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Quote 2801
<Max_Griffon> "If you break it it might kill you. I wanna see if its ok. Its Fae, and your not Fae."
<Vicky`Hart> i need something to pay back mac..
* Max_Griffon sighs. "You dont wanna kill him, do you?"
<Vicky`Hart> how can it kill him.. its just a hollow ball
* Max_Griffon rolls his eyes. "Why dontcha break it on your head and see what it does." He walks offf.
<Flea```> "Ooookay. I'm sensing tension."
Quote 2802
<Keith`> Chansler "with the royal family gone i would become the ruler of this country"
<Tish`> "How does that work? I thought you had to have royal blood to be a king."
<AlcarGM> (( wow. your pc really IS ditzy :) ))
<Tish`> <<6 int on a mage>>
<Tish`> <<only wanted to join the thieves guild cause they have the best gossip, and throw the best partys."
Quote 2803
<Keith`> the guard you came in with nods and leaves the guard you walk up to asks what can he do for you
<Tish`> "Excuse me, guard, but I have some terrible news, and I'd feel safer if I were shackled before I give it so you don't over react till I get it all out."
Quote 2804
<Keith`> its not long befor the top of your dress is off and he is bissying him self in your breasts when the door is openned and 2 guards come in
<Tish`> "Mmmmmmmm"
<Tish`> "What now?"
<Keith`> needless to says the courtur is suprised, Courtur "Get out, go no get out" Guards "Sir your coming with us weather you like it or not"
* Tish` grapples teh chansler already in her embrace.
<Tish`> "Hold me"
<MechaBlue> ((On vhat?))
<Keith`> Courtur "Pah, go on get or i'll have your jobs" at this point the guards start walking acrost the room slowly
<Tish`> "ohh, this could get real interesting. Will you be joining us this evening?"
<Tish`> "Or just bringing the shackles and watching?"
Quote 2805
<Montoya```> "I dunno. Maybe a doorbell or something. Can psychics see this barrier better than we can?"
<Montoya```> "Mages, that is?"
<AlcarGM> <Randall> "The psychics were likely watching it. I bet they're confused as to what happened."
<Montoya```> "Good. That's all I need to know."
<AlcarGM> <Randall> "And that .. is that. A psychic universal greeting of a middle finger. And some other ... emotions."
* Montoya``` looks around, getting his barrings as to where Deimos is, and starts writing "Hello boys. Isn't magic a wonderful thing?" and puts a big smiley face on the barrier, waiting about 10 seconds before annihilating it.
Quote 2806
<Baliadoc> hmm... Goblins are 1/4 of a hit die... can I play 24 Goblins? :)
Quote 2807
* Keith` is thinking of if he ever mannages to finish off his drunken master levels become a ninja (just get drunk in there bar then they can't get rid of me)
<Keith`> Drunken Master Ninja
Quote 2808
<Keith`> come on, i can get caltaks PC killed in a bar fight!
* Alcar has to get up for classes :)
<Keith`> oh yah
<Keith`> ok that will shut me up about crying game game like caltak
<Keith`> wait a minet, if his pc died quick enought... JK
Quote 2809
<Baliadoc> WhiteWolf, d20 style ;)
<Baliadoc> Feat: Being grim and dark. All characters get this at first level, except for a good chunk of Malkavians, and people who don't go out at night
<Baliadoc> Feat: Being dead. Yes, we can't believe we have to make this a feat either.
Quote 2810
<Baliadoc> btw Alcar, for all the 2 seconds of gameplay it's gonna last me, i was thinking that my ship is a small freighter.
<Alcar> neat way to put it :)
<Baliadoc> well, i can only assume that my entrance scene is going to be my ship going down in a ball of flame :)
<Alcar> How do you want to crash? A) shot down by a Star Destroyer B) Try and land and get broadsided by a dragon or c) Both
<Baliadoc> sooo many choices :)
Quote 2811
<Alcar> ooh! I can replace the jawa things with kender!
<Alcar> a swarm of kender come and your ship vanishes so quickly you suspect they used the Force
* Baliadoc shoots you with his blaster? :)
Quote 2812
<MarcFenAway> An Illusionist Running a Brothel... no need to higher people
<Sintaqx> actually, Marc, no need to hire any beautiful people...
Quote 2813
<MarcFenAway> Damn, My Familiar has better stats then some of the Regular Character I have made...
Quote 2814
<Rene`-> how much is that bill [bar tab] anyway?
<AlcarDM> 384 gold.
<Rene`-> holy...
<AlcarDM> not including damage to properties and persons
<Rene`-> ok, that's nuts :)
Quote 2815
<Maranda`-`> the biggest advantage to drunken master is it gives a monk baced pc something to do with all the gold they inevtably end up with
Quote 2816
* Maranda`-` gets up close to mercer and sticks her tounge in his ear
* Mercer`` is really trying to do a good job of keeping you from doing that, and probably succeeding :)
<Maranda`-`> i don't know doc, can you move faster then some one that can stager at 50 for a movement rate?
Quote 2817
<Mercer``> "Sorry we're late. Your friend here has had much too much to drink."
* Maranda`-` is all over mercer like stink on shit once he comes to a stop
Quote 2818
<Rene`-> "Well no, I'm looking for answers. The questions are just an annoying thing I have to get in order to find the answers."
Quote 2819
<Rene`-> "Whoever said all demons are evil?" *shrugs*
<Telakiran> "anything can be immitated.. even goodness, but i will take your word that he is not evil"
<durgan> "Hmm, just about all of the elves I've talked to for starters."
<SeNToN> eyes rene suspecially
<Rene`-> "Well I'm just saying you can't judge people by what they are. Except maybe for Kender."
Quote 2820
<Obama> whats a jedis speed with master speed?
<Baliadoc> it's a Jedi power. at Master level, i can run 900 ft/round :)
<Obama> damn i can almost keep up with that
<Obama> well bet i can outdistance you over a 2 hr period =)
<Baliadoc> probably. i couldn't do it for 2 hours
<Baliadoc> the downside is that in 2 hours i'd have taken 12000 damage :)
<Baliadoc> if i ran all the time :)
<Obama> hehe ok you win the race, but you end up dieing from running it =P
<Baliadoc> not only dying, i'd erradicate myself ;)
<Baliadoc> thats like killing the Terrasque like 20 times over or somethin' ;)
Quote 2821
<PsychoSanity> you know, it would be cool to have boots w/ expedious retreat and continual flame cast on them. it would look like ur running so fast ur boots are on fire lol =-)
<PsychoSanity> especially as a monk moving at 90ft per round * 2 = 180 lol
Quote 2822
<Alcar> And most players probablydont want to play d&d pcs when they're facing the Empire from Star Wars as the campaign enemy :)
<aslhk> lol I do! *grin* didn't you see the ewoks? they took those people out, man! the empire's not so tough!
<EyeOfNewt> Heheh Im on a heavy war horse, (Human Cleric) Plate Armor, Tower Shield, Heavy mace with 6D6 Elec damage, and a Blow gun with a selection of the deadliest poisons, BRING your star Wars Peeps on
Quote 2823
<`Chewvivo> (Doesn't this thing have tractor beams? You think they'd fish out an unexpected lifepod launch just on principle. :P )
<gears> (chew: that's meta game thinking)
<`Chewvivo> (Hrm?)
<gears> (the whole game world could explode for you thinking things like that! it's like trying to make sense out of a danni divito film)
Quote 2824
<FuzzyLogic> ((powered by SATAN!))
<`Chewvivo> (Soulless Automatons Temporarily Achieving Negation? You mean they're in it too?)
<`Chewvivo> (Those self-destructive bastards! I knew they were up to no good!)
<Terran`> (oh dear jeesus)
Quote 2825
* gears starts pushing harder... /harder/.... HARDER untill the barnacles come off, then moans and lights a cigarette
<`Chewvivo> (In space? I'd pay to see THAT.)
Quote 2826
<FuzzyLogic> t: a turbolaser shot comes across your bow.
<FuzzyLogic> t: your previous comments, with your mayday call seems to have distressed the passengers somewhat.
<Yeelah> (stupid bastards! that big mon calamari ship is going to make toast out this scrap heap and i'm on board it)
<`Chewvivo> ("This would be a good time to remind you all of the waivers of liability you signed before taking this tour.")
<gears> ("fire a warning shot across her nose" *blam blam* "i said across her nose, not up it!")
* Terran` looks at the mon cali- "Do you guys have any weapons aboard this ship?"
<`Chewvivo> (It's a tour ship, man. When's the last double-decker you saw with a machinegun?)
Quote 2827
* Keith`- wonders if he could tecnicly turn people/things into chicken eggs...
Quote 2828
<Caltak> on the downside I only get to add 3 class levels to my Minotaur. On the upside, it's a minotaur :)
Quote 2829
<Caltak> just saying "most elven love-making doesn't involve female elves" basically says it all
Quote 2830
<Baliadoc> 24 intelligence is our friend.
<Randall> 24?!
<Baliadoc> headbands of intellect are also our friend. ;)
Quote 2831
* Tontaga looks at Cole's wings curiously, and pokes them. "Real?"
<CoLe_Quazda> sayz "yes Tontaga they are real and please don;t poke them"
<Koby`> (( looks awed Cole knows Tontaga's name since he was never told it :) ))
<Marcus_Fenway> (¯( Tontaga was not Originally part of the group you where suppost to meet but for the nature of Continuity he used a Spell to read Tontaga's thoughts and thats the only useful peice of information he got )¯)
<Tontaga> (( I have thoughts?! ))
<Tontaga> (( wow ))
Quote 2832
* Koby` looks at Tagashi, then says in draconic "You are evil." simply to Cole.
<Tagashi-2> (in giant) "i agree with koby"
<Tagashi-2> ((oops miss read that))
<Koby`> (( Good agreement :) ))
<Tagashi-2> (in giant) "so what do we do with him?"
<Natalia``> Demonic: "Anyone else speak this one? Might as well find out now."
<Tagashi-2> "Mabe"
Quote 2833
<Tontaga> gawd, all the languages and telepathy..
<Tontaga> we need some killing.
<Hart``> sorry Ton, i cast Tongues, just to be a jackass :)
<aslhk> that's awesome heheh
<Caltak> evil bastard ;P
Quote 2834
<Obama> if your evil your going to be having some problems inside our current anti-evil area
<Baliadoc> I think this anti-evil area and i are going to have to have a little talk.
Quote 2835
<durgan`> "well, if they aren't stars, what are they?"
<Mercer``> "Imperial starships."
<durgan`> "You just said they weren't stars, and now they're not only stars, but ships as well? You must be out of your mind."
<Mercer``> "Must I? I did come from the stars myself."
<durgan`> "That may be, but the fact of the matter is, people that directly contradict themselves in an attempt to show their knowledge are either stupid or crazy."
<durgan`> "I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt =P"
<Mercer``> "I'm not quite sure how i've contradicted myself."
<durgan`> "Well, you said they weren't stars. Then you said they were not only stars, but star ships, as if people fly around in these stars. Not only is that a contradiction, it's quite odd."
<Mercer``> "Starships are vehicles used to travel between stars."
<durgan`> "Oh."
<durgan`> "I think it's a hoax!"
Quote 2836
* Mercer`` scratch that, i look him over with my sensor instead, to see if he's still alive :)
<Mercer``> "He's fine."
<Rene`-> "Oh. Could've fooled me."
<durgan`> "Hah! If you call being blown up fine, then I'm feeling fine as well."
<Mercer``> "He survived. Is that better?"
<durgan`> "Yeah, I don't feel so well either. It's a side affect of being shot, apparently."
<durgan`> "I believe you about those starships, by the way Mercer``"
<Mercer``> "I'm glad you've come around."
<Mercer``> "And to think you've only seen three."
Quote 2837
<Rene`-> "Well the problem is I don't really know the questions either. I need to know why I was brought back and what I'm supposed to do."
<Mors`^> "Well, I don't think sucking people dry is one of the reasons... but that's my opinion.."
<Rene`-> "I don't do that anyway."
<Mors`^> "Oh, you stopped that bad habbit?"
<Rene`-> "No. I only did that once. I'm more careful about it normally."
Quote 2838
<aslhk> and the eldritch laughter shook the pcs terribly and they all wanted to go home except the tie fighters are going to blow their homes up! DAMN THE ELDRITCH LAUGHTER!
Quote 2839
* Alcar might be ending a campaign soon, so debating how to do it best :)
<Marcus_Fenway> 'Slaughter House V'
<Marcus_Fenway> Just a Suggestion
Quote 2840
<Marcus_Fenway> Sin's Character Died in Session 1, but I couldn't get him to quit the game so he is still playing the same character
Quote 2841
<hAd_MattEr> are there any more openings?
<Marcus_Fenway> There are always Openings... simply because Natalia, and Koby are always hungery
<Sintaqx> Marcus gets a kick out of killing players :)
<Marcus_Fenway> Unfortunetly Koby eats most of them before I get a chance to kill them :(
Quote 2842
<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia: A Sleepwalking Vampire with a fetish for midnight snacks
<Marcus_Fenway> Koby: Known through out the world as Koby the Chicken Slayer
<Sintaqx> Natalia: Starving for affection.
Quote 2843
<Tontaga> someone wanted me to run a game not too long ago
<Tontaga> I said ok. Game started out that they were in a tavern, and its hit by a giant meteor. some crazy roll for damage, reflex save for half.
<Tontaga> and they actually wanted to roll reflex saves...
Quote 2844
<CoLE_QuaZDA> man i wish i now had a holy, keen mercurial greatsword
<Koby`> to floss your teeth?
<Dungeon_Master_M> Its a Target, Its a Peice of Meat, No Its Stupid Goblin!
<Tontaga> Stupid Goblin... isnt that a bit redundant? :)
Quote 2845
<Baliadoc> fallen jedi are just better. light-siders with emotion are fun
Quote 2846
* Sintaqx believes that raising a group of zombies from a pivate crypt and sending them out to murder their living relatives would be considered eveil.. unless, maybe, if it was only done for fun
Quote 2847
<Warner> the munsters were undead and they were no more evil then the simpsons :)
Quote 2848
<durgan> "Fine, just ignore a good deal. Some day in the future you will look back to this moment and think 'damn! I wish I'd bought that bow. My whole life would've been different.' Do you really want to do yourself the injustice of constantly looking back and questioning how your life could've gone if you'd just taken a chance and sprung on a nice bow?"
<Mors`^> "No."
Quote 2849
<Rene`-> man I really do need a Bag of Holding :P
<Rene`-> then I can be the weird lady who disappears into a bag during the day :P
<AlcarDM> And I can play the NPC who picks up that bag and tosses it into her bag of holding! Yay!
<AlcarDM> This will be soo much fun :p
Quote 2850
* Maranda``-` smiles at mercer and grabs his hand and starts leading him off to the nearst bushes "I hope its more then that" with a bing grin
* Mercer``` isn't moving.
* Maranda``-` keeps tugging on mercers arm trying to get him to fallow while batting her eyes at him
<Mercer```> "If that's all you want, I've turned down that offer from you at least twice now."
<Maranda``-`> "Awwwh you just don't know what your missing"
* Maranda``-` goes back to pressing her self against mercer
<Mercer```> "I know exactly what I'm missing. You should spend the night with a Wookie."
Quote 2851
<Mercer```> necessary acts are sometimes a lot more painful than diplomats make them out to be. I don't think most diplomats have to deal with wookies though.
Quote 2852
<durgan> Mors`^: "The dumbest members of any military force are called grunts, mostly due to their vocabulary limits. I don't know about these sith things."
Quote 2853
<Mercer```> "In some ways, I'm glad to be rid of my emotions."
<durgan> "That would be difficult."
<durgan> "Being glad with no emotions, I mean."
<Mercer```> "Touche."
Quote 2854
<Maranda``-`> at this rate i'll be sober in less then a week and then the shit will realy hit the fan
Quote 2855
<AlcarDM> You have reached the foothills of the mountains, which in another place would have been mountains in their own right. The air is surprisingly warm and you find some caves with ease. They are currently empty.
* Maranda``-` starts singing to her self off key and out of tune badly
<AlcarDM> The mountains rumble ominously at the loud song, perhaps warning of an avalanche, or critiquing her singing. Or both.
* Maranda``-` yells back at the mountains as she gets up and stagers up the mountain to the cave
<Maranda``-`> "AW WHO ASKED YOU ANY WWAY!"
* Maranda``-` sings to her echo in the cave for a while
Quote 2856
<AlcarDM> Rene remains sleeping pleasantly in her coffin.
<AlcarDM> Mors remains sleeping on top of that
<AlcarDM> The DM doesn't draw any freudian ananologies from it.
<AlcarDM> Yet.
<Maranda``-`> (LOL)
<durgan> ((we are =P))
Quote 2857
<durgan> "Maranda, maybe you should go keep mercer company. I'm sure he's getting jealous."
<Maranda``-`> "Huh, who wants fussy briches"
Quote 2858
<aslhk> I think maranda is the most normal of all of our characters =P
<aslhk> she just hits on guys
<Obama> hehe from what ive seen she is the most normal =)
Quote 2859
<Obama> we have what, 2 vampires, a centar, a jedi, a elf
<Obama> um who am i missing...
<aslhk> we've got a guy that apparently prefers talking to rocks, a jedi
<aslhk> me
<Obama> asl whats your character?
<aslhk> he's a rock in disguise :)
<Obama> asl your a rock right now?
<aslhk> i'm a storm trooper currently
Quote 2860
* Obama misses joe =)
<Obama> poor poor joe.. id have to give him most horrible death award to date...
<Obama> ive seen people die to dragons, stab wounds, poision, and magic.. but never to a BED
Quote 2861
* Caltak would make an Ewok if I played :P
<Baliadoc> no.
<Baliadoc> your Ewok will be used in a test to simulate falling into a core reactor to novices :)
Quote 2862
<StarShade> Yes sirree, Britney Spears is a 5th Level Drow Bard whose been polymorphed into a human...
<StarShade> We must use Dispel Magic on the polymorphing for her true form to be revealed!
<StarShade> Then her CD sales will go down!
Quote 2863
* StevenR ponders the possiblity of Britney Spears as a Drow.
<StevenR> Impossible
<StarShade> You kiddin me? She's probably one of the spellcasters with some weird polymorph on her...
<StevenR> I'm thinking Mind Flayer
<StarShade> I don't know about that...
<StarShade> She looks more mind-flayed than flayer.
Quote 2864
<Tish`> "Dammit, we need a cook. Nice to meet you anyways, I'm Troub...er, I mean Tish."
Quote 2865
<Chaos`^> Ok.. the tavern people look at Garund and go balistic, seeing as how he's in the way to the door, they go into the kitchen screaming "A monster! Get it away!" The tavern is empty except for a lone man in a robe covering most of his face and body, the bartender is gone also.
* Lassie` sighs and whines ("Is this going to be like that time you tried to eat that plate of pasta with that poor pure bred dog?")
* Garund growls back ("Its not like im going to eat them, its against the laws i follow")
* Lassie` sighs and whines ("Thats not what the lady dog said when you told her what you thought the meatballs were.")
Quote 2866
<Tech-Sensei> i also realized that whores in our town probaly won't be good
<Tech-Sensei> cause the patron god at that altar is god of death and disease
<Tech-Sensei> would you take a whore in a town protected by god of death and disease?
Quote 2867
<Alcar> The assasins should add some fun
<Baliadoc> assassins add flavor to anything ;)
<Baliadoc> okay, not usually, but that's just because poison is usually tasteles..
Quote 2868
<Tech-Sensei> I truly enjoy role playing. I've actually managed to manipulate the GM in character negotiations to give more than he planned.
<Tech-Sensei> like a knight says "This castle is important for our attempted defense of this reigion..." ::i interupt:: "You mean your future SUCCESSFUL defense of this region"
<Tech-Sensei> diplomacy is nothing more than knowing whose ass to have your nose in at what time
Quote 2869
<Baliadoc> and natalia has to have some ability that deals with making the sport of golf bend to her will.
<Baliadoc> she's like the swiss army knife of characters
<Marcus_Fenway> Koby can shoot the ball onto the green in 1 shot no matter the distance... but it takes him at least 3 more shots to get it in
Quote 2870
<Marcus_Fenway> I have 7 Players... Cole, Elandra, Hart, Koby, Lia, Natalia, Tagashi, and Tontaga... Elandra, and Hart are at risk of being killed by Cole and Tagashi. While Cole and Tagashi are at risk of being killed by Natalia, who commands Koby's Loyalty who in turn guides Tontaga's Actions...
<Marcus_Fenway> this could be a messy game
<Marcus_Fenway> Lia is a friend of Koby and NAtalia (by my Instuctions) so she is safe for now...
<Alcar> until she informs us she had married a charming man named Nimih who is coming into town for their wedding and, wow, we just left the temple they are getting married at
Quote 2871
<Baliadoc> i'm not too worried about being killed by simple paladins and clerics.
<Alcar> its the not so simple ones you're worried about? :)
<Baliadoc> yeah, but there aren't many of them. Paladins and clerics really don't have much in the way of inventiveness.
<aslhk> i'd be worried about simple paladins and clerics
<Baliadoc> "I either A) Follow my god, no matter what, or B) Have turned from my God, and accepted the power of a darker, eviler God. In the event of this, see (A), but substitute the new god with the old."
Quote 2872
<aslhk> paladins are just scary heh
<aslhk> they're church-sanctioned psychopaths
Quote 2873
* ** Sintaqx Quit (Quit: And then, having laid waste to the town, the young kobald sorcerer decided to take a nap.)
Quote 2874
<Gabriel```> i've figured out Gabriels' reasoning for not just going straight after his sister: he's never met so many amusing adventurers in one place :)
Quote 2875
* Gabriel``` shrugs to himself and heads inside after a while, retiring for the night, after checking his stuff for signs of disturbance, his room for assassins, the roof and window area outside his room for more assassins, and the other two floors besides for... yeah, assassins
<Zacharel> (( what about under your pillow? ))
<Gabriel```> ((that'll come when i get ready to get into bed. No need to have to check the same place twice))
<Zacharel> (( ah I see. Be careful, those Tooth Fairy Assassins are dangerous. ))
<Gabriel```> ((that's why all my teeth are fake ;))
Quote 2876
<Ike> Someone once asked me what a bard was.. I told them it was a fighter/rogue/magician/musician all wrapped up into one. I think I'll change that definition to just "dude that plays music" from now on.
Quote 2877
<Caltak> aslhk: if I was a gungan i'd spend the whole game self-mutilating myself
Quote 2878
<Alcar> Caltak - our pcs are also going to be ni a high tech enviroment tho.....
<Alcar> ewoks and piloting and fixing stuff don't go well :)
<Caltak> Alcar: so? who says I have to know diddly shit about tech? I can be the comic relief :)
<Alcar> Ewok: *pokes door with spear. It opens* "Praise the forest!"
<Alcar> be a wookie then :p
<Bethor> Or a jawa.
<Caltak> ewww no
<Alcar> wookie fixes compicated tech: *sound of something getting thrown through the wall*
<Bethor> I made a Jedi Jawa once just to mess with the pcs.
Quote 2879
<Bethor> That was the most disatrous game I ever ran. PC's get stopped by an Imperial Customs Checkpoint. They have nothing illeagle on the ship, yet they decide to run from the imps anyway!
Quote 2880
<Caltak> PCs meet a Dark Jedi Master Ewok... :)
<Alcar> Caltak - lightsaber'd be a little small. "The dark jedi swings, misses, then lets out an unholy yowl. You think he's summoned the Force, then realise he lit his fur on fire."
<Caltak> Alcar: well maybe just a bit. then again its all in what you get used to using and all
Quote 2881
<Keith`> yah i was looking at it in a wizards of the cost here last week
<Keith`> its like 35
<Caltak> Wizards of the Cost... yeah that sounds about right Keith` hehehe
<Keith`> caltak i looked at the price off the back of the book
* Caltak was referring to the spelling of Coast as Cost :)
Quote 2882
<Caltak> YOda only has 19 Wisdom?! :P
<Alcar> Caltak - it would have been higher if he could speak right.
<Alcar> but no one understood him so its just 19
Quote 2883
<Caltak> Notable Intellignece scores: Jar Jar Binks.... 2 :)
<Thundor> its that high?!?!
<Caltak> they SO should have put that :)
Quote 2884
<Sintaqx> not only is Jar Jar's Int 2, his wisdom approaches 0.
<Caltak> Sintaqx: actually according to the book his wis is 9...
* Sintaqx is shocked
<Caltak> I was too Sin
Quote 2885
<Caltak> Throw Lightsabre? neat, they thought of that :)
<Keith`> well at least they thought of it
* Sintaqx gets the feat "Throw Up"
* Caltak wants to make a Wookiee proficient in Ewok Tossing someday :)
Quote 2886
* Sintaqx pits Star Trek d20 vs Star Wars d20
* Sintaqx thinks it would be fun
<Sintaqx> Stormtroopers can't hit hte broad side of a planet, ST Security teams die on every away mission
<Sintaqx> Need to find that picture again... Had the Enterprise E being attacked by Tie Fighters while it attacked a star destroyer
Quote 2887
* Sintaqx combines Star Wars, Star Trek, The Event Horizon, The Last Star Fighter, The 5th Element, and Planet of the Apes into a game....
<Sintaqx> wait.. that's spaceballs
<Dalener> what about 'planet of the aroused apes?'
Quote 2888
<Dalener> a paladin with no god is a fighter without the feats :D
Quote 2889
<Telakiran> my character is looking for clues to the location of arkene... thats why hes going north =)
<Mors`^> Arkene? I can tell you where she is... But you'll have to kill me first ;)
Quote 2890
* Mors`^ makes sure Maranda is awakened to walk herself before they all get going..
<Rene`-> (( no, dont! ))
Quote 2891
* Rene`- nods to durgan and pulls the trooper over to her and bites his neck
<AlcarDM> Trooper1 screams rather loudly "Noooooo......!"
* Rene`- covers the trooper's mouth with a hand
<Mors`^> "Ohh.. why Rene?"
* Rene`- stops after a bit and lets go of the trooper, who's still alive. She wipes her mouth, and looks at Mors`^. "Hmm?"
<Mors`^> "Why did you bite his neck?"
* Rene`- looks at the trooper, than back at Mors`^. "It was convenient?"
Quote 2892
<Mors`^> "Please, not too many alien deaths on this planet.. it screws up the system.."
<AlcarDM> <Telakiran> "System?"
<Mors`^> "Yes, the system of the souls that die.. They have to make exchanges and such with the other worlds.."
<AlcarDM> <Telakiran> stares are mors for a long moment. "Pardon?" rather incredeously
Quote 2893
<Rene`-> (( this never wouldna happened if it was a Star Trek cross-over :P ))
<AlcarDM> (( if this was a st crossover, the npcs would have to die because they'd be wearing red ))
* Rene`- (( would like to see a Vulcan meet Elves :) ))
<Mors`^> (( That is not logical... "Let's have sex NOW!" "I can only reproduce every 7 years" "NOW NOW NOW!"
<Rene`-> (( tries a mind meld and goes crazy :) ))
Quote 2894
* durgan quaffs a vial and turns into a rather average looking gnome.
<durgan> "They look like this."
<Mercer```> "How do you do that? What's in those bottles?"
<durgan> "I'm not sure, my father gave me the vials--they aren't magic or anything, and any liquid inside them allows me to change."
* durgan is lying by the way =P
<Sparkie> durgan 1d20+17: 30 bluff
<durgan> but it's unlikely you'd know that, apparently
<Mercer```> that's alright. I'm bullshitting knowledge about how energy packs are made too :)
Quote 2895
* Mors`^ walks over to the group
<Mors`^> "Everyone, I'd like to introduce to you my wife..."
<Mercer```> "My, even your mating rituals are impatient."
<Rene`-> "Oh? Isn't that a bit sudden?"
<durgan> "I was about to say the same thing."
<Rene`-> "Well, I dont buy it." (( :P ))
<Mors`^> "She has been my wife for a while."
<durgan> "Interesting time sense you must have."
Quote 2896
<durgan> lol, okay, let's see, npc meetings so far: we scared the hell out of a rock, we argued with a guy with a dog's head, and mors married a prisoner he'd met for no less than five minutes =P
<durgan> *grin*
<durgan> oh
<durgan> I forgot to mention that we almost killed her
<durgan> before they determined the value of a good marriage, I guess
Quote 2897
<aslhk> hmm, I dunno how to keep the kender away from the speeder though =P
<Alcar> invent pod races :p
* Alcar would have a kender named Anakin invented so fast you wouldn't know what hit you :)
<aslhk> I wonder if they make kender repellant =P
<aslhk> inventing that would make me a rich man indeed
Quote 2898
<aslhk> *chuckle* dunno what to do about our other "hostage" either
<aslhk> I don't think it would look very well for us to leave some guy tied up in our rooms
<Alcar> but, yeah, might not look the best w/ this party. Unless Maranda is the one who tied him up
<Alcar> You could give him to her like a sacrificial lamb :)
<aslhk> marry him off too!
<aslhk> that would strike fear into the hearts of the storm troopers =P
<aslhk> "Do not get captured by the locals! They marry you!"
Quote 2899
<Caltak> oh god now I want to make a droid who used to be a Dicebot :)
<Caltak> Droid: "I'm telling you, we are sentient beings too!" Human: "Oh yeah? 2d6." Droid: "11 -- Hey! Don't do that!"
Quote 2900
<lornx> "I'm lornx, by the way. See ya later."
* Jerome` waves bye to lornx "Thank you again."
* lornx calls "No problem, it's always nice to meet a human that appreciates the finer points of poo flinging."