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Quotes 1601 to 1700

Quote 1601
<Simon```> ok, you look around for one old lady in the city . . you can't find her
* Cecil`^ looks through the forest, using his dragonly sense to sense a dragon ;-) we do that you know =p
<Simon```> Shes a bit old for a mate :p
<Cecil`^> no no!
<Cecil`^> I can sense other dragons, it's a magical ability =p
Quote 1602
<Vaj> ((Salem makes her way back towards the others ant the soap opra they call their life))
<Vaj> ((Of course, in soap operas the stars generally find their long lost twin, not eat a TV reporter.))
Quote 1603
<Simon```> so Salems around noon, the other back at 11 am + time to drive ..
* `Salem gets to 88 miles per hour and goes back in time to 11 am
<Simon```> hmm, its possible . ..
<Simon```> 1d100
<Sparkie> Simon``` 1d100: 3
<Simon```> remind me to never, ever roll percentiles again.
<Simon```> Ok, Salem reached 88 mph . . roll d100 Salem :)
<Vaj> ((oh gods))
<Vaj> ((But it's a studebaker! not a DeLorean!!!))
<Simon```> The demon doesn't care :)
<Vaj> ((well fuck me...... this aughta be interesting))
Quote 1604
* Faline (( thinks Faline would be cool as a lone biker :) ah well, life didnt go in that direction :) ))
<Vaj> ((I think Faline would have to be a lone biker.. she'd have eaten all the others in the gang))
Quote 1605
<Vaj> ((do.. lets see.. this group has the following enemies.... other weres, vampires, WIB, an organization of wizards, all the major denizens of hell, and normal people, and quite possibly every major religion in the world. ... have I missed anyone?))
<Faline> (( thats being a bit over dramamtic ))
<Vaj> ((a bit over dramatic? that coming from a man-eating were tigress/cleric???))
Quote 1606
<`Salem> "um...hi guys...i just drove from hell- and boy my arms are tired
Quote 1607
<`Salem> "um...well got bad news and worse news.."
<Rei```> "can't get much worse then this"
<Jane`^> "Great, spit it out."
<Vaj> (( I know what could be worse.. Salme could be Faline's child....))
<Faline> (( AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ))
<Faline> (( Dont even TALK like that Vaj, I almost had a HEART ATTACK ))
Quote 1608
<Jane`^> "Yeah, the devil, quite the boyfriend, anyway, besides going to hell, are YOU alright?"
Quote 1609
<Cecil`^> (( Oh, by the way, did cecil forget to mention salem was in hell? That's the only thing I got out of my meditation, but it was to brief and undescriptable I didn't really get ANYthing out of it cause I didn't understand =p ))
<Cecil`^> (( TO be exact, this is what I got: <Simon```> You get an image of Salem in your mind, and something with eyes burning with hells fires. Then nothing ))
<Vaj> ((actually, that wasn't salem in hell.. htat was hell in salem))
Quote 1610
<Kara-Dalv> (<( I think that I finnally figured out what Johnny is. He's an alien. From, uh, Mexico. )>)
<Simon```> (( Jer, Jer, Jer . .Roswell isn't in mexico :p ))
<Kara-Dalv> (<( Oh, he's from new mexico then :) )>)
Quote 1611
* Vaj is arguing his case with the insurance guys back in hell
* Vaj argues that since posession is 9/10th of the law, and the vehicles in question were not posessed at the time, well then I posessed them and by the letter of 9/10 of the existing laws the vehicle was mine to destroy.
* Vaj then asks each insurance guy how much they embezzled from their respective companies in life ;))
<Simon```> They don't reply but get angry and send for the lawyers who were ALSO politicans in life. Vaj is now worried :)
Quote 1612
* Vaj asks the polotician lawyers if they kept all their campaign promises
<Simon```> They say yes of course Vaj :)
* Vaj also asks them if they would lie to their own wives about how often they slept with their secreteries
<Simon```> The politicans inform Vaj that they never had sexual relations with those women :)
* Vaj never said that the secretaries were women, therby trapping the lawyers
Quote 1613
* Vaj would suggest Faline joins him in hell.. down here it doesn't matter how many times you eat someone
Quote 1614
* Simon``` looks at Salem "What did the demon do?!"
<Salem_Bloodstone> "simon- i do not know-...but i destroyed a whole town in one night and distrubed many graves"
<Kara-Dalv> "You did that?"
<Salem_Bloodstone> "i am more of a force of terror than our dear faline"
* Faline ignores the force of terror comment
Quote 1615
<Salem_Bloodstone> "i do not know why the forces of evil seek me out?....all i wanted was a normal life"
<Jane`^> "Don't say that simon, You need to want.'
<Faline> "we all did, Salem."
<Simon```> Falines nose grows 5' j/k
<Faline> (( hey I did! ))
<Salem_Bloodstone> "but YOU started the wheels turing..with your quick bloody claws and appitie"
<Faline> "That's not entirrely my fault."
Quote 1616
* JohnnyDan 's knuckles crack, for no apparent reason
<Simon```> (( Why is it that when peoplesay that there is a reason? :p ))
<JohnnyDan> ((I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about, Alcar. *whistles, looking at the ceiling*))
<Vaj> ((law of PC attention getting annoyances))
Quote 1617
<Kara-Dalv> (<( I'm telling ya, he's an alien from mexico )>)
<JohnnyDan> "Uhm, nice to meet you, Salem. I'm Johnny." *runs off down the road, letting the girls use the bike*
<Vaj> ((definitely mexican))
<JohnnyDan> ((I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, yet, but like a mexican heading for freedom, I run faster, and leap taller fences than lazy americans ;)
Quote 1618
* Cecil`^ goes upstairs for a few minutes and comes back down looking like james bond, with new clothes and a nice new face too
<Faline> (( the name is Dragon. Cecil Dragon. ))
<Faline> (( I like my damsels shaken, not stirred. ))
<Cecil`^> (( you got it ))
Quote 1619
<JohnnyDan> "Oh, I've been looking for you guys for a while now. You're all over every type of paper down in the US, and I just think you're all cool!"
<Simon```> (( The pcs have groupies :p ))
<Simon```> (( faline is mobbed by adoring fans and eats some .. ))
Quote 1620
<Cecil`^> "I see... I'm also told you have a remarkable ability to not blink... tell me about that?"
<JohnnyDan> "Not to blink? Huh??"
* JohnnyDan blinks
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Yes, you don't blink."
<JohnnyDan> "Sure I do. I just did it."
<Cecil`^> "Of course."
* JohnnyDan leans over towards Faline, whispering... "I was right. He is a bit loopy."
Quote 1621
* Baliadoc doesn't get XP. Only quotes!! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Quote 1622
<Chaos`^> Do I get my version of exp for telling salem she is the spawn of demons?
Quote 1623
* Temera whistles the same annoying note over and over in a measured pattern hoping that someone will ask her what she is doing so she can tell them she's whistling the Ballad of Donkeius, the brainless orc, but the writer never got past the first note of the musicakl score before the king ordered him executed
Quote 1624
* Albus reads "Frogs and princesses . . . the untold story of the million tadpoles . ." with growing horror
<Temera> (A tale of two species, or as one bard put it, A Tail of Two Species)
Quote 1625
<Tammy`^> Gul, you notice a Rock in the middle of the floor, it seems about the size of a book and kind of resembles one, it is a dull red color.
* Gul`Tak hmms and picks it up
* Gul`Tak tries to discern whether it is really a book or a rock
<Tammy`^> Gul, it's the same weight as a normal rock, the bottom seems ruffer than a book the top is flat, and the size of a book and square
* Gul`Tak tries to open the book/rock
<Tammy`^> Gul, it opens, the binding gets ripped off, inside is more rock... it's blank and ruff
* Tammy`^ can't beleave he got a pc to look at a rock and break it open for no reason...
<Gul`Tak> (( lol ))
Quote 1626
<Chaos`^> If she does die, your god won't be too happy
<Alcar> y?
<Chaos`^> A premature death, that's more work for him, and she wasn't supposed to die yet, so he has to fill out a bunch of paperwork
<Alcar> uh, gods have paperwork?
<Chaos`^> The creator audit's them
<Alcar> IRS created a universe! Wow . .
Quote 1627
* Tisroook sticks his hand into the fire
<AlcarDM> tisrook - for how long?
<Tisroook> Until it hurts :)
<Tisroook> Or starts on fire, whichever comes first
Quote 1628
<Alcar> Blaze - You feel the power around Adev, sort of like standing beside a storm . .
<Blaze``> well, this can't be bad.
<Blaze``> i mean, Jer's doing all the talking. what could go wrong.... oh shit.
Quote 1629
<Tisroook> (<( You know, if you wanted me to shut up, you could have beat me over the head or something :) )>)
<AlcarDM> (( tempting, jer :p ))
<AlcarDM> An anvil falls from the sky on Tisroook's head
* Tisroook falls to the ground, out cold
<AlcarDM> j/k
<Tisroook> Oh. Dang :)
<Tisroook> I was ready to lay there for the entire session
Quote 1630
<AlcarDM> The bird blinks, then pecks the gingersnaps up
<AlcarDM> The bird gives a startled squack and begins flying into the air aimlessly, as if it cant see
<Salem_> "oh no! my cooking is that bad?"
<AlcarDM> The bird thuds into Blaze's cloak blindly, and seems stuck . .
* Blaze`` is caught completely off guard, backing up wildly, but to no avail
<Blaze``> "What in...?"
* Blaze`` grabs the bird, trying to get him off
<AlcarDM> it is flapping its wongs but its feathers seem stuck literally to your cloak . .
<AlcarDM> You're hands are now stuck to its feathers, as if they were glue or something .. .
<Salem_> "i difn't know ginger snaps could be so dangerous"
Quote 1631
<AlcarDM> he cuts the burning burd free, leaving some feathers stuck to blazes hands and cloak
<Blaze```> "How am I sposed to get this stuff off?"
<Jayleena> dont look at me
<Salem_> "elbow greese"
<Jayleena> "You can keep it on ya for all I care"
<Jayleena> "Personlaly I think its an Improvment"
<Blaze```> "What? Sticky stuff and a few feathers?"
Quote 1632
<Jayleena> Well I guess I should help with the fighting from here on in
<Blaze```> "Oh, you'd be oh so kind."
<Jayleena> "You look a bit to stuck up for anything at the moment"
<Blaze```> "I think Toggul and I have it handled though. Wouldn't want you to ruin your outfit or anything."
<Jayleena> "thats ok, you seem to have done enough outfit ruining for all of us"
<Jayleena> "And then some"
Quote 1633
<Robert```> (( and the news reports: "Init roll: too close to call" ;) ))
Quote 1634
<WarnerDM> Any of you chacing Robert```notice a hut with a hole in its roof close to where you last saw him
<WarnerDM> the hut he fell it seems to be making a remarable effort to wait for you to get there.
Quote 1635
<WarnerDM> The Brain Golem grabs Robert``` by a leg and holds him up side down. shaking him occationally
* Robert``` keeps laughing
* Robert``` laughs. "I'd hate to be YOU when you get a headache! HAHAAH!"
<WarnerDM> The brain golem seems remarkably unaffected by the flowers or Roberts joke. Which is impressive when you think of the potency of both.
Quote 1636
* Robert``` stares at his trident critically for a few seconds. "Heheh..this is one really big fork..." then he looks at the Golem, and starts laughing. "hehehe..Brain Food!" and he tries to impale the golem with the trident
Quote 1637
* Reawen looks at the pillars "uh, Petra . what IS that?"
<WarnerDM> .oO("I'm not sure but I think thats a Urophions. They are a Illithid - Roper Hybrid. Doesn't move fast but it doesn't need to with those tenticals.")
<Reawen> "Uh. Right" Looks at Petra "Do you pray?"
<WarnerDM> The Urophions stand around a center pool that seems to have a large brain in it. as it comes into petra's view she hisses .oO("The Elder Brain!")
<Robert```> (( So wheres the Elder Pinky? ;) ))
Quote 1638
* Robert``` pokes one of the tenticals
<WarnerDM> Reality points out that Robert``` has been put down is not being held. at least as long as he doesn't molest that Urophions
Quote 1639
* Robert``` introduces Television to the Elder Brain so it will get addicted and eventually rot itself away from watching too much...j/k
Quote 1640
* `Anne` knits making the cap very large now
* `Anne` it looks like a blue fuzzy knit cap- like for winter nights and its as big as a bed sheet now
<WarnerDM> ((Your not making a hat for the Elder Brain are you? :)
<`Anne`> "hmm... it must get very cold in that pool of yours- would not want you to get a head cold"
<`Anne`> ((he he yea- shes a thoughtful woman))
<WarnerDM> The Elder Brain sudenly sounds rather flumaxed and mentally stammers, "Oh no really you shouldn't. I couldn't um well.." Finally it bursts out in desperation "I'm alergic to wool"
<`Anne`> "it even has cute floppy bunnie ears"
Quote 1641
<WarnerDM> Robert``` make a bluff check
<WarnerDM> DC 5
<Sparkie> Robert``` 1d20-1: 4
<Robert```> (( GOD DAMN IT ))
<Robert```> (( Sparkie, you FUCKING SUCK ))
<Robert```> (( Alcar Im telling you you have to get a new bot or something! grrr! ))
Quote 1642
<WarnerDM> The brain stammers and mentally projects "The truth about? What are you doing with those cupons? Bunny ears?"
<WarnerDM> Roll another check due to bunny ears
<Sparkie> Robert``` 1d20-1: 5 sparkie I swear to god ill kill you...somehow!
<WarnerDM> (oh my god its worce then the election)
<Robert```> (( 5 on a dc 5...thats passing right? :P ))
<WarnerDM> Robert manages to hide some ballots because Elder Brains don't know what it means when people try to whistle inocently :P
<Robert```> (( it was a buny ears that saved us ;P ))
<WarnerDM> ((yeah, saved buy a Elder Brain thats insecure enough to be worried over being given a hat with bunny ears)
Quote 1643
<WarnerDM> anyway the brain is asking anne, who has faded out of existance, exactly why it looks like the "bunny ear" wearing sort of brain.
<WarnerDM> While this heated debate takes place robert manages to lose some ballots :P
* Reawen quickly says its because "it suits your complexion and benefits your station as the Elder of brains. Its a status symbol."
* Robert``` (( thinks a beanie with a little helicopter thing would be more appropriate :) ))
<WarnerDM> Eventually The Elder Brain promisses that the brain golem will wear it when it goes out on cold nights. and with that the Elder Brains massive brain power finally turns back to the issue of cupons.
Quote 1644
<WarnerDM> ((I can't wait to confuse the next generation of players with a brain golum wearing a cap with bunny ears :)
<Reawen> (( Brain Golem: "Its my precious!" ))
Quote 1645
* Gestris admires the farmer's daugters, if they follow the traditional law of being overly good looking
<Krysylyn> ((nope.. it's strikkingly similar to backhills of tennessee)
<Jeramias> Very good looking Ges, at least 37 cha ;)
<Vestranda> (( but they're all 4 or younger Ges ))
<Jeramias> They ask for your autograph, having never seen such an ugly little shit :)
Quote 1646
* Gaty`^ comes out of his mindlessness
<Gestris> "How many times have we told you not to come out of your mindlessness unless slapped, Gaty?"
Quote 1647
* Krysylyn shakes her head at the fact that the evil wizard character is leading the group.....
<Vestranda> (( even worse, the evil wizard has slept with over 1/2 the pcs :) ))
<Krysylyn> ((so has the elf barbarian :P))
<Vestranda> oh, yeah. :p
Quote 1648
* Gaty`^ gives krys a LOOK that could penetrate the back of her HEAD
* Krysylyn ignores the LOOK easilly, due to the feeble mind behind it ;)
Quote 1649
* Gaty`^ is lost and looks like a lost child
<Gaty`^> (( "Mommy!!" ))
<Jeramias> Gaty teleports to Krys and Ves
* Gaty`^ imagines the buildings getting taller and taller and wider and wider and everyone being mean and not likeing him and his mom is lost!!
* Gaty`^ then sees Krys and VEs
Quote 1650
* Krysylyn decides her next spell, the one involving wemic parts as spell components, will be a spell that will rip of someone's head so she can spit down their throats
<Jeramias> (<( How is that elemental? )>)
<Krysylyn> ((it's not, but it would be fun)
<Krysylyn> ((actually.. she was thinking of gaty as the test ssubject))
Quote 1651
<Krysylyn> "Great. Now we need to find the lost Jeramias and the Lost Lab of the Lost Jeramias."
Quote 1652
<Jeramias> Ok, you can interpret those numbers however you want, after all, it is your sex
<Gaty`^> (( wait my mod was off... it should have been +2 instead of +2 so I gotta reroll.. ))
Quote 1653
<Garon`> You see copperleaf's body. Or at least it might be his body. The smell is like him, but the chunk of bleeding, torn thing on the ground looks like it got run over by a pack of wemics then gnawed on by hyenas
* Jarra inwardly wonders just what the hell happened...but remembers this was once a MessiahX game, so it was probably a rabid band of Elmos that killed Copper
Quote 1654
* Yol_Tura goes outside and looks around
<Garron> Yol . you see a heap of blood, clothing and bone outisde that was oncer copperleaf
* Yol_Tura gasps
<Yol_Tura> "Poor fool ate himself!!"
* Garron stares at Yol as if he's nuts
Quote 1655
* Bernstein` chuckles "Well, we better do it 'fore we die . ." begins walking then says quietly "Karsh .. can I ask you a favour?"
<Karsh`> "Sure."
<Bernstein`> "If they . .. get me . . can you make sure I die?"
<Karsh`> "Only if you do the same for me. They'd only want me for my brain, and they'd definitely only want you for your body. The sluts."
<Ike> (( Me and Sparky want to make some PCs suffer for all of eternity. ))
<Christof_Romulad> (( hey! you make it sound like being a blood-drinking undead is a BAD thing! ))
Quote 1656
* Karsh` snatches up the plant, looking about for danger
<Ike> No danger.
<Ike> Unless you count that Tarrasque breathing down your neck..
<Karsh`> you mean my other familiar? pay no attention to him.
* Bernstein` shoves the Tarrasque away and gives it a breath mint
* Karsh` gives the Tarrasque a cookie and a shopping list, shooing him off with promises of more cookies if he brings it all back
Quote 1657
* RaduDM giggles like a small school girl ((OOCLY))
* Karsh` feels bad for RaduDM. He must have been laughed at a lot in school because of his laugh. Oocly :)
Quote 1658
* Marcus_Darkstorm steps in beside Radu
<Angelica_Moonblade> "Marcus!"
<RaduDM> "Ah. You are this ones sister, I take it. Very nice."
* Marcus_Darkstorm glares ever so sinisterly at Angelica
<Angelica_Moonblade> "You are not my master, demon."
<Marcus_Darkstorm> "how are you doing sister?"
<Angelica_Moonblade> "Fine, Brother dear."
* Bernstein` blinks, the horrbile notion hes trapped in D&D: The Soap Opera, almost entering his head :)
Quote 1659
<Angelica_Moonblade> "You are overdramatic, and underestimate me."
<Karsh`> "Ladies, gentlemen... I hate to be rude, and break up family reunions, but there's a more pressing matter at hand!"
<Marcus_Darkstorm> "he is far from overdramatic sister....He is everything he says he is and more..."
<Karsh`> "Oh, I'll say he's more. You ever seen him around women and ale? Whoooey! You try wearing him then."
Quote 1660
<Christof_Romulad> (( OMG Ive just been informed by the DM that I'm here too lol ))
Quote 1661
<Bernstein`> "Will someone tell me what is going on?!"
<Christof_Romulad> (( Bernstein`: if I knew, I'd tell you :P ))
<Christof_Romulad> (( im very confused, who is where doing what? ))
<RaduDM> (( Ok. Demon/angel like bro/sis are fighint.. Karsh is rambling on about some stupid story. Christof just betrayed the most powerful vampire ever to live, and you're standing there with your thumb up your arse. Happy? ))
<Karsh`> (angel and marcus are about to go toe to toe in a no hold barred steel cage match hundreds of feet above the ring))
Quote 1662
* Karsh` starts catching up his notes, making notes next to notes so that he doesn't forget what's happening at the moment, while he catches up
Quote 1663
<IkeDM> (( Not Demon.. Per say... Most powerful undead being this side of the Mississippi.. Well.. With the ring, at least. ))
<Karsh`> ((does it have some weird stipulations then? Like, if we found this so called Mississippi, and went east of it, would it just stand on the otherside dumbly while we threw stuff at it?))
<IkeDM> (( Yes.. Feel free to try and fine the Mississippi.. But remember, if you travel long enough, the east is also on that side of the Mississippi... ))
<Karsh`> ((damn.... that's disgustingly clever... we'll never beat Radu!))
<Karsh`> ((he musta been a lawyer in his life.))
Quote 1664
* Baliadoc for once, cares more about xp than quotes, because inevitably, xp = more levels = longer life for this character, who's currently in a bad bad situation = more quotes overall :)
Quote 1665
<Duo_Maxwell`> (( This'll be great.. The Great Destroyer, and a damn cute fluffy bunny chick.. * grumbles * ))
Quote 1666
<Buffy````> heheh thats a good name for a Capaign. "Cookie Rain"
<Alcar> Cookie Rain: (or D&d3e meets Loony Toons)
<Buffy````> like, make kooky stuff happen, but make a reason. Like maybe an Evil Wildmage put some spell on everything ;P
<Buffy````> so it Rians Cookies and the rabbits can fly and stuff like that :)
<`Annie`> no no "ATTACK of the KILLER tomatos"
<Alcar> Attack of the Killer Village Centenarians
<Alcar> Eventually.
<Alcar> When they reach you.
<Alcar> When you stop laughing.
Quote 1667
<Salem_> "i was passed out... and the name just came to me.... .and... some one held me-- and i woak up with the town gone to hell in a hand basket"
<Jane`^> "This one?"
<Cecil`^> "This town IS hell..."
<Salem_> "no the one i distroyed- this is faline's handywork
<Cecil`^> "We don't even need a hand basket..."
<Cecil`^> "You destroyed a town too!?"
* Cecil`^ sighs
<Salem_> "i..i... didn't mean to, and...VAj gave his life for me"
<Cecil`^> "No one's safe from us.."
<Salem_> "it wasn't me!!... i was asleep"
Quote 1668
<Cecil`^> "Falene has split personalities... You have a demon.. I have a damned other dragon holding us in... Jane, what do you have?"
Quote 1669
* Salem_ tries to rember the good times she and vaj had- the open road- the high speeds- the miles of road kill....
Quote 1670
* Cecil`^ wonders how crazy salem really is
* Jane`^ wonders how crazy cecil is...
* Kara`-` is glad that only her player is crazy
Quote 1671
<Kara`-`> "Is killing Canadians even against the law in America?" ;)
Quote 1672
* Mayor_Bob glares at Cecil, then turns a bit red "Look, people . ." there are some laughs, then he glares "What the hell do you want?! We're stuck here, with God knows what going on, things happening no one can explain. Dammit, we have to do something!"
<Dalv> "Lets form an angry mob!"
<Cecil`^> (( shut up you! ))
* Cecil`^ hits Dalv
<Dalv> "Who cares? Havn't you ever wanted to be in a lynch mob and go on a witch hunt?"
Quote 1673
<Cecil`^> "We must be orginized though! There will be no mobs!"
<Dalv> "Damnit!"
* Dalv drops his pitchfork
Quote 1674
<Salem_> i didn't know puberity invovles fire and brimstone!
Quote 1675
<Kara```> I have an idea on how to get through... Where can I find a low yeild nuclear weapon? :)
<Simon```> Well, Baals houe might have had one :)
<Kara```> Sweet :)
<Kara```> How far out of the city does the barrier start?
<Simon```> just outside city limits
<Kara```> Damn... I suppose that a bit of the city will have to be sacrificed then
<Kara```> And then there is the radiation...
<Kara```> It was such a good idea to begin with :)
Quote 1676
<Kara```> How 'bout this: If I find the supplies at the local nuclear power plant, can I build a bomb?
<Simon```> If you a) knew how to and b) there was a nucleaer power plant, you could :)
* Simon``` decides there is one
Quote 1677
<Simon```> who is going to the plant? :)
<Kara```> Who ever I can convince to go :)
<Kara```> I'm not going though. I'm no fool :)
<Simon```> hehe. going to try and convince other pcs to come or ?
<Kara```> Actaully, right now I'm trying to decide if I was serrious, or just joking around and not realizing it :)
Quote 1678
<Simon```> Jeremiah "I thought dragons eating people was just for virgins . ."
<Simon```> Jeramiah: "Oh, wait, I forgot virgins are mythical creatures."
<Rei`-> "i was thinking more the people getting fead to the hounds..."
<Rei`-> (or they are in this game any way...)
Quote 1679
<Faline> Oh Yes! A Nuke is a PERFECT ide when in a city COVERED IN A DOME THAT LETS NOTHING THROUGH! We can just nuke ourselves! THat'll solve ALL our problems! *sarcastically* :P
<Faline> well, it would solve all our problems..but thats not the best solution :)
Quote 1680
* Rei`-- keeps his eyes pealed for any thing out of the odinary then rembers what game he is in and looks for the normal instead
Quote 1681
<Kara```> (<( Try what? I'm dead serrious. I'm not as perverted as you think I am :P )>)
Quote 1682
* Faline sneaks along like a stalking tiger who happens to have a cross and a gun
<Simon```> Faline bears an astonishing resemblance to Tigger for a moment
<Faline> (( and the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things, they're bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun....er....I just scared myself, I think ill stop now ))
<Faline> (( hey since when does tigger have a gun?!?!? ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( in the director's cut of the Tigger movie ))
<Rei`-> (you apparently didn't see the last holloween movie)
<Rei`-> (the one they never show any more...)
<Rei`-> (kinda scarrie stuffing and bits of fabirce ever where all the while this bouncing orangle ball of knife and ak47...)
Quote 1683
<Rei`-> new bettals RPG titaled "playing Yoko Ono"
<Rei`-> a game in which you try and rip appart one of the gratest bands of all time while compeating for the other players money!
<Rei`-> Primary abuility scores B.Slap B.wine Sudice and the all inportant singing talent
<Rei`-> note not all abuility scores should be high a low abuility score placed in the right posstion can yeald you grate potental
Quote 1684
* Faline murmers something that sounds like a prayer and her eyes glow blue. Her hand also glows blue and she touches Rei.
<Sparkie> Faline 1d8: 7
* Faline then repeats the process with herself
<Sparkie> Faline 1d8: 1
<Rei`--> (how fitting for a claric thought)
<Rei`--> (god: you tried healing your self BAD CLARIC!)
Quote 1685
<`Ann`> zzzzz- AND I WAKE Up with an angle possessing me insted!!
<Cecil`^> I'd rather have an angle than a demon..
* `Ann` sprouts wings and trys to convert all pcs to one conformed religion
Quote 1686
<AlcarDM> Adev looks at the others "Can any of you do anything against undead?"
<Lua_Ann> "me? sorry honey, unless my sunday morring brunch can scare off the dead... if they dislike eggs and pancakes"
Quote 1687
<Blaze``> "You may have feelings, but that doesn't mean you're not tainted by magic."
<Lua_Ann> "well mt blaze- i'm as magical as a wooden door- but magic or no- you hurt her feelings
* Itou`^ starts to cry
* Lua_Ann look at the poor sword
<Lua_Ann> "i would hug you dear- but you would cut me"
<Lua_Ann> "you can't hug a blade..
* Lua_Ann offers a hanky to the sword
Quote 1688
<Lua_Ann> "your not tanited- honey- just some poor dear trapped... i wish that i could help you"
<Itou`^> "Maybe."
<Itou`^> (( You remind me of mrs. Doubtfire... ))
<Lua_Ann> "but all i know is to swing a mean left hook, and make the best darn pan fritters this side of the mississippi (didn't think i could spell it? huh)
<Lua_Ann> ((hey- i'm not a man))
<Itou`^> (( I didn't know the Mississippi was in this world =p ))
<Itou`^> (( Mrs. Doubtfire was a woman.. sorta.. ))
Quote 1689
<Blaze``> why do i always fail the rolls i have high bonuses on?
Quote 1690
<Lua_Ann> "well i got a roaring fire here and a mean backhand- i think i can hold my own
<Lua_Ann> "Besides- i bet my bad cooking can scare of the hordes of the undead"
<Lua_Ann> "he he.. back fowl thing- i got burnt bacon, and i am not afraide to use it!!"
Quote 1691
<Lua_Ann> "well now WHY did you two meat heads go off into the bloody night!!!"
<Blaze``> "Because you all took the side of a bloody sword! I didn't ask anyone to follow."
<Lua_Ann> "men... sheesh.... there is more meat in their head then inbetween their legs"
* Blaze`` raises an eyebrow at Lua_Ann
<Blaze``> "We have to make up for the empty space in women's heads."
<Namee> ((you know if men had as much meat between there legs as they have in their head they'd sure walk funny))
Quote 1692
<AlcarDM> Somehow, it even looks cute . .in a lost dog found in a window way . .
<Namee> (if a lost dog is found ina window doesn't that mean it was a dog stolen by a pet store? :)
Quote 1693
* Namee goes back to her book and tries to not think about having a pet ghoul that thinks its a horse that keeps being experimented on with wild surges
Quote 1694
<AlcarDM> Adev looks at Namee "I can take watch the rest of the night if you'd like some sleep" quietly
* Namee nods thinking ghouls that think they are poneys and seeing disembowled friends might seem less disturbing after some sleep
Quote 1695
<Warner> in D&D dark figures are best treated like grade schoolers treat strangers :)
<Keith`> kill first look later?
Quote 1696
* Alcar might just have the cave be buried and Jayleena killed by a snake or somethng
<Marcus_Fenway> As a DM is it wrong to kill a Character because you think the Player could do better with a differant Character
<Keith`> yah but when the player doesn't show..
<Keith`> its perfectly legal
<Baliadoc> of course, it's okay for the DM to kill a character because their player showed for 1 3/4 games :)
<Warner> Marcus_Fenway the real question is wither the story would do better with a differant character :)
Quote 1697
<Marcus_Fenway> 'The Q' One of the least Munchkin Races ever :)
Quote 1698
<Baliadoc> we could just skip a week. it's all good. gives you more time to come up with stuff to kill us *shrug*
<Ike> I've already got more than enough stuff to kill you with. :P
Quote 1699
<Baliadoc> "Is that a red dragon in your pocket, or are you just happy to... OH SHIT! HIT THE PAVEMENT! FIRE IN THE HOLE!"
<Baliadoc> Rogue to warrior, as they dive out of the way safely: "You know how you say you're always right? Just shup up from now on."
Quote 1700
<Ike> Damn PCs getting me wasted the day we made the PCs...
<Ike> I had a fire giant, an ogre, a werebear, a brownie, and a fucking half-fiend..
<Ike> They all bought me liquor... Got me drunk, and sucked up to me..
<Ike> Did I mention I gave one of them a keen vorpal sword?
<Ike> It was a level 2 game...
<Pan`Ku> they REALLY sucked up
<Ike> No. I was REALLY drunk.