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Quote 10001
<Mary_jane`^> "Nora, would you go find Luna and have her stay here with Gabe... I kind of want her to watch over Wade..."
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm affraid he might... hurt himself or others... He saw--felt what Jacob is, and now he feels... weak, worthless."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "..... And you think Luna would help?!"
* Mary_jane`^ smiles
<AlcarGM> Nora: "She'd probably turn him into a potted plant or something."
<Mary_jane`^> "She's smarter than she pretends to be."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well so are you," generously.
Quote 10002
* Mary_jane`^ runs up to Nora's old room to borrow some of hers
<AlcarGM> You surface three hours later from the closets, half convinced the shoes stretch into another time zone
Quote 10003
<Mary_jane`^> "When the shit hits the fan, you learn really quick what your limits are."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "And what do you know if you have none?"
* Mary_jane`^ blinks, recalling "Try not to go power hungry and overthrow hell."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "He doesn't. I felt his ... will, when he woke me. So much, just holding back power, preventing him from truly using it ..." He trails off. "I would think that is a lack of ambition."
<AlcarGM> He chuckles. "Not that I would try it."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Perhaps power lies more in what we do not do than what we do....." he shakes his head. "I think I am just confusing myself."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, i think you're on a roll." PArking
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Then what do you not do, that you could? What .. limits .. do you put on Truth?"
<AlcarGM> (( "I don't tell pregnant women what they really look like." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmm... you're really starting to get pretty deeply into ethics... I do what I think is right, what is good... What people expect the heroine of a story to do..." (( not to be confused with the heroin of a story ))
Quote 10004
<AlcarGM> You.. shop!
<AlcarGM> What do yhou get for yourself? :p
* Mary_jane`^ pilfered Nora's closet... She has a shop in it herself... but because she's a party girl she probably grabs some shoes and an outfit or two...
<Mary_jane`^> whatever girls these days shop for =p
* AlcarGM nods. You can never have too many shoes.
<AlcarGM> The trunk of the car, of course, fits all of it.
<AlcarGM> And has room left over to stash a body. It alway does.
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't have any spare bodies to test the theory, so she just closes the trunk
Quote 10005
<Mary_jane`^> "I need to sleep it's... been a long day and I have work."
<AlcarGM> Jacob nods. "I should probably find out if I can."
Quote 10006
<alcar> Come on, it's Superman's costume? Who wouldn't want to wear it?
<Gemm> You could get one at a costume store, ok?
* alcar has this image of a supervillain cosplay conventiuon where they beat their hero nemesis solely to steal their custome and go to the super villain ball
<Gemm> Where do you think Bizarro went?
<alcar> Those never fit right, though.
<alcar> but it's probably vital...
<alcar> Clark Kent: "Uh, but .... I can't strip for your security search, Mr. Airline Security man."
<alcar> .oO(Great scott! If I have to remove my clothing, evedryone will realise that Clark Kent is really Superman!)
<alcar> So he would have ot travel without it and buy one from a costume store.
Quote 10007
<Mary_jane`^> (( I thought we were taking a plane..."
<Mary_jane`^> err ))
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "i'll drive for a while."
<AlcarGM> (( oh, yeah! oops! ))
<AlcarGM> Jeeves comes out. "Change of plans. We'll take the plane, and have the car meet us there."
<Mary_jane`^> "O-kay..."
<AlcarGM> jeeves: "I went to print off a map." he holds out a piece of paper."I got this instead."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs said paper
<AlcarGM> Printer paper, says: "In Spring, when love turns to fancy / A plane ride is much less chancy."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "I assume this is some strange magical warning system?"
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> "I have... no idea..."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<Mary_jane`^> "Whatever, plane it is."
<AlcarGM> (( hey, it gets around my snafu :p And is funny. ))
Quote 10008
<AlcarGM> The stewardess demonstrates the methods of fastening seatbelts and all of that by rote, bored. She probably does it at home when people visit her house. ("In the event of Arthur's Chili con Carnivore exploding again, the emergency exists from the dining area are clearly marked.")
Quote 10009
<AlcarGM> emergency lights kick on, and you hear people runnig past the door.. hallway, it seems, armed and running in a group.
* Mary_jane`^ rushes through the next door with her sword in hand
<AlcarGM> You leapt out into the hallway and run into two men in lab coats, who look quite surprised. "Ah...." "Err" "HELP!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Who are you and what is this place?"
<AlcarGM> Lab Coat #1: "HELP!" again, screaming like a girl.
* Mary_jane`^ puts a sword to his throat "Tell me."
<AlcarGM> #2, with more presence of mind, pulls out a syringe from a pocket and tries to drug you as if you were a recalcitrant mouse they were experimenting on.
* Mary_jane`^ punches #2 in the face
<AlcarGM> He drops like a sack of potatoes. #1 whimpers help, this time "Who are.. how did you .. si this.. is this a hostile takeover?"
Quote 10010
<AlcarGM> Three men with stun guns come around the corner, probably getting hard ons acting out Star Wars.... "Don't move!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Shut up."
<AlcarGM> That not being the expected reply, they try and open fire. Try, because they're just human, and you are most definitely not.
Quote 10011
* Mary_jane`^ finishes up and puts the dirty sheets in a laundry bin, washing her hands
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm hungry, I'm going to go bet breakfast. You in?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe; ".... thanks," after he's dressed. "Sure." (("I bet 10 dollars!"))
<AlcarGM> (( I wonder if casinos actually have betting for meals.. ))
Quote 10012
<AlcarGM> The computer asks your age.
<AlcarGM> and reason for query
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and typs in her age, and to know who the hell was trying to kill her
<AlcarGM> hehehe
<AlcarGM> The computer responds with informtion on David Frug, 51, former city garbage collector "injured" in loine of work and voted in as new fisher king after 9/11 drove the previous one mildly around the bend and over a few kerbs *British spelling, of course, emphasizes this). Current satus: Active.
<AlcarGM> it also gives you google ads. Given that this computer is in Atlantis, this may or may not worry you.
Quote 10013
* Mary_jane`^ hrms and looks up omega13
<AlcarGM> Atlantis has them listed as terrorists :)
<AlcarGM> and pretty much what you knew; cell-based anti magic organization, ,motives unknown. Funding beleived to stem from worldogvernments and HeretiCorp.
<AlcarGM> The part where they sell "free" energy to cities isn't in the computers here, oddly.
<Mary_jane`^> odd
* Mary_jane`^ looks up the part where they even sell energy
<AlcarGM> It's not listed at all.
<AlcarGM> So either it's not known (unlikely?) or someone has removed it.
* Mary_jane`^ hrms and logs off of the computer
<AlcarGM> (( Atlantis' computers are really a wiki :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( That would suck =p ))
Quote 10014
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "You must answer a Question to pass this place," with a snarl and dire need of a breath mint
* Mary_jane`^ breaths deeply relaxing somewhat
<Mary_jane`^> anyone I know? ;)
<AlcarGM> Nope.
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Seven."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: ".... pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "three plus four. I just answered a question. Can we pass?"
<AlcarGM> The dragon looks down, eyes narrowing.....
<AlcarGM> Gabe: ".... it was worth a shot?"
<AlcarGM> The dragon breathes a gout of flame down at both of you with a roar.
* Mary_jane`^ () Quit (Ping timeout)
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "The question is: How often tonight will Chaos ping timeout?!"
* Mary_jane`^ () has joined #game1
<Mary_jane`^> ... damnit
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Dragon: "The question is: How often tonight will Chaos ping timeout?!"
<Mary_jane`^> THree more times!
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "Doh!" :p
Quote 10015
<Mary_jane`^> "My 'king' wasn't the one who sent people into new york."
<AlcarGM> She looks at you disbelievingly. "It happened in his city.Of course he did it."
<Mary_jane`^> "He was doing me a favor."
<Mary_jane`^> "They tried to blow me up."
<AlcarGM> She blinks at that. "A favour? Kings do not owe their subjects favours, dear."
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmm... Do you remember the king that was sent to bellona?"
<AlcarGM> She frowns, then nods slowly. "Yours destroyed him."
* Mary_jane`^ shakes her head
<Mary_jane`^> "No, you are all just really paranoid and think he's responsible for it."
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head in turn. "A king rules their kingdoom. He may have you convinced otherwise, but that is a lie."
<Mary_jane`^> "The king, in bellona, I was going to college there at the time... He tried to kill me."
<AlcarGM> She doesn't look surprised. Youn seem the sort to attract that :) "And?"
Quote 10016
<AlcarGM> The old woman shakes her head. "You understand, now? He is stronger than all of them, in will and energy. And you think you are not his puppet? Kings rule, child. It is their nature."
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm sorry?"
<AlcarGM> She deals cards again, slowly. "A king's sacrifice binds them to their kingdom. A kingdom serves a king, acts out their wisehs, is their desires -- what they wish happens, what they will becomes real. What makes you think you are not his servant?"
* Mary_jane`^ grins
<AlcarGM> (( "Because I'm the player, stupid!" ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Because I get him into so much trouble."
Quote 10017
* Mary_jane`^ tests her blue fire on one of the vines
<Mary_jane`^> one of the thorny, ugly, mean vines
<AlcarGM> You send it up, and the vines cease to exist, returning to a formless voice
<AlcarGM> err, void
<Tass> formless voice sounds so much cooler, though
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> some sort of giant sneeze...
Quote 10018
<Mary_jane`^> "So, who's with us?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Beijing, oddly. Even the hidden city. Me. Mexico, even though she shouldn't be.Iceland, because you, apparently, are good at cards. Lots of small players thinking they owe me. Most of the major ones..... aren't."
<Mary_jane`^> "Really? Paris put up a good front then... What's with her?"
<Tass> I'll put up a solid front and she'll surrender :P
<AlcarGM> :p
Quote 10019
<Mary_jane`^> "Nora'd like her."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Nora likes anyone."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, but she has that charm to her... Reminds me of one of her old girlfriends..."
<AlcarGM> Gabe groans. "I have enough problems without other cities think I'm trying to seduce Paris with a succubus."
<Fennec> (( only if the succubus is named Helen ))
Quote 10020
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, it would be weird. Even for me. But how do I get a date with a city?"
<Mary_jane`^> "... Ask her? I wonder if she could hook me up with a french guy..."
<AlcarGM> Gabe buries his face in his hands and groans. "Why me?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, I can't just go to the city and waves my hand and hope to attract the attention of its king ..quen.Can I?"
<Mary_jane`^> "We should go..."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Supper might be good first, though." She brightens. "I'll need to change,"and dashes upstairs.
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I assume," patiently, "your trip did not succeed?"
<Mary_jane`^> "The trip went just fine."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Over one hundred ninjas trying to kill people is a different definition of fine."
<Mary_jane`^> "How do you know they have anything to do with the trip?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Because you went on it."
Quote 10021
* Mary_jane`^ grabs some pizza
<AlcarGM> Jeeves puts three on the table, frowns. "I made four..."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Shhh," to you, swallowing a pizza
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad ate it."
* Mary_jane`^ would stick her tongue out at him if he wasn't in her head
Quote 10022
* Fennec just personally thinks it would be hilarious if Paris dumped Nora and tried to ask MJ out or something like that. :P
<AlcarGM> pls stop reading my mind kthx :p
<Fennec> hahahahahaha
Quote 10023
<AlcarGM> Nora drinks some tea. "So. You actually want to do this?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, for a french cafe I figured their coffee would taste more... frenchy..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Do what? We're just having a little fun in the city of romance. If she decides to show up she can join us. I bet she hardly ever goes to enjoy her own city."
<Mary_jane`^> (( "It's like masturbation, everyone needs to enjoy themselves every once in a while." Or... not >< ))
Quote 10024
<tatterdemalion> idlerpgs are, also, popular
<Chaos`^> what?
<Chaos`^> no i mean the topic says "Idle only"
<tatterdemalion> ah. That is just silly :p
<Chaos`^> i dunno what you're talking about
<tatterdemalion> they're rpgs. Where one idles.
<Chaos`^> ... what?
<Chaos`^> how is that possible?
Quote 10025
<Tass> "I didn't like Kage's somewhat indiscriminate vendetta against the fae too much."
<Tass> ugh :P
<Tass> one of them 'rolled a 12' and made a reincarnation machine out of one of his wards, rather selfishly, when I went to it for help!
<Tass> the others I went to help for told me that if earth was destroyed, then they would just go elsewhere, and they weren't going to lift a finger otherwise
<Tass> oh, and one tried to kill him because he hadn't gotten to kill someone in a while
<Tass> I think it was a rather descriminating vendetta! :P
* Fennec hugs Tass. It's okay. Just not very moral. ;)
<Gemm[Bed]> Who is mortal but the man that sits beside gods?
<Tass> if a whole race of people either wants you dead, or toys with you because they think they are above you, and at the same time, are indifferent or even hostile to everything you hold dear....
<Tass> I think its safe to not like them :P
Quote 10026
<Tass> and kage didn't want to kill all the fae
<Tass> just one :P
<Tass> and well, strip them all of their immortality
<kentari> and yeah
<kentari> Cameron was for total genocide of the fae, Kage was just for dealing with their issues.
<Tass> well, because it turns out they snubbed their responsibility of protectors just to live forever :P
<Tass> and not even live forever
<Tass> but to live forever in their self made sandbox that thet built on the remnants of some poor guys soul
<Tass> back to sophie, though
<kentari> heeheeheeeee
<kentari> Sophie would've been awesome if it weren't for his environment ;p
Quote 10027
<Mary_jane`^> sometimes, I just want to shake the super MJ from campaign 1's last session and ask her "Why the hell didn't you give me more protection form things like this!?"
<AlcarGM> lol
Quote 10028
<Mary_jane`^> so... is the city still protected or is her unconsciousness going to be a problem?
<AlcarGM> oh, protected still.
<Mary_jane`^> from omega13?
<AlcarGM> of course!
<AlcarGM> Really!
<Mary_jane`^> i don't trust you
<AlcarGM> Would I lie to you?!
* Mary_jane`^ calls her staff
Quote 10029
* Mary_jane`^ is also sort of... stranded in paris
* Mary_jane`^ digs through her pockets for a credit card
<AlcarGM> You, of course, have one.
<AlcarGM> And Money nora left, still.
<Mary_jane`^> Wait, Nora left money?
<Mary_jane`^> How much? =p
* Mary_jane`^ thanks god for Nora, and somehow doesn't see the irony in that
<AlcarGM> couple grand left over from your clothing trip :P
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<AlcarGM> Having a succubus for a friend is good. Having one with money is better!
* Mary_jane`^ buys a french dress before buying a plane ticket
<AlcarGM> ah! Prioties. Good.
<Mary_jane`^> that's what women do right?
<Mary_jane`^> spend mony on clothes?
<AlcarGM> lol
* sparkie adds that to the quote
Quote 10030
<AlcarGM> You now have a dress. And a 6hour plane flight, on which you read and half way through it find there is turbulence. Only, it's in your head, ending with a dragon and a friend landing inside, smoking gently.
<Mary_jane`^> oh good!
* Mary_jane`^ goes inside her head to investigate
<AlcarGM> Nora is coughing on the beach, smoking and her hair burnt, and reeks of .... cookies?
* Mary_jane`^ yells out
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad!" Running for him
<AlcarGM> Tad is curled up, shivering, and quite small.
* Mary_jane`^ grabs him by the neck and nearly chokes him
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad, why do you keep doing that? you need to learn to run when something like that happens."
<AlcarGM> You choke him to death. Turn to page 138.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> The swuccubus, not wanting to find your dragon again, kills you. End of adventure!
<AlcarGM> :P
Quote 10031
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm so sorry... But when you see me doing something stupid like that you just need to leave..."
* Mary_jane`^ looks up at Nora
<Mary_jane`^> "Thank you thank you thank you!"
<AlcarGM> Tad: "... then when would I ever BE here?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Where'd you find him?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Girl guide camp," grimly.
Quote 10032
<AlcarGM> It's close to 9 am, you aren't tired, there is an apprentice swordsman cleaning a kitchen, Lancelot outside finishing his practise, and an ex-angel and fisher king upstairs in a home that has so many rooms even jeeves forgets where a few are.
<AlcarGM> This is your life not on drugs. Imagine it on them.
<AlcarGM> :p
Quote 10033
* alcar doesn't do planning small session games well :)
<alcar> Though the other night game w/ Chaos dealing with vrill and such is fairly short term.
<kentari> oh
<kentari> chaos and you don't game, alcar
<alcar> oh? :p
<kentari> You have a literary form of cybersex.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> ... rofl!
Quote 10034
<AlcarGM> http://uncyclopedia.org/images/f/f3/Supermam.jpg
<AlcarGM> I must use this in Supers Lite. Somehow.
Quote 10035
<AlcarGM> La Fin De Siecle 3 Session #16 - the continuation of the "literary form of cybersex" (to quote kentari)
<AlcarGM> You wake from the dream on another bed, in a house too big for any single family.The bed smells of lavender, bounce sheets and freshly laundered dreams. Despite the dream, you are surprisingly well rested, though Tad is still sleeping off having died. Again. Lazy bum....
<Mary_jane`^> is that what we're calling it now?
<AlcarGM> (( was his name for it earlier :P owing to the hours and such :) ))
* Mary_jane`^ wakes, and being used to dreams like that, doesn't really feel all that bothered
<AlcarGM> You can hear the sound of the TV downstairs (plasma, of course) playing some video game to judging by the shooting (or maybe Jeeves videotaped the last time he caught kids trying to graffiti the walls around the estate)
Quote 10036
<AlcarGM> You arrive at Disco Debbies! It's a club done up in 70s wood pannelling, with a disco theme, playing rap music. Needless to say, it's not that crowded.
* Mary_jane`^ heads to the next nearest club
<AlcarGM> The next nearest club is an irish pub, without anything really irish about it save the name. And cheap drinks.
<Mary_jane`^> Club, not pub
<Mary_jane`^> as in dancing? excitement?
<AlcarGM> Okay. The third one turns out to be a real club. It's filled with frantic people trying - so very hard - to have a good time, neighbours screaming hoarsely to each other to be heard over some trendy music the radio station has played at least 20 times today already. At least it's crowded, and the pressure of warm bodies relieves loneliness, as does the warming effect of a few too many drinks.
<Mary_jane`^> that's what I want
* Mary_jane`^ goes into the club
Quote 10037
<AlcarGM> You get a drink, though how you pay for it on your rather new job and while just out of school is one of those things we gloss over. Right. Dad guilt. Never mind.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
Quote 10038
<AlcarGM> A handsome big, tough guy - the Working Out type who never work out their legs and tend to look like mutant carrots - comes up to you, invading your personal space. "Hey, babe."
* Mary_jane`^ looks him over
<Mary_jane`^> "I believe you're invading my personal space..."
<AlcarGM> Him: "And I bet you think I look like a mutant carrot, too, huh? Damn women libber dykes..." he storms off.
Quote 10039
<AlcarGM> The dance floor is quite crowded with people dancing, or at least faking it with reckless abandon. Quite a few of the men look like Michael jakson doing a moonwak and having an epileptic fit, and the vast majority of the women look like Pamela Anderson Lee if she had breast implants (which says a lot about how much of the dance floor they are occupying)
<Mary_jane`^> she... does... have breast implants
<Mary_jane`^> those aint real
<AlcarGM> (( yes, I know. Now imagine women to whom her breasts seem normal. ))
Quote 10040
<AlcarGM> Loki: "haven't felt this good since Martin Luther. Used to convince the silly bugger I was the devil. He's be throwing feces at me on the john, and everyone else would be outside, trying to prtend they didn't hear him. Good days, you know?"
<Mary_jane`^> "What did you do?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Came to the house and - bam!" He slams a fist into his palm. "It was like being reborn. And I've done that, a few times."
<Mary_jane`^> "...What?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Dunno. The sky was funny, for a second, and -" he gigles some more - "I feel awesome. I might have sex all night, you know. Just because I can! I haven't been able to even get a decent errection since 1973, you know.
<Mary_jane`^> "You know... I don't know that."
<AlcarGM> Loki: "It's all Nixon's fault. He says: 'I am not a crook' and the whole fool and trickster schtick just - died. Like someone gave bugs blue juice, you know?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "But right now I feel like I could dance through Ragnarok naked in lingerie."
Quote 10041
<AlcarGM> Loki: "But right now I feel like I could dance through Ragnarok naked in lingerie."
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah... That wouldn't go over well."
<Mary_jane`^> "So... you just suddently felt better? Nothing happened?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Hell, yeah. You've never seen how Thor looked at me, if the bugger is alive again. Sure, he used to hit him, but he'sd also grope me. Never thought the wife knew, but that's Thor for you."
<Mary_jane`^> "It wasn't all that spirit energy was it?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Spirit energy? If so, I want more. Pretty please, with sprinkles and sperm on top."
<Mary_jane`^> "Grope you? When you were a man or a woman?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Man, at the time. He had issues. Probaby all the chest hair. We called him a neanderthal god, you know?"
Quote 10042
<AlcarGM> You are buy sulking when Merlin wanders into the bar. He looks rather exhausted and frail, a mere shadow of his former self, and is croaking: "no more," over and over, like a mad man. "Don't kiss me again."
<Mary_jane`^> ... You're serious?
<AlcarGM> Yup.
* Mary_jane`^ looks up, and drops her Jaw
* Mary_jane`^ gets up and... approaches him slowly
<AlcarGM> Merlin blinks, confused, and changes, getting taller, more stately and majestic, wrapping magic around him like cheap tissues and bending it to his will. "I am Merlin the magician! Who here will be the next King Arthur?"
<AlcarGM> Tad remains asleep.
<Mary_jane`^> "...Merlin?"
<AlcarGM> Merlin looks at you from lowered brows. "Yes?" in a deep, resonant voice of power. "You," in a more conversation tone, "can't be arthur. You are female," serenely.
<Mary_jane`^> "Merlin how did you get here?"
<AlcarGM> A punk kid shoves you aside, hard. "I'm Arthur, dude."
<AlcarGM> Merlin nods, as if unsurprised, and waves a hand, vanishing with the kid and ignoring you entirely.
Quote 10043
<Mary_jane`^> "Gabe... What's going on?
<AlcarGM> Jeeves is on the couch, watching.
<AlcarGM> Gabe opens his eyes slowly, blinks. "I couldn't .... get it all in time. Energy has to go somewhere," slowly. "Trying to ...." And, for a moment, the room is filled wiht nothing but pressure; Will, bringing itself to bear on reality. Then gone. He gasps, catchins his breath. "- fix it. Don't dare tap the grail."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well... I've got plenty of room, right?" Offering him a hand "Fill me up?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe grins. "You probably...." and takes your hand. Tad yelps, and energy pours into you. Spirit... and more ... and more.....
<Mary_jane`^> "Wake up?" To tad with a grin
<AlcarGM> After a minute, you feel a bit like throwing up, and it's still coming..... something gives, deep inside, and more goes in .... then Gabe lets go, wiping sweat from his forehead."Half. Thanks."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Do I have to die again to get peace in here?!"
Quote 10044
<Mary_jane`^> "So... You lost the ability to kill things?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "To harm. It took .... a lot to hurt him. Apparently such tests come with prices. You may go now."
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't think so. You're dangerous right now. I can't let you leave alone."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I am not."
<Mary_jane`^> "You're a danger to yourself. I just know you're going to go do something stupid."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I never do anything stupid," flatly.
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, except for betting on the Cubs...." ))
Quote 10045
<AlcarGM> Nora honks the horn again. "Ride. Here. I'm not a taxi, you know."
<Mary_jane`^> "We should get in."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I told you I was not going."
<Mary_jane`^> "Then where ARE you going?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Away."
<Mary_jane`^> "And what is Wade supposed to do?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Make his own path. I cannot be what he wishes."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I swear, sometimes I need subtitles..."
Quote 10046
* alcar nods. Movies are.. not good if things get attached to them.
<alcar> They fall apart under the weight of pretention :)
<Ceilidh> Like RPGs?
* alcar laughs
<Ceilidh> I like White Wolf mostly...
<Ceilidh> But DAMN does the pretension get annoying
Quote 10047
<KenDM> The curtain rises, and we are in the sprawling metropolis of Tellanus. Well, no, you two are there. I don't actually have a body.
Quote 10048
* Omal is a short, bearded halfling with dark hair and eyes, often carrying a sling and daggers about his person and wearing leather armour that seems to have seen better days despite efforts to repair it over the years. His clothing is adequate but nothing exemplary and Omal is accompanied at all times buy a rather larger black dog who is rather protective of him.
* Omal wears no outward sign of his faith save in his clear, unwavering gaze and a sense of quiet peace about him like a trailer park just before a tornado hits.
<Omal> (( ooops. The trailer park part was never meant to make it to the real description.... ))
<KenDM> (( :P ))
Quote 10049
<KenDM> A half-elven fellow wearing polished leather armor, well-stiched like a smoking jacket, and wearing boots that click sort of like tap shoes appears from an alley, and approaches the guard. He asks, "Have you seen anyone suspicious looking around here lately?" The guard looks over, wordlessly at the two of you with a gruff expression of some sort
<KenDM> And since he's a half-elf, that means he has long blonde hair and [insert gemstone here] colored eyes.
<KenDM> :P
Quote 10050
<KenDM> He walks back into what probably was, back when the place was open for business, the kitchen, leaving you two alone for a precious dialogatory moment ;p
<Spade`> (phone, brb)
* Omal watches as the moment passes and is gone.
* Omal reflects on mortality, and the inevitability of time, and scratches at his beard, wondering if it has fleas.
Quote 10051
* Omal walks over and checks out the horses, since you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his fellow creatures
* Spade` heads to find the carriage, then
<KenDM> The horse is a well-kept, dark horse.. not a stallion, but something like it. It bears a fresh, shiny set of horseshoes
<Omal> (( ... gelding, maybe? :P ))
Quote 10052
<Alicia> If no-one ever knows that they're crazy, do they really count as played that way?
<Tass> well, I dunno, alicia, are you playing the game for others, or yourself?
<Alicia> That missed the point
<Alicia> How insane are they really if... okay, point taken
<Tass> I like to think it cut to the heart of what I'm trying to say
Quote 10053
<Alicia> Heh, I kinda agree with this:
<Alicia> "The obvious purpose of releasing a new edition of a game called Cyberpunk is to incorporate new genre innovations written or filmed or animated since the release of the previous edition.
<Alicia> Does Cyberpunk v.3, straight out of the box, allow one to emulate Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex? What's that, no, it doesn't? Why, then, I guess it's a failure!"
<Alicia> People saying Cyberpunk v.3 is a total failure on RPG.net
<kentari> When you try to incorporate everything, you acheive nothing
<Alicia> Not true
<Alicia> GURPS and HERO do fine
<Alicia> As long as you're not trying to make Mulder and Scully in HERO or Superman in GURPS
<kentari> .. GURPS......
<kentari> Is like a roleplaying game..
<kentari> But the geometry is all wrong.
<Alicia> It IS an RPG
Quote 10054
<AlcarGM> Nurse: "Oh! You're awake. It's just a mild sedative," and she is lying..
* Mary_jane`^ fights the drug... wondering how a sedative works on her, but not alcohol
<Mary_jane`^> "you're a terrible Liar."
<AlcarGM> You beat it out, easily, waking.
<Mary_jane`^> "Why are you here?"
<AlcarGM> The nurse blinks, then smiles, emotion draining from her eyes, leaving them dead and cold. "So it is true," and her hand comes towards your face, holding an obsidian blade that was not there a moment ago.
<Mary_jane`^> "You've come to kill me?"
<AlcarGM> Given the blade coming at your throat..... maybe? :p
<AlcarGM> This is, of couse, not True. But, gosh darn it, it's a pretty good guess!
Quote 10055
<Mary_jane`^> "Alright, focus on me right now. You did what you needed to do. She was going to kill me."
<AlcarGM> Wade: "I - I know... I just....."
<Mary_jane`^> "Alright, come here," Grabbing him close "It's always hard... It will always be hard. It should never be easy. When it starts getting easy then you know something's wrong."
<AlcarGM> He just clings to you, shaking, saying he's sorry.
* Mary_jane`^ gives him the regular 'shh's and 'it's okay's for however long it takes him to calm down
<AlcarGM> It only takes him about two minutes to pull away, blinking. He looks up at you, terrified. "Don't - don't tell Lance?"
<Mary_jane`^> "He will know... There is no way to hide it."
<AlcarGM> Wade just nods jerkily. "Are.. are you .. all right?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm fine..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Let's go see how Gabe's doing, ok?"
<AlcarGM> Wade manages another nod, and to stand, following you in a bit of a daze
<AlcarGM> (( He stops, in the hallway. "OMG! I got enough XP to level!!!!" ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( "Sweet! You should go for a cleric so you can ressurect them after you kill them!" ))
Quote 10056
<Mary_jane`^> "How is Gabe doing?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Better. Are you ..... okay?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm fine.. It... gave up, rather easilly... Which is odd... But I shaped it into something useful."
<AlcarGM> Nora ignores him. "he keeps saying he's fine to leave. But the doctor says he has four years of medicals to catch up on, and he's not leavinbg until they're done."
<AlcarGM> gabe: "...useful?"
* Mary_jane`^ nods
<Mary_jane`^> "Truth."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Sex toy, I bet."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Geeze. That's boring."
* Mary_jane`^ sticks her tongue out at Nora
<AlcarGM> Nora; "Like you ever DO anything with it anymore."
<AlcarGM> Wade makes a strangled noise, turning bright red
<Mary_jane`^> "I do, all the time."
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait, what are we talking about?"
Quote 10057
<alcar> So! Davis successfully lied his way past security and you went home. And slept!
* `Ashok totally left Davis high and dry. Oh well!
<`Ashok> "I can always apologize."
* `Ashok says to himself. ;p
<alcar> Strangely, when morning comes and you waken from a sound sleep, the oportunity has passed and gone, since he is already off to classes.
* `Ashok blinks.
<alcar> (( And so, the feud begins.... eventually leading to Davis losing his hand and going bald and.... ))
<`Ashok> (( :P ))
Quote 10058
* `Ashok thinks: What Would Faline Do? :P
<alcargm> (( The GM thinks: Nothing Four Colour. ))
Quote 10059
<alcargm> Greg just shakes his head, not looking around the room, refusing to look at you at all now.
<alcargm> (( "So... eating your wheaties, eh?" ))
<`Ashok> "Did Evert make the mess?" :P
<alcargm> (( or that :P ))
Quote 10060
<tatterdemalion> There is, however, a scratching on your door.... your room door, that is.
* `Ashok quiiiickly heads to his room! :x
* `Ashok grabs a roll of duct tape from below the sink first. ;p
<tatterdemalion> You open the door, Greg looking up, confused.... and open yourbedroom door to find http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/sl/animal.jpg sitting there, waiting to be let out of the room. The dog has, also, been sleeping in your bed.
<`Ashok> "You! With your incomplete pixels!"
* `Ashok rips out a length of duct tape. RRRrrrip.
<tatterdemalion> lol.
Quote 10061
<tatterdemalion> Greg: ".... !" ... behind you, staring at the .... hog tied, duct taped stuffed dog...
<tatterdemalion> The stuffed dog barks playfully.
<tatterdemalion> Greg: "...."
* `Ashok takes the thing, and storms into the main room.
* `Ashok duct tapes it to the fridge door as well. Liberally.
<tatterdemalion> Greg gets out of your war, staring...
* `Ashok then sits, angrily, on the couch.
<`Ashok> "Davis has some explaining to do when he gets back," to Greg. :P
<tatterdemalion> Yhou now have a currently stuffed formerly real dog duct taped to the fridge....
<tatterdemalion> Greg looks at you as if he thinks YOU do :p
Quote 10062
<Belldandy> I did have this one D&D campaign with some insane players who were easy to please. It was set in a high fantasy setting, airships and such. They were obessed with getting an airship, so whenever I didn't have anything ready I'd just toss an airship at them and they'd try to steal it.
<Belldandy> they'd spend an hour working on an elaborate scheme to steal it then come back with just a dot representing them, a square representing the ship, and an arrow point to the square. It would read "this is base/we attack the base"
Quote 10063
<tatterdemalion> !addsurge Every time you go to bed, you wake up with a dead cat, neck broken, in the bed beside you. It's always a different cat, and always looks so very shocked. . . . Your wife has left you.
<Belldandy> oki... that's kinda flithy
<Tricia> -.-;
<Alicia> I don't even get it
<Alicia> It's filthy?
<Belldandy> yeah, it is filthy
<Alicia> How are dead cats filthy?
<Belldandy> ... I really rather not, I don't care for that word
<Alicia> ...
<Alicia> You're going to make a necrophilia joke now, aren't you?
<Fennec> I think it involves the felineness actually
<Fennec> but I'm not sure
<Belldandy> OKI! change the subject now
Quote 10064
* alcar just has slaves
<analog> the children in the cellar?
<alcar> .. and am now picturing a unionized harem....
<alcar> "Well, after the incident with all those wives and having their heads chopped off because HE couldn't produce a son - like it was THEIR fault - we got together and ..."
<analog> <sharp intake of breath> i'm afraid i can't do that for you today, guv. It's gwen's day, today, see.
* alcar nods. It would be funny for a fantasy novel. Big, barbarian hero type...
<analog> working part-time in a harem?
<analog> for sword money
<alcar> "My blade is rusty. Wait! I didn't mean it like THAT!"
Quote 10065
<Mary_jane`^> "Sometimes you don't get to choose what happens to you."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Of course we do; we aren't slaves. Not to our powers or gifts." He's silent a moment. "Not even to God."
<Mary_jane`^> "Just because we're not their slaves doesn't mean we win every battle. Some times you're the bullet, some times you're the gun."
<AlcarGM> He smiles slightly at that. "Hrm. And how often do we pull the trigger, then, I wonder?"
Quote 10066
<Mary_jane`^> wait, get dressed?
<Mary_jane`^> are you implying that MJ sleeps naked?
<AlcarGM> She's the Truth! The truth is always naked!
Quote 10067
<Darkkin> There are two types of cubes
<alcar> There is only Time Cube, you educated stupid person you.
<Fennec> Darkkin: what alcar said
Quote 10068
* Davis wakes up and looks around for his weapons to sharpen for the days battle, then realises he doesn't own any, and that's probably something he should keep to himself
Quote 10069
<AlcarGM> You arrive back at your down,only to hear someone scream: "Stop that!" from beside the building.
* Davis takes a look around the side!
<AlcarGM> A girl is jumping away froma boy, who pounces on her... and proceeds to tickle her some more. They also pouncesnugglehuggle. It looks a lot more painful than it probably is.
Quote 10070
* Davis then heads off in a slightly different direction, to retrieve zee mobile, and intends to rendezvous
<AlcarGM> The car is fine, since no one else has decided to try and solve parking problems by destroying vehicles in lots. Dennis is waiting for you, and gets in the car when you stop.
* Davis takes off, turning to Dennis and says, "Hey, Dennis, do you believe in reincarnation." as he climbs towards 60 mph
<Davis> (or not :P)
Quote 10071
* Davis shuts off the engine and climbs out, "I love this place. Really cheap, and they're upen early and close early, so you don't get any of the big families or the late risers."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "How do they make a profit, then?"
<Davis> "I think the owner's rich, he just never shows it. Its about the same crew of people here every morning. Kinda like cheers, but with breakfast."
<AlcarGM> Dennis nods, getting out and following you inside.
<AlcarGM> You get a few odd looks, since you are not caucasian,and Dennis, well, doesn't have real legs, but the locals are used to students, and there is a plaque on the wall about the time an alien race used thisd place as a beachead in their invasion (the are is designated a historical landmark as a result) so the waitress doesn't even bat an eye, brings you both coffees, takes your orders etc.
Quote 10072
<Mary_jane`^> "Excuse me, I'm looking for somebody."
<AlcarGM> Maureen: "Aren't we all?" Then smiles."Sorry. Long day. Name?"
* Mary_jane`^ gives whatever name luna registered under
<AlcarGM> She checks, types. "Ah! She's in Ethics is a pre rational world. Religion." She sniffs. "Bunch of silly people, if you ask me," to a goddess.
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmmm... Thanks... What room?"
<AlcarGM> She tells you, deciding not to rant further for some reason she'snot entirely sure about.. You reach the classroom on the other side of campus without any trouble. It's fairly larger, about 200 students.
* Mary_jane`^ peeks in looking for Luna
<AlcarGM> The professor is, currently, explaining the ressurection of Jesus being witnessed by a large crowd, when Luna looks up from her seat, sees you.. and vanishes in a flash of light. THe professor, not missing a beat, asks 5 peole what they say, and begins going on about how their differing views of the flash of light points out several fallacies... etc.
<AlcarGM> The fact that a girl in his classs DID just vanish in a ball of light appears to have not bothered him.
<Mary_jane`^> ...
Quote 10073
<AlcarGM> Luna: 'I said GO AWAY!" and power flares, forcing you away...
* Mary_jane`^ fights back harder "Luna what is the matter with you?"
<AlcarGM> You're pulling her back.. there is another flash of light in the room...
<AlcarGM> Professor: "Of course, Jesus took 3 days to return," a little strained now.
<Mary_jane`^> "Talk to me!"
<AlcarGM> Professor: "We are in the middle of a class, young lady. I can talk to you later!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Not you!"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I SAID GO AWAY!" and she'swhere she was, but burning, the air filled with the moon, and the weight of it. Her power wraps around you.
<AlcarGM> Professor: "And this, of course, is what happens to MaryMagdalene when the fanfic and mary sue people get ahold of her."
Quote 10074
<AlcarGM> People ... perk up, like puppets, and shamble forward, beginning to swarm the three of you, begging and pleading...
<AlcarGM> A few people grab, no longer friends, fingers digging into flesh, tearing at clothing...
<Mary_jane`^> "Enough." With perhaps a hint of truth behind it "You heard me the first time, I won't repeat myself."
<AlcarGM> They aren't listening, or past the point of caring.
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhg... Get off of me."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Leave us alone," flatly, and the people jerk back, scattering.
<AlcarGM> A few make warding signs :P
* Mary_jane`^ grunts and waves a hand, making a big Mayan or Aztec feast a few dozen feet away
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> People.. dive into the food.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Are you insane?! They'll all get indigestion and probably die!"
<Mary_jane`^> "But happy!"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "There's things that are more important than being happy," fireballing your feast
<AlcarGM> People scatter, now *very* confused :P
<Mary_jane`^> "Like freedom."
<AlcarGM> A few throws rocks at her :)
<Mary_jane`^> "And now we are free."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "They won't be free if you keep on giving them things!"
Quote 10075
<Ceilidh> !trap
<sparkie> The Trap is a dangerous one and is transfat
<Ceilidh> ... WTF
* alcar grins
<Fennec> blame alcar :P
Quote 10076
<AlcarGM> Davis returns home to the dorm after classes. It's Thuursday afternoon, the sun is shining, there's birds chirping, the parking lot the giant robots tore apart is almost rebuilt and your class was boring. At least you got to see an operation at the hospital, though it was rather hard with 15 other students in the room.
* Davis counts it all as reverse action karma and hopes it doesn't build :P
<AlcarGM> Yo enter your apartment, and from your vantage point you see Ashok sitting in the living room, looking pissed off... And, well, there is a stuffed dog ( http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/sl/stuffeddog.jpg ) duct taped to the fridge.
<Davis> "......."
<Davis> "I'm not interrupting something, am I?"
* Ashok looks over, with a scowl, "I don't know. You tell *me*."
Quote 10077
<Fennec> (( wow! It's NOT LFDS! ))
<AlcarGM> (( If we removed the F from that, we'd have a rather fun rpg, too :P ))
Quote 10078
<Ashok> "Fangs?"
<Ashok> "Like some sort of vampire?"
<AlcarGM> Greg: "other way. Up. Tusks."
<Ashok> "So ... a troll?"
* Ashok blinks.
* Ashok takes a seat, oh how his eyelids fatigue him!
<AlcarGM> He shrugs. "Dunno."
<AlcarGM> He continues to study his hands nervously, not looking up.
<Davis> "Hrm."
* Ashok wolfs out. "Did it rrrresemble this?"
<Ashok> ((oh god, j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Yes!" And he throws 2 silver letter openers :p
Quote 10079
* Ashok totally tries to get on the campus bus, but knowing public transportation.. its probably not running during a time when it would be used.
<AlcarGM> Of couse not. That would be practical. It's probably against union rules for that:p
* Ashok liberates a bicycle, then.
<Ashok> oh hell, 4 color.
* Ashok gets on his bicycle. :P
Quote 10080
<Davis> "Great. How much can you see?"
* Davis says 'great' with a little bit of exasperation
<AlcarGM> Greg: "..... see?" warily, now definitely studying his hands.
<Davis> "It's just obvious, really. I trust you can keep a secret?"
<AlcarGM> He looks up, staring at you..... then just nods.
<Ashok> ((<Davis> "I LIKE like Ashok." :D ))
<Davis> (DIE)
Quote 10081
* Ashok shouts "Psychic POOOWEEERR!" (the second word echoes like crazy) and spends thirty seconds putting on a domino mask and a cloak with a shimmering background. Of course, no one notices. :P
* Ashok is now known as Psimon
* Psimon descends upon the scene!
Quote 10082
<AlcarGM> The first thing has vanished into the ground between both of you, leaving behind only disturbed earth to makes it's passing into the underworld.
* Psimon demands, "Where are your ilk?!"
<AlcarGM> See, this is why games over IRC are good. I could never have said "The first thing has vanished into the ground between both of you, leaving behind only disturbed earth to makes it's passing into the underworld." in real life without laughing :p
Quote 10083
<AlcarGM> The strange human follows the werewolf down into the darknesss, where there is no light.... I hope Psimon can, say, see in the dark? :)
* Psimon planned for this. :P
<Psimon> "You won't be able to hide under cover of darkness..."
<Psimon> "I have..."
* Psimon reaches into his cloak, "Knight vision." And clicks on a flashlight.
<AlcarGM> The tunnel slopes down, almost a slide now, and there are voices ahead, gutteral growling.. three of them, having some argument.. it seems the werewolf has..... allies! Psimon, on the other hand, does not even have a stuffed taco bell dog for an ally.
Quote 10084
<AlcarGM> There are three critters, four including the one you are tailing..... they're standing around a table, talking.
<Psimon> If they're holding playing cards, so help me god..
<AlcarGM> Nope. The middle of the table has... a ruby! Which is pulsing with a sickly grey light
Quote 10085
<AlcarGM> Foxfire slinks to a halt and finds himself at the end of a tunnel, which opens into a room that was, at one time, a cellar. It's been expanded, and there is a wooden door and stairs at the car end,and a small white beer fridge in a corner, along with 2 well-used cots. The tree trolls are gathered aroiund a table, growling and muttering to each other.
* Foxfire drops to a crouch and just... sniffs a bit, hoping he isn't initially spotted
<AlcarGM> They don't seem to have spotted you, ut the human is creeping up behind you, the chlorine smell getting worse.
<AlcarGM> The trolls growl a bit, and one of them waves its hands and garbles out some words you don't understand.
* Foxfire looks back :P
<AlcarGM> Psimon looks very cute in his mask, and probably delicious too!
* Psimon quickly stashes something behind his back, hiding his arm, hand, and whatever he is holding from view. :D
<AlcarGM> (( because how many superhero team ups end with the one hero eating the other, I ask you?! Not enough! ))
Quote 10086
* Psimon grabs a cheap t-shirt. Likely one of the free ones given away at collegiate events, and bundles the gem up so he doesn't have to touch it when he heads back out his window and to the roof of the dorm.
<AlcarGM> Hrm. Easy enough. Meanie doesn't notice you and assign you demerits or something :p
<AlcarGM> err, Melanie...
<AlcarGM> though Meanie is.. fitting.
Quote 10087
<AlcarGM> Shawn: "We - we're not... we just.... we wanted to get In on it.. and used the... thing, but probably wrong...." worried.. "We... you won't eat us?"
* Foxfire grabs both guys :P
<AlcarGM> Shawn faints :)
* Foxfire takes a few hairs off of shawn before discarding him :P
<AlcarGM> John tries to get free, but .. you're a werewolf. It's not happening :)
* Foxfire puts them in his bag, and then gives john a reason to get a new haircut with his axe, just a lil bit of hair
* Foxfire then drops him
<AlcarGM> He falls back... having someone yell in terror while making no sound and signing too fast for you to read, probably "don't hurt me, please" is, at least, somethng you suspect is new for a werewolf, even a faux one :p
<AlcarGM> Heather is pretending to be unconcious :)
<Foxfire> "The clans are at war. You tell Claude I was here and I -will- know, and maybe I'll think about coming back and eating you, or at least enough to wish I had just done you in."
* Foxfire takes a few hairs from heather, "And you just be glad, you got off easy. I swear, I hate this hairy potter..... RR!"
* Foxfire leaves in a huff :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
Quote 10088
<Ashok> "I'm actually getting some fresh air and stuff.. avoiding the room for awhile, y'know?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie frowns. "Why do people do that?" heading to the stairs.
<Ashok> "Do what?"
<Psimon> "I'm not a mindreader."
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "Avoiding a room.My roommate in first year avoided our room over 83% of the days I was there, and never told me why. People should communicate more, don't you think?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "That's the problem with people," overriding whatever your reply is, "they don't actually listen."
* Psimon just nods. :P
<Ashok> "Well, hey. I'm about to go get something to eat. Wanna come with?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "They just talk and talk and talk and don'tactuyally listen to.. what?"
<AlcarGM> She nods. "Okay."
Quote 10089
<AlcarGM> Really sad part? I know someone who tried to figure out who wasnt' cleaning the dryer lint tray at one place I lived :p
<Davis> wow
<Davis> that is sad
* AlcarGM nods. She was.... a wee bit tightly strung :p
<Darryl> I go by the rule that you clean out the lint when you put a new load in
<Darryl> that way, you are certain you won't burn down the house
<Ashok> I'm w/ darryl too
<sparkie> ... not burn it down?!
Quote 10090
<kentari> The woman looks at Grover critically. "What were you doing to this sweet young boy??"
* Faustino sighs. "He did nothing, the guy over there (points) was trying to blame me for doing something I don't even know what it WAS... so that the other guy over there (points) would attack me instead of him."
<Grover> "....."
* Grover gives a teacher a 'wth?' look.
<Grover> "I didn't do anything but, thanks to you, I'll probably bang him off some lockers later," to the teacher, sweetly.
<kentari> The teacher just blinks a moment, processing the information.
<kentari> <Chef> "That's nice. You boys run along to class and get along, then."
* Grover smiles, and waits for Faustino
* Faustino grumbles. "fine, maybe I'll name you in a lawsuit or something."
* Faustino is ambiguous as to whom.
<kentari> She smiles cordially, "Don't screw around with me, kid, I'm in the union. See you!"
Quote 10091
<Mary_jane`^> "After that, I went to college, fought myself twice, and graduated... It's hard to keep a normal life with skills like mine."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Maybe that's why I came. To remember what it was like, when I was young enough to believe such things ....." He nods. "It's easier, for immortals."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Most of us aren't really that powerful, all told. I can do things with shadows, and doors. Mirrors as well. And I can't die. But - that's it. Paying attention, fighting and the like are pciked up -- but most us learn just not to be noticed. To never stand out. Good skill to learn, in the long run."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Last time I forgot, I spent a few decadesof the fourteenth century in a British jail.And being in jail was a pretty unpleasant experience, even back then." He snags some more nachoes.
Quote 10092
<Mary_jane`^> "Where'd you learn to dance like that?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "Many places. Castles. Farmhouses. Gypsies, a few times. I think you'd win, in a contest. Your moves are honest."
<Mary_jane`^> "Hmmm... Honest? What does that mean?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "Real," as you head outside. "You're still young enough for that, which is surprising with all the rumours."
<Mary_jane`^> "Rumours?"
<AlcarGM> Henods. "The fae. Merlin. Atlantis. And such. Generally, getting old is no longer being carefree, or honest. A price of getting older." he chuckles. "And a poor subject, after dancing."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, but rumours about me are an excellent subject... Do tell..."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I seldom pay attention to such things."
<Mary_jane`^> that or the GM is just too lazy to make up stories
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, they need to have a periodicle for people like us, something that gets the news around to everyone."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I doubt it would be wise; just bits of gossip and silly stories. Even Merlin never quite lived up to his legend; many have died trying to live up to theirs."
Quote 10093
<AlcarGM> You vanish, and appear in a spring day, with a rainbow in the sky. Lots of animals,plants, life... it's almost edenic, really.
<Mary_jane`^> edenic lol
<Mary_jane`^> "Oooh such a nice place."
* Mary_jane`^ finds a nice spot under a shaded tree to sit down
* Mary_jane`^ decides we need a blanket and summons one up, flipping it out over the grass
<AlcarGM> (( hey, it COULD be a word :) ))
Quote 10094
<George> If the damn fool wants to get himself killed let him. Won't be too long til some hack with a sword, a guy in leather with a poker, a guy in a dress with a book and a guy with armor claiming to be doing a god's work comes by
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<Mary_jane`^> "Sorry... I worry..." Turning to him "Where were you?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Georgia."
<AlcarGM> (( :) ))
* Mary_jane`^ blinks
<Mary_jane`^> "I hope you're talking about the country..."
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "It's a COUNTRY now?"
<Mary_jane`^> "It's a country below russia."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Oh, good. I'd have felt silly if they had a civil war and I never noticed."
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<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not going to attack you, if that's what you want... I don't even know why you're fighting me."
<AlcarGM> She moves, again.... attacking your blade, and not you...
<AlcarGM> Nef: "The opposite of a truth is not the lie, but another truth. Yours has been in ascendence for too long."
<Mary_jane`^> "For... Four years?"
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<AlcarGM> There is a flare of white light from in the footprint, and demons screaming, a sound like music to your eyes, if rap music in a blender could qualify as music.. or rap could at all.
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<Fennec> but sure, the "human" aspect - it's not entirely despicable or anything, but if I want to 'be human' I can just go outside. Granted, there's more room for 'roleplaying' than just that, but... I'm just less than thrilled, is all.
<alcar> well, it's humans with twists. What the twist is depends on the player.
<alcar> plus, there's a lot more to being human than, say, biology :p
<alcar> Where people draw the line between things is a good start... how far they'd go to achieve their goals... etc.
<Fennec> certainly, certainly
<alcar> which is pretty much all the use of "monsters" in rpgs is about, really.
<Alicia> Don't get that
<alcar> It's quite easy to play a human who is far, far more dangerous than any werewolf or vampire. A parent is powerful enough. To say nothing od demagogues, ideaologists, fanatics, and telemarketers. Fur and fangs don't make monsters; it's what's inside that does, and who lets the monsters inside them become real.
<alcar> So playing a "human" shouldn't, imo, be some kind of impediment. Most people aren't human, after all. They're just hairless monkeys.
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* Fennec ponders someone who was somehow cursed by Faline. (how?)
<alcar> Not *too* likely,. since Faline never reallty cursed people.
<Fennec> Suppose he was asking for it. (like, explicitly.)
<Fennec> "Go on, curse me, you furball!"
<alcar> Eh, not likely. Faline wouldn't curse; she'd just kill :p
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> Faline just eats
<Fennec> such anti-Faline prejudice. :P
<kentari> anti-faline prejudice?
<kentari> :P I think its merely applied field data
* alcar is a faline fan :) One of the few! The proud! The uneaten!
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* alcar would rather nnot have Faline as the direct cause, if only because I am trying to reduce direct LOLAD1 tie-ins as much as possible :p
<Fennec> mmm.
<alcar> could always be cursed by a priest of.
<alcar> holy wars are fun :)
<Fennec> alcar: this is why we keep you around.
<Fennec> :)