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Quote 1501
* Robert``` waits, with an expression that is best describled as a frog waiting for lotion that keeps him from drying out and dieing that he nevertheless doesnt like that much.
<Robert```> (( is that descriptive enough warner? ;P ))
<Reawen> (( heh ))
<WarnerDM> ((hehehe))
* Reawen stands, listening intently to Emma as she notices absently the smell of ozone in the air andf the crip brezes from the city around them ladden with many smells she's never encounterd before. Drawing herself back to the task at hand, she leans forward involuntarily and nods, paying attention to the elderly woman's advice
<Reawen> (( We can kill the DM w/ descriptiveness :) ))
<WarnerDM> (hehe, better then drownding in OCC all the time :)
Quote 1502
* Robert``` 's eyelids move in a closing and opening motion commonly known as blinking. This process is an automatic function designed to potect the eyes, although it can also be a voluntary movement. THe entire process takes much less time than reading this description does.
* WarnerDM pokes Reawen (wake up before robert describes me to death)
Quote 1503
* Robert``` is currently enagaged in a very important, though often taken for granted, action. It involves the intake and then explusion of air from the area around him. However, it must be noted that for RObert and other like him this action does not always require air, as water will function just as well for this purpose. He repeats this process amny times, as he does most of the time anyway, so it really wasnt worht mentioning
<WarnerDM> (for got sake, I've turned him into Mojo Jojo!)
<Reawen> (( Well, at least my explanations were part of the story . .I didn't mean we should take it this fsr caltak :P ))
* Robert``` is able to breathe water. Is also able to breathe air. That is to say, he is able to breathe both air and water. And since he can breathe both air and water, that means he is not limited to only being able to breathe air or only being able to breath water. That is to say, unlike mammals he can breathe water, and unlike fish, he can breathe air. So therefore he is neither. <--now thats Mojo Jojo
Quote 1504
<WarnerDM> when you step off the lader and turn to look you see Petra has both the ilithids putting out all their incence burners. They look shaken and shagrin.
<Robert``> (( shagrin? ))
<Reawen> chargin, cal
<Robert``> (( yeah I still dont know what the word means ))
<WarnerDM> embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure
<Robert``> (( ah, thanks Webster--er, Warner ))
* WarnerDM bellows in his super hero voice "Don't thank me. Thank wordsmyth.com"
Quote 1505
<WarnerDM> End Of Seesion. 200xp 50xp bonous for dung song as long as you never sing it again
Quote 1506
<Alcar> heh. This has to be one of the oddest campaigns I've rped in . .our pcs mostly hate each other guts :)
<Warner> One of the nice things about a plot where you work together is you have a good excuse to stay together. So you don't have to be chumy :)
<Warner> also one of the bigest differances between this setting and star trek, where every one always gets along :)
<Alcar> or seems to :)
<Warner> they do, thats why the writers have to subject them to alien influances all the time. no other way to create tention :)
Quote 1507
<Salem_> "yea...like one giant...um...like the stuff we found at the house...looks like he was planning world domination?"
<Vaj> "Or world destruction."
<Salem_> "judgement day? and the four horsemen?"
<Vaj> ((my, aren't we paranoid :) ))
<Salem_> ((he he with alcar dm-ing...being paranoid keeps you alive))
<Vaj> ((nah.. all you need to do is do something completely unexpected...... and humorous))
Quote 1508
* Salem_ shrugs and opens the box
<Alcar> The package contains 10 rose stems, with thorns. Someone has cut the tops of the roses off.
<Vaj> "Couldn't be pandora's box.. faline's already loose."
Quote 1509
<Vaj> "as to meeting tommy.... death holds no fear to me.. Dealt it too often myself."
<Vaj> "Besides.... you can meet death and live."
Quote 1510
<Salem_> death is like an artform, and faline just butchers it to ribbions
Quote 1511
<Alcar> hmm, Listerine: The Mouthwash Of Weres . .
<Vaj> ((lesterine.. the mouthwash... and meal, of Faline))
<Salem_> (( listerine... to get those stubborn human chunks out of canies...recomended by 4 out of 5 were-tigers ))
Quote 1512
* Salem_ bets if you look up faline in the dictionary- it will read "see World War 3 "
Quote 1513
<Alcar> Circe nods to Vaj "You speak true, but her . . . she has too much anger in her to be trusted."
<Vaj> "She is my ward now, my responsibility."
* Salem_ look at the lady
<Vaj> "She's more mature than most who live and die on this rock."
<Salem_> "well fuck off- i didn't piss in your pond
* Vaj smiles
<Alcar> Circe looks at Vaj "She is also young, headstrong and inexperienced. I wish you luck."
<Vaj> "Unless seriously irritated."
Quote 1514
* ** Jeramias has joined #Game1
<_salem_> "vaj- i would never use you like that- but you know them all powerful god people- they think they are hot snot"
<_salem_> besides... people try to control what they fear...MAYBE she fears me?"
<Jeramias> ((HAHAHA! Are you REALLY running LoLaD without Cal?! :) ))
Quote 1515
<Alcar> yeah. Wizards don't exactly have social graces. And they don't like being afraid of 14 yr old girls :)
<_salem_> she afaird of me? why?
<Alcar> hehe. Guess julie :)
<_salem_> um....having visions or having death want to go to first base?
<Alcar> both :)
Quote 1516
<Krysylyn> ((<insert appropriate Gaty-harrasment here> ))
<Gaty`^> (( you're out of it too eh sin? ))
<Krysylyn> ((oh no... I got too may comments to type :) ))
Quote 1517
<Jeramias> If you want, you can also assign the PCs to their next quest of 'go to (somewhere), bring me (something)' :)
<GestSanch> lazy bum ;)
<Jeramias> Well, since you ARE an NPC, its practicly me telling them to do it ;)
Quote 1518
* Krysylyn takes the list back
<Krysylyn> "It's the names, the truenames, of the nine major lords of the hells."
* Lua_Ann looks at krysylyn's book "looks like my family reunion"
Quote 1519
<GestSanch> "This is my weapons lab. It's where the best and brightest build the biggest weapons on the continent."
<Krysylyn> "When will guys learn that size doesn't matter?"
<Vestranda> "But its not size that matters, Mr Mayor. Its performance. Quality over quantity."
<Jeramias> "You want quality? I -am- quality. Nothing come out of here without my approval."
* Vestranda looks at Jeramias and murmmers "Yourself excluded, I assume."
Quote 1520
<Jeramias> ((Jer's wife is Silva_Atlanta. They were trying to charge a car batery once, but got confused. It was a strange way for both of them to learn about sex ;) ))
Quote 1521
<Jeramias> Why do your PCs hate each other? :)
<GestSanch> (it's the jackass complex. two people of like mind will always hate each other :)
Quote 1522
<Gaty`^> "What will you do whe- if the city burns?"
<Jeramias> "The same thing you do if any city burns. Use as many people as you can to stop the fire."
<Gaty`^> "You're going to throw people in the fire?"
<Gaty`^> 'You are a sick kinda man.."
<Jeramias> "You are a dolt. They will throw water or dirt onto the fire, or course."
<Gaty`^> "So you're going to burry the burnt bodies in mud?"
<Jeramias> "What? No. I'm starting to wonder how you both survived the trip here."
Quote 1523
<Gaty`^> "So what will you do if your library is burnt down?"
<Jeramias> "I will run and scream. Here are your rooms. Once you get settled, ring the bell, and the buttler will show you to diner." He gestures to the tope next to him, then he walks away
* Gaty`^ looks at the rope and tries to climb it to his room
<Jeramias> the bell at the end of the rope rings :P
<Jeramias> the buttler comes. "Are you ready for dinner now?"
* Gaty`^ climbs to the ceiling and looks for the doorway up
* Jeramias sobs. The PCs are getting stupider
<Vestranda> (( The DM is contagious :p ))
Quote 1524
<Jeramias> You have an INT of 12, I will not allow you to act like it is 3! ;)
<Gaty`^> (( Hey! He pointed out the rope and said "Here's yoru room" ))
<Jeramias> (( he meant that was the bell, dork :P ))
* Jeramias presses FF so that he won't have to endure the rest of the rest of the game ;)
<Jeramias> Session End: 200 exp
Quote 1525
<Caltak> Chaos: no offence but how can you not be "in the mood"? the only time im not "in the mood" is when im so tired I cant see anymore.
<Caltak> referring to rping btw
<Caltak> before you make a joke
Quote 1526
<IkeDM> Damn... It seems anytime you say ANYTHING about quotes, you end up in a quote...
* IkeDM hopes he isn't put in a quote for saying that...
<Alcar> temping, but it'd just prove your theory :)
<IkeDM> And God knows that Alcar doesn't want to HELP prove my inane theories...
Quote 1527
<Marcus_Fenway> The Father takes his place at the poduim and conducts the mass speaking the words of the lord Mirri. This Weeks Session is unusually short as it ended in under a hour.
Quote 1528
<Bayne> "so what brings you to these parts"
<Bernstein`> "Travel. Found my brother. Hes over yonder in a coma. Oh, and the vampires. I mentioned them, didn't i?"
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: About 20 times... Drunk bastard.))
<Bernstein`> (( hey, would you do what hes about to sober? :p ))
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: No.. I wouldn't do it drunk either. I wouldn't do it PERIOD. You're insane...))
<Bernstein`> (( well, yes. It was a dare . .vampires aren't suppose to walk around at high noon . but he has to keep his word. Otherwise he'd be no better than they are. ))
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: Exactly... A vampire has no honor.. You idiot... :P))
Quote 1529
<Keith`> (i would join in but i'm about to make a run to the store)
<Christof`> (( oh that ok Keith. I dont need more prejudiced bastard pcs riding my ass about being undead ))
Quote 1530
<Sintaqx> do you realize that if not for technology we would still be working only 20 hours a week hunting and farming, and the average lifespan would be 45?
<Bernstein`> Some ppl want to go back to that :)
<Bernstein`> but its more embracing the tribal lifestyle and such than anything else
<Sintaqx> I actually wouldn't mind it myself.. though dirt is hard to roll dice in
Quote 1531
<Sintaqx> you know... if people had D&D in the stone age, would they be playing sci-fi versions of it with swords and armor?
<Vidie`^> no, they would rp dinosours as dragons
<Marcus_Fenway> Imagine Role Playing a Demon... or a Sorcerer... you would risk being linched
Quote 1532
<IkeDM> Tak: Go.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I Just stand there and Die...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( this could take a while )_)
<IkeDM> Oh boy...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> J/K
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I charge of course!
<IkeDM> So charge!
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I am!
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I just said I was!
Quote 1533
<Karsh``> you probably need an attack roll, Tak ;)
<IkeDM> It's RIGHT behind you...
<IkeDM> Seeing as how it just attacked you...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> ... If its Right its not behind me!
Quote 1534
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( Elves in Orbit the first of HBO's new documentry sieries... 'How to have fun with the Fireball Spell' )_)
Quote 1535
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim Picks up Bernstein` and starts carring him out of the Forest . . . and after a few moments he remebers he is wearing Spiked armor...
* Bernstein` bleeds and sleeps :)
* Bernstein` does stain Takl's armour tho :)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Medic!"
<Christof`> (( aww, you punctured your teddy bear ;P ))
Quote 1536
<Eolh> to bad i can't convert my turnings in to healing spells
Quote 1537
<`Anne`> (( bad tiger no cookie- what did i tell you about eating reporters in the house?))
Quote 1538
<Faline> "It seems to me that Old rrabbit is becoming a huge prroblem." (though is Faline rreally one to talk? :P) "I think I want to have a worrd with him..."
<Cecil`^> "He talked with simon for a while, then simon tried to kill himself.. maybe I should go regulate.."
<Rei`> "Faline don't, i have a fealing he is in better fighting shape then i am"
<Rei`> "umm Cecil he does have plains to kill you"
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Good."
Quote 1539
<Jane`^> "Ok, that's in the past, we all have killed something sometime in our life."
* Simon``` stares at jane "It was yesterday!"
<Jane`^> "Yesterday is still the past."
Quote 1540
<Caltak> well Ike, I could alway rp the training ;P
<Ike> Caltak: But on one condition... Anything that is quote worthy, you have to save... And give to Alcar next time.
<Ike> Because, of course, the most important reason to play is for cool quotes...
Quote 1541
<Mikiel> ((I assume we still have our clothes, and our weapons are in a chest in the next room))
* Prince_Elric better have his clothes... They cost 200 freaking gold.
Quote 1542
<Mikiel> ((Shouldnt he be worried about his torch in the middle of a sewer?))
<Albus> (( lol Mikiel ))
<Prince_Elric> (( What did you say about not giving him any ideas? ))
<Chaos`^> It's called the dm's law, explosions only happen when i say they can =p
* Mikiel ((Claps his hands over his mouth))
Quote 1543
<Charlie`^> You can smell fresh blood, mixed with the smell of the sewers
<Prince_Elric> "By the gods, it's horrid down here."
<Charlie`^> "We're almost there."
<Prince_Elric> "Ugh.. These boots are seude! The cleaning lady will never be able to get rid of these stains"
<Mikiel> "Is the cleaning lady still alive?"
<Prince_Elric> "I suppose you're right. Poor Mathilda."
Quote 1544
<Chaos`^> He helps Elric up and the camera cranes up to show the large battle field. What used to be a beutiful green field is now scarlet, thousands of bodys scatter it, dirt flies up around you as catapults are fired for no aperrant reason. You are outside the city.
* Prince_Elric falls to his knees.
<Prince_Elric> "M..my... p...people..."
<Mikiel> "The flowerbeds!! What HAVE they done to the flowerbeds?!?!"
* Albus looks around slowly, squiting in the light "Gods ... how am I going to bury them all?"
Quote 1545
* Mikiel kicks Prince_Elric again
<Prince_Elric> "Don't touch me you peasant!"
<Prince_Elric> "How dare you kick royalty!"
<Mikiel> "Because you are being a fool."
<Prince_Elric> "Is that how you would treat your prince?"
<Mikiel> "You may behead me later"
Quote 1546
* Albus sighs and (sparkie and DM willing) slaps Prince_Elric accross the face, hard
<Prince_Elric> (( What is this? Beat up the prince day? Taking out your anger? What? Was it the taxes? I'll lower them... ))
<Chaos`^> lol
Quote 1547
<Salem_> no no no- rule #1 never give the DM a "good idea"
<Bethor_Nosgoth> Rule #2 If the GM Giggles, attacking that goblin/troll/dragon was not a good idea.
* Salem_ rule #3 if you make quirky pcs the dm likes- look out! your gona be picked on by every BIG bad NPC
<Bethor_Nosgoth> Rule #4 If the room with the idol seems baren, trun around, grab the torch bearer and have him do wind sprints in the room.
Quote 1548
<Tisrook> YES! I've officially lost my soul! :)
Quote 1549
<AlcarDM> Garon was a semi-famous bard. The music from the harp was also said to calm angry people, especially felines.
<AlcarDM> whatever else it could do isn't known
<AlcarDM> Among bards its famous for rarely coming out of tune. Most bards dont care about what else it does .. legends say Garon met his death when it woke up something nasty :)
<Namee> Um ick, ok so now im not quiet so envous :P
Quote 1550
<Namee> damn you, im being forced into taking a cursed magic item by peer pressure!
Quote 1551
<Marcus_Fenway> Staff of Power ... Cost 200,000 gp
<Marcus_Fenway> You had better have a good Payment Plan :)
<Ask_Jeeves> steal it from the owner sounds about right
Quote 1552
<Marcus_Fenway> I should hand out Orbs of Dragonkind as Party Favors
Quote 1553
<Sintaqx> '101 poisons you can make from your cleric's morning gruel'
Quote 1554
<Sintaqx> Create Intelligence: The bachelor may create a rudimentry form of intelligent life simple by leaving one of his own prepared meals in a cool, dark place for two weeks
<Sintaqx> a bachelor/wizard with a mayonase familiar
<Marcus_Fenway> Its a Tunafish Sandwich Familiar with 18-INT 16-WIS 13-CHA and 27-EGO
<Alcar> "NO! You ate my familiar! Now I can't cast that . . Wait, can you remove poisons? Oh, sorry. Well,you did eat him .."
<Sintaqx> empower your tunafish sandwich familiar with regenerate :)
<Alcar> hehe. So you get a meal and a familiar all in one?
<Marcus_Fenway> The Tarrasque eats your Familiar and slowly dies
Quote 1555
<Salem_> "and i got a funny feeling about the others as well...should we worrie?"
<Vaj> "I'd worry for any humans faline meets.. or meats as the case may be."
Quote 1556
<Salem_> "vaj- i've been getting "feelings" from back where the others are.... and well i do not know why"
<Vaj> "What kinds of feelings?"
<Salem_> "um..empending doom kinda feelings..not happy ones"
<Vaj> "makes sense, considering the fact they have a certain were-tigress with them."
<Salem_> "no...its bigger than that... shes a gear in the whold doom days device...but its like engulfing them all"
<Alcar> (( Wow. A "gear in the whole doomsday device" ... I think Faline needs to hire some seriouis PR people .. ))
<Vaj> ((why? she doesn't already have enough to eat?))
Quote 1557
<Salem_> "she has to be stoped some how... at first she was like a palidin- now just a force of destruction- why did she turn?"
<Vaj> ((a sprinkle of vampire, a dash of predjudice, a twist of dragon.... and a gallon of Faline))
<Salem_> "he has to be put down.... or at least contained- her actions started the gears rolling...."
<Salem_> "and now i fear the doomsday clock is nearing the 13 hour"
<Vaj> "I think the gears were already going, Faline just sped up the process."
Quote 1558
<Nimih`^> My favorite part of a new campaign is to see the characters nicks, how strange they look.. it's like christmas
Quote 1559
<Nurse_Darleen> "well since when selling slaves were "politically correct"? "
<Nurse_Darleen> "i don't think the people who are interset would mind what you say, dear"
<Nurse_Darleen> "they arn't politicaly correct themselves"
<WarnerDM> "You'd be suprized how sensitive they can be. I called one a Mind Flayer once and blew a 4000gp deal"
<Nurse_Darleen> "this Illithid city- sounds like a dreay place.. i would not like to visit- i'll stick to the sticky faced children and the cherry people here"
<WarnerDM> "They're these squid like humanoids that eat the brains of inteligent creatures. Evil as can be but they respect the Law. Properly managed they can be a great asset to socity"
Quote 1560
* Bob_the_Monkey is safe from illithids, having, according to many sources, no mind at all
Quote 1561
<Nurse_Darleen> (what is a lilltihid?))
<Robert```> (( a Mind Flayer ))
<WarnerDM> (But Gel warned you not to call them Mind Flayers because they're a little sensitive about that name)
<WarnerDM> (("We don't Flay minds, we consume and preserve their knowedge"))
Quote 1562
* Bob_the_Monkey starts climbing up the face then
<WarnerDM> The ogre mage backs away from bob looking almost comical, "And what do you want?"
* Bob_the_Monkey sticks a candy in the ogre-mage's mouth
Quote 1563
<WarnerDM> Robert action?
* Robert``` wonders what the hell the monkey is doing, thats about it
<WarnerDM> ok, robert uses his quick wits and speedy reaction to blink before anyone gets a chance to stop him
Quote 1564
<WarnerDM> sten the ogre magi has just retreated from a Bob_the_Monkey candy attack, what are you gonna do next? :)
Quote 1565
<Marcus_Fenway> The Keeper Points to a house some 200 years away. "That be it. "
<Natalia`> ((that's a long ways away....))
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( 2 foot ball fields )_)
<Nimih`^> (( 200 years? ))
<Natalia`> ((no.. the years.. not yards part ;) ))
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( This city was Built Accross time not Space :P )_)
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( yeah YARDS :P )_)
Quote 1566
<Nimih`^> the 'vampires come out at night only' is the first myth discoverd wrong in ALL vampire campaigns
Quote 1567
<Marcus_Fenway> You Arrive at the General Store... or Rather the General Make shift cart with stuff hanging from ever square inch of it.
Quote 1568
<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "Cause I have to make Profit, and the Demand on these if pretty high so..."
<Urtho> they DEMAND what the hell are they
<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "They are... Sticks with little buttons on them... Duh!"
<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "You want them or not?"
Quote 1569
<Marcus_Fenway> the Chicken doens't hear you :) but you miss and it spooks the chicken
<Nimih`^> chicken!?
<Nimih`^> you're attackin a friggin chicken!?
* Koby` was hungry :p
Quote 1570
<Orrik> Koby` 1d20+4: << 16 >>
<Koby`> finally!
<Marcus_Fenway> 3 shots to kill a fricken Chicken :)
<Koby`> I still killed it tho! How much EXP did I get? j/k
<Marcus_Fenway> you got 2xp :)
<Nimih`^> 2xp for a chicken!? I'm goin' to alll the farms in the world to kill them all!
<Nimih`^> that's how commoners gain levels, butchering chickens
Quote 1571
<WarnerDM> The first Illithid shoves the Gardner Illithid aside and asks, "What business have you in our city?"
<Reawen> "We're tourists."
<Robert```> "We just wish to pass through, and um...I have coupons to offer."
<Reawen> "We came by to admire the lovely architecture and the low crime rate . . My friend Rob hear heard that your mushroom gardens with one of the 7 wonders of the Rock of Braal so I had to come see them -- he kept going on and on about how impressive they were."
<WarnerDM> "Pass through? We arn't a..." he gets jostled aside as the gadener says "Coupons? From the Gemini Magica?"
* Robert``` looks at Reawen
* Robert``` looks back at the illithids.
<Robert```> "um, disregard Reawen, she's not all there."
Quote 1572
<Warner> xp for external use only. Contents under pressure. Offer void where void. Discontinue use if rash develops.
<Elana-Silvereye> refridgerate after opening
<Elana-Silvereye> best used before 10/11/2001
Quote 1573
<Jeramias> Do you have a 1st level char?
<Dragontey> Yep 4th level wiz
<Dragontey> Actualy 5th
<Jeramias> Thats interesting, because I asked for a 1st level character. You are so good at following directions, you might be too good to play.
Quote 1574
* Krysylyn scavanges 1 tindertwig from the batch
* Krysylyn is in a foul mood for the rest of the day ;)
<Jeramias> Well, Gaty is there, so it is a given :)
Quote 1575
<Jeramias> (<( Fight! Fight! Fight! Wait, I'm supposed to help -resolve- player conflict... hmmm... Oh well, Fight! ;) )>)
Quote 1576
<Jeramias> Gaty, you are feeling a bit ill
* Gaty`^ runs to the nearest person and grabs him "I don't want to die!"
* Gaty`^ starts to cry
<Gaty`^> "I don't want to eat people.. Why me!?"
<Krysylyn> "You won't die Gaty.. Ghouls are Un-dead."
<Gaty`^> "I don't want to undie!! NOOOOO!!!"
* Gaty`^ drops to the ground and cries some more
Quote 1577
* Gaty`^ smiles
<Gaty`^> "YOu saved my life again!"
* Krysylyn mutters "Lucky me."
<Gaty`^> "What was that?"
<Krysylyn> "Nothing."
Quote 1578
<Gestris`> a small snake can't feed a potion to a barbarian!!!
<Gestris`> the physics of it are mind-boggling!!
Quote 1579
<Gestris> god damn, i hate people that just don't listen. Hell, I hate myself, because I don't listen, but I don't show predjudice. I hate everyone. :)
Quote 1580
* Marcus_Fenway buys Koby a Shortbow of Chicken Slaying +1 (+9 against Chickens)
<Mr_bake_o> hey yea killer chickens.......good idea for a game? I think so!
<Salem_> he he- no- killer dust bunnies!
<Marcus_Fenway> Isn't Animate Dust Bunnies a Spell?
<\\`arner> Nooo! not the killer dust bunnies! Ayieieieieieie!
<Warner> Those things travil in packs and are usually led by a 10 hit die ball of belly button lint!
<Warner> And they travil at the speed of lint!
* Salem_ takes out the feather duster of doom- and a can of "Endust!"
Quote 1581
<Marcus_Fenway> I once had a Cleric with the Summon Paladin Spell... he was a Evil Cleric :)
<Marcus_Fenway> then you Summon it and kill it for XP :)
* Sintaqx would summon it and taunt it for quotes.. screw the exp
<Mr_bake_o> summon it over a large pit or somthing
Quote 1582
<Silvena> "which one is the palidin i am assigned to"
<Natalia`> "The one in the shiny armor."
<Nimih`^> "That would be me."
* Silvena shakes her head...lord have mercy...
Quote 1583
<Silvena> "there, child..you have been healed- walk in the light..so on and so forth..ect...
<Koby`> so on and so forth..ect... <-- Wow. Inspiring :)
<Nimih`^> Silvena is a cleric of very little patience
<Silvena> he he - hey i am delvepoing a pc
* Natalia` is awed by the caring dialog of the cleric
<Marcus_Fenway> At least she wasn't a mage.... "Yadda Yadda Yadda... Whatever... Fireball or something!"
<Silvena> lets say- cleric is not her first career choice
<Silvena> "yea your healed- now here is my bill"
* Silvena hands nimih a large $$ bill and goes to play golf
Quote 1584
<Marcus_Fenway> At this rate the Vampires will die of old age before the Group finds them :)
Quote 1585
<Natalia`> "We need vampire blood and holy water to find the vampire."
<Nimih`^> "Great.. we need a vampire first.."
<Natalia`> "Maybe my blood will work."
<Nimih`^> "I need to sleep."
<Natalia`> "I'll try it in the morning."
<Nimih`^> "I don't think you're a vampire."
<Natalia`> "We'll see."
* Natalia` goes to sleep.
Quote 1586
<Natalia`> so many questions, so few words-per-minute
Quote 1587
<Dalv> "We can kill them! We can do it! We're PCs! We've got red uniforms on Star Trek" :P
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<Salem_> "of course....well how do i fit in this plan?"
* Tommy``` shrugs "You can raise the dead. There is power in that, more than just in the action . . you violate the natural orders of the universe. That is not soemthing to take lightly."
<Dalv> "There are far to many things that violate the orders to declare anything natural."
* Tommy``` smiles thinly at Dalv "Oh? Is that your final answer?"
<Dalv> "Yes, it is."
<Tommy```> "I think there is an order. Or perhaps a plan." *shrugs* "Just because the order is violated does not mean it doesn't exist."
<Dalv> "I suppose that you could be right."
<Tommy```> (( "I'm an NPC! Of course I'm right! ))
<Salem_> "bend the rules- twist the rules- rewrite the rules- just don't break them, then how will the game be played?"
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<Dalv> (<( Is Dalv gonna be able to make it back to Trail by tommarow? :) )>)
<Alcar> (( somehow, yes :) ))
<Dalv> Good :)
<Alcar> (( VampireAir - its everywhere you want to go. ))
<Alcar> This flight doesn't serve peanuts, but the stewardess is Type O
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<Caltak> hehe why is it one way or another all my characters end up getting made fun of be it directly or indirectly? ;P
<Sin{Away}> 'cause alcar is dming?
<Caltak> or maybe its just cause my characters are very make-fun-of-able (if theres a word for that I'd like to know it)
<Sin{Away}> laughable?
<Sin{Away}> comical?
<Sin{Away}> humorous?
<Sin{Away}> funny-looking?
<Caltak> hehe actually, for most of them, all of those apply. especially the last one :)
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<Caltak> we were discussing why all my characters always get made fun of ;P
<Jeramias> I think that its obvious :)
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<Caltak> he's still doing it tonight too tho right?
<Jeramias> Yeah, of course
<Caltak> oh good
<Jeramias> You're no fun now. You used to freak when there was a game without you :)
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<Caltak> so what was our resident meat grinder doing during the game? (oh god now im doing it too)
<Jeramias> Hmm?
<Caltak> Faline ;P
<Jeramias> Oh, she wasn't there 'cause you wern't :P
<Caltak> oh so was it the whole "spontaneously fall asleep" thing again?
<Jeramias> Something like that
<Caltak> ah. how...creative :P
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* Sin{Away} votes that Faline becomes the first were-tiger to spontaneously combust
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<Sintaqx> I think Arnols Schwartzenegger would have been a great vampire ;)
<Alcar> "I vill be back. Again. And again."
<Alcar> "And again, until my contract runs out! So stake me! I vill not die!"
* Alcar would like to see that in a vampire movie :p
<Sintaqx> "And if you kill me, they vill just clone me! so Hah!"
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<Sintaqx> I want to make a magic item that is a waterskin of salt... if you say the command word and take a drink you get water.. otherwise you get a mouthful of salt
<Jeramias> yuck
<Sintaqx> what bandits would take a skin of salt :)
<Sintaqx> they will leave it with you, to tourcher you 'cause you don't have water :)
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* Jane`^ gives kara a quick and unoticable glance
* Kara-Dalv notices the glance
<Kara-Dalv> :P
* Jane`^ did it too fast to notice
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<Cecil`^> (( If the dm made a barrier around this god damned city I'm gunna rip his little head off, and his roomates too! ))
<Kara-Dalv> (<( lol, well, he did )>)
<Simon```> (( Actually, some npcs did :p ))
<Faline> (( oh sure blame it on the NPCs ;P ))
<Cecil`^> (( I'll pay for the trip to go up there and do it... ))
<Cecil`^> (( You ARE npcs! ))
<Simon```> (( so? ))
<Faline> (( so anything an NPC does is your fault alcar ;) ))
* Cecil`^ passes the donation basket around so he can afford to go up to canada and kill the dm
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* `Salem hates the sound of being alone- but is glad she still can hear vaj
<Vaj> ((I do what the voices in my head tell me to))
<`Salem> ((he he yea shes crazy now)
* `Salem nods to what vaj is saying
<Simon```> So Vaj teaches Salem to drive ..something about that is seriously disturbing
* Vaj looks as innocent as a damned soul can
Quote 1600
<Simon```> Ok,you drive out of town with Vaj's assistance. The entire city looks ruined. Bodies, buildings . .everything levelled as if some mad god went on a rampage. Even undead bodies everywhere.
<Simon```> As you leave the town limits you are struck by the sobering realisation that even Faline couldn't have done all this in 1 night . .
<`Salem> "oh my god...
<`Salem> "i did this... I have a higher body count then FALINE?"