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Quote 3001
<Hart```> "So what's happened since I went to sleep? I take it the fight with all those clones went rather well?"
<Natalia``> "Well, We either won or lost. You decide."
<Hart```> "I'm sorry. I don't quite follow."
<Hart```> "And if you've all turned as mystical as that bothersome halfing, i'm going to fireball you all."
Quote 3002
* Natalia`` looks at Ton looking at a cow....
<Natalia``> "Mating season?"
<Tontaga> "Huh?"
Quote 3003
<Barendd_Rumnahem> Who's Nimih?
<Barendd_Rumnahem> And I'm not much of one for hurting things...
<Natalia``> "An evil paladin who wants to end the world."
<Barendd_Rumnahem> You know the last thing I said? Act like I didn't say it. There are exceptions.
<Natalia``> "Always."
Quote 3004
<Ozdin> "You sure Dive in head first when you get into trubble don't you?"
<Natalia``> "you have no idea."
Quote 3005
<Dungeon_Master_M> (( Taklinn's Song Revealed the Source of Centaurs, and some 'rather not be known' facts about elven mating habits :P ))
<Dungeon_Master_M> (( Does Sparkie still have that Song in its Quotes ? If So I'll need to look them up after the game ))
<Tontaga> (( its summed up in one easy statement: "Most elvish intercourse generally involves only one elf." ))
Quote 3006
<Baliadoc> most of the weird D&D rules come from planescape :)
<Baliadoc> but that's because you can do anything in Planescape, and for the most part, you just die trying it. Unfortunate people get worse :)
Quote 3007
* Nicolai`` locks everything back up then, rewires the cameras in working order, and makes his exit
<Alcar> Ok, you avoid the humans with ease and leave without them being any wiser
* Nicolai`` flies to a point well away from the school and his car, pulling off his darksuit along the way. Underneath are some of his normal clothes :)
<Alcar> You/re glad over a mission well accomplished :)
* Nicolai`` even pulls out a flattened Fedora and pops it open, as he heads to his car. And then blows up.
<Alcar> lol
Quote 3008
* Baliadoc wonders what he forgot :)
<aslhk> lol
<Alcar> scroll back and check the number of filing cabinets :)
<Baliadoc> oh, i see :)
<Alcar> polymorphs are fun :p
* Baliadoc is fine with it though. I'll just go to the police and say "Yeah, this guy says he saw me snooping around his office late at night. He said he was the cabinet. No, not dressed as one. He was one."
Quote 3009
<337C4Bb4g3> i don't even think we've had a serious combat
<AlcarDM> Serious combat is something to avoid in LoLaD :)
<Baliadoc> if we ever have "serious combat," you can probably kiss at least half of the city goodbye ;)
Quote 3010
<AlcarDM> oh, yes, Artimus put a lot of sound baffles in his restaurant & has a security service sweep them for bugs weekly. He also has - in additon to the weapon display behind the wine - a sub basement level with bmb shelter and bomb.
<Nicolai``> it comes with a bomb?! what kinda bomb?
<AlcarDM> nuke. Leland doesn't know where his boss got it, but thinks from russia.
<Nicolai``> oh my gentle jesus!!
<AlcarDM> Leland doesn't know what it was for, and given the way his boss acted in the end, he refuses to speculate :)
<Nicolai``> riiiight
* Nicolai`` isn't even sure what to think about that.
Quote 3011
<durgan> I think those "facts" are malicious rumors made by people that don't think that a child-eating big purple dinosaur with a terrible voice that sings to children and causes them to stare blankly at a television set for hours on end is bad enough.
<Rene`-> he didn't sexually molest the kid! he was just trying to eat them! Wait.. that isn't much better, is it?
Quote 3012
<AlcarDM> Gnome: "You want a flying golem .... to defend people from boxes."
<Mors`^> "YEah.. well, not exactly boxes.. I think Mercer called them... Tie fighters once.. but I'm not sure.."
<Mors`^> "The things that blew up the city."
<AlcarDM> The gnome nods slowly "Could be done, could be done. I don't see what formal wear has to do with blowing up cities."
Quote 3013
<Maranda`-`> "Sure sure, rather stick your nose in a book then ask me, well have it your way"
<Mercer```> "The last time I asked you, I got a relatively unsatisfactory answer. I believe it was somewhere along the lines of jumping on me and trying to make love with me."
Quote 3014
<AlcarDM> The ... thing .. in the circle speaks again, the words sounding like ants on fire running through your brains. The words change, become understandable, "Who Speaks The Words Of Summoning?" The floor smokes a bit, the signs Mercer drew cracking with odd arcane lights
<Mercer```> ((oh wait... this doesn't get me the virgins? This book is so confusing. oh, it's the chapter after things that devour your brain.))
Quote 3015
<Mercer```> did I summon up some weenie Elder God? oh blah. I want big HP's!
Quote 3016
<Mors`^> but telling darth vader to 'suck it' just doesn't sound like obi-wan
<Rene`-> well you know he's been thinking it.
<Darth_Splattered> oh c'mon. he's old and senile. the force is with him, just in strange ways ;)
<Mors`^> "Use the force! oh yeah, that's the way I like it."
<Rene`-> is it the force that makes you old and senile, or being old and senile that makes you so powerful in the force? :P
<AlcarDM> "The Force is with me! Augh! Bowel movement! Why can't it leave me alone?"
<Baliadoc> i think senility makes you more powerful. i mean, look at Yoda, the crazy bastard
Quote 3017
* AlcarDM always thoughtt Yoda was some guy in a costume with makeup. He was 900? Wow.
<Rene`-> It's a shame more muppets don't follow the path of the Jedi :)
<Baliadoc> like i said, he's the future Kermit
<Maranda``> yah i would have loved to have seen Animal as a jedi
Quote 3018
<Sintaqx> reading the material is a prerequisite to playing
Quote 3019
* Baliadoc could eradicate D&D if the Kings and Emporers just happily divided their power amongst everyone and treated everyone equally
<Baliadoc> Hey! We're all happy, and have lots of money! Let's not go adventure!
<Alcar> Baliadoc -and share it with the orcs and goblins and..
<Baliadoc> yeah! invite everyone in!
<Baliadoc> hi mr. beholder. Whoa! Watch that eye of death. You know how you get when you've had too many martinis! *much laughing, carousing*
Quote 3020
<Alcar> nose ring of speed, you sneese ... there is an explosion where your nose is. or was.
* Alcar thinks thats ahorrible mental picture
<Jeramias> yeah, it is awful :)
Quote 3021
<Warner> you want a good fantasy movie just take starwars a new hope and edit out all the high tech stuff :)
Quote 3022
<Warner> hehe always fun to blur the line between sci fi and fantacy. :)
* Alcar does that with a Western movie :P
<Alcar> The Paladin rode into town and into the tav.... uh ..... hmm ..... ok.
<Alcar> The Paladin rode into town, into the tavern, and saw the pretty girl being beat up and killed everyone in the town,,
<Alcar> and her, for public nudity.
* Alcar needs a new plot
<Warner> Osama Bin Paladin, rides into town and kills the pretty girl for letting her ankles show :)
Quote 3023
<Alcar> Then along came the 2 strangers dressed in black, sweltering in the hot desert sun. No one knew why they'd want to wear black, but no one questioned it... because they were the Men In Black
<Alcar> now that would be a fun setting :p
<aslhk> everyone assumed they were mourning the death of their social life
<aslhk> they had a very liberal view of 'death' =P
Quote 3024
* ** Nate12 has joined #game1
<337C4Bb4g3> sucking out people's life energy with evil shadow tentacles thingies is just too cool to pass up ;b
<Alcar> Hello Nate12. Welcome to #game1. Don't be alarmed at 337C4Bb4g3's comment. That's normal here.
<337C4Bb4g3> Hey, I only do it once a week
Quote 3025
<Tech-Sensei> my char is our party's tactician, because i've memorized monster manual and DMG, so i know what will work. He shows us a picture of what we're fighting, i turn to group, and rattlee of what it can/can't do.
<Tech-Sensei> skill : Knowledge : monster manual
<Tech-Sensei> this skill refers to the studying of an extradimensional tome that lists the abilities of all the creatures in the realms using numbers to list their capacity.
Quote 3026
* Alexander``` scrutinizes Kandi`^ closely.
* Kandi`^ wonders what scrutinizes is...
* Kandi`^ sues alex for sexual harrasment
Quote 3027
<Kandi`^> "Alright.. the vampires.."
* Kandi`^ gets a glass of water and sets it on the table
<Kandi`^> "cut yourself and put your blood in this glass."
* Kandi`^ waves her hand over it and says some holy words and such
<Alexander```> (( any visible magic? ))
<Alexander```> (( or did the whole artimus thing push her over the edge? ;b ))
<MattJohnson> ((Lol! BLOOD WATER! The Newest Craze!))
<Alexander```> (( *wince* ))
<MattJohnson> ((hurry up and get me out of here! I need to get back to making my blood water!))
Quote 3028
<MattJohnson> ((we could buy some shapeshifter litmus paper))
Quote 3029
<AlcarDM> At the grocery store the clerk looks at Rei Sr oddly for buying that much beef jerky. You take Jr in?
<Rei_Jr> (( well at least Vaj isnt driving ))
<Rei_Sr> (yah i'll take Jr in)
<AlcarDM> Ok, a sign outside the entrance says "Human forms only." in bright red letters
Quote 3030
<Rei_Jr> (( meanie! ))
<AlcarDM> A man in a security uniform - with gun - comes over and says to the 2 of you that weres must be in human form. Its more hygenic.
<Alexander```> (( 'werenet' the hair-net for were fast-food employees ))
Quote 3031
<AlcarDM> The guard yells "Get away from that mango!" to Rei Jr in a loud shot. Some people scream and drop to the ground at the tone of voice :)
<Rei_Jr> (( I hope that was meant to read "Shout" :) ))
<AlcarDM> shout :p
* Rei_Sr goes over to Rei Jr and picks him up seeing to it he doesn't touch the mango
Quote 3032
<Trevor`-> "If you'd tell me what you suspected me to be, maybe I could tell you if I really was or not."
<Kandi`^> "An elementalist.."
<Kandi`^> "Are you?"
<Trevor`-> "That is better than what I thought that you were going to accuse me of being." *smiles
<Trevor`-> "Yes, I am."
<Kandi`^> "Great.. so.. do you cast spells often?"
<AlcarDM> Trevor wonders if this is some odd dating service? :p
<\\`arner> ((kandi that sounds so much like a pick up line :))
<AlcarDM> (( "So you cast spells often. What say we make some potions. Your lab or mine?" ))
Quote 3033
<Kandi`^> "What makes you evil?"
<AlcarDM> Nicoai: "My charming personality? How should I know?"
<Kandi`^> "Well, most people normally know wheather they're good or bad... have you done anything bad lately?"
<AlcarDM> Nicolai: "Besides buying this place? No."
<Kandi`^> "Why would buying this place make you evil?"
<AlcarDM> Nic: "Artimus owned it."
<Kandi`^> "So buying it makes you evil?"
<AlcarDM> Nic: "It must have bad vibes."
Quote 3034
<Rei_Jr> (( "I'm not a dopple! Look, I can change into other people! Er... wait, that's something they do do... um, forget I said that." :) ))
Quote 3035
<Alexander```> Evil?
<Alexander```> Who decides what 'Evil' is?
<Kandi`^> "God?"
<Alexander```> Oh wonderful.
<Alexander```> So why don't we just have a good old-fashioned stake-burning!
<Kandi`^> "Why not?"
<Alexander```> Because burning people alive is 'evil?'
<Trevor`-> "Because there is no point to random killings based on falsified accusitions."
Quote 3036
<Kandi`^> "I told you, I saw an evil aura around you two, all I want to know is, why do you have the aura?"
<Alexander```> Dealing with depraved religious fanatics was NOT part of the job I accepted.
<Alexander```> You accuse us of being 'evil' and yet you apparently wouldn't hesitate to brutally murder someone because of your estimation of their moral stature.
Quote 3037
<AlcarDM> exp: 4200 each. Tho I'm not sure why since the party doesn't really exist now :p
<Alcar> We've got pcs who want to burn other pcs at the stake, pcs who can't join the party without beign assumed to be dopplegangers and pcs driving accross the country to a town that doesn't exist.
<Alcar> 3 cheers for party cohesiveness!
Quote 3038
<337C4Bb4g3> ghouls are apparently either very sexy, or they have great personalities
<337C4Bb4g3> "He's very nice once you get to know him!"
<Jeramias> To other ghouls, of course :)
<337C4Bb4g3> i dunno
<337C4Bb4g3> 16 charisma is pretty up there
<337C4Bb4g3> and they sure as hell aren't good looking ;b
<Alcar> its the paralysing touch
<Alcar> Ghoul bard: "Stay here for this song." *touch* "Oh, they want to!"
<Jeramias> That's just your opinion. Heck, maybe the book was written by a necrophiliac
<Alcar> their charisma is a self delusion :p
Quote 3039
<Tech-Sensei> hey i'm collecting ideas for ar unning gag in our campaign
<Tech-Sensei> due to a series of misunderstandings, we got the idea that there is a +6 cloak of charisma up the anus of any great wyvrn red dragon. The catch is that if the dragon dies before the cloak is removed, the cloak burns up. Thus we're developign methods of extracting it.
<Tech-Sensei> So far we've got "cast grease, fly, and anus breathing on our kender and send her diving" and "cover a guy in dragon laxatives and have him get eaten" or poison the dragon to make him constipated and pose as draconic proctologists
<Tech-Sensei> any ideas?
<Ashi> uh .... find the cloak somewhere else?
<Tech-Sensei> blah at least it's not 2nd edition. then we were debating if opening a dragon's anus was a strength check or a bend bars roll.
* Cedric_Quezada would just leave the cloak, as the stench and poor appearance of being covered in dragon shit pretty much negates the +6 charisma anyway
Quote 3040
<Zacharel> "Don't be mad or anything... here, how about this, if we find a lot of clearly evil things, we can make a time of killing them messily. How's that sound?"
<Ashi> Sword: "Good!"
* Zacharel nods, smiling. "Allright then. We'll make a date of it. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for anything that fits that description from here on in. Ok?"
<Zacharel> "Just let me decide what's defined as 'clearly evil,' allright?"
<Ashi> Sword: "Does it include hula dancers?"
<Zacharel> "Um... well, not all of them. It would actually depend on the individual dancer, I think."
<Ashi> Sword: "Good! I like them."
* Zacharel nods. "Most people do."
Quote 3041
<Zacharel> "Speaking of people, since you can do anything, you ever thought about turning yourself into a person for a while? To try it out."
<Ashi> Sword: "I did, once. It was dull. People kept running around me and asking me to do things. I left that world after they called me a king but never gave me a throne."
<Zacharel> "Well you shouldnt let anyone know about what you can do then. That way they wouldn't ask you to do things. AS for being dull, being a person can actually be pretty intereting, really."
<Ashi> Sword: "You try being told to sing a stupid song about jails rocking or hound dogs all the time and se how YOU like it!"
<Ashi> Sword: "King of rocks, hah!"
<Gabriel``> if i weren't so dumbfounded, i'd laugh at that :)
Quote 3042
<Ashi> The baby wakes up, recalls the money its mom was told about for killing someone like, and stabs him with its soother!
Quote 3043
<TheScribe> "A wise warrior fights with both a weapon and intellect" "An even wiser warrior fights with a shield as well"
<PEa> what about armour? :)
Quote 3044
* ** _Leon^ Quit (Quit: We like to talk big. I'm going to destroy the world. That's just tough guy talk. Strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood. The truth is, I like this world. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs. It's all right here)
Quote 3045
<aslhk> D&D is about blowing things up :)
<aslhk> it's the action movie of rpgs =P
Quote 3046
<Alexander```> (( I think a good title for this session would be, "Thank god for shield" ))
<Alexander```> (( biyatch prolly thinks he can't even touch me ;b ))
<Alexander```> (( It's boost your AC, makes combat a breeze, and makes your opponents yield... improves your ref save, keeps you out of the grave, it's shield shield shield... It's shieeeeeeld it's shieeeeeeeeld.... ok, enough of that ))
Quote 3047
<Alexander```> Do you have any idea as to the purpose of your learning about humans?
<AlcarDM> It: "To explore new lands and civlisations. To boldly learn new thnigs I never knew before."
<Alexander```> (( NOOOOOOOO the trekkies are plotting world domination! ))
<Alexander```> (( Alex: To boldly learn is a split infinitive. That's poor grammar! j/k ;b ))
Quote 3048
<Alexander```> So, you have been coerced into working for these things, and given nothing in return. You have been used. You have been put into life-threatening situations, and given no support when you most sorely needed it...
<Alexander```> How does that make you feel?
<AlcarDM> (( "It's beause of my mother.." ))
<AlcarDM> it: "Feel?" it looks startled, then tries that. After a few moments, it says "I don't like that."
<Alexander```> (( damn, ok, looks like the thing has a chance to live after all ;b ))
<Alexander```> (( *mental note to self: Don't talk to dinner* ))
Quote 3049
* Baliadoc is really quite scared that he's the party's brute force, being a rogue and all :)
Quote 3050
<Alexander```> (( Simon = Mr. I Make Weres Look Wussy ))
<Rei_Jr> (( as opposed to the other SImon who = Mr. I Make Weres Look 'Sensitive' :P ))
Quote 3051
<Nicolai`> "Oh, did you find something out about that Ventura ltd?"
<Alexander```> Not much, but I got their number, and found out that they AREN'T funding a secret project called 'Project-S', because said project assuredly does not exist.
<Nicolai`> "Oh? How do you know it doesn't exist?"
<Alexander```> We should start some very discrete inquiries into the matter.
<Alexander```> I was being facetious.
<Alexander```> (( damn, first time alex makes a joke and you miss it ))
Quote 3052
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "At the very least. You should have blowm the hotel up also. For versilmitude."
<Alexander```> Hm, but if they were operating under the assumption that we were artimus friends, then wouldn't they assume that we are all utter imbiciles?
<Alexander```> (( *Blows up the hotel and leaves a note saying: This is for artimus, you bastards!* ))
* MattJohnson laughs
<MattJohnson> "Perhaps, but that's hardly a bad thing."
Quote 3053
<Nicolai`> ((oh pshaw. I'm saving the nuke for the real threat. Faline.))
Quote 3054
* Rei_Jr gets up to go find the bathroom
* Rei_Sr looks at Jr "here i'll go with you" gets up and goes with him to see to it the towlet doesn't eat him
<Rei_Jr> (( *SMASH* *SHATTER* *walks out, mostly soaked* "It tried to swallow my foot, so I had to kill it." ))
Quote 3055
<AlcarDM> Ok, Nicolai finds various guns and ammunitions, from about the 17th century and up. Artimus seems to have been quite a collector. They're all in working order, as is the gattling gun, tlamethrowers and grenade launchers. You don't find any protective stuff like armour or Kelvar though, because Artimus learned his equipment buying ideas from ther WOTC philosophy.
<Nicolai`> ((i am not going dusk til dawn on these guys ;))
<Nicolai`> "Sweet baby Jesus. I didn't think one man could use all this stuff."
Quote 3056
<Nicolai`> "Hello, what's this?"
* Nicolai` pops open another hidden door, which is in the already mostly hidden basement
* Nicolai` shouts from waaaay down below
<Nicolai`> "Who on God's green Earth owns tanks beside the military!?"
<Alexander```> (( he has tanks, too ?! ))
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "tanks?!"
<MattJohnson> "Wow."
<Nicolai`> "My God! There's a missle rack on this Jeep!"
<Nicolai`> "Should I mention the toxins?"
Quote 3057
<Alexander```> How did he manage to survive with all of this?
<Nicolai`> "How did he manage to survive? He could wage war against the US and stand a good chance of winning, and you wonder how he survived?"
<Alexander```> That would require him to have both the intelligence and the skills to acquire an army, and use his armaments wisely.
<Nicolai`> "Let's see, three tanks, the jeep, the toxins, grenade launchers, flame throwers, all types of ammunition, and weapons for said ammunition
Quote 3058
<Alexander```> Does he have silencers for the small arms?
<Nicolai`> "Yeah, I'm sure there are. I got to scared to check thoroughly."
<AlcarDM> (( Artimus .. silencers .. .somehow, I don't see that. ))
<Alexander```> (( same here ;b ))
<Alexander```> (( he prolly doesn't even have a single weapon that doesn't produce at least 110 decibels of noise ;b ))
<Nicolai`> ((wait a tick, these aren't bullets... they're miniature nukes!!))
<Nicolai`> ((and these grenades... nukes!!))
Quote 3059
<Alexander```> Do you think they would be willing to call it even for what happened to Artimus?
<MattJohnson> "How about: 'We arrived too late for your friend. Beware of Artimus. Contact us at...'"
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "The cult of artimus?"
<MattJohnson> "It'll really make them wonder."
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "I gues so"
<MattJohnson> "it's not everyone that can survive being distngrted, after all."
Quote 3060
<Alexander```> Something tells me that we will have quite some time to work on this.
<Alexander```> It doesn't seem as if they are moving in any hurry.
<Alexander```> World domination doesn't happen overnight.
<Nicolai`> "Revenge does."
Quote 3061
<Jeramias> What ever happened to the good old days of just bashing orcs and goblins along with cramming in as much sex as possible? Sheesh, where is the fun in having a deep, well defined character? Bring on the S&M!
Quote 3062
<Jeramias> I'm not quoting anyone. This is all coming from my head because I'm a strong believer in highschool style roleplaying. My definition of "mature" roleplaying is playing characters over 35 that don't have the vitality to have constant sex.
Quote 3063
<Kimmey> if pc's wern't soupposed to be killed, then why do they have hp, and spells like raise dead?
Quote 3064
<Kimmey`> Raven, thereis a Sid, and 10 other drow ina circle 5 feet infront of you. go.>>
<RatMonkee> << are they are dead yet?>>
<Kimmey`> <<there is also a troll trying to start a forrest fire.>>
Quote 3065
<Alcar> You enter the cavern and see 5 orcs, hiding udner a makeshift table in a room strewn with orc bodies, blood and broken stuff. The smell of fire hangs in the air. Orc1 "Please, please don't kill us! The last adventurerss who came through killed my family just because we were orcs! Show mercy!"
* Alcar finds that if d&d is going to be so anally obsessive about dungeons and spells that work in them, I should run an adventure in one just for the heck of it
<aslhk> you'd need the right adventurers to make it truly humorous
<Alcar> True. Like which?
<aslhk> the ones that would go right ahead and kill them while making a comment about how they're being wonderful and ridding the world of evil and whatnot
<aslhk> and the sorcerer that casts fireball into an enclosed area
<aslhk> that sort of thing =P
Quote 3066
<Alcar> Could have the players play a group of orcs and whatnot trying to survive against evil bands of so-called good people coming into their homes to kill them all and steal their gold
<Belgarion_of_Riva> The Anti-Dungeon.
<Belgarion_of_Riva> You are the bad guys.
<Alcar> Who said anything about bad guys :)
<Alcar> They're just the inhabitants. Its their home and these psychopaths want to kill them all and steal their money. That would make ME act evil
Quote 3067
<Alcar> "When you were a child, did your mother tell you a story about a girl who met a stranger who lied to her and killed her family ruthlessly by eating them all?"
* Faline` raises an eyebrow. "Not that I rrecall, no."
<Alcar> Man: "So you never heard of little red riding hood?" He smiles, without humour in it. "All children get told tales of evil, and death, about evil monsters that will come and kill them. It's called childhood innocence. Why did you choose to lie to him instead?"
<Faline`> "Mostly because it was about me. When a child thinks a monsterr is in the closet, who do they go to? Theirr parrents. I wasn't surre how he'd handle having a maneaterr as a motherr, and I was hoping it wouldn't come up."
Quote 3068
<MechaBlue> Know what the recommended experience for disobeying an order is?
<MechaBlue> It's something along the lines of minus a few thousand XP and a demotion
<Kimmey> 1 shot from a field reflex cannon.
Quote 3069
<PseudoDragon> heh....time travel backa few years..the game converts from 3e to very first DND
<PseudoDragon> the HORROR
Quote 3070
<MechaBlue> Where there is a munchkin, there is a way
<MechaBlue> And the more difficult it is to kill, the easier it is to torture
Quote 3071
<AlexanderAway-Summoning> (( if stupidity was evil, then kandi would have been permanently blinded the first time she saw art ;b ))
Quote 3072
* Nicolai`` is going to that medium he used, and vows not to miss any games again, seeing as it gets him into things LIKE THIS!
Quote 3073
<MattJohnson> "Five people are dead already."
<AlcarDM> Madame Zel: "People die every second. About 2.3, lasrt I heard."
<Nicolai``> "Well, let's just say that they died because of that recipe you got me."
<AlexanderAway-Summoning> (( and you might be next! ))
<AlexanderAway-Summoning> (( say it! ))
<AlexanderAway-Summoning> (( you know you want to =) ))
<MattJohnson> "And, if that is indeed the case, you might be next."
<AlcarDM> Madale Zel looks at Nicolai for a long moment ... "Pardon?"
Quote 3074
<Baliadoc> wow... i need to spend xp on vampire powers... i'm leveling up way too much :)
<337C4Bb4g3> i have only spent like 8 or 9k so far
Quote 3075
<dieter`-> /me is big. Very Big. He stands roughly 6'8" tall, and looks, to tell you the truth, rather dumb. His clothes don't really fit, he smells bad, and his clothes don't match. To make up for this apparent lack in social grace, he has a large greatsword strapped to his back. Not too many people comment on his clothing, though. His shirt is engraved with the name 'dieter.'
<Chaos`^> (( ROFL dieter the dumb.. 'it seems everyone knows my name.. I wonder why..' dieter drops his nametag and replaces it on his shirt 'can't lose this' ))
<Querdie> (( need to finish that ;b ))
<dieter`-> ((he can't read :))
<Chaos`^> (( rofl ))
Quote 3076
* dieter`- is tempted to have his pc "follow the rising sun" all through the way and walk around in circles =P
Quote 3077
* Urt walks outside the cave and takes a few breaths, getting himself used to the scents of the area and pockets some mushrooms for later
<Chaos`^> urt smells tarasque, titans and greater evil gods about...
* Urt should point out his pc does have a 40' limit on his stuff, so the tarrasque and friends are really crowded :p
<Chaos`^> shh! you'll scare them away!
Quote 3078
<Querdie> (( actually, i can have a 120' base move with expeditious retreat, i figure i could outrun a tarrasque ;b ))
<Querdie> (( not that I want to test that theory or anything ))
Quote 3079
<Chaos`^> (( low on funds!? normal work gets you a gp a day! ))
<Chaos`^> (( that's if you're a hard worker! ))
<dieter`-> ((we do "special work" :))
<Querdie> (( not for mighty adventurers! ))
<dieter`-> ((it involves looting the people that make fun of our names =P))
<dieter`-> ((besides, I need a lot of money to change the drinking supply of a town into love potion!))
<Chaos`^> (( oh lord.. ))
* dieter`- thinks maybe if people loved each other, they wouldn't be so mean about his name.
* dieter`- could live there and be happy!
Quote 3080
<Querdie> "Here!"
* Querdie tosses the robe to Urt.
<Chaos`^> the robe is wet, but it smells downy fresh.. er.. it's just wet, and has no real scent to it, lol ;)
<Querdie> You might wanna put that on before we head into town, and cover up your face a bit...
<Querdie> It's a robe
<Urt> "Something is wrong with my face?"
<Querdie> Well, you have no eyes, and look like you came out on the wrong end of a few hundred battles... no offense.
<Querdie> Some people might not like that, and I've been chased... er... have left many towns rapidly after sparing masses of angered villagers with pitchforks and such from a grisly death... to know that that could be a bad thing
<dieter`-> indeed
<dieter`-> We have much experience with this sort of thing.
* Urt nods slowly "I see." He sounds puzzled. "And I thought they chased me for eating their children..." Shakes his head, figuring he'll never understand this civilisation businessm and puts the robe on
Quote 3081
<Ashi> "I am trying to help create a world at least worth being reborn in, not the kind of world that we're creating now. There is nothing to like about it. It is .. a duty."
<Lina`^> "So is taking a shit, but odly enough, some people find joy in it..."
Quote 3082
<Lina`^> "That's the problem with wisdom.. it's free to interpritation."
<Ashi> "Sometimes." *she shrugs*
<Lina`^> "Take it as you will.. but if we're going to save the world together, you're going to have to laugh more."
Quote 3083
<Caltak> a half-celestial who is the bastard rape child of a goddess who has a sword that can do anything but is a major procrastinator and used to be Elvis doesn't really need a unicorn mount who wants to keep him from having sex :)
Quote 3084
* Rei_Jr stands up with his arms wrapped around himself protectively. "I want my mommy..."
<Alexander_Summoning___stuff> (( noooooooo! ))
<Alexander_Summoning___stuff> (( *finds a fallout shelter* ))
Quote 3085
<AlcarDM> A sound, like the cars horm, but lower, fills the air. It reminds tou of bagpipes. But worse. It begins moving towars Trevor slowly, still "sniffing"
<AlcarDM> It rolls closer to Trevor, the smell of leather upholstry filling the air as it sweats
<Kandi`^> (( is a car female if it has twin airbags? ))
<Rei_Jr> (( check the muffler :P ))
Quote 3086
<Trevor`-> "Whoever did it... were they trying to make us happy, or were they trying to catch us prone?"
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "Is being menaced by homicidal cars you're idea of happy?"
<Trevor`-> "I didn't see them as a menace until YOU started a fight."
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "Wait, if it is .. I don't want to know."
<AlcarDM> <Adam> "So you wanted to have sex with them instead?"
<Kandi`^> "Both of you, shut up, let's go."
<Trevor`-> "No. Of course not."
Quote 3087
<Alexander_Summoning___stuff> artimus must die
<MattJohnson> he already did
<Alexander_Summoning___stuff> again, if need be
Quote 3088
<Trevor`-> (( Hahaha, there really should be a pants vending machine in the bathroom for when the vampires try to eat the human patrons :) ))
Quote 3089
<Kandi`^> heh.. glow in the dark pants...
<Rei_Jr> or it could sell adult diapers :)
<Rei_Jr> you know, they should start advertising this place as a family restaurant :P
<Kandi`^> 'Nicolai's fine familly dining. Perfect for constipation.'
<Kandi`^> 'no cemical additives, and no cramps. (nicolais is not responsible for scrapes, large gashes or bite marks.)"
<Rei_Jr> call it "Fiendlie's" and caim its a typo :)
Quote 3090
<AlcarDM> he blinks, then vanishes as you suck him out of reality :p
<Alexander```> grab him with my shadow tendrils and drain him dry ;b
<Alexander```> spot can have some too ;b
<Alexander```> i'm just a nice generous guy like that
<Alexander```> human, the other, other white meat
Quote 3091
<MattJohnson> "Speaking from a military standpoint, splitting your forces is a very foolish thing to do."
<MattJohnson> "Half of us are not half as powerful as all of us together--our power is greatly decreased when we seperate."
<MattJohnson> "It would be much easier for him to kill half of us twice than all of us once is what i'm getting at."
Quote 3092
<Kimmey> so next time, I'm playing a pallidin. The hell with thinking, I'm just going to be nice.
Quote 3093
* Gabriel``` checks the daggers for poison
<Ashi> You lick one and....
<Ashi> They look normal.
<Gabriel```> lick? don't be silly. i stab myself. duh :P
Quote 3094
<337C4Bb4g3> we walk up to her, see her in the bottom of a 10' deep pit
<337C4Bb4g3> dieter is like: "You dig fast!"
<aslhk> dieter is very logical. it didn't occur to him that someone would hang out at the bottom of a ten foot pit instead of just climbing out
<aslhk> so he figured she dug it =P
Quote 3095
<Chaos`^> (( Cecil is off doing presentations on dragons and common myths... Most of his classes fall asleep... I wonder why.. ))
Quote 3096
<Chaos`^> so.. simon will never enjoy the work of picaso?
<Alcar> nope. Tho to him all paintings look like picasso :p
<Chaos`^> maybe he'll ba a famous painter one day then =p
<Alcar> "Wow, this is lovely ..such an awesome look into the mind of Faline."
<Alcar> Simon: "It is? I thouht i was drawing a sea shore."
<Chaos`^> he can paing his paws and prance on the canvas.. those go well =p
* Chaos`^ wonders what the mind of faline looks like =p
<Alcar> Jaws 3
Quote 3097
* ** Plush_Cthulhu Quit (Quit: Hastur la vista)
Quote 3098
<Chaos`^> You find the woman in the bottom of a pit...
<Dieter```> "Wow, you dig quickly!"
<Querdie> (( how deep is the pit? ))
<Chaos`^> "What!? I fell down here!"
<Chaos`^> about 10 feet
<Dieter```> "Oh, why?"
Quote 3099
<Dieter```> "Was it the puzzle? I hope you weren't concentrating so hard on my puzzle that you didn't see the pit!"
<Chaos`^> "I didn't see the pit, because it was hidden!"
* Dieter``` glances down
<Dieter```> It doesn't look hidden."
<Chaos`^> "Well it was!"
Quote 3100
<Querdie> Maybe we were teleported in time, as well as space!
<Querdie> Perhaps we are in the distant past!
<Querdie> That would explain the lack of civilization
<Dieter```> "Do you think I could meet my father? I'd really like to meet him. I have some advice for him."
<Querdie> And civility, as modern ettiquette was invented in the year 473 Q.L.N., as any educated man knows!
<Querdie> Which would explain this woman's exceedingly rude behavior!