
<WarezBert> it has a quest for them
<WarezBert> its a talking slug, so it must be important
* Dungeon_Master_M offers the slug some of his Salted JErky
* WarezBert looks suspicious, but destroys the world anyways
Quote 3231
<aslhk> Cooper`^: happy immortals don't make for interesting games, unless they are in some way deranged.
<aslhk> also, mortal people don't like to believe that people could be immortal *and* happy. it upsets them =P
Quote 3232
<aslhk> what if the Unbidden frantically attacks you on sight? do you still have to ask it to surrender three times?
<Eldon`> "Please-ouch-surrender. Please? Surrender? Ow! Please? Surrender please? OW! That's it! You're going down!" *BAM BAM BAM*
<Theron> just say pleasurenderpleasurenderpleasurenderno? ok then
Quote 3233
<Eldon`> "We need to disarm the guard without killing him. Ideas?"
<Theron> "i can try not to kill him"
Quote 3234
<Theron> "whisper the desk. require its surrender"
Quote 3235
<Cooper`^> I'm being brain washed by a damn mahogony desk!
Quote 3236
<Eldon`> "We've changed history...that could be interesting. Prison riot, the prisoners escaped..."
<Cooper`^> "In the end. It's all the same."
* Eldon` ponders 1963, centuries before his time.
<Luther-> "the 60's...hrmp"
* Eldon` shakes his head. "My life was far beyond that year..." He mumbles to himself.
* Cooper`^ ponders 1963.. centurys after his time
Quote 3237
<Rei_Jr> (( *sigh* now I really wish I had taken the time to level myself up :P ))
<AlcarDM> One of the bears stops. Looks behind him and sees Old Rabit, then keeps going. He's a powerful motivator :)
* Rei_Sr checks the exp table and notes he can add 3 levels hims elf
<Rei_Jr> (( should we? :P ))
* Rei_Sr doesn't know about you but sure as hell is
Quote 3238
<* Kandi`^ sighs &quot;Great.. fir> "
<AlcarDM> Nathan: "The world is ending as well?" He shakes his head. "bad luck comes in threes. I wonder wha the third is?"
<AlcarDM> At that exact moment, by cosmic coincidence, Faline appears in Trail.
Quote 3239
<Kandi`^> "Ok, anyway, I'm pretty sure that we have three years of winter before the big end, and I don't think the were's time comes till after the winter..."
<AlcarDM> Nathaniel: "So how do you cause summer in the middle of a perpetual winter? I doubt being pro-global warming would cause it.."
<Rei_Jr> (( aww I was about to suggest a giant aerisol can :P ))
<Xaz`> "maybe we could cause another world-ending prophecy... theres probably one with a big hot end instead of a slow cold one"
* Xaz` is joking stealthily
<Kandi`^> "If we create a flux in the space time continuim, it would create a gravitational field that would make earth come closer to the sun just enough to warm it to a summer.."
Quote 3240
<Ashi> You head north. The howling - pain or anger, you're not sure - seems to have stopped, but the words are still and quiet, almost like a tomb. The footsteps of your animals crunch loudly on fallenn twigs as you go north. After about 3 hours, you find trees. Broken ones, tossed into the air from ahead and landed here. Some of them are as 15' wide.
* Myrth blinks in disbelief
<Myrth> there are going to be some really angry druids soon.... *mutters*
<Ashi> About 20 minutes later, you find the arms and legs of what was probably some very angry druids.
* Myrth snaps his fingers
<Myrth> well scratch that idea
Quote 3241
<Ashi> You move ahead and find an area of no trees ... an area about a mile squared. In the middle of it, looking very angry and surrounded by a strange shimmering green-gold web, is a very big creature
<Ashi> It's about 70' tall, weighss almost 1/2 a tonne, has lots of teeth, 2 big norms, spikes on its back .. oh, just see page 174 of the monsters manual :)
<Ashi> <Myrth> rofl
Quote 3242
* Tarrasque looks up. "Mortals would release me?" It's voice is deep, like the tolling of a church bell, or the grinding of rocks in the depths of a chasm. Something primitive in the backs of your brains begins gibbering in terror.
* Xemit so wishes he had a few levels as sorcerer and nothing but charm spells
Quote 3243
<Tarrasque> "Would any sentient being not wish to be free of vile durance? Is it not the act of heroes to save those in dire straits"
* Myrth looks at the tarrasque and says to it "Well, you have mercilessly kill thousands of innocent people over the course of history"
<Tarrasque> 'Yes, but I did not torture or blind them first with hot irons. It's just humans who do that part," blandly.
Quote 3244
<Xemit> "To bad we can't make it look like we walked threw the center of the cage."
<Myrth> says to xemit "what do you mean"
<Xemit> "If our tracks went strait into the center of the cage and then stoped. who ever is fallowing or after us will see this and assume we are dead."
<Gabriel``> "I highly doubt that."
<Xemit> "Would you go in there looking for a body?"
<Gabriel``> "No, but I would assume that they did that to make me think they're dead."
Quote 3245
<Gabriel``> "You aren't seriously considering this, are you?!"
<Gabriel``> "Do you not understand what it is you're looking at? Even if he does hold up his end of the bargain, at any other point in time he can squash us like bugs. The fact that you'd be letting certain death roam free is just... well... incredible."
<Ashi> "Everything deserves a right to live, Gabriel."
* Gabriel`` nods
<Gabriel``> "Then I'm going to utilize my right to the fullest."
* Gabriel`` rides away
Quote 3246
<Xemit> "OK, Mr Terrasque, here is the deal, we give you the halfing and his formilar, along with the nut with the talking sword, set you free and leave you with directions on how to find all the orcs you can stuff your self with, sound good?"
<Ashi> Sword: "Hey big boy! You, the tarrasque-wasquy! You want a piece of my owner? Come on, let's see what you're *really* made of!"
* Myrth gasps at xemit
* Targiith` looks at Xemit with extreme anger
* Tarrasque stops eyes Zacharel in astonishment and looks at Xemit "Deal."
<Targiith`> If you even TRY to release that thing I will be forced to stop you!
* Myrth looks at zach and starts to worry
Quote 3247
<Ashi> Meanwhile, Gabriel rides back kaway and around it, waiting for the screams of death and terror to begin. Along the way, a squirrel hired (for the price of 3 nuts) tries to kill him, but fails :)
<Ashi> Unless you want to rolla combat with a squirrel fighter? :p
<Gabriel``> i'll pass :)
<Gabriel``> i'll give him a chance to return when he's higher level, to fight me again!
<Ashi> ooh, perfect!
* Ashi begins rolling up a lich half vampire squirrel sorcerer
<Gabriel``> awww yeah :)
Quote 3248
<Zacharel> I die too much :P
<Zacharel> And I'm not even dieing valorously or anything, damn. Well I can go down swigning anyway :)
<Ashi> or being swallowed :p
<Zacharel> or both simultaneously. Give it a tonsleectomy
Quote 3249
* Xemit loves the law of pc gravitation
<Gabriel``> i sure as hell don't!
<Xemit> you don't dm vary often do you?
<Gabriel``> you can all go get eaten by your god-damned godzilla!
<Zacharel> Godzilla was mis-indersttod. After all, he did save the city from other monsters a bunch of times :P
<Targiith`> Godzilla had a lot in common with Power rangers
<Ashi> Hey, the tarrasque had a good point there! It might kill, but at least it doesn't blind and torture people and call it justice :P
<Targiith`> He may have saved the city, but he destroyed half of it in the process
<Xemit> no kidding alcar
<Zacharel> Bah, just splitting hairs there, Tar :P
<Gabriel``> very good point, alcar. But considering he can kill anything when and where he chooses, i'll go with human evil any day
Quote 3250
<Xemit> "Easy gets rid of this guy" *girks a thumb at targith* "and solves the orc problems in the south, or at least slows them"
<Xemit> "I'm sure the lead of the orcs can deal with one tarrasque!"
<Gabriel``> "Can you deal with one, Xemit?"
<Xemit> "Well sure there is going to be some colatoral dammage its bound to happen but thats the way war is."
Quote 3251
<Ashi> However, any cleric from the old swamp would likely worship Ashakan. Which is a really bad thing, since no one knows eaxctly what Ashakan is the god of
<Targiith`> oh...
* Targiith` makes a note to cast detect evil on the party, real soon.
Quote 3252
<Targiith`> You doo realize that your friend Ashi is evil...
<Targiith`> right?
<Gabriel``> "Yes. What of it?"
<Targiith`> And you trust her?
<Gabriel``> "She's very trustworthy. We've helped each other out on many occassions."
* Targiith` eyes go agast in disbelif
<Gabriel``> "Well, as trustworthy as anyone can be."
<Targiith`> You cant be serious...
<Gabriel``> "Is there something wrong with that?"
<Targiith`> I try not to trust those of evil intent. They will stab you in the back the moment it suits their purposes.
<Gabriel``> "I don't trust anybody, really. Most people I've met have been paid rather large sums to kill me."
Quote 3253
<Gabriel``> "I would hold a relatively large amount of power if i was in control of my city. My siblings do not desire that."
<Targiith`> What city is that?
<Gabriel``> "Fardale."
<Targiith`> Why were you ejected from your city? I dont really understand can you tell me what happened?
<Ashi> « Fardale is the best-run city in the world. When the government is corrupt, and blatantly open about that, things tend to run smoothly since the facade of government working for the people is taken away ... the fact that if you speak against it people break your kneecaps and throw you into a river helps, too :) »
Quote 3254
<Targiith`> I would like to keep your hasty friend from running into trouble and freeing any rampaging monsters..
<Targiith`> And that Ashi....both troubles and...well she troubles me.
<Gabriel``> "Ashi is a very useful companion. Evil comes in many forms, and not all of those forms must be destroyed. There would be no balance if good won all the time."
<Gabriel``> "But Xemit... he is a problem. One i don't have a solution for."
<Ashi> « I'm just shocked Ashi is better liked than Xemit , since she was almost serious about eating the blink dog :) »
<Xemit> (yah no kidding alcar, i only tried to free a tarrasque)
Quote 3255
* Gabriel`` checks your palm and guantlet before shaking
<Targiith`> (he really is uber paranoid isint he..)
<Gabriel``> (when almost every session has had its' combat deal with only the assassins after you, you would be too ;)
<Targiith`> (*makes a note to save your life, over and over and over andover andover and over again)
<Ashi> « He's almost paranoid enough :) »
* Targiith` grabs his sword and swings at Gabriel``
<Targiith`> J/K!
Quote 3256
<jay\> Skeletor1: OH YEAH. ask CoSMiC_CaSTaWaY, he was a wizard in my campaign.
<CoSMiC_CaSTaWaY> why do you say that in a past tense jay
<jay\> CoSMiC_CaSTaWaY: i've got bad news for you....
Quote 3257
<Caltak> well when you can basically have your own little world, why make it ccrappy and tiny? :)
<Alcar> Well, its whatever fits the avatar. Chaos' pc has a city (I think it was) with legendary beasts and such around one. Eldon has a giant space ship...
* Caltak wants to see a character whos domain is a one bedroom apartment :)
<Alcar> A bum who becomes a Stalker :) No domain, just hangs out in everyone elses
<Caltak> nah his Domain is a cardboard box with "Domain" written on it in marker, than he takes with him to other peoples' Domains and sleeps in it :)
<Alcar> ooh, that would work cal :)
Quote 3258
<Worra> SImply becuase it's more fun to rescue the princess and slay the dragon than it is to work for the dragon and rape the princess.
Quote 3259
<WarezBert> IRS agents are Lawful Neutral
<WarezBert> enforcers of the law, regardless of outcome
<Worra> okay, WarezBert has obviously NEVER been audited.
Quote 3260
<Alcar> You're currently resting in your Domain, absorbing the knowledge about the Universe gained since you were Enlightened.
* Harold`- sits in his nice recliner :)
<Alcar> As such, you're a trifle surprised to see the mailman - a large chihuahua in a postman's outfit from 1995 - drop an envelope into your mailbox, get back into a simple, ordinary looking FedEX truck, and drive away
<Alcar> The truck drives off into the sky and vanishes into the distance.
* Harold`- blinks, especialy as the edges of the yard are the edges of the top of the mountain, so the ordinary FedEX truck flew. Then he remembers FedEx can deliver anywhere, and goes outside to check the mailbox :)
Quote 3261
* Harold`- smiles, gathering up strength from his own supernatural power and swings once more at the beastie
* Harold`- 's vorpal blade goes snicker-snak and he lops its head off, but refused to go galumphing anywhere with it. :P
Quote 3262
<Harold`-> (( teleporting mice who run through walls are enough to make a cat think about a new career :) ))
Quote 3263
* ** Keith` is now known as Vincent`
<Harold`-> (( um... you're joking, right? :P ))
* Harold`- (( looking at Keith ))
<Vincent`-> (no guess what else was in that shuttle pad :) )
Quote 3264
<Alcar> The trackers move towards the house, hurling forward with unnatural howls that sound like damned souls more than animals, and halt at the threshhold. A loud humm fills the air and the trackers dissolve into nothingless, leaving wisps of smoke behind
* Harold`- blinks
<Harold`-> "oh, thats what that was."
Quote 3265
<Vincent`-> Its enterred by laying in an empty coffin in a black space, once inside the dreams takes shape and it is that of ones own personal hell. One is torchers with past memorys of failurs and let downs forced to relive the events in a dream like state which one doesn't awaken from untill called appon.
<Harold`-> um... right..
<Harold`-> welllll... I bet the rent is cheap anyway :)
Quote 3266
* Keith` still can't wait for some one to try and shoot his charicter with a gun
Quote 3267
* MechaBlue had an interesting idea for a game setting
<MechaBlue> It's probably been done before
<MechaBlue> But, hey
<MechaBlue> That never stopped Gygax
Quote 3268
<Maranda`-`> "none have seen that side of me and not hated me, and yet you spaired my life?"
<AlcarDM> She smiles then, sadly. "I have seen worse, in my time. And caused worse. What you look like is nothing to what is inside me. We are all a birthing place for monsters.."
* Maranda`-` turns around to lookat Allegra and lets go of the fall falling to her knees "of course, people are monsters... more so then the monsters"
<Maranda`-`> "I'm... A little drunk..." *hickup* "ok... more then a little"
<AlcarDM> Allegra blinks "You tried to invade an imperial base drunk?" She shakes her head "Perhaps that explains the entire reason for it..."
* Maranda`-` giggles then hickups "I drink in battle, I drink to become stronger."
<Maranda`-`> "Sooooon. i'll drink to heal..."
<AlcarDM> Allegra mutters to herself "Well, that's a novel explanation if I've ever heard one..."
Quote 3269
<Mors`^> "Who's your friend?"
<Rene`> "He is a 'keeper of wisdom.' He's also got one of those energy sword thingies."
<Rene`> (( "thingie" is a technical term :) ))
<Mors`^> "Yeah, he has a dark power to him rene.. Are you sure he's not one of those seths that Mercer warned us about? the ones that controll the empire?"
<Rene`> "Oh, feh, don't worry. Besides, wasn't that 'Sith' or something?"
<Mors`^> "I'm pretty sure it was seth..."
<Mors`^> "Anyway, I saw his power, it's darker than mercer... and you know how mercer turned out.."
Quote 3270
<AlcarDM> The witch's nice cottage is the same as always. Normal looking, except for the really reinforced roof :p
* durgan knocks on the door.
<AlcarDM> The witch is inside, and says: "Yes? Who is it?"
<durgan> "It's durgan. We met yesterday? I brought someone along, as well, if that's okay. We aren't carrying houses."
* Rene` looks at durgan a bit oddly
Quote 3271
<AlcarDM> The witch peers at Rene. "What's your name, girl?"
<Rene`> "Rene, or Arkene, depending on which you prefer."
<AlcarDM> The witch blinks. "Which are you, then?"
<Rene`> "Well I'm Rene as far as I know, but apparently I was Arkene."
<Rene`> (( wow, that confusing :) ))
<AlcarDM> Witch: "As long as it's not Dorothy .. " to herself. "Do you like little dogs, Rene?"
<Rene`> (( "No, I prefer childr-- er, what?" ))
Quote 3272
<Johan-S> int is knowing it's raining, wisdom is knowing to get in from the rain
Quote 3273
<Bolognaus> the Keen Vorpal Returning Throwing Stone of Speed and Cheese.
Quote 3274
<StarShade> My favorite cursed item:
<StarShade> +5 Returning Hand Grenade
Quote 3275
<Adanine> Should I put down skills and feats?
<Keith`> yes
<Adanine> But I want him to die
<Keith`> still need them
Quote 3276
<337C4Bb4g3> someone should play Martin the friendly necromancer!
<337C4Bb4g3> except that necromancers can't actually raise undead until level 35 or so
<337C4Bb4g3> so that wouldn't work very well
<Alosa> Budding necromancer: "Kill yourself, and I'll see if I can raise you yet!"
<337C4Bb4g3> Martin walks into the tavern: *soft, friendly voice* "So, I hear you've been having trouble with kobolds! My friends and I are here to put a stop to the bloodshed, and bring you what peace and prosperity we can manage... right Bob?" <Zombie> *groooooaaaaaan*
Quote 3277
<leandra```> "Oh my god, what's going on?"
<Keith`> you hear a few voices that don't sound to be human and are speeking in something that defently isn't common
<Alosa> "If we can hear it, maybe the druid does also? Wanna go check?"
<Alosa> « This sort of logic is why few adventurers reach level 2 :p »
<leandra```> "Oh! Good idea! You're pretty smart!"
<Keith`> (to say the least)
* (Quit: If You Meet The Buddha In A Random Encounter, Kill Him!)
Quote 3278
<Keith`> you drop your dagger and it gets your foot pritty good leandra
<leandra```> "OUCH!"
<leandra```> "He moved!"
<leandra```> "They're not supposed to do that!"
Quote 3279
* leandra``` fires her bow at the goblin that hit Alosa and made her stab herself
<leandra```> ((well, fires an arrow from her bow anyway =P))
<Sparkie> leandra``` 1d6: 6 damage!
<leandra```> "HAH! Dodge that!"
* leandra``` reflects, quite sincerely on her statement.
<leandra```> "No, wait, don't!
<Keith`> ok Alosa and leandra``` your combind attack render the goblin stupifed which he soon falls over bleeding to death from his wounds
* leandra``` looks on in shock as her arrow sinks deep into the goblin's torso.
Quote 3280
<GemmDM> 'yes I understand that but its the only way to keep you all from trying to get away.' he motions to a guard to get something 'Now here is what we are up against.' the guard brings a small 6"by6" cage over and takes off the drape, there is a small plush doll inside
* Rurik gasps.
* Rurik faints. No, not really.
Quote 3281
<DarkDM> You spot somethign shiney off the road, far away somewhere.
<DarkDM> (Hmm, should I end this?)
<DarkDM> Everything goes dark as the sun sets. Except for the 60 or so cop car lights heading towards your direction.
Quote 3282
<DarkDM> There is now an army converging towards Bolo, half the country's police force on the otherside, and a silver wedge thingy with an open entry way starting to rise up.
<DarkDM> Bolo feels rather exposed.
Quote 3283
<Eldon`> "Let's see, the university said that animals are dumb, and easily killed with one blast. If you lose your blaster, use your cutter. If you lose your cutter, run. Well, that doesn't help."
Quote 3284
<Alcar> The girl blinks. "You speak our language? What are you?"
<Eldon`> "Well, some think we're aliens, some think we're supernatural entities, some think we're demons, some think we're angels..." Eldon goes on like this at some length
<Harold`-> "Oh, just a guy from Ohio."
<Eldon`> "...and then there are those from the other school of thought that think we're just people who nifty diguises and makeup kits."
Quote 3285
<Eldon`> I've got to wonder what sort of impression we're making on the girl
<Eldon`> I know I'm trying to make myself appear strange
<Alcar> Oh, its working.
<Eldon`> strange in a harmless sort of way, I mean
<Harold`-> well thats not working so much :P
<Eldon`> like the eccentric uncle
Quote 3286
<Eldon`> "Look! I can pull a coin out of your ear!"
<Eldon`> "Pull my finger!"
<Harold`-> yeah but soon it becomes "Look! I can pull your ear of your head!" :P
<Alcar> "Look, I can pull your head off your ear!"
<Eldon`> Well, I can't do that. I can pull off your ear from 10 paces away.
<Eldon`> I can also do a "Now you see me now you don't!...Surprise! I'm behind you! Wedgie!"\
<Eldon`> "I just flew in from New York, and man was I sick!" "How sick were you?" "I was so sick, they made me fly my own plane!"
* Harold`- dissipates through the ground to get away :P
Quote 3287
<Eldon`> (("Hmm...You know, I'm really beginning to hate this job. This is the second time I've left my domain, and each time I have no idea what's happening. I wonder if we can retire from this?"))
<Harold`-> (( 'Sure, but you dont get a gold pocket watch." ))
<Eldon`> (("Damn, but can I keep this nifty set of Keys? Never know when I need to come back and photocopy something."))
Quote 3288
* Harold`- looks at Eldon. "I've been thinking... this cant be the Realm of Flesh, since we'd have gotten woven Flesh when he entered... so maybe this is one of those Shadow realms or whatever. I'm not entirely clear on how all that works yet."
<Eldon`> "Don't look at me, I've only been on one Hunt, and I was the Inquisitor, and one of my Circle almost got brainwashed by a mahogony desk."
Quote 3289
<Eldon`> "Well, what can you tell me about your people? It's history? It's traditions?"
<Alcar> The girl looks at Eldon like he's speaking Greek. "We've always been here."
<Eldon`> "And before that?"
* Eldon` can't speak Greek, though he can do a great impression of English
<Harold`-> "Do you know where they keep him, other than just by the lake?"
<Alcar> The girl looks at Eldon "Before that?" in a confused tone of voice. Then ignores him and looks at Harold as a source of rationality "In a grove of trees."
<Harold`-> (( I'm a source of raitonality?! but I have a chiuahua mailman! :P ))
Quote 3290
<Eldon`> Feel free to spasm, the DM's typing
<Harold`-> sometimes I consider having myself committed. Mainly for the room and board, though :)
Quote 3291
<Eldon`> ((Dammit Jim! I'm a render not a savager!))
<Harold`-> (( "Bones -- can you -- heal this man?" "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a... oh, right." ))
Quote 3292
<Alcar> As you go under the trees, the darkness flows around you. You can barely make out the moonlight through the trees at odd intervals. Darkness doesn't decend her, but flows out of this place no light touches. The girl gulps, the sound loud enough to be heard by you all in the silence
* Eldon` says brightly: "Hey! Let's camp!"
* Harold`- looks at Eldon. "What?"
* Eldon` shrugs.
<Eldon`> "That's what adventuring parties always say in the old holovid."
* Harold`- rolls his eyes, then nods to the girl, and goes deeper into Certain Doom er.. the grove of trees.
Quote 3293
* Harold`- gets scary visions of necrophiliac Stalkers dissipating into graveyards
Quote 3294
<Alcar> After a few moments, Harold shoves the top of the casket. The stone strikes the ground without a sound. The corpse is of a mal, about 50, hands crossed over chest, in leather armour and dead. he's holding an empty sword scabbard in his hands.
<Alcar> Sofia backs away, looking terrified
* Harold`- checks his pulse. "yeah, he's definately dead."
<Alcar> Sofia: "You .. checked?! You desecrated the dead to make sure he was dead?"
<Eldon`> "Well hey, he's dead, he won't mind."
<Eldon`> "And wherever he is now, he won't mind what happens either."
<Harold`-> "Well I had to be sure. Besides, I didn't desecrate it too much..." *puts the top back on* "see? good as new."
Quote 3295
<Eldon`> "I still think the priest has the answers. But I still think we should stay the night and sees what happens. What's the worse thing that can happen? We die. It's not like anything we haven't done before. Well, except for her, but life is about new experiences."
<Alcar> You get the feeling she doesn't think your angels any more :)
* Harold`- looks at Eldon. "Well hopefully no one will have to die."
<Harold`-> (( bah, so narrow-minded ))
<Eldon`> "Well, where there's life, there's hope."
Quote 3296
* Eldon` attempts to contact the Powers with another question: "Where does Sofia come from?"
<Eldon`> ((This is fun!))
<Harold`-> (( yeah until they get annoyed and Smite you. ))
<Eldon`> ((Well, true...but I still need to find out what happened :P ))
<Alcar> Eldon gets the image of a woman who looks like Sofia would in 10 years or so :)
<Alcar> « her mother :p »
<Eldon`> "We're working for a bunch of omnipotent pranksters."
* Eldon` mutters something about getting good and drunk.
* Harold`- looks around nervously. "Don't say things like that!"
Quote 3297
<Caltak> w00t :P destroying worlds is fun :P
Quote 3298
* Caltak hits aslhk in the face with a mallet of ghost touch +5, stiking him soundly in the skull
<aslhk> nope, that didn't work either
<aslhk> hah, if it worked, then I would be sounding more intelligent now!
<aslhk> everyone knows a negative number minus a negative number because closer to positive!
Quote 3299
<aslhk> physical contact is illegal in roleplaying channels
Quote 3300
* Zacharel nods. "So, how would I contact another diety? I'm guessing it's probably not quite as easy as it was for me to talk to you."
<Alcar> Nua: "Invoke Their Names. Be Patient."
<Alcar> Nua: "Sacrifice Something Pretty And Shiny."