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Quote 1
<Luth> "Miiri!!!!this is serious!You cannot spend all time nodding!"
Quote 2
<^Deacon_Frost^> "I guess all Drow use such foul language in public places.. doesn't suprise me.."
Quote 3
<^Deacon_Frost^> "It doesn't matter who your were speaking to Drow, all virgin ears have been raped by your language.."
Quote 4
<Brother_Ward> (When a statue suddenly appears on a rooftop, people get suspicious no matter what...)
Quote 5
<Teren_Starsight> ((there are enough chairs for everyone exactly))
<Luth> ("then I will stand!")
Quote 6
* ^Deacon_Frost^ stays silent, trying to gleen at least a sentence worth of information out of this
Quote 7
<Luth> "I thought Grendel was just an ordinary scum"
<Teren_Starsight> 'he is a prince -- scum with an army"
Quote 8
<Brother_Ward> To Miiri. "Do not presume to preach metaphysical doctrine to me."
<Brother_Ward> (I've read just as much SF as you have and probably more, so don't push me. :P )
Quote 9
<Brother_Ward> (I want to see someone kick their own head in.)
Quote 10
<^Deacon_Frost^> "Do you think your loving king will let that scum enter a single village of his with an army? No, he will not, the king will not let Grendels army into this village"
<Alcar-DM> Villager: "It's an ARMY? What is the king going to do, charge them a toll fee?"
Quote 11
* Luth rides off far too the epic battle between good and evil
<Luth> bye all see ya at Grendel's castle
<Luth> If i dont die first
Quote 12
<Brother_Ward> Heheheh. The only way I could get Ward laid is if he somehow got past taking notes.
Quote 13
<Alcar> yep. Just introduce yourself to others etc.
<RavenMoonsinger> ((hi im raven and im an alcoholic :P))
Quote 14
<RavenMoonsinger> slash at attacking animal "laugh at me and i'll cut your tonuge out!"
Quote 15
<Aerie_Lavalier> The cherry blossom falls upon the soil; the sword falls upon the foe.
Quote 16
* Aerie_Lavalier starts running towards the village
<Alcar> You reach the village in 3 hours
<Aerie_Lavalier> ok, I DIDN'T run that entire way
Quote 17
<Aerie_Lavalier> hmmm... I wonder if the squirrels know that The first step in making friends is *not to eat people*.
Quote 18
<Aerie_Lavalier> Hey Brinn! I found a language he knows!
<Alcar> Squirrel: (in common) "No kidding. Go *squeak* yourself."
<BrinnP2> ask that furry hell rodent what it wants
Quote 19
<Aerie_Lavalier> Bash this, slice that, castrate whatever. How come I don't get to any of the fun stuff?"
Quote 20
<RavenMoonsinger> and besides... a good advebture always clears the head
<Alcar> Tokan nods: "My head always clear."
<RavenMoonsinger> *stifles a laugh* yes my friend...
Quote 21
<RavenMoonsinger> Tokan: wake me when the moon gets to there *he points to just above the treeline.. about 3 hrs hence*
<Alcar> Raven - Tokan wakes you, telling you (in hs words) that he heard small noises but nothing came. he is impressed that the moon moved where Raven asked it to, though.
<RavenMoonsinger> *chuckle, yawn* it's magic my friend.... get some sleep
Quote 22
<Lu`Fein> ((I am the only true elf here, I believe))
<RavenMoonsinger> *glances at Lu* i'm surprised you don't remind us of that at least every hour *grin*
Quote 23
<RavenMoonsinger> *nocks a spore arrow* when i fire this through the window get ready
<RavenMoonsinger> bullseye.. right through the window
<Locust_> (The house collapses :P )
Quote 24
<RavenMoonsinger> *shouts* sorry about that... just didn't fancy being rent linb from limb
Quote 25
<RavenMoonsinger> *smile* im only half elf in still part human and anyway no... all mortal creatures are hurt by fire
<Sparkie1> "oh. That sucks."
Quote 26
<RavenMoonsinger> *grunts* those with very small opinions of other usually have very small brains i find
<Alcar> Guard: "Who killed him, then?"
<RavenMoonsinger> *grunts* pixies sir... yeah real big ones to..
<Taliesin> "How should I know. I just bounced him off a wall to remind him of his mannors. See, the armor is hardly dented at all."
Quote 27
<RavenMoonsinger> *mutters sleepily* tell rupert to keep an eye on the fire... make sure it doesn't start to burn things its not sposed to... like my tent..
Quote 28
<Alcar> Cleric: "Uhm, hi?"
<Lu`Fein> "uhm hi?"
<Lu`Fein> "he scares us half to death and says uhm hi?"
Quote 29
<RavenMoonsinger> *secretly proud he beat a high level fire elemental at chess twice in a row*
Quote 30
<Lu`Fein> ((Sparkie beem me up, now would be a good time sparkie))
Quote 31
<Alcar> Orc: "Oh, sorry. These three year drinking binges have to stop."
Quote 32
<madmage> "I'm busy doing important stuff here. Why, in this last week alone I've invented wood that won't burn. No one wants to buy it though . . . sort of like my carnivorous rabbits ."
Quote 33
<madmage> "Necromancers. never liked them myself. Oh, raising the dead is fine, but when you dress them up as servants and call them Igor . . . "
Quote 34
<madmage> "I could turn the villagers all mellow if it bothers you. I have a great spell I call "Vailium" I haven't used yet."
Quote 35
* Alcar - the mage falls back , stunned and gasps three words. Every piece of metal in the room just became banana fruitcake.
* Rupert grabs his 3 pieces of banana fruit cake
Quote 36
<Alcar> Someone smashes hard on the door: "Open up in the name of Revenue Canada!"
<CrAsH_Nt> "theres no one home"
<Alcar> There is a pause. "What do you meant no one is home?"
* CrAsH_Nt emptys his clip into the door and runs out the window
Quote 37
<Alcar> Barney: "Would you be my friend?"
<Alcar> Barney: "Be my friend or I turn you into dust!"
<Alcar> Barney pulls out a very unfriendly-looking flame-thrower and screams something about "improper marketing" and "why the hell was I made purple"
Quote 38
* CrAsH_Nt slams on the brake and turns the wheel
* Alcar - the wheel makes a loud cracking noise, but the vehicle turns as smoothly as a pregnant whale with quintuplets
Quote 39
<Alcar> I only play dumb chars as long as I can remain in the character, and as long as its not TOO annoying to other players
<Thara_Redwood> your past anoying
<Alcar> ah. ok. over kill?
<Thara_Redwood> um a troll is attacking you, causing LOTS of dmg and your character says, "can't we all just get along?" Definatly overkill
Quote 40
<Alcar> (the bandit on fire rolls into the fire pit -- he's now dead)
<_Stranger> "Smells like chiken!"
<Alcar> (one of the bandits yells: "Colonel Sanders! You're burning in the fire!")
Quote 41
<Alcar-DM> voice1: "A turkey?! You want to ressurect our God at a turkey?!!"
Quote 42
<Graffiti-> (( EEEEE! Jesus! It's three thirty in the morning and you're sending a chicken at me! ))
Quote 43
<Lu`Fein> (as long as that thing doesn't try to rape any of us were still fine))
Quote 44
<Lu`Fein> "he just sliced his own throat and you just backstabbed him. let me never become possed by a turkey demon god, with you all around"
Quote 45
<Graffiti-> "Hey, you're a newbie in Alcar's world. Killing yourself is a LOT better then some of the things he enjoys dropping on PC's.
<Lu`Fein> (newbie???)
<Lu`Fein> ((does a dog ring a bell))
<Graffiti-> (( Oh. I see. I thought you were new. ))
Quote 46
<Alcar-DM> monk1: "what? huh?" Seems to focus on Scaler. "You ATE a piece of our god?!"
<Alcar-DM> monk1 fains in shock
<^Scaler> "finger licking God"
Quote 47
<Graffiti-> "We are here from Blok, and if we don't find out quickly what we can do, we'll be seeing you. Now shut-up and talk. :)"
<^Scaler> [Graf..."shut up and talk"?]
Quote 48
<Scaler> i just realized something , i rode my boss(shudder)
<Alcar> at least you kept him warm and fed :)
Quote 49
<_Stranger> next time remind me to kill the townspeople before I leave that village!
Quote 50
<_Stranger> "paco hit good and we get BANDIT BURGERS!"
Quote 51
* Sintaqx slays the typo Demon
Quote 52
* Malek` puts his sword on his hilt
* Malek` puts his hand on his swords hilt
Quote 53
* Vaj looks at Tir with a cat-like grin
<Vaj> "You can cook the priest instead of yourself."
Quote 54
* CookFighter has Ginsu knife +2!
* CookFighter has Apron +3!
* CookFighter has pot hat +1!
* CookFighter has ladel of endless soup +5!
* Alcar uses the art of MANAGEMENT and CookFighter is no longer getting paid by his boss, loses all his items to the revenue service, and lives on the streets :p
Quote 55
<Sparkie`> "I can sing! lalalala. 'We're off to kill Smokey the Bear, we're off to kill Smokey the bear. . . ' "
Quote 56
<RavenMoonsinger> well... not to good actually... sparkie's been hurt pretty badly... hes had to retreat to his home plane to recover.
* Wif_Rnaj nods sadly
<Lu`Fein> "it that a bad thing?" smiling
Quote 57
<Lu`Fein> "raven how fresh is it [a dead dog]?"
<RavenMoonsinger> 7hours, 30mins 42secs
<RavenMoonsinger> give or take a second
* Lu`Fein looks at Raven "indeed, and what did he have to eat and when?" with a mocking look
<RavenMoonsinger> Lu`Fein: 2 rabbits and 1 mouse recently
Quote 58
<Alcar> Girl: 'I'm lost. I was on my way to my grandmother's house and got lost in the woods and saw your fire."
<Lu`Fein> (if she is wearing red I'll kill you)
Quote 59
* RavenMoonsinger brandishes the kender spoon of turning ((J/K))
Quote 60
<Alcar> The crystal is 8 feet by eight feet, and lights the interior of the wagon with a dull blue light.
<Naula> "That's going to make a hell of a necklace."
Quote 61
<_Stranger> "There is a bounty on his head, I want it"
<Kynan> "That was pretty blunt but my sword isn't"
Quote 62
<Naula> "There is no such thing as "enough" suffering."
Quote 63
* Miiri rises silently, stretching her wings to their 20' length before walking over to relieve Scaler.
<Scaler> "relive scaler of what?"
* Scaler backs away slightly
<Miiri> "of watch duty."
Quote 64
<^Scaler> "Meanwhile , elsewhere in Gotham city..."
Quote 65
<Graffiti-> I think sparkie has not been voiced, so we can't hear him. It's like holding a bone up to your dog through the patio door.
Quote 66
<^Scaler> ok , the next time ANY of you see Scaler , tie him up and i'll give 50gp for him"
<^Scaler> wait , i'm Scaler , i mean Jer
<Alcar-DM> (hhahaha! The imhabitants of the tavern find scaler :) )
<^Scaler> "I mean JERAMIAS!!"
Quote 67
<Graffiti-> "It was probably Blok. Oh, yay, we're gonna die slow, horrible, painful deaths."
Quote 68
<Alcar-DM> ((graf -- insulting you're own species?))
<Graffiti-> (( I'm not a people person. :) ))
Quote 69
<Alcar-DM> ((anyone riding the "horse"?))
<^Scaler> hell no
<^Scaler> i am not riding my boss again
<^Scaler> unless he turns into a dragon
<^Scaler> that would be cool
Quote 70
<Miiri> (damn typo demons are more prolific than imps....)
Quote 71
* Merlik pulls out a handkerchief and begins to wipe himself
<Luth> ((shouldn't have you had done that after you were done taking a dump?))
* Merlik correction: wipes the blood from himself
Quote 72
* Luth pulls out Grendel's head from the bag
<Luth> ((or the artist fromally known as grendel))
Quote 73
<Johan-S> (Elven dogs?? so who slept with who, lie down with dogs wake up with elvin dogs??)
Quote 74
<Lockelar> why would we flee from something that strong when we are so weak
<Lockelar> oh i answered my own question
Quote 75
<Alcar-DM> you here. "Don't you damn me, you undead idiot!" . . .. then: "You didn't?!"
* Billanalianolas looks at her funny
<Billanalianolas> "I didn't what?"
* Shaedral cringes at the voice from inside and readies a mm
<Billanalianolas> "And why am I undead all of the sudden?"
<Alcar-DM> (screamed loudly) "Oh, I suppose someone is outside the door trying to kill us, then. Fool!"
<Alcar-DM> ((voice is from the other side of the door, the necromancer))
Quote 76
<Gore-> ((Drak, this char is weak willed and goes after any good looking female :) ))
<Drakeilius> ((then he must be able to avoid death))
Quote 77
<Raiesha> 2 gargoyles are moving, standing up and spreading their wings
<`Katana> ((i saw this in a cartoon once))
<Raiesha> ((heh... not like this :) ))
Quote 78
* Daltinus gets close enough to toss the torch at the tar baby and makes sure it catches
<Daltinus> what does the torch do??
<`Katana> ((he flies around w/t FF))
Quote 79
<Alcar> hmm, the great Enemy has died . . now you face . . . The Enemy's Fingernails! They're trimmed, clipped and ready to unleash plague . . .
<Luth> hahahahah Alc
<Luth> that's gotta be a quote
Quote 80
* Chronium takes the lead being a theif
<Drakeilius> ((i thought a thief would take the rear and try to steal his companions goodies))
<Chronium> (I'm a good boy)
* Drakeilius shakes his head at chronium
Quote 81
<TuNdDrA> "well then , the Sonne wasn't all bad then. Shall we go save the princess?(i feel strangely Marioish)"
Quote 82
<Alcar-DM> The knight, for want of aid, decides to drop dead of old age
* Hypochondria shrugs
<Hypochondria> "He'll live"
Quote 83
<Jeramias> There is a strange oder coming from his under arms.
<Dhen> (Strange and mysterious. We should investigate.)
Quote 84
<Alcar> The pony stands guard :)
* Dhen dozes, waking every half hour or so and glancing around before falling asleep again
<Alcar> You all wake up in the morning alive and well
<Alcar> No one died or anything
<Dhen> ((Nah, the pony's a lazy bum just like the rest of us. He just sleeps standing up.))
Quote 85
* CursedKnight lunges at the lead bandit
<Alcar> they have ac 8
<`Kari`> ((and are WAY out of mele))
<`Kari`> unless you have a 120 foot sword....
Quote 86
* Dhen brings the staff back around, but fails to connect
<Alcar> The banndit Dhen attacked looks puzzled, tring to figure out what kind of attack that was . . .
<Dhen> ((It's the Confusion attack. Save vs. petrification or halt for one round trying to figure out what the hell I was doing.))
Quote 87
<Dhen> ((Not that YOU did anything, Cursed - your armor did all the work.))
<CursedKnight> i killed the one guy
<Dhen> ((Hey, I did some damage, on multiple occasions.))
<CursedKnight> ((they laughed at you))
<Dhen> ((Yup, and look where they are now.))
<CursedKnight> ((yeah , they shouldn't piss you off when the pony is around)
Quote 88
<Vaj> this is what happens when you get 3 DMs together late at night......
Quote 89
<Vaj> Familiars you don't want your DM to know about, #64: Sparkie`
Quote 90
<Sintaqx> the creature is impaled, but it's size dwarfs the crucifix
<Rinoa_Siddall> (Does note the base of the crucifix is a 10ft radius and goes 15ft into the air)
<Sintaqx> ((note.... the mouth alone of this thing is 20' in diameter))
Quote 91
<Bexter> whats its AC?
<Sintaqx> -8
<Bexter> I'm only 1st lvl WTF!!
Quote 92
<MagnusQ> attempt magnify with disintegrate to destroy the entirety of its body in one shot - if this works & I pass two wis checks, it has to make a save at -8 or its gone ... -12 if I hit the power scores of either power ... this is gonna use up 1/3 of my psp's in one shot ...
<Sintaqx> ummm... the critter is over 400 feet long....
<MagnusQ> damn
Quote 93
* MagnusQ take out my dearn's instant fortress and drop it, then command it to open "lets see how it likes swallowing a 1000' foot adamantine building"
<Sintaqx> the fortress pokes a nice hole in the creature
<Sintaqx> the building it then slowly disolved (and yes, I know it's adamantium)
<MagnusQ> {that's it?! its a 1,000' cube that just popped out of its belly
Quote 94
<MagnusQ> "damn, what the hell kind of place is this?!"
<MagnusQ> "I've been to the abyss and baator and I think this place is worse"
<Sparkie> [Editors note: Yet another happy visitor to the pleasant land of Veltral]
Quote 95
<Sintaqx> the sand ahead of the wagon bursts into fluries and 20 mantis warriors bar the wagon's way
<Sintaqx> and are promptly mown down by the runaway wagon
<Bexter> now that's what I call hit and run :)
Quote 96
<MagnusQ> "we should finish that damned thing off"
<MagnusQ> "I ain't done with it, not by a long shot"
Quote 97
<Cloaked_figure> "You know you've played way too much sci-fi when you refer to your race in 3rd person!"
Quote 98
<MeAndIt> Jesus vs. Aliens vs. Predator.
<Sp^Dancer> Jesus would win.
<Sp^Dancer> he's bore predator to death and feed the alien fish until it keeled over and died.
Quote 99
<Sparkie`> You're really in trouble, timmy's trapped in the well, who ya gonna call? Sparkie the wonder elemental!
<Jeramias> "What! Timmy's traped in the well! Oh, Waynes at the door."
Quote 100
<Brandon_LockHart> 2d12+18
<SinBot> Brandon_LockHart 2d12+18, < 40 >
* Brandon_LockHart disembowels this ogre...twice
<Nicki_Kalaway> eww
<Miiri> >>>> it's now a half-ogre :) >>>>
<Nicki_Kalaway> <groan>
<Brandon_LockHart> (lol)