A page of IRC quotes. Proceed with caution.
Quotes 1901 to 2000

Quote 1901
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak no rush in, tak always car-e-full"
* Bernstein` looks at Tak then laughs "I didn't know dwarves had such a sense of humour."
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim thinks about it a moment and shrugs off the comment
* Bernstein` looks at Tak "uhm . . Neither did you?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak not make joke, Tak see-re-ous
Quote 1902
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries using his detect Magic Abilities
<IkeDM> Tak: You're head butting the ground?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I can use any body part... I just hit the ground really hard to see if the Spell breaks )_)
Quote 1903
<IkeDM> The stick doesn't go in at all... But you see a pair of hands reach out of the ground and they start to pull the stick away from you.
* Bernstein` blinks, startled, then hisses "Someone get a weapon" and begins pulling back a bit
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim attacks the hands
<IkeDM> Tak: Are you serious?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( unfortunetty... yes I am )_)
<IkeDM> Ok.. You run up to the hands, and another pair reaches up and grabs onto your legs..
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim attacks them all
Quote 1904
* Karsh`` shakes his head and tries shocking the ground, then pulling away fast (shocking grasp)
<IkeDM> You're attacking the ground?
<Karsh``> well, it is trying to kill Tak.
<IkeDM> In any other case, I'd call you insane, and leave... :)
Quote 1905
<BonesDM> The two of you awaken in a dark room.. The only light that can be seen comes from way up high..
<BonesDM> Higher than either of you could possibly jump.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries jumping anyway
* Karsh`` sits and looks around
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries several time to jump the impossiable distance to make it out of the hole
* Karsh`` casts Tensers floating disc and lifts him up, to stop him from being a nuisance :)
<Karsh``> "Would you stop it, Tak. You're not gonna get out of here."
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries his Magic... then remembers he doesn't have any
Quote 1906
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim searches for a way out
<BonesDM> Tak: The walls are solid rock...
<BonesDM> The ground is solid rock...
<BonesDM> The walls and the ground are all one piece.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim slams his head into the walls to see if they are hallow. . .
Quote 1907
* Tara-Arrquette looks at the control pannel and then turns a sticker the other way around "Charin stop messing with the lables"
* Tara-Arrquette presses the other button and resets her aim
<Charin> "I touched nothing . .typical woman .. "
<Tara-Arrquette> "you know your going to get beaten by some women one day with a mouth like yours"
<Charin> "I know. I've been told the truth hurts people."
* Tara-Arrquette considers pressing the eject button for charins seat and keeping the cabin closed at the same time
Quote 1908
<Keith`Gods-Master> tara you mannage not to become ill or poisoned from the resolting smoak
<Keith`Gods-Master> Charin on the other hand... your about to pass out
<Tara-Arrquette> (yet charin dies a horrible and nasty death because he's a male chauvenist and the female rock being thing hate him)
Quote 1909
<Krysylyn> wolf +2 has taken 23 dmg... from the cat-sized dragonette :)
<Krysylyn> Ashar looks very pleased with himself
Quote 1910
* Krysylyn runs over to the pile that was Ashar
* Krysylyn points to Ashar, who is still maintaining his form, but it is crumbling
* Regekt looks at the ashes, then brightens and nods, then touches them and says something in goblin
* Chaos`^ wonders if you pour a cure light woudns potion on it.. will it turn into mud, or heal?
<Chaos`^> You do have a cure light wounds potion, don't you Krysylyn?
<Krysylyn> ((no))
Quote 1911
* Chaos`^ points out there is a gargoyle staring you all down
* Regekt heads towards it, weapon in hand
<Chaos`^> Regekt doesn't realize gargoyles have damage reduction
* Regekt most definitely doesn't :)
<Krysylyn> ((Damage reduction doesn't affect spells... since they are magical))
<Chaos`^> (( Regekt is gunna atack it with a normal weapon though ))
* Regekt 's player now does, but Regekt unfortunately has never met a gargoyle before. This promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. Ending in death.
<Krysylyn> ((me wonders why so many once in a lifetime events end that way....
Quote 1912
<Regekt> Hm, I assume the wound I did healed before my eyes? :)
<Chaos`^> what wound?
<Chaos`^> =p
<Chaos`^> yes
* Regekt realises, dimly, thats he's in deep trouble and holds out his hand and friendship and tries to touch it
<Chaos`^> he tries but fails
<Chaos`^> The gargoyle decides Regekt isn't a threat, so he goes for bigger game... He begins to rush Krysylyn
<Regekt> Do I get an aoo? :)
<Chaos`^> Yeah, take an aoo
* Regekt attempts to trip it using his flail . . .
<Chaos`^> The gargoyle stumbles a bit and lands on the ground for a second
Quote 1913
<Simon```> You go on auto pilot . . or whatever the dragon equivalent of it IS . . for an hour beforer the senses of your new?/old? body begin to adapt ... You peer in a nice lake and see your features . . .
* Cecil`^ looks in the lake
<Simon```> First conculsion is that you woldn't fit on a mik carton for lost kids. Second is that you are most definitely a steel dragon ..maybe a bit small, but a dragon anyhow
* Cecil`^ blinks at the image
<Simon```> The dragon blinks back, despite evil DM ideas to the contrary :)
* Cecil`^ makes funny faces at teh dragon to make sure it's there
<Simon```> it doesn't go away. You can bite yourself to make sure you are you, but you might do enough damage to kill yourself :)
Quote 1914
* Cecil`^ 's stomach growls
<Cecil`^> "Good lord I'm hungry..."
* Caltak (( phones up the nearby town. "Um, I think you might want to evacuate..now." ;) ))
<Simon```> You hear a large bus going by down the road . . sounds like people going to an Overeaters Anon. Convention ...
* Cecil`^ shakes his head laughing at the thought of Faline's paradise
Quote 1915
* Jane`^ is god knows where and hoping that it involves little roleplaying since cecil needs Chaos' full attention this session
<Simon```> (( jane - its ok. Being drugged and locked in a trunk requires little rp :) ))
<Jane`^> (( Thank god ))
<Simon```> (( Well, thats a different response to being kidnapped, but ok. ))
Quote 1916
<Cecil`^> I hate to have to kill the whole town, but shit happens, you know?
Quote 1917
<Kara```> "Raw meat isn't my cup of tea."
<Rei`--> "It takes some getting use to"
<Faline> "To each their own. Want to go with us? we were about to head over to the dragon's lair. *blinks* Wow, THats something you do't think you'll say to someone."
Quote 1918
<Simon```> "That *gasp* was stupid!"
<Cecil`^> (( you're tellin' me.. ))
<Kara```> "Yeah, I think it was too. What was that for, Faline? Trying to get yourself killed?"
<Faline> "Why? Well, otherr than the whole insane mob thing. But otherr than that, I think we they should know! Besides, they wanted an explanation, and it was the trruth."
Quote 1919
<Simon```> An older woman screams "No! I wont have this!" She marches towards Cecil, glaring at him "You!"
<Simon```> Old woman: "Vampires, werewolves and now dragons! This town . . " She glares at him "My daughter is a virgin, you know! I odnt want you eating her!"
<Cecil`^> "I don't eat vergin's I eat... cattle, bears are good, I like elk alot..."
<Cecil`^> "I have to be going now, nice meeting you all..."
<Kara```> Milenko comes into the scene advertising a service for virgins so that they are gaurenteed to not be eaten because they are a virgin :)
Quote 1920
<Cecil`^> (( mmmmm were... ))
* Cecil`^ licks his lips
<Cecil`^> "You know.. I'm gunna have to find a snack sometime soon..."
<Faline> "I thought you said you ate beforre?"
<Cecil`^> "I have a big stomach
<Simon```> (( or two or three . . ))
* Faline starts to try to judge just how much jumping from this distance would hurt
* Cecil`^ searches the ground for any food
<Faline> (( you better, not do it--or I'll tell Jane! :P ))
Quote 1921
<Rei`---> "how do you think i feal, save a town and get shot by some of the people in it..."
<Faline> (( here he comes to save the day.... ))
<Faline> (( *BLAM BLAM* ))
Quote 1922
<Cecil`^> "Yeah, I've got a problem."
<Simon```> Zorro: "What?"
<Cecil`^> "It's about my daughter, I need some help, she's been kidnapped."
<Simon```> Zorro: "Which one?"
<Cecil`^> (( this man knows way too much ))
<Cecil`^> "Jane."
Quote 1923
<Simon```> Ok, it takes him 5 minutes but the bullet comes out
<Simon```> He drops it, staring at the wound "Its healing?!"
<Rei`---> "thats what halpons with out silver in my body"
<Simon```> He stares at you "You people are in for a world of trouble . ."
<Rei`---> "more like I'm in a world of trouble"
<Rei`---> "bleave it or not i once had a normal life"
<Faline> (( living in a shack in the woods is normal? er, forget I said that ;) ))
<Rei`---> (comparied to this... yah)
Quote 1924
<Simon```> You arrive at the local park . .
<Kara```> The park? I was thinking of the kind of 'picnic' you have at a hotel ;)
Quote 1925
<Kara```> "I like you Simon."
<Simon```> "Oh. I like you too."
<Kara```> "As more than a friend?"
* Simon``` looks at you, pzuzled "What do you mean?"
<Kara```> "Oh... Lets just go to the park then."
<Simon```> "I mean, I like you a lot as a friend . . " looks at you, eyes widening "You meant -- ?!"
* Kara``` nods softly
* Kara``` loves fucking with Alcar's NPCs.
<Simon```> lol
<Kara```> I didn't mean that literally
Quote 1926
<Cecil`^> I mean one of those witch craft stores
* Cecil`^ enters and looks for books on dead things
<Simon```> You find a book on the PC party (canadian political humour :)), Disco . . a rather worn copy of the necronomicon for dummies. .
<Simon```> You do? LOL
* Cecil`^ reads the necronomicon book
<Simon```> Ok . .its a very basic book on raising the dead. Dos and dont. First off, it says to never, ever read the necronomicon. :)
Quote 1927
<Seraphina_Resc> goblins pounding me more?
<Chaos`^> yup
<Orrik> Chaos`^ 5#1d20: << 19 2 16 17 8 >>
<Chaos`^> oops
<Seraphina_Resc> there's only 4 left
<Chaos`^> get rid of that first one
<Seraphina_Resc> k, all miss then
* Seraphina_Resc nearly gets hit by the dead goblin....... it tried to throw it's left kidney at her
Quote 1928
* Seraphina_Resc sighs and goes to the temple
<Chaos`^> it's a temple of death the clerics offer to ease you into death because you're beat up, but you manage to convince them that you would rather have healing instead
* Seraphina_Resc promises to bring insome dead or dying things next time
<Seraphina_Resc> besides herself
Quote 1929
* Seraphina_Resc sinks the axe deep into the human
<Chaos`^> you jump and slice his Jugular (( that's a big ass jump for someone your size ))
* Seraphina_Resc decided the jugular was too far and instead went for the testicles
<Chaos`^> oh, I see
<Seraphina_Resc> hey it worked
Quote 1930
<Chaos`^> "AH killed Me brother!"
* Seraphina_Resc walks up to the dwarves
<Chaos`^> He looks up "It's cause 'a you!"
<Seraphina_Resc> "Move aside. leave me be and I'll save him."
<Chaos`^> He draws his axe and begins attacking you
<Chaos`^> "Ye c'n save me brother?" He stops right before the axe hits you
* Seraphina_Resc nods
<Chaos`^> "Well what'r ye waitin' for!?"
* Seraphina_Resc kneels beside the dwarf and places her hands on him, using her aid spell as a cure light wounds
<Chaos`^> The crowd boos you
* Seraphina_Resc gives the crowd the finger
Quote 1931
<paula-v> theres always ways around stuff if you are in a squeeze and don't mind the possability that the police will arest you
Quote 1932
<Chaos`^> You are in the tavern, it's empty, no bartender around, he's in the kitchen
<Chaos`^> don't ask me how the bar is empty in a dwarven town, you have to figure that out yourself
Quote 1933
<Temera> "We've got a little before the miners are supposed to show up.... I suggest you all get breakfast and then meet back in the central square if you want to go.. packed and ready for a long trip."
<Mikiel> "How long?"
<Temera> "How the hell do you tell time in a lightless cavern?"
Quote 1934
* Mikiel casts
<Mikiel> ((DAMN ENTER KEY))
* Mikiel casts "detect magic" on the door
* Albus flips throug his phb . . Uhm, Mikiel? Damn Enter Key . .. what page is it on?
<Mikiel> ((23432))
Quote 1935
<Chaos`^> You cant read teh titles Albus
<Chaos`^> It's in a language unkown to you
* Albus opens a random book
<Chaos`^> It's greek to you
* Albus makes a note to pick of languages(greek) soon . .
Quote 1936
* Temera wonders if 'Detect Intelligence' was cast if anyone in the group would glow :) ))
* Mikiel ((certainly wouldnt))
<Gul`Tak> (( I, I think, would ))
<Chaos`^> Mikiel would glow of a negative aura
<Mikiel> ((SO?!?!))
Quote 1937
* Gul`Tak goes over to Temera and asks what she wanted
<Temera> "Need to knock down another door."
<Gul`Tak> "Ah, sure."
* Gul`Tak silently is annoyed at the fact that no one appreciates him for hhis mind, but says nothing about it ;P
* Temera would appreciate him for his mind, but his head is so much more useful))
Quote 1938
* Gul`Tak instisutes some brain power for a moment. "Hey wait...what if I try to break the lock off instead? hmm."
<Albus> (( Whats Guls int? :) ))
<Gul`Tak> (( 15, smartass. ))
* Albus thinks any ogre or orc trying to think should have a % chance to spontaenously combust from the effort . .
<Gul`Tak> (( lol shutup ;P ))
<Albus> (( something like 20-int chance? :) ))
Quote 1939
<Chaos`^> Temera, roll a search check to find a book-switch, dc 65, big library
Quote 1940
<Chaos`^> (( It's amazing, the pc is looking for information, I give her the library of congress and she's still not satisfied! ))
<Temera> ((how likely is the library of congress to have a book on the subject I'm looking for?))
<Chaos`^> (( It's the library of the congress of magic ))
<Temera> ((If I could read any of the books, sure I'd stay.. I can't, so I'm not))
Quote 1941
<Temera> damn you....
<Chaos`^> I feel evil
<Temera> you should
<Temera> now you have a nymphomaniacal succubus who has sworn off sex
Quote 1942
* Faline gets to the cave without anything of note happeneing, I assume, and looks in. "Rrei, you in therre?"
<Rei`-`-`-> "that you faline??"
* Faline enters. "Yeah, what happened? I found blood, some bullets and..I think a boy scout cap."
* Faline is beginning to wonder if Rei picked up her "bad habit" :P
Quote 1943
* Faline gives Rei another shot of Cure Light Wounds
* Rei`-`-`- is almost healed most of his other wounds then the lung shot
* Rei`-`-`- smiles at faline and thanks her
* Faline notes how fast CLWs always seem to go after she gets em ;)
* Faline smiles back and nods
<Faline> "I don't want you getting serriously hurrt, Rrei."
<Rei`-`-`-> "A bit late for that"
Quote 1944
<Faline> hey first I get made fun of when I was insane and killed people. and now that I'm going for world harmony, and I get made fun of MORE? shit man, I just cant win
Quote 1945
<Seraphina_Resc> I lost an arena fight so the minotaur apparently took everything but my pants.. I'm a female halfling ranger/cleric
<Chaos`^> tell him the best part
<Seraphina_Resc> apparently, as well, the whores of this city go around topless to advertise their availability
<Chaos`^> and...
<Seraphina_Resc> it's night
<Chaos`^> and she can't find an inn to sleep/hide in
<Seraphina_Resc> See! he's evil!
<Chaos`^> I'm simply offering a way for her to get some money
<Seraphina_Resc> oh yeah.. I can really see a ranger selling herself for money :P
Quote 1946
<Seraphina_Resc> would it be against a c/g alignment to kill someone for having sex with you?
<Chaos`^> sin, in the words of your description of the weather being allignment, that would be a hurricane in wyoming
Quote 1947
<Chaos`^> in this city you saw some women walking around toppless and some men giving them money for some reason and then the women followed teh men to the inn or a house.. maybe they were bodyguards?
* Seraphina_Resc DOES know what a hooker is :P
<Chaos`^> well, that's how people tell if they're for sale or not, they walk around topless =p
<Chaos`^> The ugliest man you've seen in your life walks up to you "Hey, how much?"
<Seraphina_Resc> "Your life."
Quote 1948
* Seraphina_Resc gets an evil idea
<Chaos`^> "I just want something quick, common, let's go, we'll discuss money on the way."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Three hundred."
<Chaos`^> "That's a little pricy, but I really like you, deal."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Do you have any rope?"
<Chaos`^> "Rope? No, no rope, but we can do without.
<Seraphina_Resc> "Well, If you want it done right we need rope... but I guess sheets will do."
Quote 1949
<Chaos`^> The ugly guy leads you to the room
<Chaos`^> He gives you the 300 silver you asked for and opens the door
<Chaos`^> There is just a bed, and a matress, sheetless, coverless
<Seraphina_Resc> ok, what's he wearing?
<Chaos`^> Nothing anymore
<Seraphina_Resc> what was he waering :P
<Chaos`^> Just common clothes, a t-shirt, some shorts
* Seraphina_Resc would point out as a general rule shorts weren't invented until the 1930's
<Chaos`^> He's wearing ripped pants
<Chaos`^> if you want to be difficult
* Seraphina_Resc does want to be difficult
Quote 1950
* ** Chaos`^ is now known as Itou`^
<`Anne`> i though sin was itou
<Itou`^> Sorry to disapoint you
<Itou`^> and that's not in a sarcastic tone, I really am sorry
Quote 1951
<AlcarDM> The undead are climbing up over the boulders .. action anne?
* `Anne` will attack only if she is attacked- defending
<AlcarDM> Ok. Tisrook?
* Tisrook decides to listen to `Anne` for once and goes into a tight defense, knowing the DM will kill him anyway
Quote 1952
<Caltak> oh btw, I just thought of something to do with when you posted about letting you eat O.R. see, if Rei or I do it, we become the leader of the pack because we are weres. So, I think it'd be beter for us to kill him, that way more allies :) besides, we'd probably beat you there anyway since we're already heading off there
<Chaos`^> but... that means I'll have to eat you...
* Caltak underlines and circles the part of the previous statement that reads "we become the leader of the pack" then underlines the word "pack" a lot of times
<Caltak> do I have to spell it out for you? ;)
* Chaos`^ writes down the words "Hungry" and "Filling" and "Full" next to that
<Caltak> yes, dont you see?
<Chaos`^> yeah, I can eat the whole pack! Do it, I'm hungry
<Caltak> no thats not exactly what I meant...um but that works
Quote 1953
<Caltak> hey Chaos you ever seen Dragonheart?
<Chaos`^> yup
<Caltak> yeah you know that part with the sword in the mouth?
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Caltak> yeah just remember that
<Chaos`^> but... were taste so good!
<Caltak> hey human is pretty good too but Faline could kick the habit so can you
Quote 1954
<Chaos`^> c'mon, they are so good and there's so many to go around, I just want a few, you can have the rest
<Caltak> yeah but it tends to lower morale when your leaders let a giant lizard eat half the pack ;P um, you should probably be discreet about it ;P
<Chaos`^> K, I'll lead them to a cave or something and tell them there's gold inside
<Caltak> or maybe we can send them out to do things and they can "mysterously" vanish ;)
<Caltak> and chalk it up to crazy were-hating humans or something
<Caltak> you'd have to ask Rei to do it though, Faline cant be a part of the destruction of innocent sentients. OH I KNOW! THis is perfect and will help keep order too! Whenever someone doesnt listen, we send em to the dragon ;) hehehe
Quote 1955
<Chaos`^> me and cal are discussing how to get me some were to eat
<Seraphina_Resc> eat Faline
<Caltak> naw Jane would get mad if he did that
<Seraphina_Resc> so.. eat her too
<Caltak> uhhhh thats so very wrong
<Caltak> Jane's his freaking daughter! :P
<Seraphina_Resc> I know
<Caltak> you're sick, you know that? :P
<Seraphina_Resc> yes
Quote 1956
* Caltak shakes his head
<Caltak> I mean, eating people you dont know is one thing but... christ, man! ;P
<Charin> More nutrients
<Caltak> omg :P
<Charin> Its just keeping it in the family Cal. Making sure they live on inside you.
<Caltak> rofl..ok this si so very very wrong :P
<Seraphina_Resc> and you thought your conversations were bad :)
Quote 1957
<Chaos`^> acording to sin I'm the most evil dm around
<Cora_Resc> No, There is a DM more Evil then Satan... I mean Chaos`^
<Seraphina_Resc> nobody out-evil's sparkie though
<Chaos`^> just because I made his sucubus sworn against sex a nymphomaniac and an asset to the goddess of fertility, doesn't mean I'm an evil dm!
Quote 1958
<Charin> hmm, the pcs arrive at the local tavern and find everyone dead with the words scrawled in blood on the wall "The DM hath killed us!"
<Charin> The local cleric says a new disease, DMitis, has been going around and killing random people for no reason . .
* Natalia` is a victim of Dicebotectomy
* Charin could run that as an adventure . .
<Charin> The PCs arrive ,only to be told the DM is nowhere to be found .. "You must seek and destroy this foul being before he harms us some more!"
<Natalia`> he and his foul dicebot familiar"
<Natalia`> one person run the game, another DM it :)
Quote 1959
<Marcus_Fenway> Cora, Seraphina: You are Travelling, having no real plans or goals at this moment in your lives your simply looking for a few days of rest (Mostly from each other) but you plan to stay 'together' (at least in the same city)
Quote 1960
* Lia`^ sets in the prison curssing the paladin
<Lia`^> "Well, It's happened before, I can get out of it..."
<Marcus_Fenway> (¯( Lia`^, you have gotten out of being Frames for Killing hundereds of Clerics in a single act of cowerdice and villiy ?)¯)
<Lia`^> (( I've been arrested before ))
Quote 1961
* Natalia` helps koby up onto the horse, setting him in front of her where she could easilly bite his neck... err, stabilize him
* Koby` , being in love, is blissfully unware of that fact
* Marcus_Fenway wonders if Alcar is going to have to make a new Character... it is a long ride :P
Quote 1962
<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia rides the aging beast harder then it is capable and it gives out, but she covered nearly 2/3s of the distance in under a day.
* Koby` stops her before it gets that bad, being a ranger after all
* Natalia` resists the urges to drain the beast of it's blood
<Marcus_Fenway> The Beast is old, and it gives out anyway... but Koby finds his Cloak missing since he argued with the DM ¦¬þ
* Koby` gets a shovel out and buries it then
<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia Drinks Koby`s blood and pushes him into the grave he convieniently dug
<Koby`> lol
Quote 1963
<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia`: After asking a couple locals, you locate the Inn entitled 'The Dwarven Kegger' (One of Urtho's Favioret Establisments) It is a 3 story Tavern with Several rooms in an Ajoining Building.
<Wesley_Heartblade> dwarven kegger...I like that..
<Marcus_Fenway> Tighax_Stronarm, your in a Booth in the corner, your a Regular and you Oftain take advantage of the 'Entertainment' Services the Tavern Provides
<Tighax_Stronarm> and what "entertainment" does the tavern provide
<Koby`> dwarven strippers who regale the dwarves by slowly and sensuously putting on more and more layers of clothing . . .
Quote 1964
* Lia`^ paces in her cell waiting for her friends to break her out... wait.. they're dead... Damn that Damned Palidin of the Damned!
Quote 1965
<Lia`^> Tighax, put a little scottich accent into your speach and you'll be the perfect dwarf
<Tighax_Stronarm> I don't wanna be perfect
<Lia`^> You're not
Quote 1966
<Marcus_Fenway> So we have a group thats hunting Vampires and Paladins...
<Koby`> yup
<Marcus_Fenway> Does that make the group Neutral or Chaotic?
<Natalia`> both?
* Koby` did think the humting paladin would have raised some questions w/ the others tho
<Natalia`> it's not every day you see a sick woman and a kobald talking about killing paladins and vampires
<Koby`> Yup. You can kill them and I can miss with my bow to, uh, distract them. Great team :)
<Marcus_Fenway> The Kobold shoolts wildly whild the Sickly woman pokes them with a stick till they die
Quote 1967
* Natalia` leaves the tavern/inn/restaurand/family fun place.. well.. maybe not the last one unless it's catering solely to he post pubescent males
Quote 1968
* Wesley_Heartblade walks up to the guard, being sure that his holy symbol is clearly exposed on his chest
<Marcus_Fenway> Guard: "Sorry I am not permitted to Allow anyone inside"
<Wesley_Heartblade> "I am a representative of Corellon Larethian...why have these ladies been kept from entering the temple?"
<Marcus_Fenway> Guard: "Sorry no admitance"
* Wesley_Heartblade slips the Guard a platinum piece...
<Wesley_Heartblade> j/k
* Wesley_Heartblade shows the guard his fake Avatar of Corellon Larethian i.d.
Quote 1969
* Koby` wants a detect Nimih spell :)
* Natalia` wants a slay nimih spell
<Cora_Resc> Locate Person
<Cora_Resc> Locate Person(Nimih) then Power Word: Kill
* Natalia` would actually rather have powerword: suffer for an eternity as coals burn through your stomach and ants eat your flesh while acid drips on your fingertips
<Koby`> and raise dead so you can do it again
<Natalia`> naw.... infinite cure light wounds... but modified to where it causes excriciating pain as well'
Quote 1970
* Cora_Resc looks around and notes to herself that 4 of the 7 in this group are female
* Seraphina_Resc looks around and notes that 1 or two are above 5' tall
Quote 1971
<Lia`^> "Wait, I had a journal"
<Lia`^> "They took it from me."
<Seraphina_Resc> "The paladin and cleric took the journal?"
<Lia`^> "No, it was taken as evidence."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Cora, will yo usee if you can get that?"
<Cora_Resc> "We will never see that Journal. The Local Buracricy is very slow at processing Evidence."
<Cora_Resc> "I am sure my Authority won't turn up that book now."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Pity."
<Stiltskin> "I could probubly get it, as long as your willing to not ask how i got it"
Quote 1972
* Wesley_Heartblade offers his horse to lia
<Wesley_Heartblade> "you could ride with me m'lady if you would like"
* Wesley_Heartblade offers a hand to Lia
* Lia`^ smiles and takes the hand
<Lia`^> "How nice of you."
* Wesley_Heartblade helps Lia up to his horse
<Cora_Resc> (¯( Wesley_Heartblade, & Lia`^... New Love Interest? )¯)
<Wesley_Heartblade> give one person a ride, and everyone assumes you're married
* Wesley_Heartblade shakes his head
Quote 1973
<Wesley_Heartblade> ok someone clear this up for me...we've got four female characters in the group...how many people in here are ACTUALLY female? I'm so confused, people playing two characters and talking about maps and buildings and prisons and temples..and...*catches breath*
<Natalia`> well.. I'm male and 2 females are me :)
<Natalia`> as to the other part.... hell, we just make it up as we go :)
<Wesley_Heartblade> ROFL
<Wesley_Heartblade> oh I knew I liked playing with this group for a reason
<Natalia`> you're insane?
Quote 1974
<Garron> The innkeeper looks at Jarra as she talks, shocked "W - whhat are you?" Stares at Garron "Well? What is it?"
* Garron touches his throat and shakes his head
<Garron> Innkeeper: "She won't attack my throat?"
<Yol_Tura> "She's a tiger thing."
<Yol_Tura> "She's his wife."
<Garron> he looks at Garron, then at Jarra and back to Garron "No wonder you got a limp kid. Wow, you're brave .. " he misses the dark look Garron gives Yol Tura
* Yol_Tura doesn't even notice it's a dark look and think's garron saw something in his teeth
* Yol_Tura picks at his teeth
Quote 1975
* Jarra , after discovering the weird things humans eat, was spending some time last night trying to place them on the food chain...she didnt come to any totaly decision, but you dont want to know where most of her guesses ended up
Quote 1976
<Garron> He glares at the woman "Whens the last time people came here not fleeing the war, urcha?" *ignores her* "And I think the children would love stories, if you know any . ."
* Garron looks at Yol and shudders, thinking about his idea of a story
* Jarra has a story, its about these weird creatures who seem to have lost all their hair and eat strange things thats arent really edible and....oh wait, you wouldn't want to hear that one. :P
Quote 1977
<Garron> End of session EXP - 180 each for rp :)
<Yol_Tura> 180!?
<Garron> uhmm, what level are you 2 right now?
<Yol_Tura> I'm level 1!
<Yol_Tura> Even I give out more exp!
<Garron> make that 280 :)
* Yol_Tura shakes his head sadly
<Yol_Tura> I spent three hours of my life doing this and all I got was 280 exp...
<Yol_Tura> I can't get those 3 hours back you know!
Quote 1978
<Garron> its not about exp, its about rp :p
<Yol_Tura> but exp is supposed to be the icing and you're icing needs more sugar!
<Yol_Tura> Bad icing ruins the cake
<paula-v> and bad cake ruing the icing
<Yol_Tura> We don't need your comments Paula
Quote 1979
<Chaos`^> the squrell squeeks again
* Seraphina_Resc looks over at the squirrel
<Seraphina_Resc> "Yes?"
* Seraphina_Resc wonders if she is somehow trapped in a very bloody Disney film
Quote 1980
<Chaos`^> a squirel hops over to you
* Seraphina_Resc looka at the squirrel, wondering if the DM would be evil enough to make it carnivorous
<Chaos`^> Thank you for clearing that up
* Seraphina_Resc looks at the DM and sighs, getting ready for combat
Quote 1981
<Seraphina_Resc> "You aren't going to let go of me, are you."
<Chaos`^> the squirrel squeezes tighter
<Seraphina_Resc> "Alright..... I've got to go and see how long the others will be in the mine..... They're dwarves, noisy, crass, vulgar, well, you get the idea."
<Chaos`^> It squeeks back at you
<Seraphina_Resc> "If you want to come, don't say I didn't Warn you
Quote 1982
<Chaos`^> you got your 20
<Seraphina_Resc> needed the ROLL to be 20
<Seraphina_Resc> not the modified roll :)
<Chaos`^> tell the bot that
<Seraphina_Resc> you try talking sense into sparkie's testivles
Quote 1983
<Gaty`^> ha! You see your father's ring on the ground
* Seraphina_Resc 's jaw drops and she picks it up, dusting it off
<Seraphina_Resc> the ring, not her jaw
Quote 1984
<Gaty`^> There is a path infront of you where no trees are, it looks like something tore them down ages ago, all that is left is decayed pieces that create the ground
* Seraphina_Resc figures that that's the easiest path, but dreads meeting the critter that did that
<* Vestranda &lt;Squirelly> preens, proud of his handiwork
* Seraphina_Resc travvells down the path, wary, watching for nasty evil, and especially hungry critters
<* Vestranda &lt;Squirelly> nibbles Seraphina's ear absently ...
Quote 1985
<drizzt_> is it wrong to give a sword a +6 if it is vorpal?????
<Vestranda> Yes.
<Vestranda> unless its a sword of backbiting :)
<drizzt_> why
<Vestranda> cause its munchy?
<drizzt_> ok thanks.
Quote 1986
<Vestranda> Blink dog is done :)
<Vestranda> Lassie is a blink dog who got stuck on this plane because a monster called the DM said so. "He" is is looking for allies against any Displacer Beasts cause Lassie isn't strong enough to fight then alone.
<Vestranda> Due to a massive self esteem problem, lass is also convinced he's female because "The gods cast him that way."
<Seraphina_Resc> you know Alcar
<Seraphina_Resc> the sad part about that is it's completely normal for you
<Seraphina_Resc> :)
Quote 1987
<Seraphina_Resc> who we missing Jer?
<Jeramias> Bali
<Jeramias> I think that I'm gonna play some playstation for a while :)
<Chaos`^> C'mon jer, let's just start now ;-)
<Jeramias> You really want to start NOW? I just spent 45 seconds hooking up my Playstation! :)
Quote 1988
<Jeramias> As you continue, the air continues to get thicker, its almost unbarable. The trees are really thikc too
<Jeramias> You see nothing unusual save for the [insert worst nightmare]
<Vestranda> We already met Barney. Nice try buster :p
<Krysylyn> ((NO!!!! THey're contesting the elections again!!!!))
<Vestranda> (( Cant they just give it up?! ))
<Krysylyn> ((heh.... that's the worst nightmare :P))
<Salem_> (nooo bush is president.. no wait thats real.. AAAAAAHHHHH))
Quote 1989
* Gaty`^ climbs up after Krysylyn
* Krysylyn hopes the view above him doesn't distract him too much.... Tend to forget my attire ;)
* Gaty`^ looks to see how much higher have to go....
* Gaty`^ coughs
* Gaty`^ almost loses his grip but catches himself
* Krysylyn wonders if he should roll for that.. will savve and a dex save :) ))
Quote 1990
<Jeramias> You have a suden urdge to run and jump off the tree. Will check :)
* Vestranda runs out of the hole and leaps out of the tree . . .
<Vestranda> Can I reach for branches to slow my fall?
<Jeramias> Roll a splatter check :)
Quote 1991
<Gaty`^> dm us so we can get quotes!
Quote 1992
<Jeramias> What ARE you wearing?
<Krysylyn> a long heavy leather skirt and heavy leather shirt
<Jeramias> From underneath? ;)
* Krysylyn won't go there
<Krysylyn> if you must know..... well... have you ever been in a victoria's secrets?
<Jeramias> No :P
<Jeramias> And honestly, no I havn't
<Jeramias> but I can imagine. In fact, I think I'll take a moment and do just that
Quote 1993
<Gaty`^> "Why are we going to the plane of fire?"
<Krysylyn> "To get the testicles of a fire elemental."
<Vestranda> (( You're actually serious?! ))
* Sparkie votes we adjourn the game now . .
<Jeramias> Ok Spark. Session End. Sucking up to the dicebot. 250 exp
* Gaty`^ cringes feeling sorry for the elemental
Quote 1994
<Jeramias> A woman walks out of the woods
* Gaty`^ looks at the woman
<Gaty`^> "Oh, hello."
* Krysylyn casts detect magic... though it's probably unnessecary
<Krysylyn> "Can't you just imagine her taking her clothes off for you?"
<Jeramias> She stands and removes her clothing
<Krysylyn> "And can't you imagine those flamable feathers touching the fire and igniting her entire back?"
<Jeramias> She lights on fire
<Gaty`^> "Eeeek!"
<Gaty`^> "NO! Stop it! Help her!"
<Krysylyn> "Welcome to the world of illusions."
Quote 1995
* Gaty`^ runs over to her and helps her put the fire out
<Jeramias> K, you help her put out the fire on her back
<Jeramias> She looks at you, thanks you, and gives you a hug
* Gaty`^ imagines the burns gone
<Jeramias> The burns are gone
* Krysylyn silently imagines her with 6 arms and a long serpentine tail
<Jeramias> The woman walks over to the fire while sprouting an extra 4 arms and a tail
* Gaty`^ imagines her to normal
* Krysylyn imagines heras a halfling version of a marilith
* Gaty`^ imagines Krysylyn as a nice person
Quote 1996
* Gaty`^ imagines her as a normal person that can't be changed by anyone's imagination
* Gaty`^ has his familiar too, an illusion that he can sustain indefinatly... we hope...
<Jeramias> What do you want your famailliar to be? :)
<Gaty`^> This woman here =)
Quote 1997
<Vestranda> "Can you aid me?"
<Jeramias> "Where were you? You stoped talking for 30 min and expect to just pick up the prayer where you left off?" j/k
<Jeramias> "Perhaps. What kind of aid do you seek?"
<Vestranda> "I do not .. to stop what might come. To prevent undead?"
<Jeramias> "Undead? Is this one of Alcar's games? No, I don't think that the world will be crawling with undead."
<Jeramias> I'm only kidding. I do like the undead much more than what you could be throwing at us
<Jeramias> Like kender
<Vestranda> Undead Kender
<Jeramias> NOOO!!!!!!!
Quote 1998
<Krysylyn> that is frightening
<Krysylyn> chaos 'll have to work hard to top that in the evilness scale
<Vestranda> undead that rob people blind are going to be fun . . .
<Vestranda> kender that dont feel fear OR pain :)
* Krysylyn feels both for the players
Quote 1999
<Salem_> "great... wonderful.....faline is gona .... well bring on the end of the world... eh, oh well at least i don't have to worry about finals
Quote 2000
* Salem_ looks at tommy-there is no such place- war is like ripples in a pond- eventuly it affects the whole
<Sintaqx> ((so move above or below the water))
<Sintaqx> ((waves are circular in depth.. bellow them it is still calm))
<Salem_> end even then- the stone is still in the pond
<Salem_> once its tossed.. it starts the chain reaction
<Sintaqx> ((ah, but a stone at rest has a greater chance of staying there.. especially if burried inn the muck))