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Quote 2601
* Rene` hangs out in a random alley and sighs, feeling the Hunger and half considering going after one of the dying people just for convenience, but is at the same time for some reason repulsed by it... partly because theres no sence in making them die sooner than they have to, but mostly because its like eating food that has been on the ground for a week.
Quote 2602
<Alcar> OUtside the city the snow is fallin .. you find a nmice quiet cave to sit in and think....
<Alcar> the name Arkene rushes back into your mind and dances around ... you feel something, like a door opening, and close it so quickly you're sure you imagined it/
<Rene`> (( a cave, or the cave where I hid you-know-what? :) ))
<Alcar> the cave where you hid your collectiion of stuffed bears, yes.
<Rene`> (( lol ))
<Alcar> oh, and your coffin :)
<Chaos`^> (( You sleep with stuffed bears!? ))
Quote 2603
<Nailo`^> (( Gemm's off in never never land, away from us ))
<Gemm> ((well ur all doing thinking, not my PC's area of expertise))
Quote 2604
<AlcarDM> Villager: "The thump of hitting the ground .... is that not fainting?"
<Gemm> "No, it'd be when ur battlin' and ya chop a mans arm off"
<AlcarDM> villager: "Done that. Gnarl's kid, swung the axe and he was in betwixt me and the wood. Life getting spilled in the ground ain't a good feeling."
<Gemm> "heh, I live for it"
<Nailo`^> (( Gemm's a seasoned soldier ;p ))
<Magus`-`-> (so i've noticed)
<Gemm> ((or just an insane SOB))
<Caltak> (( nah hes just a half orc :P ))
<Magus`-`-> (both)
Quote 2605
* Gemm walks to the woodcutters place(or something close to it) to find something to do
<AlcarDM> uh, ok Gemm .... you find the villager woodcutter isn't home. Hes busy hacking a girl and her grandmother out of a wolf's stomach, according to his wife
<Nailo`^> (( figures, damn woodcutters get all the fun =p ))
<Gemm> "well ma'am can I cut up some wood for ya'll while I wait?"
<Nailo`^> (( is Gemm texan? ))
<AlcarDM> (( hes half orc. NO difference ))
<Gemm> ((no, just acting the medival part, been reading books on the time ^_^() ))
<Caltak> (( texan half-orc :P ))
Quote 2606
<AlcarDM> She nods slowly "It could ask for the death lovers life, the lion mans true death ... my death. Any sacrifice can be asked. What it gives ..... *shakes her head* "Much, too much perhaps. After Bred had it, it changed .... Perhaps it could bring [unknown words] back to the world ... "
<Nailo`^> "What's [unkown words]?"
<Sparkie> shoot
<Magus`-`-> "Good question"
<Magus`-`-> (if its sparkie we don't want it)
Quote 2607
* Caltak looks at Gemm. "Why are you obsessed with killing?"
<Gemm> "its my way"
<Gemm> "I live to fight, and fight to live"
<Gemm> "or so I'm told"
* AlcarDM makes a mental note to give Gemm's tutor a raise
<Caltak> "You're almost right. But you're mislead. Killing is a part of life, but its not the whole meaning."
<AlcarDM> (( so speaks the player who made Faline? ))
<Caltak> (( hey, thats an entirely different matter :) ))
Quote 2608
<AlcarDM> zee finds a few branches on the ground
<AlcarDM> Most of the trees tend to have an odd red tinge to their leaves
<AlcarDM> you do find some branche ... all wet and no dry wood, even though it doens't look like its rained recently.
<Zee```> "Hrmm... well, a little water never stopped me. Thanks for the wood."
* Zee``` nods to all the trees around him and picks up the wood, returning to the campsite
<AlcarDM> The trees don't reply. You can take that as a good sign.
* Zee``` makes a nice pile, and Matter Aggitates it into lighting on fire
<AlcarDM> The trees seem to loom over the glade. Zee gets the (hopefully irrational) idea they're angry with him for cheating the DM
<Zee```> ((oh great, i show up late, and two seconds into the game i piss the DM off :))
Quote 2609
* Magus`-`- leaves nailo with the groop and starts wondering thought the village aimlessly stopping here and there for a breaf molment
<Caltak> (( village? ))
<AlcarDM> (( none of the rest of you see any village :) ))
<Magus`-`-> (oh that figurs)
<Caltak> (( oh, I see. He's high ;P ))
* Zee``` watches Magus, wondering if he's got some sort of mental problem or something.
<Caltak> (( this whole party is getting mental problems :P ))
<AlcarDM> Thorvin seems to be thinking the same thing Zee is, but he's also wondering if having mental problems means he can reduce a PCs pay. he smiles to himself. With luck, Nailo would end up owing him money
Quote 2610
<Zee```> "I'm going to go contemplate death. See you all in a few."
Quote 2611
<AlcarDM> The villagers mutter "demon spawn .. " and avoid Caltak
<AlcarDM> Magus - you see the normal trees, animals etc . .for about 3 miles. Then the dark trees and forest your left loom around it
* Zee``` points to the perimeter of the happiness and light
<Caltak> "Well, hello to you too." *not as sarcastically as it could have beem*
<AlcarDM> (( Uhm, zee is finding some villagers whose attitude to demons is based on americans to communism happiness and light? Cal was right ..this party IS insane ))
<Zee```> ((hey! i'm talking about the terrain!))
<Zee```> ((quite frankly, if i had the chance to make the streets of the village run knee deep with its' villagers blood, more power to me))
Quote 2612
<Caltak> (( No! its like Evil Dead! The forrest is gonna swallow up the trail! and the bridge is gonna get all twisted up! :P ))
<AlcarDM> (( heh cal. As long as the trees rape no one, you'll be fine ))
<Caltak> (( hey...where did Nailo go? :P ))
<Caltak> (( j/k ))
<AlcarDM> (( eeww .. ))
<Caltak> (( well, Nailo <b>is</b> an elf, how wierd would it be? :) ))
Quote 2613
<AlcarDM> The villagers decide to have a party because no demons came to eat them. Duriong the party, which lasts ALL the way until next session you all get druink on EXP and get 525 each
<Zee```> "Alright, so how do we get out? I'd rather be gone before the villagers find out they're trapped here for good."
<Magus`-`-> what do you meen?, they tossed a party instead of going on a killing sprea
<Baliadoc> they threw a party because they don't know they're stuck in the middle of nowhere with only the slimmest chance of survival ;)
Quote 2614
<Greg``> morio's gun comes out, soomewhat. The big cat is on top of you, and behind it you see somthing vaguely human .. its got sharp claws, lots of teeth, spikes, a spiked tail and looks made out of living stone,. Its coming towards the jeep
<Morio> "oh shit...got the wrong one..."
<Morio> "Get off me damnit!"
* Andrew``` growls "Yeah right, you shot me, you ass hole!"
<Morio> "Do u see whats coming at us?!"
<Morio> "THATS what I'm suppose to get"
<Greg``> Ok, morio . .the giant can is trying to pin you, but you can get a shot at the other thing behind it
* Morio takes a shot at the other thing
<Greg``> The stone thing staggers back and yells in pain, the words coming out as some strange gibberish
<Morio> "See ya hear that damnit!"
* Andrew``` growls in Morio's face. "Right now I don't really give a flying fuck."
<Greg``> The stone creatures gets back up, shaking its head, and Morio notices it looks more like flesh than stone now "That .... hurt .... "
<Morio> "Ok fine...I'll cut you in...2K is what I'll give ya"
Quote 2615
* Andrew``` still hasnt shrunk cause he feels safer this way ;)
<Greg``> lol
<Greg``> being 80' tall is a bad security blanket
<Andrew```> depends on the situation
Quote 2616
<Jeramias> Anyhow, this is why I don't usually do combat. You all die ;)
Quote 2617
<Darrele> why are you hiding? are we both hiding from each other 5 feet away?
<Angelica```> (( yep Darrele ))
<Angelica```> (( Im gonna hide and wait for you to come out ;) ))
<Darrele> oh jeez :)
Quote 2618
<dbthewise13> Gelhalee? eh? What's he like?
<Warner> Gelhalee is what you get if you cross Galdalf, Capt Picard, and Bill Gates.
Quote 2619
* Morio also spreading some poison onto the bullet tips in the 6-shooter
* Morio in final preperations he puts the bandoleer's on and holsters the 6-shooter and rifle onto himself and carries the shotgun out to his....station wagon....
<Greg``> Morio - do you remove the baby seat in the back? :)
<Morio> no
<Morio> in fact...
* Morio takes some clothes and other things to make the best looking baby he can and places it in the baby seat
Quote 2620
<Greg``> The girl looks at Andrew, then up "Wow! You can grow?!"
<Andrew```> (( hold on a sec I just spilled my drink all over ))
<Greg``> The girl stops as the makeup artist comes in and redoes her hair and tells her to put more feeellinnng in it
<Greg``> girl: "Oh, this is so cooool! Are you cat man?!"
<Greg``> girl: "Oh, that does it! Hello, someone feed the idiot in the costume his lines? How am, I supposed to get an Emmy if he can't even read his script!"
<Andrew```> (( ok back ;P ))
<Greg``> Director: "Take 2!"
<Andrew```> (( ok so which of those were real? ;P ))
<Greg``> Girl: "Fluffy! You sabed fluffy! Oh, this is so cool! You're bigger than daddy! Are you Cat Man?"
<Greg``> that last one :)
Quote 2621
<Djansryl> "The only good kender is a dead kender. but the best are served with teryaki sauce."
Quote 2622
<Mors`^> "Well.. people tend to die when you drink their blood..."
<Rene```> "Not the way I do it."
<AlcarDM> (( Rene uses a straw ))
Quote 2623
* Djansryl likes his answer to the what are you question.. Technically I am a being who was concieved by an intimite act between a formless intelligence and a human......
<Djansryl> Special sums it up nicely :)
Quote 2624
* Mors`^ turns to Djansryl "Before something else happens, you might want to tell me what you are too.."
<Djansryl> "Confused?"
Quote 2625
<Warner> Blueskull isn't useless on an adventure you know
<Warner> you can remove his brain cap and make a nice drinking bowl
<Warner> his teath make nice studs on your leather armor
<Warner> and when placed on a stick and waved in a threatening manner he can make little children drop their hollween candy
Quote 2626
<Mordenkainen> This way, you can get your head bitten off by a dragon without even getting 5ft close to him :)
<Mordenkainen> that's realistic combat IMO
<EvilGM> but you still want the fantasy hero
<Alcar> fantasy here: I attack the dragon, and one swoop of my sword cuts its head off in a fountain of blood
<Alcar> realistic hero: I poison my blade, stab the dragon in the belly. The archers shoot poison and the mage fireballs it
<Alcar> modern hero: You kill the dragon and the king arrests you for murder of an endangered species :)
<Dusk_Knight> well with my character out there they soon will be endangered species
Quote 2627
<Caltak> "It was still a tree, and if it didn't have roots it wouldnt have bothered to stay put when you were attacking it."
<Nailo`^> "Maybe it was just lazy."
<AlcarDM> Vel stands up, and stretches. He looks at caltak "Perhaps it didn't walk because trees have more sense that us."
* Nailo`^ whispers to Caltak "Anything could have more sense than thorvin."
* Caltak looks at Vel. "In that case, I would sincerely doubt it would have threatened Nailo. Or maybe it didn't, and she imagined that. Which is very likely."
* Nailo`^ looks at Caltak
<Nailo`^> "Ok, wich one of us speaks treeish here?"
<Caltak> "Which one of us went off with that horse-thing, and which one of us was messing around with supposedly magic items we found on the ground?"
<Nailo`^> "Hey, which one of us messed around with a gnome for money? which one of us almost killed our employer? Which one of us almost killed a fellow employee?"
Quote 2628
<Nailo`^> "There is bound to be a dragon that wants to be found, after all of these years.. I can't go a day without attention..."
<Magus`-`> "perhaps but if there was some thing out here wanting to be found, it would have made its self known"
<Nailo`^> "I suppose, but I was actually trying to find a way to go to bed, but not have to be npc'd
Quote 2629
<Chelsea`^> Ah... there are no nobs on the doors, I meant locked up as in, all of them are closed...
* Kelris goes in one then and looks around
<Chelsea`^> A small familiy puts down their silverware and look up at you startled. The assumed Father looks at you "Can we help you?"
* Drudwyn follows Kelris in out of curiousity
* Kelris looks back, shrugs and shakes his head, leaving
* Drudwyn spontaneously decides to play some music while the family eats
<Chelsea`^> uhm.. ok.. the Family looks at you like you're crazy and the man stands up "What is the meaning of this?"
* Drudwyn keeps playing hoping his steady rhythym and catchy beat will make the villagers stop with their questions and just enjoy a nice and entertaining meal
Quote 2630
<Greg``> "Kent? Whats going on?"
<Peggy`Sue> geee- superman cusses...
<Kent``> ((i'm not superman, i'm reverse superman, and only 17 years old. Oh yeah, and i'm on bloody fire!!))
Quote 2631
<Peggy`Sue> ((skills.. able to spray hoses over tall buildings))
<Shang`^> (( Peggy can create unatural water presure? ))
<Kent``> ((Peggy took all sorts of plumbing powers. works great for job security in the future))
Quote 2632
* Shang`^ looks at the probably naked Kent... "Nice tan.."
<Kent``> "I didn't... whoever fried me did."
<Peggy`Sue> he he.... well i bet he runs the flying invisble tanning booth
* Kent`` has at least his boxers on. Remember, Superman protects the clothes closest to his body. that's why he wears spandex :)
* Greg`` grins at peggy "A bit overkill. Uhm, we need clothing ... " frowns, thinking .... "uh, what size are you kent?"
<Kent``> "Oh... right. Good lord! They took my dignity too!"
Quote 2633
<Peggy`Sue> i think you need an alter ego- kent- a disquise
<Shang`^> "Yeah! you can be ManSuper!"
<Kent``> "ManSuper?"
<Shang`^> "Yeah, doesn't it sound cool? We could all you MS for short."
<Andrew```> "Well, Superman is taken."
<Kent``> "Wait, did you say MS? The people in the helicopter mentioned MS too..."
<Shang`^> "Oh, well... maybe they know your name is MS."
<Shang`^> "Whatever YOU say... MS..."
Quote 2634
<Shang`^> "Yeah, a Red suit with Blue overwear, and a big M on the front.."
<Kent``> "Can't I just go with something tasteful? Like, a black suit or something, with some sort of symbol in the center? And can I please be something other than ManSuper? That's just stupid."
<Shang`^> "Well.. no, because now everyone knows you as ManSuper... So.. It will be impossible to change... think of Prince."
<Kent``> "You know me as ManSuper, you blockhead."
<Peggy`Sue> well its better than PMS man!
<Shang`^> "Yeah, and so does this whole group... it will spread, and then it will be more than impossible to change.."
Quote 2635
<Kent``> "I could always be MegaMan. You think Capcom would mind?"
<Andrew```> "Probably."
<Kent``> "Hrmph."
<Shang`^> "Yeah, It hink so.. MegaMan is a robot.."
<Kent``> "Hmm... how about Power Guy? I've got powers, I'm a guy, it's kinda like superman, with different words."
<Shang`^> "It sounds like you're looking for a male date.."
<Kent``> "Oh blah."
Quote 2636
<Shang`^> "What name did you decide on Kent?"
<Andrew```> "Beatdown, wasn't it?"
<Shang`^> "Beatdown? I thought you were takling about some kind of Spam sandwich."
<Kent``> "I'm thinking red and black for an outfit, eh? And probably some sort of hood or mask too, so people can't figure out who I am."
<Andrew```> "Hey and you could get away from the whole First-letter-on-your-costume thing, and have a fist or something on it."
<Andrew```> (( "You could always just start wearing glasses or something. Er, naw, that'd never work, people aren't that stupid." ))
<Peggy`Sue> beatdown? that makes you sound like a bullie
<Kent``> "But it's what I do ;)
Quote 2637
* Shang`^ was asking Andrew his superhero name
* Andrew``` was ignoring Shang`^
* Shang`^ skips to Greg then
<Shang`^> "Greg, what about you?"
<Greg``> "How about we call you idiot man?"
<Andrew```> (( don't skip, it makes you look gay! j/k ;P ))
<Shang`^> "No.. that doesn't fit."
<Greg``> "Gay man?" tries to look innocent as he gets his ice cream
<Shang`^> (( It does .... when was the last time you saw a straight person skipping? ))
<Shang`^> "But.. I'm not Gay."
<Shang`^> (( are you SURE they were straight? ))
<Andrew```> "Homophobiaman? Stereotype Boy?"
<Shang`^> "I'm not Homophobic, and I'm not a stereotype of anything."
Quote 2638
<Peggy`Sue> can you guys quit it? your not super heros..
<Peggy`Sue> have you ever saved anyone?
<Andrew```> "I saved a cat."
<Peggy`Sue> woo woo...
<Peggy`Sue> or fight super villains?
<Shang`^> "Yes, as a matter of fact, I have saved people.. but I don't want to talk about it."
<Peggy`Sue> your not super heros, ok? you don't even have your own toy!
Quote 2639
<Shang`^> "I don't know anything about much.. What makes you think I do?"
<Greg``> "because no one can be as stupid as you seem."
<Shang`^> "I'm not Stupid!"
<Andrew```> "then you must be an even better actor than Judgement."
<Shang`^> (( You guys really think that? cause.. I was kind of putting my personality into Shang... wow.. that really changes my perspective of myself... ))
Quote 2640
<Kent``> "I'm going to go tell my parents to get a room somewhere for the night. Anyone who doesn't want to stay and fight should leave now."
<Shang`^> "Hey, if we didn't want to stay, we'd leave."
* Andrew``` looks at Shang`^. "I sort of wish you <B>did</B> want to leave."
<Shang`^> "You know what Andrew, you're the anoying one here."
<Shang`^> "I mean, you'er insulting everybody, why don't YOU just get lost?"
<Andrew```> "Actually, I believe I was only insulting you. If I insulted anyone else, I appologize for that."
Quote 2641
<Kent``> "And get some sleep. I don't want you two staying up worrying about this. I'm not going to."
<Greg``> they promise not to, but you know Ma well enough that she'll likeing phone you during the battle to see if everrthing is ok. You might want to turn your cell phone off :)
<Greg``> You attack the UN peaceforcer and here a ringing as he hits you in the head ..but you're head isn't ringing. its your side. You roll away to dodge the attack, expecting a microwve, then stop when you realise the ring is the cell phone :)
<Kent``> "Yeah? MA! I'm sorta fighting the hordes of evil right now, can we talk later? Yes, I showered. Yes, I brushed my teeth.... MA! Don't ask stuff like that!"
Quote 2642
<Kent``> "Anyway, I've been thinking about how we're gonna deal with Judgement, if you'd care to hear my idea. Oh, they're doing fine. Worried, as usual, but they're gonna be safe."
* Andrew``` nods. "Good to hear. So, whats the plan?"
<Kent``> "Well, I'm hoping she can only copy one or two powers at a time myself, so I was thinking that if one of you attacks her with one of your powers, or two or some such, then I can come in and beat the living daylights out of her. If we do it fast enough, we can take her down before she gets too powerful."
<Andrew```> "Ack, maybe I shouldn't attack her then?"
<Kent``> "Well, how tough are you?"
<Andrew```> "Well, I would think an 80' tall Judgement might be bad."
Quote 2643
<Andrew```> what do you think is better? Megapuma or Macropuma? ;P just tossing ideas around :P and both do work, as far as meaning of prefixes ;)
<Greg``> mega
<Greg``> macro would be easy for the press to abuse
<Andrew```> oh? how so?
<Greg``> the calgary sun picture of the sunboy. puma with a long, censored black line between its legs "Macropuma! Fake, or the hero of teen girls everywhere!"
<Andrew```> GAH..ok I see your point
Quote 2644
<Zeunchie> wth is Synth
<Warner> the name of my D&D world
<Warner> Synth, the patch work world :)
<Warner> Some worlds are round, some are flat and disk shaped. mine is a quilt :)
Quote 2645
<zeunchie> damn i have too much money left over
<zeunchie> 5.cp, 3.sp, 833.gp
<zeunchie> any "SPEICaL" stuff i can buy?
<Warner> Then may I mention the wonderfull work the Illithids for educated human youngsters is doing with orphens?
<zeunchie> bah huh?
Quote 2646
<zeunchie> what color is the gem?
<Warner> its plaid with blue poka dots :P
<Warner> And it is as big as your fist. however its not worth much because no one wants a poka doted Gem :)
<Warner> to maintain your +2 you must care for and love your gem every day. Take it for walks. make sure it has things to play with. Don't let it get loanly :)
<Warner> And never feed it after midnight :)
Quote 2647
<Gizmoe> how much gem weigh?
<Warner> oh I feel like being nice 1 lbs
<Alcar> unles stressed
<Warner> increasses mass when it feels threatened alcar? :)
<Alcar> yup
<Alcar> "Ah! We're about to be attacked! My gem is now 300 pounds!"
<Warner> hmm but that would make it a nasty weapon. throw it baseball style and it hits like a boulder :)
<Alcar> didnt consider that aspect ....
<Gizmoe> throw and lose the +2 intivite
<dbthewise13> But could you even lift it?
<Warner> if you suprized it :)
Quote 2648
<Ters> So you admit that I saved your life?
<Zee```> not at all
<Zee```> in fact, i had to carry your unconsious body the 10 or so miles to the next town, where you got some real treatment
<Zee```> if you had just left, I could've saved myself the dead weight :)
<Ters> I saved you. Admit it.
<Zee```> You saved me from having a pleasant walk to the next town, and you saved me from being glorious in a battle against the odds, alone.
<Zee```> so yes, you saved me. Watch your back. ;)
Quote 2649
<Caltak> "Also, can we take a slight detour to the south?"
<Zee```> "Why south?"
<Caltak> "Because I need to go there."
<Zee```> "Oh no. That doesn't work for me. The last time we followed directions without asking questions, I walked through a stone that charged me a recipe to pass."
<dec&lt;Caltak> "You got it back, though."
<Zee```> "You're right. The second time we went somewhere without asking questions, we went right back to where we started in the first place."
Quote 2650
<Zee```> "How fast can you run?" *to Ters*
<Ters> "30 feet per round" ;)
<Zee```> "Don't forget to multiply that by 3 for running long distances."
<Ters> "I'm not an excellent runner. I might be able to keep up though."
Quote 2651
<AlcarDM> Ok, The wemic runs. the ghost is giving chase a lot slower afer Nailo slapped it :)
<Caltak> "Nailo, I'm really sorry about this, by the way. But you were closest."
<Nailo`^> "Don't worry, This will just make the flame hotter."
Quote 2652
<Zee```> "What are you doing, pray tell?"
<Magus`--> "Solving a problem"
<Nailo`^> "Your crystal is the problem, it posses a power nothing on this earth should have."
<AlcarDM> Vel: "As do we all, if we use it."
<Zee```> "Of course! And you're just the people to pass judgement! A woman who brings imprisoned souls back to life, and a man who wields a weapon that causes more pain than it could ever fix! Wonderful!"
Quote 2653
<Alcar> you get +20 exp for best rp
<Chaos`^> oh +20!? Wow.. soo much ;p
<Alcar> you get +20 exp for best rp
<Caltak> nice!!
<Caltak> it gets to where you gotta get your PC thrown out of the party to win best RP ;P
<Alcar> you get +20 exp for best rp
<Jeramias> Did Spark vote for me? :)
<Jeramias> Are you just pittying me? :)
<Alcar> nah, gave everyone +20 :)
<Jeramias> Ah, so you were pittying me :)
<Jeramias> Or you just gave everyone 20 exp to see if they would come up with good quotes. That seems more likely :)
Quote 2654
<Jeramias> Only I have the Bow of Jeramias. Wait a second. EVERY bow I have ends up being the Bow of Jeramias.
<Jeramias> Every sword I have, every rock I have, every potato I have... They all end up being the bow of Jeramias :)
Quote 2655
* Baliadoc is coming up with character ideas left and right :)
<Alcar> lol. suich as?
<Baliadoc> some of them are kinda vague. thought up one that's kind of a terrorist turned survivalist, trying to save his kind from the animal invasion, rather then blowing them up to make a point :)
<Baliadoc> another is some sort of business man turned assassin. high on soul, very manipulative. gets the info he needs, then sends in a personal team of ninjas to kill the person. why? because I want to have a character some day have his own personal ninja death-squad. everyone should at some point in their life.
<Alcar> "What? You don't wear black pyjamas" *shoots ninja*
Quote 2656
<Sin{Away}> "The fork, damnit! Use the fork!" Obi-wan to Luke on matters of ettiquete
Quote 2657
<AlcarDM> He nods slowly "Frankly, I dont know of any magic that could do that."
<Djansryl> "Nor do I."
<Djansryl> "I was hoping some ancient texts might be able to shed some light on this."
<Djansryl> ((as everyone knows, all problems can be solved by reading random ancient books :) ))
Quote 2658
<Caltak> when you say something will be fun, it usually means it will be evil...
* Caltak looks at Alcar suspiciously
<Alcar> medrel will be able to tell the whole city about your exploits
<Caltak> oh, lol. is that all? :P
* Alcar smiles . . the songs about the coffin lady will prove interesting to certain npcs
<Caltak> erk, oh yeah thats right. well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I guess.
Quote 2659
<Keith`> and if my pc where here he would jump out the plain backwords so he could sharp shoot at the fuil tanks as he free fell
Quote 2660
<^Tara> The UN is NOT smart. that's why we get our planes hijacked all the time. The Isralie's had 1 plane hijacked. their anti terrorist unit stormed the plane, killed all the terrorists, and 1/3 of the passengers. No one ever highjacked another of their planes.
Quote 2661
<Z`^> "Listen, we're here on official bussines... May we please go by?"
* Z`^ pulls up his id on his notebook showing his rank 10
<AlcarGM> The man looks at Z. "There are 347 dead bodies on that plane."
<AlcarGM> Captain Taggart appartently wants a bit more of an explanation
<Moshe`> "Sir, I'd like to give a full debriefing, but I'd also like to suggest that we don't do it near the burning wreckage of the flight we were just on."
<Z`^> "Really, that's odd, there should only be 300, we need to talk about booking for overstuffing."
Quote 2662
<Z`^> "Note to self, go through terrorist training in system."
<Z`^> "Well... I think It's dinner time.."
<Moshe`> "Uhm, Z. Perhaps you should also work on your indifference to matters of such importance. I believe it was your mood that greatly influenced the Captain's negative reaction to us."
<Z`^> "Oh? Why do you say that? Did I say something wrong?"
<Moshe`> "Well, besides the fact that you treated 347 deaths as if they were a mere booking problem, no. But then again, overlooking 347 deaths should do it."
<Z`^> *To AI* "Not to self, be 'nicer' next time."
Quote 2663
<Mors`^> "I mean, I need someone to help me do my things while I travel. I travel alot, doing it alone is hard, I need a second hand."
<Mors`^> "Would you like to do that? be a second hand?"
<AlcarDM> (( oh, thats horrible ))
<AlcarDM> <Serise> "You have two already."
<Mors`^> "Then a third?"
<Mors`^> (( You're mind is in the gutter ))
<AlcarDM> (( no, you're just giving her great lines :) ))
Quote 2664
<AlcarGM> Moshe lifts the cover to find a ferrt currently eating his breakfast :)
* ^Tara is munching happily on a sausage on Moshe's plate.
<Moshe``> "Oh. Hello."
<^Tara> <<standing in his eggs even. nice and warm>>
* ^Tara looks up
<^Tara> *gulp* Hi :)
<Moshe``> "Right... who're you, and what're you doing on this plate of food?"
<^Tara> Who are you, and why are you interrupting my breakfast?
Quote 2665
<Moshe``> "You happen to know where the old chief of securities room is?"
<^Tara> Sure, follow me.
* ^Tara scampers off down the hall
* ^Tara turns the corner and dissappears into a large mouse hole
<Moshe``> "Right, where's this lead?"
<^Tara> two walls over and up is his sock drawer.
<Moshe``> "I'll need at least a rough estimate."
<^Tara> the room is just outside the drawer.
* Moshe`` translates that into people terms and looks around, then goes there, once the ferret starts moving
Quote 2666
<Moshe``> "I'm not putting people on trial. I'm looking for clues."
<^Tara> then check under the couch, or behind the fridge. that's where everything winds up anyways.
<Gina```> (( gotta love ferret logic :) ))
Quote 2667
<^Tara> <<thinking like a ferrit is makeing ny typeing worse>>
Quote 2668
* Z`^ nods "Where are you going?"
<^Tara> to the security chief's office.
<^Tara> I left the dog there looking at poodleporn
<Z`^> "Yes.. cujo? Yes.."
<Z`^> "Where do you normally stay?"
<^Tara> the sockdrawer
Quote 2669
<WarnerDM> when we last left our heros they had just been abducted, brain washed, transplanted to hand picked protected habitats where they will be monitored to see how they are adapting. :)
<WarnerDM> Thats right, the MIB considers adventures to be endangered. Personally I think Sparkie had something to do with that :)
Quote 2670
<WarnerDM> The coffee is dark and rich, the coffee grinder is working perfectly
<WarnerDM> unfortunately the sadistic bastards havn't provided you with a brewer or a coffee pot
* Reawen rigs some together with bamboo, using those lessons she learned watching Gilligans Island as a child
<WarnerDM> and your starting to notice the coffee is growing in a pattern that makes you suspicous that this coffee is also cultivated
* Reawen looks around for crop circles j/k
<WarnerDM> The bamboo bends to your whims after it gets over the inicial shock of finding itself growing in the same type of area that coffee grows. :)
<Reawen> it was worth a shot :P
<WarnerDM> hehe hell this is Synth. If reality feels like it penguins can live with polar bears.
<WarnerDM> knowing me meaning that the penguins will take up polar bear skining as a hoby :)
Quote 2671
* Robert``` could be really evil and come up with a song for where he is...no, too evil.
<Reawen> robert - Otyugh sex does NOT make good poems
<Reawen> Squishy, squishy, squishy. *moan* *pant* *grunt* slpooch. Slurp. Squelch.
* Baliadoc really thinks you didn't need to act that out for us.
<Robert```> I think we get the picture
<Jeramias> I need therapy.
Quote 2672
<WarnerDM> While the DM microwaves some more chinese (the food not the people) Petra will horfy Robert``` by using the 7 most terrifying words a femail can utter:
<WarnerDM> .oO(We need to talk about our relationship)
<Robert```> (( uh oh... ))
* Robert``` pauses for a moment, partially because of not know what to say and partially because of trying to plot how to kill the DM (j/k on that part) .oO ( Uh..yeah, we probably should... )
Quote 2673
<MyBrains> so can we play UA?
<Anne--> su re- go get a bat
<MyBrains> will a large mace do?
<Anne--> sure- then smack yourself hardly in the privates, thats the same feeling you get when the dm screws you over and you charater gets eaten by a zombie
Quote 2674
<LuNu90PoundHunk> Is This a Game?
<Anne--> the hot spots are the food court.. and the Swap shop
<Alcar[semi-here]> LuNu90PoundHunk - we're currently planning a game where the pcs are all teenage girls in a mall looking to get a prom dress and dates by 5 o clock
<LuNu90PoundHunk> i was look for a fantasy RPG
<Alcar[semi-here]> LuNu90PoundHunk - rping a teenage girl getting a prom dress, date and to a prom in 4 hours isnt fantasy?
<LuNu90PoundHunk> well yes but im looking for Dragon and wizard types
* Anne-- ok your a wizard, your spells are " makeup" "flash dance" and " cute guy alarm"
Quote 2675
<mecurdius> game start!!!
<mecurdius> ok.. Your all gathered in the town of Fynhorn in the tavern its late at night.
<Eratul> (every time its a damn tavern...)
<Atropos-> ((Shush eratul :P))
Quote 2676
<mecurdius> "u look like adventurers u must have more friends"
<Atropos-> "We have a letcherous aqauintance.. she will be here soon."
<mecurdius> "ur gonna need all the help u can get."
Quote 2677
<Portia```> (( *foomp* Suddenly, the city arround you is just gray ash, there are a few people standing arround wondering what happened. "Again?!" ))
Quote 2678
<AlcarDM> The dragon looks down at the 4 of you, power seeming to flow around the air and a feeling of danger strikes you. "Who dared callAthrosh?"
<Portia```> "It is I who seeks you."
<AlcarDM> Athrosh: "Why?" coldly
<Portia```> "Because you're still alive. It's sort of complicated. I'm sure that you aren't very interested in human affairs so I'll shorten it up a bit."
<AlcarDM> Athrosh: "Do so."
Quote 2679
<AlcarDM> Elf: "All races have the taint. Humans just accepted it. Bred cleansed it once from them, but did not make them immune to its return. He erred."
<Djansryl> "Who is Bred?" (and how much history is the DM making up at this point? :) )
<AlcarDM> (( actually none :) ))
<Djansryl> ((I'm impressed.. I guess I'll jut have to try harder :) ))
Quote 2680
<Jeramias> I wish that I had known I was half-dragon when I made my PC. I don't need the stats, but I could've at least given myself funny looking toes!
Quote 2681
<AlcarGM> kris falls back, bleeding profusely from the shot to the chest and htis the ground with a wet thud
<Hubert```> "Kris!"
<AlcarGM> <Kris> "Uh .. "
<AlcarGM> Your father shakes his head "You really should have picked your friends more carefully ..... "
* Hubert``` glares at his Dad. "What is the meaning of this?!"
<AlcarGM> Eva "It means one less for supper." She is standing, and seems fine though she rubs her arm
* Hubert``` is at a loss for words
Quote 2682
<ArminMiles> "what happened to you?" at kris
<AlcarGM> <Kris> "Shot." shortly "trying to convince my body the wound isnt here."
<ArminMiles> "It doesn't seem to be working well"
<AlcarGM> <Kris> "im not dead."
<ArminMiles> "not all gunshot wounds are instantly fatal, you shoud get that looked at"
<ArminMiles> "you might get a bad infection"
<AlcarGM> <Kris> "it was through the lung." pause "oh, it also skimmed the heart and took about 1 pint of blood. Maybe 2."
<ArminMiles> "You REALLY shoud get that looked at'
Quote 2683
<The_Pharaoh420> You make the pass about 65' down the hall and take a sharp 180 turn inward.
<Sleaker> 180?
<Sleaker> that is completely back
Quote 2684
<The_Pharaoh420> Are we going to play tonight?
* The_Pharaoh420 wants to be a pc..
<anne-ooc> he he.. ok.. LET MY PEOPLE GO
* anne-ooc turns her staff into a snake
Quote 2685
<Yosho132> you are all transported to a platform in the middle of space
<Mordero-the-sorcerer> "I can't breathe, the walls are closing in on me, I'm in space!"
<Mordero-the-sorcerer> "The pressure is killing me, I can't take it............"
<Yosho132> you can all breath
<Yosho132> you are all alive
<Mordero-the-sorcerer> "Oh, nevermind"
Quote 2686
* Baliadoc kinda wants something that could fly, if need be. Though that might take a while. could just go with random joe horse, too ;)
<Alcar> how about Egan?
<Baliadoc> Egan?
<Alcar> cals dragon he rants about all the time
<Alcar> perfect paladin mount, a cowardly wimpy dragon
<Alcar> scaled down lots :)
<Baliadoc> oh wait! NO! Not Egan!! NO NO NO
Quote 2687
<Keith`> jesters where always kinda fun to play too
<Alcar> Yeah
<Alcar> tho a jester kender wouldnt work too well .... "You're a kender. Isnt that joke enough?"
<Keith`> yah jester kender are realy REALY odd
<Keith`> will walk thought a croud juggling and still mannage to pick a few pockets
Quote 2688
<Lorath_Dakor> "I'm Lorath Dakor, Priest of Torm"
<Lorath_Dakor> "I just paid that merchant to keep him from calling the guards on you"
<Milo_tealeaf> well, I am Milo Tealeaf, taker of your stuff
<Milo_tealeaf> Well thank you Lo, you wouldn't like to pay to so I don't call the guards on him, would you?
<Lorath_Dakor> "Are you a fool?"
<Lorath_Dakor> "err... wait... don't answer that"
<Milo_tealeaf> No, but I was hoping you were
Quote 2689
<Lorath_Dakor> Perhaps I should journey with you to keep you out of trouble
<Milo_tealeaf> You will? *gets excited* Are you my daddy? My daddy always took me places to keep me out of trouble when I was a wee small lad
<Lorath_Dakor> Yeah... sure... whatever it takes to keep you out of trouble
Quote 2690
<Z`^> "Randall, can you feel cujo around?"
<^Tara> I hope so. I don't want to be responsible for all the thinking around here.
Quote 2691
<Alcar> Z - the door to the building is locked, and the windows barred from the insane
<Alcar> inside
<^Tara> dam, if it's barred from the insaine, how are we supposed to get in?
Quote 2692
<^Tara> I found the keys, I'll drive....
* Gina``` looks at Tara. "No."
<^Tara> why not?
<^Tara> looks easy enough.
* Vincent`-`-` looks at his sucking chest wound and wonders if he just heard what he thought he heard
<Gina```> "How would you even reach the pedals?"
<^Tara> the hell with the pedals, how would I see over the dashboard?
* ^Tara falls over laughing
* Gina``` shakes her head
<^Tara> I can't believe you thought I could drive.
Quote 2693
<^Tara> nothing ever occures to pc's that is why all the modules are written so badly.
Quote 2694
<Keith`> diablo is good, its a video game vertion of D&D with out the crappy puzzle and none killing parts in it
<Keith`> if i'm playing a video game thats D&D like i want nothing but killing damn it
Quote 2695
<Resur> "It's called the cave of fluff?" *laugh* "Seriously?"
<gnawgitch> "yes..."
<gnawgitch> *shrugs* "lets continue"
<GizmoeDm> ((Resur you wont laugh when you see a fluff))
<Resur> (( sure but I dont know that yet ))
<gnawgitch> ((turns out fluff is the name of the abyssal lord of the 783rd level of the abyss hehe))
Quote 2696
<Z`^> (( moshe's missing a hand... like luke skywalker... Moshe, I am your father ))
<Moshe```> ((don't scare me like that ;))
<Z`^> (( Come to the dark side moshe, you don't know, the power of the dark side.. ))
Quote 2697
* Moshe`` looks back to Tara and Max
* ^Tara is stomping in small circles
<Moshe``> "For the trouble you two have gotten into because of us, I apologize. Lady Luck has been very fickle with you two, and you didn't deserve it. Thank you for your help, Tara. It's been appreciated."
* ^Tara keels over.
<^Tara> Wow, thank you. at last someone recognises the effort we put into saveing your worthless baccons, repeatidedly.
<^Tara> ...no.
<^Tara> that's not right, you have enough value to be worth the cost of 3 bombs and a city.
<^Tara> What the fudge is going on here?
Quote 2698
* ^Tara mutters, to go with the one who recognises greatness, or the one with food. decisions, decisions.
Quote 2699
<Moshe``> ah well. I had a plan, it failed. I suffered the consequences, plus a little girl blew up 5 important officials. we all have off days
Quote 2700
<WarnerDM> Gizmoe had some one with him who will materialize if I can't remember who and if they're player is around
<Robert`-`> (( grassy knoll with a sniper rifle? ))
<WarnerDM> ((Robert is given the bad joke bobbie prize for today. Thank you, we would have also accepted a referance to the fact that a knoll is a D&D monster))