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Quote 2201
<Warner> a munchkin is a imature player who thinks the way to have fun in D&D is to be the most powerfull so you can out score every one else and beat the game. A munchkin PC is what is created by a player with this mentality. A Kender is race that has a liberal concept of personal property who survives only because they're to cute to kill off like the vermin they are :)
Quote 2202
* Sandra``` wanders into the tavern mostly by accident, still trying to figure out how to ask someone how to get back to where she was, which is made difficult by the fact she doesnt know where she is now ;P
Quote 2203
<JaylenaDM> The Slaad expresses what seems to be a facial expression
Quote 2204
<Sandra```> "Well um..yeah I guess. I mean I would need help getting back..but then again there really isnt much to get back to."
<JaylenaDM> "By getting back, what do you mean?"
<Sandra```> "Oh, um, going back to where I was before. I'm not exactly sure where that would be though, since I dont know where I am now...uh, it was in a forrest if that helps at all."
<JaylenaDM> Kreger laughs an almost frightening bellow remeniscant of fifty fires all popping at once
<JaylenaDM> Kreger: "No I am afraid it does not help in the least"
Quote 2205
<Whheeee> "Oh dear. Uhm, why do you want to go back?"
<Sandra```> *in general direction of voice* "You know, im not exactly sure, come to think of it."
<Whheeee> "Well then." *satisfied* "Just avoid demons, devils, drow .. oh, most things starting with a D in them, and Sigil is a fine city."
Quote 2206
<JaylenaDM> Kreger then leaves the tavern leaving you feeling very much confused and concerned
* Sandra``` has been confused and concerned since she got to Sigil ;)
<JaylenaDM> well even more so then
Quote 2207
<Caltak> you know its fun to play a pc who knows nothing about the place in a system the player doesnt know anything about. Convenient too ;)
Quote 2208
<Jayleena> well I'm pretty much off to bed and to make NPCs
<Pan`Ku> not in that order of course right?
Quote 2209
<Sin{Away}> you know you've been playing D&D too much when you start thinking of children as 'Halflings'
Quote 2210
<Sin{Away}> 7/8 is average
<Keith`> still not not high
<Sin{Away}> since max in alternity is 14
<Keith`> oh for alternity!
<Keith`> i thought you where talking D&D
<Sin{Away}> get your mind out of the gutter, Keith`
Quote 2211
* Reeve`` is going to beat Snake into a fine puree, and sell him as the new flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Quote 2212
<Spotless_Raven> "although my weapons and armor are in desperate need of repair, I'm going to blow the whole reward on ale and whores."
Quote 2213
<Saigh> *mutters irritably* we're all gonna die
<Mannan__> of course we are everyone does
<Saigh> shall we follow them, then?
<MacLean> Ah, we can handle an ogre!
<MacLean> It's those verbeeg we've gotta worry about.
<Saigh> Fine, but Mollusk and I will wax most wroth should we be pulped in the process
Quote 2214
<Alcar> ok. You're currently floating down the road towards the city?
<Itou`^> i'm in the bushes if I can...
<Alcar> ok .. good idea. Even here a sword travelling alone is odd. Not that you'd be likely to be ravished by bandits, but still :)
<Itou`^> hehe
<Itou`^> With a book stabbed to it's hilt
<Alcar> that too.
Quote 2215
* Elmindreda piles it in a corner and lights the clothes on fire making sure nothing wood is near them
* Elmindreda smiles wondering what any living bugbears will think when they get back and have no clothes left
* Alumar` tries not to think about it
Quote 2216
<Alcar> (( hmm, ooc question: would 2 half vampires have a vampire child? ))
<Tisrook> (<( there's like a one in 4 chance or something ;) )>)
<Elmindreda> (I duno, prolly another half vamp cause they are half human or other race as well right)
<Elmindreda> (i am not breast feeding a full vamp no way)
Quote 2217
<Tisrook> "Ha ha. Its all fun and games until someone losses an arm. You can stalk me just as long as you don't hurt me. How would I help you then?"
<Alcar> Swish: "Oh. But ... ok."
<Tisrook> "I know its your nature, so if you really must stalk something, I'm sure that these orcs would be an interesting group."
<Alcar> Ok, your familar heads off to stalk the care bears :)
Quote 2218
<WarnerDM> When last we left our heros they were runing from a hord of Otyughs in a bad mood. Pasages were flying past you as you ran randomly to whatever fate the over caffinated, sleep depived mind of the DM could device. Shall we see what happens? :)
Quote 2219
* Elana-Silvereye runs at the door at an incredible speed and smashes into the door with incredible force
* Elana-Silvereye smashes thru the door
<WarnerDM> the door decides quit its present job in disgust and gets another job at its brothers wood kindling stock pile.
Quote 2220
* WarnerDM casts advance plot by huming a death march
Quote 2221
<WarnerDM> petra gives another long plaintive howl. You hear such peoetic longing in her voice you can't belive its coming from a hyper intelegent garbage disposal
<WarnerDM> Robert``` wait your turn im getting melodramatic here :)
<Robert```> (( this is one fucked up melodrama, I must say ))
<WarnerDM> Robert grows larger but stays green
<Elana-Silvereye> .oO(Petra, I have a mate for you now)
* Reawen looks from Robert to Petra and begins to laugh, almost hysterically
Quote 2222
<WarnerDM> robert bumps his head on the ceiling and a few small sparks jump off the ring
<WarnerDM> robert shrinks down to half his last hight becoming a kender with tenticals
<WarnerDM> the ring sparks again
<Robert```> (( tentacled kender...all the better to pick pockets with ;) ))
<WarnerDM> the ring sparks red as if in frustration and robert turns into a fish
<Elana-Silvereye> What?
<WarnerDM> the normally gray ring seems to be turning red with what could ether be frustation or embaracement
<WarnerDM> as Robert``` gasps for air the ring makes one last ditch effort and turns him into a Neo-Otyugh. its light fades and its former shine grows dim.
Quote 2223
<WarnerDM> Robert, looking a little exausted from his trip thru the different speices stagers towards petra who grabs him quickly
<Elana-Silvereye> "Well there, thats fixed"
<WarnerDM> Soon robert and Petra are performing an act that some how has none of the simple beuty that any of the prono movies reawen has seen had :)
<Robert```> (( shield your eyes or you could go blind! ))
<Elana-Silvereye> "Now isnt that cute?"
<Robert```> (( im serious!! ))
<Robert```> (( hmm..what a way to get introduced into a new body...suddenly get laid :P ))
Quote 2224
<Warner> next game: we discover what happens when a hord of horny Otyughs returns to their pad and finds a pair of Neo-Otyughs sleeping in their bed :)
Quote 2225
<Warner> well i hope you guys enjoyed today. I think the old a frog meets Otyugh, frog finds ring of Otyugh polymorph, forg gets raped by Otyugh in heat love story should be worth a few quotes :)
Quote 2226
<Caltak> but you know, I figure, what pc class would really be appropriate for an otyugh? ;)
<Alcar> barbarian :)
<Alcar> "Give me crap or die!"
<Caltak> well you do realize otyughs dont JUST eat crap, they eat meat too, they just primarily are scavengers ;) Of course, more "civilized" Neo's would likely prefer to just be scavengers cause then they can be all high and mighty about not having to survive off the death of other creatures :P
Quote 2227
<Jacob> "Well in any case it um.. *looks around*..appears we're drawing something of a crowd."
<paula-v> the crowd around you dispurses bored
<Jacob> "Oh, nevermind."
Quote 2228
* Guo pokes Aquan with a stick trying to figur what he is
<Guo> )well i would say a tree but thats just my gess(
Quote 2229
<Jacob> hey do you realize I could be injected with a horrible disease, then thrown into a near-freezing pool of deadly acid that is suddenly electrified and be perfectly ok? ;)
<Jacob> "oh I know, I'll distract the Tarrasque and then run into the huge pool of acid, and when it follows me in, finish it off."
Quote 2230
<paula-v> the bartender walks up to guo "What are you doing lad?"
* Guo in broken and common that makes amarican english look and sound like proper english in comparison (much like my spelling)"who deep?"
Quote 2231
<Warner> my stepy pony is a great great... grandson of Milly. Hes always getting in truble and is as stuborn as mule. hes a bit better at reading maps. been breeding them for inteligence
<Warner> and he has a problem with anyone that compares him to Milly :)
Quote 2232
<\\`arner> ok, then how does heading north help me with the south? aside from just taking the pressure off Beriz
<Alcar> well, the pcs were hired by the merchant Isca Riot to bring the sun back -- hes almost as famous as Gel is, and willing to spend whatever it takes. No ones quite sure why, but the pcs never asked him :)
<\\`arner> Ah, theres an idea. Use magic to bring the sun back. Worlds bigest publicity stunt! :)
Quote 2233
* Gelhalee calls after the undead, "Come visit Beriz some time. We cater to the living impaired"
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "You .. want them to go to a city?" stares at Gel incredeously
* Gelhalee shrugs "Tourists are always good for trade"
Quote 2234
<Snake`-`-> "were being followed"
<Gelhalee> "followed by what?"
<Snake`-`-> "don't know"
<Gelhalee> "any idea of their numbers?"
<Snake`-`-> "nothing for sure"
<Gelhalee> "Remind me never to send you scouting for an army"*
Quote 2235
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> advances on the big evil insect more "Why did you attack it, thing?"
* Gelhalee offers the Drider a Horsehound candy
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "Why not offer it your pony?"
* Gelhalee gives the warlord a look of considerable distaste
<Gelhalee> "Its even saying its sorry. A most unusual drider to be sure"
<Gelhalee> "The poor things starving to death"
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "It was ..." stops then sighs "Nothing is ever easy, is it? What can we feed it?"
<Gelhalee> "many things are easy. its aprecateing the easy things that is hard"
Quote 2236
* Gelhalee takes a step back and casts a spell "Conjer Material Component"
<Gelhalee> 2d4 eyes of newts :)
<Sparkie> Gelhalee 2d4: 6 eyes of newts :)
<Gelhalee> ((I love finding uses of spells that no one ever intended))
<Araka```> (( what is a newt anyway? :P ))
<Gelhalee> Newt: somthing Mrs Gingrich thought would make a good name for her son :)
Quote 2237
<Gelhalee> Gel is walking over to talk to snake :P
<Gelhalee> not that anyone cares
* Gelhalee would look at his watch if he had one
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> goes ahead of everyone to scout
* Araka``` (( thinks Gelhalee should invent some Rolex's, make a bundle ;) ))
<Gelhalee> ((invent the Rolex before the telephone! briliant. for my next bluder I'll invent frost free refirgerators before electrial power))
Quote 2238
<AlcarDM> ooh, how hungry IS Araka?
<AlcarDM> Otyughs are edible
<Araka```> EWWWWwwww! thats so gross!!
<Araka```> who would WANT to though?
<AlcarDM> You have 2 days to go
<AlcarDM> Otyughs could live in this area easily
<Araka```> ewwwwwwwwwwww
<Araka```> my god thats grosser than the whole Otyugh sex thing. and at least that was funny! :P
Quote 2239
<AlcarDM> <Otyugh> *sound of someone farting* AHHHH! Burp! *scratches its hide with its vines.*
<AlcarDM> (( it just spoke the common it hears ))
<Tynelis> ((it's the Al Bundy of AD&D!))
<Araka```> (( would NOT buy shoes from an Otyugh ;) ))
Quote 2240
<AlcarDM> <Al_Bundy_Otyugh> "Food ..... Want .... foood ..."
<Tynelis> "anybody know what these things eat?"
<Snake`-`-> "yah, just go to the bathroom"
<Tynelis> "umm....I don't need to right now...perhaps we should leave?"
Quote 2241
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> rummages in his small pack and throws it some meat
<AlcarDM> The Otyugh devours it and sinks under the muddy ground again
* Tynelis excuses himself to go and puke and comes back and lies down
<Snake`-`-> "be sure to puke near the Otyugh, from what i understand they love that kinda thing"
* Gelhalee gives Snake`-`- a harsh look, "Now be nice"
Quote 2242
<Snake`-`-> dude the only thing this party is missing is a cook
<Snake`-`-> you couldn't have made the warlord a chef with cooking to die for?
Quote 2243
* Gelhalee turns and sounds uncarictoristicly serious "I have come to aid you in returning the sun. I have only one proviso. The people must come to know that it was magic that restored the sun."
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "So they will hunt and kill wizards down?"
<Gelhalee> To warlord, "Its getting to that point." He looks admiring at his casting hand like a gun fighter would a fine gun. "They havn't got to the killing part yet" :)
Quote 2244
<Tynelis> "but how do we stop what we cannot see?"
* Gelhalee rumages around in his cart and comes out with a steel bucket sitting back on his head, "We improvize"
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "You want to bell an invisible person?"
<Gelhalee> "if thats what it is it would help"
<Gelhalee> "For all i know little rocks have up and decided on their own that sitting around obeying the laws of physics is boring"
<Tynelis> "the rocks themselves come to life?"
<Tynelis> "I'm a denizen of the forest, and I've never seen such occur"
Quote 2245
* Gelhalee asks snake, "Don't supose you've seen anyone going around boping people on the head?"
<Gelhalee> "I'm begining to feel like a field mouse"
Quote 2246
<AlcarDM> <The_Warlord> "A cleric?" looks at Tynelis "What is wrong with him?"
<Snake`-`> "The winds don't speek well of him"
<Tynelis> "aye, what is wrong with me?"
<Snake`-`> "don't know, but they speek of your death"
<Tynelis> "my death?"
<Gelhalee> "The winds speek...? Oh hehe don't mind that, I had a buretto for lunch"
Quote 2247
<Snake`-`> "she isn't here"
<Tynelis> "how do you know?"
<Snake`-`> "left over gift from long befor your time"
<Tynelis> "you confuse me"
<Snake`-`> "good"
Quote 2248
<Elana-DM> On the porch of the building are 5 theives playing some manner of dice game
<Sandra```> (( do they also have pieces of paper? ;) ))
<Elana-DM> ( they ask you if you'd like to make a character and join them )
Quote 2249
<Elana-DM> well neither of you make it
<Elana-DM> but with your powers Combined!
<Sandra```> (( I am Captain Planet! ))
<Elana-DM> no
<Elana-DM> but you can open it
Quote 2250
* Sandra``` still looks around for doors until shes sure there arent any, unless of course there are
<Elana-DM> you continue down the more or less hallway like crypt
<Sandra```> (( oh I didnt know it was a hallway I thought you meant it was a room! ))
Quote 2251
<Elana-DM> your back at the Bleeding skull
<Elana-DM> and it's usual wonderful atmohspere
<Elana-DM> The Barkeep lets you in, remembering you
<Sandra````> (( yeah I should hope so. How many minotaurs yuan-tis and pixies come in here as a group? ;) ))
<Whheeee> (( Its Sigil. Likely more than we want to think :) ))
Quote 2252
<Elana-DM> Rerkesh looks at you suspectantly
<Elana-DM> or rather, expectantly
Quote 2253
<Jayleena> "I swear sometimes I think the only three things the world doesn't need are Politicians, Mosquitos, and Elves!"
Quote 2254
<Krysylyn> Wizards Laboratory: 8000 gold pieces. Magical Components: 1000 gold pieces Look on the face of a wizard as he wakes up in bed next to a naked succubus: priceless
Quote 2255
<ElanaDM> "The...er...noble beauty of a... uh... a pig wallow.
<ElanaDM> The...<smirk>... the melodious sound of a... a boot splorching <snicker>through the mud after... after... BWAHAHAHA"
<ElanaDM> --Excerpt from the last performance of Gerald the Straight-faced Bard, held at the Great Silt Palace on the Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze.
Quote 2256
* EvilDM needs to DM a game...... and kill a half-dozen things including PCs
Quote 2257
<paula-v> hmmm I think I'm gonan be adding extra traps
<\\`arner> Personally I prefer magic items that turn PCs into Otyughs to traps :)
<Warner> why take a PCs hit points away when you can go after their dignity?
Quote 2258
<Warner> Sheesh, the longer I live the more similarities I see between DMs and Nazis
<Warner> we act like its ok to be sadistic just because our victoms are fictional charictors :)
Quote 2259
* Warner is now picturing Gel with a keybord on his lap in his hammok roleplaying a 30 year old programmer in Utah.
Quote 2260
<Alcar> trap w/ poly other.
<Alcar> that would be nasty
<Alcar> Turns you into a mouse when you touch it, frees 5 cats ...
<Warner> how about trap that locks you in a room and forces you to watch an eternal Gilligans Island marition interupted only by adds for psycic hotlines?
<Warner> you havn't herd the best part yet though. You leave some coconuts and vines in the room. Eventually the professor will drive them mad enough to try to use them to escape :)
Quote 2261
<Warner> oh my god the professor has gotten to alcar!
<Warner> he actually thinks you can build a tecnology base out of coconuts and vines!
<Warner> you know the prof actually made a lie detector with those once? :P
<Alcar> well, some smart monkeys made one based on opposable thumbs. Anythings possible
<Warner> its not really how oposable the thumb is. Its how many thumbs you can get to work for minimum wage.
Quote 2262
* Jeremy``` wanders over to the poor, unconscious human
<Jeril> *Mommy?*
<Jeril> *The light .. its hurting .. Can you shut it off? What watt is that?*
<Jeremy```> "Hmm, Lucky for you I'm in a good mood. Now let's see if I can rememer anything about human anatomy..."
<Unmentionable_Evil> Jeremy```, 1d20: 20 heal check ;P
<Jeremy```> (( WOAH ))
<Jeremy```> (( oh my friggen god ))
* Jeremy``` suddenly becomes an undead Doogie Howser
Quote 2263
<Warner> hmm, wish anne was hear so she could tell me what a babys first fart turns into.
<Caltak> Imps, id imagine :P
<Warner> Demons probably come from dirty dipers then :)
<Caltak> hmm Plane of Crap...naw
<Warner> Milk spit up probably created door to door sales men.
<Warner> annoying but not really offensive :)
Quote 2264
<Caltak> well im immune ta cold anyways ;)
<Caltak> cold, acid, disease, electricty....
<Baliadoc> bet you're not immune to telemarketing
Quote 2265
<Elana-DM> Weeglar shows you to rooms where you can sleep
<Elana-DM> He says to make yourselves at home and to feel free to use his swimming pool
<Djansryl> ((is it heated? if not, I found an occupation for sparkie))
<Sandra```> (( yeah iw as wondering that too, minus the remark about sparkie ;)
Quote 2266
* Whheeee mutters something, then strips out of his dress and jumps in the water
<Whheeee> (( I cant believe I just wrote that ... ))
<Elana-DM> (( I see a quote coming ^u^ ))
<Sandra```> (( rofl ))
Quote 2267
* Blaze`` grabs for a cup of hard liquor that's no longer there
* Blaze`` looks at Tisrook
<Blaze``> "Oh good, you're in my hallucination. Can you beat me back into consciousness? I want to drink some more."
<Tisrook> "You're not hallucinating, but I'll beat you with pleasure."
* Tisrook pulls out his quarterstaff
Quote 2268
* zErO-DoWn moves to Blade.
<zErO-DoWn> "In the mood for some action?"
* Blaze`` looks up at zErO-DoWn
<Blaze``> "I'm not that kinda guy."
<zErO-DoWn> "I mean encounter type action"
<Blaze``> "I don't think you're helping your cause."
<zErO-DoWn> "Fighting"
<Blaze``> "Ah... I don't pick bar fights. Bar fights pick me."
Quote 2269
<Blaze``> "Why d'ya wanna go hunting? You look like a well fed guy, and you can get food here."
<zErO-DoWn> "Oh geez...money!Experience!"
<AlcarDM> <Racla> "Glory, early retirement due to death .. "
<zErO-DoWn> "Basically, I feel like killing something!"
<Blaze``> "When was the last time you found a bear with spare change? And if you want experience, fight a seasoned fighter. That's why I drink stuff I can't handle."
Quote 2270
<Blaze``> "Tell you what, why don't you try to kill me? Maybe then we'll know if you should even be going out fighting things stronger and faster than you?"
<zErO-DoWn> "At which point did I say that I say that I would take on things faster and stronger than me?"
<Blaze``> "So you pray on the weak? What a coward."
<zErO-DoWn> "I "pray" on those of equal or challenging skill..moron".
<Blaze``> "How do you get better then? Isn't it sorta boring fighting those exactly like you?"
Quote 2271
<Blaze``> "Just remember, in the game of life, some people are going to be better than you, and some people are going to be weaker. The trick is to make both parties think they have the upper hand, and then show them otherwise. A true warrior never shows his strengths. And when he does, it usually means his opponent won't live to talk about them."
Quote 2272
<Jeramias> When we last left our heros (hee hee, calling you that cracks me up everytime) they were standing at the top of a high cliff with the ocean at the bottom
Quote 2273
* Krysylyn looks in the entrance, not carring much what the entrance itself looks like
<Jeramias> It is hugs. The entrance is about 20 feet high and 50 yards or so accross. A lot of it looks natural, but there are also parts that have been carved away
<Jeramias> hugs = huge
<Gestris> "Something about this cave seems too friendly."
<Gestris> j/k :)
Quote 2274
<Jeramias> A man aproches, a mean look in his eyes
<Jeramias> Then smiles and starts to laugh. "Welcome to the Continent of Grisly Death. Its odd to have visitors."
<Jeramias> "What brings you here?"
<Gestris> "The name just couldn't keep us away."
Quote 2275
<Jeramias> "Ah, its just a name. This isn't a bad place. Very little grisly death going on right now. What say we go to the tavern and get some drinks?"
<Krysylyn> "Yeah, sure. Our companion stirred about a half hour ago, so we need to give him some more alcohol."
<Krysylyn> "He's much easier for most of us to travel with when he's unconscious."
<Gestris> "You know, I wouldn't mind if he could walk." *grumbles and follows along*
Quote 2276
* Vestranda shakes her head, trying to keep on her feet "Wowzers .. is stwong .. "
* Krysylyn tries to recall a barbarian ever saying 'Wowzerz' before.....
<Gestris> ((you obviously never saw Inspector Gadget roleplay.))
Quote 2277
<Gestris> 1d20+9 dc?
<Jeramias> I should be more clear, just Ges needs to make the check. Roll again btw, I wasn't paying attention to your low roll ;)
<Mentionable_Evil> Gestris, 1d20+9: 10 dc 15 again
<Jeramias> haha :)
<Gestris> did you see that one?
<Jeramias> Unfortunetly
Quote 2278
<Gestris> Gaty, I've got a case of the deads. ya know?
<Gaty`^> huh?
<Gestris> I just got crushed by a rock. A rock, one of those solid earth-like things?
<Chaos`^> Are you deaD?
Quote 2279
<Jeramias> "But are you sure that you just want to leave this maze that your great DM spent all of his time designing? Its really quite lovly."
<Vestranda> "That would be a great boon."
<Jeramias> "But are you sure that you just want to leave this maze that your great DM spent all of his time designing? Its really quite lovly."
<Vestranda> "I am sure. We have a dagger to find and a dicebot to castrate. That really takes precendence. We could try it again later, if you wish."
<Jeramias> "That's a shame."
Quote 2280
* Kristea ((wonders how much XP sleeping is worth))
Quote 2281
* Gelhalee smacks his lips trying to get the morning breath taste out, "Here now, whats all the fighting about?"
* Lyrelle looks at him 'that man is evil he killed someone and casted a spell at me"
<Tishsa> "Didn't you attack him first though?"
<AlcarDM> <Raka> (While walking) "And you tried to kill me, child."
<Lyrelle> "cause theres a dead person inside and he is evil"
<AlcarDM> <Raka> "Actually,he's not dead yet."
* Gelhalee seems remarably unflaped about the necromancer being evil
Quote 2282
<Tishsa> "I'm sure that you had your reasons and all, but can I ask you who he was?"
<AlcarDM> <Raka> "A friend."
<AlcarDM> You're not sure you want to know what he'd do to enemies ...
<Tishsa> "What would you do to your enemies?" :)
<AlcarDM> "Have you ever seen a man tied to the wall in a dungeon and covered in bacon grease fgor rats to gnaw at him .. especially certain parts of him?"
<Tishsa> "No, but if you give me a moment I can imagin it."
* Tishsa closes her eyes and slowly starts to laugh
Quote 2283
<Gelhalee> "By the way, why are we poking around a Necromancers house anyway? You all decided life is to long as is?"
Quote 2284
* Gelhalee clears the hammok and makes room for our most wounded, "Araka you should probably get some rest, come lay up here"
* Araka``` (( hopes Gelhalee doesnt say to "make herslef at home" unless he likes to clean up webs :P ))
* Gelhalee sits backwords on the drivers seat and tends Araka while Ocho follows the rest of the party
<Gelhalee> ((the hammok not enough of a web for ya? :)
Quote 2285
* Gelhalee absentmindledly intruduces himself as Sir Gelhalee, master magic shop keeper and founding member of the magic shop guild, while he holds Araka as she pukes up undead body parts.
Quote 2286
<AlcarDM> Gel - this close to the erdge of the scrub you see a few mice, moles, buzzles and such
<Araka```> (( buzzles? ))
<Locke``> ((ack! buzzles!))
<Gelhalee> ((dont ask, you might find out))
Quote 2287
* Araka``` is the hurt, ill, 20 cha drider ;P
* Locke`` thinks Araka is exp waiting to be earned. :)
Quote 2288
* Gelhalee looks at lyrelle sternly, "If your gonna start whining ill turn this party around right now and go home" :)
Quote 2289
<Gelhalee> "SNAKE!!!"
* Snake`-`- glances over his shoulder at gelhalee's yelling
<Gelhalee> "Whats wrong? what are you runing for?"
<AlcarDM> Gel, araka - you see Snake talking to ..
* AlcarDM is an old, short human woman with no hair, grey eyes and a sense of quiet stillness around her. She carries a small pouch at her side and wears a simple, but well woven grey robe
<Gelhalee> "Well don't do that! You scared me half out of my wits. and thats further out then I'd care to admit"
<Snake`-`-> (("this from a man in a bath rob"))
Quote 2290
* Gelhalee holds out a horshound candy to her, "Imortalities not what it's cracked up to be. I should know. Care for a sweet?"
<AlcarDM> She looks at Gelhalee oddly "Hardly immortal." and accepts the candy
<Gelhalee> "Bah, semantics, living long enough that all your friends die and all of your clothing is out of fasion is bad enough"
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* Snake`-`- takes off at a run again this time going ahead
* Gelhalee looks back towards snake, "What is it you have against excusing your self politely before leaving?"
* Snake`-`- mutters some thing to him self about getting rusty
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<AlcarDM> Woman: "I think - mind you, I have no proof - that the world sent those who caused the war to twlight of their own making. This land is our penance. To bring back the sun you have to change the people."
<Araka```> (( Can't we just kill the people? much easier that way ;) ))
<Gelhalee> ((sheesh, why swat a fly with a swater when a shotgun will do eh?))
<Araka```> (( lol precisely ))
Quote 2293
<AlcarDM> "Perhaps depression is what stops the sun .. I do not know. I merely think it is not here people no one believes they deserve it."
<Araka```> (( oh its depression? lets just get the whole planet high then ;) ))
<Gelhalee> "Perhaps, Though I was given a spell that is suposed to restore the sun. The problem is the casters level is far beyond mine, and it is suposed to kill the caster. Would you like to read it?"
<Gelhalee> ((prosac for the masses :))
<AlcarDM> (( "I cant die! DO you know how long the DM spent making my sheet!" ))
<Gelhalee> ((hehe, I said read it not cast it))
<Araka```> (( "Ill read it, if someone tells me what all these squiggly lines are." ))
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<Reeve``> "Peer is indeed a frightful force in the Wasted World. We must always be mindful of the living dalnet. Or, more precisely, the crashing one."
Quote 2295
<AlcarDM> For a moment you almost all feel a feeling of destiny, a rightness of purpose to you all being here and meeting. Then you realise its Ocho farting.
* Gelhalee comes into Reeves living room waving a hand infront of his face, "Oh man I just had to get away from that, Oh hi every one!"
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<Gelhalee> 'You havn't lived till you've adventured with a kender with the power to polymorph it self at will"
Quote 2297
<Gelhalee> "Snake my curse is to be imortal untill I populerize magic. if I bring back the sun I might just break my curse then and there"
<Reeve``> "And you're telling me you wouldn't want to die a legend?"
<Gelhalee> "I'd much rather die old and contented thanks"
Quote 2298
<Snake`-`-> "i'm not a sheep, i chose my own path in life"
* Snake`-`- leaves the elf to his own undoing
<Gelhalee> ((actually if you've ever hearded sheep and cattle you know the sheep are the more independant as far as chosing paths :)
<Snake`-`-> (ok cattle then)
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<Chaos`^> The woman, whom you still don't know her name, walks up to you and checks you out like a doctor would =p
<Sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d20: 10 like it matters, it's an npc.. she'll do what I tell her to do.. and she'll do it right if I want it to be right!!
<Sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d20: 16
<Chaos`^> she passes ^_^
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* Alcar doubts rob is 2nd mate any more :P
<Caltak> well technically he still is until something's done about it. Which likely will be post haste ;)
<Caltak> It lowers morale a bit when you have to take orders from a toilet :P